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My life as an average teen.|Welcome to a new friend: Jane Doe

Jane Doe


Bio: One thing you need to know about me is; Just because I may say stupid stuff, doesn’t mean I’m oblivious to your shit.

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Boys, Boys, and More Boys.

There comes a time in every teens life when they discover the magical world of boys, or girls if you flow that way. But anyway for me it’s boys. So far it sucks. Well to be perfectly honest, I have had a “serious” boyfriend before. As serious as middle school relationships go, I should say. I was the one to brake it off, but also the one to be the most heart broken. If he even was heart broken. (I hope he was.) I had a very good reason to “rip the bandage off” too. The base of a healthy relationship is trust right? Well, he didn’t trust me hanging out with other guys. And to make things worst, my best friend at the time was a guy. That worked out well. Not. I decided to go with the girl code: “Sisters before misters” or brother before….lovers?? Anyway, after that I couldn’t hang out with all my guy friends because my ex was friends with them. And I guess that’s how I started to become friends with people my own gender. Smooth move that was. So now here I am with a crush, or three… Oh my, I’m in for a wild ride ahead. The best part is, all of them are oblivious to my existence. I shouldn’t say that. Zach knows exactly who I am and not for a good reason either. My “friends” like to scream my name in front of him whenever he’s around. I feel bad for him, it must be really embarrassing. As cheesy as this sounds, all he does is smirk at me now. What’s that supposed to mean? “I know you like me and I think it’s funny.” “I’m satisfied you like me because it makes me feel important.” or my favorite, “Why do you even like me, I’m so out of your league?” What do you think he’s thinking when he puts that smirk on his face?

My Metamorphosis

Today I realized two things. One, I really want to punch John in the face. And two, I’m changing as a person. Now the question is; Am I changing for the better or worst? Let’s lay down the facts. In seventh grade I was this cute, prissy, squealer, bubbly girl who would just listen to your problems. In the beginning of eight grade I was the same as seventh grade me, but as the days went on I morphed into this stranger I didn’t even know. Well, I guess I did know her a little bit but now she’s coming out. And frankly, I don’t want her to be revealed. The real me… it’s a tuff topic. I have this side of me that hates everything and everyone around me. It’s truly horrible. I’m just this snappy bitch that’ll really tug at your heart strings, and not in that teary emotional way but in a twisted rip your heart out way. I’ve spent all my life trying to push “me” down but I guess now I’m just getting tired. How did I go from this bubbly loving girl to this cruel wicked bitch?

[Terry: as the father of two teenagers–now thankfully no longer teens–I can guarantee that this is a true voice. At least she’s AWARE that she’s gone from ” this bubbly loving girl to this cruel wicked bitch.” My only advice to parents  is to avoid killing her if atl possible and wait until she’s about thirty to speak to her again.

Maybe 40]


Warren Shufelt and the #Lizard People | the world is dark without muscleheaded

Warren Shufelt and the Lizard People

A hidden labyrinth, containing the riches and history of a lost civilization, dating back 5000 years — could this treasure really be buried under the city of Los Angeles ?


Los Angeles has always been a strange place.

It’s not just the whole Hollywood scene that makes it that way, either.

If you believe the story of G. Warren Shufelt, it’s much, much weirder than anyone of us would believe.

In 1933, G. Warren Shufelt was just a run of the mill Los Angeles mining engineer searching the area for gold or oil with which to make his fortunes.

For this purpose, he had developed a ‘radio x-ray’ device, that could penetrate the ground and locate minerals and subterranean features.

He claimed that it worked using a principle of ‘emanations and gravitational factors’ upon matter which influenced the pendulum — he claimed to be able to trace someone by a single hair strand using it.

The gizmo was described in the Los Angeles Times this way:

” Shufelt’s radio device consists chiefly of a cylindrical glass case inside which a plummet attached to a copper wire held by the engineer sways continually, pointing, he asserts, toward minerals or tunnels below the surface of the ground, and then revolves when over the mineral or swings in prolongation of the tunnel when above the excavation. “

Now, to you, perhaps that thing sounds less like a radio xray device, and more like a dowsing device — well, boy, do you have a suspicious mind.

Because despite the lack of anything in the device even remotely like radio, or x-rays, Shufelt insisted that the magic box could, indeed, find all sorts of neat stuff, if he could just use it to scan the city….

The city fathers decided to let him have at it.

So he did…. he charted almost the entire downtown area using his device.

After several months work, he announced the amazing results of his survey:

He said he had found underground labyrinths spread out all over the city ( I should say — ‘under the city’ ) and GOLD — a whole mess of it.

“My radio x-ray pictures of tunnels and rooms, which are subsurface voids, and of gold pictures with perfect corners, sides and ends, are scientific proof of their existence,” Shufelt said.

Wow.. that really musta been advanced technology.

Who’s expect a weight attached to a copper string to be able to do all that?

All he needed to do was go get it.

There was, of course, a small problem.

Actually, two small problems.

One problem was that — very inconsiderately– somebody had built a rather large city right on top of Shufelt’s treasure.


It seems that the areas of real interest, as far as gold was concerned anyway, ran from Mount Washington to the LA Public Library, from Hill Street east to Spring Street , from Sunset to Broadway, and from Santa Monica, all the way to Pasadena.

There was a lotta things in the way, like buildings, cars, people and stuff.

Shufelt figured a way around that, though.

He would drill a shaft down into the ground over one of the gold stashes, and once he hit pay dirt, he’d show the city council he was right, and they’d be more than happy to move the city and share in the loot.

Problem one solved.

Problem two was a bit more….. well…, complicated .

You see, problem two was that the gold didn’t belong to him.

Those underground tunnels that he located with his radio x-ray gizmo weren’t built by the city , and the city didn’t know anything about any large deposits of refined gold, either.

Obviously they were put there — by who– I mean, …. whom ?

Nope, not whom , neither.

What .

You see, while Shufelt had been surveying the city, he met a guy who said he was a Hopi Indian, and called himself Little Chief Greenleaf.

And the Little Chief told Shufelt how the underground rooms, tunnels, and gold got there.

It seems that about 5000 years ago, there was this race of “Lizard People” living in LA at the time…

They had used a special chemical technology that would bore the tunnels without the necessity of digging, and had laid their underground city out in the shape of a lizard.

There had been 1000 Lizard People families altogther, and they had taken shelter in the caverns during a “great catastrophe” – described by Greenleaf as a huge tongue of fire, emanating “out of the Southwest, which threatened to destroy all life in it’s path“.

