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Sparrows to Eagles | Inspiration to make the Spirit Soar

An Open Mind On Turning Back the Aging Hands of Time:

Are We Ready for a New Wellness Paradigm Part 1


My Swedish uncle used to say that it is better to be young, healthy and rich rather than old sick and poor. That line always drew a chuckle because of its obvious observation and stark contrasts.  How would you respond if I told you that young, healthy and rich was within the reach of every single human alive today, that it could be possible to wake up tomorrow with the realization that you could have 30, 60, 90 or more years of vibrant wellness ahead of you instead of maybe 10 to 50 years of progressive deterioration and sickness?  In truth though, would you really want more years, even if they were available and came with vibrant health?

Before you shut me down and dismiss me as a wacko may I suggest that all it may take to slow down your aging process, to maybe bring it to a halt or even reverse it for some aspects of your body, is to open your mind that this could be possible.  The magic words are Telomeres and Telomorase.

The 2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology was awarded for breakthrough research in Telomere Science.  Telomeres are the protective end caps on the four limbs of our DNA filled chromosomes that  keep the DNA from unraveling or fusing with other chromosomes each time the cell nucleus divides to facilitate healing or renew tissue. With each division your telomeres shorten.  As our telomeres shorten we lose our health edge.  Telomere length has become a marker for biological aging.


MORE  Sparrows to Eagles | Inspiration to make the Spirit Soar.


methadone | distill life Catching up with an old friend

distill life

whiskey fueled musings of a rambler.


I’ve lost my lust.
There is no drive
to move strangers
into friends
into lovers.
I’m more than happy
to sit at home,
drinking still,
ignoring the rituals
men use
to allow themselves to think
they’re fooling women
Into touching dicks,
that given time and opportunity
they’d probably touch anyway.
You don’t need a sales pitch
To feed the hungry.
We’re all a starving bunch,
Willing to take a fuck over love,
Junkies all, praying
the methadone sate heroin’s cravings,
Telling ourselves
the next time is last.
The telephone rings,
I hear her voice,
my cock stiffens,
and this poem is over.

Check it out—-via methadone | distill life.

My life as an average teen.|Welcome to a new friend: Jane Doe

Jane Doe


Bio: One thing you need to know about me is; Just because I may say stupid stuff, doesn’t mean I’m oblivious to your shit.

via About | Jane Doe.

Boys, Boys, and More Boys.

There comes a time in every teens life when they discover the magical world of boys, or girls if you flow that way. But anyway for me it’s boys. So far it sucks. Well to be perfectly honest, I have had a “serious” boyfriend before. As serious as middle school relationships go, I should say. I was the one to brake it off, but also the one to be the most heart broken. If he even was heart broken. (I hope he was.) I had a very good reason to “rip the bandage off” too. The base of a healthy relationship is trust right? Well, he didn’t trust me hanging out with other guys. And to make things worst, my best friend at the time was a guy. That worked out well. Not. I decided to go with the girl code: “Sisters before misters” or brother before….lovers?? Anyway, after that I couldn’t hang out with all my guy friends because my ex was friends with them. And I guess that’s how I started to become friends with people my own gender. Smooth move that was. So now here I am with a crush, or three… Oh my, I’m in for a wild ride ahead. The best part is, all of them are oblivious to my existence. I shouldn’t say that. Zach knows exactly who I am and not for a good reason either. My “friends” like to scream my name in front of him whenever he’s around. I feel bad for him, it must be really embarrassing. As cheesy as this sounds, all he does is smirk at me now. What’s that supposed to mean? “I know you like me and I think it’s funny.” “I’m satisfied you like me because it makes me feel important.” or my favorite, “Why do you even like me, I’m so out of your league?” What do you think he’s thinking when he puts that smirk on his face?

My Metamorphosis

Today I realized two things. One, I really want to punch John in the face. And two, I’m changing as a person. Now the question is; Am I changing for the better or worst? Let’s lay down the facts. In seventh grade I was this cute, prissy, squealer, bubbly girl who would just listen to your problems. In the beginning of eight grade I was the same as seventh grade me, but as the days went on I morphed into this stranger I didn’t even know. Well, I guess I did know her a little bit but now she’s coming out. And frankly, I don’t want her to be revealed. The real me… it’s a tuff topic. I have this side of me that hates everything and everyone around me. It’s truly horrible. I’m just this snappy bitch that’ll really tug at your heart strings, and not in that teary emotional way but in a twisted rip your heart out way. I’ve spent all my life trying to push “me” down but I guess now I’m just getting tired. How did I go from this bubbly loving girl to this cruel wicked bitch?

[Terry: as the father of two teenagers–now thankfully no longer teens–I can guarantee that this is a true voice. At least she’s AWARE that she’s gone from ” this bubbly loving girl to this cruel wicked bitch.” My only advice to parents  is to avoid killing her if atl possible and wait until she’s about thirty to speak to her again.

Maybe 40]

The Good Curl |Welcome to a new Friend: Robin Josey

Fabulously Natural

via …my journey | The Good Curl.

…my journey


It’s not so much going natural, as it’s a RETURN.

I had previously worn my hair in different styles, but always relaxed. At its shortest, I relaxed the curls, but not all the way to keep my hair wavy. Lots of people liked my hair this way, and so did I. The funny thing, I thought my short, relaxed pixie was easier to manage and looked better than my actual natural curls.

Then, as it always does, life decides to throw you a sinking fastball.

In 2011, I was in a car accident that made it impossible to do anything, but sit and lay down, let alone do anything to my hair. I had already grown it longer, but it was still relaxed. At least when it was shorter, it was still curly. The bob I had at the time, was not as forgiving.  So as soon as I was given the all clear from the doctor, I decided that I would stop relaxing my hair.

And thus began my love affair with all the naturals that I have followed on YouTube. I also relied on my sister who has been natural for over 20 years. It’s been a dizzying experience. Going from relaxing my hair and having all these options I thought I had, to embracing my natural texture and realizing, that the options are really that much more once I decided to love what my hair can really do when it’s healthy.

Along the way, there have been many setbacks: breakage, TWA regret and angst, why won’t my hair grow frustration. But all of it has been informative, and led me to my blog, and what you’re reading today.

This page is dedicated to my continuing journey, and incorporates my makeup enthusiasm, and love for fashion and accessories. It includes whatever’s on my mind as well. I mean, yeah, I’m here for the hair, but let’s be real, we want to chop it up every now and then with some fun, and thought-provoking stuff on occasion.

Where else am I around the web: Just click on the icons at the upper right of the screen for where you would like to follow my journey. And thanks for coming along.


Watch “The Good Curl | The Basics Series: The Regimen” on YouTube

Episode two is now available. This séries will cover the beginning, establishing a cleansing and conditioning regimen, accessories, styles and trimming.

Thanks for watching.




Is the answer to this question a simple one? Or, is it steeped in something deeper, such as the history of slavery in the country, exhibition, or invasion of personal space.

I think there exists a true historical aspect to why this is so sensitive a subject. The very real aspect is the slavery issue where black people were put on display before being sold. Teeth were examined, musculature too. And if you’re not familar with Sarah Baartman, you should be, as her story is intriguing and sad.

Baartman, also known as the Hottentot Venus, was a freak show display in Great Britain in the 1800’s because her large cheeks and elongated labia were intriguing to the white men who paid thousands of dollars to watch her walk around a small cage. Even after her death, she was still a major attraction. Her remains were included in a French museum for white men, and black to goggle and admire.

