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Book Trailer for Courier

Actually, life in 1972 was a lot like this–black and white, hyperspeed motorcycles, crashing.

It’s a fairly accurate representation of Rick Putnam’s story.


The Spice of Life: MJ Summers | Novel Ideas

vThe Spice of Life\

:MJ Summers

Exclusive by nickwale

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I want to introduce a brand new writer to you today, guys. Her name is MJ Summers and she has one of the most interesting books of the year so far. “Break In Two” tells the story of thirty-one year old Claire Hatley who is running from Seattle having just discovered that her live-in boyfriend has traded her in for a twenty-two year old hostess. Devastated and alone Claire must make a fresh start. She answers an ad for a chef at a guest ranch just outside Colorado Springs and finds herself face to face with Cole Mitchell, quite possibly the sexiest man to ever ride a horse. Common sense tells them to stay away from each other, but their attraction is not to be denied. He gives her a glimpse of what love should be, but just as she starts to trust him, the past comes back to tear them apart. Join Claire and Cole as they embark on the stormy love affair of a lifetime. 

Sounds like fun! 

MJ, let me start by congratulating you on the release of your book “Break In Two.” What originally drew you towards writing a book?

A) I read my first erotic fiction novel in April and loved it! I read a few more and thought, ‘I bet it would be a lot of fun to think of my own fantasy world and just get lost for a while’. I have a dirty mind, an active imagination so I decided to give it a try. The characters and the story just flowed out of me as quickly as I could type.

mj summers

What makes you a great writer?

A) I don’t even really consider myself a writer yet, so I definitely wouldn’t say I’m a great one. I’m someone who wrote a book. It’s an entirely different thing. Maybe someday I’ll be a writer.

Q) As a writer what do you find inspirational? 

A) Wow. That question itself could inspire an entire novel. Like most people, I find inspiration everywhere. In writing this story specifically, it was the human struggle to find love, to learn to accept ourselves and appreciate our own beauty. I think women especially have trouble with this – I know I do – and I wanted to explore that for myself. What makes us insecure? Jealous? The answer isn’t all the more beautiful women out there. As I wrote, I think I figured it out and it surprised me. I don’t want to give the answer here because it would be a spoiler for anyone who will read the novel.

Q) I can’t wait to read the novel that I may have just inspired you to write! So how did you approach the concept of writing a book?

A) With this book, I had an idea for how to start the story and what I wanted the two main characters to be like. I knew what they had both been through before meeting each other and how things would end but the rest of the story unfolded before me like a movie, in scenes. I could see it all in my mind as I wrote.  The needs and wants of the characters created the actual plot.

Q) What is the key ingredient of a “great” book in your opinion?

A) Characters that you can relate to, care about and learn from, great dialog, a compelling story line and seeing a character transform by the events that unfold.

via The Spice of Life: MJ Summers | Novel Ideas.

Cliff Roberts! Reformed Politician… Literary Powerhouse! | Novel Ideas

Cliff Roberts! Reformed Politician… Literary Powerhouse!

Cliff Roberts is a guy who has done a lot in his life. Interviewers normally ask him about his political career, his many jobs, seek small business advice or ask him what he had for lunch. I normally delve into the life of writers I work with… sure, that’s the territory. This interview will touch upon his career, but let’s get to the MEAT. What does Cliff write and why does he write it? He has written several books. “Reprisal” was his first mega hit and we’ve seen several since then. We will cover many of them in this interview and you will enjoy the writing side of Cliff Roberts!


Q) Hi, Cliff, I am going to jump right in and ask if you are still looking for a major publishing contract?

A) Well, I’ve been self-published since 2013. I hired a PR instead of a publisher. My first book was “Reprisal: The Eagle Rises.” I was offered a publishing contract, but the more I look at contracts, the more I’m thinking it’s not worth the hassle and the cut in pay per book. I sold several thousand copies of “Reprisal” over the first month of its release. Why do I need a publisher?

Q) How long did you spend trying to land a major contract? You started writing after school, correct? I will also throw in another sub-question to spice things up: Do you believe self-publishing is the way forward for writers? Are the big publishing houses on the wane?

A) After high school, while in college, I tried a few dozen times to be published the traditional way with no success, so I put writing on the back burner to get on with life– a job and family. As far as self-publishing, I believe it is the wave of the future. Too many publishers believe they are doing you a favor by agreeing to publish your work. It’s your work that makes them money; they should be thanking the writer for letting them publish it. By self-publishing, you avoid other people trying to change your dream. They correct grammar or structure, but they can also get into the story and sometimes want to see you write something other than what they claimed they liked in the first place. I think self-publishing is going to be the only way to publish sooner than later.

Q) Let me pose this question to you: If self-publishing had been around when you left high school, would you have gone that route?

A) Like most would-be writers, I probably would have thought I had to have a publisher. But I probably would have found my way to self-publishing soon enough. I’m pretty independent.

Much more at Cliff Roberts! Reformed Politician… Literary Powerhouse! | Novel Ideas.

“An exile from the country of the saints…” |CATCHING UP WITH Alec Nevala-Lee

Alec Nevala-Lee

“An exile from the country of the saints…”

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"Wolfe began every day on her knees..."

Note: This post is the fifth installment in my author’s commentary for City of Exiles, covering Chapter 4. You can read the earlier installments here.)

When I made Rachel Wolfe a Mormon in The Icon Thief, I had no idea that she’d end up as the central figure in City of Exiles. At the time, as I’ve explained before, I saw it as a convenient way to give her a little more personality, and it provided me with just enough material to enliven a crucial supporting character. Later, when Wolfe was upgraded to the status of lead protagonist, I realized that there were a number of directions in which I could take this particular detail. I could simply retcon it out of existence, or, more reasonably, ignore it as something that wasn’t relevant to the story; I could make her a lapsed Mormon, which might have been thematically interesting in itself; or I could embrace it, making Wolfe a devout Mormon who was unironically smart, admirable, and brave. When in doubt, I’ve learned to go with the idea that seems the most challenging, so I went with the final option. In practice, the novel splits the difference between the last two approaches: Wolfe is serious about the role of faith in her life, but she’s also full of doubt, and although the result may not be as pure as it was in my head, it ended up being better for the novel as a whole, as well as more suited to my personality as a writer.

All the same, even if Wolfe was starting to question her religious assumptions, I wanted her to maintain the externals as much as possible. There are aspects of Mormonism that seemed utterly organic to her character as a straitlaced federal agent, and I tried to keep as many of these as I could: the teetotalling, the avoidance of debt, the lack of swearing. It also seemed appropriate to the concerns of the overall novel. City of Exiles is a crowded story with a dense web of themes, not all of them intuitively related, but they all tend to center on the idea of exile itself: national, spiritual, and emotional. Exiles often maintain a semblance of their old ways long after they’ve experienced a change of address, and it felt right that Wolfe would continue, for example, to pray every morning, although she’s no longer sure if anybody is listening. She’ll always be a stickler for structure, even as she learns to improvise her way around the obstacles the world presents, and it made sense to me that she’d continue to value the ways in which these traditions have shaped her life, long after she’s left the country of the saints.

"An exile from the country of the saints..."

