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Citește dacă… l’art d’aimer | welcome to a new friend artdaimer

l’art d’aimer

To love is an art. As the arts of war. Just more subtle.

Read if … If you have a relationship. If you want to start a relationship. If you have just finished a relationship. If you like someone. If someone likes you. If you feel that you are appreciated (a) as you would like. Read this blog. If you find yourself in any of the situations above, the recommended blog of someone who might need.

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Rule. 4 – Be your own PR

One of the most important things in life and hence in human relationships (of any kind) is how you see yourself. Others not how to perceive than as you see yourself. You represent to yourself PR spokeswoman, agent and also produced.Image The other “buy” what you “sell”. And according to the presentation, others will “buy” or not. So if you are constantly talking about how fat, stupid, unhappy, unable you, others will inevitably associated with these attributes.

Rationale: The hard truth is: nobody likes a person who complains (unless to the extent that makes them feel better about your own life by comparison, but this is not the case). Nobody wants to hear about your childhood traumas, complexes and about your unhappiness. These are things to share with family, more than a friend or two. In any case when you just met a man, or when you’re dealing with new people. The most attractive people are those mysterious, charismatic and seem to be doing well inexplicable! Their hair always shines, are always dressed right, laugh all the time, always have money and are very lucky. You know how you can become one of those people?

January. Stop your whining for mercy. Crying for mercy can be extremely satisfying, especially for women. Get attention, let us talk about us Insense and we think that others will be kind to us if you are going through. Well, if people want mercy then you will run a second time, continue to say since the first meeting, “right? I really look good? I have huge nose like a cucumber? “. Granted, the imagination of the viewer, a vegetable appears on your complexion. Stop whining that you do not know a man right you are fat, short, too thin or too shy. What do you expect to happen? Come to save you life Prince Charming of Cinderella? Not going to happen.

February. Have a role model! – What is this? Do you turn to Shakira, but looking around, you take something you love from people you know. Do you like the way someone dresses / talk / socialize? Take notes. And at the end of the day think about what kind of person I want to be? More specifically, I want to be perceived by others? Now ansambleaza all these features in a sketch and tends to it. Show them love yourself and others that you respect yourself and others will do the same. No, it is pretense, pretending not somebody else, but simply highlight certain features that you will approach your goals. You become a more enjoyable as you get closer to your goal with more confidence and as a result, more attractive.

Three. Give Yourself Some Time. These indications are not going to turn overnight. It is a journey that lasts a lifetime. You’ll always find something to be improved, a person will always appear more “glamorous” and role models in your life. Keep yourself inspired by others that will provide microuniversuri belief that it can. Someone coming from a background like yours did. Why do not you be?

April. Love yourself. Sometimes you like to castigate front of others only in the hope that they argue (oh and-sour when it does happen!). Well, if you continue to underestimate you, you will not be able to love. It says: Love the other one as yourself. Well, how can you love another person you do not even appreciate you? In relation to another person (and especially with one more powerful), you become needy, jealous and frustrated. Questions like: “Why is more successful than me? Maybe he found a beautiful woman? He looked at it because I do not draw him? “Will take place in your mind, and the effects will be felt in the relationship. You will perceive as a “desperate” in perpetual need of attention. Stop it! Rate yourself more, work more than you, be proud of you! You’ve come this far! You have exceeded the weight! Who does not appreciate you, you deserve it!

May. Do not you get self-esteem from the view of others. It is very important as a source of self-esteem to be one as stable. Thus, there will always be influenced by the whims of others, or the time of life. Self-esteem must come from a good source, safe, that you can control. Do not get exposed to the views of “the world” and do not expect your partner to validate constant. If you frequently put questions like “so-and I have not exaggerated”, “I think I lost it”, “do you love me?” Answer others will have a very big influence on you. Do not give them so much power! Ask yourself, based on your own principles, if you like, or beyond. If you are not, find out how you could do this two to meet. Your values ​​with the reality of life. Whether you come down standards or that work hard to achieve them, you must do something! Not to ask another person and so on until you get the desired response. This habit makes you too vulnerable and your relationship with yourself first and then others will suffer.