They had stashed their personal belongings in the underground labyrinths, and recorded all their history and technology onto large golden plates– 4 feet long by 14 inches wide.

The problem for Shufelt, of course, was that they were supposed to come back for it one day, and they’d be very disappointed if somebody made off with their goodies in the meantime.

Still, Little Chief reckoned, there wouldn’t be any harm just looking at the stuff, ya know….

4So, Shufelt and Chief Greenleaf obtained a vacant lot at 518 North Hill Street- directly above one of the larger caches, and applied for a permit to dig.

In exchange for 50% of everything recovered there, the city gave them permission to sink a shaft 50 feet deep.

And dig they did.

They got to fifty feet pretty quickly, but found nothing.

They went back to the city and got a permit for a deeper hole, and dug some more.

They got to 250 feet, and water started pouring into the hole.

They had reached the water table… and still no sign of the lizard king and his treasure.

At least that we, or the city of Los Angeles, is aware of , anyway.

In March, 1934, the dig was suddenly discontinued, the site abandoned, and the hole filled in.

No more was heard of the fabulous lost city, the gold, the Lizard People, or Shufelt.

Asked about it in 1947, the head of the LA Chamber of Commerce replied:

It is quite possible, of course, that the supposed labyrinth really exists. But in view of the fact that the overlaying area is the immediate Civic Center area where an important building program is to be carried out, including federal, state, and city building, there is little probability of any further excavations.

From time to time, interest in the tunnels –

… yes, there are tunnels under LA, called the “Banning Tunnels” after a mansion that sat near there in the 1880′s –

and the whole “Lizard People” myth is revived, but nothing of value as been so far found.

Several writers have suggested that the Shufelt story is the basis of the more recent malarkey of a reptilean conspiracy secretly running the government….

If so, then at least one person- author David Icke– has profited from Little Chief Green Leaf’s Lizard People legend.

But then, as my Irish Uncle Tommy used to say:

Spin a good yarn, and they’ll follow you home every time “.

And he knew a good bit about the blarney, himself.


Cheers !!!

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What Happens to Us | Welcome to a new friend: David Grove

[Terry:  This guy is fascinating. Every blog item is a new story. Plus he’s a bit chubby and wears Hawaiian shirts–what’s not to like?]

When you choose a career, it’s not always a straight line.

In my case, I started out at age 7 wanting to be an astronaut or a baseball player.

My father had always wanted something else for me.

“Be a dentist,” he said.  “You get as much money as a doctor, but no one wakes you up at night and says you have to come into the hospital to fix a toothache.”

But by senior year in college, I was on a straight line: I wanted to become a novelist.  I pretty quickly published my first short story, in an august journal called North American Review, which Hemingway and Twain had also published in.

“I pay for four years of tuition at UCLA,” my father complained to my mother, “and he wants to become a novelist?!”

He never told me about his complaint, though.  He was too decent to say it out loud to me.  I learned about it only years later from my mother.

After graduation, I didn’t find any companies who wanted to hire someone as a full-time novelist, so I started doing journalism, small-time at first, but within six years, was publishing in Mademoiselle, McCall’s, Harper’s Bazaar, and a host of other glamorous and glitzy publications.  I was flying in to New York twice a year to meet with editors.  I had bylines galore.

But I wasn’t glitzy by nature.  I still wanted to be a novelist and I had no time for it.  When Joe Weider offered me a full-time editor’s job in his fitness empire, I answered, “Oh no, I’m sorry, I’m working on a novel.”  I was still under the delusion that freelance writing might allow me some free time to work on fiction.  It didn’t.

When I finally realized that freelancing had failed me, I jumped ship and became a full-time magician.  I had heard that cruise-ship magicians worked only two hours a week, got paid a couple thousand a week, and had lots of free time.  That was the job for me.  I would travel the world and write my novels for 38 hours a week.  But in the meantime, I had to become a master salesman, selling my show to cold-call customers, which once again took all my time.

The only thing that gave me enough time to write my novel, finally, was poverty.  Just giving it all up and writing.  Not worrying about jobs, not worrying about getting new things, not worrying about going without health insurance, not worrying about what people think, and they think some pretty bad things, believe me.

Cover What Happens 1a smallerNot worrying: It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

I started writing the novel six years ago, after thinking about it for 24.  I wrote much of it at night, when I had insomnia.  It would calm me to write on it, chip away at it.  There are so many different parts of a novel that it’s like a whole country, and you work to create that geography, climate, and culture.  It was compulsive.  It was the one thing I knew how to do.  I didn’t know how to be happy, exactly, or worldly successful, but I did know how to write.  You scribble a first draft, go away from it for a few days, thinking about it, and then ideas come to you in the shower, on the bikepath, before going to sleep.  If you’re smart, you write down those ideas when they come to you.

But at the end of that path, which is a long one, I can assure you, winding and endless, you have something solid and real that you’ve been hoping for all your life.  You sit in front of the computer and smile.  You read the last couple chapters to your girlfriend and she cries.  Sometimes, you even choke up reading it.  You give it to your girlfriend to read aloud because you know you can’t do it yourself.  There are gorgeous sentences that sparkle as if they were pure sunlight.  There are characters who have lived in your heart for years.  There are turns of phrase that only appear after the 80th draft.  There’s a plot that fits together like a Mitrokhin puzzle.  And there’s a dream that you’ve finally fulfilled, rather than letting it die.

And that’s why you should buy my novel, if only to support someone who’s had a dream.

The No Trespassing No Sidewalk No Road Shoulder Blues

I’m heading to Kansas in a couple days, and am remembering something that I often discover about the red states: that there are political differences between them and my native California.

I’m not just talking about the obvious factors, such as people looking askance at men holding hands with each other, or at women dressing more skimpily, or people in general looking older, even though they may not be.  I’m talking about looking up the bus fares for Hutchinson and discovering to my shock that it costs $4 compared to the $1.50 fare in Los Angeles.  Not only that, but I’ll have to walk 1.2 miles just to get to the bus stop.  Kansans don’t believe in tax money being spent on frivolous things like poor people’s transportation needs.  They believe in what they call “self-sufficiency”–that is, every man for himself, period.

I’ll be doing some genealogical research while I’m in Hutch, and discovered another red-blue split: The state government doesn’t believe in transparency.  While birth and death records are public in California and many other states, they aren’t in Kansas.  They are available only to immediate family and “anyone who can prove a direct interest.”  The red-state mentality is authoritarian rather than transparent, as explained in the fine book, Don’t Think of an Elephant, by George Lakoff.