Now, I don’t think having an event where people can come and touch your hair is akin to Sarah’s life of degradation at all. In, fact, they are not similar at all in my humble opinion. She was put in a cage, bought and sold and then after she died, further humiliated by having her publicly displayed again and again. Seen as an oddity, a sexual being only, and not treated as the woman she was. Her hair was not at issue. And far more people need to be outraged over the similarities between her and Nikki Minaj, lil Kim and Foxy Brown. (I’m dating myself with those last two, but it’s still relevant)

No, we are not on display. I can even undertsand why people would not want to be touched. But the responses are just ridiculous.


A simple no will do. Why must the response be one that almost boasts physical violence?

I’ve been told that I don’t take it seriously enough, that I need to be more militant, that I don’t understand how offensive the question is.

Excuse me? Having someone ask to touch my hair and saying yes means I’m not adequately in touch with my blackness?

I’m 46 years old, and I’ve been black for every one of those years. I’ve been called the ‘n’ word, more times than I care to remember. I think I’m well aware how black I am. I’ve been reminded everytime I look in the mirror.

It’s ridiculous to even argue about it. I think that people ask because they’re genuinely curious. I mean at least they ask. Yes, I know there are those that don’t, and there should be a different kind of response for unwelcome touching of my hair, or Amy part or my person. But I’m not going to threaten them with amputation, or my foot in their neck.

Why can’t we use the opportunity to teach someone? Or simply say, “thank you, but I’d rather you didn’t.” You’d be surprised the response you get.

I’ve had people say, it’s just so pretty and looks so soft. How do you get it to look like that. And because I wear it in twist outs a lot, I can see why I’d get that question. And I answer.

And these are from non black people.

I get more side eye, jealous stares and whispers from my kinky sisters than anyone else.

Real. Talk.

Seriously, just a simple no thank you answers the question. I realize it’s supposed to be humorous, but it’s not. And we need to do better.




I wonder if President Obama wanted to karate chop this kid in the clavicle.


And how many of us Oooooooh’d and aaaaaahd’d over this picture.

See we can’t pick one or the other. Either everyone can, or no one can.

Ya dig?

Join the discussion.

By the way, yes you can.

365 days through the lens, is my journey through deep sorrow to happiness|Welcome to a new friend: kelzbelzphotography


This blog 365 days through the lens, is my journey through deep sorrow to happiness. My way of coping with the world is through my photography. My passion to see the world through a new way everyday. Hope you enjoy all my photos :)

via Day 63 – Blank screen. | kelzbelzphotography.

Day 66 – Breaking your kids hearts.


How do you deal with making hard decisions for your kids, where you know it’s right in the long term. But in the here and now it’s going to shatter there little hearts into a million pieces. Where you want and dream for something so badly, but no it’s not going to happen???

[Terry:  From the perspective of a couple of decades, I’m not at all sure parents are all that pivotal in what a kid becomes. Sure, if you beat them daily or drink and ignore them, they come out twisted. But if you love them, they pretty well turn out the way they were always meant to be. In the end: Don’t worry so much. Just enjoy them before they disappear.]

Day 69 – Feeling of dread.

Have you ever sat there and out of the blue felt like something bad is going to happen. Your gut and chest physically hurts. And your heart is suddenly fill of overwhelming dread?

At 1:50pm today this feeling over whelmed me. Scared me even. So much so I contacted people close to me to make sure they were ok.

The feelings getting stronger. It feels surreal. So sending positive vibes to the world.

Kelz @ kelzbelzphotography xx

[Terry: I have that feeling all the damn time. In my case, it’s just depression. I have to sit down, think about what’s really going on rather than what I’m afraid of, and then I have two options. If it’s real–go solve it. If it’s just in my head–that’s what God made anti-anxiety pills for.]

Citește dacă… l’art d’aimer | welcome to a new friend artdaimer

l’art d’aimer

To love is an art. As the arts of war. Just more subtle.

Read if … If you have a relationship. If you want to start a relationship. If you have just finished a relationship. If you like someone. If someone likes you. If you feel that you are appreciated (a) as you would like. Read this blog. If you find yourself in any of the situations above, the recommended blog of someone who might need.

via Citește dacă… | l’art d’aimer.

Rule. 4 – Be your own PR

One of the most important things in life and hence in human relationships (of any kind) is how you see yourself. Others not how to perceive than as you see yourself. You represent to yourself PR spokeswoman, agent and also produced.Image The other “buy” what you “sell”. And according to the presentation, others will “buy” or not. So if you are constantly talking about how fat, stupid, unhappy, unable you, others will inevitably associated with these attributes.

Rationale: The hard truth is: nobody likes a person who complains (unless to the extent that makes them feel better about your own life by comparison, but this is not the case). Nobody wants to hear about your childhood traumas, complexes and about your unhappiness. These are things to share with family, more than a friend or two. In any case when you just met a man, or when you’re dealing with new people. The most attractive people are those mysterious, charismatic and seem to be doing well inexplicable! Their hair always shines, are always dressed right, laugh all the time, always have money and are very lucky. You know how you can become one of those people?

January. Stop your whining for mercy. Crying for mercy can be extremely satisfying, especially for women. Get attention, let us talk about us Insense and we think that others will be kind to us if you are going through. Well, if people want mercy then you will run a second time, continue to say since the first meeting, “right? I really look good? I have huge nose like a cucumber? “. Granted, the imagination of the viewer, a vegetable appears on your complexion. Stop whining that you do not know a man right you are fat, short, too thin or too shy. What do you expect to happen? Come to save you life Prince Charming of Cinderella? Not going to happen.

February. Have a role model! – What is this? Do you turn to Shakira, but looking around, you take something you love from people you know. Do you like the way someone dresses / talk / socialize? Take notes. And at the end of the day think about what kind of person I want to be? More specifically, I want to be perceived by others? Now ansambleaza all these features in a sketch and tends to it. Show them love yourself and others that you respect yourself and others will do the same. No, it is pretense, pretending not somebody else, but simply highlight certain features that you will approach your goals. You become a more enjoyable as you get closer to your goal with more confidence and as a result, more attractive.

Three. Give Yourself Some Time. These indications are not going to turn overnight. It is a journey that lasts a lifetime. You’ll always find something to be improved, a person will always appear more “glamorous” and role models in your life. Keep yourself inspired by others that will provide microuniversuri belief that it can. Someone coming from a background like yours did. Why do not you be?

April. Love yourself. Sometimes you like to castigate front of others only in the hope that they argue (oh and-sour when it does happen!). Well, if you continue to underestimate you, you will not be able to love. It says: Love the other one as yourself. Well, how can you love another person you do not even appreciate you? In relation to another person (and especially with one more powerful), you become needy, jealous and frustrated. Questions like: “Why is more successful than me? Maybe he found a beautiful woman? He looked at it because I do not draw him? “Will take place in your mind, and the effects will be felt in the relationship. You will perceive as a “desperate” in perpetual need of attention. Stop it! Rate yourself more, work more than you, be proud of you! You’ve come this far! You have exceeded the weight! Who does not appreciate you, you deserve it!

