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Letters to Conrad ~ Twitter Tips and Hints. ~ | Welcome to new friends: Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew

The @winewankers Twitter account is growing quickly.  And I think they have a solid base of real followers to interact with.

Actually, from my interactions with Conrad before they joined Twitter, I knew that they are smart and would catch on quickly.

Andy Kaufman as Latka Gravas

Andy Kaufman as Latka Gravas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was also confirmed for me when he told me he’d worked in the computer industry for years.

The title of course was chosen for the humor in it, and to help out all people with twitter, not just Conrad, specifically.  I just knew he’d see the humor in it, and wouldn’t see it as condescencion.

So I declare Conrad and the @winewankers graduates of my Introductory Twitter course.

I will continue to write here under this byline as I learn new cool stuff, and I’d appreciate it if Conrad learns me some things that he knows that I don’t know yet.  😉

One thing that makes Twitter super easy for me, at least on my PC is TweetDeck.  It’s Twitter’s advanced UI, and is free.

You can easily break out your lists, multiple accounts (if you have them like me), set up priority feeds, and do everything you can do on Twitter.  Just in a streamlined manner.

TweetDeck Lists

For instance, I’ve set up my lists in individual feeds.  Here we have my aptly named Inner Kirkle feed.  And as you can see, it’s easy to respond quickly without digging through the lists on the regular Twitter UI, or going to your twitter homepage.

I can choose which account to tweet or RT from, or from all 4 accounts if I so choose.  Very handy as I have 2000 followers on @thewanderin poet, but another 300 or so individuals that are unique to the other 3 accounts that I can reach as well.

I also found a handy application called Vizify.

Vizify quantifies for you how effective your outreach is.  For me this is basically how often I talk to my friends, haha.

Although some others on there are on my Favstar list (what I call Twitter Comedians also), Empire Avenue, & Klout list.

But as you can see, most of my close friends from WordPress are in the circle.  As is @stevieboylan.

It pretty well conforms to my Inner Kirkle list, with additions.

That’s the @winewankers tucked down there under Eva’s Gravatar, haha.


The other 2 people in the innermost circle are Rick, and Vera.  They spend time Klouting and tweeting to #influence, amongst other hashtags.

Somehow by joining them @kred feels I am a professional marketer.  At least according to their lists.  I have no idea why.  But I feel sorry for the actual professional marketers I seem to be out-marketing without actual intent to do so, haha.


I’m number 17.  I have no idea what it means in the real world, as I’m not sure I influence all that many people.

I just hope to help my friends, and have some fun while passing the day as work is astonishingly slow.  We need some winter storms or something, haha.

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Welcome To the Jungle With Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew ~ The Wandering Poet

Howdy, and welcome to Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew ~ Featuring the Wandering Poet.

I am your host Kaufman’s Kavalkade.  I am also the various authors you see listed over on the right.  I like to use Nom De Plume’s.  Nom Nom Nom.

I share my poetry, tell the Tales of Captain Jones & the Madison, music videos that I like , silly music parodies that I write, have fun with  @StevieBoylan with our #WhereisSteveBoylan webisodes (He’s also a fantastic musician), impersonate Herb Caen (deceased Pulitzer Prize winning San Francisco Chronicle Columnist) very badly, write about social media, social issues, politics and whatever else we’d like to discuss with The KaDoh! Institute and award The Daily Good Cheer Award.

We also conquer the world with WordPress Risk.

Writing very long run-on sentences is a particular specialty of ours.

You can also ask me anything you want at all.  I cannot promise that I will answer every question.  But I probably will.  But it might not be a serious answer.  But it might be.

Oh we also blog about the racism, homophobia, hate speech & hateful language we encounter on City Data Forum.

Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew

Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew is comprised of 18 individuals.

Our most common denominator is that we are City Data Forum members fed up with the Racism, Homophobia and Hate Speech that we encounter on City Data Forum on a daily basis.

We blog about the racism, homophobia, hate speech & hateful language we encounter on City Data Forum.

We have the temerity to believe that an Internet Forum that claims to be one of the Top 5 Forums in the United States by unique individual clicks should enforce their Terms of Service as written, and not be the mini-Stormfront we encounter on a daily basis.

We call on the City Data Forum Administrator to instruct the City Data Moderation Staff to enforce the Terms of Service as written.


Rewrite the City Data Terms of Service to reflect the type of Internet Forum they are in reality.  The one that we have documented over the last 2 months, and continuing.

The Wandering Poet

I write poetry under the Nom De Plume of The Wandering Poet.  This poem describes my upbringing.

The California Kid

Hello, there
Nice to meet you
I am California Kid,
Standard issue
Raised to respect my elders
Take care of the disabled
Help the poor
Do unto others as you’d have done unto you
Live and let live
Respect the Constitution
Honor  veterans in our midst
Celebrate mom, baseball & apple pie
Pay taxes as due (grumbling under breath)
Work hard, play hard
Oh yes, don’t be racist, or discriminate
Combine that all and you have me
Moderate of practicality
Mixed with synergy
Standard Issue
Here in Great Central Valley

The KaDoh! Institute

 We also offer our views on social issues, politics, and whatever else we want to talk about  with commentary at the Kadoh! Institute.

The Kadoh! Institute was established to express the political, social, opinions of a political Moderate raised in California.

I’ve always classified myself as socially liberal & fiscally conservative.

Yes, the name pokes fun at The Cato Institute.  That is their building on the logo.  And Kato Kaelin’s hair.  As our logo is a Roman in a Toga with Mr. Bill’s head and Kato’s glorious mane of hair.

Yes, young people, we know Mr. Bill looks vaguely like Jack of Jack in the Box.  But it’s Mr. Bill.

We will also cover whatever topic springs to mind, much like our friend Renard Moreau does when he gets to Pondering.

We have taken the test located at The Political Compass which serves as our frame of reference.  In their multiple axis system, which measures Authoritarian v Libertarian & Communism v laissez fair capitalism we are Centrists leaning towards Libertarianism.

Here are are the results of famous World Figures and current politicians as calculated by the people at The Political Compass for context.

World Figures on the Political Compass

Much more — Click Here


A cut, a trim, and regular friendly conversation at Hairy Notions |Welcome to markbialczak


Entertainment. Sports. Life. Big ideas.

Mark Bialczak is a veteran journalist who has lived in the Syracuse area since 1983. Earlier this year, he was set free to write about whatever he wants.

Contact Mark at

Check out his twice-weekly film blogs at

In June, Reedy Press published “The Syracuse Fan’s Survival Guide to the ACC,” co-written by Mark and veteran basketball beat writer Mike Waters. Click here to buy the book.

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In November, 2013, I was nominated for:

blog of the year

And, twice:

Versatile blogger

Two days before Christmas, I was nominated for my second star on the Blog of the Year Award:

Blog of Year two starts

Also two days before Christmas, I was nominated by award originator Don Charisma to be one of the first recipients of the Inventive Blogger Award. The logo includes a cool photo of a German bridge:

Inventive Blogger Award

In June, Reedy Press published “The Syracuse Fan’s Survival Guide to the ACC,” co-written by Mark and veteran basketball beat writer Mike Waters. Click here to buy the book.