This is why I open Chapter 4 with the image of Wolfe on her knees, an unconscious echo of the kneeling body we saw earlier in the book. I still think it’s a startling introduction: we’ve met Wolfe already, both in the previous novel and in a prior chapter, but this is her real debut as the heart of the story. Before long, we’ll jump back into the plot, which has to cover a lot of ground, but first I wanted to give Wolfe a contemplative page or two to set up her personal journey. I dressed the set as carefully as I could with details that would hint at what her life has been like in London. She’s living in a sterile extended stay apartment in Vauxhall, but there’s a lump of bread dough rising on the counter—a nod, perhaps, to the way she was brought up, and also what strikes me now as an interesting bit of symbolism, although I didn’t see it at the time. She walks to work along the Thames, which, with its muddy, depressing bank, counts as another way the city has failed to live up to her expectations. (I’ve walked the same stretch of the river.) And when she arrives at the office, she’s faced with a choice: prolong a foundering investigation, or cut her losses and take what she can get now.

We’re also introduced to a number of key supporting characters at the Serious Organised Crime Agency, some of whom will go on to play an important role both in this book and in Eternal Empire. There’s Maya Asthana, Wolfe’s deskmate and best friend in London, pretty, a little vain, and the sharpest person in the office when she isn’t busy planning her wedding; Arnold Garber, a hothead pushing the team to focus on immediate results; and Dana Cornwall, the flinty officer in charge of the intelligence directorate, who finds herself struggling to balance political concerns with the needs of the investigation. (Cornwall’s name is a nod, sightly disguised, to the man who calls himself John le Carré, as well as to another fictional character whose identity should come as no surprise.) And, of course, there’s Alan Powell, Wolfe’s mentor, whose example she has increasingly begun to question. I’ve spoken elsewhere about how I took pains to fill out the ensemble here more carefully than I did in The Icon Thief, thinking that the resulting combinations of characters might be useful. As it turned out, this was absolutely the case, and in ways that shocked even me. But that’s a story for much later…

via “An exile from the country of the saints…” | Alec Nevala-Lee.

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“I’ll Be Damned,” Remarks Hitmaker Boyd Lemon | Novel Ideas

Well, I’ll be damned,” Boyd Lemon remarked when his latest promotional campaign pushed his bestselling novel “Digging Deep: A Writer Uncovers His Marriages” into the higher reaches of the bestseller listings. It was just a natural occurrence though for those of us working the Lemon campaign. Boyd is the ultimate professional writer– not working for money, fame or as a whore to his talents. He has already claimed those accolades. As a lawyer in the heady “Mad Men” era. An era that saw him excel and became one of the most sought after legal minds of his generation. It was, however, not what he wanted. To be a writer was what he truly wanted and on retiring he settled down, cut out the lifestyle, the money and the desire to be a “Mad Man” and became a writer– and looking at his latest sales figures– he has gained a huge following.

Digging Deep: A Writer Uncovers His Marriages” is one of those books that will keep you enthralled for days until you’ve had your fill of how the over side lives. What does it feel like to have the money, the power, the loss, the pain… What does it feel like to have a success that you don’t really care about. “Digging Deep” could be taken as a warning. If you want to go into a high powered job and nothing can dissuade you… This book just might. You just won’t want the money when you read what it really costs.

Boyd is one of the most interesting men I have ever met. As a man he is probably one of the most generous, friendly people you could meet. You could almost forget that this guy is trained to pounce on your words and make you eat your mistakes. You really could…

Now, if you are smart… You will go out and get a copy of “Digging Deep.” If you’re dumb you will just forget about it and go watch reality TV. It’s really that much of a divide… The choice is yours… You can catch more of Boyd Lemon in this months “Novel Reads By Novel Ideas.”


“I’ll Be Damned,” Remarks Hitmaker Boyd Lemon | Novel Ideas.

Welcome to a new friend: Aquileana| La Audacia de Aquiles

The Audacity of Achilles

Visible World is Just a Pretext



(Aquileana looks fascinating and insanely prolific–I blame myself for the inability to read Spanish

Which reminds me, why the hell did they teach us French and German in High School? The only time I’ve used French was to negotiate checkpoints in Beirut–and there it was a gamble since a lot of the checkpoints would shoot if you DID speak French.  C’est la vie. )

Buenaventura aquileana!. Welcome to this virtual space whose purpose is to make more bearable mediate our finitude … Let it be.

via Welcome | La Audacia de Aquiles.




♣ Haruki Murakami: “Kafka en la Orilla”: Reseña Sinóptica:



Kafka Tamura leaves home the day turns fifteen. I take it the bad relations with his father-a famous sculptor convinced his son repeated the fateful but Oedipus and the vacuum produced by the absence of his mother will head south of the country, where you will find refuge in a peculiar library and meet the mysterious lady Saeki. His footsteps are crossed with another character, Satoru Nakata, upon whom tragedy has struck: a child, during the Second World War. On a school trip in the woods, he and his companions fell into a coma, but only came out with sequels Nakata, lost in a kind of self-forgetfulness, difficulty in expressing and communicating … except cats. At sixty years old, poor and lonely, leave Tokyo after an obscure incident and begins a journey that will take you to the library of Takamatsu. All the plot of the novel is of brazen, its structure was simply rigorous.



Caos: Lady Gaga: “Born This Way” / “Pushing Boundaries”.-

Caos: Lady Gaga: “Born This Way” / “Pushing Boundaries”:

Lady Gaga: “Born This Way… I´m a Superstar”.-


Lady Gaga is one of the music icons electro / pop now … I recently discovered Stefani Germanotta, more precisely on the occasion of the Monster Ball Tour At Madison Square Garden televised on HBO Plus.


Lady Gaga: “The Monster Ball Tour”. Trailer (HBO):


I was particularly caught by three songs from the show, namely: “So Happy I Could Die” (the opening of the concert), “Alejandro” (a classic ultrapegadizo mail and Lady Gaga) and the final version of “Born This Way”.


♠Lady Gaga: “Alejandro”:


I think from the first a little more personal approach broke with previous prejudices. I thought before Lady Gaga was a blonde blunt, plastic doll androgynous appearance sometimes quirky other, hollowly produced by a retinue of stylists and makeup artists, following directives of a Gangsta Manager …



The timeline of one novel |Catching up with old friends: Alec Nevala-Lee

Thoughts on art, culture, and the writing life.

A page from the author's notebook

Since it’s Labor Day, I thought I’d mark the occasion by considering an unusual, highly specialized form of labor: the progress of a novel from initial idea to finished book. In particular, I’d like to talk about the timeline. One of the most mysterious aspects of writing fiction, at least from the outside, is how long each stage requires. A novelist will sometimes end a book with a statement of how long it took to complete, like the terse “Trieste-Zurich-Paris 1914-1921″ at the end of Ulysses, but that little number often raises more questions than it answers. How much of that time was spent on a first draft? How much on revision? When a novelist says that a book took about nine months to finish, what does that really mean? With Eternal Empire appearing in stores tomorrow, I thought it might be interesting—at least to me—to look back at my own files to see exactly how and when this novel came into being. Whether or not this will be useful for anyone else is another question, but I don’t think it hurts to share this information, since I haven’t often seen it elsewhere.

