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Review of Courier by Alma Kadragic

Terry Irving knows how to write a story so fast moving and gripping that the reader can’t stop. His first novel Courier is first of all a chase story featuring motorcycle rider Rick Putnam who repeatedly escapes the bad guys on a big bruising BMW or a sleek fast Kawasaki. But Courier is much more than that.

Irving recreates Washington D.C. in late 1972 when American B-52s were bombing Hanoi, the peace process to end the Vietnam War seemed stuck, and a robbery at a Washington D.C. apartment complex called the Watergate was something that no one seemed to care much about.

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Bestselling Flanagan Gives Away Advice In Latest Career Move | Novel Ideas





(London, UK) Bestselling author Tim Flanagan donned his teacher’s hat during April to educate writers and readers about the art of the written word. Tim Flanagan, best known for his bestselling “Moon Stealers” series released a free book filled with writing tips and tricks.

Over 2000 units moved during the book’s 5-day free run on KDP Amazon prompting Tim to consider writing a second writers guide– scheduled for release in May.

Flanagan, a veteran writer, has been inundated with questions following his successful run at the top of the Amazon charts with “From Feet to Fiction.”

The title of his writing guide points to Tim’s other career as one of the most sought after podiatrists in the United Kingdom. Even though he enjoys his work in medicine, his true love is writing. His first books were constant sellers, but he is best known for his science-fiction series “The Moon  Stealers“– currently available on Amazon.

Flanagan is currently working on his second writing guide.

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Break In Two (heart cover) II copy


It’s A Ring-A-Ding… It’s A Gas… It’s Bestselling Author Tim Flanagan | Novel Ideas

From Nick Wale at Novel Ideas

My buddy Mike Trahan sometimes sits and tells me stories. I like his stories. He has a style all of his own and has a life worth hearing about. Now, in the book world, there are thousands of people with interesting stories writing memoirs every day of the week. What sets Mike Trahan apart? I think the wide range of experiences, his age and literary ability, his Texan-born gift of being able to tell a story, his humility, his faith in his own abilities…. These are all important factors, and I think it’s important for people to read about Mike Trahan. It’s important for people lacking confidence to draw confidence from the Mike Trahans of the world, and it’s important for those who want to learn to be able to benefit from the experience of the Mike Trahans of the world. This is a living, breathing lesson in life from someone who has lived. Put the Marilyn Manson record away and all those rap albums that give you a headache… Go to Amazon and get copies of Mike’s books “The Gift,” “The Gift- Part Two,” and the soon-to-be released “The Gift- Part Three” and learn!

Mike Trahan ha

Q) Good morning, Mike!

A) Morning!

Q)  How did you find yourself writing a book? What’s the story behind your career?

A) I have been an active writer since the 1970s.  I wrote articles for aviation publications, and I had a regular column in a small newspaper for about five years.  It was not until 2013 that I considered writing  my memoirs. My Facebook friends read some of my stories about my flying adventures and encouraged me to put them in a book.  I decided to give it a try.

Q)  Do you describe yourself as an author?

A) No, not yet!  I have set a goal of selling 100,000 books as the benchmark for calling myself an author.  When we hit that point, I will add “Author” to my list of accomplishments.  Until then I don’t feel justified in doing so.  Right now, I just call myself a writer!

Q) What do you think of the writing world? Are you happy being part of it?

A) This has been one of the most pleasant surprises of all.  I have enjoyed meeting my fellow writers.  We all have a passion to express our thoughts and share them with the world.  I am very happy to be a part of it.  It has given me an entirely new direction for my life and my interests.

Read the rest at It’s A Ring-A-Ding… It’s A Gas… It’s Bestselling Author Tim Flanagan | Novel Ideas.

Making Susannah Run! Author Susannah Cord On Record | Novel Ideas

Author Susannah Cord on the Record

Good children’s authors are a rare commodity. Susannah Cord is one of those rare children’s authors. Her book “Fenella: A Fable of a Fairy Afraid To Fly” is a really special book. “Fenella”  is a beautiful young fairy with a wonderful family and a perfect life – except for one thing. Unlike the other fairies in the fairy kingdom, Fenella is afraid to fly! How will she ever get over this fear and discover her true name? Join Fenella on an exciting journey as she discovers that maybe flying isn’t so scary after all.

Pure class!

Q) Good morning! So let me start by asking you a short, sweet and simple question. How would you describe your writing style in two sentences?

A) From the heart.  I have to feel it to write it.

Q) How long does it take for you to write a chapter?

A) That depends upon the length of the chapter! I really have no way to give a clear answer, because I don’t write chapters to fit a number of pages, but to tell their part of the story, then shut up.  Each chapter has a life of its own, and I don’t really get to say how long a lifespan it gets! In my book Each Wind That Blows, some chapters are maybe 10-15 pages long, others only a page or two. But I can write a lot in a short time when things are really cooking. One drawback is that I spell a lot better than I type, so I have to go back and fix a lot of typos if I’ve been flying along.

Q) What is the best part of the writing process for you?

A) Both the beginning when the wall crumbles and the words start to flow, and hitting ‘Save’ with a big sigh of relief. That feeling of having said all I wanted to say in a way I feel expresses what’s been tumbling around inside me. The afterglow of a really good writing session! I feel peaceful, content, I am able to put my mind to rest, something I am not generally good at.

Q) If you had the opportunity to get a message across to a lot of people—what would that message be?

A) Don’t take yourself for granted. Time flies. Be who you came to be and to hell with the rest.

Q) Do you ask yourself questions or do you settle for what you know?

A) Oh, I ask questions to the point I want to mute myself. Sometimes I wish I had a mute button for my brain.

Q) When it’s all said and done—will you have said more or done more?

A) I hope that’s a question I won’t be able to truly answer for a very long time! My bucket list is about ten miles long.

Q) Which activities make you lose track of time?

A) Anything creative. Writing, of course. Time in nature – riding safaris completely lose me time-wise; by Day Three I have no idea what day it is or how long I’ve been there. Photography. Drawing and painting, which I don’t do enough anymore at all. Designing anything. My mockbook for my children’s book Fenella is legendary at the publishing house. They asked for something simple, and I gave them this book of text, drawings, doodles, ribbons and so on. I didn’t intend to – it just happened, and time took a back seat to the process.

My horses are great time assassins. I look up and 6 hours just flew by while I played at the barn. People may not think being with horses is particularly creative, but when you train with the horse in mind, you have to be open to your creative instincts because they will tell you what the horse needs, whereas know how and technique only ever tell you what you want (but usually aren’t getting). And to be a good trainer, you have to answer the horses’ needs to get what you want.

Much more at  Making Susannah Run! Author Susannah Cord On Record | Novel Ideas.

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Interview with Matteo Strukul – Sugarpulp Magazine

Matteo Strukul is a 40-year-old Italian writer whose first novel, La ballata di Mila, is published in English by Exhibit A

“Sponsored” by Massimo Carlotto, Strukul wrote a second novel featuring Mila, Regina nera, also optioned by Exhibit A.

