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A cut, a trim, and regular friendly conversation at Hairy Notions |Welcome to markbialczak


Entertainment. Sports. Life. Big ideas.

Mark Bialczak is a veteran journalist who has lived in the Syracuse area since 1983. Earlier this year, he was set free to write about whatever he wants.

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In June, Reedy Press published “The Syracuse Fan’s Survival Guide to the ACC,” co-written by Mark and veteran basketball beat writer Mike Waters. Click here to buy the book.

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In November, 2013, I was nominated for:

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Inventive Blogger Award

In June, Reedy Press published “The Syracuse Fan’s Survival Guide to the ACC,” co-written by Mark and veteran basketball beat writer Mike Waters. Click here to buy the book.

Become Facebook friends with Mark at

Follow Mark on Twitter at @mbialczak

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In November, 2013, I was nominated for:

blog of the year

And, twice:

Versatile blogger

Two days before Christmas, I was nominated for my second star on the Blog of the Year Award:

Blog of Year two starts

Also two days before Christmas, I was nominated by award originator Don Charisma to be one of the first recipients of the Inventive Blogger Award. The logo includes a cool photo of a German bridge:

Inventive Blogger Award

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A cut, a trim, and regular friendly conversation at Hairy Notions

Before my 30 minutes in the chair, that beard is so untidy.

Before my 30 minutes in the chair, that beard is so untidy.

Some men get haircuts when they can’t stand the sight of Shaggy staring back from the mirror any longer.

Some men get their beards trimmed when birds and other little animals start to hover too closely.

I have my Vanity Appointment every four weeks, without hesitation. My tradition of haircut and beard-trim is so deeply rooted that I’ve given it a name.

For 22 years, I’ve visited Theresa Constantine at her Hairy Notions salon in North Syracuse like clockwork. My instructions are always the same, and Theresa is such a good stylist that she always asks nevertheless. Take a little off the top and a lot off the bottom. It’s a natural request, considering that I have way less on top than on my chin to begin when I walk in the place. Theresa confirmed for me yesterday morning that I have the fastest-growing beard of any of her clients.

And yes, certainly, she answered my question yesterday with that familiar bit of sarcasm in her voice, I am the most handsome, too.

My 30 minutes every four weeks sitting in Theresa’s styling chair are fun.

It started out very professionally, although when we first met, it was through my job, not hers.

While working for the big daily in 1991, I was assigned to write a story about a crew of local people who dressed up and reenacted Civil War battles. Theresa, being an actress in local theater in addition to owning Hairy Notions, hosted my interview with a handful of fellow Civil War reenactors at the shop.

I wrote the story.


On my 56th birthday, I wonder about my birth day

Some facts about the day I was born, mildly amusing and mostly useless. (From

Some facts about the day I was born, mildly amusing and mostly useless. (From

I just googled This Date in History for Dec. 14, 1957.

The site tells me it was a Saturday.

A slow day, according to

A play titled “Most Happy Fella” closed after 678 performances at New York City’s Imperial Theater. “Rumple” closed at the Alvin Theater after 45 performances. An American author by the name of Gary Ferris was born.

And, in a New York City hospital, a thin and quite-likely scared teenager pushed me out into this world.

I don’t remember much, not even from family remembrances on subsequent Dec. 14s.

My oldest sister, Francine, collected my baby pictures, taken before she was born.

My oldest sister, Francine, collected my baby pictures, taken before she was born.

I can piece together facts and snippets of things they did tell me: My mother was 19. My father was 20. I came a few weeks early. They had married 14 months prior. They met while working for the same company in Manhattan. Both their families lived in Greenpoint, a Polish neighborhood in Brooklyn. My dad was an only child. My mom had an older sister, but she and my uncle had no children yet.

I can imagine how bewildered and overwhelmed they all were at the arrival of this first child of their immediate families, no matter that marriages and kids more routinely came earlier 56 years ago.

They did their best within their world. I remember my dad taking me to corner bars and giving me a bag of peanuts and a real glass of Coke to keep me occupied as he socialized like a twentysomething. I remember my mom taking me with her to bingo, which somehow was a favorite even at her young age. It never once struck me that perhaps a kid my age shouldn’t be taken along to either of those places.

I was an only child until a sister came along when I was 8, and another when I was 10. I loved not being the sole focus anymore. I protected these darling little girls fiercely.

Of course I remember good times, celebrations, family victories.

But I also remember arguments, fights, bad behavior, frequent tension. Looking back through the prism of all these years, I think that somehow I was always on edge in the presence of one or both of my parents.



I’ve seen a year and a half long miracle | Catching Up with Part time Monster

11/22/2013 by Diana Gordon

I’ve seen a year and a half long miracle of New Orleans culture: Rolling with Kings

The Rolling Elvi at a St. Baldrick's Event

The Rolling Elvi at a St. Baldrick’s Event

About a year and a half ago, the fiancee, Sam, started working on a film about a group of guys, The Krewe of the Rolling Elvi. As a non-New Orleans-ian, who had visited often but never been to Mardi Gras (though I knew about it, of course), I was confused by everything about this project. I knew what a krewe was, but didn’t know what a sub-krewe was. I knew about Mardi Gras parades. But I didn’t know about the work that goes into organizing a krewe, a parade, or that the krewes aren’t just about Mardi Gras itself.

The Rolling Elvi at an event for the Louisiana SPCA

The Rolling Elvi at an event for the Louisiana SPCA

Watching this group of people over the last year, I’ve come to an entirely new understanding of what it means to be a part of a krewe, particularly one like the Rolling Elvi. It means family: I’ve watched the men of the Elvi and the women of the Priscillas support one another; I’ve watched wives help husbands with jumpsuits and hair, and I’ve seen fathers carry their children, mouths open with laughter, around on their Elvi scooters. It means friendship: I’ve watched the members of the group support one another through loss of jobs, sickness, getting new jobs, having children, and a host of other changes. It means silliness: I’ve watched the group wear jumpsuits and makeup and wigs and dance and laugh.

But most of all, being a part of the Rolling Elvi means being a part of a community. Not just any community, and not just their own, but the city of New Orleans. I’ve watched them work with and in the city, doing charity work for the Louisiana SPCA, Odyssey House, Children’s Hospital, and St. Baldrick’s. I’ve seen them bring smiles to faces, some of which look as though it’s been a fair few since they’ve smiled so hard.

And I’ve watched my fiancee and his partners film all of this despite their various day jobs and responsibilities and despite having almost no budget to work with. I’ve seen a year and a half long miracle of New Orleans culture.

In the final days of the IndieGoGo campaign, we are using Thunderclap* to promote the film and hopefully spark some more interest. I believe in this film, I believe in this krewe, and I believe in the group of people who are working to bring a slice of New Orleans to the forefront through the film.

