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A cut, a trim, and regular friendly conversation at Hairy Notions |Welcome to markbialczak


Entertainment. Sports. Life. Big ideas.

Mark Bialczak is a veteran journalist who has lived in the Syracuse area since 1983. Earlier this year, he was set free to write about whatever he wants.

Contact Mark at

Check out his twice-weekly film blogs at

In June, Reedy Press published “The Syracuse Fan’s Survival Guide to the ACC,” co-written by Mark and veteran basketball beat writer Mike Waters. Click here to buy the book.

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In November, 2013, I was nominated for:

blog of the year

And, twice:

Versatile blogger

Two days before Christmas, I was nominated for my second star on the Blog of the Year Award:

Blog of Year two starts

Also two days before Christmas, I was nominated by award originator Don Charisma to be one of the first recipients of the Inventive Blogger Award. The logo includes a cool photo of a German bridge:

Inventive Blogger Award

In June, Reedy Press published “The Syracuse Fan’s Survival Guide to the ACC,” co-written by Mark and veteran basketball beat writer Mike Waters. Click here to buy the book.

Become Facebook friends with Mark at

Follow Mark on Twitter at @mbialczak

Link with Mark at

Join circles at Google Plus at

In November, 2013, I was nominated for:

blog of the year

And, twice:

Versatile blogger

Two days before Christmas, I was nominated for my second star on the Blog of the Year Award:

Blog of Year two starts

Also two days before Christmas, I was nominated by award originator Don Charisma to be one of the first recipients of the Inventive Blogger Award. The logo includes a cool photo of a German bridge:

Inventive Blogger Award

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A cut, a trim, and regular friendly conversation at Hairy Notions

Before my 30 minutes in the chair, that beard is so untidy.

Before my 30 minutes in the chair, that beard is so untidy.

Some men get haircuts when they can’t stand the sight of Shaggy staring back from the mirror any longer.

Some men get their beards trimmed when birds and other little animals start to hover too closely.

I have my Vanity Appointment every four weeks, without hesitation. My tradition of haircut and beard-trim is so deeply rooted that I’ve given it a name.

For 22 years, I’ve visited Theresa Constantine at her Hairy Notions salon in North Syracuse like clockwork. My instructions are always the same, and Theresa is such a good stylist that she always asks nevertheless. Take a little off the top and a lot off the bottom. It’s a natural request, considering that I have way less on top than on my chin to begin when I walk in the place. Theresa confirmed for me yesterday morning that I have the fastest-growing beard of any of her clients.

And yes, certainly, she answered my question yesterday with that familiar bit of sarcasm in her voice, I am the most handsome, too.

My 30 minutes every four weeks sitting in Theresa’s styling chair are fun.

It started out very professionally, although when we first met, it was through my job, not hers.

While working for the big daily in 1991, I was assigned to write a story about a crew of local people who dressed up and reenacted Civil War battles. Theresa, being an actress in local theater in addition to owning Hairy Notions, hosted my interview with a handful of fellow Civil War reenactors at the shop.

I wrote the story.


On my 56th birthday, I wonder about my birth day

Some facts about the day I was born, mildly amusing and mostly useless. (From

Some facts about the day I was born, mildly amusing and mostly useless. (From

I just googled This Date in History for Dec. 14, 1957.

The site tells me it was a Saturday.

A slow day, according to

A play titled “Most Happy Fella” closed after 678 performances at New York City’s Imperial Theater. “Rumple” closed at the Alvin Theater after 45 performances. An American author by the name of Gary Ferris was born.

And, in a New York City hospital, a thin and quite-likely scared teenager pushed me out into this world.

I don’t remember much, not even from family remembrances on subsequent Dec. 14s.

My oldest sister, Francine, collected my baby pictures, taken before she was born.

My oldest sister, Francine, collected my baby pictures, taken before she was born.

I can piece together facts and snippets of things they did tell me: My mother was 19. My father was 20. I came a few weeks early. They had married 14 months prior. They met while working for the same company in Manhattan. Both their families lived in Greenpoint, a Polish neighborhood in Brooklyn. My dad was an only child. My mom had an older sister, but she and my uncle had no children yet.

I can imagine how bewildered and overwhelmed they all were at the arrival of this first child of their immediate families, no matter that marriages and kids more routinely came earlier 56 years ago.

They did their best within their world. I remember my dad taking me to corner bars and giving me a bag of peanuts and a real glass of Coke to keep me occupied as he socialized like a twentysomething. I remember my mom taking me with her to bingo, which somehow was a favorite even at her young age. It never once struck me that perhaps a kid my age shouldn’t be taken along to either of those places.

I was an only child until a sister came along when I was 8, and another when I was 10. I loved not being the sole focus anymore. I protected these darling little girls fiercely.

Of course I remember good times, celebrations, family victories.

