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Letters to Conrad ~ Twitter Tips and Hints. ~ | Welcome to new friends: Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew

The @winewankers Twitter account is growing quickly.  And I think they have a solid base of real followers to interact with.

Actually, from my interactions with Conrad before they joined Twitter, I knew that they are smart and would catch on quickly.

Andy Kaufman as Latka Gravas

Andy Kaufman as Latka Gravas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was also confirmed for me when he told me he’d worked in the computer industry for years.

The title of course was chosen for the humor in it, and to help out all people with twitter, not just Conrad, specifically.  I just knew he’d see the humor in it, and wouldn’t see it as condescencion.

So I declare Conrad and the @winewankers graduates of my Introductory Twitter course.

I will continue to write here under this byline as I learn new cool stuff, and I’d appreciate it if Conrad learns me some things that he knows that I don’t know yet.  😉

One thing that makes Twitter super easy for me, at least on my PC is TweetDeck.  It’s Twitter’s advanced UI, and is free.

You can easily break out your lists, multiple accounts (if you have them like me), set up priority feeds, and do everything you can do on Twitter.  Just in a streamlined manner.

TweetDeck Lists

For instance, I’ve set up my lists in individual feeds.  Here we have my aptly named Inner Kirkle feed.  And as you can see, it’s easy to respond quickly without digging through the lists on the regular Twitter UI, or going to your twitter homepage.

I can choose which account to tweet or RT from, or from all 4 accounts if I so choose.  Very handy as I have 2000 followers on @thewanderin poet, but another 300 or so individuals that are unique to the other 3 accounts that I can reach as well.

I also found a handy application called Vizify.

Vizify quantifies for you how effective your outreach is.  For me this is basically how often I talk to my friends, haha.

Although some others on there are on my Favstar list (what I call Twitter Comedians also), Empire Avenue, & Klout list.

But as you can see, most of my close friends from WordPress are in the circle.  As is @stevieboylan.

It pretty well conforms to my Inner Kirkle list, with additions.

That’s the @winewankers tucked down there under Eva’s Gravatar, haha.


The other 2 people in the innermost circle are Rick, and Vera.  They spend time Klouting and tweeting to #influence, amongst other hashtags.

Somehow by joining them @kred feels I am a professional marketer.  At least according to their lists.  I have no idea why.  But I feel sorry for the actual professional marketers I seem to be out-marketing without actual intent to do so, haha.


I’m number 17.  I have no idea what it means in the real world, as I’m not sure I influence all that many people.

I just hope to help my friends, and have some fun while passing the day as work is astonishingly slow.  We need some winter storms or something, haha.

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Welcome To the Jungle With Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew ~ The Wandering Poet

Howdy, and welcome to Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew ~ Featuring the Wandering Poet.

I am your host Kaufman’s Kavalkade.  I am also the various authors you see listed over on the right.  I like to use Nom De Plume’s.  Nom Nom Nom.

I share my poetry, tell the Tales of Captain Jones & the Madison, music videos that I like , silly music parodies that I write, have fun with  @StevieBoylan with our #WhereisSteveBoylan webisodes (He’s also a fantastic musician), impersonate Herb Caen (deceased Pulitzer Prize winning San Francisco Chronicle Columnist) very badly, write about social media, social issues, politics and whatever else we’d like to discuss with The KaDoh! Institute and award The Daily Good Cheer Award.

We also conquer the world with WordPress Risk.

Writing very long run-on sentences is a particular specialty of ours.

You can also ask me anything you want at all.  I cannot promise that I will answer every question.  But I probably will.  But it might not be a serious answer.  But it might be.

Oh we also blog about the racism, homophobia, hate speech & hateful language we encounter on City Data Forum.

Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew

Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew is comprised of 18 individuals.

Our most common denominator is that we are City Data Forum members fed up with the Racism, Homophobia and Hate Speech that we encounter on City Data Forum on a daily basis.

We blog about the racism, homophobia, hate speech & hateful language we encounter on City Data Forum.

We have the temerity to believe that an Internet Forum that claims to be one of the Top 5 Forums in the United States by unique individual clicks should enforce their Terms of Service as written, and not be the mini-Stormfront we encounter on a daily basis.

We call on the City Data Forum Administrator to instruct the City Data Moderation Staff to enforce the Terms of Service as written.


Rewrite the City Data Terms of Service to reflect the type of Internet Forum they are in reality.  The one that we have documented over the last 2 months, and continuing.

The Wandering Poet

I write poetry under the Nom De Plume of The Wandering Poet.  This poem describes my upbringing.

The California Kid

Hello, there
Nice to meet you
I am California Kid,
Standard issue
Raised to respect my elders
Take care of the disabled
Help the poor
Do unto others as you’d have done unto you
Live and let live
Respect the Constitution
Honor  veterans in our midst
Celebrate mom, baseball & apple pie
Pay taxes as due (grumbling under breath)
Work hard, play hard
Oh yes, don’t be racist, or discriminate
Combine that all and you have me
Moderate of practicality
Mixed with synergy
Standard Issue
Here in Great Central Valley

The KaDoh! Institute

 We also offer our views on social issues, politics, and whatever else we want to talk about  with commentary at the Kadoh! Institute.

The Kadoh! Institute was established to express the political, social, opinions of a political Moderate raised in California.

I’ve always classified myself as socially liberal & fiscally conservative.

Yes, the name pokes fun at The Cato Institute.  That is their building on the logo.  And Kato Kaelin’s hair.  As our logo is a Roman in a Toga with Mr. Bill’s head and Kato’s glorious mane of hair.

Yes, young people, we know Mr. Bill looks vaguely like Jack of Jack in the Box.  But it’s Mr. Bill.

We will also cover whatever topic springs to mind, much like our friend Renard Moreau does when he gets to Pondering.

We have taken the test located at The Political Compass which serves as our frame of reference.  In their multiple axis system, which measures Authoritarian v Libertarian & Communism v laissez fair capitalism we are Centrists leaning towards Libertarianism.

Here are are the results of famous World Figures and current politicians as calculated by the people at The Political Compass for context.

World Figures on the Political Compass

Much more — Click Here


A cut, a trim, and regular friendly conversation at Hairy Notions |Welcome to markbialczak


Entertainment. Sports. Life. Big ideas.

Mark Bialczak is a veteran journalist who has lived in the Syracuse area since 1983. Earlier this year, he was set free to write about whatever he wants.

Contact Mark at

Check out his twice-weekly film blogs at

In June, Reedy Press published “The Syracuse Fan’s Survival Guide to the ACC,” co-written by Mark and veteran basketball beat writer Mike Waters. Click here to buy the book.

Become Facebook friends with Mark at

Follow Mark on Twitter at @mbialczak

Link with Mark at

Join circles at Google Plus at

In November, 2013, I was nominated for:

blog of the year

And, twice:

Versatile blogger

Two days before Christmas, I was nominated for my second star on the Blog of the Year Award:

Blog of Year two starts

Also two days before Christmas, I was nominated by award originator Don Charisma to be one of the first recipients of the Inventive Blogger Award. The logo includes a cool photo of a German bridge:

Inventive Blogger Award

In June, Reedy Press published “The Syracuse Fan’s Survival Guide to the ACC,” co-written by Mark and veteran basketball beat writer Mike Waters. Click here to buy the book.

Become Facebook friends with Mark at

Follow Mark on Twitter at @mbialczak

Link with Mark at

Join circles at Google Plus at

In November, 2013, I was nominated for:

blog of the year

And, twice:

Versatile blogger

Two days before Christmas, I was nominated for my second star on the Blog of the Year Award:

Blog of Year two starts

Also two days before Christmas, I was nominated by award originator Don Charisma to be one of the first recipients of the Inventive Blogger Award. The logo includes a cool photo of a German bridge:

Inventive Blogger Award

via A cut, a trim, and regular friendly conversation at Hairy Notions | markbialczak.

A cut, a trim, and regular friendly conversation at Hairy Notions

Before my 30 minutes in the chair, that beard is so untidy.

Before my 30 minutes in the chair, that beard is so untidy.

Some men get haircuts when they can’t stand the sight of Shaggy staring back from the mirror any longer.

Some men get their beards trimmed when birds and other little animals start to hover too closely.

I have my Vanity Appointment every four weeks, without hesitation. My tradition of haircut and beard-trim is so deeply rooted that I’ve given it a name.

For 22 years, I’ve visited Theresa Constantine at her Hairy Notions salon in North Syracuse like clockwork. My instructions are always the same, and Theresa is such a good stylist that she always asks nevertheless. Take a little off the top and a lot off the bottom. It’s a natural request, considering that I have way less on top than on my chin to begin when I walk in the place. Theresa confirmed for me yesterday morning that I have the fastest-growing beard of any of her clients.

And yes, certainly, she answered my question yesterday with that familiar bit of sarcasm in her voice, I am the most handsome, too.

My 30 minutes every four weeks sitting in Theresa’s styling chair are fun.

