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Another way to keep from writing — Match Stick Rocket


Match Stick Rocket

SUBJECT: Rocketry

TOPIC: Propulsion

DESCRIPTION: A small solid propellant rocket is made from a match and a piece of aluminum foil.


EDITED BY: Roger Storm, NASA Glenn Research Center


  • 2 match book matches or wooden stick matches
  • Small square of aluminum foil
  • Paper clip
  • Safety pin


  1. Take one match and wrap a small piece of aluminum foil around the match-head. Wrap the foil tightly.
  2. Make a small opening in the foil wrapped around the match head by inserting the point of a safety pin and bending upward slightly.
  3. Bend the paper clip to form a launch pad as shown in the diagrams. Erect the match stick rocket on the pad. Make sure the pad is set up on a surface that will not be damaged by the rocket’s exhaust such as a lab table. Several layers of foil on the lab table work well.
  4. Ignite the match by holding a second lighted match under the foil until its combustion temperature is reached.

Caution: Be sure the match rocket is pointed away from people or burnable materials. it is recommended to have water or some other fire extinguishant available. The foil head of the rocket will be very hot!

DISCUSSION: The match stick rocket demonstrates Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion as they relate to rocketry. Newton’s third law states that for every action, there is an opposite and

English: Low-res simulation of c-slot propella...

equal reaction. The exhaust of the fire products from the burning match (smoke and gas) is the “action” and the movement of the rocket in the other direction is the ‘reaction.’ The action thrust is produced when the match burns in an enclosed environment. The aluminum foil acts as a rocket combustion chamber. Because the opening in the foil is small, pressure builds up in the chamber that eventually escapes as a rapid stream of smoke and gas.

English: Schematic diagram of a V-2 rocket des...

English: Force diagram for rocket engine thrust.

In an interesting variation of the experiment, try making holes of different diameters to let the combustion products out at different rates. A larger opening permits the smoke and gas to escape before it has time to build up much pressure. The escape of the products will be slower than produced by a match stick rocket with a smaller opening. Isaac Newton’s second law states that the force or thrust of a rocket is equal to the mass of the smoke and gas escaping the rocket times how fast it escapes. In this experiment, the mass of the smoke and gas is the same for both cases. The difference is in how fast it escapes. Compare the distance traveled with the two match stick rockets.

via Match Stick Rocket.

English: Isaac Newton: Principia Mathematica E...


Welcome to a new friend: Cleveland Invest

Price-Earnings ratios as a predictor of twenty...

Price-Earnings ratios as a predictor of twenty-year returns. From Irrational Exuberance, 2d ed. source (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you plan on owning a home, sending your kids off to great colleges or just wanting to create wealth for the different chapters in your life (retirement for example) this blog should be read with great attention! This is step one for a new and brighter future.

The best way to build wealth (other than working or having a huge inheritance) is to invest money at every opportunity. If you’re new to the whole idea of investing and making your money work, things aren’t too clear for the rest of the world either, you have arrived at the right place! In this blog every day we will tackle investment basics, strategies and placement of money.

The percentages of Americans who invest in the stock market come from the Gallup polling organization. In the spring of 2012 they conducted a study and the number came back as 53%, lowest since the poll was conducted in June 2002. Not everyone is cut out for investing but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least dip your nose in. If you are like every other human being then saving and making money are top priorities. Investing can be scary but with the proper research and resources anyone can make a profit! I will try and keep this guide for investing simple and straight forward. No matter income, wealth or debt, investing can improve financial freedom down the road for the latter years of life.

The very first step to investing is acknowledging that saving money and cutting back on expenses is essential. The mindset that the world’s best money managers have is that nothing happens overnight. No one should rush into investing!! In most cases investing is a 3-5 year process or longer depending on the financial goals that you set. Make sure the money being put away doesn’t interfere with everyday expenses. The penalties of removing money that’s invested early can put any investor back at square one (or even worse further from obtaining their financial goals).

Investing, unless a company goes public (offered shares of ownership) or some catastrophic amount of money is poured into the business, your money will take time to grow. The time it takes for an investment to fully blossom (the amount that you eventually want to obtain) can be a zig zag road, going left, right, up and down. Don’t let this winding road scare you away! This path can be a great indicator of what the future has in store for those investments.

There are many ways to make money grow through investments, government issued bonds, and company issued bonds, ownership stock, real estate and small business. These are just to name a few but from experience; money (and a lot of it) is here for the making and taking! In later posts we will break down each investment so that you are fully aware and know which will be beneficiary or detrimental to your own goals.

via Top 4 Long Term Tech Companies | Cleveland Invest.

Rain from the corner….singing out loud


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And it rained all night and washed the filth away
Down New York airconditioned drains
The click click clack of the heavy black trains
A million engines in neutral

It’s relentless

So how come it looks so beautiful?
How come the moon falls from the sky?

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Welcome to a new friend: Photographer Veeraj Nair

Photography course


Photography course

Learn fundamentals of Photography from Veeraj Nair

Venue: Vision Studio, Dombivili (E). Mumbai

via Veeraj Nair.

Jubin Nautiyal’s music video shoot

Much more click here

Abhishek weds Shefali

Ayyapa pooja @Nehru maidan -Dombivli

How to expand your sales territory without cold calling. | Welcome to a new friend: ian


Helping sales people balance their home and work lives


Hi team.

If you weren’t able to cold call prospects,how would you expand your sales territory?I hope that this is never the case,but what would you do?Listed below are some ideas and tips that will help.

1,Look at the world in terms of  abundance.Look for the advantages in every situation.See how big and plentiful your opportunities are.In short you need to set your inner game to the right setting.

