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Review of Courier by Alma Kadragic

Terry Irving knows how to write a story so fast moving and gripping that the reader can’t stop. His first novel Courier is first of all a chase story featuring motorcycle rider Rick Putnam who repeatedly escapes the bad guys on a big bruising BMW or a sleek fast Kawasaki. But Courier is much more than that.

Irving recreates Washington D.C. in late 1972 when American B-52s were bombing Hanoi, the peace process to end the Vietnam War seemed stuck, and a robbery at a Washington D.C. apartment complex called the Watergate was something that no one seemed to care much about.

via Terry Irving.


In My Lifetime, a Documentary by Bob Frye Sunday, the 21st on WETA 26 and WETA HD at 5pm. MPT Tuesday, May 7th at 10pm.



Sunday, the 21st on WETA 26 and WETA HD at 5pm.  

Maryland Public Television will air it on their Lifetime channel on Tuesday, May 7th at 10pm.

Bob Frye, an old friend, is getting close to the end of 5-years research into the new reality of nuclear weapons.  In his own words:

“The broadcast version of IN MY LIFETIME will be released on Sunday, April 7th by American Public Television (  The attached ad was just in Current, the public television newspaper last week. As you may know APT is considered the top syndication programming service for public television and stations take their offers for their broadcast schedules. The response has been good and we expect to have the first cut of the April schedule online in the next couple of weeks with dates and times of the stations airing the broadcast version of IML.

For the past five years I have been on a journey which has taken me to Japan, where I filmed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to Europe where we filmed in Vienna, Paris, the UK, Oslo and Reykjavik and throughout the United States including Los Alamos, Washington and at the UN. Edited the documentary in 2010 and started having screenings in 2011, along with getting it into festivals and then in 2012 was able to connect with distributors for both domestic and international distribution.

The international distributor is a company called Off the Fence based in Amsterdam ( and they are now in contract negotiations with several broadcast outlets around the world, also last year the feature length version of the documentary was released by a company out of San Francisco The Video Project (

As you can see on the website ( I have been able to form relationships with a lot of the organizations engaged in the topic. I just returned from Oslo where I attended two conferences on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, one hosted by a civil society organization ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) and the other hosted by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry where I was invited as a participant (

The work continues beyond the distribution of the film, since I am developing a project looking at Ethics and Nuclear Weapons working with The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs (

Last bit of news for now, the following links were put up last week by the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization, take your pick of which one to take a look at, it is a twenty five minute conversation recorded with me in Vienna last fall.

Video on Website:

On YouTube:



A Dissected Example of Truly Crappy Journalism

Boston taxi regulator faces misconduct review – Metro – The Boston Globe.

Boston taxi regulator faces misconduct review

By Thomas Farragher and Bob Hohler

|  Globe Staff  April 13, 2013

Mark Cohen has been suspended for alleged misconduct.

Mark Cohen has been suspended for alleged misconduct.

Boston’s chief taxi regulator, whose department is under fire for its haphazard oversight of the city’s $1 ­billion cab industry, has been suspended for alleged misconduct with a Boston Police Department employee. [Two facts are placed side by side (taxi department under fire and regulator suspended) indicating a causal link. However, there is virtually NO link because Cohen isn’t being suspended for anything but an internal matter – which, by the way, they have written so as to make it sound like a sexual liaison.]

Mark Cohen, who has been regulating city taxis since the 1980s, has been placed on paid leave from his $110,000-a-year position as the civilian director of licensing for the Police Department.  [Disclosure I went to high school with Mark. as a matter of fact, he is the first kid I remember from when I arrived in 4th grade. However, I have run into crappy journalism far more often than the times I’ve run into Mark since high school. Here, they present him as a making a lot of money–combine that with the previous graph where his department is under fire–primarily from this media outlet–and you have a rich, corrupt politician. Except, again, there is no actual link. They have just included separate facts in the same sentence to create the illusion of a causal link.]

Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis said Friday that Cohen will not return until completion of an internal inquiry into a reported heated exchange between Cohen and an employee of the Hackney Carriage Unit, which Cohen ­directs. [OK, well after the phoney lead – that he’s been suspended for misconduct and corruption–we find that he’s suspended for an argument with an employee.]