It started out very professionally, although when we first met, it was through my job, not hers.

While working for the big daily in 1991, I was assigned to write a story about a crew of local people who dressed up and reenacted Civil War battles. Theresa, being an actress in local theater in addition to owning Hairy Notions, hosted my interview with a handful of fellow Civil War reenactors at the shop.

I wrote the story.


On my 56th birthday, I wonder about my birth day

Some facts about the day I was born, mildly amusing and mostly useless. (From

Some facts about the day I was born, mildly amusing and mostly useless. (From

I just googled This Date in History for Dec. 14, 1957.

The site tells me it was a Saturday.

A slow day, according to

A play titled “Most Happy Fella” closed after 678 performances at New York City’s Imperial Theater. “Rumple” closed at the Alvin Theater after 45 performances. An American author by the name of Gary Ferris was born.

And, in a New York City hospital, a thin and quite-likely scared teenager pushed me out into this world.

I don’t remember much, not even from family remembrances on subsequent Dec. 14s.

My oldest sister, Francine, collected my baby pictures, taken before she was born.

My oldest sister, Francine, collected my baby pictures, taken before she was born.

I can piece together facts and snippets of things they did tell me: My mother was 19. My father was 20. I came a few weeks early. They had married 14 months prior. They met while working for the same company in Manhattan. Both their families lived in Greenpoint, a Polish neighborhood in Brooklyn. My dad was an only child. My mom had an older sister, but she and my uncle had no children yet.

I can imagine how bewildered and overwhelmed they all were at the arrival of this first child of their immediate families, no matter that marriages and kids more routinely came earlier 56 years ago.

They did their best within their world. I remember my dad taking me to corner bars and giving me a bag of peanuts and a real glass of Coke to keep me occupied as he socialized like a twentysomething. I remember my mom taking me with her to bingo, which somehow was a favorite even at her young age. It never once struck me that perhaps a kid my age shouldn’t be taken along to either of those places.

I was an only child until a sister came along when I was 8, and another when I was 10. I loved not being the sole focus anymore. I protected these darling little girls fiercely.

Of course I remember good times, celebrations, family victories.

But I also remember arguments, fights, bad behavior, frequent tension. Looking back through the prism of all these years, I think that somehow I was always on edge in the presence of one or both of my parents.


Part-time Monster and Sourcerer| Welcome to a new friend: Sourcerer or Monster or Someone

Part Time Monster

Mommy. Perpetual Grad Student. Reader, writer, and observer. Lover of strange and impossible things.

I am a PhD student, mother of a four year old son, partner of an independent filmmaker, college English instructor, writing tutor, and guardian of a rescue pup. I wear many hats, if you will. Just in case my PhD status didn’t alert you to this, I’m also a tremendous nerd. I am a sufferer of panic disorder, a curator of the weird, a lover of the beautiful, and an enjoy-er of pop culture. Writing here will thus feature an array of content; I am sometimes a monster.

I will also feature content here that is written by some of my friends, who are tremendously talented individuals with interests as varied as my own. They, too, are part-time monsters. And so are you, in all likelihood. Even if you don’t yet recognize it.

This is Our Other Project


It’s sweet to have a writing website I designed myself. It’s even sweeter to give my little sister a dragon. That what Sourcerer is. He is Part Time Monster’s dragon. Today we see how loud he can roar.

I posted this to WordPress as I shared it with you. People are also finding it on LinkedIn. We even have a little outpost on Tumblr.

Sourcerer is still a fledgling. I plan to eventually connect it to every network WordPress allows.

We did this is because we want to build the blog of our dreams, but it can’t be built all at once. The blog of our dreams is a bit like Comparative Geeks, but we want a blog with a lot more geeks.

We have a strategy to reach our goal. We started four blogs. We picked one to be our brand and specialized the other three.

We invite contributors and collaborators.

Our top priority right now is providing Part Time Monster fresh content every day. If we keep that up long enough, we believe we will one day have the blog of our dreams.

I hope you will follow us, watch us grow, and share this with your friends.

We love readers just as much as we love writers.

And we really love a good story.

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13 Things

1. I like lists. There’s something profoundly comforting about a list.

2. I was born and raised in a small Mississippi town, where I lived most of my life. I’ve recently moved to New Orleans.

3. I earned an undergraduate degree in English with a history minor from Mississippi University for Women; I earned a master’s degree in British literature from University of Southern Mississippi, where I am now pursuing a PhD.

4. I have a young son who brings more joy to my life than I can ever, ever say. For the purposes of this blog, the Star Wars obsessed little guy will be known as the Little Jedi.

5. Ants frighten me, especially in large numbers. Scratch that-any bug frightens me in large numbers. But ants are particularly nerve wracking.

6. I miss the years when I could wear pajama pants to class at MUW without anyone looking at me strangely, because most everyone else was wearing their pajama pants, too.

7. I’m a feminist; I trace this to the seventh grade, when I decided to join the band and wanted to play the drums, but couldn’t because Mom told me they were a “boy” instrument.

8. I love animals. I have a rescue pup, and I’d have more if I had the room and time to devote to them.

9. I’m a teacher and a tutor. I love my jobs; there’s nothing quite like the light in someone’s eyes when they understand a concept in a new way, and I love being able to assist. I also love all the things I get to learn while working with others.

10. I love children’s and young adult literature and watching cartoons, but my favorite film genre is drama.

11. I’m a curly-girl, and I feel different when my hair is straight, like I’m pretending to be something I’m not.

12. I develop little crushes on people very easily. I fall in love with the passion someone has while talking, the way their hair falls across their face, or the soft exhale of their cigarette smoke.

13. There are so many books that I want to read, that I should read, that I have problems re-reading any book. I feel as if I’m wasting my time, even if I love the book.

Seven ways to Blogpimp Your Site | Catching up with old friends: Aewl’s Abode

Next Sunday the 24th is the one year anniversary of Aewl’s Abode. In honor of that, this week, I’ll repost some of my favorite posts from the first few months of the blog. This one is from Dec 7th, 2012.

Blogging 101What exactly is Blogpimping? Simple, it’s a way of publicizing your blog in a supercharged manner. I recently wrote about getting 25k hits in less than six months on a previous blog. By following these steps, you too can reach that number. Sure WordPress and Blogger have tips to drive more traffic your way, but these tips go beyond that. To get to that number you need to average only 167 hits a day on your blog. But by the time 6 months are up, you should be getting 300 or more hits a day. Keep in mind your main goal….. eyeballs on your site.

Before you start, read “10 Ways to Have a Bad Blog” and make sure you aren’t doing any of those. Blogpimping does take time, but if you are serious about getting eyeballs on your site because you know you have great content and great things to say, then commit to taking the time to do the following:

1. Commit to posting 3-5 times a day – That’s everyday, weekends included. Hopefully they will all be good quality posts. If you are going to get eyeballs on your site, you need to let the readers know that you post regularly. They will more than likely return. Return visits are what keeps your hit count up. No more than one to two filler posts in any one day. What are filler posts? Simple posts that take no more than 5 minutes to put up like this one.

2. Go after the big dogs – In your sphere of the blogosphere, there are probably a few bloggers that get a lot of traffic. Find out their email address and when you have a great posts which should be at least once a day, email them and give them a link to your post. Just one link from a big-time blogger will shoot your hit count way up. Your goal is to get eyeballs on your site, so don’t be discouraged if they don’t respond to your email. IF you write a really great article and get linked by someone like Instapundit, I’ve heard upwards of 10,000 hits just by one link. Same goes for getting Freshly Pressed but not as many hits.

Lots More at Seven ways to Blogpimp Your Site | Aewl’s Abode.

Bahamas Scuba Adventure

Catching up with old Friends

Ron From Texas

Lonely Road 1 & 2 were taken on Norman Cay, an island with a population of about 25.  There is a bar on Norman Cay that is said to be one of Jimmy Buffett’s favorites.  It is located across the airstrip at the end of Lonely Road.  The Castle is in that area as well.  Cute Lobster Hunter bagged that bug while holding her breath.  All of these were shot with a D700 and Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 zoom.

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Froze in this moment… | Welcome to a new friend: jeannette whalen


Froze in this moment…

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Our Education System is Failing Us

best-images-of-the-year-2011-1-20110930While in school I’ve learned that the experience of interacting with others is just as educational as the academics itself. For instance, I’ve had professors at Clark mutter angerly about the lack of historical knowledge known by my classmates and I. I find it funny. Yes, blame the students, not the high school academics curriculum in America or the lack there of. It’s outragous, ridiculeing students over something they have no control over. Plus, not to mention high school’s ability to make the subject’s a dull mix of US history and oh yeah, more US History! Teachers should be less ignorant and take a moment to understand why this is the case. Instead, students are merely scapegoats for the overall failure of the academic system. In addition, if such a large portion of students are incapable of divulging the information. I would think there must be a larger overriding problem. Why then, in society do people make the choice to stay unaware and ignorant?