Charles S. Groves

Charles S. Groves

I’ve run into this in other red states, too.  While I was in the Carolinas in the late 1990s, I noticed that their state and local governments don’t spend much money on infrastructure.  I tried to bicycle in Charleston, for example, and discovered that there were virtually no bikepaths, few sidewalks, and very little or crumbling road shoulder.  Get out of historic Charleston and it was dangerous just to walk down the street, with cars whizzing by so close to you.  You had to trudge through the weeds and brambles just to keep from getting hit.  The city is designed, it seems, for the convenience of those in Cadillacs and limousines, and not for those who have to walk to their destinations.

Carmel beach scene 9 12 a 2 pix together 1 smaller

While driving from Charleston to Raleigh, too, I noticed a definite red-state complexion.  I wanted to stop along the way and walk onto the beach, take off my shoes, squish my toes in the sand, feel the salt air on my face.  But in the Carolinas, there are miles upon miles upon miles of seaside mansion estates that preclude any public use.  In 1971, California passed The Coastal Initiative that codified into law the idea that the beach (such as Carmel Beach, above) belongs to the public, and that no more private or commercial building would be allowed there.  Obviously, that is too radical an idea for the Carolinas.

People often throw up their hands at politics, saying their vote makes no difference.  But here, that concept is disproven.  Not only does politics have an impact on the large issues, such as war and who’s going to chair the Fed, but also, on the issues that affect us every day, such as sidewalks, streets, and beaches.  And so I head off towards a red state, hoping for the best.

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Accidentally Famous on the Street

Last August, I performed street magic for two weeks on Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey.  I had a good time and polished my Linking Rings routine.  When summer ended, I left.  Last week, I returned.  Within the first ten minutes, a homeless guy called over to me.

“Hey, I know you!  Welcome back!”


He was big and smiley and had wild hair and a booming voice that filled the waterfront.

Then another homeless guy called over a big hello, too, even repeating some of my joke lines back to me, saying that he had appropriated them for his own show.

“Reach into your pockets and take out a 5-dollar bill.  Keep that for yourself and give the rest to me!”

I didn’t begrudge him stealing the line from me; I had stolen it myself.

Playing the street is an on and off thing for me.  I started busking in 1994, when I was trying to get good at stage magic.  In 1998, I published a book called Be a Street Magician!: A How-To Guide (Aha! Press,, which made me semifamous in a niche audience, magicians.

These days, the vast majority of my business consists of big-paying inside gigs.  But when business is slow, I like to road-test my new material by performing on the street for an endless stream of new audiences.  Last week, I happened to get hired to perform for a couple of fancy parties at the classic-car show in Carmel, so while I was up here, I decided to play the wharf.

My first day back on the wharf, I did well.  I was even approached by a couple who saw my show and wanted me to come to their 6-year-old daughter Jasmine’s birthday party the next evening.  We negotiated on the spot.  They wanted me to go down $50 on the price.  I said I would do that if they bought my newly published enovel, What Happens to Us,, and got five of their friends to do so, as well.  I didn’t tell them that I hadn’t brought all my best kids’ show props–the die box, for example (see video).

The next day, a Sunday, I went back out to the wharf to get in a couple hours of busking before the party.  A man walked up to me with his kid.

“I’m glad you’re here!” he said.  “I saw you yesterday, and I liked it so much that I brought my boy to see you!”

It was strange to make such an imprint on this community without even trying much.  I felt like I was becoming accidentally famous.

In one of my audiences was an 18-year-old guy with the wild hair of an intellectual.  He said his name was Forrest.

“Man, you must get all the damn Gump jokes,” I said.

“Stupid is as stupid does,” he said, grinning.

During the show, I ended up casting aspersions on Forrest’s wealth because he lived in Seaside.  Everybody laughed.  Later, when I held out my hat for tips, Forrest came up and dropped in a $20 bill.

“Not all people in Seaside are poor,” he said.

I couldn’t believe I had benefited financially by making Forrest feel insecure.  It seemed to be against my philosophy of life, which is that being relentlessly positive is the way to happiness and wealth.  Still, I didn’t give him the twenty back.

Come evening, I did the kids’ show at the park and kicked ass.  Afterwards, two separate guys came up and asked me if they could have my card.

“I live in Los Angeles,” I said, handing it over, but then warned him.  “I’d have to charge a lot more for the show.”

“How much?”

“Like $1,200 at least.”

“That’s okay.”

IMG_3849It was a good weekend at the wharf.  Tomorrow, I’m going to try to play the local Farmer’s Market (see photograph above), which is so packed and busy that it looks promising.

The Mountains of Eden |Catching up with There By Candlelight

[Terry: this is a serialized read-along novel. Fascinating concept. ]

The Mountains of Eden

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

English: Young man reading by candlelight Sven...

English: Young man reading by candlelight Svenska: Ung man läsande vid vaxljus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hallik – A blacksmith.

Mrs. Laksho – A former Teacher and Crush Interest.

Jael Mutarro – A Protagonist.

Mama – A wheelchair-bound mother.

Melki – A Librarian

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The Ancestral Yuba River | Welcome to a new friend: The Astoundingly Conservative Yuba River

Life on the Yuba Watershed

The Ancestral Yuba River is an ancient, gold-bearing gravel river bed that existed 55-40 million years ago, and ran in a roughly north-south direction prior to the geologic uplift creating the Sierra Nevada range as we know it today.  The geologist, David Lawler, publishes a map of the system which is available here:

It is believed the word Yuba is a variant of the Spanish word “uva” — in English,”grape.” The Yuba was probably named by early Spanish or Mexican explorers for the wild grapes that climb through the river canyons, much in the way the Feather River watershed was known as ”Plumas” for the abundance of wildfowl. These names were established before the California Gold Rush and well-known to the 49ers.

This site is intended as a forum and community resource covering the joys and challenges related to life on the ancient gold bed and the area comprising the present-day Yuba Watershed.

Photograph: Old Man Mountain, Emigrant Gap, California. © Laura Todd, 2008.

Header image © 2013 All rights reserved.

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[Terry:  Now, What does this next post have to do with the Yuba River? Is it sick? Does it have a sex life? Is this a dumbass place to stick political rants? Many questions, so few answers.]