Become Facebook friends with Mark at

Follow Mark on Twitter at @mbialczak

Link with Mark at

Join circles at Google Plus at

In November, 2013, I was nominated for:

blog of the year

And, twice:

Versatile blogger

Two days before Christmas, I was nominated for my second star on the Blog of the Year Award:

Blog of Year two starts

Also two days before Christmas, I was nominated by award originator Don Charisma to be one of the first recipients of the Inventive Blogger Award. The logo includes a cool photo of a German bridge:

Inventive Blogger Award

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A cut, a trim, and regular friendly conversation at Hairy Notions

Before my 30 minutes in the chair, that beard is so untidy.

Before my 30 minutes in the chair, that beard is so untidy.

Some men get haircuts when they can’t stand the sight of Shaggy staring back from the mirror any longer.

Some men get their beards trimmed when birds and other little animals start to hover too closely.

I have my Vanity Appointment every four weeks, without hesitation. My tradition of haircut and beard-trim is so deeply rooted that I’ve given it a name.

For 22 years, I’ve visited Theresa Constantine at her Hairy Notions salon in North Syracuse like clockwork. My instructions are always the same, and Theresa is such a good stylist that she always asks nevertheless. Take a little off the top and a lot off the bottom. It’s a natural request, considering that I have way less on top than on my chin to begin when I walk in the place. Theresa confirmed for me yesterday morning that I have the fastest-growing beard of any of her clients.

And yes, certainly, she answered my question yesterday with that familiar bit of sarcasm in her voice, I am the most handsome, too.

My 30 minutes every four weeks sitting in Theresa’s styling chair are fun.

It started out very professionally, although when we first met, it was through my job, not hers.

While working for the big daily in 1991, I was assigned to write a story about a crew of local people who dressed up and reenacted Civil War battles. Theresa, being an actress in local theater in addition to owning Hairy Notions, hosted my interview with a handful of fellow Civil War reenactors at the shop.

I wrote the story.


On my 56th birthday, I wonder about my birth day

Some facts about the day I was born, mildly amusing and mostly useless. (From

Some facts about the day I was born, mildly amusing and mostly useless. (From

I just googled This Date in History for Dec. 14, 1957.

The site tells me it was a Saturday.

A slow day, according to

A play titled “Most Happy Fella” closed after 678 performances at New York City’s Imperial Theater. “Rumple” closed at the Alvin Theater after 45 performances. An American author by the name of Gary Ferris was born.

And, in a New York City hospital, a thin and quite-likely scared teenager pushed me out into this world.

I don’t remember much, not even from family remembrances on subsequent Dec. 14s.

My oldest sister, Francine, collected my baby pictures, taken before she was born.

My oldest sister, Francine, collected my baby pictures, taken before she was born.

I can piece together facts and snippets of things they did tell me: My mother was 19. My father was 20. I came a few weeks early. They had married 14 months prior. They met while working for the same company in Manhattan. Both their families lived in Greenpoint, a Polish neighborhood in Brooklyn. My dad was an only child. My mom had an older sister, but she and my uncle had no children yet.

I can imagine how bewildered and overwhelmed they all were at the arrival of this first child of their immediate families, no matter that marriages and kids more routinely came earlier 56 years ago.

They did their best within their world. I remember my dad taking me to corner bars and giving me a bag of peanuts and a real glass of Coke to keep me occupied as he socialized like a twentysomething. I remember my mom taking me with her to bingo, which somehow was a favorite even at her young age. It never once struck me that perhaps a kid my age shouldn’t be taken along to either of those places.

I was an only child until a sister came along when I was 8, and another when I was 10. I loved not being the sole focus anymore. I protected these darling little girls fiercely.

Of course I remember good times, celebrations, family victories.

But I also remember arguments, fights, bad behavior, frequent tension. Looking back through the prism of all these years, I think that somehow I was always on edge in the presence of one or both of my parents.


The average house wife | Welcome to a new friend: JDSelmser

In love with the idea of being in love

JD Selmser is the dreamer who traveled 8000 miles by plane then 500 miles by train just for a kiss and the possibility of love only for it to not be the one. (Hard to believe when I finally found her she was only 300 miles away). He is the guy who searches for magical sunsets, waterfalls and believes in true love, soul mates and kisses that take your breath away, with the support of his true soul mate. Eventually, inevitably, he ended up writing about romance and those things that go bump in the night. JD also loves animals and can be seen walking with his little dog Spazz, building model ships and searching for a new place in the world to discover.



Sarah decided that she did not want to work outside the house, but wanted to do freelance writing from home so that she could spent more time at home with the mini me. Now I am pretty open and supportive to this idea. I have always thought that a woman’s place in the home and relationship is exactly where she feels the most fulfilled no matter where it is. Sarah truly had the choice to just stay home or work full or part time. When I see how happy she is and how happy Wyatt is I know that she made the right choice.

Sarah has this idea that I am supporting her, but this is one of the few points that we do not see eye to eye. For me I see it as she is doing what’s best for our lives and our family. Who makes the money or how much less we make a month is not nearly as important as the fact that we have a happy family. Our kids do not see arguing or fighting, but they see two happy parents in love. Wyatt is an extremely bright and happy baby. Even though we had an absolutely amazing baby sitter, but she was not mom to our little bundle of joy. I can go to work and not worry about the little one. He is chatting as most babies are and I know that Sarah talks to him, she encourages him and as a mother is supposed to she adores him.  That is absolutely priceless.

The other day I was watching Dr Phil and there was a couple who made a similar choice. Honestly I was ashamed to be the gender as the guy. He seemed to look at the most important job a parent can do as more of sacrifice then an honor. When a man looks at the loss of income as a sacrifice rather than well-being of his family he has to re-evaluate his priorities. Sacrifice to me means sacrifice which is a cost that comes with regret. The well-being of my wife is family no matter what the requirement is not sacrifice that comes with regrets, but an honor.

My parent’s life was a lot simpler in a way because they knew that the needs of the family are more important than the extras. I cannot speak for the rest of you, but for too long I bought way too many extras. Not at the expense of the family’s needs, but definitely not things that I needed. I think as a culture we need to always remember that needs and wants are not the same. We need food, shelter and love, but a new cell phone, a faster laptop or 500 cable channels are wants not needs.

I want to end this with one final thought. The common house wife is the one that makes care of the house, guides their children and deserves all the acknowledgement and praise for the outstanding work they do. You can never judge accomplishments, importance or pride based on dollar and cents because money does not last forever ,but family will because your actions today will help guide who the generations after are and can be.

Also we have four kids so if I was at home I think some days there would be at least three kids duct taped to a wall.



Follow JD on Twitter @JDSelmser and sign up for his e-newsletter at

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My NaNoWriMo Entry part 2


After a few requests to post more I decided to post a few more chapters of my book “Little White Lies”

Chapter Two – A mystery of sorts

            I waited around and once visiting hours were over, I left. There were a lot more questions in my mind now, than when I arrived. First question I had amongst the long list was, who Stacey was and did I give her this book? Why had I written that letter? More secrets from the past, that’s all my life really was. I followed the motions pretending to be the man I used to be, but there were always more and more little secrets. As I left the building I must have been deep in thought as I never heard the clapping of high heels on the pavement behind me until she was just a few steps away. As I turned and looked there was Maria standing there mouth half open like she had something to say, but couldn’t put the words together.