2,Contact all your existing clients.Do a review of their supply needs.What products are you not supplying them that they could purchase from you?Do an audit with the purchasing manager or owner.You will be surprised at the growth that is available.

3,Ask for referrals from your clients.If you are doing a good job you should be getting them anyway.But if you haven’t been asking for them,then do so.

4,Every company has a list of lapsed clients.This is a potential gold mine if you handle it the right way.Ask your accounts dept for a list of lapsed clients for the last 24 months.They may have left for any number of reasons,but you should have all the contact information,and sales history within easy reach.

5,Apply the above steps to your everyday sales  process anyway.Don’t wait for the potential situation to arise,but rather be proactive.

Well team I hope that helps.

Now go and enjoy your life.

via How to expand your sales territory without cold calling. | saleslifecoachingwithian.

Live a life of passion.

Live a life of passion.

Welcome back team.
You have to enjoy what you do,and be passionate about it.
As I found out this week,life can be short.There is absolutely no point in doing a job,or living a life that is unfulfilling and lacks passion.
Find out what you are good at,study,and make yourself your own private project.
At home,enjoy those closest to you.Make them feel special and appreciated.What we send out we receive back in kind.
At the end of your life,be able to say I’m glad I did,rather than I wish I had.
Now go and enjoy your life.


[Terry:  ALMOST makes me want to do sales BUT NOT ENOUGH!]

Writing and Works |Welcome to a new friend and an acquaintance: Carol J. Forrester and Antonia Brennan

Poetry & Prose by Carol J Forrester – Illustration by Antonia Brennan

Grass Stalk Children DSC_0188

August Haiku Challenge





The Writer  Miss Carol J Forrester

The Illustrator Miss Antonia Brennan

via Writing and Works.

Sasha Meers was out of her office and stalking towards Human Resources with only one thing on her mind. This time, her Uncle would die.


There was little left of Human Resources, and even less of what had been the Head of Department. Three years previously someone had cleaned off the last of the brain splatter from the wall behind Samuel’s desk, and the bullet hole had been covered with a painting of the Scottish Highlands. Sasha rather liked the painting, it was cheery in comparison to the rest of Headquarters.

Her Uncle was not in Human Resources. Nathan Carraman was locked in a cell on the twenty-fourth level of Headquarters, just below the department of biological research and development; a floor that no one but Sasha was supposed to have clearance to. The entrance to the floor just so happened to be hidden in Human Resources. Tuck away behind a filing cabinet that no one had bothered to use in sixteen year,s since the runners had a nasty habit of being rather temperamental and sticking one minute, while whizzing out of the cabinet and slamming into a person’s chest the next.

“What the hell is this?” she demanded, slamming the scrap of yellowed paper against the glass wall of her Uncle’s cell. He blinked lazily, lifted his head from where it leant against the pillow and smiled at her.

“My darling niece.” he crooned. “What brings you down to this dank and dreary place?”

Level Sixteen was not dank. In fact it was very well lit, with soft grey paint on the walls and hardwood floor underfoot. Level Twenty-Four had been her Uncle’s private quarters once upon a time, and now it was his prison with only a single box room sitting at the centre of the apartment, with four solid glass walls that weren’t even glass but a high density material that Sasha had forgotten the name to. It might not have been as pleasant as it once was, but it was by no means dank.

“Are you going to explain this to me or not?” she asked, tapping against the back of the paper with the index finger of her free hand. “Do you have any idea what would happen if anyone topside got a hold of this?”

“It would mean all-out war.” said her Uncle. “Oh wait-” he brought one hand to his mouth in mock gasp. “All-out war is already taking place!”

The muscles in Sasha’s jaw twitched as she forced herself to calm.

“How?” she hissed. “How did you manage to get this out?”

Her uncle shrugged and smiled again.

“We have to keep some secrets to ourselves.” he said. “Even if we are family.”

The message crumpled beneath Sasha’s fist.

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Sasha checked the screens again. No sign of any incoming attacks, and most of the western borders were quiet. Something of a skirmish had broken out just north of Paris but her boys were taking care of that; it was nothing to spend time watching.

Leaning back in her chair she double checked, eyes glancing from screen to screen before settling on the keyboard in front of her.

Dear Mr President she typed, fingers hesitating as she debated what to put next. She hovered, glancing back up to see if her boys had finished with the outlying force yet and then re-focused her attention.

“Dear Mr President” she read back, wriggling her fingers. Discussions must be opened… she stopped again. There was no use in it, no matter what she wrote there would be no answer, GODS! There was no evidence to suggest anyone still living top-side still gave a dam about international relations. The war had split them all and no one knew who had promised alliances to who. Each day there was a new list of world leaders and most of the time there wasn’t a whole lot of explanation about how they had taken power or what had happened to their predecessor.

Sasha hit the backspace.





A Stairway to Fashion

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How to commit check fraud |It’s been too long since – TheReporterandTheGirlMINUSTheSuperMan!

fake check, check fraud, toni dove, the reporter and the girl, delta community credit union, scam, FTC, official check

How to commit check fraud

Unwittingly of course.

There was this job opportunity from where I applied for an administrative position. I received a response from someone, who goes by the name “Toni Dove,” and needed a personal assistant to help with some things for her art gallery.

Initially it looks legit, I googled Toni Dove and she is an artist in the city. As well as the job description sounded mundane: purchasing supplies for the studio, calling customers to collect payments, etc…

And all from home?!

