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crime thriller addict. aspiring author. guilty as charged. | Welcome to a new friend: crime thriller girl

Crime Thriller Girl leads a double life.

By day she’s a corporate suit.

But by night (and early morning) she’s an aspiring author, avid reader, and book reviewer of all things crime thriller.

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CTG’s Xmas Gift Ideas (part 1): Psychological Thrillers

Posted: December 12, 2013

The holiday season is fast approaching, and along with it the search for the perfect gift. But there’s no need to panic. Hardback, paperback, audiobook or eBook, whatever your preferred format, books make a fabulous gift.

So, if you’re looking for a few ideas for the crime thriller lovers in your life (or you’re dropping a few hints about what you’d like in your Christmas stocking) here’s a recap of some of my favourite reads from 2013 …

Today’s picks: Psychological Thrillers

There have been some cracking psychological thrillers out this year, a few of my favourites are:

THE NEVER LIST cover image

THE NEVER LIST cover image

The Never List by Koethi Zan

From the very first page, no, the very first paragraph, this story had me hooked. I don’t know if it was the terrifying premise – three women imprisoned in a cellar by a man they thought that they could trust; the unwavering loyalty to her friend Jennifer that the protagonist, Sarah, maintains despite the danger that in puts her in; or the three women’s determination, against all odds and all that had happened to them, to succeed in their quest for justice and uncover the shocking truth. Whatever it was, I just couldn’t put it down.

A chilling, page-turner of a psychological thriller with one hell of a twist at the end: a real must-read for all fans of the genre.

You can check out my full review here

Rush of Blood cover image

Rush of Blood cover image

Rush of Blood by Mark Billingham

Holiday friendships: sometimes they last, sometimes they don’t. But they’re usually fun while they last, and don’t usually involve murder, unlike the holiday friendships made in Mark Billingham’s standalone thriller RUSH OF BLOOD.

A cross between a police procedural and a psychological thriller, this high-tension, fast paced, character driven story is masterfully plotted and flawlessly told. It’ll also make you think twice about striking up a conversation with the people sitting round the pool or beside you on the beach next time you’re on holiday! Fabulous.

You can check out my full review here

More Books at Crime Thriller Girl

[Terry: Nicely written review!]

Never Go Back by Lee Child

When I was halfway through this book I started to slow down, I was so enjoying the story that I wanted to make it last longer. Now that, to me, is a great book. In fact, I think this might just be my new favourite of the series – and that’s a tough call to make because they are all so good.

Anyway, this book sees Reacher finally getting to Virginia. Only Major Susan Turner isn’t there and Reacher is recalled back into the army to face an old homicide charge (and another, more personal relationship-based, legal situation). But does Reacher quit? Of course not, he’s going to find out why both he and Susan Turner are being held on trumped-up charges, and ensure that justice is served.

Classic Reacher. Unputdownable.

You can check out my full review here


Micropoetry | Catching up with Listen for the Reverb

Listen for the Reverb


Yellow painted umbrellas dance on
the streets, collecting rain in
their upturned arms. Curled
by the winds and caught up
in November’s cold skies.

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Thank You For Downloading The Last American Wizard!

 Thanks to everyone who downloaded a copy of 
The Last American Wizard. 

I cracked the top 100 in Action & Adventure (Free, of course) which is very high praise.

To those who downloaded the book, PLEASE give me a review on Amazon. I frankly don’t care if it’s positive or negative. (I’m a big boy, I can stand the pain.. Sniff, Sniff….SOB!)


Smashing! I’ll Stick With The Numbers. | Yay , Imagineer-ing is back!

“Smashwords”?  Or is it “Smash my plans”?

I would normally not write this until the whole process of investigation, query and (hopefully) resolution was complete.  It is, however, something which I’m truly angered by.  Looking at my Smashwords Dashboard, which is a daily habit, I have again discovered some of my ebooks have been removed from their “Premium catalogue”!  This means that they won’t be distributed to partner bookstores, like kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes, and so on.  I’m not sure how that works, as they had already passed muster and been distributed to these places!  In fact, some have been there since late last year!  So why, in the first place, have these books been reviewed again?  They had already gotten through the Smashwords “Autovetter” and human review, and declared perfectly acceptable!  Up to 9 or 10 months ago!  Whatever the accuracy of the cause for retraction might be, this behaviour can only be described as mystifying.   As to the cause?  Well, it’s the same in every case.  Puzzlingly, the declared problem only applies to some, not all, of my books.  Why is that puzzling?  Well, the simple answer is that every single one of my book manuscripts was created using the same software!  Software designed specifically to produce Word doc files that meet the format demands of Smashwords!

I believe a friend has made a very important observation.  It applies to just about every online ebook publishing site out there, for a variety of reasons!  They seem to forget that 50% of the company’s business relationship base is the authors!  Without authors, they have nothing to sell!  It doesn’t matter how many readers visit them, or how many “partners” (I.e. retailers) they have!  Without us, they have no product.  They should think on that!

Now, I have to go back to waiting for answers from various quarters.  I hope that the response I receive from Smashwords is a whole lot more polite than the last time I raised an issue with them!

