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My life as an average teen.|Welcome to a new friend: Jane Doe

Jane Doe


Bio: One thing you need to know about me is; Just because I may say stupid stuff, doesn’t mean I’m oblivious to your shit.

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Boys, Boys, and More Boys.

There comes a time in every teens life when they discover the magical world of boys, or girls if you flow that way. But anyway for me it’s boys. So far it sucks. Well to be perfectly honest, I have had a “serious” boyfriend before. As serious as middle school relationships go, I should say. I was the one to brake it off, but also the one to be the most heart broken. If he even was heart broken. (I hope he was.) I had a very good reason to “rip the bandage off” too. The base of a healthy relationship is trust right? Well, he didn’t trust me hanging out with other guys. And to make things worst, my best friend at the time was a guy. That worked out well. Not. I decided to go with the girl code: “Sisters before misters” or brother before….lovers?? Anyway, after that I couldn’t hang out with all my guy friends because my ex was friends with them. And I guess that’s how I started to become friends with people my own gender. Smooth move that was. So now here I am with a crush, or three… Oh my, I’m in for a wild ride ahead. The best part is, all of them are oblivious to my existence. I shouldn’t say that. Zach knows exactly who I am and not for a good reason either. My “friends” like to scream my name in front of him whenever he’s around. I feel bad for him, it must be really embarrassing. As cheesy as this sounds, all he does is smirk at me now. What’s that supposed to mean? “I know you like me and I think it’s funny.” “I’m satisfied you like me because it makes me feel important.” or my favorite, “Why do you even like me, I’m so out of your league?” What do you think he’s thinking when he puts that smirk on his face?

My Metamorphosis

Today I realized two things. One, I really want to punch John in the face. And two, I’m changing as a person. Now the question is; Am I changing for the better or worst? Let’s lay down the facts. In seventh grade I was this cute, prissy, squealer, bubbly girl who would just listen to your problems. In the beginning of eight grade I was the same as seventh grade me, but as the days went on I morphed into this stranger I didn’t even know. Well, I guess I did know her a little bit but now she’s coming out. And frankly, I don’t want her to be revealed. The real me… it’s a tuff topic. I have this side of me that hates everything and everyone around me. It’s truly horrible. I’m just this snappy bitch that’ll really tug at your heart strings, and not in that teary emotional way but in a twisted rip your heart out way. I’ve spent all my life trying to push “me” down but I guess now I’m just getting tired. How did I go from this bubbly loving girl to this cruel wicked bitch?

[Terry: as the father of two teenagers–now thankfully no longer teens–I can guarantee that this is a true voice. At least she’s AWARE that she’s gone from ” this bubbly loving girl to this cruel wicked bitch.” My only advice to parents  is to avoid killing her if atl possible and wait until she’s about thirty to speak to her again.

Maybe 40]


The Full Stop « Catching up with old friend A Shade Of Pen

The Full Stop

Oct3 by ashadeofpen

Sometimes, I get tired of running.. it is these tired moments when you “just can’t do anything else” that you slow down, stop and spot some of the most beautiful moments… I have stopped…….

When will you stop running..?

broken reflection

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Just the Two of Us | Catching up with The Seeker’s Dungeon

The Mist is thick but Your light is strong, so we keep on keeping on

Just the Two of Us

September 2, 2013

photo via Wikimedia Commons

photo via Wikimedia Commons

Just the two of us running
this game together – shaming
the world into accepting
our pain, whether or not they
are even inclined to play.
Just the two of us fighting
each other while making the
world think they had something to
do with the fact that you
appear so used up.
Like an abused pup your eyes
so shamelessly grasping for
love, knowing that I could
never indulge in such
activities. You put on
a good show, the happy
loving version that people
see, but I’m no actor so
I just lie underneath,
pulling your strings, ready and
willing to add to your
– subliminally justified
if not morally recognized,
to fight back against the fears
that I see in your eyes.

Time you shameless abuse,
but I feel my clock is ticking
and I’m not sure what I could
be thinking by letting you
play games as I am
suffering under the pain
of your indecision – a
life unused for what it was
born and I abhor the
unicorn notion of scorn
– unreal idealistic
judgment forlorn to be born
without moral justification.
I’m worn out
– gone with the doubt,
so I’m balling my fingers
to increase my clout as I
lower my voice and give you
the choice to run.

Do you really believe that
a fall is just a fall when
you were standing as close to
the edge as you could
possibly get? – and I’m left
to wonder if I shouldn’t
have caught you now that I’m in
the dirt and soaking wet with
the mess of your life combined
with the mess of mine as we’re
destined to replay this
mistake time after time, you
and me for the rest of our
days trying to escape this
crazy labyrinth of
considerations and
consequences, knowing we’re
dragging ourselves deeper and
deeper and tiring out,
growing weaker and weaker,
and by the week you become
less and less of a seeker,
and I have less and less
justification for
playing the preacher when I
can’t even get my act
together, let alone pretend
to be your teacher. But what
I can give you is more of
the same, emotional
instability to keep
you deranged, uh I mean
entertained, full of life
so far as you follow my
lead, yes I put on a good
show so come back for round
two and we’ll give it
another go, and I’ll give
you more abuse – I’ll make you
again the fool because that’s
just what I do, and that’s
just what you love
– some call me
as cruel but I am
your ego and
your heart
I do rule.

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Catching up with Shawn L. Bird

Poem-making love

July 21, 2013

I make you.

Word by word

I write you.

Stroke by stroke

I paint you.

View by view

I see you.

What I say

is what you are


I make you kind

I make you good

I make you loving

and so

you are.