From my jacket pocket I grabbed a cigarette and fought the wind to light it. As soon as the smoke hit the air, she curled her nose and just stared at me. I took the hint and tossed it aside. I know it’s a filthy habit and I have been trying to quit for years, but it’s one of my many weaknesses. She had this apologetic look in her eyes and muttered, “Mr. Skuce you did not have to stop smoking on my account.”


Taste treat Curious About Gunung Padang, Cianjur | Catching up with

About motorcycles, traffic, music, internet,

People can not be called intelligent if it can not write“, that’s one phrase I remember from my father, a writer. The world has changed, no longer have to write in magazines, newspapers, or books. Now I try to write on some blogs that I manage, as my media to continue to learn to write, and little sharing of knowledge and experience, and at the same time continue the family tradition.

The main topic of this blog is about the two-wheeled automobile, but it is not binding. Sometimes I also write about things related to traffic, photography, internet, music, and others. Please be advised, this is a personal blog.

For colleagues who want to contribute on this blog, it could be an article or a photo, streetshot, spyshot, etc. please send an email to info [at]

Also follow this blog updates via Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you for visiting. . .

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Taste treat Curious About Gunung Padang, Cianjur

situs megalith gunung padang - cianjur

Indomoto had long wanted to see the site of the megaliths near Mount Padang, which supposedly is a man-made pyramid. According to recent news, the site is thought to have come from 11 thousand years BC. This means the site is older than the pyramids of Egypt were there.

Now begins the curiosity, so when a friend through BBM group invited to Mount Padang, spontaneous Indomoto stating come dong“.

Journey to Gunung Padang

The journey begins from Cariu approximately 10 am . In Cianjur , stopped at a mosque near the bus terminal , to perform Friday prayers and snacks plus ngebakso fruit cobbler . The journey continues through Highway Cianjur – Sukabumi . Reached the village there Kondang point signpost showing the direction towards Mount Padang , we then turn to the left .

Unfortunately the condition of the track is less friendly . Many holes in the road surface . Sometimes have off-road because the pavement is up peeling .

Passing this point should be extra careful , because a lot of ” U ” turn along the road uphill . At some point there was an avalanche of former land scattered on the road , making the road became very slippery , especially in the rainy season as it is today .

Finally , the distance is only 20 miles had to be taken more than an hour , and quite tiring .

Megalith site

Entrance to Gunung Padang Megalith site is apparently very, very cheap, at only Rp . 2.000 , – per person . Indomoto genuine surprise with the price of the ticket . A nearby resident advised us to take a guide . In addition to an explanation of the site , also to prevent things that are not desirable . There is no tariff for guides , seikhlasnya alone .

tiket masuk situs megalith gunung padang - cianjur

To reach the location of the site, we had to climb through the ladder. The guide (I forgot to ask her name) gave two options, going through a steep incline (180 meters) or a slight uphill (300 meters). We were with a confident choosing steep inclines.

Later we were sorry with our choice. He he. . . what is not, it turns out tanjakannya steeper than we had anticipated. Completely drained of energy. We had to stop several times to take a breath. Fortunately the guide patiently waiting for us.

situs megalith gunung padang - cianjur

Up above, not just the sick calves and thighs, the head was dizzy. Indomoto finally forced to lie on the grass used to restore depleted energy.

But the struggle is really worth what we get here. The scenery is beautiful, the site of Mount Padang is surrounded by 5 mountain. Wherever we mengengok, we will see sebuh mountains in the distance. Natural cool air. . . Eeehhh. . . might be more accurately described very cold. He he. .

On this site there are thousands of stone in the form of blocks, most with pentagonal cross section. About this section pentagon, according to the guide us, nothing to do with the 5 mountains that surround the site of Mount Padang. Many stones are irregularly scattered, but some are very regular.

situs megalith gunung padang - cianjur

In some blocks , the stones produce a high-pitched voice when beaten , possibly due to the very high iron content . Voice rocks produce different tones , so the possibility is also used as an instrument in the days past .

Hmm . . . coke taste there can be no natural phenomenon or geological processes that can produce highly irregular sites like this . Indomoto believe this site is hand made . Let only those members who have to prove it scientifically .

We searched this site as Pictures. . . to update the status of the course. LOL .

Approximately five o’clock hour , we descended from the site of Mount Field . In our parking lot a short break while enjoying boiled noodles , which feels more pleasure in this kind of air conditioner .

Six and a half hours , we started way back towards Cianjur . Unexpectedly , travel stressful enough . Street is very dark , no lights illuminated at all . And the fog was beginning to go down , so the asphalt surface barely visible because of thick fog prevented .

Indomoto should terkaget – bemused when to pass the corners of the felt sharper than when last departure day .

Lesson that I took while traveling home from this site is : do not come home too eve of this site.



TVS Apache Modification

From the Facebook group TMC ( TVS Motor Community ) National , a member who identified himself as an Apache showcased Sibolang mount . This unique motor using trellis like motorcycle brands neighbor .

Teralisnya glance pretty neat installation . Deliberately removed the air scoop that can be fitted perfectly trellises , as well as that teralisnya look more prominent .

In addition to trellises , bro Sibolang Apache has also been applied monoshock . According to the owner , monoshock using parts ori have Vixion , sitting on the swing arm ori have Byson .

Not only that , the front also did not go unnoticed . Shock using ori Byson . Clearly more robust than the default Apache shock . Headlamp and handlebar steering again using part Byson .

To be more ferocious again , exhaust ori Apache should be retired . Mosok not a scary motorcycle sound ? Bro Sibolang rely on muffler F4 . Not only the sound , of course , certainly also boost performance .

How fibrosis , not cool ? Oh yeah . . . Sibolang suggestion for ya bro . Horse love the name ” Apason ” aja . Wk wk wk . . .

What’s Son ?



Depths of DMW Lewis

Hello lovers and livers (the other kind of liver, if that’s even a word?) of all things literary!  I’m Dave, aka DMW Lewis, and thanks for visiting my page.  You seriously rock.  Why a three letter acronym you ask?  Because I have a very common name and needed to separate myself from the pack.

I’m a quirky and creative fellow from the suburbs of Denver with voices in his head.  No, not the bad kind of voices, but the good kind–author kind.  The kind that start flowing onto the pages and you can’t control them.  I love telling, hearing, reading, and watching crazy stories or just amazing stories in general.  I have quite a few under my belt at the ripe age of 26 with many more antics to come, though I’m afraid at times.

Originally an English major at Colorado State University with long dreams of becoming an author, one day it hit me that I didn’t need said degree to write and switched to something “practical” in order to find a job out of school for sure.  Didn’t quite workout.  Finished a Master’s Degree in something else practical in 2011.  Kind of worked…kind of, though I’ve been fighting horrible job luck and spells of unemployment since graduating.  If only they’d give a refund when the degree doesn’t work.  In the meanwhile I’m living the dream of every dreamer and writing until I drop.

Currently seeking representation for my forth manuscript, YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi XAKK MARKS THE SPOT: THE INFINNA-NET PIRATES OF MEDIALUNA.  See its page for the down low.  I’m super close to finding a very special agent and have been reviewed several times in full.  With plans of a full series with Xakk and his band of new age band of pirates, I’m also working into other titles as well.

The goal of my blog is to provide writing tips and tricks of the trade from professional blogs, post the kooky things that pop up in my mind on a regular basis, and most importantly build my platform as I grip into what’s today just a dream, tomorrow a reality (fingers crossed fingers crossed).