+++Late news+++

The indications seem to be that a single setting in Jutoh may have caused this problem.  However!  I maintain that no such problem would have existed for the books concerned if they hadn’t suddenly been reviewed again.  So it would seem that something has changed in the “Meatgrinder” formatting software used by Smashwords and they decided, for some very strange reason, to revisit some books that had already passed muster!  Indeed, I can honestly say that I haven’t heard of anybody else facing this extra work!

A Question of Numbers

You’re probably sick of my fascination with statistics!  Please bear with me for a very short entry, though.

The blog is up to almost 10,400 views since its birth!  From a mere trickle of comments on posts, we’re closing on 1,400.  The number of direct Followers has risen to almost 500, and a further 1,400 on Twitter, 400 on Facebook (for the Imagineer-ing page) and 30 on Tumblr (rounding the figures).  I also have nearly 240 Friends on my personal Facebook page and a considerable number more than 500 contacts on LinkedIn.  I’ll not go into followings on other networks! As anticipated, average daily numbers declined during the Summer months.  As a trained statistician, I wouldn’t make any real assumptions of views of the blog based on a year’s figures.  In fact, I’d prefer to have ten years of data!

As an aside, no, I’m not one of the modern statisticians who seem to think that it’s worthwhile quoting figures based on a handful of survey respondents, like on the majority of TV ads!  They should be ashamed!  Any statistician knows that any sample below a certain level is absolutely no use.  90% of 138 means absolutely nothing!  Even if it does make a product sound good!  Just come back when your sample size is in the thousands!

I’d just like to issue a big Thank You!

~ Steve

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{Terry:  Two things to remember, Steve.

1) As far as Smashwords, never assume malice when simple incompetence or the use of a computer is involved.

2) Why would you EVER think that a TV Ad Writer would be ashamed?  I know them and it’s not physically or psychically possible. My personal favorite statistician is Paul Ryan who managed to project economic statistics out 60 years (when 99% of economists won’t go past 5)]

“an ineffable infinity of serendipity evenings of peculiarity and fiery.” | Catching up with ann johnson murphreeauthor


Artist, Poet, Fiction Writer


Love is Tiring…

Coalescing into an ineffable infinity of

serendipity evenings of peculiarity and

fiery.  There have been times that I

wanted to weep.

Weep, angered that I ever met you.  A

stone, yet I am patient as I gaze into your

eyes.  Never understanding completely,

your mind not pliable.

Oh, this despoiled flesh the path to

happiness, the consummation of my brain.

I think this thing called love is very tiring,

very, very, tiring as the tides of life flow




All eBooks at the address below:

Beyond the Voices

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Meet The Press: Shrewd Tips for Book Publicity | Digital Book World

From Digital Book World

shutterstock_66133597Ebooks are available up to four months earlier than their print counterparts. Those digital editions can be delivered to the media for review or story research very swiftly and without the delays of printing and shipping. And, professional readers can easily have hundreds of digital titles available at once on their screen.

Despite these conveniences, not all reviewers and journalists want digital copies, according to Sandra Poirier-Diaz, president of Smith Publicity, a book promotion and marketing services agency that’s clients regularly appear on prominent television and radio shows and are consistently featured in well-regarded print publications also.

Knowing who prefers a digital copy and who wants the hardcover can go along way to getting the right books in the hands of the right professional reader.

Digital or Print
Meeting the press halfway between digital and print means knowing who wants what. And while that may come down to individual preference, Poirier-Diaz shared some trends that the publicists at Smith have observed.

“Faster deadline media, such as online news [sites]” that publish author interviews or will be requesting expert commentary from an author generally want ebooks. Digital review copies are also more often requested for nonfiction titles, which tend to get media placement in feature stories rather than book reviews.

By contrast, professional readers requesting novels, explained Poirier-Diaz, are likely to prefer hardcopies. A notable exception: romance titles, like those published by Smith Publicity client Ellora’s Cave. Ebooks make reading less public and perhaps reviewers prefer not to broadcast that their work is to read romance, surmised Poirier-Diaz.

Related: DBW’s interview with Raelene Gorlinsky, Publisher at Ellora’s Cave

Meet The Press: Shrewd Tips for Book Publicity | Digital Book World.

#Artist, #Poet, #Fiction #Writer — Welcome to a new friend: ann johnson-murphree


Artist, Poet, Fiction Writer

The desire to be a writer begins at about five years of age. I grew up in northern
Alabama, my father was a sharecropper who farmed and my mother worked in the local cotton mill. My caretakers were my Native American great-grandmother and an African-American woman I only knew as Aunt Francis, both great storytellers. Instead of playing like most children, I sat at the feet of these elderly strong-minded individuals listening to the stories of their lives. Summers’, I would be taken to my fathers’ sister, in Birmingham; it was she who introduced me to a library, and to her circle of friends that included local writers, artist and politicians. She encouraged my imagination with the gift of my first journal, which I filled with stories. Nonetheless, with adulthood I became a closet writer with my desires to create remaining clandestine until only the past few years when I begin to pursue writing short stories and poetry.

Maya Angelou

My greatest influence in creating a short story or a poem is the determination to validate and keep alive those many people who gave me their stories for safekeeping and the promise too, “always remember”. Many writers and poets have influenced my growth toward trying to become a writer through their lives, and their work. Faulkner, Capote,

English: Passport photograph of American poet ...

