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900 seagulls at a time | Welcome to a new friend: Alexandra Bodman

Fevered Crenellations

Short stories, memoirs, and thoughts to get me thinking about eventually writing a book.

Alexandra Bodman

I studied illustration and Art & Design for a few years in Chicago and have been taking the past year off to reevaluate my priorities. This fall, I plan on going back to school. I have been writing prose and poetry since I can remember, and it’s influence has been becoming more and more important in my life recently.

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900 seagulls at a time

On a misty morning before the sun is up or any overcast day there waits several miles from shore a haunting dark gray. Lurching like the jilted overflow of a retracting mug in a young waitress’s lovely thin-fingered hand it extends from above and it devours slowly and steadily. Beneath the waves are restless and white caps shatter into 900 seagulls at a time, producing them faster than they can fly off. Many suffer, feathers tarred, honeypot flies pushed under viscous waves. White bodies flailing become adhered, hearts beating louder than their silent submergence. Chaos of singular droplets on curling iron seas,  the lurching gray is ever moving closer much like the hours pass through days. The grayness is all pervading yet still several miles from shore, growing heavy and stagnant within and without.

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I will occasionally become a burrito

Sometimes late at night I lay in bed

restless haphazard blankets

switching my feet and head

sideways across the bed

legs up the wall

refuse to look at glowing screens

or anything that has numbers or hands on it

Stress does not invade my insomnia anymore

I take time to think about things like

rusty rail road tracks that continue a bit off the edge of a cliff

birthing something out of my head

and the way sounds touch me

I will occasionally become a burrito

light a candle and feel the liquidness of flame on my tongue

position a book within the lackluster, tempermental emission

the book has been 1984

I know this character will die

he hasn’t for the 5 months I’ve spent with him


Staring at the Screen |Catching up with Legends of Windemere

Staring at the Screen

9:45I stare at the screen
Wishing to type
Making something for today
Beyond the scheduled fare
Yet my mind is clogged
With thoughts of the day
Another one of chaos

People hurry to get things done
I feel I’m always last to move
Never finishing
The tasks I set
Because someone has to lose
And I take my sweet ass time
Forgetting where I am

My nerves are wracked
I wish to rest
And think about what looms
Cover reveals and week of hype
The blog tour coming soon
A public chat with many voices
I have yet to think it through

So I stare at the screen
Hoping for ideas
On this day I’ll be pushed hard
Everyone has a place to be
Or work they ‘must’ get done
Finally getting time
When my mind and body aches

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The Spice of Life: MJ Summers | Novel Ideas

vThe Spice of Life\

:MJ Summers

Exclusive by nickwale

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I want to introduce a brand new writer to you today, guys. Her name is MJ Summers and she has one of the most interesting books of the year so far. “Break In Two” tells the story of thirty-one year old Claire Hatley who is running from Seattle having just discovered that her live-in boyfriend has traded her in for a twenty-two year old hostess. Devastated and alone Claire must make a fresh start. She answers an ad for a chef at a guest ranch just outside Colorado Springs and finds herself face to face with Cole Mitchell, quite possibly the sexiest man to ever ride a horse. Common sense tells them to stay away from each other, but their attraction is not to be denied. He gives her a glimpse of what love should be, but just as she starts to trust him, the past comes back to tear them apart. Join Claire and Cole as they embark on the stormy love affair of a lifetime. 

Sounds like fun! 

MJ, let me start by congratulating you on the release of your book “Break In Two.” What originally drew you towards writing a book?

A) I read my first erotic fiction novel in April and loved it! I read a few more and thought, ‘I bet it would be a lot of fun to think of my own fantasy world and just get lost for a while’. I have a dirty mind, an active imagination so I decided to give it a try. The characters and the story just flowed out of me as quickly as I could type.

mj summers

What makes you a great writer?

A) I don’t even really consider myself a writer yet, so I definitely wouldn’t say I’m a great one. I’m someone who wrote a book. It’s an entirely different thing. Maybe someday I’ll be a writer.

Q) As a writer what do you find inspirational? 

A) Wow. That question itself could inspire an entire novel. Like most people, I find inspiration everywhere. In writing this story specifically, it was the human struggle to find love, to learn to accept ourselves and appreciate our own beauty. I think women especially have trouble with this – I know I do – and I wanted to explore that for myself. What makes us insecure? Jealous? The answer isn’t all the more beautiful women out there. As I wrote, I think I figured it out and it surprised me. I don’t want to give the answer here because it would be a spoiler for anyone who will read the novel.

Q) I can’t wait to read the novel that I may have just inspired you to write! So how did you approach the concept of writing a book?

A) With this book, I had an idea for how to start the story and what I wanted the two main characters to be like. I knew what they had both been through before meeting each other and how things would end but the rest of the story unfolded before me like a movie, in scenes. I could see it all in my mind as I wrote.  The needs and wants of the characters created the actual plot.

Q) What is the key ingredient of a “great” book in your opinion?

A) Characters that you can relate to, care about and learn from, great dialog, a compelling story line and seeing a character transform by the events that unfold.

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a 20 something who likes to #think, #care and #share. |Welcome to a new friend: Thinking About Living

Thoughts and Ideas about life.

I am a 20 something year old human who likes to think, care and share. So I decided to make this blog.

Here you will find ideas to stimulate your thinking about life and living.

  • Random stuff written be me.
  • Links to thought-provoking videos and articles.
  • Book recommendations.
  • Nice Quotes.

Please share your comments and opinions. If you have the audacity to try making friends with random people on the internet – feel free to contact me with the contact form. I would love to hear from you! 🙂

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I am Writing a Story

I am writing a story.

I am writing the greatest story I can.

I am writing the story of my life.