But I also remember arguments, fights, bad behavior, frequent tension. Looking back through the prism of all these years, I think that somehow I was always on edge in the presence of one or both of my parents.



Part-time Monster and Sourcerer| Welcome to a new friend: Sourcerer or Monster or Someone

Part Time Monster

Mommy. Perpetual Grad Student. Reader, writer, and observer. Lover of strange and impossible things.

I am a PhD student, mother of a four year old son, partner of an independent filmmaker, college English instructor, writing tutor, and guardian of a rescue pup. I wear many hats, if you will. Just in case my PhD status didn’t alert you to this, I’m also a tremendous nerd. I am a sufferer of panic disorder, a curator of the weird, a lover of the beautiful, and an enjoy-er of pop culture. Writing here will thus feature an array of content; I am sometimes a monster.

I will also feature content here that is written by some of my friends, who are tremendously talented individuals with interests as varied as my own. They, too, are part-time monsters. And so are you, in all likelihood. Even if you don’t yet recognize it.

This is Our Other Project


It’s sweet to have a writing website I designed myself. It’s even sweeter to give my little sister a dragon. That what Sourcerer is. He is Part Time Monster’s dragon. Today we see how loud he can roar.

I posted this to WordPress as I shared it with you. People are also finding it on LinkedIn. We even have a little outpost on Tumblr.

Sourcerer is still a fledgling. I plan to eventually connect it to every network WordPress allows.

We did this is because we want to build the blog of our dreams, but it can’t be built all at once. The blog of our dreams is a bit like Comparative Geeks, but we want a blog with a lot more geeks.

We have a strategy to reach our goal. We started four blogs. We picked one to be our brand and specialized the other three.

We invite contributors and collaborators.

Our top priority right now is providing Part Time Monster fresh content every day. If we keep that up long enough, we believe we will one day have the blog of our dreams.

I hope you will follow us, watch us grow, and share this with your friends.

We love readers just as much as we love writers.

And we really love a good story.

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13 Things

1. I like lists. There’s something profoundly comforting about a list.

2. I was born and raised in a small Mississippi town, where I lived most of my life. I’ve recently moved to New Orleans.

3. I earned an undergraduate degree in English with a history minor from Mississippi University for Women; I earned a master’s degree in British literature from University of Southern Mississippi, where I am now pursuing a PhD.

4. I have a young son who brings more joy to my life than I can ever, ever say. For the purposes of this blog, the Star Wars obsessed little guy will be known as the Little Jedi.

5. Ants frighten me, especially in large numbers. Scratch that-any bug frightens me in large numbers. But ants are particularly nerve wracking.

6. I miss the years when I could wear pajama pants to class at MUW without anyone looking at me strangely, because most everyone else was wearing their pajama pants, too.

7. I’m a feminist; I trace this to the seventh grade, when I decided to join the band and wanted to play the drums, but couldn’t because Mom told me they were a “boy” instrument.

8. I love animals. I have a rescue pup, and I’d have more if I had the room and time to devote to them.

9. I’m a teacher and a tutor. I love my jobs; there’s nothing quite like the light in someone’s eyes when they understand a concept in a new way, and I love being able to assist. I also love all the things I get to learn while working with others.

10. I love children’s and young adult literature and watching cartoons, but my favorite film genre is drama.

11. I’m a curly-girl, and I feel different when my hair is straight, like I’m pretending to be something I’m not.

12. I develop little crushes on people very easily. I fall in love with the passion someone has while talking, the way their hair falls across their face, or the soft exhale of their cigarette smoke.

13. There are so many books that I want to read, that I should read, that I have problems re-reading any book. I feel as if I’m wasting my time, even if I love the book.

Seven ways to Blogpimp Your Site | Catching up with old friends: Aewl’s Abode

Next Sunday the 24th is the one year anniversary of Aewl’s Abode. In honor of that, this week, I’ll repost some of my favorite posts from the first few months of the blog. This one is from Dec 7th, 2012.

Blogging 101What exactly is Blogpimping? Simple, it’s a way of publicizing your blog in a supercharged manner. I recently wrote about getting 25k hits in less than six months on a previous blog. By following these steps, you too can reach that number. Sure WordPress and Blogger have tips to drive more traffic your way, but these tips go beyond that. To get to that number you need to average only 167 hits a day on your blog. But by the time 6 months are up, you should be getting 300 or more hits a day. Keep in mind your main goal….. eyeballs on your site.

Before you start, read “10 Ways to Have a Bad Blog” and make sure you aren’t doing any of those. Blogpimping does take time, but if you are serious about getting eyeballs on your site because you know you have great content and great things to say, then commit to taking the time to do the following:

1. Commit to posting 3-5 times a day – That’s everyday, weekends included. Hopefully they will all be good quality posts. If you are going to get eyeballs on your site, you need to let the readers know that you post regularly. They will more than likely return. Return visits are what keeps your hit count up. No more than one to two filler posts in any one day. What are filler posts? Simple posts that take no more than 5 minutes to put up like this one.