In a related development, Davis said he has opened an investigation into the apparent mis­management of funds intended to aid the families of taxi drivers who die on duty, money that was collected by Cohen’s unit and that is now unaccounted for. [Lovely phrase, “In a related development.” It’s like the television weasel-word “reportedly” (which means ‘I read it in the newspaper’). It leaves the impression that Cohen is clearly guilty of “mismanagement of funds” except it doesn’t actually say that.  It’s the same trick–putting two separate things together in the same sentence and implying a causal link. Here, the only thing that’s “related,” besides the fact that the Globe put them in the same sentence, is possibly that Commissioner Davis said them in the same press conference.]

 The missing bereavement fund money and a lopsided system of enforcement by Cohen’s department which regularly punishes drivers but abides egregious conduct by cab owners were among the central findings of a nine-month Globe Spotlight Team investigation. [OK, now we get to the nitty-gritty. Is there a court trial, a prosecution, a confession, evidence? No, there are at least four Boston Globe reporters who have clearly wasted 9 months–an incredible expense in today’s world of disappearing newspapers–and who need to manufacture a Big Story.

The Spotlight Team also found that drivers routinely feel compelled to pay petty bribes to get the keys to their cabs. Meanwhile, owners regularly violate Police Department regulations without fear of sanction. [Read on, you’ll find that this has nothing to do with Mark Cohen.]

“These allegations bring ­into question the overall management of the hackney unit,’’ Davis’s office said in a prepared statement. [And here come the politicians looking for someone to throw under a bus.  Again, “Bring into question” is a journalist’s weasel-word that means…well, it means nothing. I certainly doesn’t mean evidence of wrongdoing. It usually means that the reporters are asking question after question so the politician has to say something or they will, in turn, be accused and convicted of malfeasance.]

Last week, the day after the Globe series began, Mayor Thomas M. Menino ordered a sweeping review of how ­Boston’s taxis are regulated and managed, an examination that could ultimately terminate the Police Department’s historic role as the enforcement agency over those who drive and those who own the 1,825 cabs rolling through city streets. [The mayor’s bus-underthrowing statement is followed–but again not connected–to a statement about changes in the management of Boston’s cabs that could well be based on the Boston Globe’s reading of the situation. But it sure sounds like the Mayor, doesn’t it?]

Cohen’s alleged misconduct with a subordinate and the ­increased and intense scrutiny of his hackney unit are not ­unrelated, said an official with direct knowledge of the incident. [OOOH, a smoking gun!  There is a causal link!  Hurray for the Fourth Estate!]

“I think the stress is getting to him, and he had words with an employee,’’ said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not autho­rized to comment about internal personnel matters.  [Sorry no. The relationship is between stress–could it be the aggressive reporting of the Globe?–and “having words” with an employee.  Yeah, if you or I or anyone else had been under 9 months of investigation and were now being pilloried by the Globe in an attempt to get something out of it’s wasted effort, well, I would certainly yell at someone. Can’t say about you. You might be a saint.]

Cohen’s suspension became effective Thursday when he was formally placed on administrative leave. He declined to comment Friday.

Cohen, who has worked for the Boston police since 1985, is credited with remaking ­Boston’s taxi fleet, replacing a collection of battered clunkers with a gleaming modern fleet, many of them hybrid vehicles. A board member of an inter­national association of transportation regulators, Cohen successfully pushed for a require­ment that all cabs ­accept credit cards. And he intro­duced 100 wheelchair-accessible taxis into the city’s fleet. [OK, ten full paragraphs down, the Globe is forced to tell you that Cohen has been a fairly good regulator. From what I know about Boston, competent government administrators make up  a fairly small group. Probably could hold a meeting in a phone booth – if there were any more phone booths.]

But he is also a lightning rod for drivers who say he and his unit have enabled the economic oppression visited upon a large number of them. Cohen has suggested that chronic complaints from drivers about being overcharged by owners from whom they rent their cabs are exaggerated. Many drivers consider him imperious and dismissive of their concerns. [Yes, the Globe spent 9 months talking to cabbies. Here is the sum total of terrible corruption and misconduct they unearthed.  Gee, I’ve never heard a cab driver complain. Hell, I’ve never complained myself about a manager when I didn’t have the slightest idea whether they were actually the cause of my troubles.  By the way, if you read some of the other articles in the Globe’s ‘Spotlight’ investigation, it appears that many cabbies lose money every day they drive. That sounds suspiciously like the car salesman who tells you how much money he’s going to lose on the price of your car. It’s not a question of why they lose money every day, it’s a question of the simple fact that they don’t make enough money to afford to lose money every day–so why haven’t they been forced to quit?  Yes, it sounds like a bit of an exaggeration. It certainly was when the car salesman said it to me. And, of course, the bitterest and most angry comments came from – surprise – an organizer for the Drivers’ Union.  I mean, every journalist knows  if you want a guaranteed criticism of anyone in management, go to the union rep.]

