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Walking With Intention Day 15 by Gunamayi


The child walks or skips, happily and with joy. With no particular intention, reveling in his own spring of inner joy. Where is this child going? Who will he become? When ignorantly he wanders away from that inner peace and joy and forgets the way he came, how will he try to return? How many paths will he try before he breaths a sigh of relief in returning home?

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HEROD |Catching up with old friend sophiebowns


Chortling man with your ridiculous suit, wipe the smile from your face

Your chat show is incredibly gaudy; your morals are a disgrace

Look at your-over shined shoes, your trousers intricately pressed

What has really slipped your mind, is the seriousness of this mess

I see you are losing patience; you crease and crinkle your brow

I can assure you, my lips are sealed as you try to brew  a row

Look at your shimmering dancers, with their tiny sequined dresses

Revealing their busts, shiny shoes and immaculately styled tresses.

Clown of a man don’t shout at me, don’t grind your teeth and shun

It is all too late, I am beaten, you have already won

How dare you assume judge me, I’m an innocent man

It is slander to assume such things, you label me as a sham

I am not a liar, I am not a fraud.

I am stations above you sir, I am Jesus Christ the Lord

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Dharma Seeds. You cannot have happiness by causing unhappiness to others! | Welcome to a new friend: Renaissance Vlad

Renaissance Vlad

Walking in beauty, love&kindness, wisdom, compassion… to accomplish again my Dharma in this life. World needs our compassion and wisdom!

I am good at making things happen, PR, and i love to make the right connection between like-minded people:)

Just feel free to contact me, I am always happy to connect and meet new people.

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Wishing you all the best for continued health and awakening!
With love,
Renaissance Vlad


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Wisdom from hearing!

Wisdom from hearing!

(foto: Teachings about Karma, in Bucharest (Romania), with Venerable Jampa Lungtog)

Suffering is really quite unnecessary in our lives. We can all attain long lasting happiness.

To develop such an understanding we need protection and guidance and a way to get out from our limiting beliefs. What is Dharma? Dharma is protection for the mind and all begins and it starts with hearing the teachings from a qualified spiritual quide. By advancing from hearing to reflection and practice, one gradually deepens its wisdom about it.

And remember, everything happens for a reason:)


It’s hard to always show compassion — even to the people we love, but Robert Thurman asks that we develop compassion for our enemies. He prescribes a seven-step meditation exercise to extend compassion beyond our inner circle.

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Giving up Ego!

I decided to give up my ego, i find it rather difficult to keep it, there is no parking space left in my mind. Since i was a child, everybody told me it was supposed to help me get happiness and other nice things in life, but it didn’t do any of these things, in this crazy search it only created more. I give it for free and I will try to find another way to be happy  Is anyone around here who wants a new brand ego? Hope not  Is anyone around here who wants to give up also his ego?

— feeling blessed.


$100 Dollar Bill !! | Christian Spook

A 1922 hundred-dollar Gold Certificate

A 1922 hundred-dollar Gold Certificate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

$100 Dollar Bill !!

[terry: Yup and if you fold a $1 bill the right way, George Washington turns into a MUSHROOM.)


A video blogger claims that there are hidden messages in the new $100 dollar bill which warn of future nuclear devastation in the United States.

Back in 2002, it emerged that when a $20 dollar bill was folded in a certain way it revealed images that resembled the 9/11 attacks, a story that caused quite a stir at the time since the notes were issued three years beforehand in 1998.

Are the hidden images in the new $100 bill a chilling prophecy of future events, or just another example of how people are obsessed with doomsday fantasies that require a huge leap in imagination and logic to believe?…

A video blogger claims that there are hidden messages in the new $100 dollar bill which warn of future nuclear devastation in the United States.

Back in 2002, it emerged that when a $20 dollar bill was folded in a certain way it revealed images that resembled the 9/11 attacks, a story that caused quite a stir at the time since the notes were issued three years beforehand in 1998.