*If this story interests you, intrigues you, or if you just want to find out more, please visit the Thunderclap and Indiegogo pages for more information on the krewe and the film as well as information on how you can help. Easy instructions are provided for using both.

Edit: These are simple instructions for Thunderclap if you want to support this:

5 easy steps to support the Thunderclap (takes about three minutes).

1. Go to
2.Click the “Support with Facebook” button.
3. Once you click “Support with Facebook,” you will have the option of entering a message.
4. You may be asked to enter your username and password. Thunderclap does not save this information. You are only granting permission to post this message once.
5. Once you receive a confirmation message, you’re done.

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Taste treat Curious About Gunung Padang, Cianjur | Catching up with

About motorcycles, traffic, music, internet,

People can not be called intelligent if it can not write“, that’s one phrase I remember from my father, a writer. The world has changed, no longer have to write in magazines, newspapers, or books. Now I try to write on some blogs that I manage, as my media to continue to learn to write, and little sharing of knowledge and experience, and at the same time continue the family tradition.

The main topic of this blog is about the two-wheeled automobile, but it is not binding. Sometimes I also write about things related to traffic, photography, internet, music, and others. Please be advised, this is a personal blog.

For colleagues who want to contribute on this blog, it could be an article or a photo, streetshot, spyshot, etc. please send an email to info [at]

Also follow this blog updates via Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you for visiting. . .

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Taste treat Curious About Gunung Padang, Cianjur

situs megalith gunung padang - cianjur

Indomoto had long wanted to see the site of the megaliths near Mount Padang, which supposedly is a man-made pyramid. According to recent news, the site is thought to have come from 11 thousand years BC. This means the site is older than the pyramids of Egypt were there.

Now begins the curiosity, so when a friend through BBM group invited to Mount Padang, spontaneous Indomoto stating come dong“.

Journey to Gunung Padang

The journey begins from Cariu approximately 10 am . In Cianjur , stopped at a mosque near the bus terminal , to perform Friday prayers and snacks plus ngebakso fruit cobbler . The journey continues through Highway Cianjur – Sukabumi . Reached the village there Kondang point signpost showing the direction towards Mount Padang , we then turn to the left .

Unfortunately the condition of the track is less friendly . Many holes in the road surface . Sometimes have off-road because the pavement is up peeling .

Passing this point should be extra careful , because a lot of ” U ” turn along the road uphill . At some point there was an avalanche of former land scattered on the road , making the road became very slippery , especially in the rainy season as it is today .

Finally , the distance is only 20 miles had to be taken more than an hour , and quite tiring .

Megalith site

Entrance to Gunung Padang Megalith site is apparently very, very cheap, at only Rp . 2.000 , – per person . Indomoto genuine surprise with the price of the ticket . A nearby resident advised us to take a guide . In addition to an explanation of the site , also to prevent things that are not desirable . There is no tariff for guides , seikhlasnya alone .

tiket masuk situs megalith gunung padang - cianjur

To reach the location of the site, we had to climb through the ladder. The guide (I forgot to ask her name) gave two options, going through a steep incline (180 meters) or a slight uphill (300 meters). We were with a confident choosing steep inclines.

Later we were sorry with our choice. He he. . . what is not, it turns out tanjakannya steeper than we had anticipated. Completely drained of energy. We had to stop several times to take a breath. Fortunately the guide patiently waiting for us.

situs megalith gunung padang - cianjur

Up above, not just the sick calves and thighs, the head was dizzy. Indomoto finally forced to lie on the grass used to restore depleted energy.

But the struggle is really worth what we get here. The scenery is beautiful, the site of Mount Padang is surrounded by 5 mountain. Wherever we mengengok, we will see sebuh mountains in the distance. Natural cool air. . . Eeehhh. . . might be more accurately described very cold. He he. .

On this site there are thousands of stone in the form of blocks, most with pentagonal cross section. About this section pentagon, according to the guide us, nothing to do with the 5 mountains that surround the site of Mount Padang. Many stones are irregularly scattered, but some are very regular.

situs megalith gunung padang - cianjur

In some blocks , the stones produce a high-pitched voice when beaten , possibly due to the very high iron content . Voice rocks produce different tones , so the possibility is also used as an instrument in the days past .

Hmm . . . coke taste there can be no natural phenomenon or geological processes that can produce highly irregular sites like this . Indomoto believe this site is hand made . Let only those members who have to prove it scientifically .

We searched this site as Pictures. . . to update the status of the course. LOL .

Approximately five o’clock hour , we descended from the site of Mount Field . In our parking lot a short break while enjoying boiled noodles , which feels more pleasure in this kind of air conditioner .

Six and a half hours , we started way back towards Cianjur . Unexpectedly , travel stressful enough . Street is very dark , no lights illuminated at all . And the fog was beginning to go down , so the asphalt surface barely visible because of thick fog prevented .

Indomoto should terkaget – bemused when to pass the corners of the felt sharper than when last departure day .

Lesson that I took while traveling home from this site is : do not come home too eve of this site.



TVS Apache Modification

From the Facebook group TMC ( TVS Motor Community ) National , a member who identified himself as an Apache showcased Sibolang mount . This unique motor using trellis like motorcycle brands neighbor .

Teralisnya glance pretty neat installation . Deliberately removed the air scoop that can be fitted perfectly trellises , as well as that teralisnya look more prominent .

In addition to trellises , bro Sibolang Apache has also been applied monoshock . According to the owner , monoshock using parts ori have Vixion , sitting on the swing arm ori have Byson .

Not only that , the front also did not go unnoticed . Shock using ori Byson . Clearly more robust than the default Apache shock . Headlamp and handlebar steering again using part Byson .

To be more ferocious again , exhaust ori Apache should be retired . Mosok not a scary motorcycle sound ? Bro Sibolang rely on muffler F4 . Not only the sound , of course , certainly also boost performance .

How fibrosis , not cool ? Oh yeah . . . Sibolang suggestion for ya bro . Horse love the name ” Apason ” aja . Wk wk wk . . .

What’s Son ?


Welcome to a new friend: Photographer Veeraj Nair

Photography course


Photography course

Learn fundamentals of Photography from Veeraj Nair

Venue: Vision Studio, Dombivili (E). Mumbai

via Veeraj Nair.

Jubin Nautiyal’s music video shoot

Much more click here

Abhishek weds Shefali

Ayyapa pooja @Nehru maidan -Dombivli

Nurse reveals the top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed. |Welcome to a new friend: Prixie’s Crib

I always like to rant about my life. I am not a writer nor I am trying to be. My English command isn’t commendable either. But I can put some words together and make it a sentence. Lol…

Suffering is my life. I was born and raised in a remote village in southern Philippines. We have to walk 5 hours to reached to the town area because there is only one bus that transported the villagers to the town area once a day. Sometimes my grandfather use his bull carriage for us not to be too tired from walking. I wasn’t complaining at first as i am too young to understand what really life is all about. When I started going to school, mom and dad rented a room somewhere in town for us to settle in, so that it wouldn’t be too difficult for us to travel to school and back. But still I need to walk to school for 45 minutes. I did not mind because some of my classmates were walking with me from time to time. Mom and dad works at the gold mining area and grandma took care of me and my 2 other sisters.