All in the Mind’s Eye


Intellect is a matter of perspective and David Foster Wallace’s rendition may boggle you.  Wallace’s insist that, “we easily dismiss the hard to see realities of each moment.”(Wallace 199) Perhaps  knowleged and awarness are the real means to happiness. My beilief inertwine with Wallace intriging argument, “that brilliance is a state of awareness furthermore a mentality of the mind,” (Wallace 201) Thus, ignorance is the equivalence of incompetence.

Primarily, Wallace celebrates “a radically twisted but enlightening look at intelligence. He views our minds as being warped by our own narcissistic tendencies, thus not allowing ourselves the ability to see any worldly perspectives, but our own.(Wallace 201) Wallace also claims “that our animalistic default-setting causes self-righteouness, a non-understanding and furthermore incourages our unforgiving behavior.”(Wallace 201) Wallace suggests “being intelligence is having the ability to use the knowledge gained to consider all angels thus widening our scope of awarness.” Being able to choose positive solutions help many lead more meaninful lives.

I wholeheartedly agree that self-awareness is the key to intelligence. Although, being self-aware may seem trivial, but in fact it is crucial to ones happiness. For instance,  After a year of trying to help my boyfriends sister get clean by taking her to rehab over and over again. Sitting in hours of Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Finally, I decided I was done! Over it! But my father must have seen something I had not, he told me to keep helping a little bit longer. My fathers self-awareness of the situation which led to helping her in ways I could not, through God. As I look back two years later she is still clean. It brings me to tears. If I had given up, she would probably wouldn’t have made it much longer on the path she was on. Each time I see her I think of my father and how he saw beyond the surface. Only by being self-aware can you fully lead a happier more fulfilling life.

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Can Smoking Stop My Anxiety?


It’s a fact: Cigarettes have many negative effects on our health including damaging the lungs and causing deadly cancers. Why then do people continue to smoke?  The answer is nicotine. Nicotine instantly numbs away the stresses felt  during a demanding day at work. For some, smoking cigarettes has become a form of self-medicating to lessen stresses caused by depression and panic attacks.

Doctors say never to self-medicate; but why? Nicotine can instantly reduce symptoms of anxiety. Prescriptions such as, Lorazapam are addicting, thus doctors will only prescribe them for short periods of time. It’s true; over time panic attacks may lessen, but many face an abrupt clusters of unexperected attacks and without medication it’s hard to cope. Thus, doctors are giving no other options but, to self-medicate. Self-medi   According to, Frank L. Collins and Theodore L. Wagener, People with server mental disorders are more likely to self-medicate themselves using additive substances such as, nicotine. Further more, the probability of them staying dependent on the substance is far greater. (“Collins and Wagener” 88) This demonstrates, that people in our society with server anxiety or stress are forced to self-medicate due to the lack of options to reduce stress. As a result, many peopleare forced to their own devices; some people with depression have chosen to self-medicate themselves by smoking cigarettes in order to relieve the symptoms of stress.

Stress from depression causes people to follow negative thoughts of their psyche. Stress is formed when a person thoughts are constantly dwelling over destructive circualar thoughts. Unleashing an emphasis on the inability many face to make the correct choices in life. Furthermore, depression takes hold of our thoughts only to morph them into self-hating comments of worthlessness and inadaquecy. These types of stresses cause many people to turn towards nicotine for relief.

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[Terry: Well, smoking can stop your anxiety about everything but smoking. However, I promised myself when I quit my 3 to 4 pack a day habit about 25 years ago, I would start again when I turned 60. Miracle of Miracles, they’ve invented these strange battery-operated things that puff coffee-flavored steam and have no nicotine in them. I LOVE THEM}

a way to leave something for my children and grandchildren to remember me by | Welcome to a new friend Bastet and Sekhmet |

Bastet and Sekhmet

Stories, thoughts, photos or poems about things I find interesting!

Front Page: About Bastet and The Blog…



I’ve been writing this blog now since the second of January, 2013.  So far, it’s been a satisfying experience.  But why did I and do I write a blog?

Basically, I thought it would be nice to see if I could write something (outside of my tattered notebooks) and see if someone in the general public would find it interesting.  Then again, I also thought it might be a way to leave something for my children and grandchildren to remember me by once I “shuffle off this mortal coil”.

It’d been a long time since I’d written poetry and writing fiction has never been my forte.  I thought when I began that I’d just write about my opinions and ideas;  you know, the usual stuff like politics, world affairs, that sort of thing.  Then I found myself starting to write about my childhood memories and things that have (had) happened in my everyday life.  One thing led to another, and my first photo poem popped up, and I started a new category to house it called Pills, which has grown since with two sub categories called Haiku and Power Shorts (a nice prosy type of Haiku, I’ve discovered through another blogger, Rick Mallery). The possibilities grew, with the idea of using my umpteen bazillion photographs and writing stories or travelogues around them.

Some of my favourite pieces languished though, so I went back to them to see why they’d never been appreciated, and I discovered that yes, they may have been interesting to me, but they were poor things indeed.  The style was stilted and they weren’t very well illustrated…so I rewrote them and dressed them up a bit…sure enough, there was a lot more interest expressed in them.  Some of my older pieces I’ve rendered private though…I may or may not go back and have a look at them.

Next is the housing project…that is where I blog, my site or whatever you call it. I’ve worked on it from time to time, changing the header, adding and removing and rearranging widgets but, I’m still not happy with it.  So, I’ll have to go and figure out how to actually use the instruments that are provided to make a better site.  I’ll also have to figure out how to do a little work with computer language too if I really want to do those things that your standard WordPress word “elaborator” doesn’t allow you to do…like changing your script size gradually…from smaller to bigger.

Then, there’s the one thing that really bugs me a bit.  I’d like my blog to go beyond a Facebook sort of life.  I look at my stats, and they’re pretty great for a beginner I think, and I love it when I see all the places my blogs have been read  (love those maps)!  I’m happy that people read and like my posts, but I’d also like to see some comments from time to time.  The age of Facebook and Twitter seem to have reduced blogger’s comments to mere “likes”.  I was happy to see an article written about this on Blogher, so I stopped feeling paranoid, it’s a general problem.  I myself find myself reading and liking, just as though I’m browsing through the Facebook…but, I say to myself,  if I’d been satisfied with Facebook, I wouldn’t have started blogging.  Of course, the problem is that there are literally millions of people who are writing and posting daily…so I say, I work on my style right!

I’ve also joined Blogher recently.  They have some pretty awesome suggestions on how to write better, how to use computer languages and how to cook a great soufflé ( ;-) )…jokes aside, I’ve been learning a lot about blogging from them and hope to start posting there as well, once I can figure out what I’d like to say and how to do it effectively.

Me by my webcam

More at via Bastet and Sekhmet | Stories, thoughts, photos or poems about things I find interesting!.

Haiku: Rain Signs

rain signs

cotton wool gathers
around early morning sun
dark warning rain signs!

Sunday: Painting the Town RED!

This is my third Painting the town Red…this time I polarized…inverted the colors, tinted and then started shaprening!  Here’s the results for you!

Painting the town red!

Painting the town red!

It’s Sunday Morning
I’m painting the town bright red
changing the usual:

seeing the town square dressed up
makes me want to dance and sing!

Have a great Sunday every one!

sweetheart rewrite COMBINE

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Thoughts on self-publishing… |Catching up with Isabel Burt

Jargon of a new world. Gatekeepers. Blogs. Twitter feeds. Formatting. Alli. Domain name. POD. epub. Facebook stats. Territories. Royalties. Blog guests. Metadata. Functionality. Readability. Widgets and Shepherds. Online platforms. 800,00 followers. Or one? People people, people, Friedman, Gaughran, Konrath and Penn, Howard, Baverstock, Bingham and then, Friedlander, Irving, Eye-dancers, more, McCullough, Ladyhouse, Amir and Shaw.

Whether you have just found WordPress, or become a lion of the jungle; please feel free to throw more names back at me! (And humblest apologies for the many names who do not fit this time!)

Thoughts on self-publishing… | Novels of fantasy and flight.


{Terry: Who is Isabel trying to kid? She knows more about this stuff than 3/4 of the people online. And who is this “Irving” person? Washington?]

sweetheart rewrite COMBINE

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Romance of Five Clouds and Magical Poetry–welcome to a new friend: generaliregi


Enjoy yourself to the full extent but dare not sink in indulgence

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English: African Buffalo in the natural enviro...

English: African Buffalo in the natural environment at the Ngoro Ngoro National Park, Tanzania Lietuvių: Afrikinis arba juodasis buivolas natūralioje aplinkoje Ngoro Ngoro nacionaliniame parke Tanzanijoje (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ũiru na marakara makaingĩha,

Ta mahira ngoro ĩgatura, kĩnyiria gĩkaraha

ũngĩ ndaringa itherũ na-manyira mĩromo igacuha


Up on the Roof

Up on the Roof (Photo credit: Kris Griffon)

Contemplating in the liberated forest region,

Solders and captains concluded with a common opinion:

‘Lukenya death camp, by night fall, must fall in to oblivion’.

