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Humans in Shadow, Hidden from Public`s Eyesight

Texas Has Executed Another Black Man |

The Afro-American Newspapers |

Your Community. Your History. Your News.

Texas Has Executed Another Black Man | The Afro-American Newspapers | Your Community. Your History. Your News..

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Children, wrongly labelled mentally ill, making billions for drug firms

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Click to visit the original post.  please, read whole article here!Children who are wrongly labelled mentally ill are making billions for drug firms
•Spiraling numbers of children are being diagnosed with mental health issues
•And the trend is affecting children at ever younger ages
•Over the last 20 years, diagnosis rates of ADHD have tripled
•The ADHD drug market’s value has grown from £11million to £11billion a year…

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The most shocking truth behind life. | Living with ADHD

Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites

The most shocking truth behind life.

June 29, 2013

The greatest achievement you can have is yourself. You soul and happiness. We all have a destiny, a destiny to live and die. To achieve greatness within ourselves, to share our love and wisdom. We are who we are, because we choose to be. You must first laugh and smile, and hold those close to you. Then allow yourself to be free from any worry, any pain and any stress.

You’ll never truly understand what you can achieve in the world, but if you truly put your heart in to it, you can achieve anything you like. Conquer the world, tell that girl you love her, move away, explore! Make an impact on the world!

As I sit here, I watch people who don’t want to achieve anything. People who are lost, and even with guidance refuse to open their eyes to the world. If I could tell them one word, that word would be “aspire”.

I realized that my heart was in the wrong place, that I wasn’t achieving what I could. So destiny changed my life, I changed my life. I’m now helping others, helping them to succeed in life and to make sure they can achieve whatever they like. It’s what I was born for, I was born for a purpose.

The most shocking truth behind life. | Living with ADHD.

Welcome to a new friend: engagekids at Engage | ADHD, ASD And; Learning Disorder Resources

Engage | ADHD, ASD and Learning Resource.

Engaged and Inspired

Less than a week after writing about ADHD as an “interest deficit” in the article ADHD: defect or difference? I observed quite a startling contrast in my own son within the space of a few minutes. Last night we went to a talk, presented by a children’s author and an illustrator. While the hosts and author were talking my son was constantly moving and fidgeting, making noises, and generally being obviously hyperactive. As soon as the illustrator started speaking my son sat down quietly and stopped moving. He listened intently to every word the illustrator said. If you had just walked into the room you would not distinguish him from a child without ADHD! It was amazing to watch and really brought home to me that the best strategy for dealing with children with ADHD is to engage them! My son has a passion for drawing and this illustrator piqued his interest. Then when illustrator decided to get the children involved and present a little master class in book illustration my son was truly hooked. Here he was in his element! He drew a fantastic picture, using his imagination and creativity, something he has in spades. From being a shy boy early in the evening, he began to display a tremendous confidence. And when he realised that the illustrator drew pictures as a job, my son beamed. I think for the first time he recognised that the things he is good at are valued by society after all.

Not so much an “interest deficit”, just motivated by different things!

Smart But Scattered

Scientists who study child development have recently found that kids who are ‘smart but scattered’ lack or lag behind in crucial executive skills – the core, brain-based habits of mind required to ‘execute’ tasks like getting organized, staying focused, and controlling emotions. Drawing on this revolutionary discovery, school psychologist Peg Dawson and neuropsychologist Richard Guare have developed an innovative program that parents and teachers can use to strengthen kids’ abilities to plan ahead, be efficient, follow through, and get things done. “Smart but Scattered” provides ways to assess children’s strengths and weaknesses and offers guidance on day-to-day issues like following instructions in the classroom, doing homework, completing chores, reducing performance anxiety, and staying cool under pressure. Small steps add up to big improvements, enabling these kids to build the skills they need to live up to their full potential. More than 40 reproducibles are included.

via Smart But Scattered.

Look on the bright side of ADHD

An advocate working with my son told me recently to look upon his distractibility and desire to move around and socialise rather than sit and do his schoolwork as a strength that could be used to engage him in the classroom, and this reminded me of something I read by Kerry Cooney in her excellent (and very practical) book, ‘Everyday with ADHD’, which I thought I would share here. She lists the commonly regarded ‘deficits’ of those with ADHD and turns them into a strength.

She calls this ‘ADHD Positively Rediscovered’

Unique, special, unequalled, unmatched. Not a bad beginning!

