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You can’t say that anymore. | Catching up with mostlytrueramblings

Freedom From Religion Foundation billboard

Freedom From Religion Foundation billboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can’t say that anymore.

speak-md (2)

I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it. – Voltaire

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of ReligionThese are key elements in the American way. This country was founded by people who wanted the right to worship their God and follow their beliefs. “Political Correctness” is taking this right away. What is happening here? Do we have to re-define our rights? It appears that the government knows what our rights are but the people do not.

I suppose we need to amend our rights:

You have the freedom to say anything as long as it isn’t different than someone else’s views on homosexuality, religion, race, abortion, feminism,  or any other key issues.

No, I’ve never seen Duck Dynasty. I don’t care what Phil’s religion tells him. I do however wish Phil the right to speak the truth about his beliefs when asked without fear of losing his job. Isn’t it illegal to fire someone for their religious beliefs?

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Let Classical Music Die Already | welcome to a new friend Thomas Cochran

Covered in Beer by Thomas Cochran.

Just another idiot on the Internet…Great.

Let Classical Music Die Already

vivaldi-2Last week, I came across an editorial in Charleston’s Post and Courier written by Harrison Russin, a Duke University “Musicology” grad student, explaining why classical music is still valuable and deserves our support. (I am linking to its appearance in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution because the P&C makes you pay to view its content. Ha.) I don’t spend many sleepless nights worrying about this subject but I am tired of these self-serving people begging us to support music we no longer like. There is a reason the music and the institutions associated with it are dying; it’s way past time that we let them go.

Russin says he was compelled to write after watching the recent Country Music Awards when he realized how many more millions of fans country music has than classical. Yes…well? I understand his disheartening realization because he has spent lots of time and money studying this music and presumably hopes to pursue a career in it. While wanting to “save” it is honorable, I’m afraid his efforts are feckless at best. The Classical genre has been on a banana peel skid towards the grave for years. Opera houses and symphonies constantly run over-budget, musicians go on strike, taxpayers tire of footing its bills and most importantly people aren’t attending the concerts. Tim McGraw isn’t begging for bailouts.

This problem is a local one for me, and I bet if you did some digging, you’d find it is one for you as well. The City of Charleston began a giant rebuilding of the city’s auditorium a year ago. Taxpayers like me are on the hook for $71 million worth of the project’s costs. Now, you can talk to me about economic impact and how it’s good for the city and important for the children etc., but I don’t want to hear it. Anytime people talk about how things are “important for our children’s future” are full of it and can only play on our heartstrings to prove a point. This city floods anytime someone leaves a garden hose on but we need a new auditorium? One in which promotes art that the majority of the city’s population couldn’t give a crap about? What a great example of phony-baloney elites promoting their own interests with my tax money because “I just don’t know what’s good for me.”

For More Click on Let Classical Music Die Already | Covered in Beer.

10 Things I Hate About Charleston`


Charleston, South Carolina is my home and I love living here. Recently, Charleston has gained a lot of national exposure for good reason. It has a lot of wonderful characteristics and features; and they have been covered and covered and covered by blogs, TV shows, travel websites, cooking magazines and TMZ every time Oprah comes here to shop. My purpose is not to counter those arguments because I agree with them. But here are a few things I hate about Charleston.

1. Palmetto Bugs

Have you ever heard the phrase, “lipstick on a pig”? Well, this is putting a nice hat on a roach. According to the Orkin Man, there is no entomological difference between an American cockroach and a “palmetto bug.” But proud Charlestonians don’t want to admit that the city is teaming with roaches, so they changed the name to something charming. Frankly, a more apt description of a palmetto bug for me would be the guys hocking those palm frond roses everywhere you turn.

2. Bad Food

Huh? Yeah. Charleston is home to some of the best restaurants in the country. But there are a lot of restaurants that slide by on those coattails. Here is a simple test to tell if you’re in a bad restaurant or not: ask them where they get their shrimp. If the waiter doesn’t know, then it is imported frozen crap; run for your life. I don’t need to know what dock it came off of but at least fool me into thinking it’s local. If they don’t do that they aren’t trying. And, if you find yourself waiting in a huge line on Meeting St. to get into a place serving fried seafood, you’re better off licking the gum stuck to the lamp poles around town.

3. The song “Wagon Wheel”


First of all, quit pretending the “Carolina” reference in the song is about SC. It’s about North Carolina, and not the good part of that state, either. It’s about Raleigh.  I guess I’ll forgive Darius Rucker, but please, bands, stop covering this song. Bob Dylan wrote most of it and hated it. He never recorded it except for a demo, which of course some turd found and released. Yeah, that’s right, your hero hates that song and so should you. Look it up.

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Welcome to a new friend: Cleveland Invest

Price-Earnings ratios as a predictor of twenty...

Price-Earnings ratios as a predictor of twenty-year returns. From Irrational Exuberance, 2d ed. source (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you plan on owning a home, sending your kids off to great colleges or just wanting to create wealth for the different chapters in your life (retirement for example) this blog should be read with great attention! This is step one for a new and brighter future.

The best way to build wealth (other than working or having a huge inheritance) is to invest money at every opportunity. If you’re new to the whole idea of investing and making your money work, things aren’t too clear for the rest of the world either, you have arrived at the right place! In this blog every day we will tackle investment basics, strategies and placement of money.

The percentages of Americans who invest in the stock market come from the Gallup polling organization. In the spring of 2012 they conducted a study and the number came back as 53%, lowest since the poll was conducted in June 2002. Not everyone is cut out for investing but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least dip your nose in. If you are like every other human being then saving and making money are top priorities. Investing can be scary but with the proper research and resources anyone can make a profit! I will try and keep this guide for investing simple and straight forward. No matter income, wealth or debt, investing can improve financial freedom down the road for the latter years of life.

The very first step to investing is acknowledging that saving money and cutting back on expenses is essential. The mindset that the world’s best money managers have is that nothing happens overnight. No one should rush into investing!! In most cases investing is a 3-5 year process or longer depending on the financial goals that you set. Make sure the money being put away doesn’t interfere with everyday expenses. The penalties of removing money that’s invested early can put any investor back at square one (or even worse further from obtaining their financial goals).

Investing, unless a company goes public (offered shares of ownership) or some catastrophic amount of money is poured into the business, your money will take time to grow. The time it takes for an investment to fully blossom (the amount that you eventually want to obtain) can be a zig zag road, going left, right, up and down. Don’t let this winding road scare you away! This path can be a great indicator of what the future has in store for those investments.

There are many ways to make money grow through investments, government issued bonds, and company issued bonds, ownership stock, real estate and small business. These are just to name a few but from experience; money (and a lot of it) is here for the making and taking! In later posts we will break down each investment so that you are fully aware and know which will be beneficiary or detrimental to your own goals.

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City-State Shorts – Perceptions and Experiences |Welcome to new friends: James Courtney and Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills

City-State Shorts–Perceptions and Experiences

A dystopian vision created by novice science fiction authors James Courtney and Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills.

Tales from City-State

After the United States fell in the year 2200, The Builders forged the new nation of City-State, and peace ensued for centuries.

Consequently, a new government emerged around the year 3211, executing tyranny throughout this once great nation.

These are the stories of past and present residents of City-State.

James and I hope you enjoy this science fiction wonderland of deceit, greed, and control.