I’d been mulling over the prospect of a third installment almost as long as I’d known that this would be a series in the first place, and for years, there was a page devoted to random ideas for a final novel in my writer’s notebook. The first tangible evidence I have of the direction the novel would take is an extended notebook entry dated July 12, 2011, followed by a small text file from September 4, which consists of nothing but a short excerpt from the book by Rachel Polonsky I mentioned here last week, along with a stanza from Alexsandr Blok’s poem “The Scythians.” Three weeks later, while I was still waiting for notes on the final draft of City of Exiles, I finished a seven-page proposal for a novel that was known, at that stage, as The Scythian. Even at this early stage, the synopsis was fairly complete, but my agent and I still waited for almost three months before sending it out, since we wanted to approach my editor after he’d read and approved the final draft of the second novel. On December 12, the proposal was finally emailed to my editor, and by early January, we had a handshake offer, with a deadline of November 1, 2012. (As always, the contract and payment took longer to finalize, but that’s a topic for another post.)

A page from the author's notebook

As usual, I decided to spend the first month or so of the writing process entirely on research, with only a general sense of how the material I found would fit into the final story. Looking back at my own notes, I seem to have focused primarily on the Shambhala angle and putting together a chronology and visual materials on the London riots. By January 30, I felt confident enough to start a detailed outline of the first third of the book, which I finished on March 5—which happened to be the day before The Icon Thief was released. I immediately began work on the manuscript itself, aiming to write a rough version of a chapter each day, and finished up Part I on April 29. This section of the draft ended up being about 59,000 words long. I don’t seem to have wasted any time in getting to work on Part II, and I started research and outlining on April 30. I began writing Part II on June 15, taking a short break to revise the prologue, which would appear as a teaser at the end of City of Exiles. Part II was finished around August 5, amounting to 50,000 words, and outlining for Part III began the next day. I finished this outline within two weeks, and I had a draft of the entire novel by August 30. Total length was about 125,000 words.

At this point, I normally would have taken an extended break, but given my compressed timeline, I ended up waiting only a week or so before diving into the revision. In the meantime, a number of significant events had occurred: my original editor left Penguin, leaving the book in the hands of another, and the title changed from The Scythian to Eternal Empire. (If I’m going to be honest, I do miss the original title, although the new one is still pretty good.) I continued to revise the manuscript over the next couple of months, cutting the draft down to 100,000 words, and delivered a version to my publisher two days before my deadline, on October 30. I then took the long break I’d been craving for months, using the time to write the story that ended up being published as “The Whale God” and doing some tentative work on the manuscript that I hope will be my fourth novel. I also had my first daughter. I got notes back from my editor on February 9; returned a revised version, which included a new chapter and some additional material, on March 1; got the copy edit on April 16 and page proofs on May 9, both of which involved some small changes; and by May 14, I was absolutely, positively done. And tomorrow, you’ll see the result for yourself.

via The timeline of one novel | Alec Nevala-Lee.

[Terry:  I love the little addendum, “I also had my first daughter.” Alec is absolutely someone with a clear view of life.]

Smashing! I’ll Stick With The Numbers. | Yay , Imagineer-ing is back!

“Smashwords”?  Or is it “Smash my plans”?

I would normally not write this until the whole process of investigation, query and (hopefully) resolution was complete.  It is, however, something which I’m truly angered by.  Looking at my Smashwords Dashboard, which is a daily habit, I have again discovered some of my ebooks have been removed from their “Premium catalogue”!  This means that they won’t be distributed to partner bookstores, like kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes, and so on.  I’m not sure how that works, as they had already passed muster and been distributed to these places!  In fact, some have been there since late last year!  So why, in the first place, have these books been reviewed again?  They had already gotten through the Smashwords “Autovetter” and human review, and declared perfectly acceptable!  Up to 9 or 10 months ago!  Whatever the accuracy of the cause for retraction might be, this behaviour can only be described as mystifying.   As to the cause?  Well, it’s the same in every case.  Puzzlingly, the declared problem only applies to some, not all, of my books.  Why is that puzzling?  Well, the simple answer is that every single one of my book manuscripts was created using the same software!  Software designed specifically to produce Word doc files that meet the format demands of Smashwords!

I believe a friend has made a very important observation.  It applies to just about every online ebook publishing site out there, for a variety of reasons!  They seem to forget that 50% of the company’s business relationship base is the authors!  Without authors, they have nothing to sell!  It doesn’t matter how many readers visit them, or how many “partners” (I.e. retailers) they have!  Without us, they have no product.  They should think on that!

Now, I have to go back to waiting for answers from various quarters.  I hope that the response I receive from Smashwords is a whole lot more polite than the last time I raised an issue with them!

+++Late news+++

The indications seem to be that a single setting in Jutoh may have caused this problem.  However!  I maintain that no such problem would have existed for the books concerned if they hadn’t suddenly been reviewed again.  So it would seem that something has changed in the “Meatgrinder” formatting software used by Smashwords and they decided, for some very strange reason, to revisit some books that had already passed muster!  Indeed, I can honestly say that I haven’t heard of anybody else facing this extra work!

A Question of Numbers

You’re probably sick of my fascination with statistics!  Please bear with me for a very short entry, though.

The blog is up to almost 10,400 views since its birth!  From a mere trickle of comments on posts, we’re closing on 1,400.  The number of direct Followers has risen to almost 500, and a further 1,400 on Twitter, 400 on Facebook (for the Imagineer-ing page) and 30 on Tumblr (rounding the figures).  I also have nearly 240 Friends on my personal Facebook page and a considerable number more than 500 contacts on LinkedIn.  I’ll not go into followings on other networks! As anticipated, average daily numbers declined during the Summer months.  As a trained statistician, I wouldn’t make any real assumptions of views of the blog based on a year’s figures.  In fact, I’d prefer to have ten years of data!

As an aside, no, I’m not one of the modern statisticians who seem to think that it’s worthwhile quoting figures based on a handful of survey respondents, like on the majority of TV ads!  They should be ashamed!  Any statistician knows that any sample below a certain level is absolutely no use.  90% of 138 means absolutely nothing!  Even if it does make a product sound good!  Just come back when your sample size is in the thousands!

I’d just like to issue a big Thank You!

~ Steve

via Smashing! I’ll Stick With The Numbers. | Imagineer-ing.


{Terry:  Two things to remember, Steve.

1) As far as Smashwords, never assume malice when simple incompetence or the use of a computer is involved.

2) Why would you EVER think that a TV Ad Writer would be ashamed?  I know them and it’s not physically or psychically possible. My personal favorite statistician is Paul Ryan who managed to project economic statistics out 60 years (when 99% of economists won’t go past 5)]

Bring Hit Books Back: Novel Ideas Leads The Way! | Novel Ideas

It’s been a BONANZA month for us here at Novel Ideas with SIX number one bestselling novels in just over a month. Entries into the Amazon newsletter with several titles at the same time and the birth of several brand new bestselling authors.

Cuckoos Calling

“Reprisal: The Eagle Rises” becomes a national smash hit!


Novel Ideas author Tom Ufert strikes in at number one

CHarlie flowers HITS number!

Thriller writer Charlie Flowers becomes the NUMBER one sensation!

Amazon newsletter

The Amazon newsletter lists two of the best from Novel Ideas.

Bring Hit Books Back: Novel Ideas Leads The Way! | Novel Ideas.