2. Go after the big dogs – In your sphere of the blogosphere, there are probably a few bloggers that get a lot of traffic. Find out their email address and when you have a great posts which should be at least once a day, email them and give them a link to your post. Just one link from a big-time blogger will shoot your hit count way up. Your goal is to get eyeballs on your site, so don’t be discouraged if they don’t respond to your email. IF you write a really great article and get linked by someone like Instapundit, I’ve heard upwards of 10,000 hits just by one link. Same goes for getting Freshly Pressed but not as many hits.

Lots More at Seven ways to Blogpimp Your Site | Aewl’s Abode.

I SAW YOU YESTERDAY | Catching up with keith garrett poetry



It’s been so long since last i saw your face, listened as you spoke to me,

I remember all the things you taught me, Watched shows with you back then.

Rides in your car to the beach and many other special places,

Life with you was always great, at the same time never so perfect.

Each day i saw you as you would say a short goodbye,

My day as a child was spent doing childish things.

At the end of the passing day i would await your return,

Sit down and rest with a beer and a show just before dinner.

You taught me right, reminded me when i did wrong,

A friend when i wanted, a father when most needed.

It’s been so long, much to long since last we played,

I saw you yesterday, when the sun went down you were gone.

Keith Garrett

via I SAW YOU YESTERDAY | keithgarrettpoetry.

Bahamas Scuba Adventure

Catching up with old Friends

Ron From Texas

Lonely Road 1 & 2 were taken on Norman Cay, an island with a population of about 25.  There is a bar on Norman Cay that is said to be one of Jimmy Buffett’s favorites.  It is located across the airstrip at the end of Lonely Road.  The Castle is in that area as well.  Cute Lobster Hunter bagged that bug while holding her breath.  All of these were shot with a D700 and Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 zoom.

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a way to leave something for my children and grandchildren to remember me by | Welcome to a new friend Bastet and Sekhmet |

Bastet and Sekhmet

Stories, thoughts, photos or poems about things I find interesting!

Front Page: About Bastet and The Blog…



I’ve been writing this blog now since the second of January, 2013.  So far, it’s been a satisfying experience.  But why did I and do I write a blog?

Basically, I thought it would be nice to see if I could write something (outside of my tattered notebooks) and see if someone in the general public would find it interesting.  Then again, I also thought it might be a way to leave something for my children and grandchildren to remember me by once I “shuffle off this mortal coil”.

It’d been a long time since I’d written poetry and writing fiction has never been my forte.  I thought when I began that I’d just write about my opinions and ideas;  you know, the usual stuff like politics, world affairs, that sort of thing.  Then I found myself starting to write about my childhood memories and things that have (had) happened in my everyday life.  One thing led to another, and my first photo poem popped up, and I started a new category to house it called Pills, which has grown since with two sub categories called Haiku and Power Shorts (a nice prosy type of Haiku, I’ve discovered through another blogger, Rick Mallery). The possibilities grew, with the idea of using my umpteen bazillion photographs and writing stories or travelogues around them.

Some of my favourite pieces languished though, so I went back to them to see why they’d never been appreciated, and I discovered that yes, they may have been interesting to me, but they were poor things indeed.  The style was stilted and they weren’t very well illustrated…so I rewrote them and dressed them up a bit…sure enough, there was a lot more interest expressed in them.  Some of my older pieces I’ve rendered private though…I may or may not go back and have a look at them.

Next is the housing project…that is where I blog, my site or whatever you call it. I’ve worked on it from time to time, changing the header, adding and removing and rearranging widgets but, I’m still not happy with it.  So, I’ll have to go and figure out how to actually use the instruments that are provided to make a better site.  I’ll also have to figure out how to do a little work with computer language too if I really want to do those things that your standard WordPress word “elaborator” doesn’t allow you to do…like changing your script size gradually…from smaller to bigger.

Then, there’s the one thing that really bugs me a bit.  I’d like my blog to go beyond a Facebook sort of life.  I look at my stats, and they’re pretty great for a beginner I think, and I love it when I see all the places my blogs have been read  (love those maps)!  I’m happy that people read and like my posts, but I’d also like to see some comments from time to time.  The age of Facebook and Twitter seem to have reduced blogger’s comments to mere “likes”.  I was happy to see an article written about this on Blogher, so I stopped feeling paranoid, it’s a general problem.  I myself find myself reading and liking, just as though I’m browsing through the Facebook…but, I say to myself,  if I’d been satisfied with Facebook, I wouldn’t have started blogging.  Of course, the problem is that there are literally millions of people who are writing and posting daily…so I say, I work on my style right!

I’ve also joined Blogher recently.  They have some pretty awesome suggestions on how to write better, how to use computer languages and how to cook a great soufflé ( ;-) )…jokes aside, I’ve been learning a lot about blogging from them and hope to start posting there as well, once I can figure out what I’d like to say and how to do it effectively.