(This would all be easier if I could read any of these languages!)


Thunder -Love Walked In | Catching up with old friend Steve Fox

Thunder -Love Walked In

Check it out !

So tired of waiting, I walked an empty land
I was looking for something to help me understand
But bad luck kept turning my dreams into sand

I didn’t want pity, I had my share of friends
I wanted somebody more special than the rest
I was aching inside like I was approaching the end

Just about that moment the timing was so right
You appeared like a vision sent down to my life
I thought, I was dreaming when I saw you that night

That’s when love walked in through my door
That familiar feeling I had once before
Love walked in through my door and it felt so strange, ooh

It’s hard to remember being on my own
Ooh, that kind of loving makes a hard man lose control
But I sleep so much better, now I’m not alone

So promise me, baby, you’re always gonna stay
I don’t think I could take it, seeing you walk away
You don’t need to doubt it, I remember that day

That’s when love walked in through my door
I found just what I wanted but I got so much more
Love walked in through my door and it felt so strange

Like a long lost friend that hadn’t changed
Giving me hope again
Love walked in, love walked in, love

Ooh, just about that moment the timing was so right
You appeared like a vision sent down to my life
I thought, I was dreaming when I saw you that night

That’s when love walked in through my door
That familiar feeling I had once before
Love walked in through my door

Oh, love walked in through my door and it felt so strange
That familiar feeling I had once before
Love walked in through my door and it felt so strange

Like a long lost friend that hadn’t changed
Giving me hope again, ooh
Love walked in, ooh, love walked in, love
Love walked in, love walked in, oh

via Thunder -Love Walked In | SFoxWriting’s Blog.

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“Crying heart doesn’t let the night disturb and rolls into itself to cry some more”| Catching up with Talking Experience

Love – The Ultimate Emotion


Tear drops touch the cheeks and tremble down towards the earth,

Crying heart doesn’t let the night disturb and rolls into itself to cry some more.

Eyes are numb with the overwhelming emotions and are afraid to express,

When the night is beautiful with the shining moon there in the sky.

There is this silence that says everything without saying a word,

While the wind takes those tears and spread over the sand near the water.

Heart dwells with some more emotions feeling them to the core,

When mind looses track of time and travels to the past.

Feeling of love takes over and a smile dances on the lips,

Not long does it take for sadness to take over again.

It was love and love only that made her laugh, smile and yet sad again in life,

It was love that made her cry, shout and yet calm and peaceful again.

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Friendship Park | Catching up with Fabulous 50’s

Friendship Park

Summertime and parks just go together!  Just this year a friend told me about a park in Cincinnati that I hadn’t heard of named the  Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park.  I visited in the Spring with that friend and took photos.  You can read about that here.  Anyway, on Wednesday I met my friend Sherry there to walk and have a picnic dinner before heading over to Party in the Park.  This beautiful young lady, named Marie, was there with her skateboard and let me take a few photos.  Her mother was with her and informed me that she is a model.



It’s always interesting and fun to take photographs of people taking photographs…


Much More via Friendship Park | Fabulous 50’s.

What is Friendship? | Welcome to a new friend: Patinspire

Inspiration and Motivation For Daily Living


What is Friendship?

Friendship is a dynamic social framework that satisfies the basic need for meaningful positive interactions and relationships. Friendship provides a safe structure where loyalty, love, trust and respect are commonplace. –Patinspire

Friendship is a social system that provides reciprocated comfort, protection and support. Friends share grief, pain, happiness, excitement and disappointment. They become “A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” Aristotle

Many social relationships such as marriage rely on friendship for success. Friendship and intimacy work well together.  

