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“There’s a million people inside my erratic mind. I can never have silence but for a brief time when I write”| Welcome to a new friend: Ky Grabowski

 Welcome to the inner workings of my mind

via Spotlight; Litebeing | Ky Grabowski.

That beautiful profile picture of me was created by the talented and super lovely artist Koizumi, whom you can find here on DevianArt

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Who I am.

Ky Grabowski was born in Canada, nineteen years ago.  She is the oldest of two siblings as well as the shortest. She had a younger sister, who died some time after she was born to which Ky has revealed she has her name tattooed on her shoulder.


Her thoughts on the tattoo “She reminds me to live life to the fullest because not ever gets too. Danielle reminds me that while life has darkness it is full of light, for her I live my life & never give up. It’s for her that I want to experience each emotion good or bad, and any adventures I can go on. She inspires me, & has given my heart salvation.”


Her parents divorced when she was a freshman & has stated that “I don’t feel I missed out on anything, my mother showed me strength, courage and how to be a fighter. She believes in me & loves me, there’s nothing else I could ever need.”


Ky has always been a clever, unpredictable & lively young woman. She explored everywhere she went & had no fear for the consequences. She once climbed out of a two story window as a child to save [gather] her adorable puppy from the rain against her mother’s orders because she thought he would melt. Her care and heart have proven to be some of her best qualities.


She is an avid runner and had once been looked into, and to be trained for a career in track but turned it down. She focused her attention on writing from the young age of ten to use her wild imagination for the good. The last ten years she has continued to improve her skills by reading as many books as she can and focusing hard during her high school education on her English courses.


Ky wrote her first entire novel in six months at the age of seventeen. Following that she began to outline a new & separate fantasy series expanding thus far to seven novels. Ky prefers to write drama’s, thrillers, and taking the norm out of her writing.  “There’s a million people inside my erratic mind. I can never have silence but for a brief time when I write I can express each person, each story, I can give voices to the noise in my mind. Writing allows me to escape.” – Ky Grabowski, on why she writes.


She has stated “I want to share my inner world with others through my novels.”  Continuing on with “My stories showcase life struggles in ways that can allow readers to grow with the characters inside the book. I hope that the words I write open eyes to change. I write many flawed characters so that people can connect with them & learn from them.  I need the world to see that you can overcome anything in your way & that you never give up on something worth fighting for.”


Ky also has a passionate dream of opening a community center or home for trouble youth. She once was determined to be a counselor to help others that have experienced or are in trouble. She has expressed that she does not have a desire to get married or have children of her own but rather would like to foster and or adopt children. “It’s not that I would pass up the chances for either but I don’t see the future, I only have ideas of what I want however the future could say – it might not be what I need. I want to foster or adopt because I know what it’s like to be where those kids are, they need to know someone cares, someone loves them. They deserve they’re happy endings – I suppose as cheesy as it sounds, it’s the truth.” – Ky Grabowski


She is also an experienced photographer & editor, having been hired on numerous occasions for parties, events, and weddings. She designed the cover for her novel “Courage.” She described her choosing of what she did as follows. Eve goes through a journey from an event that tells the readers just who she is. She grows from a girl to a woman quickly and you get to see her story as well as see her growth with each passing page. The cover though looks simple is meant to showcase the evolution of the character.”


She has stated that her hero’s are her sister, mother & Ellen DeGeneres and that her favorite band is “Florence & the Machine.” Some of her favorite authors are as follows; Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allen Poe, Nora Roberts, Lauran Kate, Jane Austen, George R. R. Martin, C.S Lewis, Johanna Lindsey, James Patterson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, William Shakespeare, F. Scott Fitzgerald.


I wish the world would stop being so full of hate; love is so much more powerful when you cherish what it truly has to offer. Sometimes I want to be ignorant to the evil in the world so I can blissfully stay naive that we’re capable of more than we have shown. Though of course I cannot and I will try my best to help others whenever I can.” – Ky Grabowski shares a random thought.