Later on, grandma and grandpa passed away. Dad found another job as a laborer in a construction company in another town which is nearer to the city area. It did not change our life. We are still struggling. No appliances, and no electricity. We live in a Nipa Hut, where it is only a nice place to live during summer. When it is rainy season, we always gets wet as the palm leaves roof absorbed the water and it drips in to the house.


When I was a little older, I started to think why other people are so rich who can afford to buy the things they want even if they don’t need it. So I told myself to study hard and then work.

Now that I am working, though life is getting better but it is still difficult to have more than what I wanted. Money is always not enough. My mom always said why can’t i send more money when i am earning enough. Fact is, it is never enough. I always gave them what i earned nothing’s even left for myself. But i did not complain. All i want is that i need to work hard, i have to work hard just for my family to have an easy life. They are living in a comfortable house now, they can watch television, go online and chat on Facebook, they have the latest gadgets and still it is not enough.

I can’t figure out why do i have to suffer so much like this? I was angry at my family because I have to suffer alone working just to feed them. Suffering just for them to have a good life. I wanted go home and relax but just by the thought about a day without working means a day without income and that spells trouble as I am the only Bread winner in the family. I blamed them for my predicament. Being a slave is not an easy job. You have to do all the things that your employer asked you to do because they are paying you to do so. I want to say somewhere: I’ve tried to be forgiving. And yet, there were times in my life, whole years, when anger got the better of me. Ugliness turned me inside out. There was a certain satisfaction in bitterness. I courted it. It was standing outside, and I invited it in. But then it did not give me a lasting satisfaction. It still made me miserable day by day. And still continue working to raise my family. I get to the point where I have accepted the fact that they are my only reason why i have to suffer like this. Not for myself but for my family. Continue reading →

Twitter Conversation as Found Art

  1. Eka @ekaterinagomez1 1 Oct

    @terryirving Alguien me dijo que #emprender era un #camino de quienes se revelan al #sometimiento ajeno, lo crees también?

  2. @terryirving warum? Ich würde gerne Ihre Meinung wissen. regards!!

  3. @ekaterinagomez1 weil ich keine Ahnung habe, was du sagst!

  4. @ekaterinagomez1 OH you said @ terryirving Someone told me that # undertake was a # way # who are revealed to alien subjugation, / Sure.


Use things. Love people. Don’t switch.| Welcome to a new friend: Evelina Galli –

I cared about colors and clothes even before I could talk and walk. In my blog I am expanding my viewpoint to other aspects of life as well , such as clothes, beauty, food, movies, books, art, music…but all from the fashion addicts point of view and with a fashion flair!i

Evelina Galli

Evelina Galli


I cared about colors and clothes even before I could talk and walk. In my blog I am expanding my viewpoint to other aspects of life as well , such as clothes, beauty, food, movies, books, art, music…but all from the fashion addicts point of view and with a fashion flair!i

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Great Gatsby 2.0

“I like large parties they are so intimate, there is no privacy in the small parties…”

Evelina Galli Great Gatsby

I adore this quote by Jordan from Great Gatsby, one of my favorite books that now seem to hunt me everywhere I go.  My Facebook friend Sue Wong, who is a very talented designer posted one of her designs photographed in a way that was inspired by the Great Gatsby parties. As soon as I saw it, I wished to dress like that and go to one off those parties.

Evelina Galli Great Gatsby



NY Fashion Week: Amish Metrosexual

New York Fashion Week just ended…time to reflect.

Were women’s trends more exciting or men’s ?


While womens’ fashion is always full of new ideas that might become a trend,  I thought the coolest trend was in the menswear –The bare feet, no socks trend  with noticeably shorter pants. As my friend labeled it the Metrosexual Amish look.FRANK AND OAK_130908_5922Edit

I feel he has all the rights to label this trend since he was one of the pioneers who originated this trend by being very tall & living in a one of the California’s Surf towns ( so all ready-to-wear pants are short on him and he hates socks ) . So even though he has to wear suit to work everyday he courageously omits his socks. Coworkers call his style Amish , I call it metrosexual, he calls it  Amish Metrosexual. I feel it perfectly reflects the essence of trend!


The apparent enthusiasm with which men embraced this trend makes me think of women during the roaring 20es, when they could wear short skirts and show their legs.

Does this trend brings the same sense of Liberation for men ?

The Bullseye of America’s Internet: Ashburn Virginia

The Bullseye of America’s Internet

As much as we might prefer to think that the internet just happens, the fact is that it comprises a massive physical infrastructure. In an exclusive excerpt from his new book Tubes, Andrew Blum takes us on a tour of the internet’s most important US hideout.

Image representing Equinix as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Ashburn, Virginia is a small town that Internet people think of as a giant city. They toss around “Ashburn” as if it were London or Tokyo, and often in the same sentence. The reason why lies behind an Embassy Suites hotel in an unmarked complex of buildings owned by a company called Equinix. The Internet works because every network is connected, somehow, to every other. Where do those connections physically happen? More than anywhere else in America, the answer is “Ashburn.” This is the bullseye of America’s Internet.

On the hot June day I visited, a maintenance worker wearing a surgical mask swept the empty sidewalk. Jetliners buzzed by low overhead. Heavy-duty power lines hemmed in the horizon. I saw no proper entrance to speak of and no signs, only blank steel doors that looked like fire exits. But the parking lot was full, and I followed a guy into the security lobby of what turned out to be the wrong building. When I finally found Dave Morgan, the director of operations for the complex, he saw no reason to apologize. On the contrary, confusion was his goal: customers are reassured by the anonymity of the place “except maybe on their first visit.” Then he shared a handy tip for the next time I found myself similarly lost on the way to the Internet: look for the door with the ashtray next to it.

I passed through three layers of security-biometric scanner, man-trap, steel mesh wall-and then it was like stepping into a machine, all rush and whir. The high ceiling was painted black, like a theater, and disappeared in the dimness. I faced a long aisle lined with darkened cages, each with a handprint scanner by the door. Blue spotlights created a repeating pattern of soft glowing orbs. “It’s a bit like Vegas,” my guide, a “recovering network engineer” named Eric Troyer, said, “no day or night.”

Equinix’s customers are network operators of all sizes, from Verizon to Telecom Malaysia, Facebook to Wikipedia. They rent space here, ranging from a single rack to an apartment-sized suite. Some will ship their equipment ahead and pay to have it “racked and stacked.” Others, affectionately known as “server huggers,” spend their days here. “They’re locals, like Norm in Cheers, pulling up his bar stool,” Troyer said, nodding in the direction of a large guy in jeans and a black T-shirt. “But this is not a resort destination.”