True Friendship is characterized by

  1. Compassion
  2. Empathy
  3. Sympathy
  4. Mutual understanding
  5. Honesty
  6. Trust
  7. Kindness
  8. Support
  9. Emotional safety
  10. Loyalty
  11. Commitment
  12. Affection
  13. Love
  14. Respect
  15. Positive Influences
  16. Confidentiality
  17. Reciprocated actions

Can you add more attributes to my list? I would love to hear them.

Friendship speaks its own language. Acting friendly is a social habit which is not the same as friendship. (C) Patinspire 2013

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Blood vessels blocked
Heart fiery red in anguish
Chest pain
No oxygen to the walls

Stomach upset
Short of breath
Nervous and anxious

Morphine, Oxygen, Nitro and Aspirin
Blood vessels opened
Tears of joy
Saved by MONA

‘Through The Eyes’ My Book Cover

'Through The Eyes' My Book Cover

This is not the official cover. I am having fun developing a cover with my awesome son Brandon :)
I miss my blogging community :)
I will be posting a couple inspirational posts today to make up for my absence.
I hope you all are doing well.
Keep smiling :) )

The Seven Positives

Every situation has a positive element.
You are powerful because you have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the world.
Nature will always supply you with awe-inspiring scenery to keep you inspired.
You have the ability to steer your life in any direction.
You can manage the impact that people have on you.
You can maintain the originality of your personality.
You can find a positive quality in every person.

Seven positive thoughts that I am  taking with me to work today. I decided to share them with my readers. Have a great day! (Patinspire 2013)

Catching up with Jasmine K Eclipse Flux and Flow

Café Writing: 32 Degrees

I woke up this morning with fear in my eyes and tears streaming down my face. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had a night like this, where I fall asleep around 3 a.m. to the pulsing of my own shakes and silent screams and wake up to a continuation of pain running down my face. I feel so low. I guess I can start at the part I haven’t figured out yet; I can start at the end.

You’re playing the lead, your arms wrap around my back, your gaze never leaving mine as my smile lights up the room. I can’t feel my feet, my thoughts are nonexistent, it’s as though we’re floating. Flowers, lights and the laughter of our friends surround me but all I see is you, all I know is you and the happiness you give to me.

Once the night ended, my smile never faded, your melodious voice rang in my ears for weeks. The summer came and went and took our happiness with it. It happened so quickly I didn’t see it coming. It’s almost as though I woke up the next morning and your bags were packed and gone. I called all your friends and they all said they hadn’t seen you yet. My thoughts exploded into a million shattered particles and fell around my room. I only had myself to blame because it always ended the same way. If I were an honest person I would have given everything another try. I would have walked right up to you and told you that everything I said was a mistake, it wasn’t real, I didn’t mean it. I worked up this scenario for weeks and when it was nearly perfected, I would break down in tears because I knew that no matter what I said, nothing mattered.

I don’t know what to do because I’m so far, deeply and madly in love with you. Oftentimes, I’ll find myself walking to school, or sitting on a bus or staring at my textbooks and I’ll see your face. A beautiful thought of you creeps its way into my mind from time to time, and when it does, I forget what I wanted to say; it’s as if nothing else matters. I always believed that we would one day find our way back to one another. A part of me likes to think that way, but then again, I believe in the finer things and you don’t believe in me.

I was stunned when you called me the other day. In fact, that’s why I didn’t answer. I stared at your name on the screen until my phone stopped ringing. I didn’t call back either. Instead, I sat at the edge of my bed thinking of all the things we would have talked about. You would ask how I’ve been and I would imagine that little smirk of yours. I’d ask who you’ve been hanging out with, hoping that you’d say that you haven’t been seeing anyone because you miss me just as much as I miss you. You would ask how my day is going, how my teachers are, who’s in my classes. You would show how much you cared. You would sweep me off my feet with the simple notion of a small conversation and I would fall effortlessly back into your arms.

My thoughts left me alone in my cold, cold bedroom. Laying on the floor, staring at the ceiling, I realized how foolish we were. We were young, we were only in our teens. It couldn’t have been real love, in fact, it’s impossible that two people could have fallen that far in love. It’s an inescapable thought. It’s quite sad that we were merely prisoners of love.

