Freelancer Office - Panoramic

Freelancer Office – Panoramic (Photo credit: lastonein)

Many people visiting this blog and other sites have asked about freelancing, or starting an online business..

Thinking about this is why the decision about writing about freelancing came to mind. The title is Taming the Freelance Market. Because of some computer problems, this is taking longer than it should.

It is time consuming to try and writing while reading books for review. As a writer, you have to make time where you can, like sitting in front of the computer, pad, and pencil, or whatever you use to write.

First, Taming the Freelance Market is about what it takes to be a freelancer, what types of freelancing are available as an entrepreneur. Freelancers are solo business people, thus the term entrepreneur.

Being a person that does not sugarcoat things, the book Taming the Freelance Market will explain various aspects of being a freelancer, exploding some myths of freelancing, and the various hats entrepreneurs must wear unless you have the money to outsource parts of your business.

Second, a book repurposed from a course created to help overcome procrastination. While taking some online writing courses at Writers’ Village University, creation of a course on procrastination came to fruition after many asking, “Why not create a course about procrastination?” Once completing the course creation, began facilitating the course and other courses, and created a Creative Writing Workshop. The course on procrastination will become a book titled Overcoming Procrastination.

Working on two books, editing manuscripts for authors, and reading books for review is a bit rough to schedule, probably why getting to sleep around midnight or one am is normal.

Everyone needs to take a break, work on the mundane things that life puts in your way.

You have to find the time to work on your freelance business, to which you must work on as a freelancer whether full-time or part-time.

Many entrepreneurs want to run their own business and tell their boss they quit. As explained in