May. Do not you get self-esteem from the view of others. It is very important as a source of self-esteem to be one as stable. Thus, there will always be influenced by the whims of others, or the time of life. Self-esteem must come from a good source, safe, that you can control. Do not get exposed to the views of “the world” and do not expect your partner to validate constant. If you frequently put questions like “so-and I have not exaggerated”, “I think I lost it”, “do you love me?” Answer others will have a very big influence on you. Do not give them so much power! Ask yourself, based on your own principles, if you like, or beyond. If you are not, find out how you could do this two to meet. Your values ​​with the reality of life. Whether you come down standards or that work hard to achieve them, you must do something! Not to ask another person and so on until you get the desired response. This habit makes you too vulnerable and your relationship with yourself first and then others will suffer.


(This would all be easier if I could read any of these languages!)

37 Freeing Quotes For People With Anxiety | Thought Catalog

37 Freeing Quotes For People With Anxiety    Oct. 3, 2013

By Chrissy Stockton

P.S. You’re not going to die. Here’s the white-hot truth: if you go bankrupt, you’ll still be okay. If you lose the gig, the lover, the house, you’ll still be okay. If you sing off-key, get beat by the competition, have your heart shattered, get fired…it’s not going to kill you. Ask anyone who’s been through it.
Daneille LaPorte
If you obsess over whether you are making the right decision, you are basically assuming that the universe will reward you for one thing and punish you for another. The universe has no fixed agenda. Once you make any decision, it works around that decision. There is no right or wrong, only a series of possibilities that shift with each thought, feeling, and action that you experience.
Deepak Chopra
I promise you nothing is as chaotic as it seems. Nothing is worth your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear.
Steve Maraboli
Anxiety’s like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you very far.
Jodi Picoult
Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.
Hermann Hesse
Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.
Hans Selye
Anxiety is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained.
Arthur Somers Roche
Don’t let your mind bully your body into believing it must carry the burden of its worries.
Astrid Alauda
My need to solve the problem is the problem.
Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.
Deepak Chopra
Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over.
Guy Finley

See the rest at 37 Freeing Quotes For People With Anxiety | Thought Catalog.

Why did 80% of soldiers in WW2 combat NOT shoot? How do you write about killing?

English: Cases of PTSD and Severe Depression A...

English: Cases of PTSD and Severe Depression Among U.S. Veterans Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan Between Oct 2001 and Oct 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wrote a novel and had the editor resist the way I portrayed my character’s reaction to killing. (He hated it–a negative personality trait in a conventional thriller).

However, I have a problem with novels that are really dressed-up comic books. I don’t think that anyone knows how hard to hit someone on the head to be SURE that his victim won’t have a subdural hematoma and either die or be permanently disabled. From what I read, a “bullet graze” carries a strong danger of violent infection and hitting someone in the face with a bare fist is a great way to break your hand. Cops who fire a weapon face months of evaluation, they don’t hit the streets the next day.

I don’t think that normal people kill others without carrying that fact with them forever.

In the process of developing a character, I’ve been reading “On Killing” by Lt. Col Dave Grossman, which in turn is based on the ground-breaking studies of Brigadier General S. L. A. Marshall (“Men Against Killing”) who found that only 15 t0 20% of infantryman in World War Two would actually fire a weapon at an enemy. They were brave, they would perform other duties under fire, they would load for others, they just wouldn’t fire or they would deliberately fire over the heads of the enemy.

"Gun Threat Target" Illustration from bodyguard.bgSilhouette targets are one of the key training tools that a modern military uses to break down the instinctive human desire NOT to kill another human and it has been monumentally successful. A modern military will alway defeat one trained in “classic” methods. The British defeat of the Argentine military in the Falklands is a great example.

However, as Grossman points out, soldiers who are put in positions where they either kill or have to confront killing another human have far more cases of PTSD than soldiers in equally dangerous situations but where they do not have to actually SEE the target that they are shooting (i.e. Artillery). As I read articles about PTSD and the 20% of the military returning from our current wars with some combination of concussive brain injury and/or PTSD, the more I realize that the casual use of killing in the novels we write is grotesquely incorrect.

Yes, good people can kill and go on with their lives but only real psychopaths can kill and not have some psychological injury without significant training to break down the instincts and-usually-replace it with the desire to protect and be respected by their “buddies.” Most people who are trained and placed into the sort of close quarters, house-to-house fighting that we’ve had in the past 20 years are going to suffer some degree of long-term, possibly permanent damage.

Once, this is stuck in your head, it starts to appear everywhere–especially in the comments of troops who have returned from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. They don’t have nightmares of the times they were in danger, they see the people they killed, the civilians they almost killed, the monsters they feel they became. THIS is what they can’t tell their wives, this is what you’d drink to forget, this is what never leaves you.

If anything, the bravery of someone who fires to kill an enemy or to save another from danger is MORE honorable and heroic than currently portrayed. They face a lifetime of life with this event and, by choosing to do it from patriotism, love, or duty; they deserve real praise.

Someone who kills and walks away is a sociopath at best.

Any comments are more than welcome.

On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society
On Combat, The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and in Peace
Throwing Lead: A Writer’s Guide to Firearms (and the People Who Use Them)

Schizophrenia and Epilepsy — The Connection | Epilepsy Talk

Epilepsy Talk

Schizophrenia and Epilepsy — The Connection | September 15, 2013

There’s always been a suspicion of the possible ties between epilepsy and schizophrenia.

But now, research has shown that schizophrenia and epilepsy are linked in both directions.

Previous studies had suggested a prevalence of schizophrenia and psychosis among epilepsy patients.

An early Danish study of more than 2 million people concluded, there’s a “strong association” between epilepsy and schizophrenia.

People with epilepsy had about 2.5 times the risk of schizophrenia as the general population, reported researchers.

Yet that’s “fairly low,” says Charles Raison, MD. Former consulting psychiatrist for the epilepsy service at the University
of California at Los Angeles.

“Most people with epilepsy probably aren’t in danger of schizophrenia, he says.”

He said that the schizophrenia risk is very small — about 1%, in general.

But even with the higher risk cited in the study,people with epilepsy still have only a 2-3 in 100 chance of developing schizophrenia.

“That’s of some concern,” says Raison: but you can get a large increase in risk [and] if the risk is small, you’re still very safe.”

Yet there was the psychosis factor, too.

He questioned when to call chronic psychotic conditions schizophrenia.

The findings “probably reflect an underlying link, physiologically.

There may be abnormalities in the ways neurons are wired together.”


via Schizophrenia and Epilepsy — The Connection | Epilepsy Talk.

My blog is my own kingdom and words are my subject| Welcome to a new friend: Shifa Naseer

Shifa Naseer

This page is just to give you an idea as to what this blog is all about. If you came to this page to find answers, you may not get them here as I am as confused as a person can ever be. ;)

My name is Shifa Naseer. I love to write. I find writing a way to express my feelings.

I have my own battles and my own victories ( sneaking potato chips into my room without mom’s knowledge. Trust me, I could win the Nobel Prize for that! :) )

I am lousy at describing myself. Go grab a post and see if you can make out what kind of a person I am. Reading these lines, I am sure you already think I am lazy. Well, I am afraid its true.  :P

My favorite color is blue, all shades of blue. I am a sucker for reading.

I say what is in my mind and apologize if the other finds its offensive. Thats me and if you are unfortunately acquainted with me, you got to deal with it.

I am at sea with my heart as company …. The steady rhythm … My shore is nowhere near me … The water stretches out as far as I can see … I am afraid, believe me!  But I will find land, find my mark. Someday, somehow!