In this moment, I wished you were here with me. Your eyes, your hair, the veins that run down your arms. If you came walking through my door in this moment, there’s no telling how quickly I’d rush over to you and throw my arms around you. I’d never make the mistake of letting you go again.

But we had to grow up. We moved away and got jobs, we changed our ways, talked to different people, there were even times when I thought I’d forgot completely about you. Just like wildfire that had been burning now for days, love lost its flame and smoldered. We tried to tell ourselves that nothing was in our way, we tore down the walls and we would be able to love once again.

As much as I’d beg to differ, we’re just two completely different people with entirely similar interests. Inseparable. And I know I’ve said this all before, but polar opposites always seem to be attracted to one another like a moth and a flame. We try and run away but always end up running back.

That’s the power of love.

via Café Writing: 32 Degrees | Flux and Flow.

[Terry: Look at this!

You’re playing the lead, your arms wrap around my back, your gaze never leaving mine as my smile lights up the room. I can’t feel my feet, my thoughts are nonexistent, it’s as though we’re floating. Flowers, lights and the laughter of our friends surround me but all I see is you, all I know is you and the happiness you give to me.

Girl can WRITE!]

Welcome to a new friend: Mary Wheeler | The Search for Clarity

The Search for Clarity

Transformations, Successes, Hopes, Dreams


“What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger”

I’m Mary Wheeler. I’m 19 years young and a junior at the University of Minnesota studying Family Social Science and Psychology. I am an aspiring writer and couple and family therapist. I am striving for happiness and a sense of control over my life. I’ve come very far from where I have been and what I have been through. I work hard to get where I want and to achieve my goals.

via About | The Search for Clarity.

If you’re new to my blog, here are some topics you can expect to see:

Writing, Short stories, Poetry, Honesty, Feelings, Occasional Rants, Flash Fiction, Relationship (sustaining, helping, rebuilding, nurturing) Related Posts, Family, School, Minnesota, Helping, Health, Workouts, Exercise, Food, Love, Quotes, Tattoos, Piercings, Advice, Helper Resources/Articles, Vignettes, Memories, Photography, and much more. 



A Reflection About Family


Family is a complicated concept. It didn’t used to be, but with all the disowning, disapproval, judgement, and issues with religion, sexuality, identity, etc. the notion of family has become somewhat distorted.

The traditional definition of family is biological ties and a shared living space. It also includes two parents of opposite genders and children. Divorced parents, homosexual and cohabiting couples, and single parents are not included in this definition. Best friends, close colleagues, and anyone who is supportive aren’t included either.

The definition of family has changed dramatically as people go through difficult times within the family and without. Many people have to go outside those biologically related to them to find what they need in relationships. Family has turned into anyone who is unconditionally supportive and loving.

While I fully support seeking support, love, and care anywhere you can find it, I think it’s sad that we even have to go outside our blood relatives to do so. Our biological families should be there for us – no matter what. They should care about our well-being in an appropriate way. They should want us to be with someone we love and who loves us back. They should want us to be open with them. They should want us to come to them when we need help. Family shouldn’t judge or destroy us. I will never understand why some family dynamics are the way they are, nobody can understand it all, but it deeply saddens me that there are people who cannot turn to their family with everything and be welcomed with unconditional love.

All the shit that life throws at us is terrible and not having a family, or even a single member, to turn to makes it harder to handle. We cannot handle everything on our own. We need the love and support of others to make it through difficult times. And if we have to turn to our best friends, colleagues, teammates, and others over those who are our blood to help us, then so be it. All I know is I think it’s a tragedy. Not having your biological family step up and set their values, beliefs, and pride aside to be there for you and provide a safe place for you is a tragedy.

If you fit into this category… I apologize on behalf of your family. You are a beautiful person regardless of your struggles and imperfections. They have no right to desert you. Find others. You deserve better. You’re worthy. Carry on.


