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The average house wife | Welcome to a new friend: JDSelmser

In love with the idea of being in love

JD Selmser is the dreamer who traveled 8000 miles by plane then 500 miles by train just for a kiss and the possibility of love only for it to not be the one. (Hard to believe when I finally found her she was only 300 miles away). He is the guy who searches for magical sunsets, waterfalls and believes in true love, soul mates and kisses that take your breath away, with the support of his true soul mate. Eventually, inevitably, he ended up writing about romance and those things that go bump in the night. JD also loves animals and can be seen walking with his little dog Spazz, building model ships and searching for a new place in the world to discover.



Sarah decided that she did not want to work outside the house, but wanted to do freelance writing from home so that she could spent more time at home with the mini me. Now I am pretty open and supportive to this idea. I have always thought that a woman’s place in the home and relationship is exactly where she feels the most fulfilled no matter where it is. Sarah truly had the choice to just stay home or work full or part time. When I see how happy she is and how happy Wyatt is I know that she made the right choice.

Sarah has this idea that I am supporting her, but this is one of the few points that we do not see eye to eye. For me I see it as she is doing what’s best for our lives and our family. Who makes the money or how much less we make a month is not nearly as important as the fact that we have a happy family. Our kids do not see arguing or fighting, but they see two happy parents in love. Wyatt is an extremely bright and happy baby. Even though we had an absolutely amazing baby sitter, but she was not mom to our little bundle of joy. I can go to work and not worry about the little one. He is chatting as most babies are and I know that Sarah talks to him, she encourages him and as a mother is supposed to she adores him.  That is absolutely priceless.

The other day I was watching Dr Phil and there was a couple who made a similar choice. Honestly I was ashamed to be the gender as the guy. He seemed to look at the most important job a parent can do as more of sacrifice then an honor. When a man looks at the loss of income as a sacrifice rather than well-being of his family he has to re-evaluate his priorities. Sacrifice to me means sacrifice which is a cost that comes with regret. The well-being of my wife is family no matter what the requirement is not sacrifice that comes with regrets, but an honor.

My parent’s life was a lot simpler in a way because they knew that the needs of the family are more important than the extras. I cannot speak for the rest of you, but for too long I bought way too many extras. Not at the expense of the family’s needs, but definitely not things that I needed. I think as a culture we need to always remember that needs and wants are not the same. We need food, shelter and love, but a new cell phone, a faster laptop or 500 cable channels are wants not needs.

I want to end this with one final thought. The common house wife is the one that makes care of the house, guides their children and deserves all the acknowledgement and praise for the outstanding work they do. You can never judge accomplishments, importance or pride based on dollar and cents because money does not last forever ,but family will because your actions today will help guide who the generations after are and can be.

Also we have four kids so if I was at home I think some days there would be at least three kids duct taped to a wall.



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My NaNoWriMo Entry part 2


After a few requests to post more I decided to post a few more chapters of my book “Little White Lies”

Chapter Two – A mystery of sorts

            I waited around and once visiting hours were over, I left. There were a lot more questions in my mind now, than when I arrived. First question I had amongst the long list was, who Stacey was and did I give her this book? Why had I written that letter? More secrets from the past, that’s all my life really was. I followed the motions pretending to be the man I used to be, but there were always more and more little secrets. As I left the building I must have been deep in thought as I never heard the clapping of high heels on the pavement behind me until she was just a few steps away. As I turned and looked there was Maria standing there mouth half open like she had something to say, but couldn’t put the words together.

From my jacket pocket I grabbed a cigarette and fought the wind to light it. As soon as the smoke hit the air, she curled her nose and just stared at me. I took the hint and tossed it aside. I know it’s a filthy habit and I have been trying to quit for years, but it’s one of my many weaknesses. She had this apologetic look in her eyes and muttered, “Mr. Skuce you did not have to stop smoking on my account.”



The Tragedy Of Unanswered Letters «Catching Up with A Shade Of Pen

A journey of exploration of my ownself and yours as well!

The Tragedy Of Unanswered Letters

I loved writing this with Alex- The Blue Eyed
(Lol, I can’t get the color of his eyes out of my mind).
You must read his wonderful poems. I loved a lot of his lines that he penned here.
It’s been endless years since I wrote to you
It’s been forever since I waited for your reply
And yet, every day when the sun rises;
My eyes gleam with the hope to hear from you
And yet, every night when the moon glitters
A silent tear slowly escapes as I still wait
unanswered letters
The tears of the lonely show life in its glory
An eternity alone, a devastating story
At the surface it may appear that we’re gone
But we’ve been silently waiting here all along
On the surface you may see what you will
But deep underneath the tears eat their fillThe heart though broken sings a song
Despite the wait, it hungrily longs
To belong to the one for whom it still beats
And yet Destiny plays foul and doesn’t permits
Two long lost lovers to unite again
As each suffers silently in unfulfilled love’s laneTo rise above passion and beauty skin deep
And transcend differences and secrets they keep
Reaching forever for one combined goal
Sticking together, two halves of a whole
A fixture of time, steadfast it remains
Love breaks down borders and releases the pain.


The Tragedy Of Unanswered Letters « A Shade Of Pen.

Citește dacă… l’art d’aimer | welcome to a new friend artdaimer

l’art d’aimer

To love is an art. As the arts of war. Just more subtle.

Read if … If you have a relationship. If you want to start a relationship. If you have just finished a relationship. If you like someone. If someone likes you. If you feel that you are appreciated (a) as you would like. Read this blog. If you find yourself in any of the situations above, the recommended blog of someone who might need.

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Rule. 4 – Be your own PR

One of the most important things in life and hence in human relationships (of any kind) is how you see yourself. Others not how to perceive than as you see yourself. You represent to yourself PR spokeswoman, agent and also produced.Image The other “buy” what you “sell”. And according to the presentation, others will “buy” or not. So if you are constantly talking about how fat, stupid, unhappy, unable you, others will inevitably associated with these attributes.

Rationale: The hard truth is: nobody likes a person who complains (unless to the extent that makes them feel better about your own life by comparison, but this is not the case). Nobody wants to hear about your childhood traumas, complexes and about your unhappiness. These are things to share with family, more than a friend or two. In any case when you just met a man, or when you’re dealing with new people. The most attractive people are those mysterious, charismatic and seem to be doing well inexplicable! Their hair always shines, are always dressed right, laugh all the time, always have money and are very lucky. You know how you can become one of those people?

January. Stop your whining for mercy. Crying for mercy can be extremely satisfying, especially for women. Get attention, let us talk about us Insense and we think that others will be kind to us if you are going through. Well, if people want mercy then you will run a second time, continue to say since the first meeting, “right? I really look good? I have huge nose like a cucumber? “. Granted, the imagination of the viewer, a vegetable appears on your complexion. Stop whining that you do not know a man right you are fat, short, too thin or too shy. What do you expect to happen? Come to save you life Prince Charming of Cinderella? Not going to happen.