Are the hidden images in the new $100 bill a chilling prophecy of future events, or just another example of how people are obsessed with doomsday fantasies that require a huge leap in imagination and logic to believe?…

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Nurse reveals the top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed. |Welcome to a new friend: Prixie’s Crib

I always like to rant about my life. I am not a writer nor I am trying to be. My English command isn’t commendable either. But I can put some words together and make it a sentence. Lol…

Suffering is my life. I was born and raised in a remote village in southern Philippines. We have to walk 5 hours to reached to the town area because there is only one bus that transported the villagers to the town area once a day. Sometimes my grandfather use his bull carriage for us not to be too tired from walking. I wasn’t complaining at first as i am too young to understand what really life is all about. When I started going to school, mom and dad rented a room somewhere in town for us to settle in, so that it wouldn’t be too difficult for us to travel to school and back. But still I need to walk to school for 45 minutes. I did not mind because some of my classmates were walking with me from time to time. Mom and dad works at the gold mining area and grandma took care of me and my 2 other sisters.

Later on, grandma and grandpa passed away. Dad found another job as a laborer in a construction company in another town which is nearer to the city area. It did not change our life. We are still struggling. No appliances, and no electricity. We live in a Nipa Hut, where it is only a nice place to live during summer. When it is rainy season, we always gets wet as the palm leaves roof absorbed the water and it drips in to the house.


When I was a little older, I started to think why other people are so rich who can afford to buy the things they want even if they don’t need it. So I told myself to study hard and then work.

Now that I am working, though life is getting better but it is still difficult to have more than what I wanted. Money is always not enough. My mom always said why can’t i send more money when i am earning enough. Fact is, it is never enough. I always gave them what i earned nothing’s even left for myself. But i did not complain. All i want is that i need to work hard, i have to work hard just for my family to have an easy life. They are living in a comfortable house now, they can watch television, go online and chat on Facebook, they have the latest gadgets and still it is not enough.

I can’t figure out why do i have to suffer so much like this? I was angry at my family because I have to suffer alone working just to feed them. Suffering just for them to have a good life. I wanted go home and relax but just by the thought about a day without working means a day without income and that spells trouble as I am the only Bread winner in the family. I blamed them for my predicament. Being a slave is not an easy job. You have to do all the things that your employer asked you to do because they are paying you to do so. I want to say somewhere: I’ve tried to be forgiving. And yet, there were times in my life, whole years, when anger got the better of me. Ugliness turned me inside out. There was a certain satisfaction in bitterness. I courted it. It was standing outside, and I invited it in. But then it did not give me a lasting satisfaction. It still made me miserable day by day. And still continue working to raise my family. I get to the point where I have accepted the fact that they are my only reason why i have to suffer like this. Not for myself but for my family. Continue reading →

Welcome to a new friend: Jordan Wells | The Voice Of The Prophetic Report

The Voice Of The Prophetic Report

Evangalist Jordan Wells  has been preaching the gospel since he was nineteen, and is a student and expert in the study of bible prophecy, and the endtimes. Evangalist Jordan Wells is currently  attending Crossroads Bible College were he has received a degree in leadership and Ministry, and graduating with his Bachleors Degree in Biblical Counseling. Once he is done with his studies there next year he will be enrolling to there graduate program that next semester. He has served as Associate Minister/Teacher/ Youth Leader at End Time Trumpet Ministries, among other churches. Evangalist Jordan Wells is a young man of God that has a deep love for the lost.  Jordan Wells was called to preach the prophetic word of God at the age of seventeen after experiencing death, from a drug overdose, and since then his life has been dedicated to the study of bible prophecy, and the endtime. He has spent thousand of hours in Biblical Prophecy research, and enjoys helping others in the understanding of the times in which we live. He is currently married to his young wife Latisha, and Co-Founder of the The Voice of the Prophetic Report Ministries. He calls his self the Co-founder, because Jesus Christ is the Founder. Evangalist Jordan Wells  keeps The Voice Of The Prophetic Report homepage updated with the latest EndTime News and Updates daily. The Partners of The Voice Of The Prophetic Report  are beloved for there support of the ministry. And even those that do not have the funds, but are fateful followers of the ministry. We say thank you for believing in what God is doing threw us, lets spread this Endtime message together, because the End Time is Now.