Happy reading,

James Courtney and Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills


From the Desk of President Heinrich Wilhelm

Posted: November 14, 2013 

Greetings City-State Citizens,

Many residents are wondering why the elevators and other entrances to Layer Six are sealed off.  Military teams have been instructed to close these entrances to the underground in order to perform maintenance on several systems that are located on the lower levels. Unfortunately, power must be cut to inter-layer transportation in order to isolate several of the systems. Access to the lower levels of City State will be returned to normal in a timely manner.

For those who are on Layer Six of City-State, normal operations will resume as soon as possible.

As for the rumors that the government is executing a military operation on Layer Six, rest assured, these are simply rumors generated by the over-zealous imaginations of a few misinformed citizens. The National Police Force has been deployed to Layer Six in order to help with logistics.  Additionally, the National Police Force is present to keep all citizens safe while many of the main systems go offline.

Ultimately, rumors of automated aerial drones and attacks on Illegals are utterly false.  Drones are not activated and utilized to harm citizens.

Once again, thank you for your cooperation,

President H. Wilhelm

photo (40)

City-State Intelligence Report

Addendum – National Health Care System

Approved by President H. Wilhelm

January 1, 3211

City-State is located in North America over 1000 years in the future.  It was formed by mythical and legendary men and women known as The Builders.  It is considered the only civilized nation left on the planet; however, it is isolated from the rest of the world.


The fall of the United States around 2200 preceded The Second Dark Age where the world was plunged into war, famine, economic ruin, and intellectual darkness.  Emerging from that Dark Age was City-State located in North America in 2231.


The government consists of a President (Executive Branch and leader of the Senate), The Senate (Legislative Branch), and the High Court (Judicial branch).


The nation itself is a 500-mile wide city consisting of seven layers stacked on top of each other.  The seventh layer is above ground while the other six are below ground.  About 75% of the population lives above ground while 25% of the population lives at various levels underground.  The vast majority of underground residents are on Layer Six.


The city itself is located in the North West United States, but the City-State Government controls all lands in what is considered North America.


Over 100 million ethnically diverse people live in City-State.  No other population centers are known throughout the entire world.  The population is divided by class: the classes are labeled A-D, depending upon skill and intelligence traits.  S-Class is reserved for those who are labeled as genius and exceptionally skilled.

(for the rest click here)
From the Office of Information Dissemination

Gregory Falston, Director

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Seven ways to Blogpimp Your Site | Catching up with old friends: Aewl’s Abode

Next Sunday the 24th is the one year anniversary of Aewl’s Abode. In honor of that, this week, I’ll repost some of my favorite posts from the first few months of the blog. This one is from Dec 7th, 2012.

Blogging 101What exactly is Blogpimping? Simple, it’s a way of publicizing your blog in a supercharged manner. I recently wrote about getting 25k hits in less than six months on a previous blog. By following these steps, you too can reach that number. Sure WordPress and Blogger have tips to drive more traffic your way, but these tips go beyond that. To get to that number you need to average only 167 hits a day on your blog. But by the time 6 months are up, you should be getting 300 or more hits a day. Keep in mind your main goal….. eyeballs on your site.

Before you start, read “10 Ways to Have a Bad Blog” and make sure you aren’t doing any of those. Blogpimping does take time, but if you are serious about getting eyeballs on your site because you know you have great content and great things to say, then commit to taking the time to do the following:

1. Commit to posting 3-5 times a day – That’s everyday, weekends included. Hopefully they will all be good quality posts. If you are going to get eyeballs on your site, you need to let the readers know that you post regularly. They will more than likely return. Return visits are what keeps your hit count up. No more than one to two filler posts in any one day. What are filler posts? Simple posts that take no more than 5 minutes to put up like this one.

2. Go after the big dogs – In your sphere of the blogosphere, there are probably a few bloggers that get a lot of traffic. Find out their email address and when you have a great posts which should be at least once a day, email them and give them a link to your post. Just one link from a big-time blogger will shoot your hit count way up. Your goal is to get eyeballs on your site, so don’t be discouraged if they don’t respond to your email. IF you write a really great article and get linked by someone like Instapundit, I’ve heard upwards of 10,000 hits just by one link. Same goes for getting Freshly Pressed but not as many hits.

Lots More at Seven ways to Blogpimp Your Site | Aewl’s Abode.

Arnold says:

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San Francisco cable car dash cam, 1906 – Boing Boing

San Francisco cable car dash cam, 1906

David Pescovitz at 8:35 am Mon, Nov 18, 2013

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Yveta Germano And Why Crypts Made Her A Writer… | Novel Ideas

Yveta Germano And Why Crypts Made Her A Writer…

Yveta Germano is one of the most exciting teen authors around at the moment. Her book “Bring Me Back” has been exciting young readers the world over, As a lover of history, Yveta spent her early years travelling and catching ancient crypts and medieval buildings. This encouraged her in her efforts as a writer, and soon she became inspired to chase writing as an author. She currently lives in the United States and spends much of her time running her own publishing company, writing and spending time with her children.

yveta germano 3Q) Thank you for appearing on my site for an interview, Yveta!

A) You are so welcome!

Q) How would describe your book, its genre?  Do you write in more than one genre? Do you feel this will confuse your readers?  

A) Bring Me Back is young adult fiction. Librarians would classify it under paranormal, but this classification may be a bit subjective. A gorgeous young male clone hiding in an underground maze and a teenage girl who bids her body to die so that she can cross over to find her lost childhood friend’s soul may seem paranormal to some. But who’s to say we won’t be able to clone a human being or recall the event of our own clinical death sometime in the not so distant future?

I also write children’s picture books and middle grade books. I don’t think it will confuse my readers because when I set to write a story, I become a part of it. I put my heart and soul into it, and I create a voice that is unique to each and every character.

Q) How long have you been writing? How long did it take to write your book? And what motivated you to write it?

A) I love this question. I published my first book in 2011, but I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. I always had many stories to tell but was too busy raising my daughters and working in medical research to find time to do what I always knew was my real calling.

It usually does not take me that long to write a picture or a middle grade book. Bring Me Back is different, though. It’s a high-concept trilogy that is ahead of its time. It required not only years of experience in writing but a lifetime of learning about metaphysical concepts like a human soul, dark energy, life force, DNA sequencing, etc. Years ago, I had a vision of a mysterious, impassive girl in a white gown. That was all I had when I started to write the story. No synopsis, no clear voice, I began writing until I had 400 pages. An editor told me it was the most interesting story, but it was clear I had no synopsis. I deleted the entire manuscript without backing it up on purpose! Two years later, the girl was back in my head and with her a story I could not wait to put on paper.

Q) Is it a stand-alone novel or part of a series? If it’s part of a series, how did you decide to make it a series? How long will the series run?

A) I spent almost a year writing and re-writing the entire manuscript because each time the story became bigger. That’s when I realized it was too great of a concept to fit into one book. The first book of Bring Me Back is mainly about a curious teenage girl, Ali, who’s searching for answers about her forgotten past. Her search leads to an old mansion where she finds a young male clone and an impassive girl that used to be her childhood friend. Ali’s life is turned upside down when she finds herself in the middle of the most unbelievable, fast-paced mystery in which she’ll have to bid her own body to die in order to cross over and bring the soul of her childhood friend back to reunite with the impassive body.

Crossing over, however, brings about a whole new set of problems and adventures. That’s where book number two begins…

Q) Who are your main characters in the story and how would you describe them?

More of this interview at Yveta Germano And Why Crypts Made Her A Writer… | Novel Ideas.