February. Have a role model! – What is this? Do you turn to Shakira, but looking around, you take something you love from people you know. Do you like the way someone dresses / talk / socialize? Take notes. And at the end of the day think about what kind of person I want to be? More specifically, I want to be perceived by others? Now ansambleaza all these features in a sketch and tends to it. Show them love yourself and others that you respect yourself and others will do the same. No, it is pretense, pretending not somebody else, but simply highlight certain features that you will approach your goals. You become a more enjoyable as you get closer to your goal with more confidence and as a result, more attractive.

Three. Give Yourself Some Time. These indications are not going to turn overnight. It is a journey that lasts a lifetime. You’ll always find something to be improved, a person will always appear more “glamorous” and role models in your life. Keep yourself inspired by others that will provide microuniversuri belief that it can. Someone coming from a background like yours did. Why do not you be?

April. Love yourself. Sometimes you like to castigate front of others only in the hope that they argue (oh and-sour when it does happen!). Well, if you continue to underestimate you, you will not be able to love. It says: Love the other one as yourself. Well, how can you love another person you do not even appreciate you? In relation to another person (and especially with one more powerful), you become needy, jealous and frustrated. Questions like: “Why is more successful than me? Maybe he found a beautiful woman? He looked at it because I do not draw him? “Will take place in your mind, and the effects will be felt in the relationship. You will perceive as a “desperate” in perpetual need of attention. Stop it! Rate yourself more, work more than you, be proud of you! You’ve come this far! You have exceeded the weight! Who does not appreciate you, you deserve it!

May. Do not you get self-esteem from the view of others. It is very important as a source of self-esteem to be one as stable. Thus, there will always be influenced by the whims of others, or the time of life. Self-esteem must come from a good source, safe, that you can control. Do not get exposed to the views of “the world” and do not expect your partner to validate constant. If you frequently put questions like “so-and I have not exaggerated”, “I think I lost it”, “do you love me?” Answer others will have a very big influence on you. Do not give them so much power! Ask yourself, based on your own principles, if you like, or beyond. If you are not, find out how you could do this two to meet. Your values ​​with the reality of life. Whether you come down standards or that work hard to achieve them, you must do something! Not to ask another person and so on until you get the desired response. This habit makes you too vulnerable and your relationship with yourself first and then others will suffer.


(This would all be easier if I could read any of these languages!)

Love Is………. |CUP with helen midgley

Love Is……….

Posted by helen midgley on September 29, 2013


(Image from

Love is the touch that renders me still,

And Love is the hunger that I cannot fill,

Love is the kindling that feeds a wild fire,

And Love is the flame that reaches up higher.

Love is the scent of an apple blossom tree,

And love is the flower that you open in me,

Love is the daisy that is linked by a chain,

And love is the sunshine that comes before rain.

Love is the breath that is whispered on skin,

And love is the blood that simmers within,

Love is the heat of the passion beneath,

And love is the wanting that I cannot sheath.

Love is the melee that rages for peace,

And love is the prisoner that yearns for release,

Love is the conflict that fights as we mate,

And love is the soldier whose battle I sate.

Love is the essence of all that we share,

And love is my reason to think that you care,

Love is the words that still lay unspoken,

And love is the wish for just a small token.

Love is the ache that I carry inside,

And love is the struggle I have with my pride.

Love is the one thing I know you won’t give,

And love is the reason that makes me forgive.

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Thunder -Love Walked In | Catching up with old friend Steve Fox

Thunder -Love Walked In

Check it out !

So tired of waiting, I walked an empty land
I was looking for something to help me understand
But bad luck kept turning my dreams into sand

I didn’t want pity, I had my share of friends
I wanted somebody more special than the rest
I was aching inside like I was approaching the end

Just about that moment the timing was so right
You appeared like a vision sent down to my life
I thought, I was dreaming when I saw you that night

That’s when love walked in through my door
That familiar feeling I had once before
Love walked in through my door and it felt so strange, ooh

It’s hard to remember being on my own
Ooh, that kind of loving makes a hard man lose control
But I sleep so much better, now I’m not alone

So promise me, baby, you’re always gonna stay
I don’t think I could take it, seeing you walk away
You don’t need to doubt it, I remember that day

That’s when love walked in through my door
I found just what I wanted but I got so much more
Love walked in through my door and it felt so strange

Like a long lost friend that hadn’t changed
Giving me hope again
Love walked in, love walked in, love

Ooh, just about that moment the timing was so right
You appeared like a vision sent down to my life
I thought, I was dreaming when I saw you that night

That’s when love walked in through my door
That familiar feeling I had once before
Love walked in through my door

Oh, love walked in through my door and it felt so strange
That familiar feeling I had once before
Love walked in through my door and it felt so strange

Like a long lost friend that hadn’t changed
Giving me hope again, ooh
Love walked in, ooh, love walked in, love
Love walked in, love walked in, oh

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I #write #poetry and #stories | Welcome to a new friend: keith garrett

keith garrett poetry


               I write poetry and stories, If you would like to respond or just

Speak about things then e-mail me at


Rhythm, a sequence in time repeated, featured ...


              She stands there dressed in a gown of white satin,

On her feet, soft shoes that sparkle in the light, tonight.

Her hair made up like a princess at a ball, she’s beautiful,

Awaiting her handsome escort as he moves out on the floor.

Dressed up in a tailored made suit of black, he stares into her eyes,

Taking her hand as the music echoes into this magical night.

Around and around they bounce and sway, waltz a lovers waltz,

These two become one as their body’s dance a lovers dance.

Romance is in the air for two hearts searching loves mystery,

A waltz for lovers, a night like no other, a love between two.

Keith Garrett

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             Dressed up in black, not to loud, driving down the road,

Music in my head, the boss sings out a tune, i’m driving.

Sunglasses to match this beautiful machine of black,

Eyes wandering, scenery passing by as i ride, dreaming.

In a black car driving, I’m moving down the road to you,

In a black car driving, eyes fixed on the horizon, driving.

With the window down i can feel the wind, listen to the sound,

My dreaming mind takes me to you, the way to you is complicated.

Down the road as you are not so far away, just a touch away,

A smile shows through on your face, everyday this way.

Keith Garrett

No Love Poems | Catching up with friends: Gatsby’s Abandoned Children

No Love Poems

  by · in Poem

poem heart fossil fossilized

The bruises along her legs are not memories
but empty spaces.

There is no fossilized evidence

love ever existed.

via No Love Poems | Gatsby’s Abandoned Children.

