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Yveta Germano And Why Crypts Made Her A Writer… | Novel Ideas

Yveta Germano And Why Crypts Made Her A Writer…

Yveta Germano is one of the most exciting teen authors around at the moment. Her book “Bring Me Back” has been exciting young readers the world over, As a lover of history, Yveta spent her early years travelling and catching ancient crypts and medieval buildings. This encouraged her in her efforts as a writer, and soon she became inspired to chase writing as an author. She currently lives in the United States and spends much of her time running her own publishing company, writing and spending time with her children.

yveta germano 3Q) Thank you for appearing on my site for an interview, Yveta!

A) You are so welcome!

Q) How would describe your book, its genre?  Do you write in more than one genre? Do you feel this will confuse your readers?  

A) Bring Me Back is young adult fiction. Librarians would classify it under paranormal, but this classification may be a bit subjective. A gorgeous young male clone hiding in an underground maze and a teenage girl who bids her body to die so that she can cross over to find her lost childhood friend’s soul may seem paranormal to some. But who’s to say we won’t be able to clone a human being or recall the event of our own clinical death sometime in the not so distant future?

I also write children’s picture books and middle grade books. I don’t think it will confuse my readers because when I set to write a story, I become a part of it. I put my heart and soul into it, and I create a voice that is unique to each and every character.

Q) How long have you been writing? How long did it take to write your book? And what motivated you to write it?

A) I love this question. I published my first book in 2011, but I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. I always had many stories to tell but was too busy raising my daughters and working in medical research to find time to do what I always knew was my real calling.

It usually does not take me that long to write a picture or a middle grade book. Bring Me Back is different, though. It’s a high-concept trilogy that is ahead of its time. It required not only years of experience in writing but a lifetime of learning about metaphysical concepts like a human soul, dark energy, life force, DNA sequencing, etc. Years ago, I had a vision of a mysterious, impassive girl in a white gown. That was all I had when I started to write the story. No synopsis, no clear voice, I began writing until I had 400 pages. An editor told me it was the most interesting story, but it was clear I had no synopsis. I deleted the entire manuscript without backing it up on purpose! Two years later, the girl was back in my head and with her a story I could not wait to put on paper.

Q) Is it a stand-alone novel or part of a series? If it’s part of a series, how did you decide to make it a series? How long will the series run?

A) I spent almost a year writing and re-writing the entire manuscript because each time the story became bigger. That’s when I realized it was too great of a concept to fit into one book. The first book of Bring Me Back is mainly about a curious teenage girl, Ali, who’s searching for answers about her forgotten past. Her search leads to an old mansion where she finds a young male clone and an impassive girl that used to be her childhood friend. Ali’s life is turned upside down when she finds herself in the middle of the most unbelievable, fast-paced mystery in which she’ll have to bid her own body to die in order to cross over and bring the soul of her childhood friend back to reunite with the impassive body.

Crossing over, however, brings about a whole new set of problems and adventures. That’s where book number two begins…

Q) Who are your main characters in the story and how would you describe them?

More of this interview at Yveta Germano And Why Crypts Made Her A Writer… | Novel Ideas.


Cliff Roberts! Reformed Politician… Literary Powerhouse! | Novel Ideas

Cliff Roberts! Reformed Politician… Literary Powerhouse!

Cliff Roberts is a guy who has done a lot in his life. Interviewers normally ask him about his political career, his many jobs, seek small business advice or ask him what he had for lunch. I normally delve into the life of writers I work with… sure, that’s the territory. This interview will touch upon his career, but let’s get to the MEAT. What does Cliff write and why does he write it? He has written several books. “Reprisal” was his first mega hit and we’ve seen several since then. We will cover many of them in this interview and you will enjoy the writing side of Cliff Roberts!


Q) Hi, Cliff, I am going to jump right in and ask if you are still looking for a major publishing contract?

A) Well, I’ve been self-published since 2013. I hired a PR instead of a publisher. My first book was “Reprisal: The Eagle Rises.” I was offered a publishing contract, but the more I look at contracts, the more I’m thinking it’s not worth the hassle and the cut in pay per book. I sold several thousand copies of “Reprisal” over the first month of its release. Why do I need a publisher?

Q) How long did you spend trying to land a major contract? You started writing after school, correct? I will also throw in another sub-question to spice things up: Do you believe self-publishing is the way forward for writers? Are the big publishing houses on the wane?