His first non-Mila novel, La giostra dei fiori spezzati, is a gaslamp thriller that will be published in Italy in April 2014.


Please introduce Matteo Strukul to us.

Well, first of all, I’m a man who loves life, ice hockey (I’m a huge fan of Asiago Hockey 1935, Montreal Canadiens and Berlin Eisbären) and rock ’n’ roll music (The Black Crowes, Rival Sons, Buckcherry and all the old stuff like Led Zep or Skynyrd). I like dark beer and adore American pulp-crime fiction novels and movies. At the same time I read so many European authors and literature and my favourite wine is an Italian red wine: Raboso del Piave. I think that my land – Veneto, in the Northeast of Italy – is the most beautiful piece of Earth in the world. I’m so lucky to have grown up here, in this area, in towns like Padova, Venezia, Verona: some of the jewels in the crown of Veneto.

Who is Mila Zago?

Mila Zago is a bounty hunter, but before of this she was and is a victim, a girl violated by men, a girl who grew up just to have her vengeance. So she is merciless now, strong and beautiful, but she feels she is damaged goods, she doesn’t like what she became. Finally, Mila is a broken soul. Anyway, we will fully understand how broken she is only after the second novel, Black Queen. Anyway there’s something wrong and dark with her, she is a kind of mixture between Luc Besson’s Nikita and the Punisher.

What inspired you to create such a character?

I think it was the woman I love. Her name is Silvia and she’s my wife. She is so courageous and generous and she is full of beauty and grace. But I think that every woman we love and we know has a beautiful way to show us how powerful a woman could be. Man, they are sincere and strong, and in some way that I can’t explain, they are incorruptible and incredibly honest, well more than men that’s for sure, ha ha! And if you think of characters like Tarantino’s Beatrix Kiddo or Luc Besson’s Nikita or Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander, wow they are wonderful and very incorruptible. In some way they just want two kind of things: vengeance and love or rage and grace you know what I mean? There’s a kind of German Romanticism, you know, that you can feel and touch with characters like those, especially thinking about Friedrich Schiller’s The Robbers or Mary Stuart, Wolfgang Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther. Those stories have that kind of integrity, purity and desperation. Also, I wanted to create a woman with that kind of backstory, created in cold blood: some evil men have made Mila what she is now, but they can’t change her nature, she is still a wonderful, pure woman.

Tell us about the other media in which Mila Zago appeared: a comics mini-series (still unfinished), a movie trailer… is there anything else?

Not at the moment, indeed, even if I know that the two books are going to be optioned for a film adaptation. So we have to keep our fingers crossed. I’m working on the third novel, ‘cause Mila is doing well in Italy. Of course, a videogame, based on the novels, would be a fantastic idea! Come on video game mofos. Give a guy a chance!

Interview with Matteo StrukulWhat does it mean to you to be publishing Mila in English?Well, it’s amazing, it’s like when a dream comes true. You know, I have some authors who I simply love as a reader. People like Allan Guthrie, Joe R. Lansdale, Victor Gischler, Jason Starr, Tim Willocks, Anthony Neil Smith, Duane Swierczynsky, Gregg Hurwitz, Greg Rucka, Chuck Wendig, well all those kind of guys and novels: pulp-crime-dark-urban-fanta-thriller, such things. I read hundreds and hundreds of those kind of books and comics. And I have all these names in my minds, and now, well man, my little Mila is on the same shelves not far from those giants? I could have killed for this some years ago, ha ha, and if someone had been so kind to tell me that one day that dream would come true, well I think that I would have told him just: “Man, are you kidding me?” And now… More than this I’m very proud to be part of a fantastic team like Angry Robot’s crime fiction imprint Exhibit A. I do thank so much Allan Guthrie for his fantastic work as scout and agent and friend and master and of course Emlyn Rees and Marc Gascoigne to be so crazy to think that this Italian guy could do something good for the imprint! They have done a hell of a job. Angry Robot and Exhibit A are purely pop culture, and I’m very proud to be part of it, my new editor, Bryon Quertermous is a cool guy and I feel at home at Exhibit A, really the best imprint that I could dream of.

More at Interview with Matteo Strukul.

Give us a soundtrack for The Ballad of Mila.


1 “Black Moon Creeping” (The Black Crowes); 2 “Keep on Swinging” (Rival Sons); 3 “Bartholomew” (The Silent Comedy); 4 “D’Yer Mak’er” (Led Zeppelin); 5 “Spanish Stroll” (Willy De Ville); 6 “Angels of Silence” (Counting Crows); 7 “Interstate Love Song” (Stone Temple Pilots); 8 “Layla” (Eric Clapton); 9 You Wear It Well (Rod Stewart); 10 “Cochise” (Audioslave); 11 “Sweet Home Alabama” (Lynyrd Skynyrd).

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“Writing Your Way To The Top Isn’t Hard!” | Novel Ideas

Bestselling Author Cliff Roberts – “Writing Your Way To The Top Isn’t Hard!”

Cliff Roberts wago wheel


“Reprisal! The Sorrow,” the book cover says.

This is Cliff Roberts — a talkative guy in a pair of slacks with a manuscript in in his hand.

“I just gave up cigarettes and wrote better than I ever believed I could have,” he says, sitting in his office. Sales awards litter the walls.

This is Roberts — Clifford Ezekiel Roberts from Dearborn, Michigan, where he almost became a life-long politician instead of one of the most popular Indie thriller authors of the year. His success grew quickly simply because he has both adult and juvenile appeal.

The Kindle-after-dark sets dig him the most.

Republican hearts turn misty when they read his books. Democratic eyes take on a far-away stare.

Like his peers in the thriller business– Roberts is a man with a story on his mind every single minute of the day. The trade is saying that if Cussler had Roberts self-assurance, he could be another Cliff Roberts.

This is Roberts, with the two personalities, telling me he has “a desire to be the biggest writer in the world because his stories can’t be held back.”

He said, “There are two Robertses — the one the public sees, and the poor boy from Dearborn who wants to make enough dough to eat.

“Roberts is me in this room where I worry about the next book for weeks. Roberts is also the guy who goes out there and moves books. The struggle is between Roberts and Roberts.

“Some night I’ll probably write something I will feel confident with from it’s moment of conception.

“The struggle is to match a book with it’s audience. I have to struggle to bring Roberts home and write the smash hits he’s capable of.”

Roberts is controversial — and as self-assured as an bomb.

“How do I feel about publicity?” he asked me with a serious look on his face, and then answered, “I love it.”

He continued, ”I guess I’m controversial because I say what I feel. I can’t tell anyone I don’t worry about the threat of terrorism. I do and I worry that we are all in danger. I get into trouble because am too vocal about my beliefs at times. My PR guy hides his face.

Much More at Bestselling Author Cliff Roberts – “Writing Your Way To The Top Isn’t Hard!” | Novel Ideas.