[Terry: Wow. Just Wow]

“an ineffable infinity of serendipity evenings of peculiarity and fiery.” | Catching up with ann johnson murphreeauthor


Artist, Poet, Fiction Writer


Love is Tiring…

Coalescing into an ineffable infinity of

serendipity evenings of peculiarity and

fiery.  There have been times that I

wanted to weep.

Weep, angered that I ever met you.  A

stone, yet I am patient as I gaze into your

eyes.  Never understanding completely,

your mind not pliable.

Oh, this despoiled flesh the path to

happiness, the consummation of my brain.

I think this thing called love is very tiring,

very, very, tiring as the tides of life flow




All eBooks at the address below:

Beyond the Voices

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It’s been WAY too long since we Caught up withTheReporterandTheGirlMINUSTheSuperman!

And the heart grows….Stronger



Defined as a sensation by many
Instilled as expectations long ago
Internal? Otherwise fatherly/motherly
Arriving on a whim when the right person appears
Expecting a feeling to erase all our unspoken fears
Emotionally, physically, magically, spontaneously degenerates
As easy as you fell in
Spontaneously, magically fall out
Hocus pocus when the pixie dust is gone
there appears all the wrongs
Slight of hand slight of heart
Tremendous hopes and expectations
Consequence of your heart’s misconception
Is that the love you have for me?
Shallow as your eyes can see?
My love deeper and lasting
Your goodness appreciating
My love is a choice (first)
Dealing for better or worst
Focus rooted in the good in you
Investing in you part of me giving
In the emotional times when we are low
Indecision to stay or go
In at its lowest always grow
Looking for the good in you
Loving you as God intended
This is not a magical feeling
Or whimsical affection
It did not just happen
Created over time without ballooning expectation
How can I so easily say…still
Because my love is not a feeling nor a magic sensation
It is loves true definition
Of you to me


So these are honest words written by a man who is also learning about love’s true meaning. I was talking with the poet about the changes he experienced after the dissolution of his marriage. He doesn’t hate his ex, he wishes the best for her; forgives her and is living in a new chapter. And the reason he is able to turn the page, is because he is experiencing love’s true meaning.

Because when you have love, you can’t hate the people who wronged you. Even those who betrayed your deepest trust. I know this is true, because the opposite of love is not hate. It’s indifference. It’s when you can truly forgive that person, you can move on.

Though the circumstances are different, I wonder why I seem to have trouble with that last step of forgiving and moving on? Everyday, things are getting better and I try to stay positive and appreciate things more; little things no longer seem little -like someone smiling or saying “Good morning” to you. But I can’t help waving from blame to disappointment or anger over the way Jon exploited me.

And other times he doesn’t cross my mind, or I don’t feel anything when I think of him. I don’t want to date again despite everyone else telling me to…and even trying to hook me up (that’s a post for next week); but it’s hard forgiving someone who callously uses others for his own benefit.

But all in good time. Moving on is different for everyone, and the steps aren’t laid out like a map.

One year ago this month, I experienced something that I never felt. I was in love: meaning that for first time I gave love and saw someone in his purest form and I still loved him. And it takes courage and inner strength to give that to someone. Especially someone who may not deserve it.

Now I’m not with that person, not because I stopped loving him; but because I realize that he did not feel the same way or is unwilling to give back. Thus he would hurt me more if I stayed. My love has changed over the course of time, and it may not go away.

Maybe for men it’s different. And I would like to hear more from male readers. Even though the poet and I talked on legnth about this topic, I know men are wired differently and may not experience the same love in every relationship and moving on is different from them.

In fact, he remarked, “A man wants to marry a woman who loves him more than he loves her.”

Me: “What?!”

“Because a guy is anticipating messing up.” And as women, if we love…we’re loyal enough to overlook it or forgive.

What is your true definition of love?

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“Crying heart doesn’t let the night disturb and rolls into itself to cry some more”| Catching up with Talking Experience

Love – The Ultimate Emotion


Tear drops touch the cheeks and tremble down towards the earth,

Crying heart doesn’t let the night disturb and rolls into itself to cry some more.

Eyes are numb with the overwhelming emotions and are afraid to express,

When the night is beautiful with the shining moon there in the sky.

There is this silence that says everything without saying a word,

While the wind takes those tears and spread over the sand near the water.

Heart dwells with some more emotions feeling them to the core,

When mind looses track of time and travels to the past.

Feeling of love takes over and a smile dances on the lips,

Not long does it take for sadness to take over again.

It was love and love only that made her laugh, smile and yet sad again in life,

It was love that made her cry, shout and yet calm and peaceful again.

via Love – The Ultimate Emotion | Talking Experience.

the sound of rushed heartbeats. Lost in each other’s eyes.| Poetry on a Roll

Layers Of Love


The blistering burn
that aches and aches.

Craving slight touches.
Whispering sweet words in ears.
Random kisses.
Hugs in abundance.
Regular phone calls.
Spontaneous texts.
Honest conversations.
Sweet sensations on and off the court.
Short hand-written notes
or long love letters.

Sincere appreciation.
Acceptance without question.
Showing understanding.
Giving simple gifts.
The spectacular sound of laughter.
Holding tingling hands,
fingers entwined.
Cuddling in bed.
Just the sound of rushed heartbeats.
Lost in each other’s eyes.

Copyright © 2013 Kimalee Jones

via Layers Of Love | Poetry on a Roll.

Catching up with Jasmine K Eclipse Flux and Flow

Café Writing: 32 Degrees

I woke up this morning with fear in my eyes and tears streaming down my face. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had a night like this, where I fall asleep around 3 a.m. to the pulsing of my own shakes and silent screams and wake up to a continuation of pain running down my face. I feel so low. I guess I can start at the part I haven’t figured out yet; I can start at the end.

You’re playing the lead, your arms wrap around my back, your gaze never leaving mine as my smile lights up the room. I can’t feel my feet, my thoughts are nonexistent, it’s as though we’re floating. Flowers, lights and the laughter of our friends surround me but all I see is you, all I know is you and the happiness you give to me.

Once the night ended, my smile never faded, your melodious voice rang in my ears for weeks. The summer came and went and took our happiness with it. It happened so quickly I didn’t see it coming. It’s almost as though I woke up the next morning and your bags were packed and gone. I called all your friends and they all said they hadn’t seen you yet. My thoughts exploded into a million shattered particles and fell around my room. I only had myself to blame because it always ended the same way. If I were an honest person I would have given everything another try. I would have walked right up to you and told you that everything I said was a mistake, it wasn’t real, I didn’t mean it. I worked up this scenario for weeks and when it was nearly perfected, I would break down in tears because I knew that no matter what I said, nothing mattered.

I don’t know what to do because I’m so far, deeply and madly in love with you. Oftentimes, I’ll find myself walking to school, or sitting on a bus or staring at my textbooks and I’ll see your face. A beautiful thought of you creeps its way into my mind from time to time, and when it does, I forget what I wanted to say; it’s as if nothing else matters. I always believed that we would one day find our way back to one another. A part of me likes to think that way, but then again, I believe in the finer things and you don’t believe in me.