A) After high school, while in college, I tried a few dozen times to be published the traditional way with no success, so I put writing on the back burner to get on with life– a job and family. As far as self-publishing, I believe it is the wave of the future. Too many publishers believe they are doing you a favor by agreeing to publish your work. It’s your work that makes them money; they should be thanking the writer for letting them publish it. By self-publishing, you avoid other people trying to change your dream. They correct grammar or structure, but they can also get into the story and sometimes want to see you write something other than what they claimed they liked in the first place. I think self-publishing is going to be the only way to publish sooner than later.

Q) Let me pose this question to you: If self-publishing had been around when you left high school, would you have gone that route?

A) Like most would-be writers, I probably would have thought I had to have a publisher. But I probably would have found my way to self-publishing soon enough. I’m pretty independent.

Much more at Cliff Roberts! Reformed Politician… Literary Powerhouse! | Novel Ideas.

Young, Brash and Cocky: Nick Wale Interviewed By Simon Duringer | Novel Ideas

 Nick Wale: A Legend in his own Mind

For those who don’t recognise the name, you should…. Novel Reads by Novel Ideas is the Bestselling E-Zine run by Britain’s very own PR and Promotions expert to the Indie world of publishing; The Very Expert Nick Wale.

With a handsome list of clientele extending across the seven seas, Nick is quickly becoming a fixture in Indie Publishing that cannot be ignored. His talent for catching an interview opportunity and following up on leads for his clients is remarkable. Working across several time zones he endures endless hours in pursuit of promotional excellence for his clients.

In the Indie world we all know the importance and impact of those who review our work, so let’s not take my word for it but soak up the contents of this 5* review of Nick’s work by one of his very prominent clients;

“He soaks up information like a sponge and can take a new idea further in a day than anyone I’ve met in years. You would be very fortunate to have Mr Wale working for you”.~ Terry Irving- Emmy-award winning TV news producer and author of “Courier”.

Ladies and gentlemen, take several deep breaths and prepare to be windswept… The whirlwind that is Nick Wale is in the house…

Today Nick Wale has joined me on Simons 10 Q Interviews; whilst I may have been asking the questions, I can’t help but feel that Nick Wale has been controlling the pace. His enthusiasm is unquestionable and he fired back answers like roadrunner on speed. His motivation towards his clients is viral and addictive and his pitch is deadly…. Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen as before the end of this interview you could find his frank, open and honest answers enthusing you to march down Pall Mall bearing placards stating “Nick Wale for Prime Minister” and… I think he’d get my vote!

Welcome Nick Wale….

Nick Wale

SD Q1: You entered publishing in the midst of a revolution and effectively created your own niche promoting the work of others; Already the creator of multiple Indie Bestsellers on behalf of your clients, what has been your proudest moment so far and why?
NW A1: My proudest moment? I think that must have been when Cliff Roberts broke into the top ten with three consecutive books. It was a lot of hard work that paid off. The first two Reprisalbooks sold several thousand copies during their first couple of weeks of release. That was a thrill– then to win sales awards, win the attention of other authors and be copied by them? To have my PR style borrowed by authors all over the world? To tell the foreman where to stick it and become my own boss? All proud moments… I’ve been blessed, and that in itself may be my proudest moment. I really hit the cosmic jackpot with my career. From unemployed dude, to interviewer, to PR guy to….what’s next? It took a year of graft to get this far. Just think where it’ll be in a few years? It excites me just thinking about it. That may be my proudest moment–just there–thinking about the journey I have undertaken and what is yet to come.

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Meet The Press: Shrewd Tips for Book Publicity | Digital Book World

From Digital Book World

shutterstock_66133597Ebooks are available up to four months earlier than their print counterparts. Those digital editions can be delivered to the media for review or story research very swiftly and without the delays of printing and shipping. And, professional readers can easily have hundreds of digital titles available at once on their screen.

Despite these conveniences, not all reviewers and journalists want digital copies, according to Sandra Poirier-Diaz, president of Smith Publicity, a book promotion and marketing services agency that’s clients regularly appear on prominent television and radio shows and are consistently featured in well-regarded print publications also.

Knowing who prefers a digital copy and who wants the hardcover can go along way to getting the right books in the hands of the right professional reader.

