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You can’t have it both ways……. « Catching up with The Culture Monk

You can’t have it both ways…….

by Kenneth Justice

~The other day at coffee I overheard a couple women talking to each other and complaining about the way girls dressed ‘now-a-days’

“Its so disgusting how these girls dress now-a-days, they dress like women and they should be dressing like children!” said the first woman

“Your right! Back in the good ole’ days children dressed like children, none of these short-shorts or skimpy blouses” said the second woman

Then yesterday afternoon one of my clients was telling me about the shooting that took place in Washington DC in which 11 people were killed, “When I was younger that kind of s**t just didn’t happen. The world’s gone crazy lately, its not like it used to be” he told me.

I’ve heard the phrase ‘good ole’ days’ more times throughout my life than I can count. Supposedly these ‘good ole’ days’ were an amazing era in human history. During the ‘good ole’ days’;

–) Crime didn’t exist

–) Premarital sex didn’t exist

–) Injustice didn’t exist

–) Sin didn’t exist

REALLY???  Could someone please enlighten me on when exactly these ‘good ole’ days’ occurred because somehow I missed out on reading about this portion of history in grammar school, high school, and college. Actually, I’ve never read of any era close to something I would want to refer to as the ‘good ole’ days’.

Lets pause for a moment and consider what life was really like back in the ‘good ole’ days’;

–) It wasn’t until the 20th century that women could vote! Throughout most of human history women have always been treated like second class citizens.

–) For hundreds of years blacks were enslaved by whites and it wasn’t until the late 20th century in the United States that the Civil Rights Act was passed and African-Americans were finally acknowledged to be equal citizens with whites

–) Throughout most of humanity’s history children (especially females) have been treated like the ‘property’ of their parents and marriages were arranged which meant children had no say in who they would be forced to spend the rest of their lives with.

So to borrow Steve Martin’s line, Well excuseeeeeee me…..but what was so great about these ‘good ole’ days again?Could we all stop living in the world of delusions and enter the realm of truth; there have always been problems in every era of human history.

There is nothing new under the sun

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You can’t have it both ways……. « The Culture Monk.


Hard Road by J. B. Turner |Coming Soon from

FBI Badge & gun.

FBI Badge & gun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hard Road by J. B. Turner

“Sometimes, to protect what you love, you need to operate outside the law…”

Since his wife died on 9/11, Jon Reznick has worked hard to keep his Hard Road by J.B. Turnershadowy world hidden from his eleven-year-old daughter. But when he’s ordered by his handler to assassinate a man in an exclusive Washington DC hotel, he discovers the target is not at all who he at first appears to be.

Quickly ensnared in a web of murder, extortion and treachery, Reznick finds himself fighting to outwit not only the clandestine group intent on hunting him down, but also to evade capture by FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein.

But it’s not only Reznick’s survival that’s at stake. A terrifying plot by a foreign government to bring the United States to its knees is underway. And only Reznick can stop it.

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“On The Road” Part 2 of Time Cut :1969-2013 is now available

sweetheart rewrite COMBINE 2
Terry Irving first arrived in Washington DC in 1969 as a shaggy college freshman protesting the Vietnam War. Almost 40 years later, he is a working journalist in the nation’s capital (and, to be honest, still in need of a haircut).
His career has spanned world events from The Berlin Wall to the Indonesian Tsunami; he has worked with everyone from Ted Koppel to Don Imus, and he knows the real stories behind the television headlines.”Full Circle,” released in May, was the searingly-honest story of how Terry grew up in an alcoholic family and began his life-long battle with chronic depression.Disowned by his parents at 19, “On the Road” is the story of his youthful adventures–from a dope den in Florida to Alaska’s Yukon River to the bright lights of Las Vegas.

Along with the adventures, “On the Road” is about a young man who must create his own personality, sense of morality, and an ability to love.

“Time Cut: 1969-2013” will be a full-length autobiography when completed in December 2013. Throughout 2013, segments are being released as Kindle eBooks at only $2.99. When a new segment is released, you will receive all earlier segments in the same eBook.


My Entry on the ADVRider Courier postings

I was a courier in DC back in the Stone Age – 1973 / 74 – and worked for ABC News (which meant I always had an All-Access Pass). It was odd to read Joeybones stories since I was working ABC as a producer in his times and saw most of those events (Reagan‘s Inaugural, Reagan being shot, etc) from inside dark little rooms where I was feverishly editing video together.

Lawn in front of the White House, Washington, ...

Lawn in front of the White House, Washington, DC.

Here’s a WayBack story. My first assignment as an Associate Producer was to cover the Hanafi Muslim Hostages in 1976(?). That was a group of black Muslims whose families were murdered in a group house up 16th Street – probably by Elijah Mohammed‘s boys – and since no one did anything about it, they took over the Mayor’s Office, the Islamic Center on Massachusetts Ave and the B’Nai Brith on 17th ST. (as one guy said, “One group of Muslims is mad at another group of Muslims so they take 34 Jews hostage? Where’s the sense in that?”)