Selena Gomez for Flaunt Magazine December 2013

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A Stairway to Fashion

Selena Gomez can pull off sexy if she wants to. For the cover of Flaunt Magazine, the December 2013 Issue she surely shed off her Disney image. Lensed by Amanda de Cadenet, in lacy black lingerie and black wig with bangs, styled by Ilaria Urbinati she looks like a true parisian gal.

Star Selena Gomez;

Photographed by Amanda de Cadenet;

Stylist Ilaria Urbinati.

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Between the Notes |Welcome to a new friend: Jazzybeatchick

Between the Notes

[Terry: I suspect that the final word in “Push Back the Catastophes” is a typo but I know a whole LOT of people who are… well, read it.}


Bio: I love to take literary snapshots of the spaces that have filled my life. Jazz has functioned as a communal bond, ritual and form of social interaction. It has become more than just sounds. It has become a way of living in this world.

Jazz has never been about music, it is the touchstone of modern cultural imagination, archiving mythical images and an aesthetic paradigm for new modes of writing, seeing, hearing and moving. I like to use the improvisational elements of jazz that I have experienced to develop different creative literary tapestry that uses all sensory input.

When I was 18, my dad arranged for me to work as a research/ writer intern on an ABC-TV Emmy-winning television documentary special on Jazz Music in 1972. I was assigned segments that focused on Big Band sound and Bebop.

I discovered that the jazz tradition has stood up against the backdrop of racial strife, language, class and gender issues which is defined in literature and criticism for over 75 years in America.

I have always had a fascination with creating works that would allow me to blend sound with words and abstract art. It is my desire to create a mosaic sensory experience using imagination, audio and visual experiences that are filled with the richness of childhood memories that shaped and inspired my thoughts.

Please be advised that my blog new address is: I have at least 200 posts ready to be read…See you there!

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Written by Jayne Cortez


Written by Jayne Cortez
I don’t want a drought to feed on itself
through the tattooed holes in my belly
I don’t want a spectacular desert of
charred stems & rabbit hairs
in my throat of accumulated matter
I don t want to burn and cut through the forest
like a greedy mercenary drilling into
sugar cane of the bones
Push back the advancing sands
the polluted sewage
the dust demons the dying timber
the upper atmosphere of nitrogen
push back the catastrophes
Enough of the missiles
the submarines
the aircraft carriers
the biological weapons
No more sickness sadness poverty
exploitation destabilization
illiteracy and bombing
Let’s move toward peace
toward equality and justice
that’s what I want
To breathe clean air
to drink pure water to plant new crops
to soak up the rain to wash off the stink
to hold this body and soul together in peace
that’s it
Push back the catastrophers

Click here for the original

Across_The_Universe_ by_backwardbang


“Inner Space” by Jazzybeatchick

Between the notes
Flowing to the universe
A vessel
Signaling their place
In the rainforest
Kaleidoscope of life
Embracing an open heart
Echoes love
After a perfect storm
Leaving the wake of serenity
Dew kissed water lilies of words
Memories glistening
To your soul
Cascading dreams
Bonafides of change
Improvising rhythm & cadence
Melding friends
Tethered souls
A heart’s smile
Healing deep within

© Copyright 2012 Jazzybeatchick. All Rights Reserved


Depths of DMW Lewis

Hello lovers and livers (the other kind of liver, if that’s even a word?) of all things literary!  I’m Dave, aka DMW Lewis, and thanks for visiting my page.  You seriously rock.  Why a three letter acronym you ask?  Because I have a very common name and needed to separate myself from the pack.

I’m a quirky and creative fellow from the suburbs of Denver with voices in his head.  No, not the bad kind of voices, but the good kind–author kind.  The kind that start flowing onto the pages and you can’t control them.  I love telling, hearing, reading, and watching crazy stories or just amazing stories in general.  I have quite a few under my belt at the ripe age of 26 with many more antics to come, though I’m afraid at times.

Originally an English major at Colorado State University with long dreams of becoming an author, one day it hit me that I didn’t need said degree to write and switched to something “practical” in order to find a job out of school for sure.  Didn’t quite workout.  Finished a Master’s Degree in something else practical in 2011.  Kind of worked…kind of, though I’ve been fighting horrible job luck and spells of unemployment since graduating.  If only they’d give a refund when the degree doesn’t work.  In the meanwhile I’m living the dream of every dreamer and writing until I drop.

Currently seeking representation for my forth manuscript, YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi XAKK MARKS THE SPOT: THE INFINNA-NET PIRATES OF MEDIALUNA.  See its page for the down low.  I’m super close to finding a very special agent and have been reviewed several times in full.  With plans of a full series with Xakk and his band of new age band of pirates, I’m also working into other titles as well.

The goal of my blog is to provide writing tips and tricks of the trade from professional blogs, post the kooky things that pop up in my mind on a regular basis, and most importantly build my platform as I grip into what’s today just a dream, tomorrow a reality (fingers crossed fingers crossed).

Add me on Twitter DMWLewis@DMWLewis

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the knocks |Welcome to a new friend chester maynes

chester maynes

Poetry and Poems

via the knocks | chester maynes.

the knocks

i see those
puppy-lovers of the

i see the when of
circumstance in
a calendar year round

that’s true to
the lips of fact

that’s true to
the rain and

that’s true when
the mind is
a disorientation
to the world

that’s true when
all things are
quiet but
we hear
the knocks

perchance, possibly

if only close to you
but i try to be closer
to the one closest to you
then to get at you

and you have
the better half
and i can’t be
your significant other

floating on a
space where i
sweetly laid my
thoughts of you

secretly and
willingly drowning
myself and wishing
that i am the other half


and Love traffics

as kisses blow
on this cheek

we photograph
ourselves behind
the blue facade
of internet shops
and dressed the
streets with China
lanterns and make
the pedestrian
complain about
the voyage not
permitted by
our misbehavior

we’re not
these very rude
while all the
look at us
with disgust

it’s not our
fault but
we can’t stop
this show
as you and I
know that
we attract

and love traffics


Let’s Geog :Welcome to a new friend: thomas hoather

Geography is always on the move, so let’s catch up with it!


Hello fellow geoggers! If you love geography or would like to know more about this amazing subject then you have come to the right place. ‘Let’s Geog’ was first uploaded in July 2013 and for me is the best example of killing two birds with one stone. When thinking originally about creating a blog my first intentions were to do with education, as I am hoping to expand my subject knowledge before commencing a Geography degree at University, however I then also realised that I love to write, especially creatively (one of my small plays was performed in the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester this year) and I thought that if I created a blog then I can channel my creativity with my love for geography, so ‘Let’s Geog’ was born.

More about me – My name is Thomas Hoather and I am currently 17 years old but will turn 18 in May next year, 19 the May after that and you get the picture.  I grew up in Winsford in Cheshire and I go to Knutsford Academy sixth form. I studied five AS levels and I’m awaiting the results, nails bitten to the quick. I chose Geography, History Conflict, Maths Applied, Psychology and English Language. I decided that I wanted to take Geography on to degree level for, well, many reasons. One is that I have enjoyed geography lessons since about the age of 11 where I was first properly introduced to it in year 7 (or 6th grade for those American geoggers out there), there are great geography teachers at my school, both current teachers are BA human geographers. I just found the whole subject interesting, especially the idea that humans affect the earth and the earth affects humans. The best example of this is with natural hazards such as avalanches. Avalanches can be caused by human activity (e.g. hiking) but this then impacts the humans on the mountain pass by either killing them or making them homeless (there are many more primary and secondary impacts with natural hazards, but these are the main two) I will explore more in my ongoing posts.