Currently Ky is focusing on her blog & second novel series as well as taking care of the two new additions to her family, puppies. She is also an avid supporter of mental illness as she suffers from undisclosed mental illnesses herself.  Ky is currently twenty and is looking to publish Courage after it’s been professionally edited.

Book 1; Courage in the Vices & Virtues series


Tanix Keeran is a troubled adult with a sinful past. She left her family behind for the pursuit of drugs & alcohol and a life on the run. Tanix’s fun filled future suddenly ends and her family openly welcomes her back. With hope this time Tanix will stay sober– expect it’s short lived. When her entire family is murdered and Tanix survives it’s suddenly clear that now she won’t be running from her life but running to save it. Tanix has made choices that define her and her future doesn’t look promising when temptation arrives at every corner.

Tanix’s only problem is she doesn’t know who’s after her or why. But when she’s kidnapped from witness protection by the people who were supposed to help her she finds herself in the hands of the man who turned her life upside down. He hunted her down to have her to himself and now he does. Tanix is now trapped and locked away with the sickest man she’s ever known. All he wants is her and now her only chance to live is to surrender herself to him.

So what can you do when evil wins? Most of all how to you survive when you believe this is a punishment you deserve?

Opinion Monday #1 Mental Illness

Opinion Monday’s are now official. Each Monday a selection of questions will be posted and answered. The answers are not recommended for everyone, but are simply opinions and experiences shared. Not everything answered is suited for different situations, people & etc. These answers are shared in the hopes to help others and show what someone else would do in a similar situation. In the end all of the information provided is subject to change and interpretation, and in any situations it is up to ‘persons choice how to be handled. These questions that are answered are answered in what someone else would try, do or think might work based on questions. These opinions are not from a professional.

 Question; Should I seek help regarding mental illness?

Thoughts & Tips; Yes, I personally think seeking help out is a good choice but that’s not easy for everyone to do. It hasn’t been easy for me. I’m the type of person who fixes my problems myself but regarding mental illness I cannot. I think it’s best to seek out help because I’ve noticed with the help of professionals I’ve gotten better in many areas I struggled with. There’s still issues but with professional help in times when I can’t go to someone I’ve learned great tips to help me deal with my struggles. In the end it’s your choice but from personal experience being happy, healthy and living my life without limitations has proven to be a better life to live.

Question; I’m nervous about telling my parents about what’s going on with me, mentally. Do you have any tips to speaking to them about it?

Thoughts & Tips; At any age this is always hard, especially with parents. I was extremely nervous to tell my mother what was going on with me and it was only about two months ago I confessed a lot of it. When I first started counseling I didn’t explain the entire truth because I was scared and that’s normal. It’s okay to be scared in telling your loved ones but with a supportive group around you, I think you can achieve more in this situation.

My tips would be to politely tell them you would like to sit down and talk. Ask them to listen to you first, so you can explain your story and that knowing they love and support you will greatly help you in this situation. I asked my mother to simply listen to what I had to say and then I best tried to answer her questions revealing as much as I felt comfortable with at that point. It’s not easy to speak about it and it’s just as hard to hear that your child is struggling. Keep an open mind and work together – that’s the best thing!

Much More at



Welcome to a new friend: Isabel Burt

Novels of fantasy and flight

Let’s escape together!

Isabel Burt is a children’s author currently writing novels of the fantasy genre. Having begun to write at the age of six, she took a forty year break to be sure of the publishing climate. As it is currently in turmoil; with children’s fantasy being the most difficult area to enter, she decided it was an excellent time to return to her first passion.

To use my blog – FOR MY READERS – posts are meant for my readers (!)

As I write for older children and young adults – that is to whom I speak.

But of course parents might find them first – so please feel free to read and share with your parents!

To fly into the world of words; a world of limitless imagination and excitement…

Let’s escape together!

About | Novels of fantasy and flight.


Species Of The Old World

The characters that you will soon begin to meet belong to one of eleven different ‘species’ of the Old World, represented by these symbols.