The Naked Robert Watson: An Expose Of A Writer | Novel Ideas

The Naked Robert Watson: An Expose Of A Writer

This isn’t just another author interview. This is an in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes upbringing of Robert Watson. Robert, sailor, author, father, lover, friend and living, breathing history. I wanted to know what made him the man he is today. What were his cultural experiences? What did he see? Hear? Do? Let’s find out…

Robert relaxing after a hard day spent writing.

A) I am happy to report that they seem to be getting stronger and stronger. My publisher has released the paperback two months early. I think that speaks volumes, don’t you?

Q) Let me ask you something else regarding your books. What are you hoping for from your books?

A) Nick, I really write just to hear that people to enjoy my work. I really have no illusions about making millions or being another Tom Clancy. That just isn’t me at all.

Q) Why not?

A) Now, don’t get me wrong! I am not saying I don’t want that. I just happen to believe that sometimes there is a reality to writing. That reality is simply as follows… Not everyone makes it that big. Now, if I do make it that big, so be it.

Q) One of the burning issues of the moment is promotion. What works for you? How do you promote your work?

A) All the usual stuff, Nick. I do interviews. I use Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and I do have a web page. My daughter and some good friends made a YouTube page for me. I am also happy to report that the local papers are very good with me as well. I feel well loved. I think the most important method is word of mouth. You can’t beat people promoting your books for free.

Q) So, what really matters to you, Robert?

via The Naked Robert Watson: An Expose Of A Writer | Novel Ideas.

Welcome to a new friend: An Author and Editor –SLS Oborowsky

Author’s Thought

Writing for those who love to read

Author’s Note

Whether you read a book or magazine, go on the internet and search places, people or things they all take you to somewhere from the comfort of your home. They open you up to a world that may be similar or different from yours. This is my online space, flying with wordpress, to share with you all kinds of things: who I am in fragments, my accomplishments, my photos and anything I find interesting or strange that makes you think about things. It may be serious, some not so serious and some just darned right ridiculous.

writeLike a chef at work, you will see me perform. I will edit before your eyes as I post a share of thought filled with errors crying for perfection. It may not fill your belly but it will fill your heart of the taste of a writer at work. Because I share then edit, revise, and even remove and repost, I may drive you bonkers but do not despair. It is that of a writer, with errors to share and corrections to make. Do keep in mind I am first serving you words of wisdom before the edit as I write from the heart and soul. The life and times of a writer at work.

About Me


There is no “Buy Button” for my books on this blog. I leave the sales to Inkwater Press and other book venders.

My blog is for you to get to know the author behind the story. Visit me here or visit my other blog Books-SLS Oborowsky where I share links to other author’s blogs. Do join us here on If you add me and have a blog, I’m glad to add you back and happy to read your shared interest. If I have not added you, it is because I got a warning from your site, not because I didn’t try.

Even if you do not follow, do visit again and thank you for stopping by.

©all rights reserved

via Author’s Thought – SLS Oborowsky | Writing for those who love to read..

Home » books » Ivy: The Stem of a Rose and Ivy: The Blossoming of a Rose

Ivy: The Stem of a Rose and Ivy: The Blossoming of a Rose

These are my first and second books I ever published. The story tells about a Metis family living off a settlement and the tough challenges that face Ivy growing up with a single mother and two sisters. The story is in the era of the 70′s. With the first book, she is 9. She and her sisters find a pond and begin to swim in it until Ivy’s sisters become ill and one thing leads to another. The second book of Ivy is about her at 17 but fills in some crucial gaps from the first book. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed creating it. Ivcover (1000) (722x401)

©all rights reserved

All About Spelling

English spelling depends on the country…


Centre British/Canada
Center US
Litre British/Canada
Realize US/Canada
Realise British
licence British/Canada
license US/Canada
Disc British/Canada
Disk US
Skilful British
Skillful US/Canada
Color US
Colour British/Canada

and the list goes on.


Canada usually takes the British spelling which is the longer spelling even in medical words such as anaesthesia rather than US spelling – anesthesia.

For more visit Spelling style variations

[Terry: Just a side note. The difference between American and English spellings is not accidental. It was seen as an essential part of developing an “American Character” by early activists, like Noah Webster:

The speller was originally titled The First Part of the Grammatical Institute of the English Language. Over the course of 385 editions in his lifetime, the title was changed in 1786 to The American Spelling Book, and again in 1829 to The Elementary Spelling Book. Most people called it the “Blue-Backed Speller” because of its blue cover, and for the next one hundred years, Webster’s book taught children how to read, spell, and pronounce words. It was the most popular American book of its time; by 1837 it had sold 15 million copies, and some 60 million by 1890—reaching the majority of young students in the nation’s first century. Its royalty of a half-cent per copy was enough to sustain Webster in his other endeavors. It also helped create the popular contests known as spelling bees.

Handwritten drafts of dictionary entries by Webster

Slowly, edition by edition, Webster changed the spelling of words, making them “Americanized”. He chose s over c in words like defense, he changed the re to er in words like center, and he dropped one of the Ls in traveler. At first he kept the u in words like colour or favour but dropped it in later editions. He also changed “tongue” to “tung”—an innovation that never caught on.[30]

Part three of his Grammatical Institute (1785) was a reader designed to uplift the mind and “diffuse the principles of virtue and patriotism”.[31]

“In the choice of pieces”, he explained, “I have not been inattentive to the political interests of America. Several of those masterly addresses of Congress, written at the commencement of the late Revolution, contain such noble, just, and independent sentiments of liberty and patriotism, that I cannot help wishing to transfuse them into the breasts of the rising generation.”

It’s Happening : Terry Irving’s First Urban Fantasy Novel #mustread #urbanfantasy #kindle #new

It’s done, It’s UP, it’s FOR SALE.


sweetheart rewrite COMBINE 2

On August 1, 2013, “The Last American Wizard”, Episode One of “The New Abnormal” will be for sale on Amazon Kindle. It will be a complete story in itself as well as only the beginning of a dramatic novel which tells how the United States is hit with a bloody sneak attack, absorbs the blow, and fights back to find and defeat the enemy.

It’s a story that could be ripped from today’s headlines except that the enemy is mystical and the weapons are magical.

There are no vampires and werewolves in this book–only very real people with very UN-real talents. A journalist who becomes America’s Last Wizard, Politicians who begin to show their essential natures as elves and dwarves, a haunted smartphone, and the oldest program at the National Security Administration–codenamed “Barnaby”.

It’s as if Tom Clancy‘s tough and nuanced spy craft were mixed with a lot of Jim Butcher‘s wise-cracking wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden and a touch of Kim Harrison‘s pixie witchcraft but in the end, it’s a completely unique experience.

‘It’s like a thermonuclear dance”|Catching up with The Seeker’s Dungeon

Making the World Turn

July 25, 2013

photo credit: Karuna Poole

It’s like a
thermonuclear dance
when you walk into the room
– consumed is even the air
with announcing your glory.
Your story told through
even the grace in your strut
– breath hushed
as all sensory experience
is heightened.
the mind
is forced to slow down,
as it is not able to comprehend
the emotional awakening
that is flooding every pore
of its physical understanding;
demanding a recalibration
of all that was
seconds earlier
known to be true.
it is for you and no other
that this soul burns,
it is you and no other
that makes my world turn.

via Making the World Turn | The Seeker’s Dungeon.