When the Globe asked the Police Department two weeks ago about the whereabouts of the bereavement fund money collected by Cohen’s hackney unit, a department spokeswoman said the fund had been inactive for nearly a decade and there were no plans for an investigation “absent any evidence of wrongdoing.’’ [OK! Now we’re cooking. The fund is missing!  Widows and orphans are starving!  THIS is old-time Boston politics at it’s best. Ignore that “absent any evidence of wrongdoing” bullshit.

But Davis said Friday that those comments applied only to a criminal probe and that he has begun asking questions about who collected the money, where it was deposited, who ­received disbursements, and where the money is now.  [Wait a second, is this a coverup or, in reality, does no one have a clue what the Globe is talking about?]

According to a winter 2005 edition of a taxi industry newsletter, Rear View Mirror, Cohen then was considering expanding rules for disbursements from the fund to those seriously hurt on the job, as well as to the families of drivers killed while at work. {Now this seems serious, Cohen appears actually involved in this fund.]

“Cohen is also open to taking suggestions from (a) taxi committee on how to create addi­tional means of revenue to build on the account, such as an annual one-dollar fee collected from drivers’ renewing hackney licenses,’’ the publication stated.

Through a spokeswoman, Cohen said he did not recall that article. [“did not recall’ — the noose is tightening.]

Initially, Boston police said it did “not have any records’’ about the fund. But late last month, officials provided documents, some dated 1988, that detail its inception and organization. [Note that they’ve had to go back 25 years to find any official records but, ok, Cohen has been in charge of the taxi unit for 3 years at that point so it’s relevant.]

The Boston Taxi Drivers’ ­Bereavement Fund was established with a $50 contribution for each taxi medallion, or ­license, held by its owner. At that rate, about $75,000 should have been set aside for the benefit of taxi drivers’ families. It is unclear whether there were additional contributions over the years to the fund. [Isn’t it strange that the Globe has spent most of it’s investigation proving that the taxi medallion owners are money-grubbing corrupt bastards who force their drivers to work for free, and now they blithely assume that they’ve been paying into a fund all these years? But I’m making assumptions, this could be true and the approximately $2000 a year that should have gone to the widows and orphans could be missing.]

It is also unclear where the money was deposited and how much of it was disbursed.

The brother of Joseph ­Celestin, a taxi driver who was murdered in Boston in 1992, said his family got support from the fund. Yvon Celestin said he believes the money paid for his brother’s funeral. [But the only evidence the Globe finds is of proper expenditures from the fund.]

According to the records supplied by police, the chief uniformed officer of the depart­ment’s hackney unit was a member of the fund’s board of trustees. And the money for the fund was to be collected by police when license holders ­applied for their annual medallion renewals. [Is Cohen the “chief uniformed officer?” To be honest, I don’t know although I can’t imagine him in uniform. But don’t you think the Globe would have said it was Cohen if it was? ]

On Friday, Davis said he ­believes that it is “more than likely’’ that Cohen’s unit collected the money and administered the fund.  [Yes, this all looks very suspicious, it’s actually sourced and, if the unit stole the money, it’s a pretty crappy thing to have done and the malefactors should be punished. However, having just re-read the Globe’s stories I find that Cohen is NOT a uniformed officer, he’s a civilian.]

“I want to get [Cohen] to tell us exactly what his recollection is,’’ Davis said. “It’s really ­important.’’

The police commissioner said he hopes to have answers about what happened to the fund “within a week or so.’’ He said his department is now scouring records that date back a quarter century.

“This is something that is quite old, and there’s no indication that anything happened in this decade at all, no disbursements or collections,’’ Davis said.

Among the records supplied by police is a letter signed by Joseph N. Bethoney Jr., then president of the Cab Association of Boston.

“The money should be there somewhere,’’ Bethoney told the Globe earlier this year.

But reached this week, ­Bethoney, who said he left the Boston taxi business weeks ­after the fund was established, was less certain about the status or even the establishment of the bereavement fund. [This is lovely. Here’s my scenario for what happened: The Globe asked this guy a question, he had absolutely no recollection but made a supposition, and when the Globe came back for corroboration before printing, he admitted he hadn’t been around, wasn’t involved, and really had no basis for saying “the money should be there somewhere.” This is an example of a crappy journalist trying to make something out of less than nothing. It’s pretty easy to find records of when someone got out of a business–if the Globe had found them, they’d have published them.]