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A Realistic Wedding Announcement | Ramblings From an Apathetic Adult Baby

Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites

A Realistic Wedding Announcement

Posted by justingawel on June 28, 2013

The text on yellow says "Speed bump"

Dr. Henry Walker, a disgraced former pharmacist, is to be married to the apparent fourth love of his life, Jessica McMillan, on September 7th of this year in a private ceremony that several of his family members are protesting. Like any couple, they’ve had their speed bumps down the road of love; between Walker’s distaste for face tattoos, McMillan’s struggles with passing the GED, and, of course, Walker’s now-ex-wife, Tracy.

It wasn’t the easiest storm to weather, but with indifferent affection as one’s sail Walker and McMillan endured the rough seas and whipping winds of divorce court, losing one’s license to practice medicine, and being forced out of several homes. People may call it chance, others might think of it as fate, and even some would call it God’s work.

It all began that momentous Wednesday evening in December of 2012 when passions coincided, the universe stood still, and romance took the wheel. While closing up the hospital pharmacy, Walker was dreading sitting through another one of his eight-year-old son’s karate lessons since Tracy’s incessant nagging would be forcefully penetrating his unconsenting ears the entire time.


Like all of his nights, he realized it would be another blur of complaining and gin that would predictably end with him miraculously becoming even more physically unattracted to the overly ample, pendulous flesh of his then wife. Meanwhile, at the hospital’s coffee shop, McMillan was stuck on a four-syllable word in an Us Weekly article while pondering how she could get Oxycodone for the night now that her ex-boyfriend-turned-drug-dealer or was it the other way around was in custody.

From Day One, she was always the brash, outspoken one of the couple. Just before closing up she approached the pharmacy counter and asked him out on a date. A date to his car. A date to his car where they would wriggle parts of each other’s bodies into other parts of each other’s bodies resulting in physical gratification, and in her receiving the sum of four Oxycodone pills. Walker couldn’t say no to those big, blue bloodshot eyes. He was melting right there, but likely just from desperation to orgasm into something that wasn’t his hairy knuckles, his frumpy wife, or his old, “repurposed” baseball socks for the first time in a blue moon.

Oxycodone varieties

And so this fairy-tale has continued for the last seven months; a relationship based on a pure exchange of sexual favors for pills lined with the threat of blackmail—truly the strongest known foundation—has blossomed into the two arranging to be wed in holy matrimony.

much more at A Realistic Wedding Announcement | Ramblings From an Apathetic Adult Baby.


Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites


Daily Prompt : In Good Faith

Marriage…to someone who is not of the same faith was the first time I really had to sit down and examine my own. Over the years…there have been some very big obstacles to overcome…me a Christian…my husband undetermined.

In marriage, you can easily grow apart if you lose sight that you booked a flight for two. My husband and I have been together for 23.5 years. We have always pointed our lives in the same direction. We have always been a couple that I would have envied if I had been single. Then something happened: the marriage flight we were on must have landed for a layover, then the layover turned into a delayed flight.

Eventually we had some maintenance work done and we were back in the air, although, this time the flight seemed a bit bumpier than normal. It wasn’t the brain tumor I ended up needing to have removed, it wasn’t the child we decided to have, it wasn’t the strain of building a new house, it wasn’t the stress of our jobs.

We were used to conquering these types of things together. We were a team and we worked well together.

It was something else. It was the sporting events I stopped going to with him, it was the weight I had lost and the new sense of self confidence I had gained, it was the jealousy he had of the time I spent making new friends. I started sharing my love with more and more people and apparently the love I had for my marriage was becoming too thin.

Finally came the emergency landing….we needed more fuel….we needed to land and rest a bit…we needed to strand ourselves on a desert island. The plane we were on was once a solid plane and it is my belief that it will be flying at the highest altitudes again in the near future, but for now the passengers need to stretch their legs a bit. This is a very personal letter I wrote to my husband not very long ago.