This is Water by David Foster Wallace

A brilliant speech by David Foster Wallace. He discusses empathy as a way of life, to get out of being stuck in your own head. To being aware of the beauty of the human experience and connect with others.

Our reality is based on how we interpret and give meaning to things. But this is a choice that we can make – we can choose our own reality.

I highly recommend reading the full transcript rather than just watching the video.

TRANSCRIPT – Thanks to “Intelligent Life”

I have traveled a lot the past 3 years since graduating university. My employer has allowed me to live and work in a variety of locations internationally.

In each place I have had to find and make new friends and after all this time have become quite good at it. I am very selective with people I choose as friends. I only want genuine, kind people who are able to discuss challenging topics with a rational and nuanced perspective. These people are quite rare.

I have grown tired of frequently changing my location and losing my connections – keeping in touch through the internet just isn’t as fulfilling. So I am moving to London soon where I intend to stay for a few years at least.

These are some of the methods I will use to meet some great people:

  1. Couch Surfing – I have made a lot of my absolute best friends here in the last year. It is a great site filled with travelers that you can meet in your local area. I primarily use this to find people who I might become good friends with. There are usually weekly meetings and other events and most people are not averse to meeting up from a direct message. I have hosted once but not used it to surf while travelling.
  2. – I haven’t used this one much as there aren’t many events in my current city. But it seems to have a lot of cool events, especially in larger cities.
  3. Dating sites. eg. – Made some really amazing friends through this, doesn’t need to be used just for dating.
  4. Volunteering. – I plan on combining my passions of education and coaching to do some mentoring with school kids, preferably ones that need it the most. You can meet all sorts of Altruistic, like-minded people through volunteer organizations.

You have to be persistent. You have to be confident enough to single out people who interest you and to engage them in a one to one situation where you can really get to know each other through deep, meaningful and open conversation.

Whether you are moving to a new city or just want to upgrade your current social circles, give it a go!

Mind’s Seat |Welcome to a new friend: Marmar Thunder

The Thinker


Likes green, chess, coffee, Naruto, Relient K, Sanctus Real, 3 Idiots, Jackie Chan, Francis Chan, simple minded people.


mind's seatTelling something about myself has always been a difficult task. I don’t know why. Perhaps I don’t know myself that much or maybe I’m just not that confident to say “I am that person”. But I guess it’s fair enough to tell my readers a little something about the author. I am Marmar Dagu-ob. I was born on the 4th of June in the year 1987 in the island of Sicogon which is in the Western Visayas region of the country Philippines. I am now residing in Bacolod City which is known as the city of smiles. I guess I am that guy who easily give up. I don’t have much confidence. I’m too shy, too scared, and too weak (physically and emotionally). You can say insecurity is my nick name. I didn’t finish school. I endured 3 years of Civil Engineering and then just gave up. I took jobs in help of friends and family. And I was a mediocre. And the saddest part is I keep silent when criticisms come and unfair treatment surrounds. I was both an underdog and a loser. But things changed when I came to know Jesus. I became positive and hopeful and fearless of the future. I became a happy person and mature. I’m no longer confused about the purpose of my life and the essence of my existence. My heart was filled with compassion for other people. And then desire of serving God consumed my heart that I keep thinking about it and prayed for it. Now I am a totally different person. I want to inspire, encourage and influence others. I want people to know Jesus Christ for everybody needs a savior.

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The Thought

The purpose of this blog primarily is to influence minds to think positively.

This world is not perfect and culture has totally gone wrong.

This blog aims to provide opinions that are helpful in uplifting morality and promote Christ-like mentality.

Posts from this blog defy negativism and uphold human responsibility.

This blog is committed to helping readers find a sense of purpose and experience life at its fullest.

So if you are looking for an inspiration or ways to keep others inspired I hope this blog might be of great help.

I know we are surrounded with modern thinking and new ideas and principles that are perverted and drawn out from self-seeking desire.

I hope that in this blog you’ll find life bigger than you use to think and larger than what we were taught.

It is my desire and privilege if you share some posts from this blog to your friends.

I am definitely dreaming for the impossible —to change the world.

But no matter how impossible it may seem I’m going to try anyway and would love to die trying.

So as long as I’m alive I’m going to keep on blogging and blogging.

I don’t care how many people are reached, how many people read, or how many people like.

Even if this blog could only influence one mind that’s enough reason for me to keep blogging.

I’m proud to be a blogger and a blogger I shall always be.

It’s not popularity nor admiration nor applause I’m after.

I’m just here to blog and blog purposely even if I’m not good enough which I already knew.

I’m not a professional writer so it’s possible there will be haters and dislike-rs.

Even so I’m going to pursue this anyway because I believe somehow I can influence your mind.

The battle is in the mind.

So change starts in the mind.

May this blog be a tool of reconstructing culture and the repair of society.

This blog challenges you to rethink your mindset and find courage to stand out among your generation.

God bless you and may you meet Him soon.

Enjoy reading this blog.

Philippians 4:8

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is [a]lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, [b]dwell on these things.