Add me on Twitter DMWLewis@DMWLewis

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Bartholomew Daniels |One of the tigers from

Bartholomew Daniels is an avid book collector and it was through his purchase of a wooden chest of unwanted novels and forgotten papers at an estate sale in Illinois last year that he made the extraordinary discovery of several lost Shakespeare journals.The Author, Bartholomew Daniels

Bartholomew is also a close friend of novelist Dan O’Shea, who encouraged him to set about editing these manuscripts so that modern readers might be able to thrill to them also.

Bartholomew Daniels said: “Shakespeare the writer is the colossus of English literature. But Shakespeare the man is an enigma. These manuscripts I’ve been privileged enough to discover and edit cast new light on Shakespeare’s secret life as a
detective in the cut-throat world of Elizabethan England.”

Bartholomew Daniels was from his mother’s womb untimely ripped on April 23, 1959. The Chicago-area writer is a long-time Shakespeare aficionado, and sees the chance to edit the Bard’s lost journals detailing Shakespeare’s unfortunate adventures as an unwilling Elizabethan gumshoe as the chance of a lifetime.

Mr. Daniels can be reached online at or you can follow him on Twitter as @BardBoiled.

In real life, due to legal entanglements and security concerns surrounding the lost manuscripts, Mr. Daniels lives at a secure, undisclosed location.

Exhibit A Books by Bartholomew Daniels

Rotten at the Heart (April 2014)

via Bartholomew Daniels |

Rotten at the Heart by Bartholomew Daniels

Who better to solve a crime than the keenest observer of human nature in history?

Rotten at the Heart is the first in a series of Shakespearean mysteries featuring and narrated by the Bard himself.

London, 1596. With his patron’s mysterious death leaving Will on the brink of ruin and eviction, he’s forced to fall back on his own inimitable powers of observation in order to ferret out the killer and in so doing unravel a conspiracy that goes straight to the beating heart of the court of Queen Elizabeth I.

Rooted in historical fact and written in Will’s own accessibly Elizabethan voice, Rotten At the Heart explores the intersection of religion, politics, and corruption, and underscores the sacrifices that honour demands when a troubled man finally discovers his own.

Introducing Wm. Shakespeare: Detective.

For fans of David Liss and, of course, Shakespeare himself…

Praise for William Shakespeare:

“The great master who knew everything”
Charles Dickens

intense passionate artwork |Welcome to a new friend: Samm Cohen

The Artist

Samm Cohen Profile ProfessionalI’ve been making intense passionate artwork since before I could even write words. I have always been captivated by powerful images. As my family often used images to convey individual style and communicate perspectives, I learned early and continued to pursuit the refinement my expressive technique for my full lifetime, seeking to convey my truth through imagery.

Color and line, filled with ardor, pushed across the surface with explosive emotion. My work has been described as “visceral”, ” fearless, perceptive, emotional”, ” deep and vivid”. Emotion is openly explored. Moods can be discerned while context remains a mystery; the feeling is explored but the backstory left for the viewer to fill-in, perhaps with their own narrative. Color, texture, surface, even medium, serve to delve into emotions and invite the audience in. In this way, my art is merely a mirror; every viewer gets an unrepeated, unique and fulfilling experience. Indeed, I am told sentiment and self-actualization are Rosetta Stone for understanding this body of work.

During my vocation as a visual artist, I have explored many media, including painting, sculpture, photography, fabric and jewelry design, as well as some others. I have also discovered more experimental work using digital imaging to create hybrids that fuse multiple media sources into a coherent images. Sometimes I use words, in poetry as well as parts of paintings and jewelry. Whatever feels genuine and pertinent to the message being aesthetically conveyed. I have also expanding into other creative realms, particularly music (see my work with band: ALIENS).

SorrowEye.blueAs I study and transform my expression, I have also studied psychology from many angles and believe in the importance of each of us working on ourselves. I also believe the greatest privilege a person can be endowed is the ability to help other people through special talent or understanding. I achieved my master’s degree in Creative Art Therapy in 2006 in order to help patients more deeply explore the relationships between image and emotion in a clinical setting. I’ve used the process of art making to help patients achieve better treatment outcomes from psychotherapy. As an artist, this single experience has greatly enhanced my own work more than any other by allowing me to take a peek into the emotional lives of others and discover universal motifs within the subconscious mind. The visual language of emotion has underlying cohesiveness that spans across culture, language, and even subjective experience. It is this visual language of emotion that I seek to uncover.

via Jewelry with Purpose | Samm Cohen.

Jewelry with Purpose


I used to sit in my high school classes intense and absorbed, as I doodled small pictures of inspired jewelry made of wire and stones that I would work on when I went home.  On weekends I would go to Star Magic in Manhattan and buy varieties of quartz for jeweled consumption.  Not that I was a bad student, I did well in school and was interested, but not with the passion that I had for making things.  Especially small things I could wear around my neck or wrist or finger.  I grew older and took classes in things like metal smithing and worked in NY’s Diamond District bezel making, learning many things and seeing elegant things.  But it wasn’t until I interned at a ceramics place that I really re-questioned why jewelry has to be made out of those  traditional metals and seemly arbitrarily expensive stones cut in typical shapes.  And while that experience was important to my growth as a foundation, I felt free to springboard into refreshed materials.  After all, there are beautiful qualities in many things that maybe I did look at too hard before, that if brought out right, I could see.  Stuff that I might discard, that would be considered junk.  So I’m not going to give you an long brooding altruistic speech about how the garbage we produce is at a rate of over a billion pound a day in America or how we were taught that and teach that not to fix or value things as we push to have the newest whatever, which is of course true and important, but Id rather focus on all the beauty that is everywhere waiting to be exhumed.  This to me add extra meaning to re-purposing things that seemed to fade into the background before.


Sorrow Eyes: A study in evolving emotions through change of method

I started working on this series last year, after a comment was passed by a dear friend and artist, Blake Sandberg, about an oil painting of mine that struck him.  He told me that he was interested in seeing how he could see this image in different forms.  So, I began to work on ways of retaining the delineated mood while creating something new with each painting–varying shapes, dis-similar sizes, uncommon colors, or mismatched surfaces; I think each one has a different spirit.


Use things. Love people. Don’t switch.| Welcome to a new friend: Evelina Galli –

I cared about colors and clothes even before I could talk and walk. In my blog I am expanding my viewpoint to other aspects of life as well , such as clothes, beauty, food, movies, books, art, music…but all from the fashion addicts point of view and with a fashion flair!i

Evelina Galli

Evelina Galli


I cared about colors and clothes even before I could talk and walk. In my blog I am expanding my viewpoint to other aspects of life as well , such as clothes, beauty, food, movies, books, art, music…but all from the fashion addicts point of view and with a fashion flair!i

via Evelina Galli – Use things. Love people. Don’t switch..

Great Gatsby 2.0

“I like large parties they are so intimate, there is no privacy in the small parties…”

Evelina Galli Great Gatsby

I adore this quote by Jordan from Great Gatsby, one of my favorite books that now seem to hunt me everywhere I go.  My Facebook friend Sue Wong, who is a very talented designer posted one of her designs photographed in a way that was inspired by the Great Gatsby parties. As soon as I saw it, I wished to dress like that and go to one off those parties.