Me by my webcam

More at via Bastet and Sekhmet | Stories, thoughts, photos or poems about things I find interesting!.

Haiku: Rain Signs

rain signs

cotton wool gathers
around early morning sun
dark warning rain signs!

Sunday: Painting the Town RED!

This is my third Painting the town Red…this time I polarized…inverted the colors, tinted and then started shaprening!  Here’s the results for you!

Painting the town red!

Painting the town red!

It’s Sunday Morning
I’m painting the town bright red
changing the usual:

seeing the town square dressed up
makes me want to dance and sing!

Have a great Sunday every one!

sweetheart rewrite COMBINE

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Daily Prompt : In Good Faith

Marriage…to someone who is not of the same faith was the first time I really had to sit down and examine my own. Over the years…there have been some very big obstacles to overcome…me a Christian…my husband undetermined.

In marriage, you can easily grow apart if you lose sight that you booked a flight for two. My husband and I have been together for 23.5 years. We have always pointed our lives in the same direction. We have always been a couple that I would have envied if I had been single. Then something happened: the marriage flight we were on must have landed for a layover, then the layover turned into a delayed flight.

Eventually we had some maintenance work done and we were back in the air, although, this time the flight seemed a bit bumpier than normal. It wasn’t the brain tumor I ended up needing to have removed, it wasn’t the child we decided to have, it wasn’t the strain of building a new house, it wasn’t the stress of our jobs.

We were used to conquering these types of things together. We were a team and we worked well together.

It was something else. It was the sporting events I stopped going to with him, it was the weight I had lost and the new sense of self confidence I had gained, it was the jealousy he had of the time I spent making new friends. I started sharing my love with more and more people and apparently the love I had for my marriage was becoming too thin.

Finally came the emergency landing….we needed more fuel….we needed to land and rest a bit…we needed to strand ourselves on a desert island. The plane we were on was once a solid plane and it is my belief that it will be flying at the highest altitudes again in the near future, but for now the passengers need to stretch their legs a bit. This is a very personal letter I wrote to my husband not very long ago.

Much More at A MARRIAGE AND ITS PRECIPICE | hastywords.

Haden To Blog Tour? | Novel Ideas

During a recent webinar, I let slip that I would be working with Michael Haden in the near future. Today, I woke up to a bunch of reader emails asking in what capacity.

Now, I think it’s about time I let you all in on the secret…The secret is… Michael will be touring blogs very soon to promote his book “A Deal With God”.

The tour will kick off on Novel Ideas and move over to several other blogs, including an appearance on the Angie Harris show and culminate with a premiere Google hangout show that will be hosted by yours truly.

I know this comes only a few days after I announced a similar tour with Lloyd Tackitt., but you have to grab the bestsellers when you can.Watch this space. You will be seeing more of the very talented Michael Haden on Novel Ideas.Review:

“A Deal With God – The Power of One is a unique love story inspired by a true story and real events. Author Michael Haden, delivers an entertaining and delightful fictional novel that is full of romance, real-life drama and intrigue. A true testament to the love and grace of God, revealing the power of perseverance and the power of one, this novel exemplifies absolute trust and faith in God.

via Haden To Blog Tour? | Novel Ideas.

Welcome to a new friend: Rajat Chauhan | PICZLoad

PICZLoadWatchout Incredible Pictures & Download for free!




I write what I love. Sheer observer of old-new things happening around, so I can make them happen too. Love technology though I use old gadgets. Love paintings, specially modern art.  Sometime I play with wet brush and stroke it on the empty canvas so that some imagination can evolve through. 

I believe in the simplicity of ideas……………….

An enthusiastic writer, photography learner, sheer painter, passionate traveller and  storyteller………………..

Love music  actually I enjoy all kind of music  sometime even don’t get a single word of the lyrics…………eheheheh

Travel to different places and explore with people,  things, cultures , languages, tastes is all about good times and experience……………………want to travel more, learn more…….

 I’m just about starting out.

Interests vary. I chill excessively with friends and follow obscene amounts of weblogs. On a lighter
note, I’m here to learn, try to stay in peace and overcome technology,
while falling in love with the tiny nonsense of daily life if you know what I mean to say!

Between finding excuses to brew more filter coffee, scribble on, smoke & fire it’s just the beginning. 



                                                                                 Thank YOU folks!

Rangbhoomi – My Art



2013-04-20 11.36.46

2013-04-20 11.37.42

2013-04-20 11.52.01

2013-04-20 11.39.08

Spotlights, Finds, WIPs and Extras | Imagineer-ing

Spotlights, Finds, WIPs and Extras

Posted on 31st May, 2013

Stage_vector3 I Was Placed Under The Spotlight – Twice!