A Coffee Can’t Be Lukewarm


A coffee can’t be lukewarm.
coffee cupWho would want a lukewarm coffee?
Some prefer an iced coffee while others are addicted to a hot coffee.
I am one of those who are addicted to coffee and I just can’t let a day goes by without having a coffee.
A day without coffee would be a very uncomfortable day.
I love coffee.
The other thing I love about coffee is getting to be around with people who enjoy coffee just like you do.
How did I begin to love coffee is a memorable one.
I was raised in a poor family.
When I was a child I had an asthma and I got to be in the hospital often.
My sickness deprived me of a lot of things that kids should be enjoying.
I didn’t have the chance to learn basketball and biking and the only choice I had is to stay home and experience repetitions of falling from the stairs.
I was physically weak and mentally confused with what on earth did I exist for.
That part of my story has nothing to do with coffee.
Here’s where the coffee comes in.
In our place poor families don’t have hotdogs, or egg, or bacon, or corned beef for breakfast.
What we have is plain coffee that goes with a spoon.
What’s the spoon for?
The spoon is used to scoop rice soaked in the cup of coffee.
So that was what we call breakfast.
On my high school years I was already living with my father’s older sister.
Their lifestyle was a bit better than ours so what I had for breakfast then was coffee and bread.
And that’s how I became familiar with coffee.
When I went to college I had to stay late to study and coffee was there to keep me awake.
When I became a christian most pastors I met were also coffee drinkers.
Then I learned to love coffee.
More stories are told, more ideas are discussed, more plans are laid while the coffee is hot.
I have never met a person who enjoys a lukewarm coffee.

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus’ description of himself “I am the Good Shepherd” (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: “To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To make sense with this article let me shift your attention from coffee to Christianity.
If you’re a christian have you thought about how you intend to live your life?
When you sing the words like “I love you Lord” how much do you really love  Him?
When you utter phrases like “Lord I give you my heart” or “Jesus I believe in You and I will go to the ends of the earth”, how much of your heart are you really giving and how willing are you to lay down your life for the sake of others?
Liking Jesus is easy for us christians but do we actually want to be like Him? 

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A raw view on life |welcome to a new friend: Daniel

Grow up proper

Hello dearly beloved,

My name is Daniel and this is my blog.

As the name might suggest this blog is dedicated to properly growing up, but worry not, this is not a blog for children (the subjects are very much mature). The reason why I dedicate this blog to growing up is that, after 21 years of life and 3 years of personal development it has become my understanding that many people get big, but they don’t grow. In our society children are raised by bigger children and become big babies themselves.

I remember, when I was a child, looking at the adults around me and being unable to find a single person who has accomplished anything they considered to be meaningful in their lives. It occurred to me that their biggest feat was having children (and before that marriage). Young people made it a purpose of their lives to find a spouse and once they found him or her they got married.

And then they no longer had a purpose so they made a child and lived their lives for the sake of that child’s well-being. These decisions were not theirs. The motivation for these decisions was simply that this is the path everybody else takes. I couldn’t help but notice how unhappy they were, how much they longed for their wasted past.

I realized at a rather young age that if each and every parent sacrificed their dreams and ambitions for the sake of their children then no child of man would ever achieve his dreams. It had occurred to me that, if I followed my parents’ example, I would be throwing myself in the misery of regret and condemning my own children to a similar path.

In my quest to change my life situation I realized that such a feat may only be achieved by changing oneself. You cannot flip a switch and change your life, but you can change yourself and your life will change accordingly.

In order to change myself I first had to understand myself. So I started analyzing how I thought, how I felt, how I spoke, how I walked, how I dressed, how I reacted to others, how I lived my days.

The more I understood myself the more I realized I needed to change and to this day I am still on the path of growth. I have made it my purpose in life to continuously grow and develop until the day I die.

It is my belief that anything you could possibly desire out of life you can obtain if you dedicate yourself to growing up little by little, day by day.

It is obvious that one can become a millionaire if he dedicates the 40+ years of his adult life towards building wealth!

It is obvious to me that one can become a champion at anything if he dedicates enough time and energy to said endeavor!

It is blatantly obvious that in the 40+ years of our adult lives we can achieve any feat that any man has ever achieved before (for the simple reason that another man has achieved that same feat in the 40+ years of his adult life and we, ourselves are men)!

We are only limited by our imagination and our willingness to grow.

This blog is designed to help you understand the inner workings of your mind to help you begin your journey.

If you you wish to contact me you can do so by commenting on one of the posts or by emailing me at

I shall be posting an article on the Wednesday of every week from this moment on. The main topic shall be personal development, though I may veer off course.

This is an experimental blog; some of the content might be modified or erased over time if I see proper reason.

The real blog will take shape once I have created sufficient material to do so.

I wish you good luck on your journey, may fortune be on your side. Just remember that good luck and fortune are always on the side of those who grow through life.

And those who don’t are crushed by fear.

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What do you know?

14 year olds know everything. Don’t believe me? Ask them a question, any question. They will give you the right answer. You might think its wrong, but don’t try to argue with them. They know its right. They know everything (or so they think).

This is true for teenagers who just hit puberty, but what about the rest of us?  How much do we know?

As we grow up the world makes us realize just how little knowledge we have, just how limited our understanding is. We do our best to learn as much as possible, but we can never know it all. We don’t have enough time and that’s a problem.

It’s a problem because we can never learn everything we want to know in just one lifetime. Life is a videogame too big to fully explore, too long to reach the top level.

In our struggle to understand the rules of this game we inevitably make mistakes. In order to conserve time and energy we place instant judgment on people, on places, on everything. This judgment often turns out wrong.

If an animal needs more than a split second to distinguish between friend and foe, between danger and safety, it will not live long.

Similarly we have this habit of making instant decisions, a habit which is often not in our best interest. We all think, on some level, that we can tell a person’s personality just by looking at them. We have a tendency to believe that our first answer is always the right one. We are often superficial in our assessments and this leads to errors, huge errors.

If we would take a minute to analyze our info from time to time this would not be a problem; but, most of us just take it as it is, no questions asked.

There are 2 ways through which we get our info.

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How to avoid procrastination

The reason why this article is titled how to avoid procrastination and not how to escape it is because escaping (for short periods of time) is easy and it happens all the time. We all feel inspired to break out of our routines from time to time. And if we can maintain a state were we consciously take action again and again we’ll never have to worry about procrastination. But how do we avoid falling back into the rubbl

First of all what is procrastination?