Enjoy my blog and do let me know whether you liked it or not.

Shifa naseer.

A Bed Of Roses

My life, a bed of roses, you say?
So easy as breathing, so effortless
If hurting at every point of life is what you call a bed of roses
Then I agree with you
If pain be my companion for life
Then add to the roses you see
If loss is what you think is bliss
Then add that too into your list!
If betrayal is what you call the beauty
Then be it, say that too!
Envy me for all those roses with thorns
Wish for all that you say I have
But only He knows what I am
What I have and By God
It totally isnt the red and the roses
Its way far from it
See my pain, feel my loss
Feel the betrayal, know the cause.

via 1. About Me | Shifa Naseer.

Last Speech In School

by Shifa Naseer on September 5, 2013

Today I made my last speech as Head Girl of my school. It feels so weird to know that I wont hold that mic again and that I wont ever deliver a speech like I have done for the past three years in a row. It was Teacher’s Day today and we had prepared a programme for them. I was supposed to give the final vote of thanks.  As I was giving my speech, I felt as if a part of me was lost. Sigh. I wont miss school but I am going to miss things like these. I love to speak publicly, on a mic, with an audience. Long live my school. :)

Also I would like to wish all the teachers out there a very HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY. You all make our lives a living hell in school but help us so much that we cannot thank you guys enough. The love you give and the unwavering devotion through the years of adolescence is truly remarkable.

Thank You. :P

I know I am very strong
But I am afraid which makes me weak
I cannot stand alone for long
The world is crashing down around me
I am angry for being deserted
Yet I hope that I will find you
My light in my dark times
A bright ray of sunshine
I ask for nothing but a helping hand!
To pull me out of the maze
Erase the fear from my heart
Make me brave and hardcore
Help me fight my battles with fate
My saviour, my pretty angel
Will straighten out my life
And bring me my own self back
Full of energy and fun!
For now my being is empty and hollow
Even the echo refuses my company
But it wont stay for long
It will all go away
I will fall in love with the shiny sun
The moon will tease me while I laugh with glee
All this will happen one day in my land
When I will find my lucky helping hand.

Heart That Can Love

on September 7, 2013Find me a heart that can love
That can love beyond boundaries
Bound to be limitless
Something which goes deep, down to the bottomless pit
Like the light to light up the way
Like the shine to brighten up the day
Find me a soul that is so pure
That they fall to their feet
Bow their heads in such purity
A soul with love so hard, so intense to give
That I bathe in its glory
That I let it sink into me
Find that heart with such a soul
Together they will make me whole
Love so true, soul so pure
I wish to die wrapped around it
Warming my heart, removing the doubts
A heart that can love, a soul I can cherish
To be mine forever
As I wish this wish to the silver star
Which seems so near yet so far

Just the Two of Us | Catching up with The Seeker’s Dungeon

The Mist is thick but Your light is strong, so we keep on keeping on

Just the Two of Us

September 2, 2013

photo via Wikimedia Commons

photo via Wikimedia Commons

Just the two of us running
this game together – shaming
the world into accepting
our pain, whether or not they
are even inclined to play.
Just the two of us fighting
each other while making the
world think they had something to
do with the fact that you
appear so used up.
Like an abused pup your eyes
so shamelessly grasping for
love, knowing that I could
never indulge in such
activities. You put on
a good show, the happy
loving version that people
see, but I’m no actor so
I just lie underneath,
pulling your strings, ready and
willing to add to your
– subliminally justified
if not morally recognized,
to fight back against the fears
that I see in your eyes.

Time you shameless abuse,
but I feel my clock is ticking
and I’m not sure what I could
be thinking by letting you
play games as I am
suffering under the pain
of your indecision – a
life unused for what it was
born and I abhor the
unicorn notion of scorn
– unreal idealistic
judgment forlorn to be born
without moral justification.
I’m worn out
– gone with the doubt,
so I’m balling my fingers
to increase my clout as I
lower my voice and give you
the choice to run.

Do you really believe that
a fall is just a fall when
you were standing as close to
the edge as you could
possibly get? – and I’m left
to wonder if I shouldn’t
have caught you now that I’m in
the dirt and soaking wet with
the mess of your life combined
with the mess of mine as we’re
destined to replay this
mistake time after time, you
and me for the rest of our
days trying to escape this
crazy labyrinth of
considerations and
consequences, knowing we’re
dragging ourselves deeper and
deeper and tiring out,
growing weaker and weaker,
and by the week you become
less and less of a seeker,
and I have less and less
justification for
playing the preacher when I
can’t even get my act
together, let alone pretend
to be your teacher. But what
I can give you is more of
the same, emotional
instability to keep
you deranged, uh I mean
entertained, full of life
so far as you follow my
lead, yes I put on a good
show so come back for round
two and we’ll give it
another go, and I’ll give
you more abuse – I’ll make you
again the fool because that’s
just what I do, and that’s
just what you love
– some call me
as cruel but I am
your ego and
your heart
I do rule.

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and the Daily Post

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I am just a genuine guy from sunny Scotland | Welcome to a new friend: The BEST You Project

Creating a better you through lessons learned and Shared

I am just a genuine guy from sunny Scotland who is sharing some valuable lessons he’s learned in life. Feel free to take it or leave it. I’ve found over the year that a lot of people out there need a little help or a little guidance and all I am doing is trying to reach as many people as I can to help them improve how they view their own life and the world around them. I try to share useful tips and techniques that I’ve used myself and hope that many people use these to make the most of their lives.

Everyone has their troubles and challenges in life, some more than others. A lot of the time though people dwell on their problems and negativity rather than appreciating all the good things they have and having a positive outlook. Most of my blogs are just basic tips on how to appreciate what you have, to make happier about yourself and how to set yourself up for success.


via About | The BEST You Project.

Watch Me!

August 29, 2013

When someone says you can’t achieve something, that there is something that you’ll never manage to do … there are only two words you need to say back … “Watch Me!”.


I left school at the age of 16 with no higher qualifications and by the age of 19 I was in an extremely mundane dead-end job listening to all those people who said I couldn’t do something special with my life. Listening to all those people who made out I was stupid just because they had no ambition themselves.

Then one day I decided to prove them wrong, I decided to prove to myself and to the world that I was capable of much more. I handed in my notice and decided if I wanted to make something of myself I would have to go back to college.

Every time I told friends or family I was doing it the message back was resounding “what’s the point in that”, “what a waste of time” and “you’ll never get a degree”. It was deafening … but it didn’t stop me.

Sure a few people said well done and a few believed I could achieve great things and that was supportive, my mum being one of them but the overall consensus was “you’re wasting your time”.

But I kept going and day by day, month by month my self-belief grew. My confidence in my own abilities soared … and 4 years later I proved all the doubters wrong standing proudly with my degree and a world of self-made opportunities at my door.


15 years on from the day I announced I was quitting my job I am now a business executive living in a home I only once dreamed of having with 2 beautiful kids and an amazing wife.

Moral of the story – believe in yourself or nobody else can. Don’t listen to doubters and go out there and make things happen.

This is your life, don’t let others fears and judgements hold you back … you have the key and power to do whatever you choose so make your choices wisely and make them happen.

Show the world what you’re made of!