Digital or Print
Meeting the press halfway between digital and print means knowing who wants what. And while that may come down to individual preference, Poirier-Diaz shared some trends that the publicists at Smith have observed.

“Faster deadline media, such as online news [sites]” that publish author interviews or will be requesting expert commentary from an author generally want ebooks. Digital review copies are also more often requested for nonfiction titles, which tend to get media placement in feature stories rather than book reviews.

By contrast, professional readers requesting novels, explained Poirier-Diaz, are likely to prefer hardcopies. A notable exception: romance titles, like those published by Smith Publicity client Ellora’s Cave. Ebooks make reading less public and perhaps reviewers prefer not to broadcast that their work is to read romance, surmised Poirier-Diaz.

Related: DBW’s interview with Raelene Gorlinsky, Publisher at Ellora’s Cave

Meet The Press: Shrewd Tips for Book Publicity | Digital Book World.

Do Indie Authors Still Suck? Or Did They Once Suck and Now Don’t? Or Did They Never Suck?

[Terry: OK, we have an impassioned and occasionally vulgar attack and a reasoned and polite — if deadly–response. So, I decided, as someone who once considered himself a journalist, to combine them into one.

FIRST.  An impassioned anonymous writer who has issued a obscene and illustrated jeremiad against independent authors.
SECOND: Misha Burnett, an old friend of this blog who responds reasonably but firmly–and wields a damn good literary stiletto.
THIRD: Because I wasn’t really a journalist, I only worked in television news, I’m going to include a POLL so we can trivialize the conversation and generally enjoy ourselves.
Hey!  I was extremely well-trained in the art and craft of crappy TV!]

Why Indie Authors Still Suck

Posted on August 10, 2013 by Grammar Nazi Panzer General


I’ve come here today to talk to you about Indie Authors.  Yes, that’s right, Indie Authors.

I contemplated answering a question about indie authors, until I realized that I’ve gotten the same question over and fucking OVER about the indie market. I figured it deserved its own, shiny little blog post.

So let’s address the main question here: Is the Indie Market really that bad?  I mean are they really?

Yes.  They really, really are.

There are exceptions to every rule, and I’ll address that in a minute, but for now let me just say, the Indie Market is shit.  It’s a little pile of shit, wrapped up in shit, to make a shit burrito covered in shit sauce.

In the Indie World, you can find the drudges of the literary market.  The unedited, untalented, unresearched drivel that has been rejected by every publishing house this side of the universe– and with good reason. But instead of putting the book down, or setting it on fire, the sorry excuse for a writer has turned to the indie market for validation.

The author has taken the 10,945th attempt to write the next Twilight and thrown it to the rabid, uncaring, undiscerning market of women clamoring for their next idiotic, pathetic female, and well-chiseled male, and they don’t care if anything is spelled correctly.  They don’t care if there isn’t a coherent plot.  They don’t care if the author writing the book has never taken a basic literary course.  And somehow, that validates their writing against all of the professional rejection they’ve received.

On the other side of that you’ll find authors who have never tried the traditional literary market.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and pull this percentage out of my ass…

Ahhhhhhh.  96%.  I believe about 96% of those who have never tried the traditional market don’t because they know they’re going to get rejected.  Their book is nothing but glorified fanfiction, and somehow they’ve decided that indie publishing is the way to go, and have the gall to ask hard-working human beings to pay them for that drivel.

There is a time and a place for that shit, my dears.  And it’s called Livejournal.  It’s the place where pathetic, lonely, vampire obsessed writers go to get their fix.

For the Rest Click HERE  Why Indie Authors Still Suck | So You Think You’re An Author.


An open letter to a frightened man

This is in response to “Why Indie Authors Still Suck” on So You Think You’re An Author by someone who calls himself “anonnymouse13″.

Now, I won’t address the obscenity, profanity, and random personal attacks liberally sprinkled through this post.  Seventh grade was a lot of years ago for me, and that stuff stopped either shocking or amusing me years ago.

Looking at the forty percent or so of the post that actually says something, he has written a rather passionate defense of traditional publishing.  Passionate, yes, reasonable, not so much.

Basically, he has one good point to make. Books require editing.  That happens to be quite true.  It is true for Indie authors and it is true for traditionally published authors.  Quite frankly, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t agree with that.  So I’ll just admit the obvious and agree with him.

Books require editing.