Warner Bros. Nabs ‘American Blood’ With Bradley Cooper Word|Link Literary Agency – The WORD|Blog

 The crime drama is based on an upcoming book by New Zealander Ben Sanders; Andrew Sodroski will write the script.



PictureFrom the Hollywood Reporter:

The crime drama is based on an upcoming book by New Zealander Ben Sanders; Andrew Sodroski will write the script. 

Warner Bros. has acquired American Blood, an upcoming crime novel by Ben Sanders, with Bradley Cooper attached to star and produce. At least one other studio had bid on the project, and several TV companies had also expressed interest.

The story follows Marshall Grade, an NYPD officer turned mob informant, who, while living in the witness protection program in New Mexico, is pulled into a dangerous investigation involving a missing woman.

Andrew Sodroski is attached to adapt the script. John Lesher and Adam Kassan will produce while Chantal Nong is overseeing for the studio. Cooper will produce through his 22 & Indiana banner, while Brendan Deneen of Macmillan Entertainment and Pouya Shabazian of New Leaf Literary & Media will also produce.

Sanders, from New Zealand, published his first book, The Fallen, at age 20. The book was a bestseller in his native country, and he went on to write two others – By Any Means and Only the Dead [also bestsellers]. Now 24 years old, Sanders will make his American debut with American Blood, which is slated for fall 2015 via MacMillan. American Blood is likely the first in a series of books, which means there’s franchise potential for the films.
*    *    *

Congratulations to our own Ben Sanders for this exciting development in his career. To be 24 years old with a New York City book deal and now a film deal, well it must be a dream come true, right? I mean, it’s what writers really fantasize about, isn’t it? How lucky do you have to be to actually get the contracts and the movie deals? And at an age where we don’t even have to airbrush the author’s photo? Pretty lucky? After all, it’s like winning the lottery, isn’t it? Yeah.

But, more accurately, no. The fact is, Ben deserves all this simply because he works damn hard at his craft, and has for many years. He’s committed to it and to always striving to do better. Yes, he’s talented, but more importantly, he’s skilled. Even while going to school full time, he kept writing (result: 2 bestsellers); while holding down a full-time job, he kept writing (result: another bestseller). All the while, he was always striving to sharpen his skills, always working hard to raise his game.

So, no, it’s not like winning the lottery, where all you need is some purely dumb luck to pick the right numbers. This takes more than luck, this requires an absolute commitment to your craft. All those things we writers are dreaming of, publishing contracts and movie deals, are possible, they’re out there still. But the commitment, that’s what the author brings to the table. And that, well that’s just essential.

Keep writing…

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An Interview With “The Cruise Ship Killer…” Author Don Michael Fess! | Novel Ideas

Here we have it! An interview with a man many of you have already heard of. For those wondering who wrote “The Cruising Serial Killer” I am here to tell you that his name is Michael Don Fess. I caught him for an interview and you will enjoy it. Indulge, enjoy and learn from a writer who has a lot to say.

Q) What does writing give you?

A) It’s one of the creative outlets I enjoy. I do sculpture, paintings, music arranging, etc.

Q) So, what is so creative about writing?

A) You get to invent characters, situations, adventures, and just explore many fictional adventures

Q) I wonder– have you always been an adventure seeking kind of guy?

A) I’ve spent a lifetime enlarging the envelope, trying new things, and to use a trite expression, going where no man has gone before.

Q) What is the most extreme example?

A) Probably, as a developer, buying old buildings and changing the use with creative remodelling. It was the most challenging and profitable.

Q) Let me ask you this: Are books profitable?

A) Not yet, in monetary rewards, but a bonanza in reader responses and feedback.

Q) What do you like to write about?

A) My favorite subjects are the mystery tales in the Caribbean. I had fun writing about the wild Louisiana politics during the 1964 period, but that doesn’t have a wide appeal. My non-fiction work is also a little controversial and appealing. I’ve had some great response from readers.

Q) Mystery tales? Are your tales more “Murder She Wrote” or “Law and Order?

A) The Caribbean tales are more like adventure, high-tech mysteries, and I like to end them on a happy note.

Q) Do you believe readers react positively to happy-ever-after endings?

For the rest click here An Interview With “The Cruise Ship Killer…” Author Don Michael Fess! | Novel Ideas.

Andrea Raine Speaks Seriously About “Turnstiles” | Novel Ideas

Andrea Raine Speaks Seriously About “Turnstiles”

Interviews by nick wale

A Conversation With


Author of



Martin Sourdough is a homeless person who has chosen to turn his back on the corporate, material world; Willis Hancocks, Jr. is a barrister, an alcoholic philanderer, and a misogynist; and Evelyn (aka Yvonne) is a prostitute. Turnstiles speaks to these social problems through the smaller scope of each character’s individual trials. There is a struggle that exists between the need to serve one’s own needs and the expectation to participate in the larger social scheme. Martin and Willis are both trying to fit into the world, but on their own terms. They are naïve, searching for an Eden-like state of being. Through a broader experience of personal fortune, misfortune, travel, and social interactions, they each learn to accept their path and take control of their own destinies. 




How would describe your book, its genre?  Do you write in more than one genre?  


The genre of my debut novel, Turnstiles, is literary fiction. I also write poetry, and my poetic voice definitely influences my fiction writing. Many fiction writers also write poetry.


How long have you been writing? How long did it take to write your book? And what motivated you to write it?


I have been writing ever since I could hold a pen. I’m serious. I remember being given assignments in grade one, two and three to keep journals and write stories. While the other kids groaned, I got really excited.


It took me fifteen years to write Turnstiles. I wrote it in the midst of work, university, relationships, kids, and life in general, but I never dropped the thread. I always wanted to write a novel. When I returned from a two-month solo backpacking trip through Western Europe and the UK in the summer of 1998, I felt like I had something more important to say.

Much more at Andrea Raine Speaks Seriously About “Turnstiles” | Novel Ideas.

King of Horror? I Want Your Crown– Novel Ideas

A Meeting with Author Paul Levas

Paul Levas is a man who knows where he is going. As a writer, he will be writing till the day he dies. I wanted to interview Levas here for the site, and I really wanted to get him to tell you why you need to be reading his books. As a horror writer, he takes his inspiration from Stephen King– what better education could there be? Read, learn and enjoy….

If you could work with any author who would it be?

Stephen King and Michael Bray.

Who is your favourite author, and is you writing style similar to theirs?

Stephen King, and I have been told my style is very similar.

What’s your favourite part of a book, Paul?

The ending. But I love the entire story. See how things develop.

When naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning?

No, however, in a novel I am about to start, the main character’s name is Donald King–for Donald Westlake and Stephen King.

How have your personal experiences affected your writing?

Greatly.  I write what I know. For example, I just wrote a story titled Restroom, where a young boy is locked inside a porta-potty. When I was six or seven, I myself was locked inside. I was terrified. My aunt rescued me.