Felicity Penfold, a girl of 14, finds herself mysteriously deposited into an alternative world. In the misty opening scene she links up with Reuben, an ‘Orion’ embarking upon a quest in which it seems Felicity is prophetically implicated.

This ‘Old World’ is in a state of impending crisis. Its entire ethos was one of balance; this has been irrevocably altered by the illegal birth of a new species, called ‘Toxics’. Each plant or beast has an ‘enharmonic’ which is its counter-species balance. The Toxics had none. Their exclusion over the years has led to them becoming bitter and by the time of Felicity’s arrival, very dangerous. Their leader, Arrass, seeks the destruction of the traditions of the Old World which he feels has betrayed them. His final destination: the Sacred Caves.

These caves contain the roots of all knowledge, and they are guarded by the ‘Taureau’.

The story follows Reuben and Felicity as they are joined by other key troupe members who seek to save their precious world by joining Reuben’s quest to protect the Roots, and shift the Old Ways to include the Toxics; thereby restoring its balance.

The salvation of the Old World and ultimately of the Toxics becomes a race between the gathering of the quest troupe and the gathering of the Toxics.

For my readers – MEET THE ORION

Hello again!

Last time you visited, it was to find out a little more of the Old World. As I write these posts ‘For my readers’, I imagine I am talking to you, someone who loves reading and escaping into the world of your book. I hope you will enjoy visiting this Old World, when Toxics is finally available.

I am sorry you cannot read it straight away – I wish you could – but I am having to learn about the world in my laptop, just like Felicity has to learn all about the strange world she finds herself in.

So…back to the people and creatures who live in the Old World – well I talked a bit about The West, homelands to the Orion, and the Fragrants. Reuben is an Orion. He leads the Quest to save his world. If you go to your local wildlife park, you might spot ring-tailed lemursThe Orion have tails very similar to them. Otherwise you wouldn’t know the difference between an Orion and a human, really. Except when they have to move fast. Or escape. Then they can use all their hidden talents! When I was creating them, I wrote, ‘mostly human but with slightly deeper skin colours, and slightly more hairy. Mesmerising eyes – intense like a cat’s. A very attractive species. The special light of the Old World seems to light up their downy skins to rich hues. The essential difference is their extra jointed legs like a cat, hence their great physical skill for climbing and leaping etc. oh, and one tiny thing…massive black and white stripy tails like Lenny the ring-tailed lemur [that is a teddy we own]. Like a monkey they can hang from it and use it as a third hand.’

Let’s meet the Fragrants next time…

‘The block of g…

‘The block of granite which is an obstacle in the pathway of the weak, becomes a stepping stone in the pathway of the strong’
Thomas Carlyle

For all who write…

It’s Happening : Terry Irving’s First Urban Fantasy Novel #mustread #urbanfantasy #kindle #new

It’s done, It’s UP, it’s FOR SALE.


sweetheart rewrite COMBINE 2

On August 1, 2013, “The Last American Wizard”, Episode One of “The New Abnormal” will be for sale on Amazon Kindle. It will be a complete story in itself as well as only the beginning of a dramatic novel which tells how the United States is hit with a bloody sneak attack, absorbs the blow, and fights back to find and defeat the enemy.

It’s a story that could be ripped from today’s headlines except that the enemy is mystical and the weapons are magical.

There are no vampires and werewolves in this book–only very real people with very UN-real talents. A journalist who becomes America’s Last Wizard, Politicians who begin to show their essential natures as elves and dwarves, a haunted smartphone, and the oldest program at the National Security Administration–codenamed “Barnaby”.

It’s as if Tom Clancy‘s tough and nuanced spy craft were mixed with a lot of Jim Butcher‘s wise-cracking wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden and a touch of Kim Harrison‘s pixie witchcraft but in the end, it’s a completely unique experience.

J.W. Reaches Out To The World | Novel Ideas

Trains Across Europe

Trains Across Europe (Photo credit: Stuck in Customs)


J.W. Northrup announced today that he has finally decided to interview with  blogs, newspapers and give lectures on writing. It was also announced that work on his second book has almost been completed. J.W. was quoted as saying, “it is time for me to take this all the way.”