Scouts for intelligence dispatched,

Next, General Mathu schemed for a revolutionary mission.

Assisted in plotting by peerless martial tacticians

Shrewd strategies took form, ideas when converged.

Acting on the carefully crafted plans,

In rows and columns, ranks and files marched for a raid, in groups.

Keeping hidden from the enemy’s savage troops,

Prompt execution of drills proofed decisive and disastrous to the colonial agents;

Surprise attack from all fronts rendered the foe vulnerable in talent.

Opening fire to militias and  imperialists uncircumcised forces,

The General commanded the foe’s armory captured, and political prisoners freed at once;

Hacking and slaying ignorant British barbarians,

Land and Freedom Army at once subdued the arrogant villains;

A role model for all patriotic generations,

General Mohamed Mathu enviable deeds will forever restore our self determination!


English: Comfort in Grief

English: Comfort in Grief (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An itinerant peddler startles me to wake at noon

Debt on debt of the brew vendors suddenly stirs my mind

How much more can I bear the grievous toils of this hood?

Surprise, dismay, alarm or pity deep and profound

Would show in their looks, with acquaintances of old,

Should we by chance meet again,

in vain friend of old Would sigh, cry and in pain fold,

Their once enviable peer in this deplored state to find steeped in strain;

Do not ask in ridicule, sarcasm, proverbs, and riddles with whom I’ve lost favor

Instead, alleviate my devastating sorrow with bottle on bottle of scented liquor!

[Terry:  The Mau Mau Uprising (also known as the Mau Mau Revolt, Mau Mau Rebellion, Kenya Emergency and ‘Manjeneti (Gîkûyû)) was a military conflict that took place in Kenya between 1952 and 1960. It involved Kikuyu-dominated anti-colonial groups summarily called Mau Mau and elements of the British Army, the local Kenya Regiment mostly consisting of white Kenyans, auxiliaries and anti-Mau Mau Kikuyu.The capture of rebel leader Dedan Kimathi on 21 October 1956 signalled the ultimate defeat of Mau Mau, and essentially ended the British military campaign.[7]
Mau Mau failed to capture widespread public supportpartly due to the British policy of divide and rule, and the movement remained internally divided, despite attempts to unify its various strands.  The British, meanwhile, could draw upon their ongoing efforts to put down another rebellion in Malaya.
The uprising created a rift between the European colonial community in Kenya and the metropole, vbut also resulted in violent divisions within the Kikuyu community.  The financial cost of the uprising to the former colony amounted to £55 million. (Wikipeia)]

Welcome to a new friend: Thomas A Fowler: Writer’s Conquest

Writer’s Conquest by Thomas A Fowler

Integrated Producer at an Ad Agency by day, Writer of Commercial Mainstream Fiction with a Sci-Fi Bent by Night. Providing Marketing & Writing advice for Writers and always aiming to Instill Hope.

July 13, 2013

Turn Your Author Bio Into a Brand Story

All too often writers think about their book, and all too often they ignore their story. As we create a platform for you to stand upon and find a place for your work, we’ve developed your brand vision. Now, comes the time to develop a brand story.

The brand story isn’t going to be too far from an author bio, but still separated enough you should develop the two separately. If you’ve already completed your author bio, certainly use it for inspiration, but do not copy and paste. Brand stories are slightly different.

How so you ask?

Omar Kattan, who has developed an entire site devoted to Brand Stories, ended his very first blog post with this suggestion: “When developing your stories, use what you know. It doesn’t always mean plot or fact. It means capturing a truth from your experience and expressing values you personally feel deep down to your core.”

Here’s a video explaining the actual statistical analysis of how developing a brand, and its story, can truly influence your marketing approach. This is all business focused, but if one had the resources to analyze the writing and publishing world, it wouldn’t be a shock if the statistics were at least in the same ballpark.

So how do you develop your brand story as a writer? It’s easy; it goes back to your development of brand as a writer. At this point, you should have your author voice, brand messaging, brand differentiators, and determined what you’ll write. You’ve lined it all up, now it’s time to harness this into your brand story.

This should be almost a combination of your personal story with your brand vision. Make it personal, and professional. Allow agents, editors, readers, and site visitors understand who you are and what you hope to accomplish as an author.

Make it as long as it needs to be, it’s never a bad idea to keep it simple and short.

So what will your brand story be? This post has been very video heavy, but if you really want to dive into this, why not start with something everyone loves, Lego?

Hope this helps you, the conversation’s always going on Twitter @ThomasAFowler, use the hashtag #WritersConquest. Latest updates can be found on my official website, and as always kick some ass and be proud of what you do.

via Five Elements of an Established Writer’s Brand | Writer’s Conquest by Thomas A Fowler.

July 12, 2013

The Artist’s Hobo Tool: Tools to Create a Writing Plan

This week, we wrapped up deciding what you’ll write, and launched levels three and four of the Writer’s Conquest: Creating a Marketing Platform and Going Back to Writing Basics. So here are some tools to help you map out a plan as you move forward to the next level of your writing career, and learn how to market yourself.

First up, is a pair of plugins to map out a blog schedule, and allow you to import a spreadsheet into the WordPress. Blogging superstar Molly Greene posted about a plugin to create an extensive calendar so you can map out your posts for the future and monitor your success. This began a bit of a Twitter conversation with Molly, Jodi Lobozzo Aman, Casee Marie, and myself that provided a plugin to import a CSV (spreadsheet file) into your WordPress in case you’ve built something in a spreadsheet format already.

Second is a very tangible series of events to help form a plan. I am very hesitant about sharing anything that starts with “Wiki.” But this works, so Form a Plan.

Third, it’s a scorecard to see how well you write. It allows you to understand your strengths and areas for improvement. Score yourself, and then get some people together who can give you an honest scorecard. So that means avoiding overly pretentious writers who will just give you terrible scores, simultaneously don’t give it to your Mom who’ll just give you 9’s and 10’s.

Fourth, when you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by your plan creation, take a break. Do so by reading this great article about the “6 Stupidest Plots Supposedly Smart Movie Villains.”

Finally, Chuck Wendig is one of the Internet’s better, and more discussed, blogs. Here, he gives reasons Why Your Novel Won’t Get Published. It’s a bunch of harsh truths, but within it you will be able to see what it really takes as you make a plan.

Welcome to a new friend: allmostrelevant


still can’t decide if I misspelled that

THIS: This is my “About” page because I suppose I should have one. This whole thing is really just something to get my mind off of getting my mind off things. However for now what you see is just a view into what I think about during a typical day. I’m not really ‘working’ on this, it’s just whatever happens, however lately I’ve been leaning towards concision. However unpoetic ‘mind dumping’ is, I find it rather accurate, but if it weren’t for dropping mental loads, I’ve found the phrase ‘bite size is the right size’ rather enjoyable.

CONTENT: The easiest way to see the variety of the content on here is to go to the CONTENT page. Everything is organized there, as opposed to the home page which is just chronoillogical. And if you want to search for “caterpillar” or “what am I doing,” then you can use the search bar at the bottom to search for random things and see what comes up.

SHARE: Please feel free to post, re-post, talkabout, ‘like,’ or share anything you find enjoyable. From what I hear, the side effects of doing so are relatively painless, but it just lets me know what you enjoy, and what I should do more of.

If you want to use anything anywhere, just make sure people know where you got it from (hint: here. Everything is original). But please do share stuff at the places you go with the people that are there, or rattle off a quote to your friends at a cocktail party, I don’t know. Start a conversation or two.

…Not sure if that was all “About,”


PS: REQUESTS: I’ll do my best to take some requests. How this would work is either in the form of one word or phrase, and I’ll do something with it (eg: war fair). How this wouldn’t work is if you say, “Write a story about a lonely pencil sharpener who finds everyone’s gone mechanical. DO IT NOW!” However funny the prompt is, you have also told me what to write. If you have a premise, I would strongly encourage you to write it yourself, but if you say,  ”mechanical pencil sharpener,” and are curious to see what I’ll do with that grouping of words, then by all means leave that as a request!

Let’s say 3 words max, although I love two and one word titles the best. For some categories I use zero word titles. Anyways; you can comment anywhere on the site and I’ll make it happen.

PPSS: There is a twitter now @allmostrelevant I put even shorter things there. Sometimes funny. Most of the times stupid.

PPPSSS: I’m now on facebook! I don’t really know what to do with it, but I was hoping that would be a place for more open discussion, a place where I can post other pictures, doodles, and additional stuff, and a place where we can all ask questions, try to think of answers, and just some good old fashioned run-on sentences like this. I realize more people have facebook than WordPress (I know… I know), so that might make it easier to share something that made you laugh or smile so then your friends can laugh and smile too.