The BEST You Project – 5 Week Summer Challenge

July 5, 2013

If you are unhappy with your weight, size or even attitude then please feel free to take part in The BEST You Project’s 5 Week Summer Challenge. Open the attached file and join in the challenge.Best_You_Project_-_5Wk_Challenge

After having developed what can only be described as the start of a beer gut I decided to kick The BEST You Project into full swing with an opening 5 Week Summer Challenge which will focus on getting fit, eating healthy and staying motivated.

I have already roped in a crowd of friends from work to take part in the challenge with me (making it public makes it easier to stick to). The challenge is to start making the Best You possible by working each day towards reaching the weight you want to be, the size you want to be, and feeling happy and confident with a spring in your step.

The core message here is taking small, simple steps to slowly make the dream become reality. One day at a time, you don’t have to run a marathon on your first run. Do what you can each day and build it up day by day.

Your food intake can be slowly reduced, your exercise gradually increased, and your positivity and focus enhanced one day at a time. View the challenge in a positive manner and I firmly believe that anything is possible. It wont happen over night but as long as you celebrate your daily successes and all progress you make you will continue to be motivated to continue.



What 55+ Year Olds Can Teach the Rest of Us about Happiness |Catching up with The Happsters

[Terry: I’m just wondering what they can teach a 60+ Grumpy Old Man, but that’s just me.]


What 55+ Year Olds Can Teach Us About Happiness

A recent study found that people over the age of 55 tend to be happier than any other age group. So what can the rest of us learn from them?

1. Stress Less

hamock catSource

A lot of us have jobs that lend themselves to stressing too much and playing too little. Do yourself a favor and don’t take yourself (or your work) so seriously. Of course, you still need to work hard, but take time to not only enjoy what you’re doing, but also take breaks when you feel overwhelmed. Go for a short walk outside or talk to a friend. Many people over the age of 55 are near retirement and have learned to not stress over work issues and are happier for it!

2. Smile More

What 55+ Year Olds Can Teach Us About HappinessSource

Did you know that those aged 35 to 44 smile less than any other age group? Shockingly, 5% of people in that age group admit that they never smile! Can you imagine not ever cracking a smile? More than 50% of those over 55, however, smile more than 10 times a day. As I mentioned in this post, smiling can reduce blood pressure, release endorphins, and is actually contagious! So if all else fails, surround yourself with happy people!

I’ll leave you with some great advice from a few happy seniors:

Find Joy in the OrdinarySource

“You are not responsible for all the things that happen to you, but you are completely in control of your attitude and your reactions to them.” ~ A 75-year-old man

“Adopt a policy of being joyful.” ~ A 84-year-old man

“I learned to be grateful for what I have, and no longer bemoan what I don’t have or can’t do.” ~ A 90-year-old woman

What age do you think you were the happiest? Do you think you’ve gotten happier as you’ve gotten older?

via What 55+ Year Olds Can Teach the Rest of Us about Happiness | The Happsters.

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“The sunshine fills my hair and dreams hang in the air”… |Catching up with JamieB2013


“It is as it is”

[Terry: This may be my first experience of ‘dystopic romantic” poetry.]

“The sunshine fills my hair and dreams hang in the air”…


Look inside your memory…
None of this is real…
All you think you know…
See or touch and feel…
Everything’s a mirage…
To deflect what’s going on…
Life is one big film set…
You’re a lyric in its song…

All that is around you…
Is just one big illusion…
“They” rely on compliance…
And thrive on your confusion…
Step back; you can see it…
And try to break through…
Escape from all your chains…
You’ll witness life anew…

It’s not what you thought…
Or how you once believed…
All that has been taught…
Is how “They” have deceived…
We work for the rich men…
Who laugh at the poor…
If you think there is equality…
You need to reveal more…

And understand what’s going on…
Outside your buried head…
Because people are so wicked…
And won’t care when you’re dead…
Start to ask some questions…
Don’t stop; just keep on probing…
Once you’ve got your foot in….
The door of truth keeps opening…

Allowing you to dig a little deeper…
Scratch the surface of your life…
It’s a place filled with misery…
Tears and death and strife…
A place where all innocence…
Is cruelly ripped away…
A place where no one notices…
The beauty of a dawning day…

A place where liberty in death…
Is the only one true freedom…
One thing we can all agree…
This is no Garden of Eden…
It’s time to stop the dreaming…
See things for what they are…
They call this “Hell on Earth”
That’s more truth than lie by far…


via “The sunshine fills my hair and dreams hang in the air”… | JamieB2013.

Froze in this moment… | Welcome to a new friend: jeannette whalen


Froze in this moment…

via About | jeannettewhalen77.

Our Education System is Failing Us

best-images-of-the-year-2011-1-20110930While in school I’ve learned that the experience of interacting with others is just as educational as the academics itself. For instance, I’ve had professors at Clark mutter angerly about the lack of historical knowledge known by my classmates and I. I find it funny. Yes, blame the students, not the high school academics curriculum in America or the lack there of. It’s outragous, ridiculeing students over something they have no control over. Plus, not to mention high school’s ability to make the subject’s a dull mix of US history and oh yeah, more US History! Teachers should be less ignorant and take a moment to understand why this is the case. Instead, students are merely scapegoats for the overall failure of the academic system. In addition, if such a large portion of students are incapable of divulging the information. I would think there must be a larger overriding problem. Why then, in society do people make the choice to stay unaware and ignorant?

All in the Mind’s Eye


Intellect is a matter of perspective and David Foster Wallace’s rendition may boggle you.  Wallace’s insist that, “we easily dismiss the hard to see realities of each moment.”(Wallace 199) Perhaps  knowleged and awarness are the real means to happiness. My beilief inertwine with Wallace intriging argument, “that brilliance is a state of awareness furthermore a mentality of the mind,” (Wallace 201) Thus, ignorance is the equivalence of incompetence.

Primarily, Wallace celebrates “a radically twisted but enlightening look at intelligence. He views our minds as being warped by our own narcissistic tendencies, thus not allowing ourselves the ability to see any worldly perspectives, but our own.(Wallace 201) Wallace also claims “that our animalistic default-setting causes self-righteouness, a non-understanding and furthermore incourages our unforgiving behavior.”(Wallace 201) Wallace suggests “being intelligence is having the ability to use the knowledge gained to consider all angels thus widening our scope of awarness.” Being able to choose positive solutions help many lead more meaninful lives.

I wholeheartedly agree that self-awareness is the key to intelligence. Although, being self-aware may seem trivial, but in fact it is crucial to ones happiness. For instance,  After a year of trying to help my boyfriends sister get clean by taking her to rehab over and over again. Sitting in hours of Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Finally, I decided I was done! Over it! But my father must have seen something I had not, he told me to keep helping a little bit longer. My fathers self-awareness of the situation which led to helping her in ways I could not, through God. As I look back two years later she is still clean. It brings me to tears. If I had given up, she would probably wouldn’t have made it much longer on the path she was on. Each time I see her I think of my father and how he saw beyond the surface. Only by being self-aware can you fully lead a happier more fulfilling life.

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Can Smoking Stop My Anxiety?


It’s a fact: Cigarettes have many negative effects on our health including damaging the lungs and causing deadly cancers. Why then do people continue to smoke?  The answer is nicotine. Nicotine instantly numbs away the stresses felt  during a demanding day at work. For some, smoking cigarettes has become a form of self-medicating to lessen stresses caused by depression and panic attacks.