I was stunned when you called me the other day. In fact, that’s why I didn’t answer. I stared at your name on the screen until my phone stopped ringing. I didn’t call back either. Instead, I sat at the edge of my bed thinking of all the things we would have talked about. You would ask how I’ve been and I would imagine that little smirk of yours. I’d ask who you’ve been hanging out with, hoping that you’d say that you haven’t been seeing anyone because you miss me just as much as I miss you. You would ask how my day is going, how my teachers are, who’s in my classes. You would show how much you cared. You would sweep me off my feet with the simple notion of a small conversation and I would fall effortlessly back into your arms.

My thoughts left me alone in my cold, cold bedroom. Laying on the floor, staring at the ceiling, I realized how foolish we were. We were young, we were only in our teens. It couldn’t have been real love, in fact, it’s impossible that two people could have fallen that far in love. It’s an inescapable thought. It’s quite sad that we were merely prisoners of love.

In this moment, I wished you were here with me. Your eyes, your hair, the veins that run down your arms. If you came walking through my door in this moment, there’s no telling how quickly I’d rush over to you and throw my arms around you. I’d never make the mistake of letting you go again.

But we had to grow up. We moved away and got jobs, we changed our ways, talked to different people, there were even times when I thought I’d forgot completely about you. Just like wildfire that had been burning now for days, love lost its flame and smoldered. We tried to tell ourselves that nothing was in our way, we tore down the walls and we would be able to love once again.

As much as I’d beg to differ, we’re just two completely different people with entirely similar interests. Inseparable. And I know I’ve said this all before, but polar opposites always seem to be attracted to one another like a moth and a flame. We try and run away but always end up running back.

That’s the power of love.

via Café Writing: 32 Degrees | Flux and Flow.

[Terry: Look at this!

You’re playing the lead, your arms wrap around my back, your gaze never leaving mine as my smile lights up the room. I can’t feel my feet, my thoughts are nonexistent, it’s as though we’re floating. Flowers, lights and the laughter of our friends surround me but all I see is you, all I know is you and the happiness you give to me.

Girl can WRITE!]

10 Pictures That Will Make You Believe Happily Ever after Exists | The Happsters

10 Pictures That Will Make You Believe Happily Ever after Exists

Posted on July 16, 2013 by happsters

Do you believe that love can last forever? These photos depict older couples who are completely in love, happy as can be and still having tons of fun!

1. Strolling around

seeing old people in love

2. Making each other laugh

Older couple laughing

3. Combining hammocks and kisses

Hammocks & Old Couples

4. Holding hands


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Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites

Welcome to a new friend: Katherine Givens | A Historical Romance Writer

About Katherine

Katherine GivensKatherine Givens is a museum employee with a secret. Few know the truth of her greatest passion, but those closest to her know she loves to write historical romances… Alright, maybe more than a few people know she is a writer. Anyone who will listen to her can glean this from a conversation.

So, Katherine Givens is a museum employee who wishes she had a devilish secret or a jaw-dropping double life, but the characters in her manuscripts often do. From the withdrawn duke mesmerized by his quiet maid or the savage viking eager to ravish a Christian girl, her heroes are always bound to have a secret or two. It is often up to the headstrong heroine to unravel the mysteries surrounding the man that has captured her heart.

Katherine is a member of the Romance Writers of America and Romance Writers of America PRO. Her short stories and poetry have been published in The Copperfield Review, The Enchanted File Cabinet, Tipton Poetry Journal, Nazar Look, WestWard Quarterly, MUSED – the BellaOnline Literary Review Magazine, and several other magazines she cannot name off of the top of her head.

Katherine Givens | A Historical Romance Writer.


Before you explore the website of yet another aspiring historical romance author, let me invite you to taste what is lurking within the depths of my imagination. And what better way to begin than to read a sample of my first romance publication in The Enchanted File Cabinet‘s October 2012 issue? Enjoy this excerpt of “Fate and Free Will,” and be sure to search the rest of my website to savor the whole of my work.


The path for every human’s life is paved by two judges, fate and freewill. One might contradict the other at times. There might not always be complete harmony between the two. A person may decide upon fate, and fate may spin the fibers of that person’s freewill. You can’t deny life is filled with both. I know by experience. Fate and freewill intervened in my life the day I wrote the letter.

     It was one of those rare privileges to have paper for my writing. I sat at my desk with the paper staring back, taunting me. The words did not come immediately.

     I thought of my life and of my miserable circumstances. I thought of my dying grandmother. I thought of the people in rural Derbyshire who gave to keep us alive. I thought of my home, which could be lost as soon as the benefactors stopped giving. 

     After several moments, I began to write a letter and its recipient was unknown. All my thoughts, feelings, and miseries flowed onto that paper:

April 26, 1843

     I have no money to my name. My only income comes from the benefactors that take pity on me. My only remaining relative is my grandmother, but she is slowly deteriorating back into dust. She coughs up blood consistently and hardly ever moves. She just lies on her bed and stares at the ceiling above her head, as if she is waiting for God himself to emerge and reclaim her soul. I am frightened for her and what she will soon face. I am frightened for myself and the loneliness that shall soon engulf my very existence.  

     Who ever may care, my only wish is to have a friend. If, by destiny, anyone finds this letter, I ask of you, from the deepest depths of my soul, to respond to my letter. Don’t if you only pity me. Respond because you also suffer and are in need of a companion.

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Repaired Laptop, Repaired Heart

Here’s an update on a prior post titled, “Broken Laptop, Broken Heart.”

Great news! After biting my fingernails to practically nothing, my laptop is finally fixed! For the past month I’ve been agonizing over the lost of the revisions to my beloved novel.

I took my laptop to a technician at an office chain store, to a friend, and finally to the colleague of a relative. That hunk of junk passed hands so many times, but it finally did fall into the right hands. A huge thank you to the fellow that repaired my hard drive!

And, yes, I’ve been dancing since my manuscript was retrieved. It is saved to three flash drives and a new laptop I recently bought. Also, I am trying something new called a cloud.

My manuscript is now safe and sound. Every paragraph, every sentence, and every word is intact. I can now trek onwards and continue revising this novel. I’m so glad and relieved, because now I will have my strongest work to pitch to a couple of editors and an agent at a conference sponsored by the RWA!

Thank you to all those who read my original post, “Broken Laptop, Broken Heart!” I’m taking all your technical suggestions to heart, and I greatly appreciated the words of comfort when my manuscript was lost. I’m just so happy that it is now found!

[Terry: OK, now go out there and NAIL one of those agents! Umm, in a totally business-like literary sense, of course.]

Fireflies | Writings of a Mrs

Fireflies in Illinois Français : Des lucioles ...