Obamacare will question your sex life

By Betsy McCaughey September 15, 2013

Are you sexually active? If so, with one partner, multiple partners or same-sex partners?”

Be ready to answer those questions and more the next time you go to the doctor, whether it’s the dermatologist or the cardiologist and no matter if the questions are unrelated to why you’re seeking medical help. And you can thank the Obama health law.

“This is nasty business,” says New York cardiologist Dr. Adam Budzikowski. He called the sex questions “insensitive, stupid and very intrusive.” He couldn’t think of an occasion when a cardiologist would need such information — but he knows he’ll be pushed to ask for it.

Pot farm pollution: Too dangerous to deal with?

“The issue of keeping creeks, streams and rivers free of toxins has become a statewide issue.”

Bulldozed hillside near Feather Falls in undated photo released by Butte County Department of Public Works was illegally gouged for a pot grow.

Bulldozed hillside near Feather Falls in undated photo released by Butte County Department of Public Works was illegally gouged for a pot grow.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — With parts of Northern California’s scenic hillsides illegally gouged by bulldozers for marijuana grows, frustrated local officials asked the state for help to protect streams and rivers from harmful sediment and the chemicals used on the pot plants.

They hoped to charge growers under federal and state clean water regulations with tougher penalties than the infractions local officials could impose. But they were rebuffed.

It’s too dangerous, the state agency in charge of protecting the region’s water said in a letter to county supervisors.

“We simply cannot, in good conscience, put staff in harm’s way,” wrote Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board Executive Director Paula Creedon.

In this undated photo released by Butte County Department of Public Works, marijuana grading violations are seen off of Lakeview Terrace in the Feather Falls area, with an unpermitted greenhouse under construction, in Butte County, Calif.

In this undated photo released by Butte County Department of Public Works, marijuana grading violations are seen off of Lakeview Terrace in the Feather Falls area, with an unpermitted greenhouse under construction. Butte County, Calif.

As in many rural counties in California, marijuana farms are becoming more and more plentiful. They proliferate in the high Sierra, where armed Mexican cartel operatives clear wilderness areas, divert creeks and poison wildlife.

Undated photo from Butte County Department of Public works shows illegal grading 1000 ft. from the Feather River. Growers flatten remote hilltops, dam streams to divert water and allow sediment and chemicals to reach waterways.

Undated photo from Butte County Department of Public works shows illegal grading 1000 ft. from the Feather River. Growers flatten remote hilltops, dam streams to divert water and allow sediment and chemicals to reach waterways.

Read more:

Will California rural counties secede from Sacramento’s control?

SACRAMENTO — Most Californians treat with bemusement the news that the board of supervisors in far-north Siskiyou County voted 4-1 early this month to seek secession from California and revive efforts to create a new state of Jefferson.

But while U.S. flags are unlikely to soon add another star, this rural separatist movement has long been brewing and is based on serious grievances that state and federal officials would be wise to ponder.

via Will California rural counties secede from Sacramento’s control?.

Steven Greenhut is the California columnist at U-T San Diego. Write to him at

#Writer #interview: Rebekah L. Pierce | Welcome to a new friend: the phantom writer

Know me only by my words


Writer interview: Rebekah L. Pierce

Rebekah Lynn Pierce is an extraordinary woman.  Originally from California she now resides in Richmond, VA with her husband of fourteen years and her two children, aged eleven and three. But she is not just a wife and mother; she is a veteran, a former college English teacher, professional developmental editor, motivational speaker and of course author. Rebekah writes everything from books to plays and films to life workbooks. She is an intelligent woman with three degrees under her belt: an Associates, Bachelors and Masters. She has been writing and teaching for more than thirteen years and likes her work to focus on contemporary women and their search  for purpose and identity. Rebekah has also written and directed several fully-length and short plays. And as if her life is not busy enough, she even has a little home-based shop called Buffy’s Goodies where she sells delicious self-baked goods! What a woman!

And as busy as this acomplished woman is, she was kind enough to take time out to do an interview with me.


1.What are you working on right now, and can you tell us a little something about it?

I just re-released my historical fiction novel, Murder on Second Street: The Jackson Ward Murders. It’s a murder mystery set in the historic African American neighborhood, Jackson Ward (referred to in History books as “The Black Wall Street of America” in the early 20th Century) in Richmond, VA, 29 days before the infamous fall of the stock market crash – October 29, 1929. It features a rare character – an African American WWI veteran named Sy Sanford. He’s been hired by the Negro businessmen and women in the community to solve the murders of working class Negro women in the Ward. So, I am knee-deep in marketing this book to historical fiction readers, book clubs, bloggers, etc. I am also working on the completion of my new mystery novel series, Sex, Lies & Shoeboxes featuring the African American female protagonist, Bobbie Vale. This work is a traditional “gum-shoe” mystery novel set in the mid- 1990s in my hometown of Stockton, CA.  2. Can you tell us a little something about it?

My name is Rebekah Lynn Pierce, and I am a veteran, author, playwright, motivational speaker and former college English teacher. I have three degrees: an Associates, Bachelors and Masters. I’ve been married for 14 years and have two children: 11 and 3 (don’t ask!); we live in Richmond, VA, but I am originally from California. I love to read mysteries, the classics and other great works of fiction. Writing is a HUGE part of my life; it’s my greatest gift. I am a storyteller across genres meaning I write novels, plays, films, short stories, etc. It’s important to me that no matter what I write, it empowers and inspires the reader in some way to be the best they can be and to live their life on purpose. I believe that we all have a purpose and a calling on our lives; we just have to accept what that is and not compare it to others – not try to live someone else’s dreams.


Book Review: Murder on Second Street: The Jackson Ward Murders

Murder on Second Street: The Jackson Ward Murders is written by Rebekah L. Pierce.Set in the Negro neighbourhood Jackson Ward in 1929, the story follows alcoholic World War 1 veteran Sy Sanford as he strives to uncover the series of murders of poor working-class Negro women.Image

Rebekah has created some captivating characters and bought them to life through her fantastic words. I was gripped from the beginning and even though I was in the midst of another book when I started to read this one, found I couldn’t put it down because I was so eager to learn what happened next, and couldn’t wait for Sy to uncover the truth.  Mysteries are not really my thing, but I couldn’t put this down and think this book may have swayed me! I absolutely recommend this to you, you will not be disappointed!

via Writer interview: Rebekah L. Pierce | thephantomwritertpw.