Procrastination is the act of replacing high priority actions and tasks with low priority ones. It is the act of watching television when your exams are 3 days away. It is the act of sitting on your computer instead of going out and socializing.

In order to avoid procrastination we must first understand how it works. Why do we procrastinate?

The number 1 reason for procrastination is letting yourself work on autopilot. Being on autopilot is based on feelings. Let your feelings make your decisions for you and what you’ll have is your daily routine.

Let’s say (to oversimplify things) that your daily routine is: wake up, eat, take a dump, go back to sleep. Let’s say that you kept to this routine for the past 10 year. You have mastered this routine, you are the master of wake up, eat, take a dump, go back to sleep. It does not require any forethought; it’s on complete autopilot which makes it energy efficient. This routine has kept you alive for the past 10 years. So your body rationalizes that if you keep this routine up you will keep on living. That’s what your body and most of your mind wants: for you to live as long as possible and spread your DNA. So unless a chick walks into your life it will not give you any incentive to break the habit loop. Just keep on living and wait for your chance to spread (basic survival).


Catching up with Jasmine K Eclipse Flux and Flow

Café Writing: 32 Degrees

I woke up this morning with fear in my eyes and tears streaming down my face. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had a night like this, where I fall asleep around 3 a.m. to the pulsing of my own shakes and silent screams and wake up to a continuation of pain running down my face. I feel so low. I guess I can start at the part I haven’t figured out yet; I can start at the end.

You’re playing the lead, your arms wrap around my back, your gaze never leaving mine as my smile lights up the room. I can’t feel my feet, my thoughts are nonexistent, it’s as though we’re floating. Flowers, lights and the laughter of our friends surround me but all I see is you, all I know is you and the happiness you give to me.

Once the night ended, my smile never faded, your melodious voice rang in my ears for weeks. The summer came and went and took our happiness with it. It happened so quickly I didn’t see it coming. It’s almost as though I woke up the next morning and your bags were packed and gone. I called all your friends and they all said they hadn’t seen you yet. My thoughts exploded into a million shattered particles and fell around my room. I only had myself to blame because it always ended the same way. If I were an honest person I would have given everything another try. I would have walked right up to you and told you that everything I said was a mistake, it wasn’t real, I didn’t mean it. I worked up this scenario for weeks and when it was nearly perfected, I would break down in tears because I knew that no matter what I said, nothing mattered.

I don’t know what to do because I’m so far, deeply and madly in love with you. Oftentimes, I’ll find myself walking to school, or sitting on a bus or staring at my textbooks and I’ll see your face. A beautiful thought of you creeps its way into my mind from time to time, and when it does, I forget what I wanted to say; it’s as if nothing else matters. I always believed that we would one day find our way back to one another. A part of me likes to think that way, but then again, I believe in the finer things and you don’t believe in me.

I was stunned when you called me the other day. In fact, that’s why I didn’t answer. I stared at your name on the screen until my phone stopped ringing. I didn’t call back either. Instead, I sat at the edge of my bed thinking of all the things we would have talked about. You would ask how I’ve been and I would imagine that little smirk of yours. I’d ask who you’ve been hanging out with, hoping that you’d say that you haven’t been seeing anyone because you miss me just as much as I miss you. You would ask how my day is going, how my teachers are, who’s in my classes. You would show how much you cared. You would sweep me off my feet with the simple notion of a small conversation and I would fall effortlessly back into your arms.

My thoughts left me alone in my cold, cold bedroom. Laying on the floor, staring at the ceiling, I realized how foolish we were. We were young, we were only in our teens. It couldn’t have been real love, in fact, it’s impossible that two people could have fallen that far in love. It’s an inescapable thought. It’s quite sad that we were merely prisoners of love.

In this moment, I wished you were here with me. Your eyes, your hair, the veins that run down your arms. If you came walking through my door in this moment, there’s no telling how quickly I’d rush over to you and throw my arms around you. I’d never make the mistake of letting you go again.

But we had to grow up. We moved away and got jobs, we changed our ways, talked to different people, there were even times when I thought I’d forgot completely about you. Just like wildfire that had been burning now for days, love lost its flame and smoldered. We tried to tell ourselves that nothing was in our way, we tore down the walls and we would be able to love once again.

As much as I’d beg to differ, we’re just two completely different people with entirely similar interests. Inseparable. And I know I’ve said this all before, but polar opposites always seem to be attracted to one another like a moth and a flame. We try and run away but always end up running back.

That’s the power of love.

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[Terry: Look at this!

You’re playing the lead, your arms wrap around my back, your gaze never leaving mine as my smile lights up the room. I can’t feel my feet, my thoughts are nonexistent, it’s as though we’re floating. Flowers, lights and the laughter of our friends surround me but all I see is you, all I know is you and the happiness you give to me.

Girl can WRITE!]

Catching up with friends: Thoughts Float Around Just As I Do… | GRANNY’S COLORFUL

Thoughts Float Just As I Do…

You Know How Thoughts Go…

Anything Goes! I’m Just Saying….

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

via Thoughts Float Around Just As I Do… | GRANNY’S COLORFUL.

‘This picture’ used to be ‘me’ at a younger age!  :)))  I always drew ‘myself’, everyone would recognize it.  Now… I would have to figure out how to make my girl appear ‘older’…  :)))

I floated around in the pool on a hot-pink float.  I let my mind ‘float’, also.  Whatever thoughts wanted to go through it… I let them.  Just because I said ‘hot-pink’ doesn’t mean ‘it’s a beautiful sight’!  :)))  I’m just saying…..