Fireflies in Illinois Français : Des lucioles volent dans le crépuscule de l’Illinois (États Unis). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites


fireflies, jar, night, firefly

Fire flies in the evening sky


Placed in a glass jar

To light our way


The nights


Evening romance

What is the chance

To have fire flies

In a glass jar

Romancing the stars

Fireflies free to shine

Through out our lifetime

Capturing my heart

With each passing light

Effortless love

Released ‘into the night

©Jennifer David 2013

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Welcome to a new friend: Rajat Chauhan | PICZLoad

PICZLoadWatchout Incredible Pictures & Download for free!




I write what I love. Sheer observer of old-new things happening around, so I can make them happen too. Love technology though I use old gadgets. Love paintings, specially modern art.  Sometime I play with wet brush and stroke it on the empty canvas so that some imagination can evolve through. 

I believe in the simplicity of ideas……………….

An enthusiastic writer, photography learner, sheer painter, passionate traveller and  storyteller………………..

Love music  actually I enjoy all kind of music  sometime even don’t get a single word of the lyrics…………eheheheh

Travel to different places and explore with people,  things, cultures , languages, tastes is all about good times and experience……………………want to travel more, learn more…….

 I’m just about starting out.

Interests vary. I chill excessively with friends and follow obscene amounts of weblogs. On a lighter
note, I’m here to learn, try to stay in peace and overcome technology,
while falling in love with the tiny nonsense of daily life if you know what I mean to say!

Between finding excuses to brew more filter coffee, scribble on, smoke & fire it’s just the beginning. 



                                                                                 Thank YOU folks!

Rangbhoomi – My Art



2013-04-20 11.36.46

2013-04-20 11.37.42

2013-04-20 11.52.01

2013-04-20 11.39.08

7/5 Trochee: Love’s Whim | Wrestling Life

Trochee: Love’s Whim


Two hearts collide, flesh bond grows

The mingling of thoughts

The intertwining of souls

We reap what love sows

We are products of love’s whim

True love, embraces

False love, imprisons captives

Pure love, never dims

© 2013 Kira Woodsbury, all rights reserved

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The Stolen Kiss – an eternal love saga: About Me – author ” Vamshi Krishna Vuppula”

Vamshi Krishna Vuppula

Hey everyone! thank you for your tremendous response for my

pebble “Stolen Kiss- an eternal love saga”, each one by name and name. Am Vamshi Krishna Vuppula, ( born on January 18th 1992, am a capricorn) pursuing my engineering, avionics as my major. I prefer writing poems which take less time than the fictional stories, but this one ” stolen kiss” is something special to me in my life; as it gathered many people to flock in. Every line in this blog touches me, when I read it after writing and wonder has it come out good?? Life is complicated they say, dear elders Life is never complicated, its always simple; we make it complicated and fight for the air to breathe. Other than poetry, am a software as well as application developer @ Ubuntu.

Thank You everyone! for our amazing response! 🙂

My personal websites :

via The Stolen Kiss – an eternal love saga: About Me – author ” Vamshi Krishna Vuppula”.

Chapter – 1

Hi, am Shyam Krishna, a software engineer in an MNC. I’ve seen life’s only 25 pages, every page is dear to me, every time my looks haunt back to see the graph of 25 years of my own life, and I stay confused and loose myself into depression. Roots of my family head at the Brahmin race, so basically from my childhood I was more into the rituals and family bonding. Our family was just of 3 members, me, my dad Mr. Krishna Mohan and my little cutie pie mom, Mrs. Krishna Mohan a.k.a Avni. Am a graduate in Computer Science as my major, I was nicknamed as “Uber Geek” for my expertise in programming and networking domains.
                                    Do you believe that you can change yourself for the person’s you love??? Difficult question to answer and a difficult task to do. It was a herculean task for me to do, but yes I’ve changed. The transition from an adamant headstrong “SHYAM” to the present one was literally a new life to me. Optimization of thoughts was never in my context, I was completely pessimist. Never did I accept which any other person great and never did I have any friends, I was living a dry life in the deserts of feelings. Even I had in the nook corner of my heart, there will be someone born for me for whom I will bestow myself and surrender this pride to her feet. Time had its own plans so did the lord, he wanted a fire to burn the pride in me but I wanted a camphor where I can dissolve myself.
                                    Life doesn’t give opportunities to correct the mistake what we have made in the past. I sound a bit philosophic but experience turns a man into philosopher not books or sayings. I still remember the cute smile of the one, when I looked at her. Her cheeks turning out to a mixture color of crimson red and the baby pink. Her lips were never narrow when she received a text from me, she has never shown her anger on me, and she just wanted me by myself. Even now these pebble water droplets roll down from my eyes thinking she is not with me. Why do we fall so madly in love?? We think to see the person for every second just for one look from our love. Why do we smile unconsciously? Why do we want the person with us in our arms?? Questions doesn’t have any answer. If you have stepped on Venus with the lovely arrow hits from Cupid, these questions will lead to a blush on your face as they all remind you of your love.
Can anyone say me why do we love a person? I guess the answer might unanimously be “NO” because if you need a reason to love your girl / boy then yours is not love. Love is just the unconditional care and feel which flows with the speed of light to compete with the parents of your love. How many of you can assure your love can be the first runner up to show your love to you partner?? I do. Indeed more than anyone else in this world.

I ____ a love of my life, her name is….



Welcome to a new friend: JamieB2013 | “It is as it is”

“It is as it is” – what’s it all about?

“It is as it is” is a collection of rambles from a near 40 yr old.

There is some / a lot of poetry in here too.

Some make sense, some don’t.

Some reveal a lot about me, some reveal nothing at all.

Don’t take it at face value, read between the lines.

Read this with your soul and ignore the warning signs.

Most of the time, the linked songs are pivitol to what is written – but only most of the time.