What genre of books do you like to read? Do you limit yourself to only the genre that you write yourself?

For about a year I read Stephen King and Joe Hill, but now I am on year #2 of Harry Potter. To answer your question, I love Horror, Fantasy, thrillers.

Were you always good at writing?

Most authors of whom I am a fan started writing very young. I was a video game junkie until I turned sixteen. Since then, I’ve been writing. At first I wasn’t good. Like anything else, I’ve learned a lot as I’ve written and read more.

Click Here for More via King of Horror? I Want Your Crown– A Meeting with Author Paul Levas | Novel Ideas.

22 Questions and 22 Answers from Author Marie Jem | Novel Ideas

22 Questions and 22 Answers from Author Marie Jem

marie jem

22 questions with one of the most exciting authors of today. Marie Jem has burst onto the scene with her first book “Pursuit For Lucidity.” Marie is a writer you will be hearing a lot from in the future. For those of you who have read “Pursuit,” I need explain no more. For those who haven’t, you need to read this one. Just believe me–you need this!

1. If you could work with any author who would it be?

A)  Danielle Steel.  I love the way Danielle writes and describes surroundings and makes you feel what her characters are feeling.

2. Who is your favourite author, and is your writing style similar to theirs?  

A) The late V.C. Andrews is my favourite author.  If my writing style were similar to hers, I would be one AMAZING writer.  I love the way she draws you into her characters’ minds and emotions.

3. What’s your favorite part of a book?  

A) My favourite part of a book is that moment when you are not expecting to discover a secret and all of a sudden it’s in your face and you cannot believe it.

4. When naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning?  

A) I just imagine what I think the character should look like and pick a name that I think fits their appearance in my imagination.

5. How have your personal experiences affected your writing?

A) Personal experiences such as jobs, school, and everyday living over the years have given me many creative ideas.  I believe the people I have encountered throughout my life makes it easy for me to create all the different personalities of my characters.

6. What genre of books do you personally like to read? Do you limit yourself to only the genre that you write yourself?

A)  I do not limit myself to a certain genre.  I have interest in many different genres.  Although I write romance, I very much enjoy a good suspenseful thriller, which is something I’m currently reading.

7. Were you always good at writing?

More at  22 Questions and 22 Answers from Author Marie Jem | Novel Ideas.

A Rising Writing Star: An Interview With M.L. Newman | Novel Ideas

Interviews by nickwale

M.L Newman is one of the rising stars of the book world. Her first book “Glimmer of Hope” was well-received, and fans are anticipating her second release. What really makes a writer run? I wanted to pose questions during this interview that would really allow us to look inside the mind of a writer who really knows her craft. Hold onto your seats… This is a goodie!

glimmer of hope


Good morning, M.L. I want to start this interview by asking you one question. Why is writing important to you?

I enjoy writing because I get to share my stories with others. It’s important to me because my stories, while fiction, can bring hope, love and joy to others. So many stories I’ve read have touched me and brightened my day. I’d love to do that for my readers.

I was thinking earlier that many of your readers will be wishing they could write like you. How many times have you read a book and wished you’d written it?

I haven’t actually read a book that I wished I’d written, but I’ve read books that I wished I lived in.

As a writer, I guess you get to create any world you want to live in– that must be a pretty amazing feeling. How many story ideas have you got at the minute?

I have plotted out about 40+ storylines, and I’m hoping that at least 39 of them are published. There are many different storylines and series that I have planned where the final decision on book numbers is more about where the story goes than how many I can publish.

So, let me ask you this: What really makes a good story?

Personally, I believe what makes a good story are the decisions that are made within the story.  Anyone can fall in love or fight it, but the difficult choices that have to be made bring me closer to the characters. If I find a connection with a character, I’ve been sucked in.

How many times do you rewrite a sentence to get it just right?

I don’t usually rewrite my sentences. Sometimes I tweak them to make sure it makes sense, but usually the first time it sticks. I spend the majority of the time on detailing than rewriting.

Here’s a curveball for you… Is there anything you wouldn’t like to write about?

When I write a story, it’s because it has been called from my soul. I don’t have a choice but to write what comes out of me. I don’t specifically have anything against writing other stories; they just have to wait their turn.

How many times did you considered becoming a writer before you became a writer?

via A Rising Writing Star: An Interview With M.L. Newman | Novel Ideas.

Author Megan Elizabeth And Her Publishing Dream | Novel Ideas

Author Megan Elizabeth And Her Publishing Dream

Stack of Old Books

Megan Elizabeth is a writer you will be hearing a lot from in the future. Signed by “Satalyte Publishing” and set for her first release this year, you can be sure of one thing–her books are going to be read, and they are going to be loved. I think this interview proves that she is one of the most driven authors out there…. Watch out publishing world!

Q) If you could work with any author who would it be?

Do I have to choose one? LOL. If I had to pick one it would be Kresley Cole. I admire her imaginative story lines, creativity and how well her books flow. Honestly, I’d just like to have the opportunity to pick her brain, once I get over being star struck, that is.

Q) Who is your favorite author, and is your writing style similar to theirs?

Currently, I have two favourite writers: JR Ward (aka The Warden) and Kresley Cole. Though both of them are extremely talented, I think my writing style is more similar to Kresley Cole. She incorporates a ton off different aspects into her books much like myself.  She mixes all types of immortal factions as I mix immortal factions such as fallen angels and Greek gods.

Q) What’s your favorite part of a book?

My favourite part of a book is that moment when your mouth drops open and you’re like, “I can’t believe that happened.” You find yourself smiling over it while people around you look at you like you’re nuts; then getting excited to read more–like the moment when you realize a character is so much more then you originally thought or a plot twist you did not see coming.

Much More at Author Megan Elizabeth And Her Publishing Dream | Novel Ideas.

“A Glimmer of Hope”– The New Bestseller From M.L Newman! | Novel Ideas


Glimmer of Hope is a fun and exciting romance/thriller from new author M.L. Newman. Becki is torn between her boyfriend with whom she sees her future and his career which would take them away from her gratifying work and the life she has built thus far. Enter Eric—the quiet, reclusive and frequently broody writer. Is Eric’s draw too strong for her to resist? And will the secrets from his past endanger her otherwise secure existence? Pick up the book to find out!

I am usually quite picky about the books I read. “Glimmer of Hope” is a book that I would read again and again and again. The dialogue is strong, the characterisation is there and flows effortlessly, and most of all I actually feel something for the characters. In short—this is a top notch romance/ thriller with some great twists and turns.

As for the writer, what can I say… I want to see what she comes up with next. It’s a helluva job trying to wait for a book you are dying to read. Time please roll on quickly so I can read the next M.L Newman novel!

A quality first book of a planned trilogy. Romantic, sexy, scary in parts, and will leave you guessing!

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“Erotica Evolved with Author Rigel Madsong Leading the Way,” Sayeth the Book Gods | Novel Ideas

“Leading The Way,” Sayeth the Book Gods, “Erotica Evolved with Author Rigel Madsong.”