Anyway, I got down to the City Hall on the back of one of the next generation of couriers’ bikes and spent the next 48 hours watching for anything to happen. We were shooting film at that point so the cameramen made grim jokes. For instance, the Hanafi’s were threatening to chop off the heads of their hostages and throw them out the windows. The cameraman had gone off to get a drink so the sound man said we would just throw the heads back up and ask them to re-enact everything once the cameraman got back.

They had tried to take Mayor Barry hostage but got into a gunfight with his guards and were pushed back across the hall. The only casualty was a young reporter for the local radio station who came up the elevator and was blasted with a shotgun the instant the doors slid open. Eventually, they revealed that they had put a firetruck around the back and pulled everyone out on a ladder hours before it all officially ended – they held a meaningless press conference out front to make sure no one saw them do it.

Eventually, I took a crew in and we shot the aftermath – pools of blood, bullet holes, smashed glass – and I had it couriered back to the bureau. Later I found out that it had gotten lost in all the running around and screaming in the newsroom and – what was the only real footage inside the event – never made air.

Anyway, more later.

Check out my somewhat ficticious stories of riding in DC at the “Courier” page on Facebook or Yeah, I’m flacking my book but someone’s got to do it and you may enjoy some of the stories.

Thanks   Terry

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the Background:The minor adventures of a motorcycle courier

Encouraging Entropy
JoeyBones's Avatar

Joined: Aug 2008

Location: Charlotte, NC
Oddometer: 1,045

From 1980 to 1982 I worked as a motorcycle courier in downtown Washington, DC.

I was nineteen, twenty, twenty one years old, immortal, and quite the wild hooligan on my Suzuki SP400, a dual-purpose thumper that would carry my then 150-pound self absolutely anywhere (more on that later – the “anywhere”, not the weight I’ve gained in the years since these stories took place).

This was in the days before e-mail. Before faxes. Before cell phones and before the internet (yes I know some of these things EXISTED but they were VERY scarce or in their infancy).

I thought some of you might get a kick out of hearing what it was like to zoom around town, oblivious to and pretty much immune to things like traffic laws, security concerns, personal hygiene and common sense. Sadly, no pictures exist, so this will have to be a RR sans photos.

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan waving from the...

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan waving from the limousine during the Inaugural Parade in Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day, 1981. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have some general observations, and a few specific stories that may be of some interest. I’ll save the best for last, where I was a witness to, and in a very VERY small way a part of, our nations history.

First off, we were BUSY! Press releases were delivered to the various newspaper offices by courier. Lawyers sent documents for signature by courier. Letters that couldn’t wait for what we now call Snail Mail were sent by courier. Video tape, legal briefs, court filings, pictures, House and Senate resolutions, architectural drawings, airline tickets – you name it, we delivered it. I might make 35 or 40 drops in a day. Many more if there was a big press release that went to every single occupant of the National Press Building.

I’ve been to most of the Embassies, the White House, the CIA, the FBI, the Watergate and was such a regular at the Capital building that most of the guards recognized me (as well as some of the other couriers) and would let me park on the sidewalk right next to the private entrance reserved for members of Congress. And then let me use that entrance.

Speaking of sidewalks….that’s where we parked.


No exceptions.

Things are different now but back then, we were motorcycle Gods. The cops would sometimes scold us, but the corps of maybe 40 or 50 motorcycle couriers (working for three different companies) who constituted the “regulars” had essentially a free pass.

Parking on the sidewalk. Splitting lanes. Forty-five in a twenty-five zone. Wheelies at green lights. U-turns wherever the hell we felt like it.

A popular type of courier motorbike in London,...

The cops knew us and just looked the other way. I even drove the wrong way on a one-way street for an entire block once as a shortcut and nobody said anything.

Maybe it was because I was coasting downhill.

On the sidewalk.

Stay tuned……



There can really only be one reason why I subject myself to this when I could be living somewhere actually pleasant… | Hollis Plample

There can really only be one reason why I subject myself to this when I could be living somewhere actually pleasant…

There can really only be one reason why I subject myself to this when I could be living somewhere actually pleasant...

via There can really only be one reason why I subject myself to this when I could be living somewhere actually pleasant… | Hollis Plample.

The Back Story on Storytelling » Doyle McDonald

Our Story

Megan McDonald came to Washington DC to become an intelligence officer. John Doyle came here to go on a blind date.turkey shot

Following a series of coincidences (each one a story in itself), they wound up working together at a well-known PR firm, managing national communications campaigns for high-profile clients with world-class challenges.Crossfire

Because these were highly charged, polarizing issues—such as drunk driving laws, “fat taxes,” and mandated wage hikes—they became experts at turning controversies into conversations.

Just in case you have been thrown into the deep end of the storytelling pool without your floaties, here’s some quick background which has been grossly condensed, generalized, and simplified in the service of brevity.

“The United States has become a small room in which a single whisper is magnified thousands of times.”