Summer of Swim – Catching up with Photos by Andy

Summer of Swim

abby swim lessons flatThis has been the summer of swimming for our five year old. She started off in Blow Fish (Level 1) which is the very beginning level. The kids are being introduced to the water and learning how to breath in the water. This was easy for her, but it was good to have the confidence going forward  into Sting Ray (Level 2). Here the kids were learning how to float frontwards and backwards, and developing their kicking skills. Our kiddo did pretty well at this level, she probably could have finished out the summer in that level, but she has moved onto Manatee (Level 3).The five year old is learning how to glide through the water, refine her kicking skills, and start the arm motions for the Front Crawlabby swimming lessons flat

Its been tough to get her going in the mornings, because she likes to sleep in. We are often rushed to get out of the house. There have also been times were she likes to be a clown in her class. I have had to tell her to pay attention to her swim instructor. But she is 5, so I expect a small attention span. SQUIRREL!!! However, despite the struggles to get going and the attention span of a gnat at times,  its been well worth the investment to see her develop these vital skills. The confidence she is gaining is so much fun to watch.

Lots More at  Summer of Swim | Life and Photos by Andy.

Catching up with Marcela Cava Balsa

Light Painting

via Evidence – Light Painting | Marcela Cava Balsa.

Welcome to a new friend: Alyssa Espinola

Alyssa EspinolaGetting Interpersonal Online

Alyssa Espinola isAlyssa Espinola on the beach a student and teaching assistant of speech communication at California State University, East Bay. Her educational interests lie mostly in interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, conflict management, and intergenerational communication. She plans on doing research on interpersonal communication behaviors within heterosexual cross-sex friendships.

Alyssa desires to become a professor of speech communication at a public university or college, but she has come to realize that the profession will soon not be the same as it was when she was studying. Although, she personally dislikes the idea of online education programs, she understands that the world is changing, and to be successful, one must change with it.

Therefore, she built this blog not only to describe the changing times, experiences, opinions of those people confronting it, but to help herself and others in higher education succeed in the new world of technology.

You can contact Alyssa by adding her on LinkedIn or sending her an e-mail.

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Interpersonal Communication Online

Two people smiling in a field with a laptop.Watching the UC and CSU systems decide to move toward online education has been unsettling for many California university instructors who believe that face-to-face classroom interaction is the best means of student learning and success. Online education has encountered, and will continue to encounter, much resistance from students, faculty, and, perhaps, administrators who desire human connection with their pupils and peers. More specifically, online learning will likely encounter the most resistance from performing arts and speech communication disciplines because of the need for physical presence in putting the skills to practice.

However, it seems that the transition from the online classroom to the virtual classroom may be somewhat inevitable. With budget constraints, California seems to think that online instruction is the wave of the future, and it will save the public university system.

How, then, do we teach a class as human-based as interpersonal communication when it is to be taken online (or mostly online)? Interpersonal communication cannot be truly learned through just reading a book; it must be applied in our everyday lives.

In Dr. Gale Young’s essay, Leondard’s Yard: Pulling at the Roots and Responsibilities of My Whiteness, she underlines the importance of relating one’s education to his or her personal life:

… [F]or education to be relevant it must grow out of the experiences of the students being educated. I went into class the next day and said, ‘I know a lot about what the authors of your textbook have to say about communication. And I know how it relates to my life. But in order for you to learn from this course we need to figure out how it is relevant to your world.

Therefore, if we are to have online education for interpersonal communication classes, we need to be able to create curricula that incorporate applied skills, in addition to communication theory, that will allow students to grow and see the importance of interpersonal communication in their lives.

I’ve designed this site to help facilitate true learning and growth in online interpersonal communication classes. It will show how certain projects designed for interpersonal classes can work for students and how they can benefit from the lifelong skills they will acquire from these assignments. Furthermore, it will provide useful resources and ideas that will be helpful to educators and students in making the best out of their education experience. While anyone can post reading material and quizzes online for students to complete, interpersonal online education must have more ways to engage students and instructors to fully participate in the academic process of learning.

The goal here is to, hopefully, serve as a model for interpersonal online education.

5 Steps to Help Remember Names image of students. "It was nice meeting you. I forgot your name as soon as you said it."It really sucks when we walk away from just having met someone we like, and we realize we have forgotten his or her name. It can be a little bit embarrassing, because we don’t want the person to think we weren’t paying attention. On the other hand, some of us may have the attitude that we all do it frequently, so it is not the end of the world.

If you don’t make an effort or don’t care, however, you should start trying, because not remembering another’s name makes for a bad first impression.

Remembering someone’s name after meeting shows that you have taken an interest in him or her, and it is like giving a subtle compliment by making that person feel important.

Many of us forget names once they are given, though, so how do we change that without stealing someone’s wallet or peeking at the screen when he or she checks Facebook? Below are five steps that can help. Continue reading →

Welcome to a new friend: Felicia–The Review Sister on Spotlight

[Terry: Honest Reviews and Real Advice. Both about as rare as hen’s teeth on the Internet. The Review Sister.]

About ME!

HELLO! Welcome to Spotlight.
This is The Review Sister but you can call me Felicia.

Now, if you’ve been here for awhile, you know that there have been some major changes, so, let’s go through them. In this blog, I will be reviewing and talking about books, beauty, and movies (and TV). While reviews will be part of the equation, I  will also be talking about these topics; I have decided that I would like to do much more than just reviews on this blog and would love to have discussions about these topics.

I would love to have all of your comments and/or feedback on how to better myself on topics such as these or even new topics. So, suggestions are appreciated!

Looking for something in particular? Please visit categories (at the side).

~ Yours Truly,

The Review Sister

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Cheap Lipsticks Ideas for Black Females or Women of Color: Day 5

Today is the last day of the “lipstick series” before the wrap-up! I have no lip liner or anything of the sort aside from the lipstick.


Ruby 305 is also from the $0.99 Wet N’ Wild’s NYC collection found at CVS. This color is a couple shades darker than Blossom reviewed yesterday; it seems like it should be a dark red but resembles a strange closeness to Blossom. Let’s look at the pictures again.

316 Blossom305 Ruby

316 Blossom          &                   305 Ruby

Of Of course, the lighting does play a part in this but after closer observation, this is, in fact, a red. It has sparkles in it and is not a vibrant red but is DEFINETLY a red with a pink undertone (and a bad lighting- explain the similarity?).

I wouldn’t pick this as an everyday look and, to be honest, I’m not sure if I would even buy this again. I’m not quite sure which skin tone this would fit best in but it looks okay on me.