Rigel Madsong is an enigma. A writer of erotica who has raised the benchmark for all writers of all genres. Rigel is what I would call a “writers writer,” the kind of writer you look up to and learn from. When I first met Rigel, I was amazed by his drive and ambition. A book is only as good as the writer writing it. Rigel Madsong is as good as a writer gets.

The Taste of a Woman” is classy, erotic to the core and has those wonderful, sticky pages that keep you reading over and over again.

Q) Rigel, as an erotic author I have to ask– what is erotic to you?

A) Whatever turns me on. I know that it’s different for different folk. For me it has to have an element of beauty to it, if only in the harsh truth it reveals. But also risking something against the impositions of society to suppress what is natural about our emotional core. Like poetry, erotic literature is about the body. You take it in through the eyes and brain, but you feel it throughout the extent of your physical being. That’s what makes it so exciting. In images I look for something spiritual, something that knocks my socks off. I don’t have to explain it to myself. If it’s right, I respond with my intellect nodding its head and emotions churning.

Q) Do you, as a writer and as a reader, believe the erotic book world needs more literature and less fluff?

A) Absolutely! Erotic literature has at its command perhaps the most precious moment of any human life: intimacy. This little treasure has to be treated with complete respect, bringing the best we have to offer in the way of literary training, psychological insight, astonishing imagery, the music of well chosen words. . . I could go on. The main point is, when given a gift make the effort worth it!

Q) How do you like to write? Are you a daytime writer? A coffee slurping morning writer or a late night typer?

A) I write all the time. If not at my desk. then in my head. If not there. then in my unconscious. When I start a piece–maybe only a few sentences to lock in the entry point–when I return a few hours later, three or four paragraphs hit the page almost instantly, indicating that my unconscious has been at work. This means I put words on the page whenever, between tasks of the day, late at night when the house is quiet, riding on a train. . . once bitten by the bug, the machine is in the on switch position with cylinders popping.

Q) How did you approach the idea of writing an erotic novel? Was it at all threatening for you?

A) Not threatening, exciting. I jumped at the chance. Writers always have to overcome their inhibitions to write anything worth a damn. If it’s not dangerous, then there’s no guts to it. That’s why it has to be taken seriously, but always courageously. If the writer doesn’t put him/herself on the page, spill the guts without being solipsistic about it, then there’s no bloodshed. Blood on the page makes for great stories.

Q) Of all the characters in “The Taste of a Woman,” who is your favorite and why?

A) Oh, my God! I love them all in their own way: the jazz bassman boppin’ his way through a sweet sexual encounter; poor Allye, so inhibited, finally finding a path to her own sensuality; the comic fellow who thought he had lost his MoJo only to find it with the help of his deceased best friend’s turned-on wife. I get excited just talking about these folks.

Q) Which nicely leads me to my next question! One of the stories in “The Taste of a Woman” is based around a jazz combo. Are you a jazz listener, and if so, did your interest in jazz music influence the story?

A) Absolutely! Listener and player. I love what jazz does to bring rhythm, intellect and the body together in one place. It was a natural for me to create the jazz-bass character and speak through his mouth, even to the point of expressing his humility, his shock at being in the focal point of a sexual triangle, all the time wailing out on his axe. Every experience I have had in my life informs my writing. Inspiration comes partly from fantasy and partly from the experience of knowing what comes from leading a full life.

Q) Where do you get your ideas from? Do you base them on things you’ve actually tried yourself, things you’ve heard your friends talk about, or just stuff you’ve thought up yourself?

A) All of the above and more. The writer always has his/her antennae up. Always listening. Always paying attention. Eudora Welty said that the saddest thing about losing her hearing was that she could no longer eavesdrop. My ideas are collected as they arrive through my antennae—things that fascinate me, hearing a conversation on a bus, picking up on someone else’s desire/dreams, spinning off from an image I find that evokes erotic feelings, people I know who have hang-ups that need fixing, failures of my own at love and the fantasies I have had to try and fix them.

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A Short Story From Bestselling Author Bruce Bennett | Novel Ideas

A Short Story From Bestselling Author Bruce Bennett

The following is a short story from the pen of Bruce Bennett. Bruce is one of the foremost American writers of the moment. He has released two novels– both bestsellers–entitled “Digital Air” and “Wisemen.” If you enjoy this great short, don’t forget to pick up the novels!

Bruce Bennett 123“Dr. Focarazzo, don’t you think you are taking this too far?”

“If you don’t believe in my invention, then why are you here?”

It was a fair question.  I had heard about this incredible mad scientist who locked himself in a vacant airplane hangar at the abandoned Transwestern Pipeline Company Field in Ganado, AZ.  As a reporter for the National Telegrapher, the nation’s leading newspaper of the unusual, I thought there might be a good story waiting.  More than likely, I would meet another crackpot who made my job of creating “stories” that kept American buying the rag of the checkout racks at all major box stores easy.  If there wasn’t an article waiting, I would simply scramble around the truth with some fiction and write a gripping article that would keep the cretins coming back.

I had taken Southwest’s Flight 1611 to Phoenix and rented a car at the airport.  With the accompanying Garmin, I trekked northeast to seek out the headquarters of Dr. John Focarazzo.  With a Ph.D. from MIT and numerous degrees from schools in the United States and Europe, he had been a rising star in the scientific community.  Focarazzo published multitudes of articles on magnetism and its effect on bending particle trajectories in large colliders.  His article, Einstein was 1/trillionth of a Second Wrong, brought accolades and scoffs from his colleagues.

Whatever the science behind his creations, a friend at the University of Arizona tipped me on the crazy inventor.  Like those rumors of what’s out in the desert at Roswell, small stories began to gain momentum about this hermit of Ganado.  Locals had reported seeing the professor tooling around the desert roads, shirtless, beer bottle in hand, in his old, open Jeep he kept out at the airfield.   Focarazzo was not your average genius.  He was the spooky kind that was always on the verge of blowing up the planet with some out-of-control experiment.

“Doctor, I really just need to ask you a few questions about this thing, what are you calling it?”

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Foal Dreams: An Interview with Foal | Novel Ideas

Foal Dreams: An Interview with Foal

After the success of our first interview, I wanted to interview Foal and the Angels author Foal again. This interview is all about the importance of dreams, listening to what we are being told, and how we can learn from our subconscious. Listen, learn and become open-minded with Foal.

dreamsQ) Why are dreams important to us?

Dreams are more than simply important, they are actually essential to our well being, to life itself ! And now, we know for certain from scientific experiments that, if deprived of dreaming, human beings will become neurotic or will start showing very disturbing behaviors. So, you see, even if we don`t remember our dreams, we still do need to dream in order to keep our mental and emotional balance. We cannot live without sleep, or without dreams.

Q) What is the most important thing a dream has explained to you?