So “Ms. Dove” mails me a packet which I received today, and inside contained a check, with her instructions to cash it and IMMEDIATELY deduct $500 for myself as a weekly payment then to wire the rest via Western Union to SOS Children’s Villages Yemen.

Oh no, blood money!

As you can see by the image posted, the check looks very real. But computers have come a long way since the 90′s; today anybody can print their own checks. So I call Delta Community Credit Union, where the check was supposedly issued.

I asked, ” Is there a way to verify a check issued by your bank? Whether the account number is valid…or maybe the check number?”

At first the lady said no, but after some more questions she transferred me to the credit union’s rep and I gave him the check number and the amount. He could not give me any private information, but said that the check ‘had been issued and cleared already, and that it was for a different amount.’

He couldn’t tell me more than that, but boy that was all I needed to know. And what YOU need to know is this: knowingly or not, if you cash a fraudulent check you are RESPONSIBLE for the money that the bank cleared. Meaning, paying back the bank for issuing the funds and even legal consequences (yes, you can be charged with a crime, even if you were scammed).

Nowadays, even bank tellers can’t know right away if a check is fake when they accept it for deposit. The appearance may be realistic, such as watermarks and the back for endorsement. The account/routing numbers may be real too, in fact the check may have even came directly from the bank’s drawers . BUT someone– ANYONE who saw the check, may have wrote down the check number and account number and then created a copy at home…or at the secret warehouse.

At least now the bank and the FTC know the check is stolen.

Get the Rest of the Story at How to commit check fraud | TheReporterandTheGirlMINUSTheSuperMan!.

Portrait and Glamour Photography | welcome to a new friend: Laszlo Racz


from Laszlo Racz

[Terry: I can’t do HTML well enough to begin to do Lazlo’s photography justice so please visit his website]

The background
racz_laszlo_portraitLaszlo is doing photography as a hobby since his childhood for almost 30 years. He started with a Russian Smena, later on he “captured” his father’s Praktica LTL3 to achive better results. Shooting and developing his own pictures using a film developer station he gained more experience and insight to photography that slowly established his life-long love for taking pictures. Even a full Pentacon Six TL medium-format system can be found in Laszlo’s drawer..

3D graphics
Between 2000 and 2010 Laszlo was actively involved in the creation of 3D generated female models. He had an artistic website dedicated to this called the “House of Digital Beauties”, it was running on the website.
Laszlo is shooting with a portrait-gripped Nikon DSLR camera using rather old (20-40 years) Carl Zeiss Jena lenses (designed for Pentacon Six system) in fully manual mode, because he enjoys “taking” the picture (not just clicking a button). Laszlo usually works on TFCD basis, but he is available for hire as well!

His favorite lenses for doing portrait and glamour photography are:

1. Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar f2.8/80mm
2. Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar f2.8/120mm
3. Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon f4/50mm

It costs money to rent photo studios.. if you like my work, please, send a donation of 10USD to support the making of new photos! Let me give you something in exchange: a photo not posted on this site from any gallery you choose (one photo per donation)! Motivated enough? :)

via About | hungarianportrait.

Barbi – Maid and Nurse

Lenke Szászfalvi

Convention and Trade Show Displays |Welcome to a new friend: All Star Displays

Trade Shows Displays,

Check out their Pinterest Page

having a display in place is only half the work done. You need to come up with ideas as to how you will make the display look attractive. You can make it look better and more attractive with the help of amazing visuals, images and catchy content.

having a display in place is only half the work done. You need to come up with ideas as to how you will make the display look attractive. You can make it look better and more attractive with the help of amazing visuals, images and catchy content. allstardisplays.b…

you should make sure that your product or service creates a good impression in an exhibition. This is one of the most effective ways of generating business and promoting the brand. You can achieve this by using one fabric display.

you should make sure that your product or service creates a good impression in an exhibition. This is one of the most effective ways of generating business and promoting the brand. You can achieve this by using one fabric display.…\


Display Systems

All Star Displays makes a huge range of exhibition display systems, exhibit booth displays and stands. We are one the leading supplier of exhibition displays; Contact us today for all your exhibition needs.

Why opt for a pull up banner


Exhibitions and trade shows are the best known ways to advertise for a new business or launching of a new promotion for a newly introduced product. Exhibitions attract thousands of people to your booth. Effective equipments have to be used in your booth to draw the crowd to your booth.

via Details of waveline display | All Star Displays.

the understanding branch manager |Catching up with borough of lost boys

Borough of lost boys

you were the understanding branch manager
 who let me make a cash withdrawal 
without my bank card or id 
(at 386 knickerbocker avenue and himrod street) 
– 28 (williamsburg, 
borough of lost boys)

*by someone who believes
ignorance can be bliss*
(frankie leone, just a man)

*he always sits by himself on a bench in the corner of the yard. i watch him with a musing curiosity.

about twenty pounds overweight. white, probably italian. full head of thick gray hair slicked back with water. his uniform always fresh and clean. rarely mixes with the rest of us. usually doesn’t speak much. always eats and smokes like a king. his commissary fund must have thousands in it.

we speak occasionally. eaten together a few times. there’s a superficial friendly rapport between us. he even laughed and smiled once, saying i reminded him of him when he was young. we usually chat about writing and movies.

he avoids every personal question i ask him so i know he’s got a story.

i want it.*


*i approach him and watch him draw the last cigarette out of a soft pack of marlboro reds. my brand too.

sitting down next to him i ask, “is that your last one?”

“yeah, didn’t get my commissary request in on time,” he answers, voice deep and scratchy.

“i could spot you until you get in your next one. i know you’re good for it.”

“what the fuck do you want kid?”

i smile. he’s smart and hard.