Equinix Ashburn isn’t a warehouse for data. It’s a distribution depot, mostly occupied by networking equipment: machines in the exclusive business of negotiating with other machines. A company like Facebook, eBay, or a large bank will have its own data center in the boonies-somewhere electric power is cheap and there’s fiber in the ground. Then it will tether in here, spraying its data out from its own cage to the cages of Internet service providers and backbone networks. (This is exactly what Facebook does.) The heavy-duty storage happens elsewhere; the wheeling and dealing-the actual exchange of bits-happens here.

The Internet doesn’t make itself. It is built on connections between networks agreed on with a handshake and consummated with the plugging in of a yellow fiber-optic cable. Technically, those connections could happen across any distance. But it’s more efficient to do it directly, plugging my box into your box, in an exponentially repeating pattern. Equinix Ashburn satisfies that basic economic and technical desire: it is cheaper and easier to connect two networks directly than to rely on a third network to do it for you.

When two networks want to connect to each other, they’ll request a “cross-connect,” and an Equinix technician will climb a ladder and unspool a yellow fiber-optic cable from one cage to the other. Laying cables is something of an art form, with different types placed at different layers, like a data center mille-feuille. The oldest cables are on the bottom of the pile. “It’s almost like an ice core,” Troyer said. “As you dig down you’re going to see sediment from certain time periods.”

Given the monthly fee Equinix charges for each “cross-connect,” this is the bread and butter of the business. The bean counters see each one as monthly recurring revenue. The network engineers see vectors. The data center techs see the sore back they’ll get reaching up to the racks to run the cables. But in the most tangible way possible, these cables, and this building, are the Inter in Internet: the space in between.

Equinix Ashburn is the extreme logical opposite of the Internet’s standard proposition: if most days we count on the Internet to let us be anywhere, this is the place where the Internet connects to the earth. It is the seam between the global brain and the geologic crust.

Map by Geo-Tel

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Daily Inspirational Quotes, Sayings , Words And Many More Read It Feel It Share It| Welcome to a new friend: Shehriyar.Khan

Pictures Garden

Think different , look different, and present something that is creative is in my hobby.

In this blog, i share many kind of pictures that’s why i named it as PICTURES GARDEN

In this you will find many kind of picture like Inspirational Quotes and sayings pictures, creative pictures , artistic pictures ,
wise sayings pictures, many types of wallpapers , beauty pictures, Facebook cover pictures , abstract pictures , beautiful faces pictures , natural scenes and many more etc.

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Pictures Collection (on Flickr)

[Terry: Check the Pictures on Flickr out. They’re incredible]

Beauty With Quotes

“If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them, and half as much money.

Beauty With Quotes

“Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.”




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I really like Ryan Gosling. | Welcome to a new friend : catscaffeinecake


I’m Summer. I’m a Tar Heel and a fangirl. More importantly, I’m a Christian and a singer. Obviously, I write. I’m obsessed with languages, I’m learning Italian and German, and I would probably go mental without punk rock music.

“The great religious struggle is not fought on a spectacular battleground, but within the ordinary human heart, when every morning we awake and feel the pressures of the day crowding in on us, and we must decide what sort of immortals we wish to be.” – Kathleen Norris

Check out my professional website:

I have some articles at

Coming soon: Blog post for She Has Worth. Just waiting on the website to get back running.

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To never travel is to never live.

Places to go, things to see.

  • ACL Music Festival- Austin, Texas

  • Bonnaroo Music Festival- Manchester, Tennessee

  • Disney World- Orlando, Florida

  • Lollapalooza Music Festival- Chicago, Illinois

  • Peanut Butter and Company Sandwich Shop and Store- New York

  • A concert in Madison Square Gardens- New York, New York

  • Universal Studios and Harry Potter World- Orlando, Florida

  • Washington, DC

  • Times Square on New Year’s Eve- New York, New York

  • Los Angeles, California

  • Georgetown Cupcake- NYC, DC, & LA

  • Sydney, Australia

  • New York City

  • A cruise to the islands- Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico

  • London, England

  • A cruise to Alaska

  • Everywhere in Italy

  • Disneyland- Anaheim, California

  • Niagara Falls

  • Busch Gardens- Williamsburg, Virginia

  • The Olympics

  • Oktoberfest- Germany

  • To see the Northern Lights

  • Coachella- Indio, CA

  • Kanrocksas Music Festival- Kansas

  • Voodoo Fest- New Orleans, LA

    Jesus in the City

  • 386348_2338953716800_1571344062_n



    I met awesome people. I made lifelong friends. I’ll never forget what I learned here.

    And I’m absolutely going back.


  • It’s finally New York week!!!! Five more full days, six more nights until we head to the city. Getting so excited. Asking for prayers tonight for the following: I pack the correct things, I get enough sleep this week to be FULLY ready to serve, and I’ll have a sufficient amount of caffeine in me for the next two weeks to properly survive. ❤ all of you


  • We’re two days away! I couldn’t be more excited. I made a packing list today and if I remember everything, I’ll be ready to go bright and early Saturday morning! Three cheers for Manhattan.


  • All packed and ready to go. 6:45 am wake up. 8 am departure.

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Dear Aerie,

Dear Aerie,

Recently, your ad interrupted by viewing of Pretty Little Liars. Yes, it’s a secret addiction. I guess it’s not a secret anymore.

So. There was this pretty blonde girl with flowing, perfectly wavy strands.

Also she had a pillow.

Also she was in her underwear.

I guess it’s a “cute” ad? Maybe guys would like it.

As for me, I laughed. There were just a few things wrong with your ad, and I’d like to address those right now.

  1. If I were to sit at home alone on my bed with no pants, I guarantee my hair wouldn’t look like that. Also, my abs would not be visible because, dude, dessert. I mean, duh. Also, no makeup, whaddup lazy.

  2. Do people really match their bra and undies? If I were to do that, I’d feel like I had life perfectly figured out and it’s super obvious that I don’t. I find it an accomplish just to put on a bra, let alone make it match my other underclothes. (Is underclothes an actual word? I was unaware until this moment.)

    [Yes, cats, “underclothes” is a word but only applies to women in the 15th Century and before.]

Thank You For Downloading The Last American Wizard!

 Thanks to everyone who downloaded a copy of 
The Last American Wizard. 

I cracked the top 100 in Action & Adventure (Free, of course) which is very high praise.

To those who downloaded the book, PLEASE give me a review on Amazon. I frankly don’t care if it’s positive or negative. (I’m a big boy, I can stand the pain.. Sniff, Sniff….SOB!)


Smashing! I’ll Stick With The Numbers. | Yay , Imagineer-ing is back!

“Smashwords”?  Or is it “Smash my plans”?