Another reason is that the world is always changing therefore so is geography. Tectonic plates, urbanisation, migration even soil erosion is changing everyday due to many internal and external factors and thus the subject has to change to suit this process. Geographers can now use computer software and mapping that they just didn’t have 15 years ago and that makes me wonder, what will geography hold for us in the next 15 years? Therefore I guess that you could say that I like geography because it’s always evolving, like us.

Thanks for taking your time to read this page and I hope that you stay to enjoy the weekly posts that I will be uploading. Right then, have a nice day and keep on geogging.


via About Me | Let’s Geog.

The Burning of Oz

October 20, 2013 By


Hello fellow geoggers! The world is always changing, sometimes for the better, and unfortunately, sometimes for the worst. This can be through earthquakes, landslides and flooding, but one problem that changes a landscape that I just don’t know that much about is Bush Fires. The reason why I’m bringing this topic up is because currently in Australia ‘a state of emergency has been declared in New South Wales as Australian firefighters try to contain the area’s worst bushfires in more than a decade’. I found this on the Sky News website, and you can find the whole article here. So far they report that ‘a total of 208 homes have been destroyed, another 122 have been damaged, and there has been at least one death’, but how do bush fires start? And why isn’t it a problem here in the UK? Well these were the types of questions that came to mind when I read the article, therefore I decided to go and find out some more information about Bush Fires

Firstly it’s important to take into account Australia’s climate. Australia as a country is hot, dry and prone to drought, thus creating the perfect climate for wildfires to not only start, but to spread uncontrollably as well. However this is only the bones of the Bush Fire body, there are plenty of other factors to complete it. More specifically to Australia, there are what is known as ‘the five seasons’ which reflects the continent’s different weather patterns and how it affects different areas of Australia at different times of the year. For most of southern Australia, the danger period is summer and autumn, however for the area that is being affected in the Sky News article (New South Wales), the peak risk usually occurs in spring and early summer, therefore it isn’t surprising that there are bush fires happening now in New South Wales. Looking at factors more specifically, it is documented that Bush fires tend to occur when light and heavy fuel loads in Eucalyptus forests have dried out, usually following periods of low rainfall. And due to the type of season that New South Wales are currently in, this could well be a factor to the current Bush fire problem.

What the frack?

September 24, 2013 By


Hello fellow geoggers! Recently there has been a big debate stirring around about the use of fracking here in the UK, and I wanted to find out more. In basic terms fracking is where you force liquid into rocks in the earth to force it to crack open and release oil and/or shale gas, and with the talk of riches for Lancashire under the ground I thought that I would ‘dig deeper’.

Just to let you geoggers know, almost everything that I talk about in this post has it’s source linked with it, so you can find out more if you find it necessary.

The UK has significant shale gas resources. The North of England is estimated to have 1,300 trillion cubic feet of gas in one place.
Britain would be making a big mistake if it ruled out fracking for natural gas on environmental grounds, David Cameron has said, adding that the UK could be “missing out big time” on cheaper energy bills and new jobs because of worries about the impact on the countryside.
Liz Stanton, a Preston resident and Greenpeace supporter, told the Guardian that she was protesting because fracking was not going to bring Lancashire any benefits. “It’s going to bring heavy industrial aggravation, water pollution, and it’s not going to bring the jobs like we’ve been promised.” (you can find out more here)
Campaigners have warned that the drilling could pollute drinking water and scar the landscape. Gas companies in the US have had to compensate residents where fracking practices have damaged the environment. (More on that here)
David Cameron said: “I think we would be making a big mistake as a nation if we did not think hard about how to encourage fracking and cheaper prices right here in the UK.
“If you look at what’s happening in America with the advent of shale gas and fracking, their energy costs in business and their gas prices are half the level of ours.
“Nothing is going to happen in this country unless its environmentally safe. There is no question of having earthquakes and fire coming out of taps and all the rest of it. There will be very clear environmental procedures and certificates you will have to get before you can frack.”
Companies are preparing to start fracking at several sites in Britain, despite a growing protest movement. The technique involves pumping liquids underground at high pressure to split rock and extract gas or oil.
A ban on fracking was lifted by the government last year, after it decided tremors caused by drilling near Blackpool did not mean the technique posed a significant risk of earthquakes.
Pumping water underground at geothermal power plants can lead to dangerous earthquakes even in regions not prone to tremors, according to scientists. They say that quake risk should be factored into decisions about where to site geothermal plants and other drilling rigs where water is pumped underground – for example in shale gas fracking.
Prof Emily Brodsky, who led a study of earthquakes at a geothermal power plant in California, said: “For scientists to make themselves useful in this field we need to be able to tell operators how many gallons of water they can pump into the ground in a particular location and how many earthquakes that will produce.”


How to expand your sales territory without cold calling. | Welcome to a new friend: ian


Helping sales people balance their home and work lives


Hi team.

If you weren’t able to cold call prospects,how would you expand your sales territory?I hope that this is never the case,but what would you do?Listed below are some ideas and tips that will help.

1,Look at the world in terms of  abundance.Look for the advantages in every situation.See how big and plentiful your opportunities are.In short you need to set your inner game to the right setting.

2,Contact all your existing clients.Do a review of their supply needs.What products are you not supplying them that they could purchase from you?Do an audit with the purchasing manager or owner.You will be surprised at the growth that is available.

3,Ask for referrals from your clients.If you are doing a good job you should be getting them anyway.But if you haven’t been asking for them,then do so.

4,Every company has a list of lapsed clients.This is a potential gold mine if you handle it the right way.Ask your accounts dept for a list of lapsed clients for the last 24 months.They may have left for any number of reasons,but you should have all the contact information,and sales history within easy reach.

5,Apply the above steps to your everyday sales  process anyway.Don’t wait for the potential situation to arise,but rather be proactive.

Well team I hope that helps.

Now go and enjoy your life.

via How to expand your sales territory without cold calling. | saleslifecoachingwithian.

Live a life of passion.

Live a life of passion.

Welcome back team.
You have to enjoy what you do,and be passionate about it.
As I found out this week,life can be short.There is absolutely no point in doing a job,or living a life that is unfulfilling and lacks passion.
Find out what you are good at,study,and make yourself your own private project.
At home,enjoy those closest to you.Make them feel special and appreciated.What we send out we receive back in kind.
At the end of your life,be able to say I’m glad I did,rather than I wish I had.
Now go and enjoy your life.


[Terry:  ALMOST makes me want to do sales BUT NOT ENOUGH!]

Traits of a good student | Welcome to a new Friend: noah zukowski

A day in the Life

A Professional Cynic.

Me and british accents

Most of you don’t know me at all, but every now and then I’ll fall into a British accent.

Odd, considering that I’ve never lived outside of my home in Portsmouth Virginia.

But, allow me to fill you in on why I speak with a fake accent every now and then:

When I was growing up, my mom always read harry potter to me. My mom, always wanting to keep me absorbed, would read all of the books in the accent of the characters, also folding the accent into the character.

I enjoyed the accents so much that I requested that all books be read to me in the harry potter voices.

Eventually, after countless documentaries and BBC movies, I began to associate ALL narrations with a British accent. Every book I read? British. Every book I write? British.