“your story.”

“yeah,” he replies drawing in a lungful of marlboro.

“yeah,” i reply.

“you’re not going to get it. tell you what though. you spot me until next week i’ll teach you something worth thousands of what you’re giving me.”

“deal,” i respond without thinking.

something tells me i might not get ripped off. i settle in to listen, resolving not to interrupt.

he starts speaking in a low relaxed voice.*


*”never run into a check-cashing place. those guys are armed to the teeth and can physically lock down a place in a second. they can trap you in a box of bulletproof glass and shoot your crew and you like fish in a barrel. hit corporate bank branches. worst you’ll have to deal with is ink bags, homing devices, and alarms.

“the key to it is not hitting the place hard, it’s to guide the flow of the cops elsewhere.

“do your research beforehand. count the squad cars of the town precinct. see how many can respond. if another town’s station is near your target scope that out too.

“don’t bother with a city bank. look for small towns. response times are slower. multiple precincts won’t respond to an alarm trip.

“get professional disguises. no rubber masks. fake beards, mustaches, wigs, costume scars, sunglasses, and hats are smart. anything that can conceal your face and confuse your identity.

“don’t leave any souvenirs for the cops. take a good hot shower before hand to get out loose skin and hair. wear a hairnet under your hat or wig. wear surgical latex gloves. unpowdered ones.

“when the time comes to approach the target, put in a 911 call about the town school. say there’s an armed intruder in there. all units will respond, and at most one car will respond to an alarm tripped at the bank. that makes it easier to blast on your way out.

“in that case if only one car comes with a single officer he won’t get out of the car until back up comes. don’t aim for the driver’s side windshield. light up the front tires of his squad car so he can’t follow your exit. most cop cars are front wheel drive. no one has to die.

“come prepared. it’s not about how big your gun is, or how flashy your mask is. that’s for amateurs. a clean fast exit is most important. get two stolen cars, make sure the plates are stolen and changed too. park one a mile from the bank. roll up with your crew in the other one. make sure to burn the second you switched into later. don’t leave any prints or hair in the first. those kind of forensics can put you away for life.

“get a small police scanner that receives all channels. one you can clip to your belt. crank it loud so you’re sure to hear if you’re getting company.

“get in there on the first of the month. the place will be fully stocked with cash money for all the people coming in with social security or social services checks.

“don’t get there at opening. armored car deliveries could be there or coming soon. the men with those are strapped and will blast like soldiers of fortune. right before the bank staff is supposed to go on lunch break is the best time.

“no one inside the bank but the manager has the key to open the teller’s cage. don’t rush in guns out. keep your pieces concealed and ask for the bank manager. once he comes out of the teller’s cage to greet you pull the pin and pull out metal. have him open the teller’s cage and go in yourself.

“never let bank staff handle money or count on them to fill bags from outside the cage. that’s a sure way to get an ink bomb or homing beacon in your cash. an ink bomb will at the very least ruin a heist. the money will be useless and the ink won’t come off your skin for months.

“don’t worry about the teller’s drawers. that’s small potatoes for amateurs. hit the central cash drawer where the tellers fill their drawers from. there’s three large drawers and no time to empty them all. hit the drawer second from the top. that usually has the largest denominations and most money.

“the vault is a different kind of operation. you need a crew of three guys inside for that, plus the given one waiting in the car. only one guy in the vault at a time. if all three of you go inside they can hit a switch that will swing the door closed and you’ll all be locked inside until s.w.a.t. comes to pick you up. make sure only the second barred gate is closed before you try for it. it’s on a timer so if the main door is closed it’s just a no-go.

“only hitting the tellers cage is usually around an 80K score. the vault is usually 300K plus.

“when having the manager open anything don’t yell at him. speak normally and assertively. if you shout his hand can shake while he’s fiddling with keys or locks. and that can cost a lot of valuable seconds. time is more precious than platinum.

“when it comes to guns, you don’t have to look like rambo, but you should make an impression. if you go with handguns make sure you bring a larger sporting model, not a compact one. like, a glock 17 instead of a glock 16, or a 1911 colt .45 automatic instead of a colt commander. if you go with shotguns or assault rifles make sure to saw off the barrels and stocks. easier to conceal and ditch.

“for ammunition go with hallow points. if you fire a warning shot, hit a body, or throw one onto a vest the cops can do ballistics much easier on a slug. you don’t want to make it easy for them to put you in a cage.

“don’t get fancy when it comes to your words. communicate what you have to when you have to. when you set things off a simple ‘get away from your desks and don’t even think of touching a smart phone. no alarms, no ink bags, no heroes. we’ll be out of here in a minute. no one hast to get hurt.’

“if you’re unlucky enough to get in a gun fight make sure to dispose of weapons properly afterward. disassemble them as much as possible. run steel wool through the barrels to change ballistics markings. dump each piece of each gun in a different place. sewer drains and off bridges are best.

“get out in under four minutes after you’ve set things off inside. three is ideal. don’t waste time. response times to robbery calls are usually under five minutes.

“the bills could be marked or the serial numbers recorded. at least some of them. you need to clean all of them. go to ac or vegas. buy eight grand in chips at a time and cash them in after the casino’s shift change. that amount won’t attract attention. don’t gamble while you’re there. that’s a way to have to hit another bank as soon as you get back.

“that’s about a packs-worth of knowledge. hope you enjoyed bank robbery one-oh-one kid.”*


*i don’t say anything for a few seconds as a digest everything he’s told me. he smiles and lights another one.

finally i ask, “what are you in for?”

“tax evasion.”

i laugh and whisper, “strange world.”