Emotionally and spiritually speaking, it’s difficult to choose one since there are more than I could tell. It’s a bit like having a wise man (or a jester sometimes!) by your side who is not explaining things to you in a didactic and pedantic way, but rather showing you what would happen `IF`, and so you can spontaneously make your decision on your own.

Q) Is there one dream that really stands out above all others?

YES! There is ONE BIG DREAM that stands out above the others. Three years ago I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, or rather, the dreams diagnosed me first, and they strongly ( i.e., nightmarishly!! LOL!) recommended me to have a check up. Even when doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me and were telling me to come back in a year or so, the dreams kept pushing me till I went for a second and third opinion, and then we finally found it. So thanks to my dreams, the cancer was found at the very beginning, stage A, level 1. If I had waited a year or more as I had been told, I don’t know how things may have ended. In my heart of hearts, I know they saved my life. And one day I know I`ll have to write at length about this experience, too!

Q) Do you believe “Foal and the Angels” appeals to all kinds of people, and did you write it with that in mind?

Absolutely! FOAL and the Angels is definitely not only for the spiritually-oriented, but also for the man in the street, for just everybody with an open heart. Besides, it`s such an easy and quick read that it can be enjoyed by the young and the old , the educated and the not-that-well educated, the spiritual and the not spiritual at all. That’s one more reason why I chose the story/fairytale format. FOAL and the Angels’ contents is spiritual indeed, but in a very common sense/everyday-life way. Apart from the bits of wisdom that are there for sure, FOAL`s reactions to that very wisdom can get kind of quite hilarious, too.

Q) What do you think makes a good book?

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Troubled Teen: Author Charles James Explains All… | Novel Ideas

Troubled Teen: Author Charles James Explains All…

Charles James weaves a story that will leave you shocked to the core with “The Tarnished Shooter.” The story begins in 1971. Frank Henry Barker is a troubled young man left in emotional turmoil after years of his father’s abuse. He joins the Marines after getting into more trouble than he can handle—just to escape a probation officer desperate to send him to a reformatory.

This harrowing true-to-life story will have you reeling with the punches as we follow Frank as he battles the demons that haunt him. His anger and rage only compound the problems he has with relationships and society. This book will reveal the thoughts and actions of a person who has been brought up with violence and trained to solve disputes with his fists.

The Tarnished Shooter” is a compelling five star story of adversity, adventure and the consequences of choices one makes and is based on actual events. This is a story you won’t forget for a long, long time…


Q) What do you think the main purpose of “The Tarnished Shooter” is?

A) The purpose of the book is to tell a story about how a choice, any choice, can change a life in an instant. Too many people take choices for granted. I know I did. I had more choices than I realized, and many times I thought there were limited choices. Today I know different. Schools don’t teach about social values in a way young people can understand. There is so much pressure out there to fit in and go along with the crowd. If one follows the wrong crowd or the wrong person, bad choices are sure to come down the pike.

Q) What advice would you give to a teenager going through the same problems you went through?

A) Today is a different world from when I was a teen, but life principles are the same. Troubled teens are so vulnerable because they don’t have the life experiences to reflect back, thus allowing them to make a better choice. My advice for any teen would be to figure out what to do, or what to be and follow that path as long as it is a good path. Teens have to realize that they have a tough road ahead and to prepare for it. Actually program yourself with the idea that things are going to be tough. You will get your heart broken. Someone will let you down, and people are going to walk in and out of your life, and some are going to die. But no matter what happens, the world is not going to stop. You are here so make the best of it, and decide today that you are going to make the best of it no matter what.

Q) Do you feel it is your responsibility to help people going through the same problems you experienced?

A) No, I don’t feel it is my responsibility, but I would like to offer some hard-learned advice. Sometimes people going through problems just need an ear willing to listen. And they want to be heard without judgement and without preaching. I never felt I had anyone to hash things out with on a peer level or on an equal level with an adult. Because parents or guardians feel the need to be in control, they seem to always butt in without listening to the whole story.

Q) How did you turn your life around? What really caused you to do that?

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“Standing Strong For Others Is An Obligation,” Says Author Tom Ufert | Novel Ideas

“Standing Strong for Others is an Obligation,” says Author Tom Ufert

Despite the bloodshed and social havoc that arose from the French Revolution ending in 1789, a distinct social contract developed that forever altered mankind’s perception of our obligatory responsibility for the less fortunate among us. The phrase Noblesse Obligeloosely translated as “the obligation of the nobility,” came to commonly refer as the social obligation of those with wealth, position, influence, titles or higher education to share their good fortune among those in society with far fewer blessings. This was a direct repudiation of the long held societal belief that noble positions were divine grants from God Himself that set certain individuals on untouchable pedestals of superiority over their fellow man. Since that time, there has been a constant social debate between the “haves” & the “have nots” regarding justice, equality, and economic equilibrium. Throughout the three and half centuries since the end of the French Revolution, humanity has incessantly struggled with competing dogmas such as capitalism versus egalitarianism, democracy versus socialism, and deism versus humanism. In the end, the human species continues to search for a solution to our ever growing competition between limited resources and an expanding population.

Fortunately for me, my “adopted” family and Jesuit educators instilled a life-long belief in the “Golden Rule” — “do unto others as you would have done to you.” Though I was never fortunate to obtain wealth, position, influence or a title, my life has been undeniably blessed by an excellent education. Furthermore, as my first book Adversity Builds Character so aptly demonstrates, I would not be where I am today were it not for the gracious generosity of others. This is undeniably true as well in my new found career as an aspiring author. Therefore, it would be sinful and completely demeaning to me as a human being if I did not “share the wealth!”

To quote one of my political ideologues, We might come closer to balancing the Budget if all of us lived closer to the Commandments and the Golden Rule.” –Ronald Reagan With this noble philosophy in mind, I have spent my life raising money for charitable causes in a determined, if not altogether frustrating, quest to make the world a better place. Since the age of nine when I first started volunteering for the Shreveport Summer Music Festival, through the next three decades raising money for worthy political and social causes, until today, I have been a vigorous proponent of trying to utilize my talents for the betterment of all mankind. My writing career is no exception.

Since the publishing of Adversity Builds Character two years ago, I have been completely transparent that every book copy sold would contribute in some way to one or more charities. My book signings and online sales have raised monies for the American Red Cross to help victims of super storm Sandy, 501(c)3 AIDS outreach charities such as the UCLSE/ICFWA/ICAO/AOC & The Philadelphia Center, and now through my two month fundraising effort, The Stand Strong For Others Campaign, I am donating 25% of all my book sales tothe world’s largest international charity for children.” These funds will go directly to assist disabled children. Though my campaign goal is modest, a mere $500 or approximately 400-500 book copies, it is deeply troublesome that this effort has received hardly any public media attention or for that matter resulted in any significant number of sales. My books are said to be “inspirational” and “uplifting” to those who have read and reviewed them. Yet despite campaign efforts championing this charity fund drive as a meaningful way to simultaneously obtain a worthwhile literary work and contribute directly towards improving the lives of crippled children, no one seems to take heed.

