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Loving Life, Wine, Art, Photography and Golf in South West France | Welcome to a new friend: redstuffdan


Loving Life, Wine, Art, Photography and Golf in South West France

Redstuffdan is a 61 year old shy and retiring ex civil servant who lives quietly in the Aquitaine countryside with his beautiful French wife of 42 years.

His art, like his photography, borders on the naïve and was provoked as a complimentary activity to his recovery from illness. Much of the work is experimental and would best be described, by Dan himself, as an expression of a child let loose in the sweetshop of digital photography and acrylic paints.

His current obsessions are mirrored images and the beauty of nature with a healthy dash of golf and wine in equal parts.

We hope you get as much pleasure from his work as Dan does in producing it

photo (8)

via About | redstuffdan.


I think l’ve been Word Pressganged – No, l’m sure l’ve been Word Pressganged. One minute l was securely sailing along in my own little world without too many cares or worries – dabbling with brush, crayon and camera for my own gratutitous pleasure – Then suddenly, bang, the WordPress Gang get in my head and hijack untold hours of my life that are now dedicated to producing not only one blog but three. One dedicated to life in France, CORKS&WALKS, for the website Angloinfo, this one, which is giving me the greatest pleasure and the third where l am attempting to write, with some difficulty, a piece of modern crime fiction/fantasy.

I do not remember the exact moment, or circumstances in which l was Shanghaied by them but l know my life is not the same. I am addicted to my little Canon camera and iPhone and look at everything as though through a lens seeking the perfectly framed photo, l listen more intently to others and read, with an insatiable appetite, about art, literature, the human condition and my grand passions wine, golf and France..

Although l sense l have arrived in this place against my will l know l am really enjoying the experience and perhaps being Word Press-ganged is not such a bad thing after all.

(All the photographs, artwork, other images and text in this blog are copyright and cannot be reproduced without my written permission – You never know, if you ask, l might even say yes)


The Ups and Downs of Gluten-Free|Welcome to a new friend: Kamilah

Kamilah’s List

The Ups and Downs of Gluten-Free

Hi. My name is Kamilah and I am gluten-free. I became gluten-free in the summer of 2013. This was right after my second year at Penn State. I would have never thought that this would happen to me because of my love for food. I love bread. I love pasta. I love cookies. I am not sure why this happened to me, but I am willing to take the reins on my gluten-free journey. Most people are diagnosed early on with Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or wheat sensitivity. I am unsure when it started for me, but in my junior year of high school, I made my first emergency room visit. This was caused by severe “acid-reflux”, as explained by my doctor. I began taking lots of medication for the “acid-reflux”. I had a lot of chronic stomach pain for several years. I was afraid to eat. Every time I would eat something, I felt like I was inflicting pain upon myself. Eating cereal in the morning was a problem, too. I thought I was lactose intolerant but in reality, I was allergic to the cereal. I ignored these signs because I needed to eat. I had no idea that gluten was the problem. I saw a gastroenterologist, several doctors, and finally a nutritionist. My nutritionist found a solution. She suggested that I may be sensitive to gluten/wheat and it was true. That’s how it all started.

Special Thanks to my dietician: Paulette Weber, New Medicine Community

via About Me | Kamilah’s List.

For the Flakers


Corn Flakes were a staple item for breakfast in my house. I remember when we upgraded to frosted flakes and that was a big deal. It is safe to say that I have found its gluten-free replacement: Nature’s Path Organic Fruit Juice Sweetened Corn Flakes. That was a mouthful but so are these corn flakes. They are just as crisp as the regular corn flakes, and I do not recommend adding sugar. I use Silk vanilla-almond milk. It adds more flavor to the corn flakes. If you’re looking for a cereal in the morning, this is one I recommend.

Waking up in the morning never tasted this good. I like these corn flakes better than the original Kellogg’s corn flakes.

My rating for this product: 5 – It made Kamilah’s List

Thai Kitchen


Yesterday was such a busy day and I needed to grab a quick snack before heading out around noon. I had about 15-20 minutes before I needed to leave again and decided on a quick snack: Thai Kitchen’s Instant Rice Noodles. It comes in a pack with the rice noodles, sauce, and seasoning. It takes about a minute to boil the water and two minutes to cook the rice noodles. After mixing in the sauce and seasoning, I also added some frozen shrimp. This was a good snack and easy to make.