This explores a similar concept to Patricia McGerr’s “Eight Cow Wife.”  How you treat your spouse will reflect back on you.  If you complain all the time, you’re going to be focusing on the negative until that’s all you can see.  So don’t.  Your focus creates your reality.  Live the relationship you want to have.

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Some live, some die in the way of the samurai. | DGAF (Checking in with Old Friends)

Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites

Some live, some die in the way of the samurai.

By rnwdgaf July 14, 2013

samurai champloo by far is the dopest anime i’ve ever seen, Like for real

if you’ve never seen samurai champloo you should just get out your laptop, ipad, imax theatre or whatever you have and watch it.

The style that the animation is done in is really cool, the music that is played in the show goes so well with like fighting scenes AND just the story in general of trying to find the sunflower samurai was awesome. I know I could go on forever about this great samurai anime but check these out.
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If your a fan of cool samurai animes like I am then check out samurai champloo. I mean if not just do it for mugen being a badass every second of his life.

Boy we Stomp | Defusing Chaos (Catching up with old friends)

Boy we Stomp | Defusing Chaos.

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Day (461) – You vs. | The Better Man Project

Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites

Day (461) – You vs.

Posted on June 12, 2013


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” –

Aristotle, a 4th-century-BCE philosopher, port...

Aristotle, a 4th-century-BCE philosopher,


It’s you vs. you.

Don’t be mistaken.

It’s not you vs. anyone else.

Anything else.

Something else.

It may appear to be that way.

But it really isn’t.

It’s you vs. you.

The fight is within.

The exterior is just the playing field.

You make yourself the best you can.

Take it to the limits.

Break barriers.

Jump over obstacles.

Defy your previous handicaps.

It’s you vs. you.

It’s all in your head.

Now go win.

– E.

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Welcome to a new friend: kylehayhurst


Kyle Broflovski

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[Kyle, it’s wonderful to have you here but it would be far better to see what you’re creating.  So, please let me know your Blog or–if you don’t have one yet–GET GOING!]

I Am Certain | Poetry on a Roll

I Am Certain


I stated my intentions,

loud and crystal clear,

and I intend to have my food on a silver platter.

My word is my bond;

I will not renege.

I am certain that my holy grail is coming to me.

No room for bitter doubts and assumptions.

I am deserving of this great blessing

and many, many more shots of grateful, happy_happy, joy_joy moments.

I am happiness bound.

My thoughts and actions will remain positively charged.

I will strongly continue to live my life

as a mirrored image of my cleared intentions.

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A new day… | HarsH ReaLiTy

A new day…

May 22, 2013 by Opinionated Man

I spent the day away and it was great. Vacation is nice and Destin Harbor was fun, touristy, but fun. I had never been there.

I meant to close comments on the last post. I love that anyone reblogs me and it was not addressed to 99% of you. The post was addressed to people that are intentionally reblogging AND then deleting the post to try and trick my followers into clicking the link and visiting their site. Does not take too much imagination to figure that out and my site is linked to about 20 times a day. I don’t imagine at all that my words are protected no matter how many copyright symbols I place. That is NOT the point. The point is that I have spent god knows how many hours finding all of you and sifting sand to find gold. You all may not realize this, but many authors and journalist would kill for active commenters. That is why you all make this site what it is. That is also why I not only appreciate you all, but I get angry (oh no) when some idiot emails me asking “hey can you mention my blog or send your followers my way?” There is only so many times I can respond diplomatically before I snap… I believe I have mentioned my temper. So I guess be happy… people want you guys [insert grin].

I do not care if you reblog and as long as it says from HarsH ReaLiTy, which the reblog automatically does, I am FINE with it. I do give back as well by doing reblog weekends, but that is not an obligation and it is actually work as well.

Anyways, this topic is done to me. Everyone that commented I can tell you your reblogs were fine. And for the one comment that mentioned that this is a take and steal world, I say that is sad if you really view the world that way.

Give me a bit to respond,

-Opinionated Man

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Having trouble finding your story? Look for your quest. » Doyle McDonald

English: Erik Pevernagie, painting. Representi...

English: Erik Pevernagie, painting. Representing the quest of the definition of happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having trouble finding your story? Look for your Megan McDonald Posted on May 21, 2013 A couple of you wanted to know the difference between a quest and a story. That’s an excellent question.First—and most important—is that while the heart of a story is its quest, a single quest can generate many stories. “Quest” is also a more clearly defined term than “story.”Don’t believe it? Compare the definitions of “story” …

def of story 2


AdventureQuest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the definitions of “quest,” as defined by the Bing dictionary:

  1. search: a search for something, especially a long or difficult one
  2. adventurous expedition: a journey in search of something, especially one made by knights in medieval tales
  3. something sought: the object or goal of a quest

Stories run the gamut from factual accounts to outright lies, while quests are always true.

A story is also thought of as a concrete entity, with a set beginning and end. A quest, on the other hand, is an ongoing and evolving adventure—full of unexpected twists and turns, setbacks and victories. Just like organizations’ (and individuals’) lives.

Tarzan's Quest

Tarzan’s Quest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In addition, starting with your organization’s quest—rather than attempting to tackle its entire story—is both more manageable and more immediately helpful. It is the critical component to any story that you might develop or discover, and is usually the easiest element for everyone to agree on.

For all of these reasons, we strongly recommend starting with defining your organization’s quest.

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Game4Learning | Fun Learning Resouces for Kids

Free Online Math Games from PBS

free online math games from PBS

Here is a collection of free online math games from PBS. Most games are for elementary kids.

free online math games from PBS

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