Fitzgerald and Harper Lee. Later in life, I discovered the warm and comic Grace Paley; I will forever treasure an autographed copy of “Grace Paley – The Collected Stories”; the vivid poetry of William Carlos Williams; the strong poetry of Phyllis McGinley,

and the world’s most exciting women, Maya Angelou.

At this stage Phyllis McGinleyof my life I try to live one day at a time, enjoy my family and my dog Mason. I look forward each day to another adventure into writing my poetry and prose.

Check out my e-books at

Have a creative day,
ann Johnson-murphree

About | annjohnsonmurphreeauthor.


mind clutter

Imprisoned deep within the soul are

emotions created where both fear and

truths are stored; it is there that we find

ourselves caged behind invisible doors.

Filtering through the layers of one’s mind

daily is the only way; it may stop the

possibility of getting lost in the fog of our


Clear the mind and soul of clutter, congestion

and conflict; free it from these windowless

rooms, keeping such thoughts will create an

existence into which you would surely be


Knowing self-value is the first step for the soul

to hear freedoms call; living in the “now” is the

only way to tear down internal prison walls.



My E-Books…

To all of “My Community”, thank you for your support of the blog and in the purchase of my eBooks at  I hope you will continue to visit below are direct links to each book.  AJM


Echoing Images from the Soul


Honeysuckle Memories

Beyond the Voices

Beyond the Voices

journey into art

My Journey into Art

Thank you again for your support

Ann Johnson-Murphree

‘It’s like a thermonuclear dance”|Catching up with The Seeker’s Dungeon

Making the World Turn

July 25, 2013

photo credit: Karuna Poole

It’s like a
thermonuclear dance
when you walk into the room
– consumed is even the air
with announcing your glory.
Your story told through
even the grace in your strut
– breath hushed
as all sensory experience
is heightened.
the mind
is forced to slow down,
as it is not able to comprehend
the emotional awakening
that is flooding every pore
of its physical understanding;
demanding a recalibration
of all that was
seconds earlier
known to be true.
it is for you and no other
that this soul burns,
it is you and no other
that makes my world turn.

via Making the World Turn | The Seeker’s Dungeon.

[Terry:  YES!!]

A New World Record (well, for ME anyway)

Love in Overdrive | Free Little Words

Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites

Love in Overdrive

Posted in Uncategorized by keladelaide

driving driving mum madmum mad

Love’s driving me crazy.There’s nothing like a confined space and two small people with loud voices both competing to be heard.

My favourite driving experiences are:

  • The School Run: Short and sweet. Hmm, short yes, sweet no. Those few short minutes can feel like sheer torture. Is the bickering and banter their way of saying, ‘I’ll miss you or I’ve missed you?’ Whatever the case may be it’s enough to drive anyone batty.
  • The Trip to the Grandparent’s: similar to the School Run just longer in length. There’s also the added anticipation of arriving. The excitement builds to a crescendo just as we pull in the driveway. My eardrums feel as if they might explode and the grandparents think that a tornado is about to hit the house. It is obvious to all concerned that I have little/no control over my terrors.
  • The Big Day Out Drive: setting out at shortly after the sparrow’s have sung their morning tune and arriving home close to dinner time denotes a Big Day Out. Wherever we may be headed we have a packed lunch, picnic rug, esky and bag filled to the brim with spare clothes, hats, sunscreen, etc. The expected, ‘Are we there yet’s?’ start when we’re approximately half way there. It’s been smooth sailing the whole way if we don’t have to stop for petrol or the toilet en route.
  • The Great Escape: we’ve prepared for this for weeks but nothing can prepare us for the journey ahead. The car is crammed with half the contents of our house. The tailgate on the wagon will only just close. There’s pillows between the kids on the seat. It’s like we’ve tried to build the Great Wall between them so they can’t touch or see each other. The kids have got numerous things to keep them occupied. A game of ‘Eye Spy’ starts before we hit the freeway. If we’re lucky they’ll nod off syncronised is heaven for a while shortly after, ‘Are we there yet-i-tis?’ has commenced.
  • The Solo Cruise: doesn’t happen too often but when it does, Oh Boy! A chance to listen to adult tunes at any volume you please. Window up or down, whatever takes you fancy. And that annoying noise coming from the back of the car? It’s completely gone!

Mum’s taxi will be off again in the morning with the boys I love on board.

How do you cope with the calamity of children in cars for the quick trip or the long haul?

Footnote: After originally publishing this post in February, I decided to revisit it today as it was one of the first ‘pieces’ I wrote that exceeded several lines in length and had some substance. It is also the basis for the idea of my first picture book manuscript. My self-imposed deadline of June 30 is looming. I think my set of wheels needs a car detailer.

via Love in Overdrive | Free Little Words.

[Terry: One suggestion. When I had to remove my little one from imminent peril of being strangled by the Homebound Parent, we would take a Big Day Out.  But instead of a destination, I would just pick a direction. Then when the “Are we there yet?“s would begin. I’d look around and–what do you know–we’d be there. Wherever it was. You end up visiting a lot of caverns, natural bridges, and other very old roadside attractions that way.]