I have to thank M C V Egan, author of The Bridge of Deaths, for putting me under the ‘spotlight’ on her blog! You can find the post here. I also have to thank Kat at Indies Unlimited for another spotlight feature, for my book Shade of Evil. The book is also featured in the Indies Unlimited Bookstore. With Wednesday’s release of The Sigil of Ahriman, that’s pretty good timing! Please support both these blogs by popping over to visit and leaving a ‘Like’, or even a comment, if you feel moved to do so.

Delightful Finds

A few days ago, my wife (Jenny) found two books in a local charity shop. One will prove to be wonderful for entertaining the grandkids, I’m sure. It’s The Pagemaster by David Kirschner & Ernie Contreras, illustrated by Jerry Tiritilli, published in 1994 by Kingfisher (ISBN 1 85697 276 3). I’m sure many of you will know it, and/or the movie of the same title. The other book is The Trivia Lover’s Guide To Cricket Stories, Facts & Feats, published in 2007 by Complete Editions (2009 reprint). As you might guess, this little book is a highly amusing, and informative, guide to the great game of cricket, including some fascinating, and sometimes hilarious, facts about the history and practice of the sport. Considering the original cover prices, the shop sold these at a stunningly low price each! The first book is just as it should be, with beautiful illustrations that make the words come alive. The second is one of those books that any enthusiast of cricket will delight in dipping into whenever the mood strikes, or they just need something of a lift.

Works In Progress

I’m currently working on two writing projects. First, I’m writing the fourth instalment of G1: The Guardians, as I mentioned in a previous post. The second project is in response to a recent review, on Goodreads, of the fifth short story in the Thief series. Not wishing to frustrate a reader, especially one who has taken the time and trouble to write reviews of my books, it seems only fair to write another instalment of the series, though whether it will remain a short story, like the others, remains to be seen!

While not a book of any length, Kat of Indies Unlimited (see above) is encouraging me to write a guest blog post for their site. I’ve thought about this and I decided to go with a subject that I have some strong feelings about. Needless to say, I am honoured to be asked! If the post I submitted isn’t accepted, then it may appear here at some point.

Extra Features

You may have already noticed, but you may not, so I thought it appropriate to mention a couple of extra features. First of all, the top menu now includes eBook Reader software/Apps. This takes you to a list of software/apps that allow you to read virtually any kind of ebook. I included it because there are still many readers who don’t know about these eReader substitutes. If you use anything else that’s not listed, I would love to hear from you! Secondly, there’s a new ‘badge’ for the blog, that serves a specific function. It advertises the Book Promo Day. Beneath the badge itself is a text box containing code. By copying this code and pasting it into a page on your own website or blog, you can help spread the word! The more authors availing themselves of the offer, the wider the range of books featured – which has got to be good.

via Spotlights, Finds, WIPs and Extras | Imagineer-ing.

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Steve “Imagin-eering” Smy on Amazon

Welcome to a new friend: kira – Wrestling Life

Wrestling Life

“A poem a day keeps my addictions away…”

Wrestling Life blog is my journey on the twisted road through the dark addiction forest of “love, and sex, and men…oh my” desperately seeking the distant speck of hope’s silver light barely visible to my shadowed addict eyes.

For me, blogging is a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Not only is it my “thought record” as an addict striving to recover, but it is also a therapeutic tool to STOP me dead in my tracks.

“It is the proverbial slap in the face that halts my all consuming addictive thoughts/behaviors.”

My hope is that this blog will allow me to be vulnerable, raw, authentic, and transparent as I wrestle life on the road of recovery from love and sex addiction.

Some of the content on this blog is rated MATURE

via About | Wrestling Life.

Thoughts/Prayers for Spirit!!


Our dog Spirit has been on subcutaneous fluids by IV since Friday. Her fever spiked this morning to 105.5. She is on her way to the Emergency Vet Clinic. She has also been unable to keep her Phenobarbitol (sp?) in her system so she’s have lots of spasms. Please, please keep her in your thoughts/prayers! …

Read more »








Blogsville Central

I am a prolific writer! Since my writings fall into a wide spectrum of categories I decided to create different blogs to cover that spectrum. Here you will find links to my other blogs.

PoemTherapy Project – A place where I daily re-blog other Poet’s works, quotes, or artwork.  My hope is that it will encourage people, who are struggling in their lives, to embrace writing and reading poetry as a part of their journey to wholeness.  Writing poems has been cathartic for me as I wrestle life along the road to recovery.
The UnPoet’s Poems – A family and friend safe place where I post one poem a day for the month of April.  Not sure what will happen after April!
Writing Snapshots – A place where I will periodically post word prompts, idea sketches, mental ramblings, jotted notes, character conversations, paragraphs, chapters, and maybe even some short stories. (I have a couple of novels that I’ve been rudely ignoring for awhile.)