So if you read post and the youtube link is not working, please drop me a line:

So tell me when, you’re gonna let me in…”

Some things in life just happen…
Sometimes your eyes can’t see…
Sometimes there is no reason…
Some things are meant to be…

Sometimes the Sun shines brightly…
Some days it’s a cloud…
Somewhere there’s a rainbow…
Sometimes people are so damn proud…

Sometimes we’ve best intentions…
Some days our minds are Black…
Somewhere it went missing…
Some day we’ll get it back…

Sometimes we’ve just forgotten…
Some people won’t forgive…
Somewhere there’s an answer…
Some things aren’t ours to give…

Some people go on living…
Some days we live to die…
Sometimes its deep depression…
Sometimes Eye… Fly… High…

Some people just don’t get it…
Some believe only what they hear…
Some understand the bigger picture…
Some begin to fight their fear…

Some days we play the victim…
Somehow we just don’t exist…
Some people are so stunning…
Someone yearns just to be kissed…

Some thoughts should be forgotten…
Sometimes we’re led astray…
Some words never can be spoken…
Some things just locked away…

Someone’s always watching…
Sometimes we still deceive…
Some say that there’s an ending…
Somehow we still believe…

Someday we will understand…
Some claim our eyes will see…
Some thoughts we will remember…
Someday the Dove will set us free…

Todays music comes from Keane – not a band I overly love, but they have the odd song that does it for me – this one especially. “Somewhere only we know” is one of those that is so open to interpretation – I find it interesting that different things can be read into lyrics and poems. Like the above, they are just words. However they can be read in so many ways and they carry so much – or so little. I sometimes wonder if that is due to the intent of the writer, or the desire of the reader.


via JamieB2013 |

“I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life…”

There’s a man at the door…
Wants to buy your soul…
Says it’s worth double…
As it’s got a Blackhole…

Got a big Blackhole…
Deep down inside…
Been getting bigger…
Each time you lied…

Every time you lied…
The man here knew…
Made him smile…
As the Blackhole grew…

The Blackhole grew bigger…
And swallowed up your heart…
Covered up the truth…
Shot out a poison dart…

That poison dart…
Hit the one you love…
She took flight…
Like an escaping Dove…

That escaping Dove…
Has broke your soul…
All that’s left…
Is a big Blackhole…

It’s that Blackhole…
That this man wants…
Killing time in the shadows…
As her memory haunts…

And that memory haunts…
Stalks your hurting head…
You made the choices…
Now you wish you were dead…

You wish you were dead…
Because the living is hell…
Now the time has come…
And your ready to sell…

Yes you’re ready to sell…
Detach that big Blackhole…
So just close your eyes…
And hand the Devil your soul…

So, yeah. When putting together my CV, I had lots of constructive advice. Format, content, layout. What you should add in, what you shouldn’t add in. Even secret ways of getting in key words that may fox the online systems when applying for jobs.

One of the most important aspects, I was assured, was how you put together the personal and hobbies part of the CV. Make or break it seemed!. Too much information and the prospective employers may think twice. Not enough detail and they may think you are not interesting enough.

I went with the bullet point advice and even that was hard work . What should I add in that makes me look creative, but not a geek!  I ended up mentioning that I write poems. It was a throw away comment and I thought little of it.

Amazingly, this point was picked up in all but one of my interviews. That’s positive you may think and I guess it is. However, it left me open to the “What do you write about” questions and the inevitable “Can we read”?  That is the downside of this, as yes, I write poetry, but its not happy and light.

Its not something that Pam Ayres would read on BBC radio. Its quite shit really and its dark shit too.  I get inspired by little things, a throw away line on a TV show, or something that someone said earlier in the day. From small acorns grow the rest of the words, sentences, paragraphs.

Some make sense, some don’t, Some reveal a lot about me, some reveal nothing at all, but read cold – as on a previous blog post, they could be interpreted  in ways I don’t want. Therefore, I have never had the confidence to put them up or show them to anyone.

However, now I have a new blog home, I am going to risk it as I am sure no-one is reading and if you are, its by chance.  Therefore, the instant judgement is removed!

Anyway, first up is Blackhole (Above) – It was written in 2011, inspired by someone telling me that I had a Blackhole where my heart should be after a throw away comment / attempt at comedy genius. Over time, more will follow, without the commentary.

As for songs to accompany todays blog. Well it could be about writing or poetry, but you know what, this song came n my ipod today and I think its worth putting up. Pearl Jam – Black. Amazing poetry in the lyrics – I can only dream of writing like this.


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Mortal | Nolan O’Malley


My bags are packed for the trip of a lifetime. I am simply going to find a way out of the smoothed groove of my typical lifestyle. I, as motionless as ever, wander into vacationed spots captured in my neurons. I’m sure if they measure my brainwaves -whomever they are- I would be considered brain dead. I’m not a journeyman; I am not a foolish traveler. I simply need to exist outside of this place long enough to make it home. Living in cycles is as dangerous as playing with sickles, you make one wrong move and your soul needs reaping!

I occasionally need to exhale my mental stress. Yes, that’s the best way of stating it. I try to find joy in love and love in hobby. I am the living tree debarked. I am pulled away from normality, but I still exist healthily. I take my transformation seriously- as serious as I take my own work. I love like my roots and absorb the reciprocation; I write with fervor just to express my leaves.

Enough with these metaphors and similes, imagery and masked talk. All I need is an image in my head of what love and passion culminates. What will I become in the long run? Will I have wasted time in contemplated growth, or am I finding a path to a treasured place? My skills are not sharp enough and my love is not concentrated enough. I can not see into that future until those truths are carved deep. I need a pen. I need a kiss. I need a vacation…

via Mortal | Nolan O’Malley.

Welcome to a new friend: | Your Love Pills | J25code2

Your Love Pills | J25code2

Now I Know the Love

Your Love Pills, is a website about Love;

Short stories and reflexions about Love:                                                                              

The love that means commitment, the love that means sacrifice, the love that involves heartaches and longing, the love that never ends, the good love, the selfless love, the patient love, the smart love, the trustful love, the romantic love, the beautiful love that fills our hearts and gives our lives meaning. And of course this website is about those who are in love.

via Love is a Highway | Your Love Pills | J25code2.

Lose yourself to find yourself

Life is a wonderful experience. To remain in the ‘ever Present’ and to witness ‘the all beautiful moment’; one has to give a serious try. We are always planning about the future, or remembering the past – either due to attachment or anger/hatred. So we are never in the Present. For one to experience the Present, one has to lose oneself.

How can one lose oneself? The fear of losing – of becoming disoriented, of losing touch with the things around us, this is what prevents us from enjoying the eternal and the ever beautiful present. All the mystics have done just that. They have lost themselves. they have found something much more…. God.
The Sufis or the mystic Hindu saints or the Christian saints, they all have found meaning in their life. They all have discovered God.

A painter… is just so much immersed in his painting…. that he ‘loses about the consciousness of things happening around’.

You yourself are a poet.  You can start with “observing silence”. Do not give into the temptation of describing…. you can start from here. Once you start describing… then you lose the present. Just see ‘what silence looks like, what silence feels like’. Observe like a non participating witness.

Most people are smart enough to know what they need to do to create different results in their lives, yet they don’t seem to get themselves to actually do those things, which they already know they should. Why?