Ebook Revenue Growth Stalling Out? Ebooks Flat in January | Digital Book World

Ebook Revenue Growth Stalling Out? Ebooks Flat in January

June 11, 2013 | Jeremy Greenfield | 1

Has the meteoric rise in the growth of ebooks started to stall?

Continuing a trend started in the middle of 2012, ebook revenue gains continue to slow in early 2013. In January, the latest month for which data is available, ebook revenue was up 0.7% to $130.2 million, according to the latest numbers from the Association of American Publishers. Adult trade across the board was down 1.5% to $503.1 million.

The weak January 2013 performance is likely a matter of an unfavorable comparison with January 2012, when ebook revenues were driven heavily by the success of young adult series like The Hunger Games. For both print and ebooks, young adult revenue declines far outpace those in other categories: down 23.5% to $100.3 million.

For just ebooks, the young adult category was down even more significantly to $14.4 million, a decrease of 36.2%. Religious ebooks, after seeing huge gains in 2012, were also down for the month to $5.7 million, a 13.8% decline.

While ebook growth slowed in 2012 from the triple-digit growth years that preceded it, it was still fairly strong by any other measure. Ebook revenues across all categories that the AAP measures increased 41% last year to $1.54 billion, driving a 6% increase in the overall trade. (This tracking includes adult fiction and nonfiction, young adult and religious ebooks only.) By the end of the year, ebooks accounted for 23% of all publisher revenues. So far in 2013, ebooks account for about 25% of publisher revenue.

While 2012 was a good growth year overall for ebooks, it was led by early gains and followed by a late-year slowdown. Adult ebooks were up about 20%, while children’s and young adult were down and religious ebooks were flat.

via Ebook Revenue Growth Stalling Out? Ebooks Flat in January | Digital Book World.

John Matthews Books and eBooks


Welcome to Books & ebooks. I chose this particular title because ebooks have becoming increasingly important for both authors and readers these past few years, a trend which I see continuing.

Some authors have known nothing but ebooks and kindle in order to reach their reading audiences. Others such as John Locke, Amanda Hocking, Hugh Howey and E.L. James* built up such sizeable ebook audiences that they found themselves suddenly courted by mainstream traditional publishers. While conversely authors such as J.L. Konrath and Barry Eisler have had notable traditional publishing careers but swear that now they’ve been lured over to the kindle ‘dark side’ (trad publisher and bookshop terms, not mine :), they’ll never go back.

Then finally you have authors such as myself, Rebecca Forster, Stephen Leather and David Ashton, who have had significant traditional publishing careers but now keep a foot in both camps.

* (worthy of note is the fact that E.L. James’s publishing success was kick-started by a small Australian literary press which specialized mainly in ebooks).

via Books & ebooks – Home.

Past Imperfect


Two boys.One Murder.

Sometimes justice takes more than a lifetime.

A car accident in California, a deadly assault in Provence, and two boys 30 years apart are left battling for their lives.

Dominic Fornier is the detective who finds himself at the heart of the investigation. A simple provincial case that becomes one of the largest and most important in French criminal history.

Fornier’s only hope is to prove the link between the two boys thirty years apart. A compulsive journey through forensic, medical and psychiatric evidence between France, the USA and London; a breathless paper chase of clues from a young boy’s psyche… and a desperate race against time with a killer who will stop at nothing.

Richard Bunning Books and Reviews

Wednesday’s Child– Alan Zendell


This is a very well written, exciting, and thought provoking book. Zendell chose well in writing in the first person, so giving the reader a feeling of personal connection. Zendell has mastered this device with aplomb, whilst holding together a complex scenario, and rounding out other vital characters. We are drawn into the suddenly confused thoughts of Dylan Brice, and nudged gently along by Zendell until we start seeing, and seeing is believing, that it just might be possible to live days out of order.

There is some comfort in the book in the idea that we can be saved from ourselves by higher forces. This cosy thought may well start to unravel, but, I will say no more through fear of planting spoilers.

The plot is very strong, and is probably tied together without any flaws! One would have to spend hours de-constructing the complex of sequences to be sure. Even if one did such an exercise would be pointless, because the soul of the book is in its ideas and not in the mathematical build of a whodunit. The philosophical conduit is well thought out, and cleverly executed. However, as with any book it isn’t just the execution of detail that makes for a satisfying read, it is the beauty of design. Once the reader has taken-on-board the premise, one that the character struggles with as much as we might, excitement builds to a satisfactory and adventurous climax.

At an early stage in the book I felt the complexity of detail was overdone, that there was an unnecessary amount of paint on the canvas. This feeling didn’t persist for long as I began to realise that a lack of detail would have greatly reduced our ability to connect with Dylan.

At the end I found myself wondering if in a particular past a potentially apocalyptic event, such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, has once resulted in the end of civilisation. Well, it didn’t, did it? This is truly first class speculative fiction, a book I deeply regret I didn’t think to write.

via Reviews (4) – Richard Bunning Books and Reviews.

Spotlights, Finds, WIPs and Extras | Imagineer-ing

Spotlights, Finds, WIPs and Extras

Posted on 31st May, 2013

Stage_vector3 I Was Placed Under The Spotlight – Twice!