J.W., who in one year released a dozen short stories in addition to his bestselling novel “The Gold Slaves,” has been busy writing a new book. There are no details of this second book yet, but he promises it will be a huge literary achievement. “I know people will go crazy for this one,” he said in one interview. “It will get people excited for sure.”

If you would like an interview with J.W. you can contact his PR at

via J.W. Reaches Out To The World | Novel Ideas.

So Ends the Experiment? | Legends of Windemere

Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites

So Ends the Experiment?

Posted on June 10, 2013 by Charles Yallowitz

Yesterday, I sold 1 book, which is normal for a Sunday. It typically sucks. The problem is that it carries over into a weak Monday, but this is abysmal. I’m eying that $2.99 price tag because it’s the only thing I can change. I’m going to give this until the end of the day to see what happens. If nothing moves then I think I’m going back to .99 cents.

It isn’t just the low sales too, but that is a main ingredient here. I had a great Friday and then it died like a sparkler in the rain. I want to take advantage of Ereader News Today and I need the .99 cent pricing for that. Though, that 25% service cost is a bit distressing since I might not make much to begin with. Still, I can’t lose on the deal and I’ve met some people that are happy with it. I also should probably strike while I still have an overall 4.0 or higher rating. That can get destroyed by a bad review while a good review barely effects it.

I still have a few hours to make the final decision.

via So Ends the Experiment? | Legends of Windemere.

Nobody Told Me: Ellen Franklin Mae Unzipped! | Novel Ideas

One of the most interesting writers in the world today has to be Ellen Mae Franklin. She has a list of positive reviews that would make most independent writers roll over with jealousy. Her sales are solid. Her fanbase is strong.

Yet, she has been overlooked by many of the fantasy readers roaming this world for great reads…

Why? Why hasn’t she been discovered?

via Nobody Told Me: Ellen Franklin Mae Unzipped! | Novel Ideas.
The Unseen Promise: The Tarkeenia Saga (Book One)

The Herezoth Trilogy is finally complete! Start your weekend with a sword and sorcery giveaway. | Creative Writing with the Crimson League

The Herezoth Trilogy is finally complete! Start your weekend with a sword and sorcery giveaway.

Posted on May 31, 2013

The big day is finally here! The King’s Sons is available in ebook format from (with paperback to come within the week.)

This means the Herezoth trilogy–classic sword and sorcery fantasy–is now complete! The end of an era for me: seven years between the time I wrote the first word of book I and hit the publish button on book III.

Here they are: with the amazing covers Brad Covey designed for them.

New Ebook Cover, designed by Brad Covey,


New Ebook Cover, designed by Brad Covey,



via The Herezoth Trilogy is finally complete! Start your weekend with a sword and sorcery giveaway. | Creative Writing with the Crimson League.

sweetheart rewrite COMBINE

The Great Hoarder | Legends of Windemere

The Great Hoarder

Posted on May 26, 2013 by Charles Yallowitz

Surrounded by wealth

And extravagance

He sits in his castle

Never needing

But always wanting

While his brethren

Starve and scramble for life

He has more wealth

Than one man needs

Earned through work

And thought

Yet more he gathers

To fill his stash

That could solve a hundred problems

On nights he leaves

To hit the town

Indulging his own vanity

Buying shiny baubles

And the newest toys

Followed by the obsessed

And reveling in the lights

Yet he is not truly loved

By those that starve

And wish to take his place

He becomes a symbol

Of the enemy

As the world rots

And starves to death

More at  The Great Hoarder | Legends of Windemere.

Welcome to a new friend: Charles Yallowitz: Legends of Windemere

Author Facts

Moniker: Charles Edward Yallowitz

Map of Long Island, NY

Origin: Long Island, NY

Birthday: April 9th (that’s all you get)

Marital Status: Legally binding, I checked

Sex: Ask my wife

Children: No thanks. I already have one.

SUNY Oswego logo

SUNY Oswego logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Institution that I Paid to Drink At: SUNY Oswego (Legally required to state that I also studied.)