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The Great Hoarder | Legends of Windemere

The Great Hoarder

Posted on May 26, 2013 by Charles Yallowitz

Surrounded by wealth

And extravagance

He sits in his castle

Never needing

But always wanting

While his brethren

Starve and scramble for life

He has more wealth

Than one man needs

Earned through work

And thought

Yet more he gathers

To fill his stash

That could solve a hundred problems

On nights he leaves

To hit the town

Indulging his own vanity

Buying shiny baubles

And the newest toys

Followed by the obsessed

And reveling in the lights

Yet he is not truly loved

By those that starve

And wish to take his place

He becomes a symbol

Of the enemy

As the world rots

And starves to death

More at  The Great Hoarder | Legends of Windemere.

Welcome to a new friend: Wyndy Dee

Wyndy Dee

This WordPress site is where creative minds come together! Writers, Editors, Bloggers and Readers Welcome!

About ME

Happily Married to my husband for 24 years (25 years July 30), 3 kids and a grandson whom I totally adore. I was injured in an accident April 2011 and had back surgery including placing a new disk and screws in my lower back. I have not been able to work since as a Paramedic in the ER nor will I most likely ever be able to work in that field again. I was able to turn a hobby and love into an Awsum Career as an Editor with The Writer’s Coffee Shop and Leader of Team Awsum. I recently started this blog to just promote my authors every now and then and it just took on a life of its own. I absolutely love my RCC peeps and the WordPress Family. Thanks for being a part of this wonderful and exciting journey!

Go Team Awsum!!

I have met some of the most wonderful people who have shared their heart, their dreams, and their words with me. I feel honored to have known them and call them friends.

I love helping promote authors, blog tours and Facebook Release Day Parties! Love what I am doing! Helping make authors dreams come true!

via About ME | Wyndy Dee.


*places hand over heart*
I VOW to post something new and good that is personal at least weekly!


A good friend gave another good friend some advice that struck a chord in me that I really knew already but seemed to not really take notice until it was said the way it was presented yesterday…and it really got me to thinking.

When I put myself down, I am basically telling my husband he was a fool to marry me. I am insulting the love of his life, I wouldn’t do that to anyone else,

why do I do it to my loving husband? 

I know right, such a simple statement, but it really hit a nerve.  My wonderful husband loves me…all my faults and all the goodness and all the PAST stuff that I let hold me back.  He has been there since I was 17 years old, well really 18, because we started “officially” dating 15 days after my 18th birthday, but still, a LOOOOOONG time, and he is still here, he loves me so very much and treats me so good, so he deserves better!

Then it got me to thinking about RCC and why it means so much to me, and the wonderful people I have already met through this site.  Thanks Green Embers!  I am gonna make it through this whole “life changing accident” and come out even better, tried by fire, polished and ready to take on whatever God has put me here on this Earth to accomplish.  I have such wonderful support here, my family, my church and my bestie of course, Lorenz, who kicks my butt and loves me in spite of myself and my authors and bloggers but especially Trenda, my newest gift.  She makes me want to do better as I help her see herself as she should and as everybody else does as well.  She is amazing. She has been through a lot and I am so excited to be helping her fulfill a dream….be watching for it….very soon!  I know I am here to encourage others and be supportive and promote EVERYONE I can!  It amazes me how easy it is to support, encourage, tell people how much God loves them and that they have a purpose, yet I can use that same mouth and eyes to never say or see that for myself.  What is up with that?!

That would be the root of condemnation, of seeds sown when I was young by people who were supposed to love me, take care of me and keep me safe but failed miserably. Now, that being said, I don’t blame them anymore because I am a big girl and I also made many, many wrong choices that caused me to end up where I am today, but also many, many good choices that have got me HERE, blogging, today.  I forgave them a long time ago and love them very much, even if they aren’t in my life by their choice or mine.  It is a process…

Condemnation is the root that is buried deep, deep down in your heart that were seeds sown into our life through words and actions that produce fear, low self-esteem, low self-confidence and general self dislike.  I am here to tell you that I am getting some weed killer that has that “no re-emergent” stuff in it and slowly getting rid of all those weeds and replace with beautiful flowers, trees and people that make me better rather than tear me down.

I am a work-in-progress, created for a purpose and I plan to dig until I know without a doubt what that is and be sure to make a difference in this life I was given.

I did not die on April 5, 2011, and I will no longer take that gift for granted!

Will I have some bad days, yeah….the pain and the weight are a constant reminder of that life-changing event…but I promise to take it day by day and push myself to do better every day and say at least one good thing about me to my husband and my kids and myself to reinforce this commitment.  Who is with me?!

Oh, and why “No More Blueberries”…well, when I am being down in the mouth, or about to cross the line into negative territory and put myself down or someone else….I need a LOUD “Blueberries” to remind me that I am crossing the line.  IF I do cross the line, yuck…I have to eat the thing I really, really think is disgusting and that is blueberries.  Can’t stand the taste, texture or smell!  So that is a punishment reinforcement that I have put into place for myself and others to remind me, and I will work hard not to have to eat blueberries and since I have none in my house, I will be buying them today, because if there are none around, I won’t truly be accountable!