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#Book #Giveaway! | Welcome to a new friend: GE Cooper

Drop by Drop We Fill the Pot

Creating Reality Through Conscious Design

Hello World



Sudan (Photo credit: USAID_IMAGES)

My blog is primarily focused on positive thinking, goal setting and achievement, meaningful giving, and living in gratitude. I am so thankful to have  contributing author, Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer to offer his expertise on these subjects. He has coached and mentored me for the past year, and I am happy to say his books have made a significant positive impact in changing my daily internal dialogue.

I hope my blog posts inspire you to find your creative natural talents so that you may share them with the world! I firmly believe we are all connected. I live my life now with the understanding that what affects one of us, ultimately affects the whole. We have the individual power to positively change our lives, our communities, and the world we share.

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Drop by Drop Ebook: by G.E. Cooper

A student of the Powermind System details her journey through superconscious goal setting and achievement. A brief interview with Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer is included in the final chapter. Funds received from this book are used to assist in bringing clean,safe water to the southern regions of Sudan.

She Didn’t Say Hi To Me! How Rude!

[Terry: DE Cooper is also deeply involved with Lounge Radio and Lounge Radio Kids — CLICK HERE FOR  our blog on these cuties!

for more on the Powermind System Of Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer

The Powermind System: Twelve Lessons on the Psychology of Success

sweetheart rewrite COMBINE 2

Welcome to a new friend: Felicia–The Review Sister on Spotlight

[Terry: Honest Reviews and Real Advice. Both about as rare as hen’s teeth on the Internet. The Review Sister.]

About ME!

HELLO! Welcome to Spotlight.
This is The Review Sister but you can call me Felicia.

Now, if you’ve been here for awhile, you know that there have been some major changes, so, let’s go through them. In this blog, I will be reviewing and talking about books, beauty, and movies (and TV). While reviews will be part of the equation, I  will also be talking about these topics; I have decided that I would like to do much more than just reviews on this blog and would love to have discussions about these topics.

I would love to have all of your comments and/or feedback on how to better myself on topics such as these or even new topics. So, suggestions are appreciated!

Looking for something in particular? Please visit categories (at the side).

~ Yours Truly,

The Review Sister

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Cheap Lipsticks Ideas for Black Females or Women of Color: Day 5

Today is the last day of the “lipstick series” before the wrap-up! I have no lip liner or anything of the sort aside from the lipstick.


Ruby 305 is also from the $0.99 Wet N’ Wild’s NYC collection found at CVS. This color is a couple shades darker than Blossom reviewed yesterday; it seems like it should be a dark red but resembles a strange closeness to Blossom. Let’s look at the pictures again.

316 Blossom305 Ruby

316 Blossom          &                   305 Ruby

Of Of course, the lighting does play a part in this but after closer observation, this is, in fact, a red. It has sparkles in it and is not a vibrant red but is DEFINETLY a red with a pink undertone (and a bad lighting- explain the similarity?).

I wouldn’t pick this as an everyday look and, to be honest, I’m not sure if I would even buy this again. I’m not quite sure which skin tone this would fit best in but it looks okay on me.

So, this concludes the lipstick series and tomorrow I  will put all the colors together to wrap it up!

So long,

Felicia (aka The Review Sister)

Book Review: Pretty Face by Mary Hogan


So, What’s it All About?

Hayley is a teenager living in Santa Monica, California. She’s close to the beach, has excellent weather, and has a good best friend,what could be wrong? Well, Hayley happens to be fat in body image-obsessed Southern California where have plastic surgeons numbers in their back pocket. So you can bet that the only compliments Hayley hears is that she’s smart, funny, and (the dreaded) has a pretty face. She doesn’t feel normal and her health-obsessed mom is always nagging her to lose weight. To make things worse, she has a MAJOR crush on Drew Wyler (which she knows is impossible) but when the unthinkable happens, she begins to feel worse about herself. Just as she begins to think she will be fat forever, her parents offer her a trip to Italy where her life will change forever. Join Haley in a story of love, life, and decisions in “Pretty Face.”

What do I Think?

For some reason, I always seem to enjoy books that include weight struggles and this one was no different. I liked this book because it did have a little bit of suspense. It’s a great light read with a valuable lesson, never let anyone define you. However, I did not like the teenage sex deal.

The Good: It’s a nice light- read with a good moral.

The Bad: It’s a little too happy-go-lucky

The Ugly: Teenage sex is apart of it


I would rate “Pretty Face” a two out of five stars (2/5) because it was a light read (nothing to really think about) and it involved teenage sex. However, I did like the simplicity of the moral of the story.

Movie Review: Superman, Man of Steel

First of all, let me say that I have never EVER been a fan of Superman; I have always thought that the creators made him TOO invincible and just plain 0% realistic. BUT Man of Steel has completely changed my mind.
As you probably know, Clark Kent comes from Planet Krypton and was shipped to Earth before his original planet was destroyed. His “adoptive” parents (the one’s that found him on Earth) have raised and cared for him but not without picking up on his special “abilities.” While Clark’s “father” has raised him not to expose his powers because of the world’s lack of preparedness, a chain of events begin to make Clark reconsider, including the constant appearances and conversations with his real father. Eventually, Earth’s existence is in jeopardy because General Zod (Michael Shannon) ( a man pre-destined to protect Krypton) has come to wipe out Earth’s citizens in order to rebuild Krypton. Clark has to decide between saving Earth or saving Krypton. Who is behind him? Is Earth behind his mission or will they call this stranger the enemy? On the other hand, will saving Krypton bring him more of a sense of normalcy or will their values of pre-destination over choice be too much to handle? Only one can exist on Earth, which will it be? And how will Clark Kent play a role in it?
Watch Superman, Man of Steel to join Clark Kent in his battle of finding out who he really is and determining which side he will be on.

Well, as I said before, I have never been a Superman fan until I saw this movie. Man of Steel is full of action and suspense; it is not the “I am the superhero and you will never be close to beating me” type of movie. There are odd twists and turns while using flashbacks to explain the movie further. So, you’re probably thinking “I’ve never seen a Superman movie in my life, I can’t just jump into this one!” YES YOU CAN! I’ve only seen about one Superman movie (other than this one and I don’t even remember it). This movie clearly explains the existence of the characters and their circumstances while not boring me to death! SO, NO PREREQUISITES ARE NECESSARY! I also liked that there was no perfectly good or bad guy; throughout the story, both sides were told and the viewer could empathize with either side.

I really enjoyed the fact that while the whole romance factor with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) was definitely there, it did not overwhelm the movie like so many other superhero movies (*ahh-hem* Transformers *ahh-hem*) :)
I, honestly, have nothing bad to say about this movie but other people did. For instance, some have said that there was little humor and fun in it and while I would have to agree, I DO NOT think that it makes the movie any worse. I do not feel that Man of Steel is too intense at all; I think that it had enough pauses and breaks between heavy scenes to take a little bit of load off of the audience. However, if you are looking for a movie full of make-out scenes and jokes then, please, do not see this movie!

Man of Steel is definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen this year! It’s storyline and it’s actor’s are on point. Man of Steel will be a hard movie to beat!

Read This If You Need Some Depression in Your Life

Here’s how I published a bestseller in just nine days and made a million authors instantly hate me.