My rating on this product: 4 – Almost There

The Gluten-Free Registry Application


I have been searching for a gluten-free application for my smart phone this summer. Going out to eat can be a challenge, and I thought that I would have to give it up. I finally found one that I liked and that was complete. The Gluten-Free Registry is a great and easy-to use application. It can be used on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, or Kindle. Their motto is  “putting people and gluten-free friendly businesses together!”. I can definitely say this is the case.

The application is $1.99 and I can say this is worth it. The application has 5 tabs: Map, List, Menus, Add, and More!. On the map, you can see gluten-free locations pop up that are around you! I have the iPhone 5, and I love the way this works. You can click the red pin and get directions to the location. In the list section, the application lists the proximity of restaurants, bakeries, caterers/chefs, desserts, grocers, hospitals, or vacations. The menus section lists popular chains that have gluten-free menus, such as Applebee’s or Boston Market.  The Add section is where you can add a business yourself! I thought this was great because the gluten-free community should share good and bad experiences that they have at various places. The More! section contains information about how to contact the Gluten-Free Registry, how to read their symbols, your favorites, and how to rate or share the application.

I had a great personal experience on the application. I will be a junior this year at Penn State and I already have located my favorite restaurants from the previous two years. I was thinking to myself, “ Wow, where will I eat now?”. Thanks to the Gluten-Free Registry, I was able to find out that one of my favorite pasta places, Noodles & Company, had gluten-free options! They serve gluten-free rice noodles and fusilli with almost every dish, if you ask. I was so happy and I can not wait to see where this application takes me.

My rating for this product:  5 – It made Kamilah’s List!

Lifehacker: Our List of the Best iPhone Apps

Lifehacker Pack for iPhone 2013:

Our List of the Best iPhone Apps

The iPhone has the largest selection of apps on the mobile side, but that means it’s also the most frustrating to find what’s worthwhile. For our fourth annual Lifehacker pack for iPhone, we’re highlighting the apps

Original iPhone and iPhone 3GS. The original o...

that help you stay productive, connected, informed, and entertained.

via Lifehacker Pack for iPhone 2013: Our List of the Best iPhone Apps.

[Terry:  Seriously, you have to read this if you’re running on an iPhone. I get new apps all the time and I’ve never heard of half of these but I’m about to install them. Lifehacker has a sensible attitude about what works and what’s just Klunky and they look for the things that will make your life easier.]

My New Zazzle Shirts –


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Your product, Recording Warning, has been published and should appear in the Zazzle Marketplace and in your Store within 24 hours!

Recording Warning

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Welcome to new friends: The Happsters

Snapshot 2:3:13 3:13 PM

Happsters are all about happiness. We make other people happy and let others know when they make us happy. Through random acts of happiness and Happster events throughout the world, we make the world a happier place. Be sure to use #imahappster on Twitter and Instagram so we can all follow along and support each other.

Become an official Happster & get free Happy Notes to make it easy for you to express gratitude to people you encounter here: Our goal is to have 10,000 Happsters spreading happiness in their communities by 2014.

Happy Notes:


via About | The Happsters.

Living Above The Line

Living Above The Line

I was recently introduced to the concept of living above and below the line and wanted to share it with you. While many of us have heard these principles before, thinking about being above/below the line is a great way to visualize our patterns.

When we live above the line, we see life from a positive place and are hopeful, creative, and optimistic. When we live below the line, our attitudes are more negative and we can feel powerless, sad, angry, fearful or hopeless.

It is important to remember that we are in charge of how we see the world. While we are continually faced with challenges, the key is recognizing when certain thoughts enter our stream of consciousness and working on how we react to these challenges. To quote Epictetus – “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

For example, lets say you’re a sales person who just lost one of your biggest accounts. Many people would fall below the line and feel powerless and upset. Others might be above the line and think about how they could change the situation for the better. Maybe they would think of the possibilities that will open up now that they have more time to focus on other accounts or come up with solutions to the problem, like reaching out to some other potential clients. People living above the line focus on what can be done moving forward, while people living below the line have trouble moving past why something happened.