I have to thank M C V Egan, author of The Bridge of Deaths, for putting me under the ‘spotlight’ on her blog! You can find the post here. I also have to thank Kat at Indies Unlimited for another spotlight feature, for my book Shade of Evil. The book is also featured in the Indies Unlimited Bookstore. With Wednesday’s release of The Sigil of Ahriman, that’s pretty good timing! Please support both these blogs by popping over to visit and leaving a ‘Like’, or even a comment, if you feel moved to do so.

Delightful Finds

A few days ago, my wife (Jenny) found two books in a local charity shop. One will prove to be wonderful for entertaining the grandkids, I’m sure. It’s The Pagemaster by David Kirschner & Ernie Contreras, illustrated by Jerry Tiritilli, published in 1994 by Kingfisher (ISBN 1 85697 276 3). I’m sure many of you will know it, and/or the movie of the same title. The other book is The Trivia Lover’s Guide To Cricket Stories, Facts & Feats, published in 2007 by Complete Editions (2009 reprint). As you might guess, this little book is a highly amusing, and informative, guide to the great game of cricket, including some fascinating, and sometimes hilarious, facts about the history and practice of the sport. Considering the original cover prices, the shop sold these at a stunningly low price each! The first book is just as it should be, with beautiful illustrations that make the words come alive. The second is one of those books that any enthusiast of cricket will delight in dipping into whenever the mood strikes, or they just need something of a lift.

Works In Progress

I’m currently working on two writing projects. First, I’m writing the fourth instalment of G1: The Guardians, as I mentioned in a previous post. The second project is in response to a recent review, on Goodreads, of the fifth short story in the Thief series. Not wishing to frustrate a reader, especially one who has taken the time and trouble to write reviews of my books, it seems only fair to write another instalment of the series, though whether it will remain a short story, like the others, remains to be seen!

While not a book of any length, Kat of Indies Unlimited (see above) is encouraging me to write a guest blog post for their site. I’ve thought about this and I decided to go with a subject that I have some strong feelings about. Needless to say, I am honoured to be asked! If the post I submitted isn’t accepted, then it may appear here at some point.

Extra Features

You may have already noticed, but you may not, so I thought it appropriate to mention a couple of extra features. First of all, the top menu now includes eBook Reader software/Apps. This takes you to a list of software/apps that allow you to read virtually any kind of ebook. I included it because there are still many readers who don’t know about these eReader substitutes. If you use anything else that’s not listed, I would love to hear from you! Secondly, there’s a new ‘badge’ for the blog, that serves a specific function. It advertises the Book Promo Day. Beneath the badge itself is a text box containing code. By copying this code and pasting it into a page on your own website or blog, you can help spread the word! The more authors availing themselves of the offer, the wider the range of books featured – which has got to be good.

via Spotlights, Finds, WIPs and Extras | Imagineer-ing.

sweetheart rewrite COMBINE 2

Steve “Imagin-eering” Smy on Amazon

Welcome to a new friend: Erica Dakin | Theft and Sorcery

Erica Dakin’s Author Page

Theft and Sorcery

Author blog for the Theft and Sorcery trilogy.

About Erica Dakin

Erica Dakin is an aspiring author, cat-lover and closet linguist. Erica lives in the UK but was born in the Netherlands, and her trilogy is a blend of Fantasy and Romance, focusing on thieves and sorcerers. (I bet you’d never have guessed.)

Blog posts will be once a week, generally on Monday, with an extra post sometimes if anything noteworthy has happened. Posts will centre on writing and/or book topics, or may be some of Erica’s back catalogue of unpublished fiction.

Please leave a comment, all thoughts are welcome!

Erica is also a Guest Reviewer on Silk Screen Views, a wonderful site devoted to book reviews and books in general.

via About Erica Dakin | Theft and Sorcery.

Book Two now published!

I am really pleased to announce that my second novel, The Conspiracy, is now available as an e-book from Amazon. I’m working on the paperback version, but I’m dependent on my lovely nephew sorting out the cover, and he’s currently enjoying some well-deserved rest after graduating from his graphics design course.

Anyway, without further ado I present to you: The Conspiracy.

Available here on Amazon US, or here on Amazon UK. I should warn everyone that it’s a bit of a beast, it’s more than half again as long as The Ritual.


Book blurb for book two

I’m about to start formatting book two for publishing, hopefully I’ll get it out there this weekend. For now, here is the book blurb/hook for it.

(As an aside, after my post on the words I love I really ought to do one on the words I hate, because blurb is one of them. Anyway.)

There is no room for love at the royal court. There is only intrigue and political manoeuvring.

For Veysita, a young half-elf courtier, this has been the reality of her life since childhood. Crown Prince Tionev is her best friend, but never more than that, even if she would like him to be.

When she uncovers a plot to assassinate the queen, her life is thrown into turmoil. Veysita discovers that she has not been trained to be the prince’s bodyguard, as she thought, but to be much more. She is to be a spy, thief and maybe even assassin, and she will have to travel into the lion’s den with little more than her wits to aid her. As if that isn’t enough, there is also the handsome, honey-eyed stranger who keeps showing up whenever Veysita least expects him.