So, this concludes the lipstick series and tomorrow I  will put all the colors together to wrap it up!

So long,

Felicia (aka The Review Sister)

Book Review: Pretty Face by Mary Hogan


So, What’s it All About?

Hayley is a teenager living in Santa Monica, California. She’s close to the beach, has excellent weather, and has a good best friend,what could be wrong? Well, Hayley happens to be fat in body image-obsessed Southern California where have plastic surgeons numbers in their back pocket. So you can bet that the only compliments Hayley hears is that she’s smart, funny, and (the dreaded) has a pretty face. She doesn’t feel normal and her health-obsessed mom is always nagging her to lose weight. To make things worse, she has a MAJOR crush on Drew Wyler (which she knows is impossible) but when the unthinkable happens, she begins to feel worse about herself. Just as she begins to think she will be fat forever, her parents offer her a trip to Italy where her life will change forever. Join Haley in a story of love, life, and decisions in “Pretty Face.”

What do I Think?

For some reason, I always seem to enjoy books that include weight struggles and this one was no different. I liked this book because it did have a little bit of suspense. It’s a great light read with a valuable lesson, never let anyone define you. However, I did not like the teenage sex deal.

The Good: It’s a nice light- read with a good moral.

The Bad: It’s a little too happy-go-lucky

The Ugly: Teenage sex is apart of it


I would rate “Pretty Face” a two out of five stars (2/5) because it was a light read (nothing to really think about) and it involved teenage sex. However, I did like the simplicity of the moral of the story.

Movie Review: Superman, Man of Steel

First of all, let me say that I have never EVER been a fan of Superman; I have always thought that the creators made him TOO invincible and just plain 0% realistic. BUT Man of Steel has completely changed my mind.
As you probably know, Clark Kent comes from Planet Krypton and was shipped to Earth before his original planet was destroyed. His “adoptive” parents (the one’s that found him on Earth) have raised and cared for him but not without picking up on his special “abilities.” While Clark’s “father” has raised him not to expose his powers because of the world’s lack of preparedness, a chain of events begin to make Clark reconsider, including the constant appearances and conversations with his real father. Eventually, Earth’s existence is in jeopardy because General Zod (Michael Shannon) ( a man pre-destined to protect Krypton) has come to wipe out Earth’s citizens in order to rebuild Krypton. Clark has to decide between saving Earth or saving Krypton. Who is behind him? Is Earth behind his mission or will they call this stranger the enemy? On the other hand, will saving Krypton bring him more of a sense of normalcy or will their values of pre-destination over choice be too much to handle? Only one can exist on Earth, which will it be? And how will Clark Kent play a role in it?
Watch Superman, Man of Steel to join Clark Kent in his battle of finding out who he really is and determining which side he will be on.

Well, as I said before, I have never been a Superman fan until I saw this movie. Man of Steel is full of action and suspense; it is not the “I am the superhero and you will never be close to beating me” type of movie. There are odd twists and turns while using flashbacks to explain the movie further. So, you’re probably thinking “I’ve never seen a Superman movie in my life, I can’t just jump into this one!” YES YOU CAN! I’ve only seen about one Superman movie (other than this one and I don’t even remember it). This movie clearly explains the existence of the characters and their circumstances while not boring me to death! SO, NO PREREQUISITES ARE NECESSARY! I also liked that there was no perfectly good or bad guy; throughout the story, both sides were told and the viewer could empathize with either side.

I really enjoyed the fact that while the whole romance factor with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) was definitely there, it did not overwhelm the movie like so many other superhero movies (*ahh-hem* Transformers *ahh-hem*) :)
I, honestly, have nothing bad to say about this movie but other people did. For instance, some have said that there was little humor and fun in it and while I would have to agree, I DO NOT think that it makes the movie any worse. I do not feel that Man of Steel is too intense at all; I think that it had enough pauses and breaks between heavy scenes to take a little bit of load off of the audience. However, if you are looking for a movie full of make-out scenes and jokes then, please, do not see this movie!

Man of Steel is definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen this year! It’s storyline and it’s actor’s are on point. Man of Steel will be a hard movie to beat!

Ghost Town Inspiration How Bodie Became a Book | karensandler (Checking in on old friends)

Ghost Town Inspiration

How Bodie Became a Book

Posted on July 14, 2013


Mono Lake in WinterYears ago, my mom and stepdad owned a family restaurant in the Eastern Sierras that overlooked Mono Lake. The Mono Inn was four miles north of the small town of Lee Vining, and Lee Vining was about a half mile from the “back gate” to Yosemite National Park.

The restaurant was also about 20 miles south of Bodie State Historic Park, a gold rush/silver mining ghost town. When we would visit my mom and stepdad, at the restaurant, we’d often take a side trip to Bodie. The ghost town is in a “state of arrested decay,” its few surviving wooden structures all that are left of a once bustling town. You can read more about the old ghost town here.

ChurchBodie is quite an evocative place. Empty buildings scattered across the lunar-like landscape, some of the structures with the original furnishings inside. Back when I used to visit the town, there were only two ways in–a road that was dirt for several miles, and another that was paved up to the last two miles, then it was dirt as well. The idea was that when you were inside the “bowl” of the town of Bodie, there would be no signs of modern civilization.

Eric & Mom FarYou can see from the photo at left (that’s me with my older son) that the bowl of Bodie is a wild and lonely place. It’s thoroughly snowed-in in the winter. The town actually burned down three times in its heyday (once thanks to a young boy playing with matches) and was considered quite a lawless place. It’s rumored that a young girl whose family was taking her there wrote in her diary, “Goodbye God, I’m going to Bodie.”

BarnMany years later, after my stepdad had died and my mom sold the restaurant, I found myself wanting to write a children’s book. I’d been writing romances that weren’t appropriate for kids, and I wanted to create something that my own boys could read. Besides photos I’d taken, I had read quite a bit about Bodie and decided to use it as a jumping off point for a story.

Cain HouseI considered writing historical fiction. But I love stories with an SF/F/paranormal angle. So I wrote a middle grade time travel adventure in which four 7th graders are thrown from present day Sacramento into 1880′s Bodie due to the antics of a mischievous cat and a malfunctioning computer. I made my cast of characters multi-ethnic. The main character, Kevin, is white, Naomi, the girl Kevin has a crush on, is Chinese-American, Tanya is Black, and Michael is Hispanic (and also ADD). My original plan was to write a story from the POV of each of them, but I never got past this first book.