Thanks everybody for your love, support and blueberries!  Gosh, I hope I can transition fast or I will be hearing people yelling blueberries in my sleep.  Yes…I realize it isn’t gonna happen overnight…Oh Lord, help me!

*shudders at the thought of eating those gross things*

For Rome Construction Crew (RCC):



Welcome to a new friend: Green Embers & the Rome Construction Crew

Green Embers’ Rome Construction Crew | Green Embers.

The Rome Construction Crew and what that is

How would each of you like to be part of my Rome Construction Crew?

I would love to have you on my crew!

What is involved in being part of my crew?

Being a member of the Rome Construction Crew is about working on ourselves and to always be improving who we are.

Many people have different things they want to accomplish, write the next great novel, learn to be a master chef, helping those closest to them learn to love, finish school, get a job and many other things.

What the Rome Construction Crew is for is to help encourage YOU to accomplish YOUR goals!

Our mantra, our motto: “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

And let me add to that, “Rome wasn’t just built by one person.”

Come join my Crew so we can help encourage and motivate each other!

Together, I promise you, we will accomplish amazing things and change the world!

e pluribus unum

(Rome Construction Day 107)

Wow, I am late in updating today.

So this morning I finished my Awards project (see previous post). I was pleased with that, then I slept most of the day.

I read a little. Exercised a little. Watched Classic Doctor Who a little. Kept tabs on your blogs. I now know the best way to keep track of the people I follow. Via email. I now pretty much follow everyone via email. I then set up a rule to make all the New Posts go into one folder. Then I just start at the unread and work my way up. Pretty nice. I haven’t converted everyone over to getting emails yet but I will soon. So I might miss some of your posts. Good bye WordPress Reader, I have found something better. It wasn’t me, it was you. ;)

I have also been tagged, so I will work on answering those questions, they look like fun.

Then I drew a picture of Claude, who stole the show of the story Ionia and I wrote together. You can read the first installment here:

And here is Claude! :)


You’ll notice I have no song. I wasn’t quite sure what to use… but I am now offering a new feature of my blog!

Song Dedications!!!! Want to dedicate a song to someone! Let me know the song and who you are dedicating it to!!! :)

Keep it green! :mrgreen:

A Lich’s Tale – Final Part (Fiction Fridays)

 The Lich at this point was not in quite such a cheerful mood.  Even with his latest acquisition nothing was going right.  Ratch was standing next … Continue reading


The Creators Act: Article 451

Jerris looked down the apartment corridor. His fellow squad mates looked anxious, each in black Kevlar armor. They all held their guns at ready, their eyes on the door in front of Jerris. Jerris held up his hand and gave … Continue reading

Master the Mystery Hole | The Accidental Cootchie Mama

Master the Mystery Hole

by Andra Watkins on May 24, 2013

There’s something about the Mystery Hole. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Master the Mystery Hole

There’s something about the Mystery Hole. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.


My Internet is likely to be spotty to non-existent until Tuesday. Please be patient as I try to get to your stories.

In the meantime, I found the Mystery Hole. I have two t-shirts to give to worthy readers to prove it. Comment to be eligible to win.


via Master the Mystery Hole | The Accidental Cootchie Mama.

There can really only be one reason why I subject myself to this when I could be living somewhere actually pleasant… | Hollis Plample

There can really only be one reason why I subject myself to this when I could be living somewhere actually pleasant…

There can really only be one reason why I subject myself to this when I could be living somewhere actually pleasant...

via There can really only be one reason why I subject myself to this when I could be living somewhere actually pleasant… | Hollis Plample.

How To Use Auto Responder Emails to Boost Your Blogging Efforts : @ProBlogger

I thought emails were a waste of time and that they are ignored, but then I learned how to do it right and watched the numbers flip.

After you published a great post and pushed it through your social network, the third step is to leverage your email list too. This is where the auto-responders can help you gain new subscribers while you’re busy writing your next blog post.

The majority of email marketing services are the same. I prefer Constant Contact or Mobilizemail’s new email feature. Following the steps below you can use almost any email marketing service to set up an auto responder system in just three days.

via How To Use Auto Responder Emails to Boost Your Blogging Efforts : @ProBlogger.

Way to Go, Steve!!! The Liebster – A Coveted Award | Imagineer-ing

The Liebster – A Coveted Award

Posted on 17th May, 2013

Yes, I know I said the other day that I would struggle to handle nominating more good folk for a blog award. However, thanks to the very kind and generous Jill London, I am now the proud owner of the much coveted Liebster Blog Award. Yes, it really is coveted, by me and many others, though I couldn’t explain why – because I don’t know! So, reader, just accept that I can be covetous, though it’s extremely rare.