Evelina Galli Great Gatsby



NY Fashion Week: Amish Metrosexual

New York Fashion Week just ended…time to reflect.

Were women’s trends more exciting or men’s ?


While womens’ fashion is always full of new ideas that might become a trend,  I thought the coolest trend was in the menswear –The bare feet, no socks trend  with noticeably shorter pants. As my friend labeled it the Metrosexual Amish look.FRANK AND OAK_130908_5922Edit

I feel he has all the rights to label this trend since he was one of the pioneers who originated this trend by being very tall & living in a one of the California’s Surf towns ( so all ready-to-wear pants are short on him and he hates socks ) . So even though he has to wear suit to work everyday he courageously omits his socks. Coworkers call his style Amish , I call it metrosexual, he calls it  Amish Metrosexual. I feel it perfectly reflects the essence of trend!


The apparent enthusiasm with which men embraced this trend makes me think of women during the roaring 20es, when they could wear short skirts and show their legs.

Does this trend brings the same sense of Liberation for men ?

Micropoetry | Catching up with Listen for the Reverb

Listen for the Reverb


Yellow painted umbrellas dance on
the streets, collecting rain in
their upturned arms. Curled
by the winds and caught up
in November’s cold skies.

via Micropoetry | Listen for the Reverb.

3 Pillars of Selling More Books Online | Digital Book World

The 3 Pillars Of Selling More Books

by Beth Bacon

Strategies for creating best sellers take time.

Strategies for creating best sellers take time.

In the digital book marketplace, individual authors fight in the same ring with legacy publishers. The big publishers have an advantage: the power of their reputations grabs the notice of readers. Indie authors and publishers struggle for any attention at all. The “little guys” can overcome this disadvantage if they build their careers around three strategic pillars: brand curation, relationship marketing, and, finally, creating quality books.

Pillar 1: Brand Curation

Successful authors don’t just write books. They build their careers. Bestselling authors don’t become a household name on the sales of just one book. (Okay, there’s Harper Lee, but To Kill A Mockingbird is an epic exception). Successful writers become known within their niche. They build series, work in a single genre, and develop a clear, focused brand.

Know your audience

Authors who sell a lot of books know their readers. Elmore Leonard recently passed away at age 87. In its eulogy of the late, great crime writer, the business radio show Marketplace ran an old interview with Leonard  in which a reporter suggested he should write about Wall Street. After all, he joked, the place is full of criminals. “But I don’t write that,” Leonard replied without even pausing, “My people don’t have stock. I think it’s the most boring thing in the world.” Leonard knew his audience and wrote for them specifically.

Center it all on your website

A major part of curating a great career is running an effective web site. High-selling authors treat their online presence like it’s the hub of the universe—because, for their fans, it is. Take a look at John Green’s Tumblr page. Green is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, and other YA novels. His posts are fun, educational, and often have nothing at all to do with his books. But they all have everything to do with the worldview of his teen audience. Green uses YouTube and Twitter and a bunch of other social media vehicles as avidly as the  teenagers who read his books. But his single Tumblr web site connects to them all. It’s his hub, the one solid place his fans can track the many balls that John Green juggles.

Be yourself

Finally, to have a great career as a writer, don’t be trendy, be yourself. Erotica is big right now. But if you are more comfortable writing PG romances, don’t add titillating scenes just to jump on the racy bandwagon. Stick with your voice, be true to your own sensibilities. Readers are very canny at picking up inauthenticity.

For the Rest of the Story – Click Here

via 3 Pillars of Selling More Books Online | Digital Book World.

Smashing! I’ll Stick With The Numbers. | Yay , Imagineer-ing is back!

“Smashwords”?  Or is it “Smash my plans”?

I would normally not write this until the whole process of investigation, query and (hopefully) resolution was complete.  It is, however, something which I’m truly angered by.  Looking at my Smashwords Dashboard, which is a daily habit, I have again discovered some of my ebooks have been removed from their “Premium catalogue”!  This means that they won’t be distributed to partner bookstores, like kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes, and so on.  I’m not sure how that works, as they had already passed muster and been distributed to these places!  In fact, some have been there since late last year!  So why, in the first place, have these books been reviewed again?  They had already gotten through the Smashwords “Autovetter” and human review, and declared perfectly acceptable!  Up to 9 or 10 months ago!  Whatever the accuracy of the cause for retraction might be, this behaviour can only be described as mystifying.   As to the cause?  Well, it’s the same in every case.  Puzzlingly, the declared problem only applies to some, not all, of my books.  Why is that puzzling?  Well, the simple answer is that every single one of my book manuscripts was created using the same software!  Software designed specifically to produce Word doc files that meet the format demands of Smashwords!

I believe a friend has made a very important observation.  It applies to just about every online ebook publishing site out there, for a variety of reasons!  They seem to forget that 50% of the company’s business relationship base is the authors!  Without authors, they have nothing to sell!  It doesn’t matter how many readers visit them, or how many “partners” (I.e. retailers) they have!  Without us, they have no product.  They should think on that!

Now, I have to go back to waiting for answers from various quarters.  I hope that the response I receive from Smashwords is a whole lot more polite than the last time I raised an issue with them!

+++Late news+++

The indications seem to be that a single setting in Jutoh may have caused this problem.  However!  I maintain that no such problem would have existed for the books concerned if they hadn’t suddenly been reviewed again.  So it would seem that something has changed in the “Meatgrinder” formatting software used by Smashwords and they decided, for some very strange reason, to revisit some books that had already passed muster!  Indeed, I can honestly say that I haven’t heard of anybody else facing this extra work!

A Question of Numbers

You’re probably sick of my fascination with statistics!  Please bear with me for a very short entry, though.

The blog is up to almost 10,400 views since its birth!  From a mere trickle of comments on posts, we’re closing on 1,400.  The number of direct Followers has risen to almost 500, and a further 1,400 on Twitter, 400 on Facebook (for the Imagineer-ing page) and 30 on Tumblr (rounding the figures).  I also have nearly 240 Friends on my personal Facebook page and a considerable number more than 500 contacts on LinkedIn.  I’ll not go into followings on other networks! As anticipated, average daily numbers declined during the Summer months.  As a trained statistician, I wouldn’t make any real assumptions of views of the blog based on a year’s figures.  In fact, I’d prefer to have ten years of data!

As an aside, no, I’m not one of the modern statisticians who seem to think that it’s worthwhile quoting figures based on a handful of survey respondents, like on the majority of TV ads!  They should be ashamed!  Any statistician knows that any sample below a certain level is absolutely no use.  90% of 138 means absolutely nothing!  Even if it does make a product sound good!  Just come back when your sample size is in the thousands!

I’d just like to issue a big Thank You!

~ Steve

via Smashing! I’ll Stick With The Numbers. | Imagineer-ing.


{Terry:  Two things to remember, Steve.

1) As far as Smashwords, never assume malice when simple incompetence or the use of a computer is involved.