However, from that fact he draws the completely erroneous assumption that because books require editing it therefore follows that authors must be published by traditional publishing houses or “they suck”.

In the first place, traditional publishing houses do not have a monopoly on editors.  There are a great many excellent freelancers who work on a per-job basis for indie authors.  Many of these freelancers have experience working at the traditional publishing houses and either left to pursue freelance careers or were let go in one of the innumerable restructurings that the publishing business seems to require.

In the second place, a freelance editor works for the author and does what the author wants done.  A staff editor works for a publishing house, and does what the publishing house wants, usually for less money than a freelancer, and often under an enforced schedule that allows for little more than spellchecking.  The days when a traditional publishing house could afford to give personalized attention to a new author are long gone.

The same goes for book designers and cover artists.  Traditional publishing houses view these as assembly line functions–you say it’s science fiction?  Here’s your picture of a rocket ship.  Fantasy?  Here’s your elf girl in a chain-mail bikini. Next!

Anonnymouse13′s main argument–that traditional publishing houses turn out a higher quality product than an independent author working with freelancers–is simply not supportable.  And that’s his best argument.

He goes on to say that he believes that the majority of authors who choose to self-publish do so because they know that traditional publishers wouldn’t accept their books.  He is probably right about that.  I can only speak for myself, but I am sure that no traditional publishing house would be interested in Catskinner’s Book or Cannibal Hearts. I rather doubt that The Fauxpocalypse Project could find a home at a traditional publisher.

Why?  Because I have books that don’t have either rocket ships or elf-girls in chain-mail bikinis.  I have morally ambiguous characters, sexually ambiguous characters, I play games with the narrative structure, I don’t wrap up all the loose ends in a nice neat package.  I like to make my readers think and question their own preconceptions.  Worst of all, I write books that can’t be described as “Just Like The Last Bestseller We Sold You! (And The One Before That…)” 

To be fair, you also need to click here to see the rest of Misha’s skewering.

via An open letter to a frightened man | mishaburnett.

[Vote as often as you like for as many choices as you like.  Trust me, this is as accurate as any other online poll.]

Welcome to a new friend: marysue128–ART – Children’s Books Illustration

ART – Children’s Books Illustration

Sharing my artwork in watercolour and pencil styles while incorporating collage, origami and kirie

I am Melbourne based illustrator who is seeking to develop a career path in the children’s publishing. I am inspired by the child that lives in all of us. I love experimenting with different art media such as watercolour pencils, pen and ink, paints, pastels, crayons, collage and enjoy mixing the traditional Japanese art of paper folding and cutting (origami and kirie) in my artwork. My goal is to use each medium and exploits them to their fullest potential. I aim to create child-friendly illustrations and also be arty at the same time. I’m hoping that this blog becomes a catalyst to connect with other illustrators, artists, publishers, children’s book lovers and readers. Please feel free to contact me for any enquiries.

via About Me | ART – Children’s Books Illustration.

The Sound version 2

Which version do you prefer?


The Sound

'Can you hear what I am hearing?'

‘Can you hear what I am hearing?’

I enjoyed drawing polar bears as much as the penguins.

The Painter

Media/Skills: 3 Dimensional, watercolour, pencils, pen and ink, collage, people, animals, interior design

Media/Skills: 3 Dimensional, watercolour, pencils, pen and ink, collage, people, animals, interior design


Japanese style water colour pencils, pen and ink, origami collage and kirie

Japanese style water colour pencils, pen and ink, origami collage and kirie

Ebook Revenue Growth Stalling Out? Ebooks Flat in January | Digital Book World

Ebook Revenue Growth Stalling Out? Ebooks Flat in January

June 11, 2013 | Jeremy Greenfield | 1

Has the meteoric rise in the growth of ebooks started to stall?

Continuing a trend started in the middle of 2012, ebook revenue gains continue to slow in early 2013. In January, the latest month for which data is available, ebook revenue was up 0.7% to $130.2 million, according to the latest numbers from the Association of American Publishers. Adult trade across the board was down 1.5% to $503.1 million.

The weak January 2013 performance is likely a matter of an unfavorable comparison with January 2012, when ebook revenues were driven heavily by the success of young adult series like The Hunger Games. For both print and ebooks, young adult revenue declines far outpace those in other categories: down 23.5% to $100.3 million.