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The Voice Of The Prophetic Report is a ministry dedicated to reaching a lost world with the message of Jesus Christ, threw the teaching of bible prophecy. The Voice Of The Prophetic Report is a weekly radio show, that has been commissioned by the lord to preach, and teach bible prophecy, and to be a watchman on the wall, to all those with a ear to hear. The Voice Of The Prophetic Report, also donates to several charities all around the world. Tune in each week, for the latest in News, and prophetic teachings concerning the End Of The Age, and bible prophecy. The bible says, that those with knowledge of the times shall instruct many. Lets reach this world with the spreading of bible prophecy together, thanks for joining The Voice Of The Prophetic Report. We have also added our weekly news section, were we will be publishing articles concerning the fullfillment of bible prophecy in our daily news.  You can visit us directly at

When the lord called me to be a preacher of bible prophecy, and I started my research and study of the history of bible prophecy. One prophecy in the bible that the early church could not wrap there heads around was the prophecy of the mark of the beast found in revelation 13:15

15 The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. 16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark,which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.[e] That number is 666.

Which states that there would be a system set up by the Anti-Christ that would be cashless, and would be able to not only track were you were, but would also be able to number you, and that only with that number would you be able to buy or sell. Can you imagine hearing this prophecy two thousand years ago, before technology was even a word. They still used tangible money, and did not understand how a person could be number, and that number be the source of buying or selling. So for two thousand years, the church just walked by faith, and preached that this would occur just as the bible had predicted. Prophecy virtually dead for over a thousand years, but all of a sudden the bones in Ezekiel started developing meat after the event known as the Holocaust, and Israel pops back on the world scene after two thousand years of being without a home just as the bible predicted, and after years of persecution under the horrific reign of Hitler. So all those that predicted that Jesus would come back before Israel become a nation, did not understand bible prophecy. Because bible prophecy revolves around this one tiny nation, the seventieth week of Daniel, actually starts when Israel makes a peace agreement with the Palestinians, which is in the process of happening as we speak. So fast forward to the year 2013, we not only have the technology to make this prophecy a reality. We are actually seeing the technology that will be used for the mark of the beast, in our news daily. As of September 8, 2013, Iowa joins Mississippi, Florida and Idaho as participant states in the Records and Information from DMV’s for E-Verify (RIDE) program.The RIDE program allows the federal government’s E-Verify system to verify information from employees who submit a state driver’s license or state identification document in the course of the I-9 Employment Verification Process. Touted as a mechanism to fight identity fraud, RIDE seeks to boost the accuracy of the E-verify employment eligibility verification process. While RIDE does not incorporate photos from the individual state database, it does provide all information provided in connection with the issuance of the driver’s license and state identification document.A state-issued driver’s license or state identification document are two of the items from a list of choices that an employee can present to an employer as a “List B” document (to verify identity) in connection with Form I-9 verification. In 2011, E-Verify expanded its information sources to include driver’s licenses.RIDE allows employers to verify the information associated with a state issued driver’s license or identification card. This can help prevent unauthorized persons from using a fraudulently obtained document to obtain a job.

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Tankards-ws-300x225The gospel of God wants us to have riches, has become the gospel of a majority of the mega churches across the west. Thousands flock to hear the famous minister tell them of how the kingdom should be rich, and that God himself was rich. We are now seeing these men and when take there, circus acts to national television. Our latest circus act comes from  Nashville were a new reality show is set to launch this fall featuring a Gospel musician and his blended family, who claim that they were called by God to be rich. Ben Tankard is a best-selling jazz musician, who has won 12 Stellar awards for his instrumental Gospel albums, and has received multiple Dove and Grammy nominations. The Nashville-based musician is now poised to have his own reality show called Thicker Than Water, which will give viewers a glimpse into his lavish lifestyle.The network has also released a trailer that gives viewers a sneak peak into the life and belief system of the Tankard family. We will take a look at this video at the end of this article. This is not the only abomination that has been placed on TV, there is also a new show called Preachers Of LA, were a group of ministers make a mockery of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,  preaching the same gospel, which is that Jesus called us to be rich, and that when you accept Christ you can also enjoy heaven on earth now.

“We live life on the good side,” Ben Tankard states. “We live in a three-level mansion [with] seven vehicles to drive, plus I love my airplanes.”