I eventually sold the book to Hard Shell Word Factory (now an imprint of Mundania Press). They used the photo above of the Cain house for the cover, putting a cobalt blue glass bottle into the window of the house. Here’s the paper version of the book on Amazon showing the old cover.

TimewreckedWhen I got the rights back to the book, I republished it under my own name as the ebook Timewrecked. I really love this book. I love its adventuresome view of the gold rush era, told through the eyes of modern day kids. I love that it’s such a fantastic teaching tool for 4th grade California history. I’m tickled about its multi-ethnic cast. And here’s the best part–the Timewrecked ebook is free. That’s right, just go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Apple and you can download it for freebies.

If you’re a teacher who’d like to have me do a Skype visit or if you’re local enough to Northern California that I can drive to be there in person, just go here to request an appearance. I do still have paper copies available for students to purchase.

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Timewrecked is FREE on KINDLE. NOW!

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Welcome to a new friend| Robert Medak – Freelance writer

Who is Robert Medak?

Robert Medak is a retired Communications Technician turned freelance writer, blogger,editor, proofreader, and reviewer learning marketing.

He was born in southern California, and lived in Kansas until moving to southern West Virginia with his wife and their cats and dogs. While in California, he and his wife Connie ran an animal rescue where Robert wrote job descriptions, flyers, and was treasurer.

Robert is a small business owner of Robert Medak Freelance Writer. He works as a freelancer and entrepreneur working from a start-up learning along the way about marketing, social and networking, creating Web sites, and web content.

Robert has written or ghost written over 350 articles, he is familiar writing Web content, and written over 100 book reviews posted at Barnes and Noble, Powell’s Books, and his book review blog.

He is a writer, blogger, editor, and reviewer learning marketing and book promotion.

Robert continues learning about publishing, and branding. He applies what he learns to help others and is willing to answer questions. He believes in paying it forward, ethics, and being 100 percent original in all he does.

His goal is to create an income as a full-time freelance writer, and also have some stories he is working on published. Robert’s working on a nonfiction book titled “Taming the Freelance Market”.

Robert worked as a copy editor, and edited manuscripts. He was a reader/writer for Real Time Publishing.

Robert created a course on procrastination for Writers’ Village University WVU, an online site where writers help writers. He facilitated his course, and other courses at WVU. Robert co-founded a Creative Writing Workshop at WVU.

Specialties: Robert has a working knowledge of HTML, SEO Keyword articles, copy editing, and proofreading. He has a working knowledge of Microsoft Word Track Changes. Robert continues with ongoing learning of internet/social media marketing, and publishing.

Robert Medak’s ExperienceFreelance Writer/Blogger/Editor/Proofreader/Reviewer/Markete

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Creativity Graph

Creativity Graph (Photo credit: lightsoutfilms)

Many writers and others periodically suffer from procrastination, especially when beginning a new project.

It’s easy to over think about what you face beginning a new project or while working on a project by trying for perfection. Everyone wants their project work to be perfect. Forget about perfection; just get to work.

Striving for perfection in your work is admirable, but perfection can also stifle creativity. When you hamper creativity by not seeing perfection in your mind, it’s easy to shelve the project by finding something else to occupy your time.

Creativity, especially when writing is a singularly lonely time. You need alone time where there are no distractions. A time for you to sit with yourself, and do your best work possible.

Get your project completed to best of your ability that’s all you can do, your best is good enough.

This doesn’t mean you settle for less than your best. Each subsequent project should be an improvement over the completed one. Push yourself to learn and improve.

Striving for perfection is a goal, but not if it makes you procrastinate or drive you crazy.

When writing, the goal should be to finish, then take time to edit. You don’t have the time to worry about things like is it good enough, do I know what I’m doing, I’m not good enough, or some other excuse that makes you sit back and procrastinate instead of charging ahead with your writing.

This is especially true when copywriting. If you plan on writing for a living, or for businesses, procrastination is the creativity death nil for you. It’s up to you if you let it happen. Are you going to let procrastination via your internal editor, or ego get in your way? Not if you want to call yourself a writer.

I may not be as subtle as other writers, but I try to impart some knowledge from years as a freelance writer. I don’t sugarcoat things. I try to work with honesty, integrity, and quality.

To this end, all of my content is 100-percent original, and my opinion only.

About the Author:

Robert Medak is a retired Communications Technician turned freelance writer, blogger, editor, proofreader, and reviewer learning marketing.

He was born in southern California, and lived in Kansas until moving to southern West Virginia with his wife and their cats and dogs. While in California, he and his wife Connie ran an animal rescue where Robert wrote job descriptions, flyers, and was treasurer.

William Sutton |

William Sutton

The Author, William Sutton

Will was born in Stirling, Scotland, in 1970.

He appeared in Babes in the Wood aged nine, learned blues harmonica from his Latin teacher, and drove to California in a Volkswagen beetle.

Despite writing plays and stories, he got a creditable degree and started singing in pubs and writing plays in Edinburgh. He moved to London to study acting with the renowned clown, Philippe Gaulier, and won two radio play competitions for LBC Radio. This was the beginning of his woes.

Over the years, he’s tried his hand at a variety of things in order to keep scribbling. He’s acted in the longest play in the world, The Warp around 24 hours. He’s played guitar for the inimitable Philip Jeays from Vancouver to Edinburgh. He’s driven actors, including the gangster, “Mad” Frankie Fraser.

He’s also translated Latin, taught Greek and guitar. He’s even taught Geography, and Spanish, which he doesn’t speak. He’s tutored the Sugababes; they turned sixteen and never took the exam, but he did teach one to play Leo Sayer’s ‘When I Need Love’.

Fetching up in Brazil he had the idea for Lawless & The Devil of Euston Square one dark windy night in 2002. During the process of writing it, he scribbled articles for magazines about sponges, weird musicians and bad English.

He also played cricket for Brazil. No, he’s not Brazilian, but they wouldn’t have a team if they were strict on the regulations. Will’s team came third in the South American Cup. Out of three.

Find out loads more about Will at his website here or follow him on Twitter @WilliamGeorgeQ

Exhibit A Book  by William Sutton

Lawless and The Devil of Euston Square 

via William Sutton |

Public Performances

“I first met William in prison,” announced star librarian Kay Hadwick at a Victorian Evening in Surrey.