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Hire Me

Yes! You can hire me! Anything that involves words: I’m your guy.

Articles, speeches, essays, reviews, opinion, poetry, screenplays, comedy sketches, company slogans/names, ANYTHING… except I won’t write your college admission essay or do your homework for you (that’s not cool, kids).

Alternatively, if you are working on a piece of writing and want to consult me for help/guidance/feedback/brainstorm ideas, either written or over the phone, I also do that as well.

My goal is to make writing a full time job where I can make enough money to eat food and turn a light on, and the best way to make money is by getting paid, thus this is only for serious inquiries only. So please, if you are an individual or business in need of a writer, fill out the little form below, I will get back to you, and we can discuss details.

However in the mean time, feel free to browse the rest of the web sight. Thanks for reading.


Welcome to a new friend: shellywv – Gravatar Profile


I write poetry quite a bit to put things into perspective for myself. Many of which I’ve never shared with anyone. I am ready to share my thoughts. I am ready to be open. I am ready to move on in the next chapter in my life. Thank you for reading my inner most thoughts. Enjoy.

via shellywv – Gravatar Profile.

(Terry: Shelly Dear. This is all very nice and I ADORE your inner most thoughts but, you know, if you actually had a Blog where I could read some of them it would be a lot easier than telepathy. ]

Extremely Important Note to All Fans of This Blog

English: Presence of Albanians in "Greate...

Hello Sweetheart, Get Me Rewrite has been named as one of first blogs where WordPress will launch it’s WordAds advertising. (This is probably because of the reticent and pure manner in which I’ve already got Google Ads, Amazon Affiliate Marketing, Zazzle T-Shirts

How to Get Ahead in Advertising

and everything else but Joe’s Advertising and Auto Repair up on the site already.)

Now, it’s extremely important to me that this go well–I have gotten used to eating real food over the past 60 years and would rather not stop now. I have absolute and complete faith that the $16.57 that I have made this year from my previous efforts will be vastly exceeded by the classy advertising that WorldPress will install.  They are promising new videos, automated tweets from the people in the ads, and completely seamless integration of advertising with my usual high-quality content.

I Love Taiwan T-Shirt By Hepnova

I Love Taiwan T-Shirt By Hepnova (Photo credit: leesean)

So, everyone needs to gather together around their computer screens, click on everything that seems clickable and, in general, act like a bunch of damnfool spendthrifts  I have full faith that you can do this and support this tiny piece of American Content Production before it’s outsourced to the Albanians who wrangle zillions of zombie computers and actually know how to make money at this game.

Don’t just do it for me,

Do it for America (and Canada and Australia and Romania and Windermere and Oz)!

My mother’s recent diagnosis of Alzheimer’s | (from) Little Blog of Letting Go

Little Blog of Letting Go

My mother’s recent diagnosis of Alzheimer’sJun27I have not been nearly as active on my blog and WordPress in general as I would like, and I want to share the reason with you.I’ve been caring for my elderly mother at my home for the past 7 weeks. She had been hospitalized after a fall at her house in Indiana and I brought her back to Seattle with me to help her recover. I already knew it in my heart, but two days ago she was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. And it’s fairly advanced, on the border between moderate and severe.

She will be with me for another three weeks, and then I have to take her back home to my dad. I’ll probably stay there for a week or so, to help her get settled in back at home. So, for at least the next month I imagine I won’t be much more active than I am now.

It has brought lots of things to my attention that I didn’t know before. Namely that no amount of “senility” is normal in the aging process. Dementia is COMMON in the elderly, but it is never normal, and any signs of “senility”, memory loss, confusion, etc. is NOT normal, and should not be accepted as part of the normal aging process. If you notice these signs, get your loved one evaluated by a geriatric specialist as soon as possible.

I noticed signs of what I thought was the normal memory loss that comes with aging years ago. But, it was mild, and we just thought it was part of getting old. If only we had realized the problem then, we could have slowed the progression of the disease.

I have also learned that there is a direct link between depression and dementia. My mom has suffered from severe depression for years. They aren’t sure if depression causes dementia, or if depression in the elderly is an early warning sign of dementia, but there IS a link. If an elderly person you care about has depression, don’t wait! Get them evaluated for cognitive impairment by a geriatric specialist!

Listening to my mother talk about her own thoughts of suicide to the geriatric psychiatrist was heart wrenching to me. Listening to her try (and fail) to count backwards by 7 brought tears to my eyes. When I talked to her, I knew she had some dementia, but when I saw that she couldn’t even draw a clock face with the hands showing 11:10, I was shocked. She still reads like there’s no tomorrow, but she could not spell WORLD backwards.

After things settle down for me, and I can devote more time to my blog, I plan to write a more extensive article on dementia, but until then I will leave you with one more plea: Get your elders evaluated early, by a specialist. The basic test they gave her was called the Folstein Mini-Mental.  The earlier you get a diagnosis of dementia, whether Alzheimer’s or another form, the more treatment options are available!

via My mother’s recent diagnosis of Alzheimer’s | Little Blog of Letting Go.

So Ends the Experiment? | Legends of Windemere

Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites

So Ends the Experiment?

Posted on June 10, 2013 by Charles Yallowitz

Yesterday, I sold 1 book, which is normal for a Sunday. It typically sucks. The problem is that it carries over into a weak Monday, but this is abysmal. I’m eying that $2.99 price tag because it’s the only thing I can change. I’m going to give this until the end of the day to see what happens. If nothing moves then I think I’m going back to .99 cents.

It isn’t just the low sales too, but that is a main ingredient here. I had a great Friday and then it died like a sparkler in the rain. I want to take advantage of Ereader News Today and I need the .99 cent pricing for that. Though, that 25% service cost is a bit distressing since I might not make much to begin with. Still, I can’t lose on the deal and I’ve met some people that are happy with it. I also should probably strike while I still have an overall 4.0 or higher rating. That can get destroyed by a bad review while a good review barely effects it.

I still have a few hours to make the final decision.

via So Ends the Experiment? | Legends of Windemere.

dining with you, a haiku | charlottesville winter

we eat, not speaking.

look down at our empty plates.

silence chaperones.

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Welcome to a new friend: Nadine J Clark | The Art of Bullshitting

The Art of Bullshitting

chronicling the creative writing process of a university student

About: I’m a 19-year-old university student from Canada who obsesses over hockey, Latin, and paperback novels. I hope to eventually see my own name on book covers (and stageplay scripts, poetry collections, literary magazines…). You can learn about my decision to create this blog and the purposes behind it here.


via About Me | The Art of Bullshitting.

Losing My Blog Virginity

The creation of this blog is a culmination of a whole bunch of ideas I’ve had spinning around in my head for a while. My mental process essentially went like this:

  1. Despite joining the creative writing club at my university and attempting to be active on a few internet communities, I haven’t made any close writer friends yet. It’s kind of isolating.
  2. I eventually want to be published, either through a traditional publishing house or my own efforts (I hear e-books are the way to go, now?). But that’s only step one; how will I convince people to read my what I’ve written? Most of the world doesn’t know me and has no reason to trust my opinion of my own writing.
  3. I need somewhere to keep track of my ideas, as well as a qualitative log of my progress. Hopefully looking backward will allow me to improve my future writing.

English: WordPress Template Hierarchy. עברית: ...Thus, community + marketing + journaling = WordPress!

I should note that I like to consider myself pretty internet-savvy, but, as it turns out, I have absolutely no idea how WordPress works. I’ve spent a few hours tinkering with theme and layout, but I think I’ve only managed to make it look worse. Hopefully I’ll get that figured out soon so I can stop using this as an excuse to procrastinate.

And Your Name Is…?

A few days ago, I sat down at my computer with the full intention of creating characters for The Hockey Novel (I am not good at working titles). I planned to give them names, personalities, backstories, families, opinions, and anything else I could think of. Instead, I did the equivalent of writing the title of an essay into a blank Word document and then deciding that’s enough productivity for the day. I gave them names, but I didn’t get any further than that.

Normally I just invent character names as they become necessary. My protagonist’s childhood best friend moves back into the city? Boom, his name is Daniel. He has suddenly acquired an attractive step-sister? Let’s call her Andrea. However, this spontaneity only works because, as I mentioned a few blog posts ago, I rarely have more than two characters in any given scene so it’s really easy to keep track of them. But I’m not going to do that anymore.This is a "thought bubble". It is an...

I want my characters to create the scenes. I want them to have memorable personalities that inspire emotions in my readers. I want to be able to think about them like real people, complete with secrets and contradictions and thought processes that don’t cease when I stop writing them. I want to create the kind of character that you remember long after you’ve forgotten the title of the book or the name of the author.

With that in mind, I decided I should probably develop my characters before I attempt to write their stories. Step one is obviously names. A lot of the time, I don’t have to think very hard about naming my characters. When it came time to create a previous protagonist, I just thought of a name I liked: Sebastian. His last name sort of flowed along at the end: Merik. Unfortunately, there aren’t twenty names I like enough to bestow upon an entire hockey team. Also, hockey players often have international backgrounds, and I’m not very familiar with Russian or Swedish naming systems, for example.