Doctors say never to self-medicate; but why? Nicotine can instantly reduce symptoms of anxiety. Prescriptions such as, Lorazapam are addicting, thus doctors will only prescribe them for short periods of time. It’s true; over time panic attacks may lessen, but many face an abrupt clusters of unexperected attacks and without medication it’s hard to cope. Thus, doctors are giving no other options but, to self-medicate. Self-medi   According to, Frank L. Collins and Theodore L. Wagener, People with server mental disorders are more likely to self-medicate themselves using additive substances such as, nicotine. Further more, the probability of them staying dependent on the substance is far greater. (“Collins and Wagener” 88) This demonstrates, that people in our society with server anxiety or stress are forced to self-medicate due to the lack of options to reduce stress. As a result, many peopleare forced to their own devices; some people with depression have chosen to self-medicate themselves by smoking cigarettes in order to relieve the symptoms of stress.

Stress from depression causes people to follow negative thoughts of their psyche. Stress is formed when a person thoughts are constantly dwelling over destructive circualar thoughts. Unleashing an emphasis on the inability many face to make the correct choices in life. Furthermore, depression takes hold of our thoughts only to morph them into self-hating comments of worthlessness and inadaquecy. These types of stresses cause many people to turn towards nicotine for relief.

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[Terry: Well, smoking can stop your anxiety about everything but smoking. However, I promised myself when I quit my 3 to 4 pack a day habit about 25 years ago, I would start again when I turned 60. Miracle of Miracles, they’ve invented these strange battery-operated things that puff coffee-flavored steam and have no nicotine in them. I LOVE THEM}

Grumpy Cat Nail Art | Geeks are Sexy Technology News

That Cat Makes A Lot More $$$ Than You Do!

grumpy cat

via Grumpy Cat Nail Art [Pic] | Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

From Mama to Dawta and Back Around Again |Catching up with BLACK, WHITE & READ ALL OVER

Girl getting hair braided

From Mama to Dawta and Back Around Again

She sat on the floor, in between her Mama’s knees and got her hair braided.  (Such a sweet little girl.) Her Mama kept telling her “Your Daddy ain’t shyt.  He’s low down and no good.  Men in general ain’t shyt.  Don’t trust ‘em!”  She believed her.

20 years later, she sat in her girlfriend’s kitchen, getting her hair braided.  (Such a sweet young woman.)  She heard her stick girl saying “I’m done with him.  He ain’t shyt.  Men in general ain’t shyt.  Don’t trust ‘em!”  She believed her.

And now she’s a single Mom with her own daughter.

How do you think their conversation about men will go?

It is the responsibility of the men to live up to their titles of Father, Husband, Man…

It is the responsibility of the women to live up to their titles of Mother, Wife, Woman…

We live up and lead by a GOOD example for the sake of our children.

Legacy is involved here.

via From Mama to Dawta and Back Around Again | BLACK, WHITE & READ ALL OVER.

Terry Irving’s Autobiography (Parts 1 & 2)

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On the Road (Time Cut: 1969 to 2013)

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A raw view on life |welcome to a new friend: Daniel

Grow up proper

Hello dearly beloved,

My name is Daniel and this is my blog.

As the name might suggest this blog is dedicated to properly growing up, but worry not, this is not a blog for children (the subjects are very much mature). The reason why I dedicate this blog to growing up is that, after 21 years of life and 3 years of personal development it has become my understanding that many people get big, but they don’t grow. In our society children are raised by bigger children and become big babies themselves.

I remember, when I was a child, looking at the adults around me and being unable to find a single person who has accomplished anything they considered to be meaningful in their lives. It occurred to me that their biggest feat was having children (and before that marriage). Young people made it a purpose of their lives to find a spouse and once they found him or her they got married.

And then they no longer had a purpose so they made a child and lived their lives for the sake of that child’s well-being. These decisions were not theirs. The motivation for these decisions was simply that this is the path everybody else takes. I couldn’t help but notice how unhappy they were, how much they longed for their wasted past.

I realized at a rather young age that if each and every parent sacrificed their dreams and ambitions for the sake of their children then no child of man would ever achieve his dreams. It had occurred to me that, if I followed my parents’ example, I would be throwing myself in the misery of regret and condemning my own children to a similar path.

In my quest to change my life situation I realized that such a feat may only be achieved by changing oneself. You cannot flip a switch and change your life, but you can change yourself and your life will change accordingly.

In order to change myself I first had to understand myself. So I started analyzing how I thought, how I felt, how I spoke, how I walked, how I dressed, how I reacted to others, how I lived my days.

The more I understood myself the more I realized I needed to change and to this day I am still on the path of growth. I have made it my purpose in life to continuously grow and develop until the day I die.

It is my belief that anything you could possibly desire out of life you can obtain if you dedicate yourself to growing up little by little, day by day.

It is obvious that one can become a millionaire if he dedicates the 40+ years of his adult life towards building wealth!

It is obvious to me that one can become a champion at anything if he dedicates enough time and energy to said endeavor!

It is blatantly obvious that in the 40+ years of our adult lives we can achieve any feat that any man has ever achieved before (for the simple reason that another man has achieved that same feat in the 40+ years of his adult life and we, ourselves are men)!

We are only limited by our imagination and our willingness to grow.

This blog is designed to help you understand the inner workings of your mind to help you begin your journey.

If you you wish to contact me you can do so by commenting on one of the posts or by emailing me at

I shall be posting an article on the Wednesday of every week from this moment on. The main topic shall be personal development, though I may veer off course.

This is an experimental blog; some of the content might be modified or erased over time if I see proper reason.

The real blog will take shape once I have created sufficient material to do so.

I wish you good luck on your journey, may fortune be on your side. Just remember that good luck and fortune are always on the side of those who grow through life.

And those who don’t are crushed by fear.

via Grow up proper | A raw view on life.

What do you know?

14 year olds know everything. Don’t believe me? Ask them a question, any question. They will give you the right answer. You might think its wrong, but don’t try to argue with them. They know its right. They know everything (or so they think).

This is true for teenagers who just hit puberty, but what about the rest of us?  How much do we know?

As we grow up the world makes us realize just how little knowledge we have, just how limited our understanding is. We do our best to learn as much as possible, but we can never know it all. We don’t have enough time and that’s a problem.

It’s a problem because we can never learn everything we want to know in just one lifetime. Life is a videogame too big to fully explore, too long to reach the top level.

In our struggle to understand the rules of this game we inevitably make mistakes. In order to conserve time and energy we place instant judgment on people, on places, on everything. This judgment often turns out wrong.

If an animal needs more than a split second to distinguish between friend and foe, between danger and safety, it will not live long.

Similarly we have this habit of making instant decisions, a habit which is often not in our best interest. We all think, on some level, that we can tell a person’s personality just by looking at them. We have a tendency to believe that our first answer is always the right one. We are often superficial in our assessments and this leads to errors, huge errors.

If we would take a minute to analyze our info from time to time this would not be a problem; but, most of us just take it as it is, no questions asked.

There are 2 ways through which we get our info.

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How to avoid procrastination

The reason why this article is titled how to avoid procrastination and not how to escape it is because escaping (for short periods of time) is easy and it happens all the time. We all feel inspired to break out of our routines from time to time. And if we can maintain a state were we consciously take action again and again we’ll never have to worry about procrastination. But how do we avoid falling back into the rubbl

First of all what is procrastination?