2) Why would you EVER think that a TV Ad Writer would be ashamed?  I know them and it’s not physically or psychically possible. My personal favorite statistician is Paul Ryan who managed to project economic statistics out 60 years (when 99% of economists won’t go past 5)]

Stop Calling Me Stop Stalking me – Shakaya | Catching up with charlottecarrendar

Stop Calling Me Stop Stalking me – Shakaya

stop callin me, callin me
please stop stalking me, stalking me
just a fantasy, fantasy
that you have with me

well im dressed ready for a night with the girls
hair stiff with gel for my curls
not out for hooks just for a look
she lied as she tried to introduce me to her friend
i shook his hand and said “i gotta man”
from the look that he gave
a woman that he craves
im just tryin to behave yeah


at home, a knock on the door
then the phone, pick it up some breathing then a tone
check the door but whoever was there is gone
who knows who left the letter with the rose
regret it dont forget i got a man at home
my point ya gotta leave me the hell alone!


don’t call me on my phone (who gave you my number?)
tell me how did you find my home (my girls say your a sucker)
your causing trouble for me and my man understand
(understand understand)
i’ll never be your woman yeah!

via Stop Calling Me Stop Stalking me – Shakaya | charlottecarrendar.

Social Media Hiatus | Realm Play

Social Media Hiatus—What I Learned

Rare Newborn Zonkey in Good Health

Writing breaks suck! There is no other way to sum it up. The choice to break from social media to heal was helpful, but forcing myself to break from writing was torture. The inner writing demons are not happy. Here are some things I learned:

1. Boredom can lead to cross-breedingcreating zonkeys. The genius behind this is a real zack-ass.

2. Benders are overrated. Except coffee ones.

3. Windows 8 hates me.

4. There are so many more types of Solitaire computer games (Pyramid, Tri Peaks, Klondike). Love them all.

5. Rocky movies never get old. I imagine The Expendables won’t get old either. Sly still has it!

6. Sky Cloud makes me picture my data in the sky on a cloud every time I see the phrase.

7. Low Winter Sun is one of the coolest titles for a cable series.

8. Ray Donovan is one of the best show’s this year (it’s right up there with squeezable grape jelly).

9. Commercials look more like movie trailers these days.

10. Clearly, I watched too much t.v.

11. If you fudge your age, eventually you will have to do the math.

12. There was too much time on my hands for me to make a list like this.

So happy to be back!

via Social Media Hiatus—What I Learned | Realm Play.

Writer Unboxed » How to Create Your Perfect Pen Name

How to Create Your Perfect Pen Name

(The True Story of Terry Irving Became Mike N. Mauss is at the end.)

Bill Ferris on Aug 17 2013 | Filed under: Humor

Nom de plume. Pseudonym. Literary double. Even the term “pen name” has pen names. Now you’re thinking of using one; maybe your real name is hard to spell, or you want to differentiate your brand, or you don’t want your ex-wife to know about some extra income. You thought naming a baby was hard? Try naming yourself when there’s money and fame at stake. Robert Galbraith nearly died of starvation before J.K. Rowling gave him a cot and fed him three squares a day. Then there are genre concerns — you can’t write about a street-smart private eye if your pen name is Mellificient Elfwing, and Dashiel Hardcase presents problems if you’re writing fantasy about unicorns. Here are some time-tested methods to create a pen name that will be more famous and successful than whatever nonsense is on your birth certificate.

Nom de plume

photo by Amy Strachan

Method 1: Found Object

Picture your protagonist’s bedroom. What’s the first thing she lays eyes on when she wakes up in the morning? If you write horror, it could be a writhing eldritch horror creeping toward…yikes, let’s start over. If you write YA, the first thing your protagonist sees is probably a book — nobody loves books as much as protagonists in young adult novels. From there you can free-associate names like Henrietta Papercut or Penelope Inksmudge or Elizabeth Spinecrack or Angelique Deadtree or Daphne Dustjacket. Easy as pie. (Those names are up for grabs, by the way. You can claim them in the comments section.)

If you come up with Ke$ha L. Ron Rico, please stop writing, because you have terrible taste in everything.

Method 2: Use a Formula

Quick, what’s the first name of your protagonist’s favorite singer? What’s the first initial of your least-favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Now tell me your favorite brand of liquor. For me, Robert Plant plus Raphael plus Kraken rum gives me Robert R. Kraken — I’ve already harangued my parents for not giving me this name. You’re on the right track if you end up with something like John D. Morgan or Nico R. Dubonnet. If you come up with Ke$ha L. Ron Rico, please stop writing, because you have terrible taste in everything.

Your pen name will need her own website and Twitter account. Her own book tour. Her own wardrobe. Family history. Government-issued ID card. Passport. Swiss bank account. A chalet in the Alps far from your obligations and creditors.

Method 3: Easy as A, B, C (but mostly A)

Method 4: The Mary Sue

For the Rest CLICK HERE – Writer Unboxed » How to Create Your Perfect Pen Name.

[Terry: As for Mike N. Mauss, it was extremely complicated. My dog’s name is Mike and the cat’s name is Mouse. Mike ‘n Mouse. Mike N. Mauss.]

Grumpy Cat Nail Art | Geeks are Sexy Technology News

That Cat Makes A Lot More $$$ Than You Do!

grumpy cat

via Grumpy Cat Nail Art [Pic] | Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

Lounge Talk Radio Live TONIGHT! – Catching up with Gretchen Cooper Toni Slate

Great news today for Lounge Talk Radio!  Jia Jiang is the master of the art of rejection with his 100 days of rejection therapy,Ted Talk, speaker at The World Domination Summit and much more….His viral Krispy Kreme video has 5,166,965 views!!! Jia has tweeted to us “I am rooting for your venture to succeed!” and he said YES to making a video shout out promotion for LTR..WHY? Because we were unafraid to ask and possibly be rejected! Thanks for making our day, Jia!

Today, August 17, 11:00 PM EDT

Gretchen Cooper Toni Slate originally shared:
Hang out with Lounge Talk Radio! We invite you to join us for a good time! Chat, shout, request songs and books, have fun!  The celebration begins at 10:00 p.m. on Blog Talk Radio and Twitter then, at 11 p.m. , we’re movin’ the party to Google Hangouts.
Open Song and Video Dedication – Saturday Nights 10-12 pm Central  For details see our website.

via Lounge Talk Radio Live! – Google+.

Nixon’s resignation letter – Boing Boing

[Terry: I know this reminds me of something, but I can’t quite think of what. It’s right on the tip of my brain…]

via Nixon’s resignation letter – Boing Boing.



“How do you want to be remembered? “- |Welcome to a new friend: Steve Fox

SFoxWriting’s Blog

Number 1 Blog From Top Poet

Hello and welcome to my blog,

My name is Steven Fox,

I am a telecommunications test engineer by trade but i have recently gotten into the amazing world of writing. Through the help and shared efforts of a great friend i was able to write and publish a poetry book.

My next project is an adventure novel which is currently in the planning stage.

I hope to use my blog as a way to test my ideas and show the world that it isn’t all about what you see at first glance.

I aim to give you a greater understanding of how writing can positively effect your life and overcome issues you may have with the world or yourself. I hope to open your eyes to important news stories and maybe show you a different view point on a highly opinionated topic.

Follow and comment on my blog

Buy and advertise my book

This Is What Saved Me

This Is What Saved Me

Like my blogs facebook page

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I hope you all enjoy reading my blog and if so please leave a comment and share it with your friends and family.

have a great day.

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Tessa Hayman Interview ( Art & Photography)

Hello again to my blog , this blog is about a friend of mines art and photography work and is an interview with myself asking some questions and getting Tessa to hopefully inspire a generation.