After realizing that sitting and thinking wasn’t going to be enough, I turned to a randomized character name generator. I selected the desired gender and nationality. I clicked “generate a name.” Then I clicked it again. And again. The problem was, I was never satisfied with the name I was given. I think this may have been because the names weren’t products of my own imagination, but instead presented to me by a machine. There was a level of distance there that I wasn’t comfortable with. I did, however, manage to cobble together a few names this way.

Next, I turned to baby name lists. I have no idea how parents ever manage to name their children. There are so many things to consider: you don’t want your kid to have the same name as three of their friends, but you also don’t want them to have a name that will be mispronounced by every substitute teacher they ever encounter; their first name should flow well with their surname; you don’t want their name to mean “child of God” if you’re an atheist or “blonde one” if you’re not even Caucasian. And these lists are seemingly endless. Just when you think you may have found a potential name, you scroll down a little and find one that sounds even better. If you find a name you like that starts with “A,” you worry that you’re missing the perfect one by disregarding the rest of the alphabet.

In the end, the majority of the names I chose were the result of searching through my Facebook friends and Frankensteining together the first and last names of different people.  I had to choose people who were acquaintances rather than close friends, so that I wouldn’t bring my emotional associations with those names into my story. I even had to resort to flat-out making stuff up; the last name of one of my characters is a street I used to live on, and another consists solely of some syllables I thought sounded nice together. My quest to find ideal character names ended a lot less pretentiously than it began.

I intend to streamline this process in the future. Creating characters is fun, but I don’t want to get lost in preparation for too long lest I begin to use it as an excuse for not actually writing anything. However, I also have to restrain myself from beginning this story before I have properly planned for it. This is a strange situation for me, as a person who often writes first and thinks later. I can only hope I’ll be able to plot (and then write) my way out of it.

[All the name generators do is randomize and most are loaded with silly names. Here’s a trick: most good character name generators (e.g. Scrivener)give you the ability to load lists of character names. I needed modern Cheyenne names for the current novel I’m working on so I went into the Obituary section of the Lame Deer Montana newspaper and copied out about 200 names (there are always about 30 in each obit, aunts and nephews  etc.)

The other files I loaded in–as you did–were a couple of lists of “Most Popular Baby Names” from the years when my characters would have been born and a list of Vietnam casualties. By the way, the other nice thing about Scrivener for writing is that it saves your Characters and Scenes in side-notes you can pull up and drop below the chapter you’re writing to refer to.

That, and it’s really cheap.

In the end, it won’t be your characters’ names that will stick. It will be the character that develops as they speak. I’m still using most of the ‘placeholder’ names that I started with. Once they developed, they couldn’t be changed. Terry]

Welcome to a new friend: 1WriteWay | 1WriteWay



I am an aging unpublished writer, living with three cats, more yarn than I can knit up in a lifetime, and a dear husband who doubles as my best friend. I started this blog a few years ago when I was toying with the idea of becoming a freelance editor. I wanted to be a serious resource of all things related to writing and editing. But then life happened, I got distracted, and went offline for awhile. Now I’m back but with a different purpose for this blog. I just want to write. I’m old enough to be looking forward to retirement (as opposed to what my next career move should be), and the more writing I can do now, the better shape I’ll be in to make writing my primary focus when I’m no longer at the office 40 hours a week. I enjoy my current job and my coworkers and that actually has made it more difficult to be disciplined with my writing. I do derive intrinsic satisfaction from what I do at the daily grind, but the urge to write hasn’t left. In fact, the more I think about retirement, the more I want to write.

Creative writing class-fine arts center (40269...

Creative writing class-fine arts center (402690951) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started writing about when I was 9 years old. At least, I remember once reading aloud a story to my 4th grade class. I took creative writing classes whenever I could, joined the college literary guilds, and participated in readings. But I was never very confident (if at all) about my writing talent, and it was easy for me to “give up” periodically, in spite of the support I got from mentors and fellow writers. And once I got a “real” job (in an office with a biweekly paycheck and benefits), it was hard to argue with anyone that I should or could expect to do better by writing. I’ve made a lot of detours in the past 30 years, trying to become a “professional” whatever (social worker, data analyst), trying to believe in careers and working in offices and 401k’s. But now that I’m about 10 years shy of official retirement (fewer years if I’m lucky), I’ve finally started to wake up to the fact that those things–career, working in an office, going to meetings, conferences–means little to me. I’d rather be writing (ideally, in my jammies with a pot of hot tea for fuel).

I also have the slightly queasy sense of time running out. I’m way past the halfway mark, even if genetics are in my favor and I live to my mom’s age of 90 (and counting). Anything can happen, and I have more time to make up for than I have time left. So I’m dusting off the blog and hope that people stop by, have a read, and enjoy themselves. I welcome any comments on any of my posts. The “Like” buttons are a nice new feature at WordPress, but if you do like my posts, I hope you can take a moment to tell me why. I will reciprocate.

Happy blogging!


via About 1WriteWay | 1WriteWay.


Things Are In the Saddle


These lines–Things are in the saddle, And ride mankind–should be familiar to any college student who had to read early American literature.  These are lines that, when I first read them, I didn’t quite understand them.  It was the late 1980s and while my husband and I were starting to tread carefully into personal computer ownership, we

English: CD, DVD and SACD player.

were still technologically young enough to be giddy over our remote controlled TV and new CD player.

As the years passed and we accumulated more gadgets and at a faster rate than we could have anticipated, those lines of Emerson‘s spring to my mind more and more frequently.

edited image of Peggy Lee from existing wikipe...

edited image of Peggy Lee from existing wikipedia image, which shows a good likeness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a society where consumerism is nearly a religion and oftentimes used to show “patriotism,”  it’s difficult not to fall into a depression of sorts when the It of “is this it?” is not enough.  You buy gadgets that reportedly will enhance your life, and six months later they are obsolete.  So you purchase anew to feel purpose in life and the cycle continues.  It’s not only a sad way to live, it’s unsustainable.  Unless you’re incredibly wealthy, at some point you run of money to buy the things that you think will give your life meaning.  Hence, the lottery.  A quick fix.  A desire to be wealthy without having to work for it (unless you consider standing in line work).  When I’m in one of my Peggy Lee moods and start humming Is That All There Is?, I:

  • go for a walk without my iPod so I’m not distracted from the song and flight of birds, the squirrels chasing each other up and down trees, the hum of insects;
  • pick up a hardcover book and feel it’s weight in my hands and the dryness of paper as I flip through the pages;
  • hug my husband;
  • pet my cats;
  • call a friend;
  • write

Granted, some of these things cost money:  shoes for walking, books for reading, food for husband and cats, phone for calls, pen and paper for writing.  But none of them requires a gadget, a technological device that has been partly designed to make me feel lost without it (even the phone mentioned is one that we’ve had for about 20 years).  We are existential beings struggling to make sense of a world that often makes little sense.  We are sold things with the promise that we can derive meaning for our lives through these things.  But do we?  How many of us, every so often, decide to go “off the grid” in a quest to find true meaning, susta

inable meaning, meaning that will outlast every technological advance we embrace?

Recently, our DSL had an interruption in services for at least a day.  I admit, when I realized that I could not connect to the Internet, that I could not check my blog or my favorite blogs, I panicked.  I didn’t know why I couldn’t connect and the thought of

being disconnected for unknown hours was chilling.  It was early morning, before I had to leave for work and I was in a panic that I could not “log on” and get my blog fix before setting off for my day job.  But, my husband was still there.  In fact, he was oblivious to my panic because he was on the porch reading a book, his morning routine before setting out for work.  My cats were still there and actually annoyed that I was in more of a tizzy over the loss of my Internet access than I ever am when it’s their feeding time.  My books hadn’t disappeared, and I still had drawers of pens, pencils and paper to write on.  I didn’t check my phone because I actually hate phones.

It was a wake-up call for me.  Should I be so dependent on technology that I stop breathing when I open Firefox and get the message:  “Error.  Server unavailable”?  Should I allow these things to ride me?  Or should I embrace the sudden silence, the sense of time slowing, the drawn-out minutes when I can pick up an unread issue of the New York Review of Books or Harper’s or The New Yorker and feel reconnected to that time, 30-some years ago, when I read these periodicals as soon as they arrived in the mail?

I don’t want to go totally off-the-grid.  I wouldn’t have a blog if I did, but I don’t like feeling controlled by technology, made to feel that every second I don’t own an iPhone is a second lost to me.  [Disclaimer:  I do own and love my iPad2, but note it is an iPad2, not the newest iPad and, like all my other gadgets, I’ll likely still be using it long past its obsolescence.]  So, fellow bloggers, and any one else who stumbles across this post, are you in the saddle, or are things?