Procrastination is the act of replacing high priority actions and tasks with low priority ones. It is the act of watching television when your exams are 3 days away. It is the act of sitting on your computer instead of going out and socializing.

In order to avoid procrastination we must first understand how it works. Why do we procrastinate?

The number 1 reason for procrastination is letting yourself work on autopilot. Being on autopilot is based on feelings. Let your feelings make your decisions for you and what you’ll have is your daily routine.

Let’s say (to oversimplify things) that your daily routine is: wake up, eat, take a dump, go back to sleep. Let’s say that you kept to this routine for the past 10 year. You have mastered this routine, you are the master of wake up, eat, take a dump, go back to sleep. It does not require any forethought; it’s on complete autopilot which makes it energy efficient. This routine has kept you alive for the past 10 years. So your body rationalizes that if you keep this routine up you will keep on living. That’s what your body and most of your mind wants: for you to live as long as possible and spread your DNA. So unless a chick walks into your life it will not give you any incentive to break the habit loop. Just keep on living and wait for your chance to spread (basic survival).


a survivor of child abuse, depression, drug addiction, boarding schools, suicide, youth discrimination, apathetic father figures, alcoholism and reality TV. |welcome to a new friend: Nicholas Gagnier

Retcon Poet.

 Retcon : 1. n. The common situation in pulp fiction (esp. comics or soap operas) where a new story “reveals” things about events in previous stories, usually leaving the “facts” the same (thus preserving continuity) while completely changing their interpretation.

NICHOLAS GAGNIER is a Canadian writer and poet from Ottawa, ON. He is a co-founder of Good Morning Bedtime Story, a suicide prevention project aimed at harnessing the powers of writing, music and visual art as a deterrent to suicide. The world is his observatory and words are the telescope through which he funnels it.

He is a survivor of child abuse, depression, drug addiction, boarding schools, suicide, youth discrimination, apathetic father figures, alcoholism and reality TV.

Nicholas lives in the Ottawa suburb of Alta Vista. When he is not writing, he enjoys music, television, reading and eating breakfast foods at 1 A.M.

51st State

It’s hard to write new anthems for this nation.

Carrying its phantoms and
flirtations with inaction, divisions ascend
into law.

A sinkhole replaces biodiversity, oil
fields grow over
seeds of their adversity.

The smell of burning is so pervading over
my kingdom-
in-waiting and we’re slowly learning
the land we’re
taught to love is no longer

mountains and forests
or solace
but self-absorbed
about bad blood.

identities in
conundrum that
would baffle any expert on

No longer valleys
or plains
but airports and highways,
gangsters and sideways

curmudgeonly pundits
who occupy the
Starbucks down
my street, yelling something
about 99 per

Begging to whet
their tongue, wash away
redundancies and the thirst
that they accompany.

Raise your
cup! To assimilation,
economic stagnation and
may we all
find success in
the 51st state.

The Death of Paper Airplanes

Posted on August 2, 2013


In the death of
paper airplanes, I abstained from
the controls; someone else let ceiling fans
beat at every
crease they


During the rough
descent, I was hiding in the cargo

emergency landing emphasized.
Engine fires could never tell
a straight-faced

Pressure masks
swing forth, cued by the back
half of the whole
plane torn like a door off its

disappearing in

I was always
incapable of the
operational throw.

In the death of
paper airplanes, the gods have played
their hand, and they’ve chosen not to


[Terry: This guy is hot!  Love the attitude, love the art, love the survival.]

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Poet of sorts and serial daydreamer.|Welcome to a new friend: I.J. Keddie

I.J. Keddie

Poet of sorts & serial daydreamer. Just trying to articulate my mind. I suffer from panic attacks and depression. My madness is unoriginal but it’s all I’ve got. I also make candles. I’m hiding behind your curtains.

Poet (of sorts).

Serial daydreamer.
Couscous fiend.
I suffer from Depression & Generalised Anxiety Disorder.
Just trying to articulate my mind.
I like to write about honest and simple emotions with fancy words and imagery.
I am a gay man.
27, British.
I live in Cardiff.
“I’ve heard it said that Daisy’s murmur was only to make people lean toward her”
I ask myself questions that are probably not that important.
This all did make sense to me at one point or another.
My madness is unoriginal but it’s all I’ve got.
I’m hiding behind your curtains. You’d better go check.

via About | I.J. Keddie.

Things I Have A Thing About

I find it incredibly difficult to throw empty shoe boxes away.
I love reusable containers; jam jars, Tupperware and the like.
I simply cannot stand silence of any variety, comfortable or not.
I have no concept or ability to partake in small talk, at all.
I absolutely love small corners and alcoves that I can personalise.
I can’t stand food being on my plate too long, it makes me paranoid.
I often can’t stop myself from stealing cutlery from anywhere.
I find talking to children terrifying, I have no idea what to say to them.
I love buying black hard back A5 notebooks but I never use them.
I cannot stand people who say “chillax”, genuinely or knowingly.
I hate that I smoke but I still think it makes me look cool.
I love and hate, in equal measure, the fact that I am so uncool.

2007, Mid-June

Arm and cigarette hang out of the bedroom window,
half full ash tray sits on the sill with me,
you are on my bed, cross legged and thinking.
Christmas lights are draped over a smeared mirror,
dead soldiers and empty commanders on the shelf,
sixties soul and late night grooves on random,
we’re on fresh coffee and yesterdays wine,
still hungover from the last few nights.
It’s two in the morning and we have writers block,
the labyrinth and the profiteroles wait.

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Welcome to a new friend Chandra Kumar

Stay Tuned (soundtrack)

Stay Tuned (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Living, dynamic eBooks

[Terry: They are Living and Dynamic. They are not on this webpage, yet. Stay Tuned. ]

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Start Gaining Momentum — Welcome to a new friend – Ludvig Sunstrom

Step up!

This blog is about:

Striving for excellence through means of healthy living, philosophy and by learning through first-hand experience.

A recurring theme of the blog is to become smarter, stronger, healthier as well as improving one’s understanding and intelligence. Basically becoming better and improving in all areas of life by focusing on doing positive things every day because it adds up cumulatively in the long-term.  Another recurring theme is deciphering what success is and the mindsets of people who are successful in different areas of life. Consistently exercising willpower, focus, and building work ethic are big topics too.

About me:

I’m young guy who’s interested in self-development, personal excellence and living a spectacular life. Through this blog I convey different mindsets and paradigms that I find interesting and helpful in order to make personal progress. I believe there are universal principles and laws that govern success in all areas of life and I am intrigued by these.

In a lot of posts I have excerpts from material, mostly books, that I found inspiring or cool.

It is my hope and intention that this blog helps inspire and shorten the learning curve for readers with interests similar to mine.

Here are a few creeds that I try to model my life after:

  • Experiment with things for a set amount of time before quitting and analyze the results afterwards.
  • Challenge yourself and expand your comfort zone continually.
  • Trust in the process and enjoy the journey you’ve chosen to undertake.
  • Be your own guru, think for yourself instead of regurgitating other people’s opinions and thoughts. Learn through first-hand experiences and by trial and error, not by reading or listening to what other people tell you.
  • Pit conflicting paradigms against each other and go through cognitive dissonance until you find a synthesis.

I write on average at least one post per week.

Hey, I am Ludvig!

My blog, StartGainingMomentum is where I share insights, rants, and interesting information related to personal development and stepping up.