You’ll find that once you make a concerted effort to live above the line, you’ll attract happiness, positive energy, and feel more connected with people.

Have you heard of this concept before? Let me know your thoughts.

Announcing The Happy Note a Day Challenge – Win $50 to!

Happy Note a Day ChallengeWhat’s better than spreading happiness and brightening someone else’s day? For the month of June, I am challenging you to write a note to someone every day letting that person know how much you appreciate him or her. You can write the note to the same people or you can mix it up. The notes can be given to friends, family members, co-workers, acquaintances, strangers, etc. Post a picture or write a comment on the challenge page on ChallengeLoop every time you write a note. This is a great way for us all to connect, share ideas and spread the happiness! If you miss a few days, no big deal. The winner only has to post 8 times to be eligible to win. Sign up here:

You can use any notes you want, but if you want some “official” happy notes, sign up to be a Happster here and I’ll mail them to you ASAP:

The best part is: A randomly selected winner will receive a $50 gift card to!

All you have to do is accept the challenge here: There is also an iPhone app if you want to post on the go:

[OK, I like the idea but I’d rather join a group called the “Grumpsters”  Terry}

Welcome to a new friend: Justin Foster — Foster the Podcast


Foster the Podcast



via About | Foster the Podcast.


photo (4)Welcome to “FOSTER the podcast”, the official podcast of comedian Justin Foster. Short, hilarious, and awful stories from some of the most interesting people I’ve met, brought to you in audio form. Hope you enjoy hearing them as much as I enjoy recording them. New episodes every Monday.

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Thanks for your ears.

-Justin Foster

Episode Ten: Respect the Woods



20 May itunes pic

We talk house parties with comedian Nick Guerra who punches a Navy Seal, Justin parties with his Dad, and Kristie steals a snake.
Listen here to Episode Ten: “Respect the Woods”

Episode Eight: Now We’re In Love





6 May itunes pic

We talk about dating in Los Angeles with comedian Joe Dosch who explains grindr, going out with older men, and a strange post date request. Also, Kristie talks about getting hit on by Tracy Morgan.
Listen here to Episode Eight: “Now We’re In Love”


Welceom to a new friend: Chris Martin | Official website of author Chris Martin


Thank you for stopping by Chris Martin Writes. My goal is to make this site about a variety of things. I try to publish a new blog post every Monday morning at 8am EST. Topics will include fiction, writing tips, faith, volunteer work, etc. I love computers, so don’t be surprised to see some techie posts as well. If you’re a WordPress blogger, you can click the Follow button and stay updated. If you’re not a blogger, you can subscribe by email from the Blog page. I hope what you find here will mean something to you and add value to your life. Feel free to explore the site at your leisure, and I always appreciate any comments. You can use the form on the Contact page to send me a direct email.

Chris began his career by writing poetry and song lyrics in high school. It wasn’t until years later that he discovered his love of writing fiction. He now self-publishes as an independent author. Chris is a full-time Help Desk Analyst for DaVita Healthcare and also volunteers with an inner city youth ministry named One7. He currently lives in North Carolina with his wife, Jennifer, and their two daughters. (He is not the lead singer of Coldplay)

via Chris Martin Writes | Official website of author Chris Martin.

Daily Thought (May 23, 2013)


Today is Thursday, May 23 2013.

Read this article the other day.

“In fact, the entire story of Jesus is about a God who did not just want to stay “out there” but who moves into the neighborhood, a neighborhood where folks said, “Nothing good could come.” It is this Jesus who was accused of being a glutton and drunkard and rabble-rouser for hanging out with all of society’s rejects, and who died on the imperial cross of Rome reserved for bandits and failed messiahs. This is why the triumph over the cross was a triumph over everything ugly we do to ourselves and to others. It is the final promise that love wins.

It is this Jesus who was born in a stank manger in the middle of a genocide. That is the God that we are just as likely to find in the streets as in the sanctuary, who can redeem revolutionaries and tax collectors, the oppressed and the oppressors… a God who is saving some of us from the ghettos of poverty, and some of us from the ghettos of wealth.”

Shane Claiborne from the article “What If Jesus Meant All That Stuff?”

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Have a blessed day,


Here is a list of books I have for sale on Amazon. Any novella I sell will only be $.99. I am working on some full length novels and hope to have them available soon. Be sure to check back for updates. Thanks!