I would normally not write this until the whole process of investigation, query and (hopefully) resolution was complete.  It is, however, something which I’m truly angered by.  Looking at my Smashwords Dashboard, which is a daily habit, I have again discovered some of my ebooks have been removed from their “Premium catalogue”!  This means that they won’t be distributed to partner bookstores, like kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes, and so on.  I’m not sure how that works, as they had already passed muster and been distributed to these places!  In fact, some have been there since late last year!  So why, in the first place, have these books been reviewed again?  They had already gotten through the Smashwords “Autovetter” and human review, and declared perfectly acceptable!  Up to 9 or 10 months ago!  Whatever the accuracy of the cause for retraction might be, this behaviour can only be described as mystifying.   As to the cause?  Well, it’s the same in every case.  Puzzlingly, the declared problem only applies to some, not all, of my books.  Why is that puzzling?  Well, the simple answer is that every single one of my book manuscripts was created using the same software!  Software designed specifically to produce Word doc files that meet the format demands of Smashwords!

I believe a friend has made a very important observation.  It applies to just about every online ebook publishing site out there, for a variety of reasons!  They seem to forget that 50% of the company’s business relationship base is the authors!  Without authors, they have nothing to sell!  It doesn’t matter how many readers visit them, or how many “partners” (I.e. retailers) they have!  Without us, they have no product.  They should think on that!

Now, I have to go back to waiting for answers from various quarters.  I hope that the response I receive from Smashwords is a whole lot more polite than the last time I raised an issue with them!

+++Late news+++

The indications seem to be that a single setting in Jutoh may have caused this problem.  However!  I maintain that no such problem would have existed for the books concerned if they hadn’t suddenly been reviewed again.  So it would seem that something has changed in the “Meatgrinder” formatting software used by Smashwords and they decided, for some very strange reason, to revisit some books that had already passed muster!  Indeed, I can honestly say that I haven’t heard of anybody else facing this extra work!

A Question of Numbers

You’re probably sick of my fascination with statistics!  Please bear with me for a very short entry, though.

The blog is up to almost 10,400 views since its birth!  From a mere trickle of comments on posts, we’re closing on 1,400.  The number of direct Followers has risen to almost 500, and a further 1,400 on Twitter, 400 on Facebook (for the Imagineer-ing page) and 30 on Tumblr (rounding the figures).  I also have nearly 240 Friends on my personal Facebook page and a considerable number more than 500 contacts on LinkedIn.  I’ll not go into followings on other networks! As anticipated, average daily numbers declined during the Summer months.  As a trained statistician, I wouldn’t make any real assumptions of views of the blog based on a year’s figures.  In fact, I’d prefer to have ten years of data!

As an aside, no, I’m not one of the modern statisticians who seem to think that it’s worthwhile quoting figures based on a handful of survey respondents, like on the majority of TV ads!  They should be ashamed!  Any statistician knows that any sample below a certain level is absolutely no use.  90% of 138 means absolutely nothing!  Even if it does make a product sound good!  Just come back when your sample size is in the thousands!

I’d just like to issue a big Thank You!

~ Steve

via Smashing! I’ll Stick With The Numbers. | Imagineer-ing.


{Terry:  Two things to remember, Steve.

1) As far as Smashwords, never assume malice when simple incompetence or the use of a computer is involved.

2) Why would you EVER think that a TV Ad Writer would be ashamed?  I know them and it’s not physically or psychically possible. My personal favorite statistician is Paul Ryan who managed to project economic statistics out 60 years (when 99% of economists won’t go past 5)]

Social Media Hiatus | Realm Play

Social Media Hiatus—What I Learned

Rare Newborn Zonkey in Good Health

Writing breaks suck! There is no other way to sum it up. The choice to break from social media to heal was helpful, but forcing myself to break from writing was torture. The inner writing demons are not happy. Here are some things I learned:

1. Boredom can lead to cross-breedingcreating zonkeys. The genius behind this is a real zack-ass.

2. Benders are overrated. Except coffee ones.

3. Windows 8 hates me.

4. There are so many more types of Solitaire computer games (Pyramid, Tri Peaks, Klondike). Love them all.

5. Rocky movies never get old. I imagine The Expendables won’t get old either. Sly still has it!

6. Sky Cloud makes me picture my data in the sky on a cloud every time I see the phrase.

7. Low Winter Sun is one of the coolest titles for a cable series.

8. Ray Donovan is one of the best show’s this year (it’s right up there with squeezable grape jelly).

9. Commercials look more like movie trailers these days.

10. Clearly, I watched too much t.v.

11. If you fudge your age, eventually you will have to do the math.

12. There was too much time on my hands for me to make a list like this.

So happy to be back!

via Social Media Hiatus—What I Learned | Realm Play.

Grumpy Cat Nail Art | Geeks are Sexy Technology News

That Cat Makes A Lot More $$$ Than You Do!

grumpy cat

via Grumpy Cat Nail Art [Pic] | Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

“How do you want to be remembered? “- |Welcome to a new friend: Steve Fox

SFoxWriting’s Blog

Number 1 Blog From Top Poet

Hello and welcome to my blog,

My name is Steven Fox,

I am a telecommunications test engineer by trade but i have recently gotten into the amazing world of writing. Through the help and shared efforts of a great friend i was able to write and publish a poetry book.

My next project is an adventure novel which is currently in the planning stage.

I hope to use my blog as a way to test my ideas and show the world that it isn’t all about what you see at first glance.

I aim to give you a greater understanding of how writing can positively effect your life and overcome issues you may have with the world or yourself. I hope to open your eyes to important news stories and maybe show you a different view point on a highly opinionated topic.

Follow and comment on my blog

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This Is What Saved Me

This Is What Saved Me

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I hope you all enjoy reading my blog and if so please leave a comment and share it with your friends and family.

have a great day.

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Tessa Hayman Interview ( Art & Photography)

Hello again to my blog , this blog is about a friend of mines art and photography work and is an interview with myself asking some questions and getting Tessa to hopefully inspire a generation.


1.      So Tessa what made you get into art and photography?

I first got into drawing because of my family. I have been drawing since well as far back as I can remember. My mum used to sit and draw the landscape on holidays and I would have access to her materials or have my own and I was allowed to draw whatever I wanted. I painted in playgroup and progressed slowly from there. Art was a big subject in both schools I attended and the teachers were really supportive.

2. Who growing up may have influenced you onto your current career path?

I think I was exposed most to art within my own house where I had my mother, sister,  brother, godfather and other artists work was displayed. We had so many pieces of art that we had to have them on rotation. My parents also had a painting from their wedding rather than a photo on the wall.

3. Where did you grow up and what was it like ?

For the Rest of the Story Click Here

Fortitude Is Growing!


Hey guys and girls!

Thank you for stopping by my blog again, first of all id like to thank everyone who paid interest in my last post about Fortitude , for details see here.