“you’re damn right,” he answers.

“i think i’m going to stick to writing.”

“probably a good idea. i get out next year. i’ll give you the address of where i’ll be. just in case you change your mind. i could use a smart kid.”

“i’m good,” i respond.

“i understand.”

“yeah, it’s nothing personal. just don’t want to spend the rest of my life here.”

“you’re smarter than i thought.”

“have my moments,” i reply and put my hand out to shake.

he grins and grips it. his pointer and middle finger are extended, touching my wrist. a roman legionaries’ handshake.

“you take care of yourself,” he finishes.

“i’ll do what i can,” i conclude.*

Social Media Hiatus | Realm Play

Social Media Hiatus—What I Learned

Rare Newborn Zonkey in Good Health

Writing breaks suck! There is no other way to sum it up. The choice to break from social media to heal was helpful, but forcing myself to break from writing was torture. The inner writing demons are not happy. Here are some things I learned:

1. Boredom can lead to cross-breedingcreating zonkeys. The genius behind this is a real zack-ass.

2. Benders are overrated. Except coffee ones.

3. Windows 8 hates me.

4. There are so many more types of Solitaire computer games (Pyramid, Tri Peaks, Klondike). Love them all.

5. Rocky movies never get old. I imagine The Expendables won’t get old either. Sly still has it!

6. Sky Cloud makes me picture my data in the sky on a cloud every time I see the phrase.

7. Low Winter Sun is one of the coolest titles for a cable series.

8. Ray Donovan is one of the best show’s this year (it’s right up there with squeezable grape jelly).

9. Commercials look more like movie trailers these days.

10. Clearly, I watched too much t.v.

11. If you fudge your age, eventually you will have to do the math.

12. There was too much time on my hands for me to make a list like this.

So happy to be back!

via Social Media Hiatus—What I Learned | Realm Play.

“an ineffable infinity of serendipity evenings of peculiarity and fiery.” | Catching up with ann johnson murphreeauthor


Artist, Poet, Fiction Writer


Love is Tiring…

Coalescing into an ineffable infinity of

serendipity evenings of peculiarity and

fiery.  There have been times that I

wanted to weep.

Weep, angered that I ever met you.  A

stone, yet I am patient as I gaze into your

eyes.  Never understanding completely,

your mind not pliable.

Oh, this despoiled flesh the path to

happiness, the consummation of my brain.

I think this thing called love is very tiring,

very, very, tiring as the tides of life flow




All eBooks at the address below:

Beyond the Voices

via Love is Tiring… | annjohnsonmurphreeauthor.

You want me to be a movie star?

This morning I got an email to be in a MOVIE. I had Stars in my Eyes! BookCoverImage

(In case there is anyone who might read this who doesn’t know, I began my career in TV as a motorcycle courier and my first novel is titled, oddly enough, “Courier” (Exhibit A Books, May 2014)

Hey Terry,
I’m doing a film that starts shooting in September. One scene has a motorcycle courier in it. It’s a speaking role. Just one line. Question is do you still have any of your gear, helmet / clothing. Any desire on your part to be a movie star???
lemme know! I’ll give you more details.
Geographically Desirable Movie
“Nicole’s Future is Waiting. She Just Has To Wake Up.”

Geographically Desirable

Nicole’s Future Is Waiting…

She Just Needs To Wake Up.

An Independent Film

In Production Now

Sadly, I had to respond honestly.


However, my daughters stole and wore out my leather jacket years ago and the motorcycle helmet might be in storage. Most importantly I’m twice the man I was when I was a courier–literally. Old and fat.


So much for Dreams of Celluloid Glory.

 bikerboi 2012-04-13 17.38.41

Meet The Future Of Publishing: Stephen Ormsby | Novel Ideas

Meet the Future of Publishing: Stephen Ormsby

The man of the hour: Stephen Ormsby relaxed.

Stephen Ormsby is the man of the moment. His new publishing company “Satalyte Publishing” is set to become one of the most prestigious and powerful publishing houses in Australia. What’s their goal? To promote the best work Australian writers can offer. 

“The Boomerang Team” comprises of some of the greatest authors in Australia. I wanted to catch Stephen for a short interview.. How does a modern publisher compete with the big guns? Let’s find out…

Q) Good afternoon, Stephen. It’s an honour to meet you.

A) Likewise.

Q) Why a publishing company at a time when book sales are apparently so low?

A) Firstly, I don’t believe that book sales are low.  It is a wonderfully huge industry, and one that will not die soon.  Secondly, I believe that Australian authors are under-represented in the global market.  There are many talented authors in Australia, and my main goal is to get the world reading them.

Since we announced the birth of Satalyte, we have been inundated.  The quality of these stories is not surprising but incredibly heartening.  There are Australian authors that have been bypassed as they are not seen to have a profitable product.  I think differently.

Q) What do you think is the main ingredient of a successful book?

Meet The Future Of Publishing: Stephen Ormsby | Novel Ideas.

Black magic, jadoo, sehr, Nas, evil eye… Welcome to a new friend: Dr. Moosa

[Terry: This information has not been examined or approved by the FDA, NIH, NSA or Interplanetary Society.  However, it could work.  I’m just sayin.]


Spiritual healers International


Hello, allow me to introduce myself. My name is DrMoosa bin Maggwa   I come from a long line of Witches, Psychics and Traditional Healers. My spells work and they can work for you. I have been helping people in spiritual and psychic matters for over 25 years now and I could help you too.I am based in the Southwest of Western Cape Province South Africa. This part of the world steeped in magic, enchantment and legend.Your spell will be cast for you during a ritual in woodland with the clean air blowing off the Atlantic Ocean, far away from the stress of the highly populated towns and cities. Your spell will help you achieve exactly what you desire in its outcome. I guarantee that I will begin to cast your spell within twenty four hours of receiving your order.