So, if all I think about are books that I read or books that I write, then all of my thoughts are in the voice of a narrator. A British narrator.

And a person tends to speak how they think.

On top of it, the more Dr. Who I watch and Beatles that I listen to, the more British influence I gain as my thoughts are taken over by the UK!

Traits of a good student

             The years spent in school are vital for any person’s life. It accounts for over one sixth of the average American’s lifespan, and is a vital source of the socialization process. Primarily, school’s main purpose is to educate a person to make them better functioning responsible and productive members of society. Although there are many different traits that are necessary to being a good student, the following three are possibly the most vital of them all.

            In order for a student to even begin the learning process, a student must be interested in learning. If they choose to reject new knowledge, or simply refuse to listen to instruction, then they will just not learn. The good student will arrive at school, wide eyed and attent, ready for the day of learning that is sure to come. Not all students will be interested in a particular subject all the time, but, for the most part, the best students are interested in learning new things for the sake of simply learning new things. If they learn just because they enjoy learning, then every day in school can be a pleasurable one, even becoming the favorite part of the day. A student that enjoys learning is also likely to pursue knowledge outside of the classroom, often doing independent study of whatever it is that interests them, often folding in the new knowledge with whatever they learned in class, allowing for more unique ideas to flow forth.

            Tenacity is also important for a good student. Learning can be very difficult, and if a student doesn’t show gumption, then they will be hopelessly lost in school most of the time. Hard work and tenacity will also help them to get through even the most difficult of assignments. A student that exhibits this and nothing else will at the very least be able to get through every assignment that they are given, regardless of how much they actually know. With enough will power and hard work, a good student can get anywhere they need to.

            The third trait a student should have is a respectful and upbeat attitude. They should act positively and respectfully not only to their teachers, but also to other students and staff members. To show a good attitude in school not only makes things more pleasant for the student, but it makes things substantially easier on everyone around them. To take everything in school in stride, nothing to worry about, a student will seemingly breeze through challenge they face, with their teachers enjoying just the fact that this member of the student body is in their class smiling and ready to listen to instruction.

            If a student exhibits all three of these traits, it can almost always be assured that they will complete all levels of school that they are put into, but will also be successful elsewhere in life. A good student isn’t just that; a good student is a well-rounded individual in most aspects of his or her life, ready to tackle any challenge they face. This facetious individual will go far in their social life, educational life, and eventually their careers as well. School teaches us much more than reading writing and arithmetic; school prepares us for the real world in more ways than one could assume. And if one wants to enjoy the successes that come from higher levels of education, it is imperative for them to exhibit these key traits for success.

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Equal Ouportunity

I had been talking to this girl in my english class for a week. i started to like her and whatever cuz she was really nice and really cute. but today, she really said something that made me mad.

“I won’t date non christians.”

This shit.

On the list of things that will make me mad, that’s gotta be at the top of the list. why? because there’s plenty of reasons not to like me already. don’t make reasons that make no sense.
The part that makes me mad about that is that as an atheist i don’t care what religion you are. people should judge others based on what they do and why they do things. not on who they beleive or don’t beleive in. I can date christians no problem, as long as they don’t force me to convert or anything. honestly, i’m probably better at being  ”christian” than most christians are. Diffrence is that i choose to do right because it’s good. not because it’s punished if i choose not to. I do whatever i please, without fear of retribution or consequences. so, i may not be the most tactful person on earth, but at the same time im still actively a good person.
Call it chaotic good. like han solo in ep IV.
So, it goes like this: it’s her loss. Im far from perfect, but honestly im still better than most. But in the end, i have about 300 more hours here. 300 more hours of dealing with this mess. and 300 more hours untill i can finally get out of here and on to people that hopefully aren’t so small minded.



For J.R. | Poesy plus Polemics

Livingston NJ Police Officer Badge

Livingston NJ
Police Officer Badge

(My first attempt at the tanka form)

my son wears the badge

lives the honor of service

no less than the day

he raced off to ground zero

or sailed into Desert Storm

via For J.R. | Poesy plus Polemics.

[Terry:  I’ll bet 10 bucks that no one in the Livingston NJ Police Department has EVER had a tanka written about them before. They may have lifted a coupla tankas…]

Winter Cometh to Chicago, Travel Company Beginith | GO FOR IT!!!! Generation Passport



Centro– Cartagena, Colombia, October 2013

So, I’m back home from Colombia.  I have a post or two I’ll do on my ten-day visit to Colombia.  Right now though, I am focused on starting my travel company.  This is not going to be easy, as I discovered last night.  But I have faith in myself, my ideas and the international community I have built here.

I was bummed out about coming back home to Chicago. The winter chill is definitely in the air now and it is getting cold.  I am reminded, after seeing my homeless friend last night eating from a branch of a tree, that I have a home.

I tried selling my travel trips last night just briefly.  I got shot down by a few people, when I asked them if they wanted to go to Colombia.  I have never received such passionate “No ways” from people.  One guy even said that was a weird question–asking him if he wanted to go to Colombia.  I explained I was trying to start a travel company, even then he said it was a weird question.  The girl next to him, (who I had already met five times previously) pretended she didn’t know me and her answer was a passionate “No.”  The stuffy Anglo-Victorian vibe is apparently alive and well in this historically WASP town.

I find it pretty ironic that all of these people live within the shadow of one of the biggest international airports in the world, and have such a weird time understanding that the world is a lot larger than a suburb with wealth and homeless people in the woods.  Not that they are wealthy, but the fact that travel is such a taboo here to anywhere other than little mini-Americas, is a little strange.

I met a few people who liked the idea and had enough resources and such to go, but they have children, obligations and not enough time.  I can understand this rationale.  One guy suggested I try marketing to families.  I’d argue that families could come with, as long as they could pull their weight.  as in, the kids could pull their own bags.  Maybe not the best marketing strategy.

On Monday, I have the day off of work and I’m going to try to promote my company at the train station.  I’m bound to think that when some people feel the winter chill, and I’m offering a reasonable escape to Colombia this winter, my idea will catch on.  Besides the cocaine taboo of Colombia, there is still the “Aren’t they going to kidnap and kill you there?” fear.  Why?  Because I bring tourism and money into their economies from wealthier countries?


Those Colombians made me Arroz con Camarones y Juego fresco..  Tienes miedo?

I had another person tell me that some American tourist had their head bashed-in in Turkey, as if all Muslims stand in the middle of the street and chant incoherent rants at Americans all day (like that Argo movie I saw on the plane back from Colombia).  Maybe someone did have their head bashed-in in Turkey, but I know for a fact, that a little child got shot in the head a few blocks away from my over-priced Chicago apartment when I lived in the city a few years back.  Bad things happen everywhere, but you shouldn’t run from fears that don’t exist.


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$100 Dollar Bill !! | Christian Spook

A 1922 hundred-dollar Gold Certificate

A 1922 hundred-dollar Gold Certificate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

$100 Dollar Bill !!

[terry: Yup and if you fold a $1 bill the right way, George Washington turns into a MUSHROOM.)


A video blogger claims that there are hidden messages in the new $100 dollar bill which warn of future nuclear devastation in the United States.

Back in 2002, it emerged that when a $20 dollar bill was folded in a certain way it revealed images that resembled the 9/11 attacks, a story that caused quite a stir at the time since the notes were issued three years beforehand in 1998.