For just ebooks, the young adult category was down even more significantly to $14.4 million, a decrease of 36.2%. Religious ebooks, after seeing huge gains in 2012, were also down for the month to $5.7 million, a 13.8% decline.

While ebook growth slowed in 2012 from the triple-digit growth years that preceded it, it was still fairly strong by any other measure. Ebook revenues across all categories that the AAP measures increased 41% last year to $1.54 billion, driving a 6% increase in the overall trade. (This tracking includes adult fiction and nonfiction, young adult and religious ebooks only.) By the end of the year, ebooks accounted for 23% of all publisher revenues. So far in 2013, ebooks account for about 25% of publisher revenue.

While 2012 was a good growth year overall for ebooks, it was led by early gains and followed by a late-year slowdown. Adult ebooks were up about 20%, while children’s and young adult were down and religious ebooks were flat.

via Ebook Revenue Growth Stalling Out? Ebooks Flat in January | Digital Book World.

Welcome to new friends: West End Publications

West End

Publications Independent Consortium


junk drafts

West End Publications is an independent consortium dedicated to aiding aspiring writers,authors,  bloggers, poets, and artists.

West End Publications is the creation of Edward Chesterfield and J.F. Jones who wanted to created a book publishing company for new and aspiring authors.

Over the course of the last 50 years the Book Publishing world has become ever more unreachable for the new author. Corporate book giants in their ever increasing quest for greater profits have all but squelched the niche for new authors.

If you are an aspiring author who isn’t a celebrity, reality star, or have a massive built-in-audience it is almost impossible to get a publishing company to look at your manuscript.

The goal of West End Publications is to help new authors see their manuscript go from draft to published work and in the process help them reach a greater audience then they otherwise would have been able to on their own.

via About | West End.

Edward Chesterfield – Bio


 My friends call me Ed

I have been a Ghost writer for many years and have      lent my assistance to quite a few well received publications

I’m very excited to be a part of this new venture; West End Publications

I enjoy coffee, beer, Hemingway, and Rugby.

Originally from the Windy City, I now live half-way between where I want to be living.

J.F. Jones – Bio 


Jones is a freelance writer and amateur philosopher on a search for the proper words to adequately define the human condition, which he often admits is a useless task.

The “Why” behind writing


“Who wants to become a writer? And why? Because it’s the answer to everything. To ‘Why am I here?’ To uselessness. It’s the streaming reason for living. To note, to pin down, to build up, to create, to be astonished at nothing, to cherish the oddities, to let nothing go down the drain, to make something, to make a great flower out of life, even if it’s a cactus“ Enid Bagnold

-Writing is an art. To those who don’t believe me, pick up a pen or open up your laptop and try to write a beautiful story. Its not as easy as it seems.

-Even blogging can be tough. It’s not just anybody that can create a blog and start writing. What do you write about? What do you say? Will people want to read what you write about?

-I became a writer for exactly the same reasons that Bagnold discusses; To write about why I am here.

-I write to search for meaning and truth. I want to know the ‘why’ behind everything.

-But I also want to share the little things on the side of the road. Not everything in my life is related to the ‘why’ behind it all. Some things are merely little experiences that I enjoy on this journey of life.

-So some times I am writing about issues that are very important to me. And other times I am writing about little things, that are important in their own right.

-Why do we write? Its something every writer should ask themselves.


Should we cuss when writing?

road sign

-Every time we sit down to write we are faced with decisions. Should we write in first person or third? Should the story end happy or sad?

-Hemingway’s quote makes a great point. Some authors steer clear of controversial language completely. While other authors make a point to use the most flamboyant language they can think up.

-Whatever we ultimately decide when writing. We should be ourselves. Write the way you are and write the way you talk. That is usually the best method.



[Terry: I tend to cuss BECAUSE I’m writing.  Does that count?]

Top 10 Best-Selling Books in Self-Publishing for April 2013 | Self Publishing News For Self-Publishing Authors

Top 10 Best-Selling Books in Self-Publishing for April 2013

27 May

Outskirts Press, the fastest-growing full-service self-publishing and book marketing company, is pleased to announce its top ten best-selling titles for April 2013, according to combined data from Ingram Book Wholesalers and Outskirts Press Direct via These authors have likely created a solid book marketing strategy and put it into motion either by themselves or with the help of a Personal Marketing Assistant.