Meantime, drivers are wondering what has become of the money.

“Every time we ask for an accounting, hackney won’t talk about it,’’ said Andrew Hebert, a longtime driver and a manager for USA Taxi fleet in Dorchester.

Jonathan Saltzman and ­Marcella Bombardieri of the Globe Spotlight Team contributed to this report.

[OK, so this is a bit emotional because  it’s about someone I’ve known for 50 years (and spoken to at least three or four times since high school) but, mostly, it’s because I know all these tricks. I know how to twist a story, how to edit pictures and write copy to create an image of news that doesn’t actually exist. I also know the pressure that journalists are under when a ton of time and resources has been spent on a project and nothing has turned up.  It’s not just newspapers, listen closely to any investigative reporter or news magazine show or politically-driven documentarian and quite often, you’ll hear the same crap as the poor bastards attempt to justify all the time and money they put into a story they honestly believed was true but which simply didn’t pan out.

One of the things that always surprises students and interns is when I say, “I’m a really good producer. With pictures, I can make you believe anything I want to you to believe. I can lie in your face and I guarantee you will believe it.  So can you. And the only reason you won’t do this is your personal set of ethics.”  I’ve got Emmy’s, Peabodys, and DuPonts for my work in television journalism and this is the kind of sneaky crap that I’ve taught generations of interns and younger producers to avoid.

Published Works | Imagineer-ing

Published Works | Imagineer-ing.

I’m Available for Freelance Writer / Editor Work

I am an excellent manuscript editor–aiding writers to develop their own voices while ensuring the highest standards in concept, narrative structure, and dialog.

I am a skilled copywriter with particular experience in television scriptwriting, online content, and explaining technical subjects to a non-technical audience.

Those are my primary strengths, but my experience has taught me that I can write almost anything–from obituaries to PowerPoint to standup comedy.

I spent 20 years at ABC News-working for Good Morning America News and Nightline and producing stories from all corners of the world: the US Presidential Election,The Fall of the Berlin Wall , Apartheid in South Africa, Tienanmen Square. I’ve written and edited anchor copy for Ted Koppel, Wolf Blitzer, and Aaron Brown; produced, written, or researched over a dozen documentaries, and been published online at,, and UPI. My work has been recognized by the highest awards in my profession: Emmys, DuPonts, Peabodys, and Tellys among others.

After becoming a freelancer in 1993, I authored a CD-ROM History of the World, was an executive in two dotcom startups, and designed and demonstrated a prototype of ‘Global Business Network’: an online executive education and research resource. I have created videos, marketing plans, white papers, and brochures for many clients, including the American Trucking Associations, Porter-Novelli, Cisco, Asgard Technology, Maslow Media, and The Harvard Club.

I believe that my best work is the dozens of young journalists, producers, and writers who have told me that my mentoring and instruction was a key factor in their later career.

Recommendations from many of those who have worked for me, a complete CV, video resume reel, and samples of my writing can be seen at


Fiction Manuscripts

1. Analysis of broad problems: after a complete read of your manuscript (plot structure, characterization, genre aspects, pacing, etc) is a single charge of $400. 50% in advance and 50% at completion. Only PayPal accepted. (I’m not going to walk away after the initial analysis so we will continue to discuss your book without further charge unless it gets silly. We’ll both know when that happens.)
2. A line by line rewrite. $500 daily rate (Example: 300 pages, 80,000 words, 5 Days at $500 per day = $2500.) 50% of estimated cost in advance and remainder at completion. Only PayPal accepted. Again, further discussion and changes are included until the ‘silliness’ clause kicks in (see #1).
3. Ghostwriting. You supply the characters, plot, location, genre and major plot points and I will write your book. $500 per day actual time spent. $1000 in advance and remainder on completion. Only PayPal accepted. One full second draft is included at a rate of $250 per day. Additional drafts are at full day rate.


1. $500 per day for research and writing. I do not offer ‘half-days.’
2. $500 (one day) in advance, 50% of the amount of days worked upon completion of first draft. Remainder upon completion of second draft.
3, If you specify a limit to the number of days, I will finish a complete draft and will lay out where I think it can be improved with additional time.
4. Please note that all my experience in journalism has trained me to write quickly and in a client’s ‘voice’ and I usually complete the task in fewer days than estimated.