The background behind this tale, written by Shed Simove in 2011, is one of ambition, attention to detail and marketing – and it reveals secrets for anyone writing a book, or indeed selling any product or service.

I stared at my computer screen. There, sitting in my inbox was an email that confirmed the world around me had gone totally and utterly, stark-raving, strait-jacket wearing, mad. I read the first line. It said:

“Shed! Your book is number 44 on Amazon… Congratulations!”

Most authors would delight at this news, and of course I was thrilled, but in my case, the book in question was a little bit different to other books. And that’s why my jubilation was, let’s say, mixed with disbelief and abject bewilderment. Because my book, entitled What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex, is completely and utterly blank.

That’s right, you read that correctly, my book contains two hundred pages and each one has nothing printed on it.

Astonishingly, I made publishing history. It was the first time since records began that a blank book had got into the top 50 on a bestseller chart.

via Real Business – How I got a blank book to the top of the Amazon charts.

Lifting The Veil: Tom Ufert Meets Michael Haden | Novel Ideas

Michael Haden and Tom Ufert both know the side effects of drinking and driving. Most importantly, they both know the side effects from addiction. Now, Tom Ufert,, author, politician and advocate will explain he has struggled with addictions. His addictions to sex, drugs and drink did not hinder his career—but they did change his life. A drink fuelled car crash led him to a hospital bed where not only did he have a cervical fracture, it was also discovered that he had HIV. His whole world fell apart. Tom had to mend every fence bit by bit. His book “Adversity Builds Character” tells all.Now, Michael Haden is a case of a man affected by the loss of a loved one. A promising young student of his called Deana Murphy was killed in an accident. An accident she did not cause. A driver, drunk and emboldened by alcohol cut her down in her prime. Michael wrote “A Deal With God: The Power of One” to tell a story set in an alternate reality. What might have happened? What could have happened? If only Deana had been given a second chance…

via Lifting The Veil: Tom Ufert Meets Michael Haden | Novel Ideas.

Green Kitty~ Just For You! | Novel Ideas

Excerpt from Green Kitty by Alexandra Faer Bryan

by nickwale

Today, we have something special for you. This is our July 4th treat to you. Award-winning author Alexandra Faer Bryan has given me an extract of her book “Green Kitty” to share with you all. I think you might enjoy this one.

What’s it about?

Green Kitty was written for children ages 6 to 10 to help give an understanding of dementia. It is a story about a grandmother with memory problems being visited by her grandchild. Their bond grows stronger through the visits. The grandmother recalls old stories, mostly about family pets, after the child’s curiosity is piqued about a special animal. The child becomes anxious to hear grandmother tell about the “Green Kitty,” but her fragile mind is often sidetracked with other memories from her past. Green Kitty will capture the imagination of any child as it retells the laugh-out-loud true antics of the author’s family pets and farm animals. These are very amusing, earthy stories which will appeal to both parents and children.

What do the reviews say?

“Explaining to any child that their grandparent is suffering from Alzheimer’s is such a difficult task, but very necessary. I’m extremely glad this book was written. Hiding the truth from them on why their loved Grandpa or Grandma is behaving differently will not address the child’s worries. Sit them down and talk with them, read this book to them. Children are smarter and more durable than most people give them credit for. I’m sure they realize that a problem already exist.”~ Gary Joseph Leblanc~ 5 Stars

via Green Kitty~ Just For You! | Novel Ideas.
Green Kitty on Amazon

Welcome to a new friend: Taylor Butikofer| Heftyjournie


Welcome! You will have a journey, when you read through these posts.

Taylor Butikofer loves to write. He is currently working on a book that could be published traditionally or self-published. He writes all sorts of different short stories, including this blog. All of this blog is fiction. When he was in elementary school, he won a award for his writing that astounded his teachers and his principal.

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Wax On. Wax Off.


The other day was the funniest day I have had in years. It all started out with a bag of wax, gone wrong. I had tried to do my duties efficiently, but that is not how it turned out.

The whole thing started out with me not wanting to squirt the wax on the cloth that I possessed. In fact, I felt that the towel did not do its job. Guess what happened next?  I used a plastic bag, and cut a hole through the bottom left corner of the bag.

I then continued. I took my hands and handled the plastic bag and grabbed two sides on separate ends and lowered the plastic thing into the chamber of the wax. This is the part where it started to get messy.

I will save so much time by doing this the easier way. Or so I think. For all I know, my teacher thinks the other way is the better way, but no this is easier than to squirt the wax on a cloth. No, I will not do it that way, but the way that I think will work the best.

As this thought went through my head, I was a genius in disguise. I will be thanked and praised for finding a new way to dish out the wax.

When I had the wax in the bag like I wanted. I then proceeded to wax the floor my way. I stood and stooped over and began to tighten my right hand grip on the bag so it started to ooze out of the bag.

I take my cloth to wipe it into the floor, and I still thought this was a smart way to do it. But as I was half way done with the floor, someone comes in and one of her feet began to lose ground, then the other followed behind it.

Then she said “No. It’s all over my pretty dress. “

That is when I figured out to always listen to my instructor, no matter how genius and clever I think I’m being.

Signed out:


Practical Is Key When In College

When it comes to college you have to be practical. But that was the funny thing about what happened to me the other day. I did something not practical. In fact, it was very impractical.

When I was in a rush to get into class, someone was trying to rush their way out. It was plenty of funny because I didn’t want to be late, but this guy didn’t want to go to class. As we are heading for each other’s directions, it happened so fast that I laugh at it until this day.

As we were about to collide, I take both of my hands and I push towards his shoulders and made sure that we did not collide.

But this was not enough for me to be satisfied because when he did not stop, I yelled straight at him, “can you even see me?”


Laugh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But when we collided, everyone started to laugh at me and I felt so embarrassed. People had dropped what they did and pointed, laughed and it left me feeling like a stone statue.

This too has a lesson to be learned from this type of thing that happened to me. Always be alert and for hell sake, watch where you are stepping or in this instance watch where I’m stepping.

But back to the story, when the professor entered the room everyone started to stop laughing but when the professor asked why all the silence everyone began to start to laugh again and some pointed in my direction and I felt like the picked on one.

The professor then proceeds to say okay now pull out your science books to start on chapter ten. But when we all started to pull one of our books out, someone takes my book and dumps it on the floor and everyone started to laugh again.

I thought I heard someone tell me how big of a dork I am but it could have been a figment of my imagination.

Two lessons are to be learned from this story. Everyone can be a bully and try to pay much attention to what one is to do or that one will feel like a big idiot.

Signed Out



Writer Unboxed » Are You Building An Audience Of Writers, Not Readers?

Writer's Block 1

Writer’s Block 1 (Photo credit: OkayCityNate)

Far too many writers build an audience of the WRONG people. As a writer, you craft a work that is meaningful to you, and you wonder how you will connect it to the world. So you begin engaging with people online and off, telling them about your writing.And guess what? Guess who is MOST interested in this journey you are on? Readers? Nope. Oftentimes, it is other writers.So we do what feels validating and welcoming: we join amazing communities such as We forge relationships, we grow our platforms with people who want you to succeed as a writer.But therein lies the problem.

In other words: YES, engage with other writers. But don’t stop there.