We are here to provide you immediate Help to Your Toughest Love problems especially

There’s an old saying: if you want something done and done quickly, give it to a busy person.

There’s a similar saying in the field of psychic phenomenon: if you’re in a difficult situation and you need an immediate remedy, seek out a Master Psychic who will not only solve the problem but will fix it blazing fast

Once you have ordered your spell or spells from me I will send an email to you asking you for a few details, i.e. dates of birth of any one involved etc. I can then begin your ritual work the same evening. Everything is and will remain in total confidence and no one but you will ever need to know.

Difference spells are cast for different effects and situations.

The process of casting a special formulated spell can take up to 3 weeks and longer.

Spells comes in many variations such as:

Special Spell Casting and Healing Services We can Provide

  • Return a Lost Lover spells
  • African Natural Herbal Healing
  • Muti Approach
  • Tokoloshe Bunishing
  • Spiritual Related Spells
  • Happiness with your lover spells.
  • Find true happiness spells.
  • Happiness in marriage spells.
  • Good Luck Spell Casting
  • Make your marriage work spells.
  • Secret Wish Spell
  • Money Spells
  • Business Improvement Spells
  • Success Spells
  • and many more.

Once you have request for any of services, I will personally email you for some further information – Date Of Birth etc.Image


About my healing methods

I am an international traditional experienced herbal healer. I am located in Cape Town and have helped many people change their lives. I help people solve all their failed problems and many people I work or have worked for testify for that. I help people who have been cursed by either close relatives or close friends using my traditional way to put away all their curses and give them blessings. I use the powers my ancestors gave me to cure all kinds of diseases like all signs and symptoms of HIV or AIDs. All those who had lost their lovers either husband or wife ,relatives and friends, whether they are overseas, in another province I bring them back to you with more love than they had for the first time in just a few days time with no complaint. Many people play LOTTO and put in a lot of money but they have never won even a single game! With my powers, I help them and give them luck charms and win LOTTO to start their new good life! Many people have failed in their businesses because of many roadblocks or people who do not wish them good, with my powers, I help you identify the reason for your failure and give business charms to boost your business and put it at higher level! Many people have failed to get lovers of their choice. I help you get all types of lovers you have ever wanted in your life time. Those who have got evil spirits haunting them to do bad things of which some of them are sent by your enemies which may lead to madness , I send them back or put them at rest and you become normal again. Many people have lost their jobs and others have totally failed to find one, I help you recover your job and also help you get a job of your choice using my powers. I also help those who have never been promoted at work to be promoted to higher positions! Many people are addicted to certain or different drugs and alcohol and would like to get rid of it but have got no solution, Come to me I will help you! Many of you have been complaining about other healers taking your money and run away, but am not like that because am using so ,many different kind of spirits which can even punish me for wrong doing. And i have helped many who has been failed to be healed by other healers or even those sicknesses failed clinical treatment i have treated them very well without fail. So instead of dying with complications, going to church praying all the time, while nothing changes, you must know that may be your prayer are blocked and cant be heard by god ,just find another solution for that. IF YOUR LIFE HAS BEEN A DISASTER TO YOU, I HAVE GOT A SOLUTION TO ALL YOUR LIFE PROBLEMS.

via About my healing methods | Spiritual healers International.

Black magic, jadoo, sehr, Nas, evil eye.

Black magic, jadoo, sehr, Nas, evil eye….they all take time. They can do many things to a person and indeed a whole family. It often involves having nightmares, constantly arguing with those you love, feeling depressed, a low immune system, a feeling of dread and hopelessness or very angry and wanting to fight. It can cause you to loose your job, your family, friends, it can cause you to up and leave your city or your home, your family and much more besides. Often these things go unnoticed and can make you think, why me? It can make you loose your mind and lead you to a dark dark place where death seems the only answer. It can also make you practically infertile, or unable to have close relations with anyone. I have heard many stories about the effects of black magic, the devastation it can cause. This is one of the reasons I am making this site because often people have no one to turn to when it happens to them. There are so many symptoms of black magic it is impossible to name them all as it affects everyone differently, depending on who cast it, and what kind of magic has been done. For instance it can be cast using simple spells, they’re not so powerful and can be easily undone. Some can be more difficult to remove, involving banding jinn to your life and its difficult for many witches to remove the jinn. The black magic, the spell can be removed but moving jinn is much more difficult. Some witches ue a talism, stronger than a simple taweez. But still I can remove them. How can you tell when Jinn are involved? You will feel something watching you, always with you. You will have nightmares, you can feel pressure on your chest in the night. You can feel something is in your room at night. You can feel trapped in your dreams, in a half awake half asleep state which is terrifying. This is one of the worst types of black magic. Left untreated it will ruin your life, and worse. Don’t suffer under someones jealous malicious actions…talk to me, I can remove it 100% I call pull the jinn out from your life. It takes between 24 hrs to 3 days.

An empty paper, is irresistible, we have the urge to right upon it.–Welcome to a new friend : kregianmiral

My Camena

An empty paper, is irresistible, we have the urge to right upon it. Well my life is an open book. A pen & paper’s natural hook.

via About | My Camena.

I Yearn for You


I talk to myself, to walls & everything else.

I talk to my brother & I talk to someone else.

They’re fun to talk to & I enjoy their company,

But there’s still someone I want to talk to, hug & kiss more than any.