This is the ability to have endless energy. To be fit enough to play any sport or perform any physical task. To be tireless in pursuits and have the staying power necessary to see them to completion. This is a person who is hard-working dynamic and enterprising.

An independent free-spirited soul. One who has the ability to be totally self-reliant and self-sufficient. This person has strong opinions and will not waver on his standards.

A committed and loyal person. He is dependable, dedicated and really invests himself into whatever he commits to.

A sensitive person who is very knowing and aware. He is sharp witted and has the ability to see what others don’t.

A very assertive person who makes his opinion clear. He is forceful and insists on his rights and usually the rights of others.

A natural and unconstrained being. This person is unforced and instinctive. He loves activity and fun so is rarely boring.

This person is extremely observant. He is ever on alert, watchful and aware of what is happening around him. He has a great eye for detail- nothing at escapes his notice.

An imaginative individual who can form a mental picture of any idea. This person is a lateral thinker, the conceiver of concepts and an inventor.

A creative and original thinker. A person who is innovative, can see possibilities where others can’t -quite ingenious.

A global thinker with a very wide focus. He sees the big picture. He visualises well, pulls ideas together and makes things happen.

This person is flexible and adaptable. He can change direction if necessary and shows great resilience.

A determined and unwavering character that does not give up easily. If there is a way to be found he will find it. He is decisive, earnest and acts out of purpose.

A very clever problem solver, this person can see his way through any situation . Being a lateral thinker he can unravel and explain mysteries. He shows powerful initiative.

So now, how is your child with ADHD appearing?

A very strong and gifted individual

One who only needs to plane the sharp edges of some of his behaviours and attitudes – not lose them all.”

See Everyday with ADHD by Kerry Cooney

And check out her website

[Terry:  A lot of blogs are striking home today.

Yes, as anyone who knows me would guess, I have ADD (but now that I’m older and my knees hurt, I’ve managed to avoid the Hyperactivity part.) In addition, a lot of my relatives and friends either are ADD or have kids struggling with it.

Here’s my take on it: IT’S CLOSELY RELATED TO GENIUS

Yeah, you have to get that kid through school–which is boring for the most normal children–but after that, watch them take off. I went through one of the toughest colleges in the nation taking (completely by accident) a Ritalin analogue before every test and major paper. I went into a business that requires the ability to split your concentration on a dozen things at once AND concentrate on one thing to the total exclusion of everything else.

Hey, my personal record was a 72-hour video edit session (although I wouldn’t recommend it. Tough on the health and required a LOT of cigarettes). Won an Emmy, though.

I can’t say that there aren’t downsides – the tantrums and meltdowns are tough (or at least that’s what my coworkers keep telling me) but the ability to produce excellent work at incredible speed sort of make up for it.

Don’t let the diagnosis get you down.  Just roll with the punches and remember–getting your kid the right medications is better than yelling “Why can’t you behave?” all day. That tends to convince them they’re not worth a whole lot. Oh, and enjoy the days when they dance through the house all day–you’ll miss that when it’s gone.

Oh, one final thing. I’m hitting the 90,000 word point on my second novel (and 4th book). The first and second novels have already been sold. Thank goodness for ADD, I say.]

Cover of

Cover via Amazon

Smart but Scattered: The Revolutionary “Executive Skills” Approach to Helping Kids Reach Their


Welcome to a new friend: William Hoop | Living with ADHD

Living with ADHD

How else could I live?

via About Me | Living with ADHD.

About Me

Hi, I’m Will. I’m 22 years old and have been diagnosed with ADHD since the age of 7. I’ve started this blog to discuss, and share my thoughts and experiences growing up with ADHD, I also like to discuss bullying issues.

Photo on 13-05-2013 at 21.46

ADHD is something in the last few years I’ve never really been ashamed to speak about. I aspire to work with young people who suffer from ADHD & Autism. It’s my belief that I was given a chance in life to become something great, and to become something great, great things must happen. It’s my destiny to lead the way for young people to develop a greatness about themselves.

5 reasons to be happy in life!!

June 1, 2013

Hey everyone! I just couldn’t wait to do another blog, sorry! I have to say, what a great weekend so far! The sun is shining and I’m working, which I enjoy! A lot has happened in the last 24 hours, and to be honest for the better. Just heard I could potentially be doing my dream job soon if I would like!

1. I didn’t realise the small things in life make you happy.
2. Finally getting the help I need.
3. I’m glad to have that person I can now discuss my feelings with.
4. Life isn’t actually that bad, if you stand back and observe.
5. The sun is shining!!