In order to do different things, you’ll have to change who you think you are  and change the beliefs that are preventing you from doing the things you already know you should. Instead you get stuck in old routines, habits, beliefs and thought patterns.
We all have created these imaginary boundaries; emotional, physical and mental comfort zones and we’ll do (almost) anything to live our lives within these self-imposed boundaries.
You hold on to what you believe is true and you seek evidence to validate and support your own point of view. You continue to walk the same path that looks and feels familiar.
But sometimes you’ve got to lose yourself in order to find yourself, your true self. Sometimes you have to challenge the beliefs you hold about yourself, the beliefs about what you’re truly capable of and what’s really possible.
You have to challenge what you think is true, knowing there is always a different perspective, and start believing in what you really want.
When you expand your self-imposed boundaries, physically, emotionally and mentally, you have the opportunity to transform yourself, not in accordance with the rules and expectations of others, but guided by your own dreams and heart’s desires.
Isn’t it time to go walkabout and lose ourselves?

Once we lose the consciousness of things around, we become detached from our greed and fear.

In order to find yourself you have to lose yourself first.

Welcome to a new friend: Kedadelaide: Free Little Words

Free Little Words

via About | Free Little Words.


Mum to two, wife, teacher, sister, daughter, aunty and a few others in between. Intending to blog every day for a year.

So I have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tell you about this blog (and the person behind the keyboard) in as few words as possible so you actually get to the good stuff after this little intro without tuning out. Well here goes and I’ll try and keep it as succinct as possible.

An example from 1949.

Friends, family and a few foes call me Kel (Mum, Mrs H and darl also rate high up there).

Humour will feature on a regular basis as I try to look on the lighter side of love and occasionally I post something worthy of discussion or debate. I am a writer-in-the-making who is, more than likely, not going to hear back from the publisher once I’ve actually sent the manuscript (they don’t even send rejection letters anymore)! When I am forced into a 18×18 foot room filled with 30 bodies I am a teacher but please don’t ask me to answer any Science questions!  My love for my two boys (currently aged 5 and 3) will feature regularly but you’ll also find a smattering of poorly written poetry.

Greeting card with horses on

Free Little Words is about love in all its different forms. I don’t dwell or rant. Maudlin and I do not see eye to eye. I prefer positive and to find the silver lining in any given circumstance.

The name of my blog came to be from those three little words we all wish to hear whether it be from a parent, child, lover or partner. ’Free’ was substituted for ‘three’ because they don’t cost anything to say and my little guy, then 2, could not say three properly-it came out as free.

I hope that you gain something from reading a post or two. Maybe you’ll have smiled, laughed or even shared your thoughts. Whatever brings you here, please take an ‘I Love You’ with you and give it to your child/ren.

Until tomorrow,

A Certain Type of Love

Love of different types.

What is it about some kids that makes them more able to outwardly express their love while others are just not the cuddly type? Is there any genetic factors at play? When the environment is the same for both how can it play out so differently for each?


If they were referred to as type A and type B; I have one of each.

Type A: fiercely independent yet anxious when facing new situations, high-strung, intelligent, realistic and happy just to ‘be’ with the ones he loves.

Type B: caring, kind and generous soul, ‘shadows’ trusted adults, smart, physically displays affection often and easy going.

While the youngest has grown up in a love-rich environment, the same as which his older brother was brought home to, Just 3 has taught his older brother a thing or two. Being a naturally loving soul has increased that loving feeling exponentially in our home.

English: me and my friend

I know my child feels love. Is it possible to teach someone how to express love?

I believe that my youngest has done just that.

A desire to be equal may be the motivation for Now 6′s acts of affection. He has learned to show the closeness of the bond of love.

When I speak of love and affection with others it leaves me pondering.

For some families, love is expressed daily. On the phone, ‘love you’ ends every call. Text messages contain love or, at the very least, a heart. Love is sent across the miles in greeting cards. While for others, love is reserved and sometimes not returned. It’s felt but not spoken. A hug might convey it but is that the same?

According to Mum who is the Google of my family history, I was never a touchy-feely child. It wasn’t imposed upon me or expected. I was told I was loved but showed little desire to express the same emotions in return. It has taken me having my own children to realise how important it is for the life of my kids. Now 6 may just be a carbon copy of me but his brother, Dad and I will provide all the chances to show love that he needs.

For a life without love is no life at all.

Image from: here.

Love That Cheeky Monkey

20130512_101021Monkey love see; monkey love do.

Sometimes it’s naked and running free. At other times it’s shadowing me.

Wipe, powdered and soft as a baby’s; the fat rolls and wrinkles perfect in every way.

Naked from the waist down; jiggling as he runs with jocks upon his head and socks worn as mittens.

Bending over to look for a lizard that just made a dash; plumber’s crack facing up to the sky.

Making music in the bath; bum trumpet tune makes him cackle.

Built-in padding for accidents; falling flat on his arse stops him briefly.

Watch it wiggle and jiggle; dancing to the beat.

Nudie run to the shower; if I catch it, I’ll tickle it.

I’ve powdered, kissed, washed, tickled, dressed, wiped and watched that bum.

I’ve fussed over, worried, laughed and shaken my head at those little cheeks.

It may be responsible for a number of functions, some of which are the anti of cute.

But I made that bum.


No butts about it – love my little monkey.

Welcome to a new friend: Erica Dakin | Theft and Sorcery

Erica Dakin’s Author Page

Theft and Sorcery

Author blog for the Theft and Sorcery trilogy.

About Erica Dakin

Erica Dakin is an aspiring author, cat-lover and closet linguist. Erica lives in the UK but was born in the Netherlands, and her trilogy is a blend of Fantasy and Romance, focusing on thieves and sorcerers. (I bet you’d never have guessed.)

Blog posts will be once a week, generally on Monday, with an extra post sometimes if anything noteworthy has happened. Posts will centre on writing and/or book topics, or may be some of Erica’s back catalogue of unpublished fiction.

Please leave a comment, all thoughts are welcome!

Erica is also a Guest Reviewer on Silk Screen Views, a wonderful site devoted to book reviews and books in general.

via About Erica Dakin | Theft and Sorcery.

Book Two now published!

I am really pleased to announce that my second novel, The Conspiracy, is now available as an e-book from Amazon. I’m working on the paperback version, but I’m dependent on my lovely nephew sorting out the cover, and he’s currently enjoying some well-deserved rest after graduating from his graphics design course.

Anyway, without further ado I present to you: The Conspiracy.

Available here on Amazon US, or here on Amazon UK. I should warn everyone that it’s a bit of a beast, it’s more than half again as long as The Ritual.


Book blurb for book two

I’m about to start formatting book two for publishing, hopefully I’ll get it out there this weekend. For now, here is the book blurb/hook for it.

(As an aside, after my post on the words I love I really ought to do one on the words I hate, because blurb is one of them. Anyway.)

There is no room for love at the royal court. There is only intrigue and political manoeuvring.

For Veysita, a young half-elf courtier, this has been the reality of her life since childhood. Crown Prince Tionev is her best friend, but never more than that, even if she would like him to be.