His wife Jewel also explains that the family enjoys living large, and that she believes it is all a part of the will of God.

“[W]e will do everything big–his and her Mercedes, airplanes, houses,” she notes. “We’re just doing what God called us to do.

Jewel tells the audience that she came to believe that God wants Christians to be rich after observing a well-to-do pastor and his wife who adhere to the “prosperity gospel.”

“The first time that I realized God wanted us to be rich I was a senior in college, and I saw this phenomenal man and woman standing up preaching the word, and honey, there was nothing broke about them,” she states. “And I said, ‘O Lord, this is the Jesus I know.’” This entire family believes the same thing his son wants to surpass his fathers wealth, and wants to become a billionaire. These are just a few quotes from the article, when I started to read this article it brought tears to my eyes. Because this is not the gospel of Jesus Christ, this is a apostate Christianity, that the bible predicted would be the Christianity of the End Time 2 Thessalonians 2

Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to him, we ask you, brothers and sisters, 2 not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by the teaching allegedly from us—whether by a prophecy or by word of mouth or by letter—asserting that the day of the Lord has already come.3 Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness[a] is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. 4 He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.

In this chapter we see the Apostle Paul predicting that there would be a great falling away of the church, we also see in revelation 17, a false Christianity that will be lead by the False Prophet, that will work hand in hand with the Anti-Christ, and his one world government. These kind of so called Christians have no idea whats going on in there world, and are so far away from the will of God, that they would not know Jesus if he hit them in the face. Jesus Christ himself lived the life of a servant, and preached against that kind of lifestyle, because this was not the way of the kingdom.  Jesus at times did not even have a place to stay, and would room with sinners. Jesus taught servant hood, and humility, he is the one who introduced the fact that it was hardier for a rich person to go to heaven, that for a camel to go threw the eye of a needle (Mathew 19:24) The apostles before the holy spirit came had this same twisted thinking, when we see the apostle arguing for the greatest position in the coming kingdom, lets take a look.

Mathew 18:1-4

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[Terry: Um…What’s going on today? I’m really confused. }

Kicking your kid to the curb…Really??? « The Culture Monk

Really???Kicking your kid to the curb…Really???

its time to get serious.....really

by Kenneth Justice

~Last night as I was sipping coffee at one of my favorite café’s and the woman sitting next to me asked me to watch her laptop while she put more coins in the meter…..after she returned we ended up striking up a conversation for a bit. She is 29 years old and last month was the first time in more than three years that her parents allowed her to return home for dinner.

The young woman was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home and when she decided in her early twenties to dress more ‘modern’ and to wear unapproved body piercings….her parents excommunicated her from the family.

It’s gotta be pretty intense to be cut off from you family as an early-twenty something; no financial support, no place to live, and no family to come home to when you’ve had a tough day or week.

I don’t want to make it sound like this problem is only limited to Orthodox Jewish homes; I know of Protestant, Catholic, and other religious groups who have done the same thing to their adult children when certain behaviors occurred that were not allowable.

What goes through a parent’s mind when they kick their child out for not living up to their religious standards? Is that something you would do as a parent?

A relative of mine who grew up in an ultra-conservative Christian home was told she needed to move out at age 19 because she wanted to have a serious relationship with a boy….oh the horror! Her father did not approve of sex before marriage or any type of relationship in which he was not directly overseeing the young man who would be dating her daughter; so the father’s plan-of-action was to kick his daughter out!

The young woman I was talking to at coffee yesterday told me that her mother found a Rabbi who talked to the husband and explained, “Look, if you want to have any kind of relationship with your daughter you’ve got to look past her lifestyle and let her come home for dinner at least”. And thus, after three years of exile, the young woman was told by her father that she could come home for Rosh Hashanah and the slow road to reconciliation has begun.

Look, you don’t have to tell me what it means to be passionate about your faith; I am extremely passionate about my Christian faith……but that doesn’t mean I’m going to kick my family to the curb if they don’t agree with me! Any time a religion is practiced which causes children to be cut-off in the manner of the young woman….it causes me to wonder if it’s a religion I would really want to take seriously.

READ THE REST AT Kicking your kid to the curb…Really??? « The Culture Monk.