As I said, I won’t be posting for a little while. But I’m going to have so much to blog about when I do!

A letter to myself.

May 23, 2013


Dear Will (the guy smiling!),

The sadness takes over at the worst times, but staying strong and focused will empower you. It’s been a tough few weeks, and I see you haven’t ever felt this bad. I sometimes feel like you regret the last 6 months now but truly I know deep down you don’t. You need to forget the rejection, and the failure you are. You’re a special person, and the work you’re doing to help others is fantastic.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan, and the only person you can trust is yourself. This makes you a stronger person, you don’t need to rely on others to make you happy. Your soul, your mind, your health makes you happy. You let people down, yes. You’ve hurt people in the process. You’ve loved 2 people in your life. They’ve both been fantastic support to you. Your childhood friend who had a wacky car called Frank. She loved you, and showed you the most important things in life. Then the girl who pointed you in the right direction, without her you wouldn’t be helping others right now.

These are 2 people in your life you’ll never forget, and who will always have a special place in your heart. It’s time to move on with your life. It’s a new chapter, no more sadness thinking about your past relationships.

I’ll gently rise, and softly call.. this is time to realise the dreams you have. It’s time to smile, smile at the little things. Smile at the memories.

Good luck with everything Will, I hope you truly become happy very soon.

Kind Regards,


Dreams I have, and nightmares..


My nightmares seem to get darker, I have nightly nightmares about the old lady. She asks me to take her hand, while the wind whistles. Her grey, weak figure in a black funeral dress. She tells me, “Will, you need to come with me”. I fight her off, but she ponders, she waits until I’m weak. She waits to take me away. She listens, she hides. She watches.


The falling nightmare. I haven’t had these “nightmares” for a long time, I would say the last one was back in 2008. I would always fall off a cliff, and imagine flying in the sky with the birds gently humming. Then I would awake in a sudden outburst.

A thought that can change everything, inspired by life, death, adhd & depression.

March 28, 2013


Walking through the icy wind today, I turned my head and saw something beautiful, something that isn’t an everyday occurrence. I saw a reflection of myself and a vision of my future. My head was filled with wonderful thoughts, thoughts that were submerged in evil of late.

My depression has turned in to something evil, I no longer enjoy the smaller things in life, nor do I care what happens to me. The last few weeks I’ve seen a psychiatrist for my “severe depression”.

I want to open a book and read my life story, then when possible scribble out all the bad, and replace it with good, if only it was that easy. I know deep within that life can be enjoyable, and I need to find it within myself to accept this.

I did this with ADHD, I took the bad and swapped it with the good. I learnt to use my ADHD for good, and not to destroy my miserable life. ADHD has been a pro-active part of my life, something I needed to master, otherwise it would have mastered me.

Continue reading

[Terry: William, as someone who has been living with ADD and Depression for about twice as long as you — and who has others around him with the same problems–take some advice.

ADHD is a quite useful personality trait–once you get out of school and don’t have to stay seated in class. I was

English: A child not paying attention in class.

responsible for giving breaking news to  20 million people within 10 minutes.  You can’t do that without ADD.  No one in the software industry is without a touch (at least) of ADD. That’s what all the caffeine is about.

On the other hand, you appear to have severe Depression. Forget the ADD.

English: A child studying

English: A child studying (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Depression is when you get up in the morning and your dog has died and your girlfriend left and took all your money and your bank account. And you feel lousy.

The next day, you wake up, the dog is alive, the girl is back and you just won the lottery and you still feel lousy.

THAT’S Depression.

The anxiety, paranoia, neediness, feelings of not being loved, etc. etc. all stem from the depression. And Clinical or Chronic Depression will not be solved by Determination, or Good Thoughts, or Courage, or Physical Fitness (although it helps), or Nutrition.

It can be solved by a combination of medications AND work with a good therapist. One without the other usually doesn’t work for long. No medications work for everyone, the same medications work differently for different people–you just have to keep pushing along until you find a combination that works.

English: Adderall

Trust me on this. I woke up every morning for 35 years feeling as if I’d murdered someone, or I was about to be murdered, or that I was about to caught out and revealed to be a fraud.  None of it was true, but it feels true and it can sure screw up your life. I still wake up feeling the same way but then I take my medication and the world goes back to normal.  I still have problems, I’m still fairly screwed up–but I’m capable of dealing with it.

I see a lot of very good things in your blog — And I see that you’re seeking   medical (not just psychological) treatment.

Keep it up. There is a life afterwards and it’s pretty good. ]

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