My recent outings include performances with ReAuthoring at Lounge on the Farm festival in Canterbury, Whitstable Oyster Festival and Dysarticulate on LV21 in Gililngham. Readings at Portsmouth’s Boat Festival and City Library and Greek workshops for Surrey Libraries.

I’ve spoken in libraries and prisons, for book groups and schools, at colleges, societies, clubs and festivals, and I aim to give something a little different from your ordinary reading.

Welcome to a new friend: Toni Slate | snoozeyalose


Exploring Space Around My Bed

Born a late bloomer, I desire to live my childhood dream as a professional writer/artist and a free spirit. I enjoy multiple forms of art, the craft of writing is my favorite of all. Through storytelling I’m able to manifest my thoughts into reality. Sometimes I add my own images or illustrations to my stories.

My new website!

Although I could easily write a book about my life goals, I’ll keep it short.

. World peace and happiness.

. Helping to educate those seeking to learn.

. Helping to make our World a positive experience by giving the Universe positive feedback.

. Helping to end World hunger, disease, poverty, and war.

. Helping to motivate Ourselves to live up to Our potential.

. Encouragement of the expansion of a Universal Population.

I’m starting a new Radio Talk Show with Gretchen Cooper, it’s called Lounge Talk Radio.

Where in the world is Lounge Talk Radio?

Lounge Talk Radio WordPress

Lounge Talk Radio Twitter

Lounge Talk Radio Facebook

Lounge Talk Radio Pinterest

Lounge Talk Radio Google+

Lounge Talk Radio Youtube

About Gretchen Cooper

About Toni Slate

Toni Slate – Lounge Talk Radio Co-Producer/Co-Host and student of POWERMIND developed by Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer.

Delivered on November 5, 1962 in Ventura, California, USA. Currently residing in Rochester, Minnesota, U.S.

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48 Empowering Messages Your Children Need to Hear


The messages your children hear from you today will influence the beliefs they hold about themselves as adults.

Give them a head start on loving and trusting themselves by consciously choosing the messages you send.

Children naturally express one of four, general patterns of energy. Each child needs specific supportive messages that honor their natural movement.

Use these phrases in words (or consider how you could express them in action) to help your child feel loved and empowered for who they really are.

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Northrup VS Keys: The Showdown! | Novel Ideas

Like the great American buffalo, the Chris Keys’ brand of writing is diminishing. Times were when writers would spend months, years even, hunched over the typewriter turning out a manuscript that would be as close to perfection as the human eye could make it. But now, more often than not, the scene is that more and more writers turn book after book out within weeks. The market is flooded; and just like that buffalo, the traditional writer is a rare breed.

J.W .Northrup lives in Utah. He lives in a relatively middle class area with a warm and loving family to call his own. He wanted to meet the elusive Mr Keys and I was happy to go along for the occasion. It isn’t everyday that one gets to spend time with two of the most important, explosive and traditional writers of our age.

As the first glasses of wine are poured, Chris poses a question to the ever-serious Mr Northrup. “I loved The Gold Slaves. How is it doing?” J.W. shrugs and with a smile takes his first sip of a fine white from the nearby state of California. “It’s doing its thing… Climbing up a bit further everyday.” Chris settles back and nurses the glass in his hands. “I thought it was one helluva book.”

J.W. is a new breed of traditional writer and can write almost any way he wishes. I have seen him turn out a manuscript in days, and I have seen him spend hours working on one sentence. It’s hard to know what you will get from J.W. Northrup–he is as unpredictable as writers can be.

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San Diego, California | toemail

San Diego, California

29 May

The San Diego experience is coming to an end…about to head home. 22MAY13,,,was sitting at the bus stop with one more day to go and it hit me that I was finally heading to my next adventure. 🙂

foot,toes,bus stop, San Diego, California

It’s the way we would have done it too! 🙂 We have certainly have enjoyed all of the pics from your San Diego adventure and look forward to seeing more from the next great thing! 🙂

Check out Tokidoki !

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Welcome to a new friend: Justin Foster — Foster the Podcast


Foster the Podcast



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photo (4)Welcome to “FOSTER the podcast”, the official podcast of comedian Justin Foster. Short, hilarious, and awful stories from some of the most interesting people I’ve met, brought to you in audio form. Hope you enjoy hearing them as much as I enjoy recording them. New episodes every Monday.

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Get on the mailing list to get episode info and to stay up to date with shows by shooting me an email at Put the word “subscribe” in the subject.

Thanks for your ears.

-Justin Foster

Episode Ten: Respect the Woods



20 May itunes pic

We talk house parties with comedian Nick Guerra who punches a Navy Seal, Justin parties with his Dad, and Kristie steals a snake.
Listen here to Episode Ten: “Respect the Woods”

Episode Eight: Now We’re In Love





6 May itunes pic

We talk about dating in Los Angeles with comedian Joe Dosch who explains grindr, going out with older men, and a strange post date request. Also, Kristie talks about getting hit on by Tracy Morgan.
Listen here to Episode Eight: “Now We’re In Love”


Welcome to a new friend: Ionia Martin of readful things blog

readful things blog

My name is a Ionia Martin. I am a writer, a reader, a musician, a photographer and a mother. I am also a book reviewer/blogger and love to read books of many genres/styles and varieties. I love discovering new voices in literature and spend almost every minute of my spare time with a book of one sort or another in front of me.

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Happy Memorial Day weekend,

Happy Spring Bank Holiday

   I hope everyone has a lovely extended weekend (not you Charles we know you never take a day off, but hope you enjoy it anyway:)

I will be gone until Tuesday. I am attending a writer’s retreat this weekend at the gorgeous Lake Tahoe, where thankfully it is the wrong season to ski. Have you ever seen a snow cone splat on the ground? Yep that’s what I look like when I ski.

←Not Lake Tahoe but some other lake somewhere else besides lake Tahoe in some other place…somewhere but not Tahoe.

Still pretty.

I digress.

Oh, right then. I’m going to be gone. CSB Editors, if you need to reach me, I will check email regularly. Everyone else, I will be of no use to you whatsoever but you are all in my hearts and minds. XOXOXO

Bye Bye BABY!

Where are my blasted keys?

Ah dang.

Ever have one of those days at work?

He said she said

I said she said

must we do this

all day?

Then she said

he said

something or other

and who the hell are “they?”

So then I said

we should

and they said

we could

Does it really

even matter


When I screamed F&%K

then he yelled duck!

but I would

have missed either way!

He said sorry

and I said “whatever”

and it started

all over again.

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