Much More at A MARRIAGE AND ITS PRECIPICE | hastywords.

Welcome to a new friend: Lilywhite808 – the ultimate online date advice

the Ultimate Online Dating Advice

we meet we love

Meet tall singles locally for sex chat, romance, dating and long lasting relationships and find tall singles worldwide!


The ultimate dating site for tall singles and tall admirers —

via About | the ultimate online date advice.

4 Worst first date mistakes


In this busy world it can be difficult to find the time to meet other people and go on dates. Many people meet others through social networking sites, forums, and chat rooms; though it is hard to know for sure how much of what they have told you are true. For this reason, online dating sites are a much safer way to meet new people and begin possible relationships.

It’s Hard to Really Know Someone Online

When you meet someone through a common platform, such as social networking sites, chat rooms, or forums, without meeting face to face, you don’t know for sure if everything they say is true. They may not be who they say they are; online predators are out there and prey on people that leave themselves vulnerable. Online dating sites can help take some of the risk out of this, as they are required to provide actual information about people from profiles that can be checked. Also, online dating sites may provide safety tips to help you make sure you don’t get taken advantage of by someone you’ve met online.

Meet Other Singles in Your Own Area

You could be talking to someone from across the country or in another part of the world, when meeting people through social networking sites and chat rooms. By using online dating sites, you can focus on people that are located in your area. This can help by making arrangements to meet more convenient.

Decide Who You Meet

With online dating sites it is easier to have control over who decide to meet. There are a variety of online dating sites that cater to specific religions, hobbies, and locations. This is useful for people looking to date someone with the same values, such as a Christian wanting to date another Christian. There are even online dating sites that are strictly for senior citizens.

Find Someone with Similar Interests

Finding what you’re looking for is much easier with online dating sites. By browsing people’s profiles you can find someone that is looking for the same type of relationship as you. Additionally, you can find someone that enjoys the same activities and interests. Dating someone with the same interests and goals will help increase the chances of having a more successful relationship.

There are many benefits to using an online dating service that makes them perfect for meeting other singles. If you just need a friend to talk to, then try using social networking sites, chat rooms, forums, and video games to meet people. For people looking to build a long term relationship with someone new, online dating sites are definitely the route to use. The safety and security in knowing that the person you’re meeting is really who they say they are, being able to find someone with similar interests, as well as finding singles located in the same area are all great reasons to turn to online dating sites to find Mr. or Mrs.

Single mothers: Making dating easier

Dating isn’t easy for a single mother, whether it’s trying to meet men through church, friends, or dating websites like SinglesWall. Dating is all about taking it slow and getting to know someone, and children signal that things are serious from the very beginning. Any man who dates a single mother will automatically wonder if he is capable of being a father to her children. And a single mother must not only wonder if the man is right for her, she also must determine his suitability as a parent, and be sure that she is not unintentionally bringing danger or heartache into her children’s lives. There are any number of concerns that a single mother must think about when considering jumping into the dating world.

Who Watches the Kids?

It’s not easy to leave your children alone, and you want to be sure that the person watching them is competent. Interview several potential sitters, or schedule dates for weekends when the father has the children, if he is present. If a sitter is watching the children, be sure that they have all necessary numbers and keep your phone on you in case of a crisis.

“But I Feel Guilty for Going Out…”

While wanting to date is perfectly normal and right, you may experience feelings of guilt for wanting to go out and have fun while your children remain at home. Remember that in order to provide a loving and stable environment for your children, you must also be happy and fulfilled. Everyone needs “me” time, and you are no different.

Should I Tell Their Father?

If the father is still carrying a torch for you, it may be best to leave the details of your dating life out. Simply say you “are going out”, or don’t mention it at all unless necessary. If he is dating again, however, or in a serious relationship, there is no need to hide it. After all, it’s expected that you’ll both move on.

When Can I Introduce My Boyfriend?