I generally work without a contract but, if you prefer, I will prepare either a Letter of Agreement or a Contract under the standard freelance guidelines as provided by the Editorial Freelancers Association.

On all my work, I will provide a free sample of the assignment–no more than 5 pages–prior to any agreement or fee.

If, in my own judgement, I do not feel that I can create a product up to my professional standards, there is no charge and you are free to use any of my work already completed.

On copywriting, if, at the completion of a first draft, you feel that my work is completely unacceptable, you have the choice of
a) a single complete new concept and rewrite for an additional $500 or
b) severing our working relationship (I retain the advance fee).

If, however, I discover that you have used my writing in substantial degree after ‘rejecting’ it… Well, I don’t expect you will, so why worry about it?

Please Note

I do not do proofreading. I generally adhere to Chicago Style and will endeavor to give you a error-free manuscript but I would strongly suggest using a proofreader (just as I do) for for the inevitable commas, semi-colons, and typos.
For a book manuscript, I will do a complete read-through of the final proof and provide notes gratis.  I’ll have an investment in your work by that point and want it to be the best it can be.

Review: Holocaust chapter written in ‘Rescue in the Philippines’ –

What makes this story even more unique is the unusual alliance that propelled this international plan of rescue and settlement. Philippines President Manuel Quezon, U.S. High Commissioner Paul McNutt, then-Army Col. Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Frieder brothers, a quintet of Jewish American cigar magnates, joined forces — politically, financially and spiritually — to help transport European Jews to a safe and productive life in the far-off Philippines.

via Review: Holocaust chapter written in ‘Rescue in the Philippines’ –

‘Rescue in the Philippines,’ by Russell C. Hodge –

The fascinating documentary “Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge From the Holocaust,” with narration by Liev Schreiber, recounts a little-known chapter of World War II heroism that is as heartbreaking as it is courageous. While much of the world was reluctant to help early victims of Nazi Germany, an effort devised in Manila during late-night poker games eventually delivered more than 1,200 European Jews to safety in the tropics.

via ‘Rescue in the Philippines,’ by Russell C. Hodge –

Terry Irving : Another Sneak Peak at Courier – Train Tunnel

Rick had always liked Union Station – it felt like only yesterday thousands of guys in green wool uniforms had passed through on their way to the battlefields of Europe or beach landings on desolate Pacific islands. Walking in through the big wooden swinging doors, he looked up at the vaulted ceiling. Once painted white it was now dingy with smoke and dust. On a balcony that ran around the sides were statues of Roman warriors in robes and togas holding shields in front of them. Rick smiled, remembering that Sam had told him that at least one or two were “anatomically correct” behind their shields.

The main hall had an echoing marble floor and dark wooden benches that appeared as if designed for passenger discomfort when steam engines still smoked and whistled out in the rail yard. Rick waved at the two cops who stood on the side, amiably observing the passing crowds. The fatter one smiled back and touched the brim of his cap in mock salute.

via Terry Irving : Another Sneak Peak at Courier – Train Tunnel.

The Unemployed Guide to Unemployment

The key to surviving being fired is realizing that it could happen.

Trust me, it could happen. Most of the things you should do to prepare are things you should do anyway

via The Unemployed Guide to Unemployment.

And They Say There Are No Great Jobs Out There: Great Job #64 Sweaty Adventure

First off, I am so “Not In” that it’s almost impossible to describe. I mean, you could describe picking cotton with the same headline. Boot camp. Working for Bloomberg. Any sort of horrible gig.

via And They Say There Are No Great Jobs Out There: Great Job #64 Sweaty Adventure.

Smashwords — The Unemployed Guy’s Guide To Unemployment — A book by Mike Mauss

The author is out of work now and has been unemployed 9 out of the past 20 years so The Unemployed Guy’s Guide tells you the secrets the ‘experts’ don’t know: that online ads, cover letters, and job boards are worthless, there is only one way to find a good job, and how to survive the firing, stay sane, live without money, and come out with pride, family, and finances intact.

via Smashwords — The Unemployed Guy’s Guide To Unemployment — A book by Mike Mauss.

The Unemployed Guy’s Guide to Unemployment: Ways That You Can Really Save Money

Cutting the small stuff won’t save enough money to make a difference. If you’re middle-class and suddenly unemployed,

via The Unemployed Guy’s Guide to Unemployment: Ways That You Can Really Save Money.

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