Love may come knocking after all, whether there is room for it or not…


A Shire Romance

ASRimgA Shire Romance was the first full-length novel I ever wrote, clocking in at a modest 75,000 or so words. It was badly edited, but I managed to fob it off on a bunch of colleagues and friends who all liked the story, so I figured I’d share it here with a (possibly) larger audience. I am cleaning it up as I go through it, so the editing will be better this time round, though it will still be a rough and ready version.

I’ve always summarised this story to people as Mills & Boon with a hobbit twist (for American readers that should say Harlequin with a hobbit twist). If you like it, please leave a comment or (even better) share it with your friends. This story will remain completely free.

sweetheart rewrite COMBINE 2

Erica Dakin’s Author Page

Welcome to a new friend: Jasmine of Flux and Flow

Flux and Flow

Stories of tedium, reality and falsity

My name is Jasmine and I’m twenty years old. I grew up and live on the beautiful island of Maui, but I’m currently going to college at the University of Oregon, majoring in Journalism. I’ve always dreamed of showcasing my talents and becoming a successful writer. It’s what I love to do and can’t imagine doing anything else. My love for literary expression and the aspect of inspiring others is what keeps me driven on a daily basis. If I am not busy writing or studying, I’m usually out playing soccer, eating new foods, reading a good book, watching an old movie, having a good laugh with friends, or going out and having a good time.

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything” – Unknown

via About | Flux and Flow.

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all having a great week! The weather has been quite bipolar here in the pacific northwest. Last week it was sunny and nearly 90 degrees, but this week it has been in the 60′s and rainy. Despite the weather, it has been a very productive week for me.

Thich Nhat Hanh in Vught, the Netherlands, 2006

Thich Nhat Hanh in Vught, the Netherlands, 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway, I have some exciting news! If you read my post about getting published, this pertains to you! Earlier today I received an email from R.C. Champagne, the author of A Torch in the Darkness. He is an incredibly talented writer who is going to be writing a feature on publishing for all of you within the next few days! Many of you are seeking professional assistance with publishing, delving into self-publishing, needing motivation with your writing or if you are merely interested in learning more about the world of novel production. This is a great opportunity for you to have a conversation with someone who is knowledgeable in those topics, so I am very grateful for Champagne’s offer to write for me, and I’m sure you will be too.

In addition to that, I have somehow found time in my hectic schedule to read books (I know, it’s crazy, right?). I picked up Thich Nhat Hanh’s You Are Here, it’s a great book on enlightenment and the power of living in the moment, and has been very inspirational thus far. Another book I picked up is Gregory David Roberts
Shantaram, which is a story about his life in prison, living as a fugitive and how he managed to establish a successful multimedia company. These books have a positive premise to them, which I think is essential in leading a positive life, so I am excited to read them, and I highly suggest you pick them up too!

Lastly, after my last post I did get a lot of requests to write up a post on the makeup I use on a daily basis and products I recommend, so that will definitely be up very soon!

I hope you guys have a beautiful day and remember that if you’re feeling pain today, you will feel strength tomorrow.

Champagne: The secret to getting published

May 19, 2013


Hi! My name is Robbie Champagne (aka R.C. Champagne if you’re looking for my fancy author name). I’m an independently published author which means that I have published my writing as an eBook through a myriad of internet retailers such as Amazon and iTunes.

I chose to go the route of independent publishing because it fit the needs of my method of storytelling. I am writing a series of twelve episodic chapters published every month and a half to tell the story of Sebastian’s fall into the Below (A Torch in the Darkness being the first of this series). The entire premise of my series was predicated on the development of new eBook publishing and it is a strategy traditional Big Six publishing cannot support.

When you set out to publish your book you need to understand the nature of the book industry. Traditional publishing means either finding a literary agent to represent you or sending your manuscript directly to the publisher. Publishing is, at the end of the day, a business. They choose books they know will sell and will sell quickly.

If a publisher selects your book (first of all, congratulations!), they will print however many copies they believe they can sell. These books will go to distributors and then to the actual stores where customers can buy them. If your publisher is confident your work will be a hit they may buy prime shelf space for it in the bookstore. If not your book will be chilling in the proper section where avid readers can find it. If the book doesn’t sell well within the first month it gets shipped back to the publisher and that is that (fortunately you still walk away with your check!).

What does this mean for you? If you have what you believe is a commercially successful novel, you should be pursuing the traditional publishing route (Well why didn’t you do traditional publishing Robbie? Is your book not good enough? Whoa, whoa now. I’ll explain a little more about that below.) If you write in popular genres like Fantasy this may be a difficult industry to break into, though. If you are determined to go this route you need to study books in your genre that have succeeded and mimic them. That doesn’t mean throw your creativity and voice out the window, it just means you need to be market savvy.

More at




Twitter: @the8thcity (Series Twitter) or @RobCChampagne (My personal Twitter)

Thich Nhat Hanh Page

The Real Costs of Self-Publishing a Book | Mediashift | PBS

A printing press in Kabul, Afghanistan


Get Carla King’s new e-book on self-publishing!
Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors: Step-by-Step to Self-Publishing Success

At every writers conference or self-publishing panel the question that almost always inevitably comes up is: “How much will self-publishing really cost me?”

Because the book publishing industry is one of the last industries to go digital, it’s going through a quick transition. As a result of this shift, authors no longer need to go through the traditional gatekeepers to publish high-quality books and are instead moving toward self-publishing. Launching a book is like launching a startup. Putting together a quality book involves not just writing it, but getting it edited, then formatted, designing a cover, and having a marketing strategy around it.