Are the hidden images in the new $100 bill a chilling prophecy of future events, or just another example of how people are obsessed with doomsday fantasies that require a huge leap in imagination and logic to believe?…

A video blogger claims that there are hidden messages in the new $100 dollar bill which warn of future nuclear devastation in the United States.

Back in 2002, it emerged that when a $20 dollar bill was folded in a certain way it revealed images that resembled the 9/11 attacks, a story that caused quite a stir at the time since the notes were issued three years beforehand in 1998.

Are the hidden images in the new $100 bill a chilling prophecy of future events, or just another example of how people are obsessed with doomsday fantasies that require a huge leap in imagination and logic to believe?…

via $100 Dollar Bill !! | Christian Spook.

Comeuppance | Retcon Poet


Nicholas Gagnier

The watch towers fall-

one less eye in the sky is
one more blind spot when natural
disasters are assigned-

we’ve lost
the appetite for
drones flying over
our homes being killed off in

I awoke this
morning to a burning
husk on my lawn- metaphorical
metals as black as
my mother’s old

All the life
around it absconded, fled a

I looked back at the clouds but they
to remain
in volatile

I know it won’t be the last time a
military weapon lands
in someone’s garden, but hope at
that now

God and I are square.

via Comeuppance | Retcon Poet.


English: A common scold gets her comeuppance i...


Adventure on Road X part 5 |Catching up with old friends: What Happens to Us

What Happens to Us

 Adventure on Road X part 5 | What Happens to Us.

[Continued from a previous post]

IMG_3082 smaller

Standing in a cemetery where your 19th-century forebears are buried is a humbling experience.  Beside me was my long-lost cousin, Preston Taylor, Jr.  We were standing in front of the tombstone of our common great-great-grandfather, John H. Groves and his wife Caroline.

Preston and I couldn’t have been more different.  I’m a UCLA graduate from L.A. with a penchant for pink satin shirts, and he’s a country mechanic who repairs combines and doesn’t have a penchant for anything, wouldn’t think of having a penchant–What kind of word is that, anyway?!–but wears overalls and a beany, excuse the deprecation.

Computers brought our lines together again.  If it weren’t for the power of the PC, we wouldn’t be here.  A couple years ago, I subscribed to, which is a true revolution in the search for one’s roots, believe me.  Suddenly, genealogy has become digitized, which has been an exponential improvement in that type of research.  Suddenly, long-lost relatives can share family trees on the Internet.  Suddenly, a computer does all the sharing for you.  Suddenly, a company is digitizing census records (back to 1790), Civil War pension records, gravestones, immigration records, ship passenger lists, historical phone books, even church directories, and we have access to all of them automatically.

To give you an idea how revolutionary this technology all is, consider this.  Three years ago, I didn’t even know the name of my great-grandfather, much less when he was born.  Now, after long nights on the computer during which it was impossible to tear myself away to go to bed because I was so excited, I know his name was Charles (born 1869), that his father was named John (born 1836), and that his father before him was named John, as well (born 1792).

John H. Groves was what tied Preston and I together, indeed, perhaps the only thing.  He was born in 1836 and raised his family in Duck Creek, Kansas.  But there, our bloodlines split (see diagram below).  His daughter Rosa fell in love with a Taylor and stayed in rural Kansas, tilling the soil.  John’s son Charles moved away, and Charles’ sons moved even further away, until today, we all live in teeming, seething, gridlocked, glitzy, flaky, overdeveloped Los Angeles.  Thinking about the difference between us, it seemed that this last element–the pure density of bodies–was the most obvious one.

Family tree of Taylors and Groves bI learned so many curious things about my forebears on my computerized genealogy network.  I learned that my ancestor Daniel Beinbrech was born in Germany, that he immigrated to America around 1750, and that his son Henry Americanized his name to Bonebrake, only to be changed to Bonebright by the next generation, probably because of how barbaric that name made them sound in this new language.

I learned that dozens of my relatives had lived out their lives in famed Essex County, Massachusetts, in 1692, when Salem Village (also in Essex County) began trying innocent people for witchcraft.  My forebear Sarah Conant had a ringside seat.  She was 26 years old when Sarah Good was executed, followed by approximately 30 others over the next few months.

The computer gave me the incredible access to names, dates, and details, and it connected me to the past in an extraordinary way by sparking just one thought: We all come from somewhere.

It was a thought that has stayed with me.  And I had the digital revolution to thank for it.

“Would you like to see the old homestead?” Preston asked after we had spent a half-hour at John and Caroline’s tombstone.

Preston was the somewhere from whence I came.

“Sure,” I said.

So we jumped into his dilapidated white Neon and drove over gravel roads.

IMG_3084 closeup 1b

“Listen, if you want, I’ll send you my genealogical research by email,” I said.

Then Preston surprised me.

“Don’t have a computer.  Don’t want one.”

I stared at him in disbelief.

“Okay, I’ll send it by post office.  Is there still a post office in the United States?”

“I pick up my mail every day.”

While driving, Preston talked a little about his business, which since the 1980s has been fixing people’s vehicles out in the country.  For years, he has been driving these country roads and making house calls.  Cars, trucks, tractors, combines, whatever they needed fixed.  He made a lot of money doing that and packed a lot of it away into a savings account.

“But then gas prices started skyrocketing and I had to raise my prices,” Preston said.  “And then people stopped fixing things.  If they have a rusted-out tractor, they’d rather throw it away and buy a new one.  I charged sales tax, everything on the up and up.  And then three years ago, the state tax board says I can’t file my sales tax manually anymore, I have to do it by computer.  So that was the end of my business.”

It seemed like I was missing something.

“You could get somebody to file it for you by computer,” I said.

“No, I don’t do computers.”

“So you haven’t worked in three years?”

“No, I’m living off of savings.”

“Couldn’t you get a job working at a repair shop in Emporia?”

“After so many years being my own boss, I can’t work under somebody.”

It was a puzzle.  He could take apart a tractor engine and put it back together, but he couldn’t figure out a Windows Start button.  He could figure out how to make a living in a region that the money had deserted decades ago, and yet he can’t figure out how to use a mouse.  He carried within his memory all these stories about his great-grandfather, including the astounding one that after the Civil War, John H. Groves had walked the 230 miles from Sullivan County, Missouri, to Lyon County, Kansas–walked! after being wounded and listed on his Civil War pension as an “invalid”!–and yet he wasn’t even curious about the Internet.

These were mysteries that were just starting to unfold.

[To be continued]

Twitter Conversation as Found Art

  1. Eka @ekaterinagomez1 1 Oct

    @terryirving Alguien me dijo que #emprender era un #camino de quienes se revelan al #sometimiento ajeno, lo crees también?

  2. @terryirving warum? Ich würde gerne Ihre Meinung wissen. regards!!

  3. @ekaterinagomez1 weil ich keine Ahnung habe, was du sagst!