Every single week, learn more about who your readers may be. Engage with them in tiny ways online. And off. Learn what it is about your writing that cuts to the heart of why your ideal audience readers. Discover what it is about one of your stories or books that jumped out at people.

How do you begin engaging with readers? Just a few ideas:

  • Read. Read books similar to yours, if possible. Engage as a fan would. Leave reviews online, recommend books, consider who else is doing the same.
  • Understand what other books are like yours, especially those published in the past 5 years. Where are they shelved in bookstores, how are they displayed, what comes up in “People who who bought this also bought…” in Amazon?
  • What is the language that other readers used again and again in reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing, and other sites?
  • Who are these readers – specifically? See their Goodreads profiles, understand what else they read.
  • Talk to readers. On social channels, follow them, comment on their updates, and learn about them. Engage as a fan of similar work, not an author trying to promote your own books.
  • Develop a group of beta readers.
  • Everywhere you go, ask the person standing next to you: “what do you like to read?” Then ask why.
  • Join book clubs, attend events at bookstores and libraries – do anything possible to chat with other readers about why they read. Study the expressions on their face, the cadence of their voice as they talk about reading.
  • Talk more about other people’s books than your own.
  • Create profiles of your ideal readers. Create lists of where you can find them online and off. Go there. Often.
  • Craft messaging that gets readers interested in your writing. Test this again and again, both in person, and in digital channels. Revise constantly.

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Good-Bye, Simple Life | Fay Moore: I Want To Be a Writer


Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites


Good-Bye, Simple Life


When I started this blog about writing my first novel, I had no idea of the complexities of the world of publishing and selling books. I didn’t know that the writing of the book would be the easy part.

There was a time when I read the daily blogs of many, many people, keeping up on details of their lives and projects. I enjoyed the interaction, the making of new friends. We talked about our dreams. We dreamed about telling stories that others would read and enjoy. Together–at our own pace–we put one foot in front of the other and started the Writer’s journey. We encouraged each other.

Man, I loved those times!

Then came knowledge–cover design, marketing strategies, book conferences, interacting with the media, and more. Intermingled with all of this is the grind of the re-write and editing, editing, editing.

Plus, I have work outside of writing. And family and friends who need nurturing. And it’s summer: the grass is growing; the garden needs weeding, the ants taking over my house need murdered; the animals need care and play time.

I have complicated my life–by choice–in so many ways. Even though I have given up commercial farming, there is no spare time in the schedule. In fact, I am busier than I ever was. And I am trying to get the #$%^# novel finished!

Okay. Now that I have bawled like a baby and thrown a tantrum, let me say this–I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, maybe one thing. Me. I’d change me to be better organized, less frazzled, less fearful of the unknown, more optimistic about the future. But I wouldn’t change a thing about the craziness of the book world I have embraced.

Simply said, “Good-bye, Simple Life.”


via Good-Bye, Simple Life | Fay Moore: I Want To Be a Writer.




[Terry: Nah, don’t change.  Think of how horrible the alternative could be.]

Paris (left) and Nicole (right) in the first s...


Welcome to a new friend:Vergielyn Cubol — What Is A Writer

Greetings! My name is Vergielyn, yes, the same Vergielyn that you probably heard about around the blogosphere. What Is A Writer is  a new site of mine and this is probably where you’ll find me on the upcoming days. I look forward to write new beginnings of my life – as a writer and as a person. See you around folks!

More About Me.

I was the blogger behind the writer’s inspirational blog –  The Writing Corp. I decided to build a new website because I realized that I needed something new. No, I didn’t leave The Writing Corp behind. It  will be run by my trusted fellow writers and I know that they will keep it alive. Currently, I’m working in the computer industry, trying out new things and exploring boundaries as well as trying to get out my comfort zone. I still write, still write to pay the bills and to inspire.

Of course, aside from writing I do other stuffs too. I love philanthropy, kick boxing, food trips, traveling, city walks (during night time, don’t know why), business-related talks and I ultimately love great conversations. Got questions? Drop them below! I may not be able to respond to all your messages but I’ll try my best to do so.

What Is A Writer | A Vergielyn Cubol Blog.

My Father’s Day Special Story

15 Jun

Do me a favor, go HUG your dad and tell him you love him. Do me the favor of doing the thing that I didn’t have the guts to do for the past 7 years of my life, the thing that I wasn’t able to say – not until when he finally left me.

It hurts living by myself (but don’t think my life is that miserable, God blessed me awesome friends) but what hurts the most is losing the man who had been with you since you first gasp for air. Months ago, I lost my father and the pain was unimaginable. I don’t know how I get over it but it still hurts. I know, wherever he is right now, he is “mutually” proud of me. He’s proud that I made it through on my own (plus my awesome friends), he’s proud how I learned from my mistakes and he’s proud of who I am. Pa, this one is for you.

The Father, The Daughter and The Writer


Some ten years ago..

“Hey Pa!!” I almost yelled those words with glee. Then I walked closer to reach the forty five year old man who was holding a white bag which was filled with something — something that I really really really love! Gee! It was my favorite tropical fruits!

The man was wearing his regular white shirt, rugged denim jeans and his all-time favorite blue slippers. His forehead was sweaty as he only walked that long distant from work to home, even though the heat was ranging that one sunny Saturday noon. “What’d you got?” I asked smiling, gazing on the bag that he was holding. Duh – I obviously knew what it was; I was just trying to play naïve.

“Oh I saw the vendor selling these on the streets, I knew he’ll pass by here and if you’ll see him you’ll only get jealous if you wouldn’t be able to taste ‘em today.” Said by the man in a giggly mood and then he handed the bag to me. I smiled and accepted it. Then in a sweet voice I uttered;“Pa?” The tone of my word sounded as if I was asking and then I looked into his eyes giving him that puppy look on my face.

“I know that kind of look!!” He exclaimed in between his mirthful words. “You need something?”

I nodded, biting my lower lip. “Yeah, a few bucks for a few new pieces of papers and a black pen.”

He smiled and said; “Oh why did I even asked?” His right hand reached for coins from the right pocket of his jeans. Then he handed me a few pesos, enough to buy what I wanted. I opened the bag of fruit, picked a few from it, gave the bag back to him and with smile on my face I started to walk away from the man while popping the juicy sweetness of those summer fruits.

“You are spoiling your kid so much.” I heard another man’s voice though I didn’t bother to look back

“Let it be. It’s her only happiness.” I then, again heard Papa’s words.

 January 22 2013….

“You have to live. C’mon Pa, my book’s going to be on the best seller’s shelves and we will going to have millions. Don’t worry about the bills here in the hospital, this awesome daughter of yours is gonna find a way to erase ‘em all.” I tried to cheer up my voice though deep inside, I was already shattered watching him struggling to grasp for air using that oxygen breather. He kind of giggled after he heard the word bestseller. I knew, deep inside him, he believed that I can do it, that I can be the writer I dreamed I would be. I held his hand and he held me back, squeezing my palm, giving me the assurance that he trusted me.