It’s you who is my number one, it’s you who I’m dreaming.

It’s you who I miss & to be your husband is what I’m aiming.

I miss you so much, I want to hug you so badly.

I miss you so much, that I want to cry like a baby.

If me crying like a baby would make you come & running to my side,

Then I would take all the embarrassment they can throw from the outside.

I’ve never missed someone so much the way that I miss you.

Never has this happened to me, this bittersweet sentence that is “I Miss You”.

I’m going crazy thinking about everything that is about you.

From your hair down to the thumb on your feet, I can’t help but imagine you.

My heart is bursting with love & yearning for you.

& in this reality, I hope you miss me too.

I talk to myself, to walls & everything else.

But when it comes to missing you, I’m crazier than anyone & everybody else.

Never First in Line


A lot of people say, that nice guys finish last.

That aggressive people are the one who have the safety of being first.

So then I thought of being aggressive, so I could finish first.

I thought of changing myself, just so I could quench the thirst.

The thirst of wanting to be first, to have a taste of glory.

To hear people say “You deserve to be the first”, to be considered holy.

But as I tried to be aggressive & assertive, I realized it’s not working.

I don’t know why it doesn’t seem to fit me,

So instead of changing I found myself in a state of asking.

Is it my curse to reach the finish line in last place?

Am I not deserving to receive the glory of finishing first place?

At the end, I failed at becoming aggressive.

I have a strange feeling that I’m corrosive.

Corrosive to first place, I don’t belong there.

I figured it’s in my nature to always be humble,

So I’m always left here.

I realized this is me & I shouldn’t change this part.

Because this is what separates me, from their raging hearts.

My ability is to be humble

& willing to give the first place to someone else.

This ability is to give the advantage to everybody else.

for Much More Click Here

My Soulmate | Checking in with Amina Abu-El-Hawa

Life Through A Lens\

Amina Abu-El-Hawa Photography


My Soulmate


via My Soulmate | Life Through A Lens.

“Candles are expensive, but the joy of reading is worth the price.”| Catching up with HarsH ReaLiTy

A Candle

It is dark outside and the village is sleeping. The sun has long since given up on man and has retired. The house is pitch black, as most huts are, but memory serves me well as I search for a candle in the dark. Candles are expensive, but the joy of reading is worth the price.

a candle (eine Kerze)

a candle (eine Kerze) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My hands can’t seem to find the candle that I placed in the drawer the previous night. I frantically search in the far back, thinking perhaps it might have rolled while being opened. It is not there. The very feel of the night changes and a claustrophobic feeling grips me. It burns in my chest and seems to bind my heart.

I pant for breath and scurry to find my book, the only book I have ever owned. I sit by the open hut door, allowing as much of the moonlight above to bath the pages. It provides just enough of a glow to show me what I am missing, pages worn thin by continuous reading. My hands caress the binding with love, much as I imagine the soft hand of the damsel caressing the cheek of the heroic knight. Just the feel of a book seems to sooth my soul; I feel the bands around my chest loosen and I am able to breathe again.

Tomorrow I will venture out and find another candle. For tonight, I sit here simply holding my book in the company of the moon. Comforted by both their presence, I dream of a candle.

-Opinionated Man

A Candle | HarsH ReaLiTy.

Welcome to a new friend: Extraordinary Photographer Amina Abu-El-Hawa

Life Through A Lens

Helloo and welcome to my blog. I have never done this before so you will have to bear with me.My name is Amina Abu-El-Hawa and i am a wannabe photographer. On this blog will basically be my attempt at photography, so any comments, criticisms and thoughts to make me perfect my craft are all welcome. Thanks for dropping by :)

[Terry: “wannabe” photographer. Bullshit. These photos are total pro – and unlike far too many pro shots, they have a soul. ]

via Moody iPhone Picture | Life Through A Lens.


Moody iPhone Picture



Catching up with old friends: The World Game

What a beautiful graphic. You’ve got the basic point as soon as you see it and then you can dig down into levels of complexity. I’m sure if we could see the cross-links, it would be an even tighter-woven fabric.

Playing in the World Game



The above graphic (click on it for a larger version) shows how many brands and products are controlled by just nine food conglomerates. The chains go so deep that unless you have a roadmap, it’s almost impossible to know if a product you’re buying comes from an independent producer or one of the giants. Moreover, a number of these large entities have been in trouble with environmentalists and regulators for various advertising violations, health issues, or environmentally-unfriendly practices. If you’re trying to be a responsible consumer, it becomes a lot harder when there’s so much misdirection.

The good news is, the Internet has so much information available that with patience and diligence, almost any question can be answered. Just don’t trust sources like or Yahoo! Answers, which are tantamount to the stupid leading the blind.

The Old Wolf has spoken.


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Catching up with old friends: Guest Post: How Self-Publishing is Made Easy and Effective by Jasmine Roy | Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

Guest Post: How Self-Publishing is Made Easy and Effective by Jasmine Roy

How Self-Publishing is Made Easy and Effective

Are you an author aspiring to undertake the big challenge of self publishing your book? Then it is indeed a great challenge to put your own efforts and dedication to publish your creation. Several authors, worldwide, try their hands at self publishing as it allows them considerable freedom to exhibit their research and skills. Also, many authors who want to have full control over their written work and are particular with the artistic expressions opt for self publishing their book. While some go for it since this kind of publishing involves less expenses. If you intend to self publish your written book, then you need to have knowledge and take charge of the complete process.