I am delighted to announce that currently on our facebook group we have 32 members from around the world that are helping towards our cause.

The cause

We intend on making Fortitude a global brand for  people in the following industries ” writing,poetry,photographers,artists,agents,advertising,music”. Also we look at people from outside of these areas if we think they will offer something to the group. As a group we intend to release books together with combined efforts and areas of expertise to reach the top of our games and produce something amazing. We are currently working on our first project as a group so please get in touch, its never to late to join. We are more like a family than a group and full of friendly people.


Current Publications

As of yet we only have one book published as a group , however we are working on a joint second one , we also will publish individual work with all rights and money going to the original writer ! Please find the first book here

You can also find information about the first book here

Current Members

For Much More Click Here

a way to leave something for my children and grandchildren to remember me by | Welcome to a new friend Bastet and Sekhmet |

Bastet and Sekhmet

Stories, thoughts, photos or poems about things I find interesting!

Front Page: About Bastet and The Blog…



I’ve been writing this blog now since the second of January, 2013.  So far, it’s been a satisfying experience.  But why did I and do I write a blog?

Basically, I thought it would be nice to see if I could write something (outside of my tattered notebooks) and see if someone in the general public would find it interesting.  Then again, I also thought it might be a way to leave something for my children and grandchildren to remember me by once I “shuffle off this mortal coil”.

It’d been a long time since I’d written poetry and writing fiction has never been my forte.  I thought when I began that I’d just write about my opinions and ideas;  you know, the usual stuff like politics, world affairs, that sort of thing.  Then I found myself starting to write about my childhood memories and things that have (had) happened in my everyday life.  One thing led to another, and my first photo poem popped up, and I started a new category to house it called Pills, which has grown since with two sub categories called Haiku and Power Shorts (a nice prosy type of Haiku, I’ve discovered through another blogger, Rick Mallery). The possibilities grew, with the idea of using my umpteen bazillion photographs and writing stories or travelogues around them.

Some of my favourite pieces languished though, so I went back to them to see why they’d never been appreciated, and I discovered that yes, they may have been interesting to me, but they were poor things indeed.  The style was stilted and they weren’t very well illustrated…so I rewrote them and dressed them up a bit…sure enough, there was a lot more interest expressed in them.  Some of my older pieces I’ve rendered private though…I may or may not go back and have a look at them.

Next is the housing project…that is where I blog, my site or whatever you call it. I’ve worked on it from time to time, changing the header, adding and removing and rearranging widgets but, I’m still not happy with it.  So, I’ll have to go and figure out how to actually use the instruments that are provided to make a better site.  I’ll also have to figure out how to do a little work with computer language too if I really want to do those things that your standard WordPress word “elaborator” doesn’t allow you to do…like changing your script size gradually…from smaller to bigger.

Then, there’s the one thing that really bugs me a bit.  I’d like my blog to go beyond a Facebook sort of life.  I look at my stats, and they’re pretty great for a beginner I think, and I love it when I see all the places my blogs have been read  (love those maps)!  I’m happy that people read and like my posts, but I’d also like to see some comments from time to time.  The age of Facebook and Twitter seem to have reduced blogger’s comments to mere “likes”.  I was happy to see an article written about this on Blogher, so I stopped feeling paranoid, it’s a general problem.  I myself find myself reading and liking, just as though I’m browsing through the Facebook…but, I say to myself,  if I’d been satisfied with Facebook, I wouldn’t have started blogging.  Of course, the problem is that there are literally millions of people who are writing and posting daily…so I say, I work on my style right!

I’ve also joined Blogher recently.  They have some pretty awesome suggestions on how to write better, how to use computer languages and how to cook a great soufflé ( ;-) )…jokes aside, I’ve been learning a lot about blogging from them and hope to start posting there as well, once I can figure out what I’d like to say and how to do it effectively.

Me by my webcam

More at via Bastet and Sekhmet | Stories, thoughts, photos or poems about things I find interesting!.

Haiku: Rain Signs

rain signs

cotton wool gathers
around early morning sun
dark warning rain signs!

Sunday: Painting the Town RED!

This is my third Painting the town Red…this time I polarized…inverted the colors, tinted and then started shaprening!  Here’s the results for you!

Painting the town red!

Painting the town red!

It’s Sunday Morning
I’m painting the town bright red
changing the usual:

seeing the town square dressed up
makes me want to dance and sing!

Have a great Sunday every one!

sweetheart rewrite COMBINE

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Thoughts on self-publishing… |Catching up with Isabel Burt

Jargon of a new world. Gatekeepers. Blogs. Twitter feeds. Formatting. Alli. Domain name. POD. epub. Facebook stats. Territories. Royalties. Blog guests. Metadata. Functionality. Readability. Widgets and Shepherds. Online platforms. 800,00 followers. Or one? People people, people, Friedman, Gaughran, Konrath and Penn, Howard, Baverstock, Bingham and then, Friedlander, Irving, Eye-dancers, more, McCullough, Ladyhouse, Amir and Shaw.

Whether you have just found WordPress, or become a lion of the jungle; please feel free to throw more names back at me! (And humblest apologies for the many names who do not fit this time!)

Thoughts on self-publishing… | Novels of fantasy and flight.


{Terry: Who is Isabel trying to kid? She knows more about this stuff than 3/4 of the people online. And who is this “Irving” person? Washington?]

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The Naked Robert Watson: An Expose Of A Writer | Novel Ideas

The Naked Robert Watson: An Expose Of A Writer

This isn’t just another author interview. This is an in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes upbringing of Robert Watson. Robert, sailor, author, father, lover, friend and living, breathing history. I wanted to know what made him the man he is today. What were his cultural experiences? What did he see? Hear? Do? Let’s find out…

Robert relaxing after a hard day spent writing.

A) I am happy to report that they seem to be getting stronger and stronger. My publisher has released the paperback two months early. I think that speaks volumes, don’t you?

Q) Let me ask you something else regarding your books. What are you hoping for from your books?

A) Nick, I really write just to hear that people to enjoy my work. I really have no illusions about making millions or being another Tom Clancy. That just isn’t me at all.

Q) Why not?

A) Now, don’t get me wrong! I am not saying I don’t want that. I just happen to believe that sometimes there is a reality to writing. That reality is simply as follows… Not everyone makes it that big. Now, if I do make it that big, so be it.

Q) One of the burning issues of the moment is promotion. What works for you? How do you promote your work?

A) All the usual stuff, Nick. I do interviews. I use Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and I do have a web page. My daughter and some good friends made a YouTube page for me. I am also happy to report that the local papers are very good with me as well. I feel well loved. I think the most important method is word of mouth. You can’t beat people promoting your books for free.

Q) So, what really matters to you, Robert?

via The Naked Robert Watson: An Expose Of A Writer | Novel Ideas.