There are two concerns here—safety and attachment. Someone you barely know should never be allowed in your home or around your children, no matter how clean-cut and safe he seems. Once you know the man better, you should wait to introduce him to your children until things are quite serious. Avoid letting him come inside, and if he picks you up, meet him after the children are settled in with the sitter. If sleepovers occur, have them happen at his home or on weekends when the kids are away. Unless a permanent relationship is in the cards, allowing your children to be attached will only cause heartbreak for them…again.


4 simple rules to make online dating safer

These days, Internet dating sites, such as SinglesWall, are becoming an increasingly more popular way to meet potential partners. However, it is necessary to be careful when seeking out matches via the Internet. There are several potential pitfalls that you may encounter when talking to people that you meet online, and it is necessary to be careful, as not everyone on these sites is who they seem to be. Some join for the express purpose of exploiting men and women by pretending to fit the criteria that they have laid out, even sharing “personal” stories and experiences to help earn their trust. These four simple rules will help keep you safe as you navigate the landmines of online dating.

Use a Different Email

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7/5 Trochee: Love’s Whim | Wrestling Life

Trochee: Love’s Whim


Two hearts collide, flesh bond grows

The mingling of thoughts

The intertwining of souls

We reap what love sows

We are products of love’s whim

True love, embraces

False love, imprisons captives

Pure love, never dims

© 2013 Kira Woodsbury, all rights reserved

via 7/5 Trochee: Love’s Whim | Wrestling Life.

Faithfully Yours | You By My Side

Faithfully Yours

14 Tuesday May 2013

Posted by aimi in LOVE



M and I know that we both feel the same way but sometimes we just forget out of nowhere… maybe because of stress from work or because we really had a bad day or we were both cranky the day before. As I had listed in 10 ways to show you care, M and I often try our best to show that we care especially when we are feeling really… terrible in other aspect of our lives.

It is interesting how we start to feel worry when we both know that our feeling haven’t changed. Work stress, bad weather, bad day, or just sick… they all affect our stability it seems. Recently, M and I can tell if one had a bad day or are not feeling so well from the number of “i love you” messages sent in the day time when we are both supposed to be working.

We both know that we are faithful to each other and we love each other same amount but… one little drip of poison just make us feel more security. Thankfully, we both know that and we can cope with it in our own term and express why and what is making us feel like extra care at the time.

But despite of the fact that I still feel insecure, it is not that I don’t trust his words … so it is a big difference from past relationship when I could not trust completely.

via Faithfully Yours | You By My Side.

Waiting for the Answer | You By My Side

Waiting for the Answer

13 Monday May 2013

Posted by aimi in LOVE

telephone worry couple

Well… in an hour or two… I will find out what M’s parent think of us getting married… because M is going to bring up the topic to his parents… since our plan is to get engaged in June. My parents … i mean my dad doesn’t know our plan but my mom knows that we are planing to get married.

I am not sure what normal in this process of … expressing intention to marry in Japanese culture or any other culture but…. it is pretty pretty…well.. big deal to the next step of our relationship…if we want to have a marriage that is accepted by both of our parents.

Time is ticking…. It makes me nervous…

via Waiting for the Answer | You By My Side.


No Crying in The Club | Break Room Stories

No Crying in The Club

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Drunk, Stories


bartender (Photo credit: macwagen)

Guy was talking to his ex-girlfriend at the bar. He was crying, whining and begging for her to take him back. Loudly. From what I could tell, he didn’t cheat on her or anything, she just dumped him

She tells him, to his face, that maybe some day she will get back together with him, but she wants to be free and is probably going to have sex another guy that night, and points to a guy in a group she came with.

The guy starts crying, and saying “please don’t go home with that guy”, etc. The guy is literally begging.

She goes over to the guy she is going to fuck, and walks out with him while her ex boyfriend watches.

The dude just burst into tears. I felt so bad I did two shots with him and called him a cab.


The Rest of the Story is at  No Crying in The Club | Break Room Stories.

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