[Trust me, you’re nowhere near aging…  Terry]


Welcome to a new friend: David Fernandez– DLFwriting


Writing, Sports, Movies, and a smidge of Everything Else.

Writing stories is among my earliest memories in school. I spent so much time as a child writing, that the school’s secretary, Mrs. Perez, even bought me a little journal. I’m still writing stories, and while I still use a bound journal from time to time, WordPress is the home of my latest work. But it’s not the only place. I’m also a staff writer for a sports website,, where I cover the Miami Heat and the University of Miami basketball and football teams.

While I’ll announce myself a writer to anyone who asks (anyone in earshot, really), my identity starts and ends as a family man– a husband, father, son, brother, and friend. Writing doesn’t pay the bills yet (donations and/or book deals are accepted), but teaching does. I’ve been a Language Arts teacher and basketball coach for almost ten years, and considering my mother has been a teacher for more than forty years, teaching must be in my blood.

On a personal note, my tastes in fiction and film run toward the science fiction and fantasy genre, thanks to my father. Star Wars shines like a beacon from my childhood, lighting the way for my storytelling. As a Type-1 Diabetic, I keep a close eye on my diet, my A1C level, and my fitness. With fitness in mind, I’ll lace up the old Jordans and play basketball from time to time, if for no other reason but to remain myself that I need to keep a closer eye on my fitness. Sports makes up a large portion of my life, as I am a coach and an avid fan of most south Florida teams.

I’m a member of the Florida Writers Association, Inc. .

This site will be a presentation of me, and my myriad of likes– a peppering of fiction, a sprinkle of sports, and smidge of all the rest. I hope you enjoy.

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Pacers Steal Game 2 from Heat, 97-93

Miami Heat

Paul George scored 22 points in Game 2 for the Indiana Pacers. (Photo Credit: NBAE/Getty Images)

If Miami made one more “winning” play in Game 1, as LeBron James put it, then Indiana made two in Game 2. In a contest that featured a number of offensive runs by both teams, and some spectacular plays by the stars, it came down to turnovers and defense once again. LeBron James turned the ball over twice in the final minute, having his passes deflected by David West, and the Indiana Pacers were able to steal Game 2, 97-93, and even the best-of-seven series at 1-1.

While Paul George may have had the highlight of the night when he flew over Birdman Chris Andersen for a vicious one-handed dunk, Roy Hibbert was the most important player for the Pacers. Hibbert, who was benched at the end of Game 1, dominated the entirety of Game 2, as he scored a playoff career-high 29 points and grabbed 10 rebounds.

“We haven’t done anything yet,” Hibbert said after the game. “We haven’t closed the series out. We won one game. A lot of us feel we should be up 2-0.”

“It’s one of the best basketball games I’ve ever been a part of,” Indiana head coach Frank Vogel said after the game. “It wasn’t about LeBron making mistakes down the stretch. He played one of the best basketball games I’ve ever seen anybody play. We were just able to make a couple plays late in the game.”

Fittingly, those plays came on the defensive end for the best defensive team in the league.

To read the rest of the article, please click here. CLICK ME! is the newest outlet for my platform. To quote the site: Headline Miami is a website that is dedicated to bringing Miami-ans their daily dose of either “Holy S#!&, Why do I live here?” or “F$%$ YEAH, I love this city.”

The plan is to contribute regularly to their sports coverage, but I’m also going to write up posts on Television, Movies, and really anything else that strikes my Miami-fancy.

This should be fun.

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Welcome to a new friend: Green Embers & the Rome Construction Crew

Green Embers’ Rome Construction Crew | Green Embers.

The Rome Construction Crew and what that is

How would each of you like to be part of my Rome Construction Crew?

I would love to have you on my crew!

What is involved in being part of my crew?

Being a member of the Rome Construction Crew is about working on ourselves and to always be improving who we are.

Many people have different things they want to accomplish, write the next great novel, learn to be a master chef, helping those closest to them learn to love, finish school, get a job and many other things.

What the Rome Construction Crew is for is to help encourage YOU to accomplish YOUR goals!

Our mantra, our motto: “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

And let me add to that, “Rome wasn’t just built by one person.”

Come join my Crew so we can help encourage and motivate each other!

Together, I promise you, we will accomplish amazing things and change the world!

e pluribus unum

(Rome Construction Day 107)

Wow, I am late in updating today.

So this morning I finished my Awards project (see previous post). I was pleased with that, then I slept most of the day.

I read a little. Exercised a little. Watched Classic Doctor Who a little. Kept tabs on your blogs. I now know the best way to keep track of the people I follow. Via email. I now pretty much follow everyone via email. I then set up a rule to make all the New Posts go into one folder. Then I just start at the unread and work my way up. Pretty nice. I haven’t converted everyone over to getting emails yet but I will soon. So I might miss some of your posts. Good bye WordPress Reader, I have found something better. It wasn’t me, it was you. ;)

I have also been tagged, so I will work on answering those questions, they look like fun.

Then I drew a picture of Claude, who stole the show of the story Ionia and I wrote together. You can read the first installment here:

And here is Claude! :)


You’ll notice I have no song. I wasn’t quite sure what to use… but I am now offering a new feature of my blog!

Song Dedications!!!! Want to dedicate a song to someone! Let me know the song and who you are dedicating it to!!! :)

Keep it green! :mrgreen:

A Lich’s Tale – Final Part (Fiction Fridays)

 The Lich at this point was not in quite such a cheerful mood.  Even with his latest acquisition nothing was going right.  Ratch was standing next … Continue reading


The Creators Act: Article 451

Jerris looked down the apartment corridor. His fellow squad mates looked anxious, each in black Kevlar armor. They all held their guns at ready, their eyes on the door in front of Jerris. Jerris held up his hand and gave … Continue reading

Welcome to a new friend: A M Day — Realm Play | The Writing Realm of Author A.M. Day > Books, Projects & Other Stuff

Realm Play

~ The Writing Realm of Author A.M. Day

Thanks for stopping by my author’s fan/follower blog. I am indie author A.M. Day. Some of you already follow my other blog on WordPressA Novel Perspective. Thanks! For those new to my blogs, Realm Play is where I will share all things A.M. Day…well not all things. A girl’s gotta have some secrets. But here is where as an author, I will be honored to share info about the realms I enjoy and have enjoyed creating, my books and series, upcoming projects, the journey so far and posts from other guest fantasy authors. This blog will not shoot out a regular post schedule because it is mainly for you guys to visit for updates, to view sample writings for upcoming books and to learn more about the fantasy realms and those to come as I peel back more layers. For regular blog post, check back at:

Check out the fan page for comments and feedback. I will check it regularly, so if you just want to stop by and say hi or ask questions, please do so.

Be sure to click on the Follow The Throne link to check out excerpts and other tidbits about my debut novel The Throne of Olympus Book One: Blood Bond.

With deepest gratitude,

~A.M. Day

Throne of Olympus Book One: Blood Bond has been released!
You can pick up your copy here.

Throne of Olympus

“You guys do know those are myths…being Greek and all, not to mention being adults, right?”

“The Coffee Bar—she ordered the night’s special, a Caramel Coffee Martini. She was torturing herself thinking about Gabriel. Kaleb was watching as she sat all alone downing her martini and several Caramel Espresso shots.”

“‘I want to go home. How could the world I know be so different from up here?’ It was shiny and new and seemed frightfully unreal. At the same time it was as if someone lifted a cloudy veil that had covered her eyes her whole life. Olympus was almost animated to her…”

In the twenty-first century, mythical presence is preserved in storybooks. It is a time where heroic tales of the gods leap from the pages into the imagination, for most.One night, in an instant, the life of twenty-two-year-old Lena Wilcox is forever changed after helping a stranger. She finds herself caught in between the feud of two mortal families with a blood bond to the Greek gods—the Andros family and the Anastogus family. Both claim superiority, both vie for the Throne of Olympus, but only one side is accepted…the Unworthy are not.

The God of Gods banished Zeus and the other Olympus gods long ago choosing descendants to rule on the throne in their place. This was meant to right the wrongs carried out against the first demigod Argus and the other hybrid offspring of the gods. The destiny of the throne has yet to be fulfilled.

Lena will have to make the difficult choice to follow the path of her destiny as the new rising goddess, along with a new descendant king on Mt. Olympus leaving her earthly life behind. Together, they will become a modern-day Zeus and Hera to protect Olympus and the throne, and to keep the Unworthy from raising the demigod Argus in their ongoing plight for revenge.

Before any of this can happen, Lena must first sort through her feelings about the reality she knows to be true and the reality of the claims brought forth by people claiming to be descendants of the Greek gods, claiming their right to the Throne of Olympus.

“Argus cried out in maniacal pain. He knelt beside the wreckage of his sons’ flesh and sank down into the shallow, garnet pool of blood left behind.”