  4. @ekaterinagomez1 OH you said @ terryirving Someone told me that # undertake was a # way # who are revealed to alien subjugation, / Sure.


pirouetting giraffes made of lego | I would welcome a new friend if I could figure out her name…

At the still point of the turning world…/ There would be no dance, and there is only the dance.” – T. S. Eliot

[Terry: Don’t stop until the end. The poem at the end is worth the entire post. I’m just sayin]

night light

walking home from a school just behind where we lived was considered dangerous. neighbours were not to be trusted, and neither was my auntie (or, domestic helper, if you must), to bring me home safely because, i wasn’t “their child”. so i crossed roads in a school bus till i was 9, and suffered the silent judgment of a bus bursting with the cruelty of innocence for five mins, five times a week.
the year i turned thirteen, i took the public transport alone for the first time, and unsurprisingly, got lost. it didn’t occur to me to be fearful until i heard my mother’s panicky voice over the phone, “where are you? i’ll come and get you.” “no,” i replied, beginning to feel terrible for all the trouble that i was. “okay, then get off the bus and take a taxi home now,” she came close to screaming. but i refused. to flag for a taxi was to admit defeat, and i wasn’t ready to taste it just yet. no one told me that not all buses drove in loops. when i finally found myself at the gates of my house, i started choking up, not in fright, but out of pride. my mother embraced me and amidst all the admonitions (mostly, for not taking the taxi) told me she was proud of me.
on my first (self-paid) trip abroad alone, i was not allowed to stay in a hostel, or even a B&B, because it was “just too dangerous for a girl”, they said, and paid for my hotel room. my embarrassment, and perhaps even shame, were anything but shallow. i was thankful nonetheless, but couldn’t help but wonder, if danger came, perhaps, in the form of being a girl. my family is not well-to-do, but my mother lives in fear. she lives in fear of losing us, her children.
some nights, as we lay awake, me filling the space left by my father’s absence, she almost begs me not to leave. her anxious anger as she says aloud to no one in particular, that if anything happens to any of us, she too, will die, always surprises me after, when the arm she has draped across my ribcage grows heavy. i lie awake for time innumerable afterwards, familiarising myself with the rhythm of her breathing, keeping in tempo with her, as if to reassure us, i am still here. the bed is too large for the both of us, as we lie close, dividing it instead of waiting for it to divide us; and also, too small, for my mother’s love. in the darkness that swims behind my eyelids, i feel the warmth of the night light my mother has left on for me.
perhaps i have inherited and shrouded myself with this same fear of loss, developed the defences i believed would protect me from becoming too much like her. but these days, when the boys in the family laugh at her paranoia and wild imagination, i think about holding her hand, and telling her that a light has been left switched on for her, too.

via pirouetting giraffes made of lego | “At the still point of the turning world…/ There would be no dance, and there is only the dance.” – T. S. Eliot.

unbraiding sunlight

so, it’s only the second post, but i am ready to bail. i guess i do this quite often – get scared/freak out and bail on open “journals”, and perhaps, people, amongst other things, i’m sure. but, since i’m on a roll, doing things i wouldn’t normally do, i will persevere (:

a couple of weekends ago, my friends and i woke up insanely early and went trooping around some trail in an area i have never heard of, ever. here are a few photos from the day (: (although as with most things on this island, you can never seem to get nature alone, concrete’s always just some distance behind. (this is probably a terrible excuse for why most of the photos capture urban spaces.))


i think my pitch went up a few notches when i spotted this provision shop! i haven’t seen one of these in ages! i’m sorry if i sound terribly spoilt and/or like a country bumpkin, but i was overjoyed. i’m so glad they still exist (‘: i wonder if my children (if i ever have them) will know what a “mama shop” is. well, there’s always this photo, i guess? (:


on our way to find me a swing (i love swings very, very much), my lovely pals decided it would be fun to try out this see-saw looking device, except… it wasn’t a see-saw, and this is them trying to figure out how this contraption functions. hehe.

and, save the best for the last, they say! i actually attempted to write a poem inspired by this sighting, which left me in awe of the wonders He has planted around me/us, a (whaley) lovely card’s contents, and a friend. so, here goes nothing (:


He stands there
unbraiding the sunlight so
they may fall in Grace
and dance lightly
atop the aching
leaves whose hearts beat
darkness; gently clutching
weariness like weathered oak
wrinkled with memory
but also, faith, held close
against its bones.

Catching up with winston wolfrider | Challenged myself to travel 4000 miles across the USA on a budget of £2k for World Land Trust.


Maltesers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Erotic Hippo, horny antelope, holidaying giants and no Maltesers to celebrate

winston wolfrider

The adventure around Malawi was the first time Mother and Sister Wolfrider and I had been on a holiday together in over 20 years. The last time, Pappa Wolfrider was also present and it was a short weekend trip to northern France; where I lived for while as a child and where Sister Wolfrider was hatched. Apparently we bought her from the hypermarket, Mammoth, later she questioned this but we kept up the pretence. It’s where babies came from in France, everyone knows that. It was a blissful experience for my sister and I to join Mother Wolfrider on her first time south of the equator! At the age of, well, a healthy a age…I think she expected a fanfare, or at least a short message from the flight deck announcing our passing over the invisible line. I hadn’t realised that it was such a momentous occasion for her and in fact, I think I was asleep. If I had known, I at least would have packed a celebratory box of Maltesers!

I don’t think the Maltesers would have come close to the unforgettable experience that she had with her offspring, when fifty elephants entered our camp. You always dream of having the kind of experiences on safari that really are something to write home about. The three swiss chaps that went to the same spot as us just the week before didn’t see a single elephant and the highlight of their trip, we were told, was killing their own chicken before dinner – something they had apparently never done and I think they found the whole experience of killing and eating something, a rather humbling and important one.

So, within 30 seconds of entering Vwaza National Park in the north-west territory of Malawi, bordering Zambia, we were met with not just one, but two, massively oversized, humongous, healthy looking, great big backsides. Giant African elephant bottoms were staring us in the face from the bush. Quietly stationary, we gazed at what possibly were the largest arses we have ever seen. They then silently disappeared into the foliage. Amazing.

We slowly set up camp. Slowly, mainly because there were dozens of lazy hippo, warthog families, baboon babies, diverse bird life and various members of the antelope family wandering around the watering hole where we had just pitched up to. Putting up a tent wasn’t a priority when things like cracking open a bottle of gin, pondering dinner menus and hogging the binoculars were far more essential. We did however, manage to erect together a couple of tents, untidily throw our belongings inside and then methodically work through more important duties…”binocularing” and gazing at the earths most erotic of creatures, the hippo – what? Such healthy curves…



winston wolfrider | Challenged myself to travel 4000 miles across the USA on a budget of £2k for World Land Trust..

Dry Rivers or God Doesn’t Play Dice | Catching up with The Arkside of Thought

Dry Rivers (or God Doesn’t Play Dice)


I smoked the ashes

of the concubines I met in the hereafter,

and when the reality hit me

like an opium rush straight to my melon,

all I could hear was explosions;

all I could hear was laughter…

Wait, can you hear too?

Can you?