1.      So Tessa what made you get into art and photography?

I first got into drawing because of my family. I have been drawing since well as far back as I can remember. My mum used to sit and draw the landscape on holidays and I would have access to her materials or have my own and I was allowed to draw whatever I wanted. I painted in playgroup and progressed slowly from there. Art was a big subject in both schools I attended and the teachers were really supportive.

2. Who growing up may have influenced you onto your current career path?

I think I was exposed most to art within my own house where I had my mother, sister,  brother, godfather and other artists work was displayed. We had so many pieces of art that we had to have them on rotation. My parents also had a painting from their wedding rather than a photo on the wall.

3. Where did you grow up and what was it like ?

For the Rest of the Story Click Here

Fortitude Is Growing!


Hey guys and girls!

Thank you for stopping by my blog again, first of all id like to thank everyone who paid interest in my last post about Fortitude , for details see here.

I am delighted to announce that currently on our facebook group we have 32 members from around the world that are helping towards our cause.

The cause

We intend on making Fortitude a global brand for  people in the following industries ” writing,poetry,photographers,artists,agents,advertising,music”. Also we look at people from outside of these areas if we think they will offer something to the group. As a group we intend to release books together with combined efforts and areas of expertise to reach the top of our games and produce something amazing. We are currently working on our first project as a group so please get in touch, its never to late to join. We are more like a family than a group and full of friendly people.


Current Publications

As of yet we only have one book published as a group , however we are working on a joint second one , we also will publish individual work with all rights and money going to the original writer ! Please find the first book here

You can also find information about the first book here

Current Members

For Much More Click Here

A raw view on life |welcome to a new friend: Daniel

Grow up proper

Hello dearly beloved,

My name is Daniel and this is my blog.

As the name might suggest this blog is dedicated to properly growing up, but worry not, this is not a blog for children (the subjects are very much mature). The reason why I dedicate this blog to growing up is that, after 21 years of life and 3 years of personal development it has become my understanding that many people get big, but they don’t grow. In our society children are raised by bigger children and become big babies themselves.

I remember, when I was a child, looking at the adults around me and being unable to find a single person who has accomplished anything they considered to be meaningful in their lives. It occurred to me that their biggest feat was having children (and before that marriage). Young people made it a purpose of their lives to find a spouse and once they found him or her they got married.

And then they no longer had a purpose so they made a child and lived their lives for the sake of that child’s well-being. These decisions were not theirs. The motivation for these decisions was simply that this is the path everybody else takes. I couldn’t help but notice how unhappy they were, how much they longed for their wasted past.

I realized at a rather young age that if each and every parent sacrificed their dreams and ambitions for the sake of their children then no child of man would ever achieve his dreams. It had occurred to me that, if I followed my parents’ example, I would be throwing myself in the misery of regret and condemning my own children to a similar path.

In my quest to change my life situation I realized that such a feat may only be achieved by changing oneself. You cannot flip a switch and change your life, but you can change yourself and your life will change accordingly.

In order to change myself I first had to understand myself. So I started analyzing how I thought, how I felt, how I spoke, how I walked, how I dressed, how I reacted to others, how I lived my days.

The more I understood myself the more I realized I needed to change and to this day I am still on the path of growth. I have made it my purpose in life to continuously grow and develop until the day I die.

It is my belief that anything you could possibly desire out of life you can obtain if you dedicate yourself to growing up little by little, day by day.

It is obvious that one can become a millionaire if he dedicates the 40+ years of his adult life towards building wealth!

It is obvious to me that one can become a champion at anything if he dedicates enough time and energy to said endeavor!

It is blatantly obvious that in the 40+ years of our adult lives we can achieve any feat that any man has ever achieved before (for the simple reason that another man has achieved that same feat in the 40+ years of his adult life and we, ourselves are men)!

We are only limited by our imagination and our willingness to grow.

This blog is designed to help you understand the inner workings of your mind to help you begin your journey.

If you you wish to contact me you can do so by commenting on one of the posts or by emailing me at

I shall be posting an article on the Wednesday of every week from this moment on. The main topic shall be personal development, though I may veer off course.

This is an experimental blog; some of the content might be modified or erased over time if I see proper reason.

The real blog will take shape once I have created sufficient material to do so.

I wish you good luck on your journey, may fortune be on your side. Just remember that good luck and fortune are always on the side of those who grow through life.

And those who don’t are crushed by fear.

via Grow up proper | A raw view on life.

What do you know?

14 year olds know everything. Don’t believe me? Ask them a question, any question. They will give you the right answer. You might think its wrong, but don’t try to argue with them. They know its right. They know everything (or so they think).

This is true for teenagers who just hit puberty, but what about the rest of us?  How much do we know?

As we grow up the world makes us realize just how little knowledge we have, just how limited our understanding is. We do our best to learn as much as possible, but we can never know it all. We don’t have enough time and that’s a problem.

It’s a problem because we can never learn everything we want to know in just one lifetime. Life is a videogame too big to fully explore, too long to reach the top level.

In our struggle to understand the rules of this game we inevitably make mistakes. In order to conserve time and energy we place instant judgment on people, on places, on everything. This judgment often turns out wrong.

If an animal needs more than a split second to distinguish between friend and foe, between danger and safety, it will not live long.

Similarly we have this habit of making instant decisions, a habit which is often not in our best interest. We all think, on some level, that we can tell a person’s personality just by looking at them. We have a tendency to believe that our first answer is always the right one. We are often superficial in our assessments and this leads to errors, huge errors.

If we would take a minute to analyze our info from time to time this would not be a problem; but, most of us just take it as it is, no questions asked.

There are 2 ways through which we get our info.

Much More Click Here

How to avoid procrastination

The reason why this article is titled how to avoid procrastination and not how to escape it is because escaping (for short periods of time) is easy and it happens all the time. We all feel inspired to break out of our routines from time to time. And if we can maintain a state were we consciously take action again and again we’ll never have to worry about procrastination. But how do we avoid falling back into the rubbl

First of all what is procrastination?

Procrastination is the act of replacing high priority actions and tasks with low priority ones. It is the act of watching television when your exams are 3 days away. It is the act of sitting on your computer instead of going out and socializing.

In order to avoid procrastination we must first understand how it works. Why do we procrastinate?

The number 1 reason for procrastination is letting yourself work on autopilot. Being on autopilot is based on feelings. Let your feelings make your decisions for you and what you’ll have is your daily routine.

Let’s say (to oversimplify things) that your daily routine is: wake up, eat, take a dump, go back to sleep. Let’s say that you kept to this routine for the past 10 year. You have mastered this routine, you are the master of wake up, eat, take a dump, go back to sleep. It does not require any forethought; it’s on complete autopilot which makes it energy efficient. This routine has kept you alive for the past 10 years. So your body rationalizes that if you keep this routine up you will keep on living. That’s what your body and most of your mind wants: for you to live as long as possible and spread your DNA. So unless a chick walks into your life it will not give you any incentive to break the habit loop. Just keep on living and wait for your chance to spread (basic survival).


Terrible Sexist Horrible (but funny) |Catching up with Aewl’s Abode


[Terry: OK shoot me. It caught me leaning and I laughed.]

Daily Motivation


sweetheart rewrite COMBINE

Buy Anything & Help Hey Sweetheart Stay Alive

a way to leave something for my children and grandchildren to remember me by | Welcome to a new friend Bastet and Sekhmet |

Bastet and Sekhmet

Stories, thoughts, photos or poems about things I find interesting!