[Terry: Yeah, having parents who would kick you out for violating their rules would really suck. I’d have kicked out my kids if I had any…rules, that is.]

Sunny with a high of 75 |Catching up with catscaffeinecake


Sunny with a high of 75

And I will bring praise
I will bring praise
No weapon formed against me shall remain
I will rejoice
I will declare
God is my victory and He is here

I love the happy accident of the weather being perfect enough to make Relient K references.

I also love everything about my current situation.

Sitting on the quad of my favorite campus in the universe in the sunshine. Wearing a scarf because it’s almost autumn, yayyyyyyyy. Waiting for my best friend to get out of class so she can treat me to lunch. Dudes, it’s a great day.

I could be worried right now, however. There are a few yellow jackets buzzing around me. Like, I’m surrounded. It’s a little intimidating. Normally I’d be terrified. Terrified.

But as I quoted in the lyrics above, God is here with me. And He’ll keep me safe. Always, unconditionally, and forever.

“No weapon formed against me shall remain.”

And whether that weapon be a scary stinger on the bright yellow little bees, the massive pile of stuff I have to do that stresses me out, actual weapons (hopefully not this ever), or weapons of words other people may cast on me, God’s got it covered.

I’ve got nothing to worry about. We’ve got nothing to worry about.

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Watch “Proof of Life After Death!! This Man Died At The Hospital!! His Story Is AWESOME!!” on YouTube

Catching up with Friends: Christian Spook

Mind’s Seat |Welcome to a new friend: Marmar Thunder

The Thinker


Likes green, chess, coffee, Naruto, Relient K, Sanctus Real, 3 Idiots, Jackie Chan, Francis Chan, simple minded people.


mind's seatTelling something about myself has always been a difficult task. I don’t know why. Perhaps I don’t know myself that much or maybe I’m just not that confident to say “I am that person”. But I guess it’s fair enough to tell my readers a little something about the author. I am Marmar Dagu-ob. I was born on the 4th of June in the year 1987 in the island of Sicogon which is in the Western Visayas region of the country Philippines. I am now residing in Bacolod City which is known as the city of smiles. I guess I am that guy who easily give up. I don’t have much confidence. I’m too shy, too scared, and too weak (physically and emotionally). You can say insecurity is my nick name. I didn’t finish school. I endured 3 years of Civil Engineering and then just gave up. I took jobs in help of friends and family. And I was a mediocre. And the saddest part is I keep silent when criticisms come and unfair treatment surrounds. I was both an underdog and a loser. But things changed when I came to know Jesus. I became positive and hopeful and fearless of the future. I became a happy person and mature. I’m no longer confused about the purpose of my life and the essence of my existence. My heart was filled with compassion for other people. And then desire of serving God consumed my heart that I keep thinking about it and prayed for it. Now I am a totally different person. I want to inspire, encourage and influence others. I want people to know Jesus Christ for everybody needs a savior.

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The Thought

The purpose of this blog primarily is to influence minds to think positively.

This world is not perfect and culture has totally gone wrong.

This blog aims to provide opinions that are helpful in uplifting morality and promote Christ-like mentality.

Posts from this blog defy negativism and uphold human responsibility.

This blog is committed to helping readers find a sense of purpose and experience life at its fullest.

So if you are looking for an inspiration or ways to keep others inspired I hope this blog might be of great help.

I know we are surrounded with modern thinking and new ideas and principles that are perverted and drawn out from self-seeking desire.

I hope that in this blog you’ll find life bigger than you use to think and larger than what we were taught.

It is my desire and privilege if you share some posts from this blog to your friends.

I am definitely dreaming for the impossible —to change the world.

But no matter how impossible it may seem I’m going to try anyway and would love to die trying.

So as long as I’m alive I’m going to keep on blogging and blogging.

I don’t care how many people are reached, how many people read, or how many people like.

Even if this blog could only influence one mind that’s enough reason for me to keep blogging.

I’m proud to be a blogger and a blogger I shall always be.

It’s not popularity nor admiration nor applause I’m after.

I’m just here to blog and blog purposely even if I’m not good enough which I already knew.

I’m not a professional writer so it’s possible there will be haters and dislike-rs.