“The United States has become a small room in which a single whisper is magnified thousands of times.” --Edward Bernays, “The Engineering of Consent,” 1947Edward Bernays, “The Engineering of Consent,” 1947

Back in ye olden days, humans entertained, taught, and maintained cultural norms through stories and oral histories. The audience and the storytellers were interchangeable the audience of one story was the teller of the next and the telling of stories was a communal and interactive activity.While that process was never eradicated, it was greatly reduced by the onset of mass media—first through the printing press, then through radio and television. The 20th Century saw a dramatic rise in the ability of well-positioned individuals, corporations, and governments to talk to or talk at the public at large in a vector-based manner. Think of newspaper, radio, and TV ads—there was no form of audience interaction, yet they were able to ubiquitously permeate households during this time. For instance, if you bought commercial time during The Wonderful World of Disney Sunday nights at 7:30!, a good portion of the American public would see your message.The market for this kind of unidirectional messaging was kept restricted by the relative scarcity of opportunities and tremendous associated costs. Messaging was dominated by organizations with deep pockets.

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Welcome to a new friend: PulpFictionMe


What ever brought you here I am glad that you chose to visit! I know that time is of the essence. I hope that what you read may be valuable and encourage responses to get to know you better as well 🙂 My hope is that it will be true discussions and not the exchanging of conclusions.

The internet is a big place. With LOTS of information. My hope is that this site is valuable to you. If nothing else, I hope it is a true reflection of how I am, what I am doing, have done, and will do.

I want nothing more than to get feedback from you. Encourage you through your own walk in life. Life is not been easy to say the least but I have made it out ok. Not without my scars though. But that is what living is all about.

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Frappuccino Happy Hour


As most people know I work at Starbucks. This week is Frappuccino Happy Hour. From a customers perspective it is awesome! 50% of all of our Frappuccino’s! From a Starbucks perspective it presents challenges considering most Starbucks are not equipped to make that many Frappuccino’s in just a short time.


Yesterday we were preparing for the customers to come in. The attitude was similar to that you find waiting for a rollercoaster ride. You vaguely know what to expect but you can never fully know till you are in the midst of it. All of us were well caffeinated, stocked up and ready to go. My co-worker Emmy was literally jumping in place saying “I need to either run or take a nap.” We continued swapping jokes which quickly faded to rushing to get drinks made.


We kept all of our cold beverage supplies where they were currently. We had somewhat of a plan but didn’t anticipate a line to the door with still a line of drinks to be made. I already have a reputation for not being a clean barista. This aspect of my work can frustrate those who need everything to be shiny ALL the time. Often people come up behind me while I am working just to wipe down the counter. A fact that I don’t see as important when I am making drinks. Today especially was a hurricane of a mess. I spilled two gallons of milk. Right before clocking off managed to spill all of our ice teas on the counter. Syrup was on the ceiling, it was quite the sight.


By the end of happy hour all of us were exhausted. Exhausted doesn’t fully describe the feeling we were experiencing. It was similar to a vacuum sucking the life from us. Emmy went from jumping into place to barely being able to walk.


The next day I came to work prepared. I had a vision for the best way to have the cold beverage station set up. Anxiously awaiting the crowd of people that never came. Jumping for joy at each customer that comes in so I can make them a drink. We were able to make drinks within 30 seconds as opposed to a minute or less which it normally takes.


The reason I love working for Starbucks is the challenge it brings. It is a pleasant experience to have someone set a really high goal for you, then actually meeting that goal. I am always a sucker for a challenge. You tell me I can’t do something and I will prove you wrong. I feel so blessed to be working with the people that I get to see everyday. In moments like this where we all need each other, it provides an environment were we encourage strengthen, and grow together.


when coming into any obstacle in life, it is better to work together, encourage each other, and most of all, don’t forget to laugh! Life is too short to get stressed out. Even in the midst of what feels like complete chaos, there is always room for a joke. I may not keep the cleanest work area, but I always have fun doing what I do.

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By pulpfictionme

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Starbucks on Amazon

Can Anyone Identify This?

Mobe Marshal Armband 1969 (2)

Startups and Moms…


My parents are finally able to talk fondly of the first phone call I made home during freshman orientation in college. Three days into my time at Duke, I didn’t call to talk about my new classes or teachers or even the new friends I had made. I was crazy excited to tell them about these things called lofts. They were these 6-foot structures that everyone was paying $200 a piece for, and I felt like I could build them myself for a quarter of that price and then sell them to all my new friends.

I worked so hard to get into college. To get an education. I was already distracted by my first startup.

I can only imagine my parents’ thoughts… Why can’t he focus on his studies? If needs money, why doesn’t he get a job? Are we paying his tuition so that he can study woodworking?

That first summer, I got an internship on Capitol Hill for my Congresswoman. It was prestigious for a freshman, and I had worked hard to get it. Yet three weeks into the internship, I called home to tell my parents about this discount card I had created for all the staffers on Capitol Hill. I called it DC Discounts, and I was working on it whenever anyone wasn’t looking.

What now? He’s going to get himself fired. This is silly.

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