In alphabetical order, the top ten best-selling books in self-publishing during the month of April 2013 were:

via Top 10 Best-Selling Books in Self-Publishing for April 2013 | Self Publishing News For Self-Publishing Authors.

Congratulations to our best-selling authors for the month of April 2013!

Writer Unboxed » Flog a Pro: Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

English: American novelist Jess Walter

English: American novelist Jess Walter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

resizedTrained by reading hundreds of submissions, editors and literary agents often make their read/not-read decision on the first page. In a customarily formatted book manuscript with chapters starting about 1/3 of the way down the page (double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point type), the first page has 16 or 17 lines.

The challenge: does this narrative compel you to turn the page?

Storytelling Checklist

Evaluate this opening page for how well it executes the following 6 vital storytelling elements. While it’s not a requirement that all of them must be on the first page, I think writers have the best chance of hooking a reader if they are. The one vital ingredient not listed is professional-caliber writing, a given for every page.

Let’s Flog Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

Following is what would be the first manuscript page (17 lines) of Beautiful Ruins, the number 1 trade paperback on the May 5, 2013 New York Times bestseller list.

The Rest of the Story…er the Flogging is on Writer Unboxed » Flog a Pro: Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter.

You Can’t Flog It If You Haven’t Read It.

4 Easy Ways Self-Publishing Authors Can Save Money on Professional Editing | change it up editing

4 Easy Ways Self-Publishing Authors Can Save Money on Professional Editing can be expensive. Between editing, cover design, formatting, printing, and marketing, you can spend a small fortune if you aren’t careful. Even if you’re a DIY author who controls every aspect of the process, there are many (expensive) costs associated with bringing your work to the world. Finding ways to cut those costs can become an important part of your learning curve as a self-publishing author. (And no, skipping the professional editing isn’t one of those ways.)

Estimates for the whole self-publishing enchilada range from several hundred to several thousands of dollars—and one of the biggest expenses is typically the editing. But professional, quality editing doesn’t have to put a huge hole in your wallet. The best editing money can buy is available at a fraction of the cost many writers pay when you use the B.E.S.T. system.

B is for Beta readers

E is for Editing your own work

S is for Sample edit

T is for Talk to your editor

More at 4 Easy Ways Self-Publishing Authors Can Save Money on Professional Editing | change it up editing.

Here’s an example of a self-edited, self-published book.


The Real Costs of Self-Publishing a Book | Mediashift | PBS

A printing press in Kabul, Afghanistan


Get Carla King’s new e-book on self-publishing!
Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors: Step-by-Step to Self-Publishing Success

At every writers conference or self-publishing panel the question that almost always inevitably comes up is: “How much will self-publishing really cost me?”

Because the book publishing industry is one of the last industries to go digital, it’s going through a quick transition. As a result of this shift, authors no longer need to go through the traditional gatekeepers to publish high-quality books and are instead moving toward self-publishing. Launching a book is like launching a startup. Putting together a quality book involves not just writing it, but getting it edited, then formatted, designing a cover, and having a marketing strategy around it.

Below, I break down the costs of how much professional services will cost you for a high-quality book.

(For the purposes of calculation we’ll assume you have a manuscript that is 70,000 words.)

1. Developmental editing

Once you’ve written your book, a developmental editor is important. Many authors think they don’t need an editor. Everyone needs at least some type of editor. Not having an editor is like not QA’ing a software product or not testing a drug before it goes out into the marketplace. An editor will evaluate and critique your manuscript, suggest and provide revisions, and shape it into a smooth, workable piece. They’ll look at the big picture and make sure everything flows and is consistent.


1-5 manuscript pages/hour for a manuscript page that’s 250 words, according to the Editorial Freelancers Association.

$45-65/hour based on the experience of the editor

70,000/250 = 280 pages

280 pages /5 pages per hour = 56 hours

Low end is 56 x $45 = $2,520

High end is = $18,200

More at  The Real Costs of Self-Publishing a Book | Mediashift | PBS.

Welcome to a new friend: 23thorns

I have never been particularly good at this sort of thing- there is nothing worse for me than sitting in a room full of strangers and hearing the guy standing up at the front say “when it comes to your turn, please stand up, tell us your name, and tell us a little about yourself” so I will try to keep this brief. Here we go:

I was a bookseller, at a time when the whole industry was changing.