Below, I break down the costs of how much professional services will cost you for a high-quality book.

(For the purposes of calculation we’ll assume you have a manuscript that is 70,000 words.)

1. Developmental editing

Once you’ve written your book, a developmental editor is important. Many authors think they don’t need an editor. Everyone needs at least some type of editor. Not having an editor is like not QA’ing a software product or not testing a drug before it goes out into the marketplace. An editor will evaluate and critique your manuscript, suggest and provide revisions, and shape it into a smooth, workable piece. They’ll look at the big picture and make sure everything flows and is consistent.


1-5 manuscript pages/hour for a manuscript page that’s 250 words, according to the Editorial Freelancers Association.

$45-65/hour based on the experience of the editor

70,000/250 = 280 pages

280 pages /5 pages per hour = 56 hours

Low end is 56 x $45 = $2,520

High end is = $18,200

More at  The Real Costs of Self-Publishing a Book | Mediashift | PBS.

A Miscellanea Of Topics | Imagineer-ing

A Miscellanea Of Topics

Posted on 11th May, 2013

Reviews Received and an Interview Posted

Shade of Evil

“Thief” by Steve K Smy

I’ve received two very kind reviews. Shade of EvilOne is for my novelette Shade of Evil (G1: The Guardians, #1), and appears on Julie’s Book Review, written by Wende Sheets. Wende awards it 4 stars! This review has also been posted to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The second is for Thief (The Thief Series, #1), and appears on Tracey Wickham’s blog. "Thief" by Steve K SmyTracey gives the short story a glowing 4 stars! The ebooks are available from most major online book stores in ebook form, though Thief isn’t available from Amazon. There’s also a new interview that features myself on Book Goodies.

I would be very grateful if you could leave feedback on these on the appropriate sites.

New Tale Progressing

The third tale in the G1: The Guardians series is progressing nicely. More, the cover is doing even better and has me very excited! It is being created by my son, Reuben, who is a gifted artist. In fact, the concept drawing is so incredibly impressive, I’ve decided to hold back on showing it! I can’t wait to see the finished artwork. I also decided that there will be a reduced copy of the image inside the book, in black and white. I haven’t yet established whether this tale will be a novelette or a novella, though.

via A Miscellanea Of Topics | Imagineer-ing.
Steve K. Smy’s Author Page

Welcome to a new friend: Joe Warnimont — Write Warnimont

Welcome!Joe Warnimont Picture

I’m Joe and I am a fiction and freelance writer. I started this blog to answer some questions that I had about writing and life in general:

How can I live a life of purpose?

Can I make a living writing?

What tools do I need to make my passion a career?

How do I create a balanced, fruitful life that consists of family, friends, making a difference and writing?

I went to Indiana University and majored in Business Management and Telecommunications (I now reside in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood). After college I started a marketing job that was far from what I dreamed of doing with my life. It wasn’t until I started writing for magazines, blogs and businesses when I discovered the freedom that writing provides. Not only that, but I wanted to share writing tools I create in Excel to enhance my own productivity as a writer.

I want to share my experiences with everyone and collaborate with other writers who are willing to share their own techniques and strategies for successful writing. It’s an adventure and everyone needs some friends when embarking on their journey.

Want To Make A Difference In The World Through Your Writing?

Get my free eBook on creating your own writing adventure. Also receive weekly emails with writing tips and tricks.

Build Your Writing Platform The Right Way

Checkout my 8-part, 100% free video series on how to setup, manage and foster relationships with email marketing plans. Learn the most efficient way to build your platform and market yourself directly to people who are interested in what you have to say.

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Nerd Is The Word

The Star Wars Episode 7 chatter has recently been flooding the internet and this Jedi is way too excited than any 25-year-old man should be for a story about super-powered monks with laser swords and alien dogs who communicate by wailing and throwing tantrums.


Photo Credit: katybate / Creative Commons

I’m a nerd.

Not your stereotypical short-sleeve, plaid shirt with a pocket protector and thick brimmed glasses nerd. A nerd for science fiction books and movies that take me to far reaches of the universe, or alternative worlds with high tech weaponry and strange looking creatures.

Our friends at Merriam-Webster Dictionary define nerd as an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person; especially : one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits.

If we head over to they describe a nerd with words such as stupid, irritating, intellectual, unattractive, boring or unpopular, and being obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit.

How rude.

I would like to reformulate some of these words to concoct my own definition for the modern-day meaning of nerd. A nerd is someone who full-heartedly commits him or herself to a passion, enduring whatever criticism or adversity that stands in the way of that passion. Continue reading →

Welcome to a new friend: Donald Lockwood–Got Fans?

What Do I Offer?

Looking to turn your online business into real income? I’m here to help.

I write with as much humor and valuable information as possible. I use picture examples and real case studies of effective social media campaigns. It is much easier to learn and retain information if your educational material is entertaining and supplemented with visuals of real working examples. I’m no arm-chair guru, I know from my own experience running a successful Etsy business.

You Need Real Fans to Get Results

If you’re here you’re probably interested in getting more traffic to your page, gaining more fans and followers, or becoming more successful with Etsy.