As a matter of fact, self publishing a book is very stressful process since you are in charge of every step involved in the process. You are supposed to be responsible for everything right from writing your book to marketing it. However, this process has become easy by following some guidelines, in the recent times. It is important that you should never get discouraged and keep in mind your target and profits that you are expecting from publishing your book.

How to Self Publish

  1. The first essential step for successful self publication of your book is to write your manuscripts effectively. Be it a novel, short story book, poetry book to memoir create it in one specific electronic manuscript. Insert relevant pictures of high resolution into the manuscript. The self publishing companies do not impose additional charges for inserting pictures in manuscripts. Make use of alignment tools to align and indent text. This will help you to properly format your written work.

via Guest Post: How Self-Publishing is Made Easy and Effective by Jasmine Roy | Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors.

Welcome to a new friend: Joseph T. Coltis — Soltis Consulting

Soltis Consulting

Business Concepts, Ideas, and Information

  • We are full service business and computer consultants specializing in assisting the small business target market in developing streamlined business operations using systematic processes and automated system implementation – including business development and planning, organizational process development, software design and development, financial resource management and training.
  • My business, Soltis Consulting, offers business, strategic, and operations consulting and we have over 25 years experience in business management, strategic planning, business development, consultancy, and business analysis.
  • We also publish an online newspaper discussing topics for the small business owner entitled, “Small Business Owner Weekly Review”.
  • Many of these editorials encompass the areas of business operations; strategy; structure; and communications which can assist individuals accordingly.
  • Additionally, I have created multiple community pages in the areas of Business Management, Structure, and Communications; Strategic Planning; Risk Management; and Investment Banking.
Services include:
  • (*) Business Operations, Development and Planning(*) Organizational Process Development(*) Software Design and Development(*) Financial Resource Management and Training(*) Contract Management.

  • We help with overseeing the day-to-day operations of our clients’ businesses as well as the integration of internal components of the business; we focus on the techniques and tools needed to develop new business.

  • Some programs are basic and simply touch on these topics. Others are more intensive and provide in-depth information about lead generation, prospecting, and closing sales; and we also assist our clients is creating and implementing automated accounting structures using software such as Quickbooks Pro, and maintaining this data.

Much More at  The Influential Wisdom and Sustenance of Knowledge Management Part 1 | Soltis Consulting.

Small Business Owner Weekly Review (Week of July 8, 2013)

Good Morning –

A pleasant Monday to each of you – I am hopeful your mornings are coming along well and that you had an enjoyable weekend.

I wish to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation for all of the engagement and interaction last week – without each of you, this endeavor would not be possible, and on behalf of all of our contributing composers; writers; and fellow business owners, “Thank You”!

As of this morning, our most recent edition of “Small Business Owner Weekly Review” has been published – as always, I would encourage each of you reading this to take a few moments to stop by; review the content at your convenience; and share your thoughts and insights as appropriate.

Please do have a very enjoyable week and as always, we kindly thank each of you for your thoughtful considerations – we truly do appreciate your gracious support.



  • 14 Questions To Ask When Facilitating An Organizational Vision (Suzanne Hawkes)

  • Announcing Big Change (Caring Culture)

  • Brand: They Are Talking. Are You Listening? (Misha T. Williams)

  • Build Your Business The Right Way: 5 Ways to Develop Your Online Presence (The Jones Legal Group, LLC)

  • Business Intelligence Helps Companies Improve Employee Relations (Team Ceridian)

  • Change Management In NGOs (Andrea Santanach – Corporate Social Marketing)

  • Charting Your Big Data Journey (Laurie McCabe – SMB Group)

  • Consistently Delivering The Right Offerings (Mike Clark – Bridging The Gap)

  • Data Speaks, But Do We Understand? (Nicola Manning – QGate Software, Ltd.)


A Few Thoughts Re: Google Quality Content (Part 4) – Insightful and Interesting Article Content

Continuing our commentaries with respect to Google Quality Filters and what questions Google asks to assess the quality of a page or an article; I have been addressing a few questions at a time, providing some insight and explanation as appropriate.

In this post, I will raise some talking points as they related to composing articles that are insightful and interesting.

Another question The Google Quality Filter uses in the analysis of assessing the page/article quality is:

Do our articles/pages contain insightful analysis and/or interesting information beyond the obvious?

What is insightful analysis?  Basically, it is providing a clear, concise explanation

Much more CLICK HERE

[Terry:  Goodness. Our little business in the hands of a professional. A little bit frightening, to tell the truth. Of course, if I read Mr. Coltis, I might actually make some money at this racket.  I’ll have to ponder on that. However, first I’d love to know what led Mr. Coltis to my little corner of the Internet. Hmm?]

Read This If You Need Some Depression in Your Life

Here’s how I published a bestseller in just nine days and made a million authors instantly hate me.

The background behind this tale, written by Shed Simove in 2011, is one of ambition, attention to detail and marketing – and it reveals secrets for anyone writing a book, or indeed selling any product or service.

I stared at my computer screen. There, sitting in my inbox was an email that confirmed the world around me had gone totally and utterly, stark-raving, strait-jacket wearing, mad. I read the first line. It said:

“Shed! Your book is number 44 on Amazon… Congratulations!”

Most authors would delight at this news, and of course I was thrilled, but in my case, the book in question was a little bit different to other books. And that’s why my jubilation was, let’s say, mixed with disbelief and abject bewilderment. Because my book, entitled What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex, is completely and utterly blank.

That’s right, you read that correctly, my book contains two hundred pages and each one has nothing printed on it.

Astonishingly, I made publishing history. It was the first time since records began that a blank book had got into the top 50 on a bestseller chart.

via Real Business – How I got a blank book to the top of the Amazon charts.

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