I guess I should now relate the Rules, as set down by Jill. These Rules are a modification of others, because Jill received a staggering seven awards in a very short space of time, and more are rolling in.


1. Answer the 10 random questions or those of your own choosing.

2. Nominate 10 other bloggers for the Award and link their blog sites.

3. Notify the bloggers of their award.

4. Ask the award winners to answer the 10 questions when they accept their Award.

1. Do you have a goal in life? Not any more. I can’t kick a ball, let alone score a goal! Oh… you mean seriously? Ah, well, I’d like to see my kids and grandkids all happy and comfortably off.

2. City or countryside? I hate cities with a passion! I hate big towns, for that matter. I love the countryside and would much rather be there than anywhere.

3. What was the last word you looked up in the dictionary? I have absolutely no idea. I rarely ever use a dictionary, to be honest.

4. If you had a time machine where would you go? That’s a tough one. I can’t think of any time in the past that truly appeals, and the way things are going makes the future look anything but rosy!

5. Pirate or Vampires? Most definitely.

6. Are you an easily satisfied person or you do you keep working to obtain something? I satisfy easily in most things.

7. Sweet or savoury? Savoury usually, but avoiding anything too spicy. A good pie or pudding will please me any day!

8. Do you believe in Karma? I like to, but there are times I’m left wondering.

Cover of "The Ladykillers [Blu-ray]"

9. What’s your favourite comedy film? I’m not much of a comedy watcher, to be honest. I find most of them lack subtlety. If pressed, I guess I’d have to choose The Ladykillers.

10. Fantasy or sci-fi? Now that depends on definition, really. There are a lot of books being lumped in under Fantasy that, to me, have absolutely nothing to do with the genre.

The Best Science Fiction of the Year 6

Science Fiction has also been plagued with an overabundance of the ‘horror’ variety. I love Epic/Heroic Fantasy (like The Lord of the Rings) and I have a real love of some science fiction. I don’t really think I could choose one over another, though. It’d be like choosing oranges over bananas…

More on  The Liebster – A Coveted Award | Imagineer-ing.

Welcome to a new friend: laekan zea kemp

Hi, I’m Laekan. I’m a writer and explorer extraordinaire living in sunny Florida where I spend my days frolicking on the beach avoiding hurricanes and sunbathing working in a cubicle.

Follow my adventures here, here, and here or shoot me an email here: lzkbooks[at]gmail[dot]com


via Me | laekanzeakemp.



sweetheart rewrite COMBINE

The obligatory voter | Hollis Plample

The obligatory voter

The obligatory voter

via The obligatory voter | Hollis Plample.

How to Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers When Nobody Knows You : @ProBlogger


Watching and Blogging

Watching and Blogging (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a guest contribution by Marya Jan, blogging coach from Writing Happiness.

What’s the biggest excuse you hear from people who are not getting the results they want from their blogging?

“I don’t know anyone online.”

Not ‘my content might not be good’. Not ‘I don’t a clear idea of what I am doing’. Not ‘I know it takes time and I am learning everything I can’.

None of that. It’s always because they don’t have any connections with the big shots.

Allow me to put up my hand and say this … I have over 1,000 subscribers (multiple times over actually) and I have done this under 18 months of blogging AND without having connections with any famous people.

via How to Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers When Nobody Knows You : @ProBlogger.

sweetheart rewrite COMBINE 2

Welcome a new friend: Renard Moreau

Honestly speaking, I was somewhat hesitant in creating an About section of myself since I am private by nature. I also thought that I would have been doing myself an injustice by writing about myself, because I am constantly reinventing myself.

For your information, I am a very loving, happy and curious person.

So far, I have gotten my feet wet in hospitality, writing, DJ work and I have contributed my vocal talents in the area of voice-over work for radio commercials (Now, what am I to do if I become a television actor in the future? Would it mean that I would have to edit my About page? Okay, I am just joking about the actor part. I was making an indirect point and that point is: I am still involved in personal growth; I am still expanding; I intend to be all that I can be).

My hobbies are reading, writing, engaging in photography, going on long walks and listening to music.

About My Blog

When I came up with the idea of Renard Moreau Presents, I wanted it to be the kind of blog where people from all walks of life visited and enjoyed themselves.

This blog is filled with entertainment, knowledge and wisdom pertaining to spirituality, philosophy, social commentary, music, health and various other thought-provoking subjects.

via About | Renard Moreau Presents.

Imagineer-ing | “I’ll do it tomorrow…”

I was chatting with a fellow author, by email. It turned out that we had both been prompted to get on with writing – now! We had both had a brush with death that was too close for comfort. That sounds enormously dramatic. Believe me – it is! I have no desire to repeat the experience, that’s for sure. But it got me wondering about how many other authors had suffered similar experiences. It would make an interesting study.

via The Blog! | Imagineer-ing | an adventure in reading, writing & publishing.


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