I’m at least 2-3 feet, or more… off the ground.  Only a thin, vinyl wall separates me from the space that would make me fall onto the ground!  The thin, vinyl wall holds the water that makes it possible for me… to float around on the space that normally… I could only walk on.  Think about it… amazing!  I mean… have you really ‘thought about it’?  I’m in ‘this clear liquid that allows me to ‘float’ around… in the air!

I see a bug floating around, his little legs kicking hard.  I care about this little bug; yet, I would kill a spider, fly; and battle a ‘kiddiddle hopper’!  I help it by pushing a leaf up to him… I think he is very happy to climb up on it.  I’m happy for him.  I forget about the bug…

My eyes enjoy the very hot-pink of the float I’m holding onto, then… as I pass by the neon green float… I feel pleasure at seeing such ‘happy colors’… especially when all comes into focus along side the beach ball with its yellow, white, blue, hot pink colors.  Happy colors do make me happy… they keep the ‘darkness’ away from me.  I’m afraid of the … dark.

I love colors… I was thinking even the ‘ugliest’ person in the world could have on happy colors… they would be beautiful; especially… if their personality was just as beautiful.  Don’t you agree?  Can you see that ‘I agree with myself’… as my photo below… does a ‘happy dance’?

I need more happy colors in my life again… when Tommy died… through time since… I notice I wear a lot of black, dark colors.  My happy colors seem to be all ‘inside’ now.  I am trying to make them ‘show’, again.  A little color here… a little color, there…

My funny, happy-moving photo… Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee… I still haven’t figured out ‘how’ I made some of my photos move!!!  My friend, Prenin, in England said my camera probably has the ability to make photos animated.  I have some I would like to see animated… but, ‘how’?  :)))

I closed my eyes, feeling relaxed.  I could hear the drone of a plane so high up in the sky… behind fluffy, white clouds.  I couldn’t see it, so… I closed my eyes once again.

I listened to a black bird as he kept saying ‘caw’!  He said it many times… I wondered if it was communicating with the dog across the road.  The dog would bark, the black bird would ‘caw’…

I opened my eyes, feeling…. sensing my swimming pool.  It felt ‘safe’, I studied the sides of it, I didn’t ‘feel’ as if it would ‘all of a sudden’… collapse!  If it did… I worried for a moment about going out with all the water… in front of God, and whoever happened to be looking.

I wasn’t in the mood to entertain anyone by riding a wave of water as the pool collapsed!  Much less getting more… sand burns!  I still have a couple of places that are still healing.

I looked at the privacy screen (3 sections that fold).  It stood nearby… I’m thinking about painting a beach scene on it.  I don’t paint for anyone now… I can’t put my heart into it… I thought I might not can be inspired enough to paint for myself.

The privacy screen is made of wicker… white.  I was thinking of refreshing the ‘white’ with more white.  As I look at it, I can imagine the sand; ocean disappearing into the sky in the far-off distance… the sky blue; big puffy white clouds…. and several white sea gulls flying in the wind.  I imagine several breaking waves on the shore… then, my mind goes to … Tommy.

Tommy was at the ocean when he died… he was happy.  He and Taban, his little 3 year old son… were running, playing.  Their happy sounds blended with the music of the sea gulls, waves washing ashore… I know it was a beautiful sound his ears heard… just ‘before’…

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates… a poster I did for a business some time ago.  I love this… I wish I could become inspired to paint, draw again………..

I floated around, deep in thought, as I imagined a big guy, a little guy running, squealing, laughing.  It was the big guy’s first time to play at the ocean with his little son.  I let myself… hear them in my mind.  This time… I didn’t cry.  I let go of my ‘Tommy’ thoughts…

The motor of a big truck sounded… the neighbor just came home.  I don’t know him, nor his wife.  I heard they were nice people.  I think maybe someone’s been repairing their roof… a tree fell during a storm.  I’ve been hearing the sound of a hammer, lately…

I hear a sound outside the pool… why, it’s Kissy walking by.  He looks at me, probably wondering how I can be in the air like that.  If I were a Pup… I would wonder many things, too.  His sweet face… another sweet face appears.

Chadwick, our other Pup… just walked by…  neither Pup tries to get on the pool… I like that.   It has a inflated ring that goes all the way around it… it could lose air… if a toenail punctured it.

My mind is coming back to reality… it ‘seems like the pool is going to be… alright’.  I’m hoping it will; it means the world to me to have it.  I think about all the money Skip earned to make the pool possible for me… all he goes through.  My heart… it touches my heart.  Thank-you, Skip.

I decide to get out as I cast my eyes around the inside wall, the water… I compare what I see with what I saw on the outside wall… I ‘think’ everything’s going to be alright.

I don’t feel ‘gun-shy’ now, about getting into the pool.  I look forward to the next time, when… I can let my mind float around just as I float on my hot-pink float!  Free as the wind…

I want to float ‘free as the wind’… a soft wind.  Not one that will throw my a___ out on the sand in a torrent of violent waves of water!!!  I’m just saying…  :)))

You know how one thinks… anything goes!

Richard Bunning Books and Reviews

Wednesday’s Child– Alan Zendell


This is a very well written, exciting, and thought provoking book. Zendell chose well in writing in the first person, so giving the reader a feeling of personal connection. Zendell has mastered this device with aplomb, whilst holding together a complex scenario, and rounding out other vital characters. We are drawn into the suddenly confused thoughts of Dylan Brice, and nudged gently along by Zendell until we start seeing, and seeing is believing, that it just might be possible to live days out of order.

There is some comfort in the book in the idea that we can be saved from ourselves by higher forces. This cosy thought may well start to unravel, but, I will say no more through fear of planting spoilers.