Power returns to the person when rewards are no longer relegated to outside forces.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

via My List of Interesting Movies « StartGainingMomentum.

Make a Lasting Decision

lasting decisions

Positive feedback loop of the PFC:

(Note that this positive feedback loop is accurate for almost anything related to reference experiences and creating an upward spiral, but in this case the PFC is the dominant object.)

To make a lasting decision is an excellent everyday tool for activating the PFC and holding your focus on something for a sustained amount of time.

It starts with the decision to do something no matter what. It does not much matter what it is that you choose as long as you stick to it. The important thing is to make it very clear to your brain that this is a serious commitment.

This thing is going to be accomplished come hell or high water – there is no plan B or quitting. Once you have made the decision you are past the point of no return and must do everything within your power to make it happen.

Some Examples

You might decide to finish reading a book before allowing yourself to go to bed, writing a set amount of words for your paper before allowing yourself to quit, or abstaining from food for an entire day.

Let’s say you make the lasting decision of abstaining from food for a day. It’s going to be easy for the first part of the day and you will have no trouble remaining focused on following through on the decision. Then during the second part you will face massive negative feedback from your body and mind telling you to quit and give into its urges. The (hormonal) urges feel so real that you begin to doubt your abilities to make it through.

Logically you know that if you choose to eat something it is going to hurt your integrity and you will suffer in the long-term. This is the decisive moment in which your mettle is tested. Will you be overcome by your urges for instant gratification and perhaps fall into unconscious autopilot, or will you persevere through it and build integrity?

Such is the daily process of personal development.

The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me [compared to normal people] is I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill.

I will not be out-worked, period. You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me, you might be all of those things you got it on me in nine categories. But if we get on the treadmill together, there’s two things: You’re getting off first, or I’m going to die. It’s really that simple, right?
You’re not going to out-work me. It’s such a simple, basic concept. The guy who is willing to hustle the most is going to be the guy that just gets that loose ball. The majority of people who aren’t getting the places they want or aren’t achieving the things that they want in this business aren’t working hard enough.

It is strictly based on hustle. It’s strictly based on being out-worked; it’s strictly based on missing crucial opportunities. I say all the time if you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready.



IF Part 3 – My Take on Caffeine, Bulletproof Coffee, and Longer Periods of Fasting


In the previous parts 1 & 2 I covered the most popularly used types of IFing, and described the various benefits of doing so. This post is about my own brief commentary on IF and personal input on the subject.

My Routine

My personal IF routine that isn’t officially made famous as far as I know of – is as follows:

– Very much like the Leangains approach in terms of getting more calories from carbs on days of workouts, and more calories from healthy fats on rest days. I consume on average 2g of protein per kilo of bodyweight, as mentioned here. (This amount can vary from person to person, different people have different genetic potential for successful assimilation of protein. Largely dependent on overall gut-related health. If you get gassy or bloated from your protein powder or from eating too much protein in general chances are you’re getting too much)

– Daily feeding gap of 8 hours and fasting period for 16 hours, with the exception of a 2-day fast (usually 48h) from sunday dinner to tuesday dinner, finished by a workout and massive meal. I always consume the majority of my calories post-workout.

– During this 2 day fast I usually consume L-glutamin, and sometimes coconut oil. Not because I can’t manage otherwise, but because they are good for promoting gut health, something I’ve had issues with due to candida. Intense exercise following a 48 hour fast is not something most “gurus” promote, but I have found that this 2 day fast is vastly superior to the normal IF that I did for roughly a year prior to coming up with my own method.

– My morning routine usually consists of L-glutamin, and perhaps coconut oil, followed by coffee or tea as I read/work/go to the gym.

On Leangains & Caffeine

I agree with most things Martin Berkhan says, but not with  his positive recommendation of consuming or overconsumption of caffeine as it breaks down magnesium which helps you relax. Caffeine also stimulates the pituitary gland and increases cortisol, and lowers melatonin that you need for sleep and relaxation.  Long-term consumption MAY lead to overstimulating your adrenal glands.


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“Crying heart doesn’t let the night disturb and rolls into itself to cry some more”| Catching up with Talking Experience

Love – The Ultimate Emotion


Tear drops touch the cheeks and tremble down towards the earth,

Crying heart doesn’t let the night disturb and rolls into itself to cry some more.

Eyes are numb with the overwhelming emotions and are afraid to express,

When the night is beautiful with the shining moon there in the sky.

There is this silence that says everything without saying a word,

While the wind takes those tears and spread over the sand near the water.

Heart dwells with some more emotions feeling them to the core,

When mind looses track of time and travels to the past.

Feeling of love takes over and a smile dances on the lips,

Not long does it take for sadness to take over again.

It was love and love only that made her laugh, smile and yet sad again in life,

It was love that made her cry, shout and yet calm and peaceful again.

via Love – The Ultimate Emotion | Talking Experience.

“thanking the heavens that she was granted another morning.”| Catching up with Flux and Flow

Café Writing: False Realities

Posted on July 29, 2013 by jasminekeclipse


Tightly knit quilts woven together with yarn and ribbon, christened with bows and lace, draped over wooden banisters, sunshine bleeds under the doorway. Morning light kisses her cheeks and her tiny mouth forms into a blissful grin, happy to see another day. With the slightest sound, her mother graces the room with her presence and scoops her angel up in her arms, embracing her heartbeat and thanking the heavens that she was granted another morning. Love and laughter only last for so long in this home pained by timid smiles.

Men, women and children fill the home during the early hours of the morning in fear that their angel wouldn’t awaken, and when she was carried into the kitchen by her mother tears fell to the floor and gasps broke the silence, bringing light into the home once more.


In the fall, Jackie runs for the school’s track team and volunteers with the local theater. Her soft skin and black hair have grown with her nearly 18-year-old eyes, her eyes which have seen more pain than the normal human being. Shortly after her birth, her mother disappeared and her father took their family to England where they would spend the rest of her adolescent years until returning home. Jackie’s dark eyes held love and wisdom and thoughts that she chose to share with a select group of people. Blessings and remarks. Traveling to hell and back on numerous occasions, her heart had been torn and mended, friendships made and broken, hair dyed and shoes scuffed, her mind jumbled.

Drastic peace and plastic burdens.

In the summer we lost touch, we hadn’t lost our friendship, though.  She had just left everyone and everything, she left herself. Her eyes had closed infinitely, her heart of gold refused to pump blood through those angelic veins. The angel who had brought so much happiness and love into the lives of many had left the earth, ascending, falling in reverse, crashing. Failures do not welcome themselves into the realm of success. Angels belong in heaven. I suppose that is why she had left us.

via Café Writing: False Realities | Flux and Flow.

‘It’s like a thermonuclear dance”|Catching up with The Seeker’s Dungeon

Making the World Turn

July 25, 2013

photo credit: Karuna Poole

It’s like a
thermonuclear dance
when you walk into the room
– consumed is even the air
with announcing your glory.
Your story told through
even the grace in your strut
– breath hushed
as all sensory experience
is heightened.
the mind
is forced to slow down,
as it is not able to comprehend
the emotional awakening
that is flooding every pore
of its physical understanding;
demanding a recalibration
of all that was
seconds earlier
known to be true.
it is for you and no other
that this soul burns,
it is you and no other
that makes my world turn.

via Making the World Turn | The Seeker’s Dungeon.

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