Other Side of Night (A Novella)

When Luke Farmer and his two best friends find a cell phone in the park, they are thrust into a world of adventure and mystery. With his newly rescued Golden Retriever, Boone, Luke is determined to figure out what is so important on the phone and why someone will do anything to get it back. Other Side of Night is a heart-pounding story of three friends forced to rise above their fear and face unknown adversaries in order to discover the truth.

Available for $.99 on the Amazon Kindle Store. Kindle app can be installed on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Driod, PC, etc.

The Stranger (A Novella)

Something horrible happened eight years ago in the small coastal town of Seal
Bay. Six high school girls were killed and dumped into the bay by a man named Lance Puckett. It was a crime which ripped apart a community and left emotional scars that time would never heal. A calm morning in Seal Bay is shattered by the appearance of a stranger who bears a striking resemblance to Lance. Has he come back to dig up memories from the past, or could this man be a drifter, just passing through? This suspenseful thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat with a twist that will leave you breathless. Who is The Stranger?

Available for $.99 on the Amazon Kindle Store. Kindle app can be installed on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Driod, PC, etc.

Unknown (True Identity)

Without a past, we can have no future. A man wakes up inside a pizza parlor with no recollection of who he is or how he ended up there. He later learns that a ruthless organization, known only as The Company, will stop at nothing to retrieve vital information that only he is in possession of. Unknown is an action thriller that will keep you guessing at every turn. It is the first novella in the True Identity series.
Available for $.99 on the Amazon Kindle Store. Kindle app can be installed on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Driod, PC, etc.

Welcome to a new friend: Shruti Fateh Puria– Smile Again | A Shade Of Pen


I smile today…

I smiled yesterday…

I smile in pains.

I smile again….

Life is lovely if u have the eyes for it…

If u choose to whine…you would end up sad…

If you choose to cry…you would end up broken…

See the good and love the life…

There is no better way to enjoy the strife…

I am not perfect…

I am not even close…

And still I smile…

Because I am happy with the way things are…

Regrets and pain takes us nowhere…

The journey to happiness starts from a smile…

A smile can conquer the deepest troubles…

A smile can win the toughest hearts…

Smile when you can…

Smile when you should…

It will do you a world of good..!

via Smile Again | A Shade Of Pen.

Hello fellas.. I am Shruti…

I work as a freelance writer….I am passionate about writing as I love to write on a lot of topics from interesting ones like life to relation, love, humor and even technical topics like stuxnet virus, iPhone apps or social marketing and seo as well.


Why I Love To Write…

Along with being an avid writer, i am an avid reader as well. I had always dreamt of having my own blog and lo the dream turns true. I intend to keep updating the blog daily as and when I come across fresh topics.

Some random fun facts about me…

I love green eyes as I believe they have a charm of their own…

green eyes

I love to get drenched in the rain


I am a passionate poet who loves to wrap her feelings in verse..


Looking to know more people and explore their culture, tradition and way of living…


So, now that you are reading this page, i would request you to take out time from your busy schedule and visit a few blogs of mine and give me valuable inputs because I believe it is the inputs from random strangers that can help you refine who you are..

So, pour a cup of coffee and let’s go for a ride….


you can also reach me at

i will be waiting…:)

The blog celebrates my journey..!

N.B. I do not own any copyrights to any of the images in my blogs. I am not a photographer and I simply pick up pictures from the useful “internet” and use them to give color to my words. The copyright is not mine, credits to the wonderful soul who took pains to put the pictures together :)

Welcome to a new friend: Donald Lockwood–Got Fans?

What Do I Offer?

Looking to turn your online business into real income? I’m here to help.

I write with as much humor and valuable information as possible. I use picture examples and real case studies of effective social media campaigns. It is much easier to learn and retain information if your educational material is entertaining and supplemented with visuals of real working examples. I’m no arm-chair guru, I know from my own experience running a successful Etsy business.

You Need Real Fans to Get Results

If you’re here you’re probably interested in getting more traffic to your page, gaining more fans and followers, or becoming more successful with Etsy.