The plot is very strong, and is probably tied together without any flaws! One would have to spend hours de-constructing the complex of sequences to be sure. Even if one did such an exercise would be pointless, because the soul of the book is in its ideas and not in the mathematical build of a whodunit. The philosophical conduit is well thought out, and cleverly executed. However, as with any book it isn’t just the execution of detail that makes for a satisfying read, it is the beauty of design. Once the reader has taken-on-board the premise, one that the character struggles with as much as we might, excitement builds to a satisfactory and adventurous climax.

At an early stage in the book I felt the complexity of detail was overdone, that there was an unnecessary amount of paint on the canvas. This feeling didn’t persist for long as I began to realise that a lack of detail would have greatly reduced our ability to connect with Dylan.

At the end I found myself wondering if in a particular past a potentially apocalyptic event, such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, has once resulted in the end of civilisation. Well, it didn’t, did it? This is truly first class speculative fiction, a book I deeply regret I didn’t think to write.

via Reviews (4) – Richard Bunning Books and Reviews.

Welcome to new friends: The Happsters

Snapshot 2:3:13 3:13 PM

Happsters are all about happiness. We make other people happy and let others know when they make us happy. Through random acts of happiness and Happster events throughout the world, we make the world a happier place. Be sure to use #imahappster on Twitter and Instagram so we can all follow along and support each other.

Become an official Happster & get free Happy Notes to make it easy for you to express gratitude to people you encounter here: Our goal is to have 10,000 Happsters spreading happiness in their communities by 2014.

Happy Notes:


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Living Above The Line

Living Above The Line

I was recently introduced to the concept of living above and below the line and wanted to share it with you. While many of us have heard these principles before, thinking about being above/below the line is a great way to visualize our patterns.

When we live above the line, we see life from a positive place and are hopeful, creative, and optimistic. When we live below the line, our attitudes are more negative and we can feel powerless, sad, angry, fearful or hopeless.

It is important to remember that we are in charge of how we see the world. While we are continually faced with challenges, the key is recognizing when certain thoughts enter our stream of consciousness and working on how we react to these challenges. To quote Epictetus – “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

For example, lets say you’re a sales person who just lost one of your biggest accounts. Many people would fall below the line and feel powerless and upset. Others might be above the line and think about how they could change the situation for the better. Maybe they would think of the possibilities that will open up now that they have more time to focus on other accounts or come up with solutions to the problem, like reaching out to some other potential clients. People living above the line focus on what can be done moving forward, while people living below the line have trouble moving past why something happened.

You’ll find that once you make a concerted effort to live above the line, you’ll attract happiness, positive energy, and feel more connected with people.

Have you heard of this concept before? Let me know your thoughts.

Announcing The Happy Note a Day Challenge – Win $50 to!

Happy Note a Day ChallengeWhat’s better than spreading happiness and brightening someone else’s day? For the month of June, I am challenging you to write a note to someone every day letting that person know how much you appreciate him or her. You can write the note to the same people or you can mix it up. The notes can be given to friends, family members, co-workers, acquaintances, strangers, etc. Post a picture or write a comment on the challenge page on ChallengeLoop every time you write a note. This is a great way for us all to connect, share ideas and spread the happiness! If you miss a few days, no big deal. The winner only has to post 8 times to be eligible to win. Sign up here:

You can use any notes you want, but if you want some “official” happy notes, sign up to be a Happster here and I’ll mail them to you ASAP:

The best part is: A randomly selected winner will receive a $50 gift card to!

All you have to do is accept the challenge here: There is also an iPhone app if you want to post on the go:

[OK, I like the idea but I’d rather join a group called the “Grumpsters”  Terry}

Welcome to a new friend: | Your Love Pills | J25code2

Your Love Pills | J25code2

Now I Know the Love

Your Love Pills, is a website about Love;

Short stories and reflexions about Love:                                                                              

The love that means commitment, the love that means sacrifice, the love that involves heartaches and longing, the love that never ends, the good love, the selfless love, the patient love, the smart love, the trustful love, the romantic love, the beautiful love that fills our hearts and gives our lives meaning. And of course this website is about those who are in love.

via Love is a Highway | Your Love Pills | J25code2.

Lose yourself to find yourself

Life is a wonderful experience. To remain in the ‘ever Present’ and to witness ‘the all beautiful moment’; one has to give a serious try. We are always planning about the future, or remembering the past – either due to attachment or anger/hatred. So we are never in the Present. For one to experience the Present, one has to lose oneself.

How can one lose oneself? The fear of losing – of becoming disoriented, of losing touch with the things around us, this is what prevents us from enjoying the eternal and the ever beautiful present. All the mystics have done just that. They have lost themselves. they have found something much more…. God.
The Sufis or the mystic Hindu saints or the Christian saints, they all have found meaning in their life. They all have discovered God.

A painter… is just so much immersed in his painting…. that he ‘loses about the consciousness of things happening around’.

You yourself are a poet.  You can start with “observing silence”. Do not give into the temptation of describing…. you can start from here. Once you start describing… then you lose the present. Just see ‘what silence looks like, what silence feels like’. Observe like a non participating witness.

Most people are smart enough to know what they need to do to create different results in their lives, yet they don’t seem to get themselves to actually do those things, which they already know they should. Why?