Even so I’m going to pursue this anyway because I believe somehow I can influence your mind.

The battle is in the mind.

So change starts in the mind.

May this blog be a tool of reconstructing culture and the repair of society.

This blog challenges you to rethink your mindset and find courage to stand out among your generation.

God bless you and may you meet Him soon.

Enjoy reading this blog.

Philippians 4:8

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is [a]lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, [b]dwell on these things.

A Coffee Can’t Be Lukewarm


A coffee can’t be lukewarm.
coffee cupWho would want a lukewarm coffee?
Some prefer an iced coffee while others are addicted to a hot coffee.
I am one of those who are addicted to coffee and I just can’t let a day goes by without having a coffee.
A day without coffee would be a very uncomfortable day.
I love coffee.
The other thing I love about coffee is getting to be around with people who enjoy coffee just like you do.
How did I begin to love coffee is a memorable one.
I was raised in a poor family.
When I was a child I had an asthma and I got to be in the hospital often.
My sickness deprived me of a lot of things that kids should be enjoying.
I didn’t have the chance to learn basketball and biking and the only choice I had is to stay home and experience repetitions of falling from the stairs.
I was physically weak and mentally confused with what on earth did I exist for.
That part of my story has nothing to do with coffee.
Here’s where the coffee comes in.
In our place poor families don’t have hotdogs, or egg, or bacon, or corned beef for breakfast.
What we have is plain coffee that goes with a spoon.
What’s the spoon for?
The spoon is used to scoop rice soaked in the cup of coffee.
So that was what we call breakfast.
On my high school years I was already living with my father’s older sister.
Their lifestyle was a bit better than ours so what I had for breakfast then was coffee and bread.
And that’s how I became familiar with coffee.
When I went to college I had to stay late to study and coffee was there to keep me awake.
When I became a christian most pastors I met were also coffee drinkers.
Then I learned to love coffee.
More stories are told, more ideas are discussed, more plans are laid while the coffee is hot.
I have never met a person who enjoys a lukewarm coffee.

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus’ description of himself “I am the Good Shepherd” (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: “To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To make sense with this article let me shift your attention from coffee to Christianity.
If you’re a christian have you thought about how you intend to live your life?
When you sing the words like “I love you Lord” how much do you really love  Him?
When you utter phrases like “Lord I give you my heart” or “Jesus I believe in You and I will go to the ends of the earth”, how much of your heart are you really giving and how willing are you to lay down your life for the sake of others?
Liking Jesus is easy for us christians but do we actually want to be like Him? 

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Aint that amazing! | Welcome to a new friend: Mizzpiggikinz

About Chelsey

I love writing, reading, and typing. I would love to be a journalist someday. I hope my poems, daily Bible reading stories and writings have an impact on your life. I hope they mean something to you and I hope you understand that I want people to read these stories and apply them to your life. God changed my life into something brand new. So I hope as you read my stories that you can see just how much God has made an impact on my life. I love my LORD. So I hope that you love Him too. :) Thank You. ♥

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Love is the greatest feeling.
Love is like a play.
Love is what I feel for you, each and everyday.
Love is like a smile.
Love is like a song.
Love is a great emotion, that keeps us going strong.
I love you with my heart, my soul, and strength.
I might be shy, but I cant help but think, this is who we were meant to be.
Me and You for eternity!

Missionaries 🙂


I’m 16 and this wholes year I’ve had a burden for missionaries. At first I never really thought about actually being a Missionary. But I went to a youth conference with my youth group, and that week they were talking about a Missionaries. There was a Missionary there named, Bobby Bonner. And he used to be a national Baseball player. He is in Baseball history for the most innings in a game. It was a record! At his time, he was the most known baseball player. His wife was close to God, and then God just got a hold of Bobby Bonner’s life. And he gave up everything he had with baseball, and gave everything he had to God. He became a missionary to Africa. And his stories are AMAZING! He told this one story at the youth conference about when he was in Africa. He said that he went to this village and gave the Gospel out, beginning with “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.” Because that village didn’t even know the name of Jesus, they’ve never heard of Jesus before. So Bro.Bonner explained to them about God and how God created all the earth and the things in the earth and he talked about Jesus and how He died on the cross to save them. And that whole village got saved. Then as they began to sing and dance and sing some more. Another village came over wanting to know why they were singing and dancing. And they were singing and dancing cause they now knew Jesus they knew who he was and that they got saved! Then that group of people from that other village wanted to know who Jesus was. And then that whole village got saved! Then another village came and then another!! It was so amazing, to see God’s blessing s upon Bro. Bonner. He got to lead at least 4-5 villages to the LORD! :) How great is that!!!