It’s a Number One World: Randy Massey vs Cliff Roberts | Novel Ideas

Roberts needs no introduction. His novel “Reprisal: The Eagle Rises” has been one of the fastest selling books of the year. In one week, he went from just another author to one of the bestselling authors of the year.

2013 will be known as the year of Cliff Roberts…

Randy Massey is another author who knows all about good fortune. His book “Summoner” has been at the top of the Goodreads lists for a long, long time. He puts his enduring popularity down to God, and I think he may just be right!

Nick: Afternoon, guys!

Randy: Good afternoon, Nick; and nice to meet you, Cliff!

Cliff: Good afternoon, Randy! I’ve seen you posting on Facebook, but it’s nice to finally meet, well, sort of meet.

Nick: Okay, Cliff. Let me ask you something. What, in your opinion, makes a bestseller?

Cliff: Nick, you need two things, I think. Number one, you have to write about a subject that people are interested in, and I mean lots of people. Secondly, you have to make sure the story draws a reaction from the reader. Ideally, it will cause the reader to experience a full range of emotions.

Nick: It’s all in the emotions the reader experiences?

Cliff: Exactly.

Nick: Randy, how do you feel a bestseller is born?

Randy: My thoughts are that it must come from the heart, no matter what genre you write in. Speaking from the heart and with the passion for your topic filling the pages will in turn draw the readers into the story. For them to spread the word about your work they must feel as if they lived it, breathed it, even died in it.

Nick: Interesting. Cliff, when you first sit down to write, what’s going on in your mind?

Cliff: Let me just state that I really like Randy’s answer. He struck a hole-in-one. As to what I do with my own writing, I don’t do outlines or anything close it. I start with an idea, and I write down the general idea at the top of the page and then just start right in with the prologue. I tried starting with what I thought would be a pivotal point, but I found I write better if I write chronologically. I tend to let the story lead me where it wants to go.

Nick: Where do your ideas come from, Randy?

For more click here It’s a Number One World: Randy Massey vs Cliff Roberts | Novel Ideas.

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A #mustread for all aspiring #writers » How To Know if Social Media is Working For You

The B.A.R.F. Score: How To Know if Social Media is Working For You




Put simply, this is how you judge the value of anyone you are connected to on social media:

X = (A*B)+(C*D)/E

A = number of Twitter followers you have
B = size of your email list
C = # of Facebook fans
D = # of daily repins on Pinterest
E = the likelihood that you can introduce me to Seth Godin or Malcolm Gladwell

X here, represents your value, or your “Base Author Recommendation Factor” or BARF score for short. In other words: exactly how valuable are you as a friend. What do you do with this X number once you have it? Oh, so many things, all of which are shielded from authors by the “powers that be” in publishing.


For more secrets of your BARF Score, click on Writer Unboxed » The B.A.R.F. Score: How To Know if Social Media is Working For You.

#Book #Giveaway! | Welcome to a new friend: GE Cooper

Drop by Drop We Fill the Pot

Creating Reality Through Conscious Design

Hello World



Sudan (Photo credit: USAID_IMAGES)

My blog is primarily focused on positive thinking, goal setting and achievement, meaningful giving, and living in gratitude. I am so thankful to have  contributing author, Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer to offer his expertise on these subjects. He has coached and mentored me for the past year, and I am happy to say his books have made a significant positive impact in changing my daily internal dialogue.

I hope my blog posts inspire you to find your creative natural talents so that you may share them with the world! I firmly believe we are all connected. I live my life now with the understanding that what affects one of us, ultimately affects the whole. We have the individual power to positively change our lives, our communities, and the world we share.

via Book Giveaway! | Drop by Drop We Fill the Pot.

Drop by Drop Ebook: by G.E. Cooper

A student of the Powermind System details her journey through superconscious goal setting and achievement. A brief interview with Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer is included in the final chapter. Funds received from this book are used to assist in bringing clean,safe water to the southern regions of Sudan.

She Didn’t Say Hi To Me! How Rude!

[Terry: DE Cooper is also deeply involved with Lounge Radio and Lounge Radio Kids — CLICK HERE FOR  our blog on these cuties!

for more on the Powermind System Of Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer

The Powermind System: Twelve Lessons on the Psychology of Success

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Welcome to a new friend: Alyssa Espinola

Alyssa EspinolaGetting Interpersonal Online

Alyssa Espinola isAlyssa Espinola on the beach a student and teaching assistant of speech communication at California State University, East Bay. Her educational interests lie mostly in interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, conflict management, and intergenerational communication. She plans on doing research on interpersonal communication behaviors within heterosexual cross-sex friendships.

Alyssa desires to become a professor of speech communication at a public university or college, but she has come to realize that the profession will soon not be the same as it was when she was studying. Although, she personally dislikes the idea of online education programs, she understands that the world is changing, and to be successful, one must change with it.

Therefore, she built this blog not only to describe the changing times, experiences, opinions of those people confronting it, but to help herself and others in higher education succeed in the new world of technology.

You can contact Alyssa by adding her on LinkedIn or sending her an e-mail.

via About the Author | Alyssa Espinola.

Interpersonal Communication Online

Two people smiling in a field with a laptop.Watching the UC and CSU systems decide to move toward online education has been unsettling for many California university instructors who believe that face-to-face classroom interaction is the best means of student learning and success. Online education has encountered, and will continue to encounter, much resistance from students, faculty, and, perhaps, administrators who desire human connection with their pupils and peers. More specifically, online learning will likely encounter the most resistance from performing arts and speech communication disciplines because of the need for physical presence in putting the skills to practice.

However, it seems that the transition from the online classroom to the virtual classroom may be somewhat inevitable. With budget constraints, California seems to think that online instruction is the wave of the future, and it will save the public university system.

How, then, do we teach a class as human-based as interpersonal communication when it is to be taken online (or mostly online)? Interpersonal communication cannot be truly learned through just reading a book; it must be applied in our everyday lives.

In Dr. Gale Young’s essay, Leondard’s Yard: Pulling at the Roots and Responsibilities of My Whiteness, she underlines the importance of relating one’s education to his or her personal life:

… [F]or education to be relevant it must grow out of the experiences of the students being educated. I went into class the next day and said, ‘I know a lot about what the authors of your textbook have to say about communication. And I know how it relates to my life. But in order for you to learn from this course we need to figure out how it is relevant to your world.

Therefore, if we are to have online education for interpersonal communication classes, we need to be able to create curricula that incorporate applied skills, in addition to communication theory, that will allow students to grow and see the importance of interpersonal communication in their lives.

I’ve designed this site to help facilitate true learning and growth in online interpersonal communication classes. It will show how certain projects designed for interpersonal classes can work for students and how they can benefit from the lifelong skills they will acquire from these assignments. Furthermore, it will provide useful resources and ideas that will be helpful to educators and students in making the best out of their education experience. While anyone can post reading material and quizzes online for students to complete, interpersonal online education must have more ways to engage students and instructors to fully participate in the academic process of learning.