In order to do different things, you’ll have to change who you think you are  and change the beliefs that are preventing you from doing the things you already know you should. Instead you get stuck in old routines, habits, beliefs and thought patterns.
We all have created these imaginary boundaries; emotional, physical and mental comfort zones and we’ll do (almost) anything to live our lives within these self-imposed boundaries.
You hold on to what you believe is true and you seek evidence to validate and support your own point of view. You continue to walk the same path that looks and feels familiar.
But sometimes you’ve got to lose yourself in order to find yourself, your true self. Sometimes you have to challenge the beliefs you hold about yourself, the beliefs about what you’re truly capable of and what’s really possible.
You have to challenge what you think is true, knowing there is always a different perspective, and start believing in what you really want.
When you expand your self-imposed boundaries, physically, emotionally and mentally, you have the opportunity to transform yourself, not in accordance with the rules and expectations of others, but guided by your own dreams and heart’s desires.
Isn’t it time to go walkabout and lose ourselves?

Once we lose the consciousness of things around, we become detached from our greed and fear.

In order to find yourself you have to lose yourself first.

Not Forgotten | Billie A. Zahir aka “The Eye”

Not Forgotten

i was not forgotten today

today, of all days, i feel

feel the need for kindness

kindness of a thought

thought about me today

i was not forgotten today

today when i was so sad

sad about not being remembered

remembered with loving thought

thought about me today

i was not forgotten today

today when moms are exalted

exalted i was not

not by the one i hoped would give thought

thought about me today

i was not forgotten today

today an angel cheered my heart

heart that was saddened

saddened heart was brightened with a thought

thought about me today

via Not Forgotten | Billie A. Zahir aka “The Eye”.



Welcome to a new friend: Linda Paupst CHIAROSCURO . Decades . My 60′s .

CHIAROSCURO . Decades . My 60′s .

Art - Peony Stephs Xmas gift 2007


I am a bit of a sh.# disturber. I tend to enjoy initiating controversial topics into a conversation – sex, religion, death. I love the discourse. I love to rock the boat with subjects that many people find distasteful or uncomfortable, like my being an atheist or agnostic, or considering sex a normal bodily function rather than something precious.

Months go by without me giving a thought to religion. But the past couple of days, the fates have been shaking me. The trigger occurred in a group of women. One was a lovely woman with whom I chatted easily. Medical questions led to topics such as illness, death, dying.

I don’t know exactly how it began, but in reference to the death of my much loved Mom, the woman replied, “Well, you will be together again soon.”

Not one to let such a comment go, I politely, calmly, replied, “No, I don’t think so – I don’t believe in God, heaven or hell.”

Her reaction was not anticipated! She was shocked at my admission, her intake of breath was audible.

“Ooooh, my! I am so sorry.”

I replied, “Don’t be sorry for me. I simply do not believe in a hereafter.”

“But you are talking about eternity” she said. “If you don’t believe, and do good works, you will end in Hell.”

Then she amazed me by continuing. She said her husband and herself were now preparing themselves for eternity. That confused me. How does one go about that? As a happy, positive, guilt-free Presbyterian most of my life, I was seriously wondering what preparation was entailed.

Then, with panic in her lovely eyes, she whispered, “What if you are wrong?”

Now here I did show restraint.

I wanted to reply – “Fearing that you may be wrong, is not a good basis for a belief system.”

I wanted to say – “This is the most freeing experience of my life. I believe it is you who is wrong … you, who is accepting a story passed down orally for two thousand years, with all the revisions that implies.”

She continued, “I will pray for you.”

I instantly felt my gut clench and my blood pressure rise in hostility.

I thought, “Who is this judgmental woman who feels SHE needs to pray for me?! I live a good life. I love my family, I work hard, I have accomplished much in my life. That is the important thing – to simply live your life the best way you can, and be the best you can be for your allotted time on this wonderful, inspiring and sometimes frightening earth.”

Instead of a pleasant response of thanks, I turned back to her and said, ” I don’t believe in God, so don’t do pray for me. Only do it for yourself if you must.”

I have had many discussions with family, friends, acquaintances on religion, but I have never met such a raw, almost naive (to my mind) response. I have thought of it often since. I respect her right to believe what she wants, but she did not afford me the same right. In fact, she completely negated my opinions and beliefs.

Earlier I mentioned my spiritual upbringing. My church taught of a loving God. It taught that if you truly believed in Him, you would be saved. As simple as that. My church provided a moral and ethical compass. It taught love, light and happiness, not hate, dark threats and guilt. And I still adhere to all of those today and I am at peace with that. I am a happy person.

Chiaroscuro! I never knew this Italian word until recently reading it in a novel. I think it is my new favourite word, my favourite concept. Chiaroscuro – a contrast between light and dark. It refers to contrast anywhere – light and dark in a work of art, in the sky, in human beings, and it is so applicable to the differing religious, cultural and spiritual paths that people choose to take in their lives.

My Presbyterian church believed in passion, purpose, love, delight in life. It provided positive guidelines for living a good life, for resisting temptation, for honouring the Ten Commandments and the Apostle’s Creed, without fear and threats of damnation.

And I believed. I believed with all my heart.

To Read The Rest Click CHIAROSCURO . Decades . My 60′s . | inknpetals.



The Author | A “Literal” approach to God’s word

A “Literal” approach to God’s word

If Jesus meant something else, he would have said something else.

via The Author | A “Literal” approach to God’s word.

The Author

birdThe author

First thing to know about me is that I am very married, first to the word of God, and then to my wife Laurie. We live in Portland Oregon, and have children from previous marriages that are all grown up except for my 18 year old son who lives with his mother in Tacoma, WA.

My history is full of turmoil and suffering, mostly self inflicted. I have one mission, to speak the truth about love and hopefully help other believers come to the knowledge that love is not optional, it is required. From a past filled with hatred and drug abuse, I have been set free by the truth of the gospel.

As a teen-ager and through my first marriage, I destroyed lives because of hatred and selfishness. In 2002 I pulled off the highway, unable to drive because I was in so much distress my eyes could not focus. I was near Hermiston Oregon and the day was hot, sunny and beautiful but my life had turned into darkness and pain because I could not face what had become of me. Alone, abandoned and hopeless, I began to cry because the suffering in my soul had consumed me to the point of physical pain.