(BIG SNIP–CLICK HERE for All of the Story)

But anyways, as I was telling my mom about it all, she told me this, “Thats funny you say that, cause since you were about 13 I have felt God telling me that He wants you to be a missionary.” Aint that amazing! How God was telling me about missions and He was telling my mom about it too. She said that it’s gonna be hard cause she doesn’t want me to go. Cause im her daughter. She doesn’t want me to leave. But then again, she knows it’s God’s calling for me. I told her that she doesn’t have to worry, I’ll be safe. And I wont be leaving anytime soon. :) I’m so happy.
Thank you, dear LORD. You’ve showed me something so amazing. I love you, LORD! :)

The Book of Revelation The Knowledge and Mystery of the Seven Church – Catching up with All Things Rabyd

All Things Rabyd

The first thing we need to dismiss is the idea that the churches represent some seven ages of the church because if we are going to interpret Revelation with an eye on how it was originally understood we need to realize these seven churches were real churches with real people with real leaders.  Jesus is addressing them and not some vision of the future for the church universal.

So what then do we know about them?

The Church of Ephesus

The church of Ephesus was addressed in its own book Ephesians by Paul and Paul left Timothy there to be its bishop at the time of the Pastoral Epistles.  The temple of Diana was its central core and became a place of dispute between Paul and the silversmiths in Acts.  In Roman times the city was the capital of Asia Minor.  It was ultimately the area’s richest and most influential city.  It remained so until the Goths sacked it in the third century AD.

The Church of Smyrna

The church of Smyrna is shrouded in mystery because very little is known until later when church fathers like Polycarp and others write of it.  At the time of Revelation being written it was constantly in competition with its two neighbors Ephesus and Pergamum to be the best city in Asia Minor.  It had a significant Jewish colony and so the church was probably made up of both Jews and Gentiles.  Other than that the Bible and other sources tell us little of the church at the time.

The Church of Pergamum

The church in Pergamum is not as well known either.  The city was constantly a place that changed hands but it had one main feature which was its temple to the god Zeus.  It was a proper roman city and the church in it would have been faced on every side with this fact.

The Church of Thyatira

Thyatira is mentioned as the place Lydia was from who met Paul and Silas when they were in Philippi in the book of Acts.  The city was known for the dyes and textiles, thus Lydia was a seller of purple.  The town was devoted to this trade so all of its occupants were tradesmen both Jew and Gentile.

For the Rest, click here

via The Book of Revelation – Part 39 – The Knowledge and Mystery of the Seven Churches | All Things Rabyd.

Joy (Are You a #Stripper or a #Customer?) |Welcome to a new friend: Joseph Kiser

by the pound

How do you say that you serve Jesus and not alienate everyone around you?

Are you broken? …or pretending not to be?

via About | Joseph Kiser.

Joy (Are You a Stripper or a Customer?)

We cannot understand love if we do not face the depth of evil in and around us.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of GOD.”

The standard way to translate this is: “You’re a dirty sinner and you’re gonna go to hell! Stop drinkin’ the whiskey so you can be saved!”  Which, of course, is stupid on a level that will make blood shoot out of your eyes.

But what does it mean then?

This passage holds the key to everything.  It is a many faceted gem that you can peer into from different angles and see different attributes.  First, the low-hanging fruit: yes, we are all dirty sinners.  But, if I stop (or even linger) there, I miss everything that is wonderful about this passage.  All of its beauty and love is drained into the equivalent of a blood pit at the slaughter house.

But what does it mean?!?!?

It means: We are all equal.

Much More Click Here

Charred and Scarred

I started this blog as a way to organize my mind to write the book that was hiding in there.