I have a lot of great information to share on these topics. I have had amazing success with my own online business and I am working on publishing all my information in eBooks on Amazon Kindle, or for reading just as easily on a computer. As I write my books I will be sharing tons of valuable information for free here on my blog. I’m hoping to use this blog to gain my own readership. As I release my books I will be giving them away for free, initially, so I can gather honest reviews on Amazon. If you follow my blog you will be first in line to receive the free downloads!

My Etsy Success Story

I take care of all the marketing, sales and business development for an Etsy store called Shunami. We sell made-to-order custom shoes in a wide range of colors, textures and designs. While developing our Facebook page I discovered a lot of really amazing techniques for building an audience, encouraging them to share my content and keeping them entertained. After only 2 months, the Shunami Facebook page now has over 25,000 fans!

My Etsy store has only been open since the beginning of March. In just those 2 months it has generated nearly $5,000 in revenue. It is quickly becoming a full-time job for my girlfriend and I. We had 20,000 views our first month and 46,000 so far in the second month. I am very excited to see and report our continued growth in the months ahead!

Try My First eBook For Free!

Are you ready to turn your Etsy shop into real income? You can start today by reading and interacting with my blog. I am happy to answer any questions you might have and offer personalized advice for your store or fan pages. I have 1 eBook already published and I’ll happily give it to you for free in exchange for an honest review.

Thanks for reading!

Etsy Stats – First 2 Months:

Etsy Stats: First 2 months

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I’ll help you reach the top!

Climb to the top\

My eBook is Available for FREE Download for the Next 12 Hours!

Are you struggling to get more Facebook likes?

What if I told you that in just one month, I managed to gain over 25,000 highly targeted fans for my new Etsy store’s Facebook page?

Would you want to know how I did it? Probably. That’s exactly why I wrote this step-by-step guide that will enable anyone to have the same level of success with their own Facebook page.

Written by an Etsy store owner that created massive success for his business using social media, this guide gives you all the information you need and nothing you won’t use.

You won’t find any ambiguous concepts or foggy ideas inside. This is a straight forward guide for a proven system, written in an easy to follow, step-by-step format. Simply follow all the steps in this guide today and you can gain a thousand new fans by tomorrow.——

That’s an excerpt taken from my book description on Amazon.  Only 12 hours in and it’s already #5 for free books on advertising!  If you download it for free, please leave a brief amazon review to provide feedback and help me get some sales in the future. :)

I can run up to 5 free download days.  This day was just a test run, I wasn’t planning to promote the release, but seeing how many downloads it’s gotten on it’s own I decided to give it a shout out here and on my Facebook page as well.

I plan to run the additional 4 free days soon, so if you missed the window you can certainly catch the next one.  Keep in touch!

P.S. – You don’t need a kindle device to read kindle books!  You can download their kindle app for PC, Iphone, Ipad, or what ever gadget you use to stay connected.  There are so many great books on kindle, and many of them can be downloaded for free.  Don’t be a fool, pick up an ebook!

sweetheart rewrite COMBINEGot Fans? Gain THOUSANDS of Facebook Fans EVERY DAY With $0.01 Facebook Ads

From the Desk of Phylis Johnson: E-Books, Libraries and Democracy –

WRESTLING with my newspaper on the subway recently, I noticed the woman next to me reading a book on her smartphone. “That has to hurt your eyes,” I commented. Not missing a beat, she replied, in true New York style, “My font is bigger than yours.” She was right.

via E-Books, Libraries and Democracy –

We have every interest in seeing that publishers remain sustainable enterprises and that authors are paid fairly for their work. But those economic imperatives must be considered alongside the role of libraries in a democratic society. The challenge is to ensure that the information revolution provides more, not less, access for the public — including that subway rider.

Anthony W. Marx is the president of the New York Public Library.


How to Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers When Nobody Knows You : @ProBlogger


Watching and Blogging

Watching and Blogging (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a guest contribution by Marya Jan, blogging coach from Writing Happiness.

What’s the biggest excuse you hear from people who are not getting the results they want from their blogging?

“I don’t know anyone online.”

Not ‘my content might not be good’. Not ‘I don’t a clear idea of what I am doing’. Not ‘I know it takes time and I am learning everything I can’.

None of that. It’s always because they don’t have any connections with the big shots.

Allow me to put up my hand and say this … I have over 1,000 subscribers (multiple times over actually) and I have done this under 18 months of blogging AND without having connections with any famous people.

via How to Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers When Nobody Knows You : @ProBlogger.

sweetheart rewrite COMBINE 2

Writer Unboxed » What Novelists Should Know About Short Fiction

The best short stories of Mark Twain

The best short stories of Mark Twain (Photo credit: Xesc)

When I first started writing seriously, all I wanted was to publish a novel.

I thought my intentions were honourable—that I wasn’t just another wannabe with dreams of making it big—but there was always that little part of me that still wasn’t ready to put in my dues.

I wanted it all, and I wanted it right away.

1. Reading short fiction can make you a more knowledgeable writer.

2. Writing short fiction can make you a more accomplished writer.

3. Publishing short fiction can make you a more marketable writer.

via Writer Unboxed » What Novelists Should Know About Short Fiction.

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