At this point in time, due to the organization’s licensing criteria, I am unable to use their name or logo in my promotional efforts. It was instructed to me by their USA Fund coordinator to say funds raised would go to “the world’s largest international charity for children.” After due diligent research I can assure all consumers that this charitable organization is held to the highest American and international standards for charitable donations and is in fact accountable to numerous United Nations conventions for assistance to children. I have been assured that the monies raised from the campaign’s book sales will be targeted specifically to assist physically challenged children. I am encouraged by the recent partnership of fellow author Lester W. Van Huss’ commitment to donate 10% of his book sales during the campaign period towards Stand Strong For Others’ fundraising endeavors. It is just such generosity that I had hoped the campaign’s efforts would generate. So far the event on Facebook has attracted 66 attendees out of 2200 invitations and continues to grow daily (go to this link to join and see regular updates.)

After decades of fundraising experience, I am well aware of realistic expectations regarding public support for charitable causes. Each and every dollar raised is a contribution that was non-existent before and deeply appreciated. I have carefully calculated a realistic goal for the campaign and specifically timed the fundraising drive to coincide with the holiday season for maximum appeal to the public’s generosity. Yet this is my frustration: when one considers the purchase of an “inspirational” book that demonstrates success in overcoming adversity for merely $2-$3 and knowing that it will directly benefit a crippled child, how can consumers possibly not be moved? The purchase price is the equivalent of buying a gallon of milk, and in return the consumer provides food, healthcare, shelter, education, and necessary medical equipment while holding in their hand a book that may very well change their own life! TALK ABOUT BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

Novel Reads, the e-magazine produced by Novel Ideas, reached over 5,000 readers last month. My request is very simple. If every person who reads this article will take the time to either purchase a book in the campaign or spread the word by sharing the link and campaign banner below, even better yet, DO BOTH, the result will be monumental! Five minutes of your time and two measly dollars out of your pocket will as the CNN slogan declares…IMPACT YOUR WORLD! Your time and money won’t be wasted on helping yet another author with his career. Rather, both will be wisely spent making the world a better place.

–Tom Ufert

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American Science, Political Science… Author Tim Northway | Novel Ideas

American Science, Political Science… Author Tim Northway

Tim Northway- defintion:

A creature who writes for the enjoyment of others. A man with a talent for literature with a social edge. A being that has immense intellect and little time for Jonahs. A seller of ideas through the worn pages of books bearing his name.

Class dismissed…

Meet Tim Northway!



Q) What are the  ”real” concepts behind “Total Amnesia,” Tim?

A) A good old fashion alien attack on Earth told from my viewpoint, play by play, until every human on Earth has collapsed in paralysis—with the exception of me.  I was singled out for a purpose.

I am rescued from the attack by the lovely Professor Espree whom I have had a crush on all semester.  It turns out she is—of all things—a free spirit (meaning not confined to a body) and the creator of the universe! Even crazier, she wants me to help her free everyone in the universe.

So I find myself as the boyfriend and advisor to the creator of the universe.

How cool is that?

She insists she is NO different than me.  I ask how that could possibly be true if she we’re able to create a whole universe!

She tells me we all have that ability.  The problem is our artificial disabilities installed by an artificial mind that surrounds us and absorbs any free, liberating thought.

My response is:  “Huh?”

Then she proceeds to take me on a tour of the universe to show me exactly what that means.

Talk about mind blowing!

Q) How do you feel about the way people have reacted to “Total Amnesia?”

I think they don’t quite know what it is, but as it continues to gain recognition it is becoming a new voice in Science Fiction.

Q) What do you want people to take away from this book?

You are infinitely capable.  Any thought you have to the contrary is a result of a past disability, purposely installed in your mind in order to keep you under control—a past shrouded in Total Amnesia.

Q) How do you feel it will be taken by the wider public?

I think it is ground-breaking.  There is the initial “huh?” Then gradually it is understood, taken in and enjoyed.  Because Total Amnesia is written from a personal viewpoint as someone who doesn’t “get” science fiction, it can be better understood by the broader public.

Q) How do you discover a concept?


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Author Mike Trahan Explains The Gift | Novel Ideas

 “The Gift” comes from a poem I wrote about my first flight and my first solo later on. The poem is also entitled “The Gift” and it states that I consider my love of flying as a gift from God, because it gave me a direction for my life. The book title came from this stanza:

Until that moment my life was aimless,

With no real goals in sight

The Lord gave me a gift that day

His Gift was the love of flight.

I have been told that my story is multi-faceted and that there are several lessons to be learned from it. I was not aware of that as I wrote it. I just wrote about the things I was involved in, starting at a very young age. For example: By the time I was fifteen I was driving my father’s tractors, driving a car, flying an airplane, playing high school football and baseball, dating girls, serving as an Altar Boy, and trying to keep up in school.

I believe this story could teach this generation that their possibilities are limitless, if they are willing to sacrifice to achieve things. It takes a lot of self-discipline to be able to successfully juggle as many things as I did, and self-discipline is one thing that is woefully lacking in today’s generation. Determination, drive, discipline, tenacity, resilience (the ability to bounce back after disappointments) are all essential elements of being successful.

The only “reward” we got from failure back in my youth was this – it gave us a chance to try again from a new direction. It also gave us a chance to overcome that failure and that built up our confidence each time we did it.

I feel the opportunities are still out there, but they are just harder to find. They do not fall in your lap as maybe they once did. To encounter that opportunity you have to be out there looking for it, and then you have to be proactive and put yourself in a position to take advantage of any opportunity that you encounter.

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Nick Wale Interviews Foal… | Novel Ideas

Nick Wale Interviews Foal…

Foal, having strong feelings about keeping the focus on the messages rather than the messenger, would rather keep his privacy. Nevertheless, he will be happy to interact via email with any person interested. You can reach Foal here. Foal and the Angels is about a journey to understand the great wisdom hidden behind life. Through a series of dreams and insightful messages that provide Foal with some pretty intensive lessons, the mystery of life unravels and he shares these spiritual discoveries with other seekers. 

Thank you for joining us. Please tell us about your book. 

Well, throughout a number of years I had all these incredible dreams, and in these dreams I knew I was being given insights and intensive lessons on the meaning of life. So, “FOAL and the Angels” is a story told by a boy (Foal) through the unfolding of his dreams and the impact they have on his life. Through his dreams, and with a little help from the Angels, he starts to understand the mysteries of Life and receives answers to his ten thousand questions.

It is really a very tiny book I wrote out of a desire to share such an incredible experience and all the teachings that came along with it.   It is a short story anybody can read, from old to young, from well-educated to not so well-educated, and what`s more, coming from any religion or belief.

How long have you been writing? How long did it take to write FOAL and the Angels? And what motivated you to write it?

I started in 2010, and it took me a year and a half to put it all together. What motivated it ? You see, when you have those kinds of powerful dreams, they become more real to you than `real` life itself. I knew I had to write it down, it was impossible not to.