Front Page: About Bastet and The Blog…



I’ve been writing this blog now since the second of January, 2013.  So far, it’s been a satisfying experience.  But why did I and do I write a blog?

Basically, I thought it would be nice to see if I could write something (outside of my tattered notebooks) and see if someone in the general public would find it interesting.  Then again, I also thought it might be a way to leave something for my children and grandchildren to remember me by once I “shuffle off this mortal coil”.

It’d been a long time since I’d written poetry and writing fiction has never been my forte.  I thought when I began that I’d just write about my opinions and ideas;  you know, the usual stuff like politics, world affairs, that sort of thing.  Then I found myself starting to write about my childhood memories and things that have (had) happened in my everyday life.  One thing led to another, and my first photo poem popped up, and I started a new category to house it called Pills, which has grown since with two sub categories called Haiku and Power Shorts (a nice prosy type of Haiku, I’ve discovered through another blogger, Rick Mallery). The possibilities grew, with the idea of using my umpteen bazillion photographs and writing stories or travelogues around them.

Some of my favourite pieces languished though, so I went back to them to see why they’d never been appreciated, and I discovered that yes, they may have been interesting to me, but they were poor things indeed.  The style was stilted and they weren’t very well illustrated…so I rewrote them and dressed them up a bit…sure enough, there was a lot more interest expressed in them.  Some of my older pieces I’ve rendered private though…I may or may not go back and have a look at them.

Next is the housing project…that is where I blog, my site or whatever you call it. I’ve worked on it from time to time, changing the header, adding and removing and rearranging widgets but, I’m still not happy with it.  So, I’ll have to go and figure out how to actually use the instruments that are provided to make a better site.  I’ll also have to figure out how to do a little work with computer language too if I really want to do those things that your standard WordPress word “elaborator” doesn’t allow you to do…like changing your script size gradually…from smaller to bigger.

Then, there’s the one thing that really bugs me a bit.  I’d like my blog to go beyond a Facebook sort of life.  I look at my stats, and they’re pretty great for a beginner I think, and I love it when I see all the places my blogs have been read  (love those maps)!  I’m happy that people read and like my posts, but I’d also like to see some comments from time to time.  The age of Facebook and Twitter seem to have reduced blogger’s comments to mere “likes”.  I was happy to see an article written about this on Blogher, so I stopped feeling paranoid, it’s a general problem.  I myself find myself reading and liking, just as though I’m browsing through the Facebook…but, I say to myself,  if I’d been satisfied with Facebook, I wouldn’t have started blogging.  Of course, the problem is that there are literally millions of people who are writing and posting daily…so I say, I work on my style right!

I’ve also joined Blogher recently.  They have some pretty awesome suggestions on how to write better, how to use computer languages and how to cook a great soufflé ( ;-) )…jokes aside, I’ve been learning a lot about blogging from them and hope to start posting there as well, once I can figure out what I’d like to say and how to do it effectively.

Me by my webcam

More at via Bastet and Sekhmet | Stories, thoughts, photos or poems about things I find interesting!.

Haiku: Rain Signs

rain signs

cotton wool gathers
around early morning sun
dark warning rain signs!

Sunday: Painting the Town RED!

This is my third Painting the town Red…this time I polarized…inverted the colors, tinted and then started shaprening!  Here’s the results for you!

Painting the town red!

Painting the town red!

It’s Sunday Morning
I’m painting the town bright red
changing the usual:

seeing the town square dressed up
makes me want to dance and sing!

Have a great Sunday every one!

sweetheart rewrite COMBINE

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Thoughts on self-publishing… |Catching up with Isabel Burt

Jargon of a new world. Gatekeepers. Blogs. Twitter feeds. Formatting. Alli. Domain name. POD. epub. Facebook stats. Territories. Royalties. Blog guests. Metadata. Functionality. Readability. Widgets and Shepherds. Online platforms. 800,00 followers. Or one? People people, people, Friedman, Gaughran, Konrath and Penn, Howard, Baverstock, Bingham and then, Friedlander, Irving, Eye-dancers, more, McCullough, Ladyhouse, Amir and Shaw.

Whether you have just found WordPress, or become a lion of the jungle; please feel free to throw more names back at me! (And humblest apologies for the many names who do not fit this time!)

Thoughts on self-publishing… | Novels of fantasy and flight.


{Terry: Who is Isabel trying to kid? She knows more about this stuff than 3/4 of the people online. And who is this “Irving” person? Washington?]

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The Naked Robert Watson: An Expose Of A Writer | Novel Ideas

The Naked Robert Watson: An Expose Of A Writer

This isn’t just another author interview. This is an in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes upbringing of Robert Watson. Robert, sailor, author, father, lover, friend and living, breathing history. I wanted to know what made him the man he is today. What were his cultural experiences? What did he see? Hear? Do? Let’s find out…

Robert relaxing after a hard day spent writing.

A) I am happy to report that they seem to be getting stronger and stronger. My publisher has released the paperback two months early. I think that speaks volumes, don’t you?

Q) Let me ask you something else regarding your books. What are you hoping for from your books?

A) Nick, I really write just to hear that people to enjoy my work. I really have no illusions about making millions or being another Tom Clancy. That just isn’t me at all.

Q) Why not?

A) Now, don’t get me wrong! I am not saying I don’t want that. I just happen to believe that sometimes there is a reality to writing. That reality is simply as follows… Not everyone makes it that big. Now, if I do make it that big, so be it.

Q) One of the burning issues of the moment is promotion. What works for you? How do you promote your work?

A) All the usual stuff, Nick. I do interviews. I use Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and I do have a web page. My daughter and some good friends made a YouTube page for me. I am also happy to report that the local papers are very good with me as well. I feel well loved. I think the most important method is word of mouth. You can’t beat people promoting your books for free.

Q) So, what really matters to you, Robert?

via The Naked Robert Watson: An Expose Of A Writer | Novel Ideas.

A Song of #Lansing – Welcome to a new friend: luvlansing

luv lansing

a local’s perspective

Lansing is full of interesting people, art, activities, restaurants, and so much more.  To some it might look like a plain small town; but there are treasures all around if you’re looking.  This blog is just a gathering of things that inspire and motivate me, and make me proud to live in Lansing.

If you are from the Lansing area and know of any events or activities coming up, or just want to share your favorite hotspots, restaurants or bars, drop me a line to let me know!  You can reach me on

Twitter:     @napaea

via Common Ground | luv lansing.

This page is dedicated to the music scene.  I will add and update as time allows, sharing links that can help you get tickets or info on who will be where in the Lansing area, and beyond.  A great start for this is Eventful, if you haven’t tried it out.


The Avenue (previously the Gone Wired Cafe) ~ Schedule of events

The Loft Lansing

The Loft ~ Schedule of events

Mac’s Bar ~ Schedule of events

Uli’s Haus of Rock ~ Schedule of events

Another beautiful day in Lansing!  What will you be doing?

Well, if you haven’t decided yet, be-bop down to the Capital for the Classic Car Show.  Sunny skies, rockin’ tunes, shiny beauties in all their glory.  It’s a great way to spend the day, enjoy the weather and get a slice of Downtown Lansing!  For more info go to the REOlds museum site by clicking HERE

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