I am married to someone smarter and better looking than me. She’s also in the book trade.

I have two children, an 8 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. I think they are better looking than me. They think they are smarter.

I was trying to write a book, and using this blog to keep myself going. Instead, I discovered that blogging was much more fun than writing a book, so now I’m a blogger.

If there’s anything I’ve left out, feel free to ask. I will try not to be too evasive in my responses.

via About | 23thorns.

(Editor’s note: 23thorns has made it a fetish to hide his real name so I’m unable to post a link to his books online. I mean, I’ve been to South Africa twice and got arrested once and I still use my real name!)

Imagineer-ing | “I’ll do it tomorrow…”

I was chatting with a fellow author, by email. It turned out that we had both been prompted to get on with writing – now! We had both had a brush with death that was too close for comfort. That sounds enormously dramatic. Believe me – it is! I have no desire to repeat the experience, that’s for sure. But it got me wondering about how many other authors had suffered similar experiences. It would make an interesting study.

via The Blog! | Imagineer-ing | an adventure in reading, writing & publishing.


Writer Unboxed » What Novelists Should Know About Short Fiction

The best short stories of Mark Twain

The best short stories of Mark Twain (Photo credit: Xesc)

When I first started writing seriously, all I wanted was to publish a novel.

I thought my intentions were honourable—that I wasn’t just another wannabe with dreams of making it big—but there was always that little part of me that still wasn’t ready to put in my dues.

I wanted it all, and I wanted it right away.

1. Reading short fiction can make you a more knowledgeable writer.

2. Writing short fiction can make you a more accomplished writer.

3. Publishing short fiction can make you a more marketable writer.

via Writer Unboxed » What Novelists Should Know About Short Fiction.

Backpack Bradie

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mary chase mize

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Tamara Philip, Author

Where Love blossoms...


There are no foxes here

Nostalgia Pie

Comfort food for the soul from a time when things were so much simpler...

Adventures of an author's wife

Editor and publicist for my author wife Michelle McMurrie. Michelle is transgender and wrote her current books under her previous name of Michael Pugh.

Chris Brake Show Podcast

LIVE! Every Wednesday @ 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central on


Fun for the whole asylum!

Psych Circus

Enjoy, Learn, and Erase Stigma!



Globe Drifting

Global issues, travel, photography & fashion. Drifting across the globe; the world is my oyster, my oyster through a lens.

The Honking Goose

something to honk about

Blinginitwholesale produces wholesale rhinestone apparel and hot fix crystals

Customized bling shirts and rhinestone heat transfers

The Chalk Outline

the blog home of mystery writer Jeff Markowitz

Mik Mob's Music Mass

share YOUR favourite tunes with The Mob

Riley Amos Westbook

A fantasy Author with too much free time on his hands that likes to Support Indie Authors.

terry73's Blog

A fine site

To Boldly Go

My mission to seek the Lord and to boldly go where He leads me


Fight corruption in PGCPS. Innovate, Change and Transform - Create Transparency and Accountability Initiative.

12 Week Weight Loss Course

Losing Weight & Looking Great!

On The Heath

where would-be writer works with words

Amanda Dyer

Founder & Creative Director at Maison by Amanda Dyer & Editor-in-Chief, Living 360 Magazine & Mompreneur 360 Magazine

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

Journal Edge

An online blog with highly informative, cheerful and inspirational articles for people who love travel to India with passion and make a different Lifestyle. Vikas Acharya is the founder and managing editor at Journal Edge Online Blog. Contact me to find out how I can help you create high-quality blog content, lead magnets, ebooks, and web copy for your business.

Art Attack

Discovering art in everything

What's Good?

Around the globe..

The Digital Inkwell

If poetry be the food for love, pen on.

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Beautiful Life with Cancer

Discovering the Gift

Strictly for the Birds

My banal thoughts while flying on just about everything

Setsu Uzume

Author, Editor, Narrator

d|gI+Al hEGeM0n ...d|g|Z|nE

Works of Thought... And Pictures of My Soul

Jobsdhamaka Blog

Job Interview Tips and Career Advices


Just a regular thirty-something-year-old trying to capture the essence of life in writing. Join me as I journey through the ups, the downs and the adventures in between.

Predictable in Her Unpredictability

Doing What Makes My Soul Shine

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A man who will break rules and play dirty, only bound by his own code of survival.