Favorite Books: Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Books of Lost Swords, Ranger’s Apprentice, Ender’s Game, Frankenstein, Chronicles of Narnia, Jurassic Park, and many, many more.

Favorite Movies: There are far too many to name here. Let’s just say I have eclectic tastes.

Favorite TV Shows: Futurama, Daily Show, Burn Notice, Merlin, Big Bang Theory, Eureka, Firefly, The Muppet Show, Adventures of Brisco County Jr.,

Title card from The Adventures of Brisco Count...


Favorite Video Games: Legend of Zelda, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night,

Gameplay in Symphony of the Night, with Alucar...

Prince of Persia, God of War, LEGO Games, Metroid, Dig Dug, Rampage (I should admit that I have not gone beyond PS2/GC/Xbox Generation gaming due to lack of time and money.)

Sports of Choice: Fencing to compete, Football to watch (NY Giants fan by birth)

Favorite Foods: Calamari, Ghost Pepper Wings, Nathan’s Hotdogs, Penne with Vodka Sauce (made by me), Buffalo Burgers, Meatball Subs, Popcorn, and Asian-Themed Salads

Preferred Drink: Alcohol: Jack & Coke; Non-Alcoholic: Cherry Seltzer

Sweet Tooth Interlude: Jelly Beans, Wife’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ice Cream

Fears: Spiders, Getting eaten while swimming, Family gatherings (more dread than fear), and a certain actress who will remain nameless because we have no idea why the sight of her sets off my ‘fight/flight’ instinct.

Favorite Quotes:

“I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.”– Grouch Marx

English: Col. Theodore Roosevelt. Crop of Imag...

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”–Theodore Roosevelt

Disclaimer: All images used within book section posts are for blogging purposes only. No pictures will be included within the completed novels beyond the cover art.

via Author Facts | Legends of Windemere.

My Intent & Style

I have been asked the following question ever since I decided to be an author:

“Who is your audience?”

Over the years I have said young adults, college students, fantasy fans, fiction fans, D&D players, and all manner of audiences that came to my head at the spur of the moment.  It’s only recently that I came to the conclusion that my audience is the following:

You, you, me, you, you, that person to your right, and that other guy.

You see, my reason for writing these stories  is because I like seeing the expression of interest and enjoyment on the face of a person reading my story.  I love hearing that there was a character that they connected with or a scene that made them laugh or cry.  I’m not in this to make a fortune (I’d be happy to only make enough to make this a viable career path) and I’m not in this to change the face of literature.  All I want is to tell my stories, give life to my characters, and grant escapism to whoever wishes to step out of their reality.

To that end, my writing style has deviated from the books I grew up reading.  I remember the detailed descriptions of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis from my middle school days.  This style was repeated in every fantasy book that I read, which drew me into their worlds for hours.  I tried to write this way, but found that I naturally moved toward a different focus.  I was more interested in the characters and their development.  I decided that Windemere could always be described and explored through the words, eyes, and adventures of my characters.  So, I found no reason to have my chapters be dominated by paragraphs of descriptive settings.  Also, I found that people who were not interested in fantasy couldn’t read through the descriptions without getting bored.  To each their own.

So, I now have a style that focuses on dialogue, character reactions, and comic-book style action.  As far as I’m concerned, the major plot of story is not as important as the subplots that force the characters to mature along their path.  These focuses make my books relatively quick reads and help them appeal to a wider audience that I cannot specifically describe.  Over the years, many people of various tastes have read my books to give me feedback and they have all told me that they like the characters and my simple style.  It isn’t like they are reading a history book or watching the action from afar.  My goal is to have the reader feel like they are along for the ride and gain a genuine interest in the fate of the characters.

Think of this as my declaration of intent and a reason to give my stories a chance.

Hero Cover FinalAmazon Site

Death of the Over-Used Meme

You use it every chance you get

The latest viral phrase of fun

Hilarious in its native land

That not everyone has seen

You drag it out at every whim

Draining it of life

Making it a husk of humor

That can barely cause a chuckle

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