January 25 2013

Past one in the morning, January 25, year 2013, my Papa died and I witnessed how he lost his last breath. He was bed ridden for four days and can’t barely move. Yet, a minute before he passed away, he rose from his bed to reach for me and then hugged me tightly. I uttered a melancholic goodbye for I know that, that was it. I told him I love him.  A few seconds after we let go of each other (as he lay back in bed), he left me. It was the most beautiful yet painful thing I have in my life on which I know that will stay in my memory forever (or whatever the mature version of forever is). Writing this, at this very moment is making me cry. I lost the man who taught me what moral is, the one who taught me how to love and give unselfishly, that one person who guided me to the right paths and the one I used to constantly argue with because we had different principles in life. There were parts of my life where I think I had the baddest father in the world, but then, the past year of our life changed everything. We had good times, we shared great laughter, sang songs together. At the end I realized, if I had a bad father, then how come on Earth that I am on the right track on 95 percent of my life (even if we were struggling in poverty), how come I become who I am right now? All of these, all of who I am, I partly owe these to my father.

I know we had issues, but still, he is the best to me. My heart is broken. All I am holding on is my promise to him that I’ll make him proud.

 April 04 2013…

“I would give anything I own, I give up my life, my heart, my all….” The melody from the classic Bread song was captured by my ears. It was a usual day of an SEO geek in the office. I  was busy working on my desk, when suddenly; realization came to me. Tears started to ran down from face. Then I heard his voice in my head again, as if I can still hear him talking to me with these words, “when you hear this song and I’m gone, you’ll remember me, my daughter, you’ll remember me…”

My First Climb

AFK (Away From Keyword/Keyboard) Saturday – Yes,  geek reference it is.

My colleague, her brother and I decided to stay away from crazy coding, one morning in June 2013. Our feet led us to the highest mountain in Cebu Philippines – the Osmena Peak which is a thousand meters (and more) above sea level.


Yes, while in the city, the sun was up, this was what it looked like in Osmena Peak – misty, windy and cold.
Thanks to Roukie for carrying my bag!


Daisy and I plotting where and how to climb. I regret wearing an oversize shirt and short shorts. We had no gears whatsoever but It was surprising that I didn’t fear, I felt – thrilled!
P.S : FYI Mountains and Heights are my greatest phobias.


I couldn’t believe I made it to the top without bruises! Most of all I’m alive! It made me realize that we are actually bigger than our fears – those horrible thoughts are just literal sizes but we are always greater than them.


The view was my reward for that four-hour travel

sweetheart rewrite COMBINE 2

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Welcome to a new friend: Everyrosehasathorn | sshalsnoy’s Blog

sshalsnoy’s Blog

“We read to know we are not alone”–William Nicholson

I live to challenge myself and try new things, but im hardly as crazy as the yes man. My blog is to help people with a creative side like me focus and remember, art is a culture phenomenon, nobody can predict where it may go and what changes you will make to this path.

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Graphophobia is the fear of writing. I thought it was a joke when I heard about it but no, its a real thing. I suppose if your a really bad writer you could be afraid of writing. Or maybe you had a traumatic experience with a pencil sharpener when you were a kid so now every time you see a pencil you freak out….My problem is worse, its that I cant put my pencil down sometimes. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had this problem but I feel kind of ridiculous with how obsessive I am with my writing. That brings me to my next thought, it takes a lot of work to make a novel. And a lot of time where you really want to be doing something else but you have to sit yourself down in the chair and actually work. Would writing a novel be possible without my obsessive compulsive disorder? Could I really sit and write from sun up to sun down: then when I’m not writing, thinking of how it could be better in my overcrowded mind? I’m not that determined in life, I’m just simply not. Yes, my obsessiveness may cause me to clean too much or sing to EVERY song I hear on the radio (even if I don’t know it), but it is a convenient little disorder that gives me purpose. I would have to think that a good portion of writers are obsessive. Without it, we would never be able to put all the work that’s needed into not just making something good, but something’s that’s great!

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Fan fiction in the making

Okay, so everyone wants to make money with their writing right? Well more people write than I think you realize, just most don’t ever try to have it published by an agency or are rejected. Sometimes these writers give up and others turn to fanfiction. Yes, fanfiction. Very few will admit to writing it because its not cool and often has dark and risqué subjects that aren’t traditionally accepted into society, but the amount of stories on the major fanfiction sites is astonishing and shows its real popularity. While some of it is subpar, a good portion of it is astonishingly good. These people aren’t writing for an agency so they are able to spread their wings and write what everyone actually wants to read but wouldn’t necessarily get in a book store. Well all you Fanfiction writers…your breakthrough may be here thanks to Amazon. They are launching a pay per fic platform that will allow you to sell your stories for money (you only get a cut of the profits) but if your good and currently making zero dollars for your brilliance if could be worth a try! Right now only a few people are coming forward to be part of this program, but as if gains popularity it will only be a matter of time till more people are in on the action…and money!

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You win some. You lose some. | The Claymore and Surcoat

Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites

You win some. You lose some.

June 2, 2013 by Olivia Stocum

Be a starfinal

 I’ve taken the time to ponder why some people I’ve known for years aren’t interested in reading my books. I have a great support system, so this isn’t a complaint as much as it is a curiosity.

I recently had a conversation with someone who’s known me for years. It went like this:

Anonymous: I think it’s great you’re publishing a book. I don’t plan to read it though.

Me: Oh, why is that?

Anonymous: I read informative books. What’s yours again? Romance?

Me: Yes it is.

Anonymous: Besides I have a stack of books at home I need to read first.

Me: Do you know the authors of those books personally?

Anonymous: No, none.

Me: So, let me get this straight. Knowing the author has no bearing on whether or not you will read the book.

Anonymous: If I ran a coffee shop would you come drink my coffee?

Me: Yes, why not?

Anonymous: What if it was out of your way?

Me: I would come just to say hi to you.

Anonymous: What if you didn’t like coffee?

Me: I would get tea and a muffin.

Anonymous: You’re so defensive about this writing stuff.

So……I’m trying to decide what this means. I might be over analyzing, but then again I am female, and a writer. It’s what I do. Could it be there’s a cultural difference? (of sorts)

I try to support other writers whenever I can, so maybe I tend to expect a certain amount of support in return. Other writers are happy to support me. Non-writers not so much. They don’t see the point. Maybe they see it as a waste of time? Anyway, it seemed to make no difference to Anonymous whether or not they knew me. To me is does. I’m much more likely to read books written by people I know.

Door open. Door closed.

You win some. You lose some.

But that’s okay, because I’m happy with the support I have, since it already exceeds my expectations!

Love, Olivia

via You win some. You lose some. | The Claymore and Surcoat.

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McLemore Means Magic: Nick Wale Meets J.D | Novel Ideas

Meet the new boss… Not the same as the old boss at all. J.R. McLemore has been writing for a long time. He has several books, short stories and compendiums on sale. His sales are pretty solid and his ability to write a good story is well documented.

I wanted to meet J.R.

My first experience of this great writer was a pretty simple, straightforward read of one of his books. The book was called The Old Royal. It’s the story of a man who wants to achieve the greatness of his idol writer. He achieves it with the help of a typewriter.

The story was a sensation! So, here on Novel Ideas I want to present its writer to you.

Welcome J.R.McLemore!

Oh! Why do I call him ‘the boss’? Well, that’s simple! I call him the boss because one day soon he will be the biggest selling author on the face of the planet!

via McLemore Means Magic: Nick Wale Meets J.D | Novel Ideas.

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