There are voices,


America wasn’t the great Satan;

that was a Cleric in bed with an oil tycoon from Texas

and cardinal from Rome

and a fashion mogul from Milan

and the Koch brothers…

Islam didn’t have an enemy in the Christian or the Jew…

and I didn’t have an enemy in you…

Suddenly I get it;

martyrdom is a myth

because omnipotence has entertained thoughts of universes

beyond this universe,

little baby bubbles born out of nightmares

made of the remains of dead stars

with voracious appetites,

and even Einstein knows the truth now,

the beast hidden in an equation,

the indifference of a god who has nothing to lose

because God doesn’t play dice…

God plays poker

with aces, kings, queens, jacks and tens

up His sleeves…

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Welcome to a new friend: Jordan Wells | The Voice Of The Prophetic Report

The Voice Of The Prophetic Report

Evangalist Jordan Wells  has been preaching the gospel since he was nineteen, and is a student and expert in the study of bible prophecy, and the endtimes. Evangalist Jordan Wells is currently  attending Crossroads Bible College were he has received a degree in leadership and Ministry, and graduating with his Bachleors Degree in Biblical Counseling. Once he is done with his studies there next year he will be enrolling to there graduate program that next semester. He has served as Associate Minister/Teacher/ Youth Leader at End Time Trumpet Ministries, among other churches. Evangalist Jordan Wells is a young man of God that has a deep love for the lost.  Jordan Wells was called to preach the prophetic word of God at the age of seventeen after experiencing death, from a drug overdose, and since then his life has been dedicated to the study of bible prophecy, and the endtime. He has spent thousand of hours in Biblical Prophecy research, and enjoys helping others in the understanding of the times in which we live. He is currently married to his young wife Latisha, and Co-Founder of the The Voice of the Prophetic Report Ministries. He calls his self the Co-founder, because Jesus Christ is the Founder. Evangalist Jordan Wells  keeps The Voice Of The Prophetic Report homepage updated with the latest EndTime News and Updates daily. The Partners of The Voice Of The Prophetic Report  are beloved for there support of the ministry. And even those that do not have the funds, but are fateful followers of the ministry. We say thank you for believing in what God is doing threw us, lets spread this Endtime message together, because the End Time is Now.

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The Voice Of The Prophetic Report is a ministry dedicated to reaching a lost world with the message of Jesus Christ, threw the teaching of bible prophecy. The Voice Of The Prophetic Report is a weekly radio show, that has been commissioned by the lord to preach, and teach bible prophecy, and to be a watchman on the wall, to all those with a ear to hear. The Voice Of The Prophetic Report, also donates to several charities all around the world. Tune in each week, for the latest in News, and prophetic teachings concerning the End Of The Age, and bible prophecy. The bible says, that those with knowledge of the times shall instruct many. Lets reach this world with the spreading of bible prophecy together, thanks for joining The Voice Of The Prophetic Report. We have also added our weekly news section, were we will be publishing articles concerning the fullfillment of bible prophecy in our daily news.  You can visit us directly at

When the lord called me to be a preacher of bible prophecy, and I started my research and study of the history of bible prophecy. One prophecy in the bible that the early church could not wrap there heads around was the prophecy of the mark of the beast found in revelation 13:15

15 The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. 16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark,which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.[e] That number is 666.

Which states that there would be a system set up by the Anti-Christ that would be cashless, and would be able to not only track were you were, but would also be able to number you, and that only with that number would you be able to buy or sell. Can you imagine hearing this prophecy two thousand years ago, before technology was even a word. They still used tangible money, and did not understand how a person could be number, and that number be the source of buying or selling. So for two thousand years, the church just walked by faith, and preached that this would occur just as the bible had predicted. Prophecy virtually dead for over a thousand years, but all of a sudden the bones in Ezekiel started developing meat after the event known as the Holocaust, and Israel pops back on the world scene after two thousand years of being without a home just as the bible predicted, and after years of persecution under the horrific reign of Hitler. So all those that predicted that Jesus would come back before Israel become a nation, did not understand bible prophecy. Because bible prophecy revolves around this one tiny nation, the seventieth week of Daniel, actually starts when Israel makes a peace agreement with the Palestinians, which is in the process of happening as we speak. So fast forward to the year 2013, we not only have the technology to make this prophecy a reality. We are actually seeing the technology that will be used for the mark of the beast, in our news daily. As of September 8, 2013, Iowa joins Mississippi, Florida and Idaho as participant states in the Records and Information from DMV’s for E-Verify (RIDE) program.The RIDE program allows the federal government’s E-Verify system to verify information from employees who submit a state driver’s license or state identification document in the course of the I-9 Employment Verification Process. Touted as a mechanism to fight identity fraud, RIDE seeks to boost the accuracy of the E-verify employment eligibility verification process. While RIDE does not incorporate photos from the individual state database, it does provide all information provided in connection with the issuance of the driver’s license and state identification document.A state-issued driver’s license or state identification document are two of the items from a list of choices that an employee can present to an employer as a “List B” document (to verify identity) in connection with Form I-9 verification. In 2011, E-Verify expanded its information sources to include driver’s licenses.RIDE allows employers to verify the information associated with a state issued driver’s license or identification card. This can help prevent unauthorized persons from using a fraudulently obtained document to obtain a job.

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Tankards-ws-300x225The gospel of God wants us to have riches, has become the gospel of a majority of the mega churches across the west. Thousands flock to hear the famous minister tell them of how the kingdom should be rich, and that God himself was rich. We are now seeing these men and when take there, circus acts to national television. Our latest circus act comes from  Nashville were a new reality show is set to launch this fall featuring a Gospel musician and his blended family, who claim that they were called by God to be rich. Ben Tankard is a best-selling jazz musician, who has won 12 Stellar awards for his instrumental Gospel albums, and has received multiple Dove and Grammy nominations. The Nashville-based musician is now poised to have his own reality show called Thicker Than Water, which will give viewers a glimpse into his lavish lifestyle.The network has also released a trailer that gives viewers a sneak peak into the life and belief system of the Tankard family. We will take a look at this video at the end of this article. This is not the only abomination that has been placed on TV, there is also a new show called Preachers Of LA, were a group of ministers make a mockery of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,  preaching the same gospel, which is that Jesus called us to be rich, and that when you accept Christ you can also enjoy heaven on earth now.

“We live life on the good side,” Ben Tankard states. “We live in a three-level mansion [with] seven vehicles to drive, plus I love my airplanes.”

His wife Jewel also explains that the family enjoys living large, and that she believes it is all a part of the will of God.

“[W]e will do everything big–his and her Mercedes, airplanes, houses,” she notes. “We’re just doing what God called us to do.

Jewel tells the audience that she came to believe that God wants Christians to be rich after observing a well-to-do pastor and his wife who adhere to the “prosperity gospel.”

“The first time that I realized God wanted us to be rich I was a senior in college, and I saw this phenomenal man and woman standing up preaching the word, and honey, there was nothing broke about them,” she states. “And I said, ‘O Lord, this is the Jesus I know.’” This entire family believes the same thing his son wants to surpass his fathers wealth, and wants to become a billionaire. These are just a few quotes from the article, when I started to read this article it brought tears to my eyes. Because this is not the gospel of Jesus Christ, this is a apostate Christianity, that the bible predicted would be the Christianity of the End Time 2 Thessalonians 2

Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to him, we ask you, brothers and sisters, 2 not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by the teaching allegedly from us—whether by a prophecy or by word of mouth or by letter—asserting that the day of the Lord has already come.3 Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness[a] is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. 4 He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.

In this chapter we see the Apostle Paul predicting that there would be a great falling away of the church, we also see in revelation 17, a false Christianity that will be lead by the False Prophet, that will work hand in hand with the Anti-Christ, and his one world government. These kind of so called Christians have no idea whats going on in there world, and are so far away from the will of God, that they would not know Jesus if he hit them in the face. Jesus Christ himself lived the life of a servant, and preached against that kind of lifestyle, because this was not the way of the kingdom.  Jesus at times did not even have a place to stay, and would room with sinners. Jesus taught servant hood, and humility, he is the one who introduced the fact that it was hardier for a rich person to go to heaven, that for a camel to go threw the eye of a needle (Mathew 19:24) The apostles before the holy spirit came had this same twisted thinking, when we see the apostle arguing for the greatest position in the coming kingdom, lets take a look.

Mathew 18:1-4

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