In agony I cried and said to God, “You know I love you God, but I hate everyone else.” This was the beginning of the life I now live, a long road full of ups and downs, but looking back I see how God took me to the valley of death and left me with no other options except to find the truth and follow Him out of my despair.

Everything I believed and thought was wiped away after God rebuked me and showed me my eternal error. God put this thought in my head;

“No you don’t!”

What!? I thought surely that couldn’t have come from God because I love God. However, I could not shake the feeling that God did put that thought in my head. I don’t know if God or if something from my spirit urged me to believe that God is the one who said, “No you don’t!” How could I not love Jesus, how could I hate God? The thought was so outrageous that I denied its origins. God knows I love him, he would never say that to me. So I replied to the thought, “God if that thought did come from you, show me scripture to back it up because I know I love you.” God planted another thought in my head, 1st John 4:20. I am not a big believer in the randomness of scripture, nor do I open my bible and look for a message from God on the page opened. When 1st John 4:20 entered my mind, I didn’t give it much value because I will conjure up scripture all by myself and discover it carried no personal meaning for my life in that moment. However, I decided to play along, and I opened up my bible and began to read from 1st John 4:20.

‘If anyone says, “I love God,” yet hates his brother, he is a liar…”’

Right before my eyes, written long ago, as if God prepared that scripture beforehand because he knew one day I would be in utter despair and would say, “You know I love you God, but I hate everyone else.”

I have come far since that day in 2002, and from that time on I loathed the protective walls I built around my heart. I did not immediately come out of my distress; I was not delivered from hate. I was blind and now I could see, I was lost in darkness and saw light. I had finally been given a goal, a map of sorts and on that map I knew where I was and where I needed to go. From that one truth I have discovered so many truths concerning our words, our hearts, and our actions. That is why I write, that is the message I want to share. Hopefully others will see truth and stop believing the traditions that have no Godly value and allow us to continue living in darkness believing we have light.

I was born in August 1970, I was made alive in August 2002.

To continue reading this testimony,

My job is trucking, my hours vary, in some cases I may be unable to respond for over 48hrs. I do respond to all comments, and generally love checking out the blogs of those who take the time to engage. I am blessed to be a part of the Christian wordpress community, and I enjoy seeing what God is doing in so many lives around the world. This has become a sourse of encouragement for me, and a place where I can encourage others.

About | The Donald’s Online World

The Donald’s Online World

First let me say thank you for wanting to know more about me. That is truly a humbling thing, so dont think that it goes unappreciated!

Now, me in a nutshell.. Im a former retail operations guru who turned into a pajama pants vampire CEO. Well not really a vampire, but I do have a propensity to stay up till dawn most nites. LOL With over 18 years of retail management and operations experience I have done everything in the retail world from managing a small convenience store to working for a major national retailer. There I managed the audit program over seeing some 20 auditors and over 100 stores. If it happens in retail… Ive done it, seen it, or audited it. LOL Ive always been the one that is the “go to” guy for information and love teaching people what I know and helping them succeed and hopefully inspiring them to greater horizons along the way. People always would say something like like, “yea ask Donald, he knows, hes the one. Go ask “The Donald”. I always just thought that was funny, “The Donald”, but its stuck. While I loved my work.. I was a slave to it, working 60, 70, and sometimes even more, hours each week. If I had the time, I didnt have the money. If I had the money, I didnt have the time.

So while I slaved away, killing it as a road warrior, logging thousands of miles in travel every month, running through airports, and sleeping in hotels, what I really wanted secretly was to own the business. I didnt mind the work or the hours; I hated that I was doing it for someone else. I always had an entrepreneurial mindset. I think that actually is what lead to my career success. I could see the most efficient way to make money and do it profitably. However, in my mind, I knew that the way to true wealth for myself was to be the business owner.. not the wage slave that worked for it. But, I have always had that goal be just beyond my grasp for one reason or another. I searched many years, looking for the answer. Until.. one day…

After having been downsized for the SECOND TIME from a company, I finally decided that enough is enough. Its now or never. I WILL write my own destiny, be it sink or swim. I will not have some corporate boob who couldn’t “manage” his way out of a paper bag control my life any more.

Sooo… where to find success now? Its the 21st Century and the digital age.. so online it is. I decided to give it a go. Through investing in myself, my path has led me to affiliate marketing. I am able to earn money online and work from my laptop as long as I have a wireless connection. I cant tell you what kind of freedom that allows me. With just a few simple internet marketing strategies and my blog I have the ability to generate an income on demand thus allowing me to travel and work where ever and whenever I please.

MeDakotaIve been able to escape “retail hell” and create a life by my design. So one of my friends Dakota (with me in the pic) who actually retired at the ripe old age of 19, showed me something that has changed my life…

He showed me a way I could come online, and start making money from my blog. I literally had NO IDEA how to do anything lol. I knew nothing about internet marketing but I followed the trainings and got plugged into a team of other internet marketers – Project AWOL – and my life hasnt been the same.MeDakota

I left my 18yr retail career on December 21, 2012. What most people thought was going to be the Apocalypse was actually my first day of Freedom. And with Project AWOL, Im going to Thailand in a few weeks to film a reality show featuring other internet marketers who all make their living online and are helping others along the way do the same thing. Ill definitely post more about that in the weeks to come. Does this sound cRzY! Not when you know how to generate a income with nothing more than a internet connection, computer and a blog. So Im now officially AWOL .. living Another Way Of Life.

And Life is good.. !

via About | The Donald’s Online World.

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