Persephone didn’t look like Lena pictured her. She was lovely, soft features with a kindred warmth, not hard and cold like others on Olympus described. Lena wondered how Hades and Persephone got along; his reputation on Olympus was as a harsh ruler of Under Earth. Under Earth was nothing like she expected either.

©A.M. Day 2012via Realm Play | The Writing Realm of Author A.M. Day > Books, Projects & Other Stuff.

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Interview with Karen Robiscoe « Cristian Mihai


Interview with Karen Robiscoe

graphic insert 1Every once in a while I feel like doing things differently on this blog. And so I decided to interview Karen Robiscoe, an avid blogger and author I’ve come to know through the WordPress Blog-o-sphere. *looks worriedly toward crashing sounds emanating from the kitchen*

Of course, I wasn’t really expecting to find the lady on my doorstep this morning, but I have to admire her get-up-and-go. She certainly got up and went *winces at the sound of shattering glass * and who knew she even had a passport?

It seems Karen interpreted my invitation quite literally, traveling all the way to Romania, but I suppose that’s a hazard of interviewing the literary minded, at least if you interpret the root of that word liberally. *cranes head nervously toward sound of suddenly barking dog* So, without further ado, let’s meet the lady now!

Karen Robiscoe

Cristian: Welcome, Karen, welcome. How was the flight?

Karen: Fancy.  *sits on couch, and pummels cushions enthusiastically* And a little long. We circled the runway for hours!

Cristian: Blame Twilight for that. Part of the reason I invited you to visit virtually.

Karen: Two bags of peanuts, though.

Cristian: Jet lag is the worst.

Karen: It certainly is. Especially if you use frequent flyer miles. Do you know they actually seat passengers in the cargo area now?

Cristian: *points to splintered frames askew on a fluffed cushion* Are those my glasses?

Karen: I got all kinds of cozy with a giraffe. That’s probably what’s riling your dog.

Cristian: I don’t have a dog.

Karen: You do now. Where’s your guest room?

Cristian: I don’t really have one.

Karen: You don’t mind couching it then, do you? *pounds cushions again, completely shattering frames* I have a bad back.

Cristian: You’re getting off topic. I invited you here to discuss writing.

Karen: Writing? You want to talk about writing? I thought you said “biking.”

Cristian: I want to discuss your blog and pending book release.

Karen: And after all that trouble I went to ship my unicycle. *sighs dramatically*

Cristian: Tell me, Karen, while I still have patience—and readers – what kind of writing do you feature on your blog?

Karen: The pixelated kind, mostly. Are you sure we’re not biking? I noticed some really excellent trails on the way here. Right after I stopped to gather these wild mushrooms. *reaches in bag, and produces some suspicious looking fungus* Want some?

Cristian: I’ll pass, thanks. So you’d characterize your writing by dots per inch?

Karen: Uh-huh. Except for the Post-Its. I get crazy heavy-handed with Post-its. I use yards of the things. I’ve been known to write entire novellas on Post-Its.

Cristian: Speaking of novellas. You have an actual novel pending publication, don’t you? An urban fantasy titled SPIRITED REMIX?

Karen: I do indeed. It details the adventures of a disenfranchised Spirit seeking posthumous redemption.

Cristian: Sounds interesting.

Karen: It is. The guest appearances by Carlin, Hendrix and Einstein help.

via Interview with Karen Robiscoe « Cristian Mihai.

and the nominees are…..Thepublicblogger Awards | Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger

English: The logo of the blogging software Wor...

Welcome to the official announcement of Thepublicblogger Awards nominees….

Only WordPress supported blogs were considered.

Consideration time between January 20, 2013 – May 11, 2013

Winners announced @ Thepublicblogger Awards Show

Thepublicblogger Awards debuts Monday, May 13, 2013 @ 5:00pm PDT Only @

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Welcome to a new friend: Joe Warnimont — Write Warnimont

Welcome!Joe Warnimont Picture

I’m Joe and I am a fiction and freelance writer. I started this blog to answer some questions that I had about writing and life in general:

How can I live a life of purpose?

Can I make a living writing?

What tools do I need to make my passion a career?

How do I create a balanced, fruitful life that consists of family, friends, making a difference and writing?

I went to Indiana University and majored in Business Management and Telecommunications (I now reside in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood). After college I started a marketing job that was far from what I dreamed of doing with my life. It wasn’t until I started writing for magazines, blogs and businesses when I discovered the freedom that writing provides. Not only that, but I wanted to share writing tools I create in Excel to enhance my own productivity as a writer.

I want to share my experiences with everyone and collaborate with other writers who are willing to share their own techniques and strategies for successful writing. It’s an adventure and everyone needs some friends when embarking on their journey.

Want To Make A Difference In The World Through Your Writing?

Get my free eBook on creating your own writing adventure. Also receive weekly emails with writing tips and tricks.

Build Your Writing Platform The Right Way

Checkout my 8-part, 100% free video series on how to setup, manage and foster relationships with email marketing plans. Learn the most efficient way to build your platform and market yourself directly to people who are interested in what you have to say.

Set up a self-hosted WordPress blog in 10 minutes or less by watching my step-by-step video tutorial. Get your words out to the world and take full control of your blog. I recommend using BlueHost web hosting. It is the only hosting service I personally recommend, and I use it for this site! Learn more….

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Nerd Is The Word

The Star Wars Episode 7 chatter has recently been flooding the internet and this Jedi is way too excited than any 25-year-old man should be for a story about super-powered monks with laser swords and alien dogs who communicate by wailing and throwing tantrums.


Photo Credit: katybate / Creative Commons

I’m a nerd.

Not your stereotypical short-sleeve, plaid shirt with a pocket protector and thick brimmed glasses nerd. A nerd for science fiction books and movies that take me to far reaches of the universe, or alternative worlds with high tech weaponry and strange looking creatures.

Our friends at Merriam-Webster Dictionary define nerd as an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person; especially : one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits.

If we head over to they describe a nerd with words such as stupid, irritating, intellectual, unattractive, boring or unpopular, and being obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit.

How rude.

I would like to reformulate some of these words to concoct my own definition for the modern-day meaning of nerd. A nerd is someone who full-heartedly commits him or herself to a passion, enduring whatever criticism or adversity that stands in the way of that passion. Continue reading →

Welcome to a new friend: Art by Ken

I started shortly after winning 3rd place in an all school book cover contest at Buntingthorp Air Force Base, England. That was my first work publicized, base newspaper, picture and all. I don’t think I have a copy of that picture anywhere but I still have my prize…a How to Draw book with inscription! That was my first taste, besides mom & dad, of public approval for my efforts. From then on ART has never been too far from my life. Classes in college/Art major, free-lance for City of Topeka, side line at several factories (came in very handy) I worked in during my business career, and occasionally sharing the joy with my wife and 4 children as they grew up. But until 3 years ago I really didn’t pursue what I could do with my talent to create finished pieces. To think I got started again by doing shoes and 15 pairs later I was back covering blank rectangles with my ideas/visions. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of showing at a local art fair with my son, got into my first gallery, and will have my first show/display soon.

As for my style…at present it is brite rich colors with a lean towards organic (maybe whimsy at times) and abstract in nature. I was the kid that had to have that box of 72 crayons and anything else that caught my eye when it came to applying color. The list of artist that influenced myself to be fair is quite long, I would have to list a couple of dozen. . . even in that list it would seem very eclectic. If my style seems very controlled at times I owe that … did I mention I have a A.S. in Architecture? Architecture was so black & white, and my early art teachers in college had us only working with limited color pallets. I think that is why I love color so much, it makes the creating process using rich colors so enjoyable…to the point I am always adding/buying a new paint, marker, or pencil when they catch my eye! Some of my pieces do have a deeper meaning to them, but let’s be honest some just happen and they work for me. The way I work, the effort I put in, the layer upon layer I spread out, the piece is almost like shaping clay, wood, or stone…I stay at it until it looks and feels the way I want it. I am so sure that when I created that Curious George cover so many years ago I felt the same way I do today…QUICK LET ME DO ANOTHER!

This is my gallery to share with you, my hope is that something will catch your eye…I appreciate the time you took regardless.

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9×11 mixed media…
Using a Asus TF700 tablet, which has a 8mp camera on the back of it. Also trying WORDPRESS software for Android with latest patches and such.

Had to use another way to add “featured image pic” but i think its going to work…this really allows me to have nice portability with my gallery pics and from a blogging standpoint it would be great, to say the least…wouldn’t replace using a camera for gallery files but when i am out and about…one stop shopping, plus a wi-fi connection to post…i am too cheap to pay for connectivity anywhere USA :-) Few more tests and we will see if this will be a keeper…other than it doesn’t run abode flash (no free hulu :-( , i have been impressed especially with picture quality…stay tuned…
…Well the last hurdle I couldn’t clear, connecting to our printer, I am sure there might be work arounds but that starts taking away the value of this tool…i must say it is easy to get hooked on touch screens, course why wouldn’t an artist love that feature <…so I will continue the hunt.

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