I have a lot of great information to share on these topics. I have had amazing success with my own online business and I am working on publishing all my information in eBooks on Amazon Kindle, or for reading just as easily on a computer. As I write my books I will be sharing tons of valuable information for free here on my blog. I’m hoping to use this blog to gain my own readership. As I release my books I will be giving them away for free, initially, so I can gather honest reviews on Amazon. If you follow my blog you will be first in line to receive the free downloads!

My Etsy Success Story

I take care of all the marketing, sales and business development for an Etsy store called Shunami. We sell made-to-order custom shoes in a wide range of colors, textures and designs. While developing our Facebook page I discovered a lot of really amazing techniques for building an audience, encouraging them to share my content and keeping them entertained. After only 2 months, the Shunami Facebook page now has over 25,000 fans!

My Etsy store has only been open since the beginning of March. In just those 2 months it has generated nearly $5,000 in revenue. It is quickly becoming a full-time job for my girlfriend and I. We had 20,000 views our first month and 46,000 so far in the second month. I am very excited to see and report our continued growth in the months ahead!

Try My First eBook For Free!

Are you ready to turn your Etsy shop into real income? You can start today by reading and interacting with my blog. I am happy to answer any questions you might have and offer personalized advice for your store or fan pages. I have 1 eBook already published and I’ll happily give it to you for free in exchange for an honest review.

Thanks for reading!

Etsy Stats – First 2 Months:

Etsy Stats: First 2 months

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I’ll help you reach the top!

Climb to the top\

My eBook is Available for FREE Download for the Next 12 Hours!

Are you struggling to get more Facebook likes?

What if I told you that in just one month, I managed to gain over 25,000 highly targeted fans for my new Etsy store’s Facebook page?

Would you want to know how I did it? Probably. That’s exactly why I wrote this step-by-step guide that will enable anyone to have the same level of success with their own Facebook page.

Written by an Etsy store owner that created massive success for his business using social media, this guide gives you all the information you need and nothing you won’t use.

You won’t find any ambiguous concepts or foggy ideas inside. This is a straight forward guide for a proven system, written in an easy to follow, step-by-step format. Simply follow all the steps in this guide today and you can gain a thousand new fans by tomorrow.——

That’s an excerpt taken from my book description on Amazon.  Only 12 hours in and it’s already #5 for free books on advertising!  If you download it for free, please leave a brief amazon review to provide feedback and help me get some sales in the future. :)

I can run up to 5 free download days.  This day was just a test run, I wasn’t planning to promote the release, but seeing how many downloads it’s gotten on it’s own I decided to give it a shout out here and on my Facebook page as well.

I plan to run the additional 4 free days soon, so if you missed the window you can certainly catch the next one.  Keep in touch!

P.S. – You don’t need a kindle device to read kindle books!  You can download their kindle app for PC, Iphone, Ipad, or what ever gadget you use to stay connected.  There are so many great books on kindle, and many of them can be downloaded for free.  Don’t be a fool, pick up an ebook!

sweetheart rewrite COMBINEGot Fans? Gain THOUSANDS of Facebook Fans EVERY DAY With $0.01 Facebook Ads

Game4Learning | Fun Learning Resouces for Kids

Free Online Math Games from PBS

free online math games from PBS

Here is a collection of free online math games from PBS. Most games are for elementary kids.

free online math games from PBS

via Game4Learning | Fun Learning Resouces for Kids.

Evernote updates Penultimate with smart notebook titles, improved syncing and new premium features – The Next Web


Evernote has updated its popular iPad handwriting app Penultimate today with smarter notebook titles, a wider range of sync options and new premium features, including unlimited access to the Paper Shop.

Penultimate will now suggest notebook titles automatically based on your current location – provided it’s available – and ongoing events listed in your calendar. It’s a neat idea, providing a quick and structured reference for any set of notes that you might be jotting down in a hurry.

Most will probably want to use the feature as a reference point before adding their own personalized title later on, so Evernote has been wise to keep the option for users to type in a new name manually.

via Evernote updates Penultimate with smart notebook titles, improved syncing and new premium features – The Next Web.

The 2 Hour Guide to Mastering Evernote – Including: Tips, Uses, and Evernote Essentials [2nd Edition]
Evernote: A Complete User Guide: How to Make Evernote Your Ultimate Notebook

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