Is it a stand-alone novel or part of a series? If it’s part of a series, how did you decide to make it a series? How long will the series run?

The plan is to make a four-book series, because the dreams just kept coming and there were so many more stunningly beautiful dreams than I could ever put into Foal`s story. At times I would have five or six dreams per night; it was exhausting, but always exhilarating. I remember a few times I wished I could sleep twenty-four hours a day just to be able to dream! And they were too many to put them all in one tiny book.

Who are your main characters in the story and how would you describe them?

Well, the main character is FOAL, God Supreme, and many Angels. As for their descriptions…Sorry ! You`ve got to read the book !

Is there any symbolism in your book that you’d care to share with potential readers?

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Yveta Germano And Why Crypts Made Her A Writer… | Novel Ideas

Yveta Germano And Why Crypts Made Her A Writer…

Yveta Germano is one of the most exciting teen authors around at the moment. Her book “Bring Me Back” has been exciting young readers the world over, As a lover of history, Yveta spent her early years travelling and catching ancient crypts and medieval buildings. This encouraged her in her efforts as a writer, and soon she became inspired to chase writing as an author. She currently lives in the United States and spends much of her time running her own publishing company, writing and spending time with her children.

yveta germano 3Q) Thank you for appearing on my site for an interview, Yveta!

A) You are so welcome!

Q) How would describe your book, its genre?  Do you write in more than one genre? Do you feel this will confuse your readers?  

A) Bring Me Back is young adult fiction. Librarians would classify it under paranormal, but this classification may be a bit subjective. A gorgeous young male clone hiding in an underground maze and a teenage girl who bids her body to die so that she can cross over to find her lost childhood friend’s soul may seem paranormal to some. But who’s to say we won’t be able to clone a human being or recall the event of our own clinical death sometime in the not so distant future?

I also write children’s picture books and middle grade books. I don’t think it will confuse my readers because when I set to write a story, I become a part of it. I put my heart and soul into it, and I create a voice that is unique to each and every character.

Q) How long have you been writing? How long did it take to write your book? And what motivated you to write it?

A) I love this question. I published my first book in 2011, but I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. I always had many stories to tell but was too busy raising my daughters and working in medical research to find time to do what I always knew was my real calling.

It usually does not take me that long to write a picture or a middle grade book. Bring Me Back is different, though. It’s a high-concept trilogy that is ahead of its time. It required not only years of experience in writing but a lifetime of learning about metaphysical concepts like a human soul, dark energy, life force, DNA sequencing, etc. Years ago, I had a vision of a mysterious, impassive girl in a white gown. That was all I had when I started to write the story. No synopsis, no clear voice, I began writing until I had 400 pages. An editor told me it was the most interesting story, but it was clear I had no synopsis. I deleted the entire manuscript without backing it up on purpose! Two years later, the girl was back in my head and with her a story I could not wait to put on paper.

Q) Is it a stand-alone novel or part of a series? If it’s part of a series, how did you decide to make it a series? How long will the series run?

A) I spent almost a year writing and re-writing the entire manuscript because each time the story became bigger. That’s when I realized it was too great of a concept to fit into one book. The first book of Bring Me Back is mainly about a curious teenage girl, Ali, who’s searching for answers about her forgotten past. Her search leads to an old mansion where she finds a young male clone and an impassive girl that used to be her childhood friend. Ali’s life is turned upside down when she finds herself in the middle of the most unbelievable, fast-paced mystery in which she’ll have to bid her own body to die in order to cross over and bring the soul of her childhood friend back to reunite with the impassive body.

Crossing over, however, brings about a whole new set of problems and adventures. That’s where book number two begins…

Q) Who are your main characters in the story and how would you describe them?

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Tim Northway And The Alien Invasion | Novel Ideas

Tim Northway And The Alien Invasion

Tim Northway is one of the most exciting new writers to come out of the science-fiction genre for sometime. He’s the kinda guy who sits gazing at the skies and wonders what’s up there or looks down at the ground and wonders what’s deep underneath the Earth. Tim is one of the most creative members of the writing community. I haven’t seen an interview with Tim that really shows his personality. That’s about to change.

Let me tell you about his books before we start grilling him. Tim has written two books– his first was called “False Gods.” It was an interesting tale that really got people thinking about the way modern life has imprisoned them. In the story, a group of miners were offered good jobs to go underground and mine for the Rockwell mining company. Little did they know that they were actually to be imprisoned down there– left without light they managed to create a brand new world…

Total Amnesia tells a different story. It’s a story of alien invaders who come to Earth ready to harvest humans for their own good. A dark story that sees humanity fall to its knees as extinction beckons.

Q) Hi, Tim. It’s great to finally have you on my site!

A) Thank you, Nick. It’s great to be on your site. I have appeared in a couple of issues of “Novel Reads By Novel Ideas” but never on here.

Q) Jumping straight in with a question here… I love the cover for “Total Amnesia,” and I have to ask what made you go for such a striking image?

A) The cover shows an eye—the window to the soul, superimposed by circuitry.

The aliens have trapped “free being” in the circuitry of a “mechanical mind.”  Any “free” thought is absorbed by this circuitry and reprogrammed into acceptable thinking.

For instance, say you think the thought:  I want to want to fly across the universe—which, incidentally, is one of the simplest things a free spirit does. That thought is absorbed and runs through the circuits of your Mechanical Mind.  Each concept is represented by a word, and the words are picked up by the circuitry.  The first word of the sentence, ‘I’ ,runs through a program that converts thoughts of being a free spirit (who you really are) into an identification with a body―thus ‘I’ becomes ‘body’.  The second word: ‘Want’ runs through the circuit of hormonal feelings and physical cravings―thus want becomes a physical craving.  The concept of the new word ‘fly’ is run through another circuit complete with, birds, air flow calculations, vacuums, Peter Pan fantasy, engine propulsion, velocity, etc―depending which circuits have been activated by your education .  This circuit will totally invalidate anything to do with moving to another location as a free spirit.  The word ‘Universe’ is run through whatever  programs your education has stimulated; such as gravity, physics, quantum theories, black holes, Einstein and energy.  Now, when you think the thought I want to fly across the universe, it becomes incredibly complicated and virtually impossible, which activates another circuit that turns it all into ‘fantasy’ and invalidates the whole thing.  This is all done on an automatic, subconscious level, so you don’t even know you’re doing it!

I’m sure you can see this.

tim northwayQ) Very interesting! “Total Amnesia” tells the story of an alien invasion. This has been done to death with films like “War of the Worlds” and “V.” How does your story differ?

A) In this story, the alien invasion is not some attack on the planet.  This is simply some mundane, everyday activity, like herding cattle.  It is happening on millions of planets all over the universe.

This is a unique viewpoint because we see our lives, our loved ones, our entire society being destroyed, and they see just some work order.

This sets the reader up for the BIG PICTURE.

For more Click here via Tim Northway And The Alien Invasion | Novel Ideas.

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