When she uncovers a plot to assassinate the queen, her life is thrown into turmoil. Veysita discovers that she has not been trained to be the prince’s bodyguard, as she thought, but to be much more. She is to be a spy, thief and maybe even assassin, and she will have to travel into the lion’s den with little more than her wits to aid her. As if that isn’t enough, there is also the handsome, honey-eyed stranger who keeps showing up whenever Veysita least expects him.

Love may come knocking after all, whether there is room for it or not…


A Shire Romance

ASRimgA Shire Romance was the first full-length novel I ever wrote, clocking in at a modest 75,000 or so words. It was badly edited, but I managed to fob it off on a bunch of colleagues and friends who all liked the story, so I figured I’d share it here with a (possibly) larger audience. I am cleaning it up as I go through it, so the editing will be better this time round, though it will still be a rough and ready version.

I’ve always summarised this story to people as Mills & Boon with a hobbit twist (for American readers that should say Harlequin with a hobbit twist). If you like it, please leave a comment or (even better) share it with your friends. This story will remain completely free.

sweetheart rewrite COMBINE 2

Erica Dakin’s Author Page

Welcome to a new friend: thatfellowgoosepelo of | TL;DR


An Honest Attempt at Interesting Literature.


You came up in my thoughts again today. It’s been months since we’ve spoken and even longer since our last soiree. You who tortured my dreams after months of existential vomit on that lakeside where we smoked joints and laughed at nothing. You who uncovered my inner malcontent only to watch as I stumbled through my weak-willed inability to leave. You were my muse, and still are for a reason I would purge from my heart if I could only pinpoint the proper area code. I still have that letter I was going to send you, to your house in that quiet college city turned industrial wasteland with one proper coffee shop and terrible barbers. I still remember your street name, and not because it reads the same as that indie band I told you about and you never listened to.

Figure 5.0 The Existential Categories:

Figure 5.0 The Existential Categories: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your flaws are still beautiful in my memory. It would be a waste to message you, to interrupt your happiness if only to indulge hopes that have grown but not matured. You are the breeze in my window, cooling me off as I float through these anxieties into an existential bliss only to wake up trembling from your persistence. You spread the stain of cigarettes across my apartment, so well swept and clean only a week ago. I want to learn another language to see if the romance remains unchanged but struggle to see how it could. Sometimes, when I sit smoking into a fan that blows those gentle puffs out the window only to have them thrown back in my face diluted, I wonder whether you would admire my brooding or write it off as a clichéd and immature simulacrum of sadness. I wouldn’t change either way, but it would be nice to know.

via Goddammit. | TL;DR.

May 20, 2013

Quick Poetry: There’s a mountain outside my window.

Yes, Mountain,
I hear the song of your
leisurely birds, thick trunked
and peeling trees, the buzzing
of those electrical poles, lines
that slice through beauty to
provide sustenance for these
vacuous machines.

How can you so calmly
emit those intoxicating melodies
while monstrous industry
threatens your very being?

How can you so wordlessly
inebriate my restless heart;
grow poetry on your veins;
treat clouds like old friends on a
visit for a cup of tea and a shot
of soju, drink their elixir, and
continue singing for
the rest of the night?

How tired you must be,
all these years carrying
men on those loft shoulders,
absorbing that radiant orange
glow for hours,
only to be force-fed electric imitations
when you used to rest.

Your mouth, filled with
deciduous teeth need no
brushing. They spit shine
the air instead.

Faithfully Yours | You By My Side

Faithfully Yours

14 Tuesday May 2013

Posted by aimi in LOVE



M and I know that we both feel the same way but sometimes we just forget out of nowhere… maybe because of stress from work or because we really had a bad day or we were both cranky the day before. As I had listed in 10 ways to show you care, M and I often try our best to show that we care especially when we are feeling really… terrible in other aspect of our lives.

It is interesting how we start to feel worry when we both know that our feeling haven’t changed. Work stress, bad weather, bad day, or just sick… they all affect our stability it seems. Recently, M and I can tell if one had a bad day or are not feeling so well from the number of “i love you” messages sent in the day time when we are both supposed to be working.

We both know that we are faithful to each other and we love each other same amount but… one little drip of poison just make us feel more security. Thankfully, we both know that and we can cope with it in our own term and express why and what is making us feel like extra care at the time.

But despite of the fact that I still feel insecure, it is not that I don’t trust his words … so it is a big difference from past relationship when I could not trust completely.

via Faithfully Yours | You By My Side.

Backpack Bradie

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Nostalgia Pie

Comfort food for the soul from a time when things were so much simpler...

Adventures of an author's wife

Editor and publicist for my author wife Michelle McMurrie. Michelle is transgender and wrote her current books under her previous name of Michael Pugh.

Chris Brake Show Podcast

LIVE! Every Wednesday @ 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central on


Fun for the whole asylum!

Psych Circus

Enjoy, Learn, and Erase Stigma!



Globe Drifting

Global issues, travel, photography & fashion. Drifting across the globe; the world is my oyster, my oyster through a lens.

The Honking Goose

something to honk about

Blinginitwholesale produces wholesale rhinestone apparel and hot fix crystals

Customized bling shirts and rhinestone heat transfers

The Chalk Outline

the blog home of mystery writer Jeff Markowitz

Mik Mob's Music Mass

share YOUR favourite tunes with The Mob

Riley Amos Westbook

A fantasy Author with too much free time on his hands that likes to Support Indie Authors.

terry73's Blog

A fine site

To Boldly Go

My mission to seek the Lord and to boldly go where He leads me


Fight corruption in PGCPS. Innovate, Change and Transform - Create Transparency and Accountability Initiative.

12 Week Weight Loss Course

Losing Weight & Looking Great!

On The Heath

where would-be writer works with words

Amanda Dyer

Founder & Creative Director at Maison by Amanda Dyer & Editor-in-Chief, Living 360 Magazine & Mompreneur 360 Magazine

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

Journal Edge

An online blog with highly informative, cheerful and inspirational articles for people who love travel to India with passion and make a different Lifestyle. Vikas Acharya is the founder and managing editor at Journal Edge Online Blog. Contact me to find out how I can help you create high-quality blog content, lead magnets, ebooks, and web copy for your business.

Art Attack

Discovering art in everything

What's Good?

Around the globe..

The Digital Inkwell

If poetry be the food for love, pen on.

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Beautiful Life with Cancer

Discovering the Gift

Strictly for the Birds

My banal thoughts while flying on just about everything

Setsu Uzume

Author, Editor, Narrator

d|gI+Al hEGeM0n ...d|g|Z|nE

Works of Thought... And Pictures of My Soul

Jobsdhamaka Blog

Job Interview Tips and Career Advices


Just a regular thirty-something-year-old trying to capture the essence of life in writing. Join me as I journey through the ups, the downs and the adventures in between.

Predictable in Her Unpredictability

Doing What Makes My Soul Shine

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A man who will break rules and play dirty, only bound by his own code of survival.