The goal here is to, hopefully, serve as a model for interpersonal online education.

5 Steps to Help Remember Names image of students. "It was nice meeting you. I forgot your name as soon as you said it."It really sucks when we walk away from just having met someone we like, and we realize we have forgotten his or her name. It can be a little bit embarrassing, because we don’t want the person to think we weren’t paying attention. On the other hand, some of us may have the attitude that we all do it frequently, so it is not the end of the world.

If you don’t make an effort or don’t care, however, you should start trying, because not remembering another’s name makes for a bad first impression.

Remembering someone’s name after meeting shows that you have taken an interest in him or her, and it is like giving a subtle compliment by making that person feel important.

Many of us forget names once they are given, though, so how do we change that without stealing someone’s wallet or peeking at the screen when he or she checks Facebook? Below are five steps that can help. Continue reading →

Welcome to a new friend: Immanuel Rein Bako

Google Translate iOS icon

Google Translate iOS icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


via Lagu Pakpak – cikala le pongpong | MeantToBeGood.

[Terry: Even Google Translate is screaming and asking to be allowed to stop trying to translate the first poem/computer program/short story. I can’t promise anything like a real translation. it appears to be Malay but that’s only because I get one or two words of English more than Indonesian.]

Lagu Pakpak – Kekelengenku Tanoh Dairi

Kntor Bupati BupatiText : Kekelengenku Tanoh Dairi

Dak kekelengenku Tanoh Dairi idi
Nggabur ngo tanohna mbellang isi
Lae na pe malum mahan peridinki
Njolmit-njolmit i gembar kuta i

Ntedoh ngo atengku naing balik misi
Mengidah krina silotna isi
Lolo ngo atengku kessa sakat misi
Mi kuta Lebbuh Empung idi

Gambir mbue bagima kemenjen pe
Damar kopi bagima sideban pe
Idi ngono pencarin isi

Lihat juga teKS Cikala Pongpong

Klik: to Join Pakpak Tribe Facebook:

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1. Cikala le pongpong-Vicky sianipar
2.Hip hop_Cikala_le_Pongpong.Mp3
3.Video Klip Cikala le Pongpong
4.Video Lagu Pakpak Lainnya (YouTube)
5.lagu Pakpak Mhangga_Band (Mp3)
6.Video Lagu Pakpak Mhangga_Band (YouTube)

Melihat Fakta di Sekitar Kita

1.Sampai berusia 6 bulan, bayi dapat bernafas dan menelan dalam waktu yang bersamaan.

2.Bahwa nyamuk jantan vegetarian.

3.Bahwa ukuran mata kita selalu sama sejak lahir, tetapi hidung dan telinga kita terus bertumbuh.

4.Pada suhu 40 derajat celsius, orang akan kehilangan sekitar 14,4 kalori per jam untuk bernafas.

5.Ada sebuah hotel di Swedia yang seluruhnya dibangun dari es, hotel tersebut dibangun kembali setiap tahun.

6.Kucing, unta, dan jerapah adalah 3 binatang di dunia (tidak ada binatang lain selain ketiga binatang tersebut) yang berjalan kaki kanan, kaki kanan, kaki kiri, kaki kiri, daripada kaki kanan, kaki kiri.

7.Suara yang kita dengar ketika kita menggeretakkan ruas jari, sebenarnya adalah suara gelembung-gelembung nitrogen yang meletus.

8.Mengunyah permen karet pada saat memotong bawang dapat membantu orang menghentikan air mata yang keluar.

9.Berlawanan dengan kepercayaan orang, permen karet yang tertelan tidak tinggal di dalam usus. Permen itu akan melewati jalan yang biasa dan akan dikeluarkan.

10.Bawang dapat mengurangi kolesterol jika dimakan setelah menyantap hidangan yang berlemak.

11.Rata-rata pandangan orang dapat mencakup sudut selebar 200 derajat.

12.Tanaman yang disiram dengan air hangat akan tumbuh lebih cepat dan lebih besar daripada tanaman yang disiram dengan air dingin.

from :

We view the facts in the Environment

1.Sampai 6 months of age, babies can breathe and swallow the same time.

2.Bahwa vegetarian male mosquitoes.

3.Bahwa our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears continue to grow.

4.In the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, people will lose about 14.4 calories per hour breathing.

5.Ada a hotel in Sweden built entirely from ice hotel was built back every year.

6.Kucing, camels, and giraffes are 3 animals in the world (there are no other animals all animals) that right foot, right foot, left foot, left foot from the right foot, left foot.

7.Suara that we hear when we menggeretakkan phalanx finger, actually is the voice of nitrogen bubbles that implode.

8.Mengunyah gum when cutting onions can help people stop tears coming out.

9.Berlawanan with the belief, that swallowed chewing gum does not stay in the gut. Candy will skip the normal way and will be removed.

10.Bawang can reduce cholesterol if eaten after a fatty meal eat.

11.Rata average person view can include a wide 200-degree angle.

12.Tanaman a watered with warm water will grow faster and larger than plants watered with cold water.

[Terry: Actually, it makes a sort of cool, cybernetic “found art” where you have some facts and you have to deduce the rest. I mean, if I knew what “Bawang” was, I could certainly use it. ]

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About That Dude Eddie: Mmm, such a difficult topic… It’s eitherThat Dude Eddie impossible or too time consuming for me to describe to you who I am using words. I can start by saying that I have a goal in mind. This goal will fall victim of speculation and undermine due to lack of understanding. That’s fine, though, because I’m aiming for a specific audience, that of which can comprehend what I’m saying. Now that you’ve read this far in, I can safely reveal to you that I’m not revealing who I am through this post, but instead, you’ll have to learn, little by little, who I actually am through all my other posts. Spotify is pretty cool. Much love you! :D

About this Blog:

This may be easier to do. That Dude Eddie is my official poetry blog. Here, I give a piece of my heart in every poem I write. Sometimes my poems may be on the complex side, causing them to be difficult to decipher. Even still, I challenge anyone to do this because I love hearing different criticisms and analyzes.

Accomplishments: My first ebook, titled Latex Dreams- A Collection of Poems by That Dude Eddie is now available! Please visit the link provided to choose your format and check it out!

Be sure to visit my Awards page to see all of the awards I’ve received from my fellow peers!

Either way, thank you so much for stopping by!

PEACE and LOVE to you! Have a wonderful day! :D

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The echoing of clamped metal underneath my rusting feet screams at me,

Saying: “Guilty, guilty; you murderer!”

And as I step with hesitant, stalling legs, the footprints of blood follow me into the darkness of my mind.

There is tainting between my rotting flesh and finger-nails

From clawing debris out of his eye like an animal.

Wherever I look, wherever I am, I see him, staring back at me with holes in his head….

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