I went quiet for a couple months as I gathered my material and finished writing the book.

The editing has been grueling, humbling and even embarrassing.  I’m now in the proofing phase.


The dark creature that lives inside us crawls out in the middle of the night. The dark creature that lives beside us joins in the fray. Together they destroy everything. It’s not an accident and it isn’t funny. What’s left is a puddle on the floor and splattered on the walls. The memories won’t go away and they don’t grow dim. This is our life. This is the struggle that we will always face. There is only one escape.

We all feel like we’re alone in the secrets we carry and we fight daily to build a life around the darkness in our lives. Pretending won’t make the bad things go away.

This is a story about building a life in spite of the pain – not a fairytale that denies it.

Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan|Catching up with Cheeni Thoughts

 – A Health Perspective


Fasting is one of the ‘five pillars’ of Islam which lay the foundation of the Muslim faith. It is a form of worship and an act of willing abstention from food, drinks and sexual intercourse.  From sunrise to sunset a believer is in a state of constant test, physical and moral. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast for 29 or 30 days depending upon the visual sightings of the crescent moon, according to numerous biographical accounts compiled in the hadiths (sayings of the Last Prophet, Muhammad P.B.U.H).

Fasting aims to develop and build self-control, restraint and patience in believers.

This post is going to explore the various health benefits of fasting. So let’s get the ball rolling! :-)


A fast is opened with a date for spiritual and religious reasons in Islam. It comes with many health benefits. It is pertinent to get the right amount of boost after an entire day of fasting. A date has 31 grams of carbohydrates which makes it a great source of energy! Dates also provide fibre which aids digestion throughout the month of Ramadan. In addition to this, dates are one of the most nutritious fruits with high levels of potassium, magnesium and B vitamins.

 5:2 diet

Dr. Michael Mosley, a BBC journalist with a medical degree researched the impact of continuous fasting in his Horizon Investigation (2012). He fasted for 2 days every week and lived on 600 calories during the days he was fasting. The findings of this study provided evidence for the life-extending and life-improving benefits of fasting on the human body. This also led to the popularity of 5:2 diet. In the diet: 5 days of the week, eat as you normally do, but twice a week, limit your food to 500 calories (for women) or 600 (for men).

for Much more, click Here.  

Ramadan is a period of fasting. It teaches us reflection, patience, humbleness, devotion, generosity and sacrifice along with nourishing a feeling of unity and brotherhood. While major religious holidays have largely become commercialized events, Ramadan retains its intense spiritual meaning.

Lets promise ourselves to be better humans this Ramadan! Let this month cleanse our mind, body and soul…

Ramadan Mubarak!!! :)


i am fasting

Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan – A Health Perspective | Cheeni Thoughts.

Welcome to Edward W. Raby Sr. A very interesting sort of Pastor.

[Terry: You know, I just picked the Intro, the latest post and whatever was interesting. How did I know I would end up portraying this man as such a … as so interested in the wonders of the human body?  Ed’s a very interesting guy and, despite the fact that he’s a Libertarian, well worth reading. And I’m writing this DESPITE the fact that I just had to get 14 Rabies shots and the whole thing is shot through with “Rabid/Rabyd” puns.He must be good.]

All Things Rabyd

A blog dedicated to the thoughts, opinions, ideas and random madness of Edward W. Raby, Sr. – Pastor, Theologian, Philosopher, Writer, Bodybuilder and Football Fan. “Yes, the dog is foaming at the mouth. Don’t worry, He just had pint of beer and is trying to scare you.” This is a Theology Pub so drink your theology responsibly or have a designated driver to get you home as theology can be as intoxicating as alcohol.

About Me | All Things Rabyd.

Ed Raby

Current Occupation:

Pastor of Hersey Congregational Church in Hersey. Michigan since September of 2008.  I dabble at being a writer and have one published letter in a magazine to my credit.  I am the Vice President of the School Board for the  Reed City Area Public Schools.


Graduate of Reed City High School – Class of 1987

Graduate of Trinity Bible College (Ellendale, ND) – Class of 1993.  Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies / Ministry (double major). Magna Cum Laude.

Graduate of Asbury Theological Semiinary (Wilmore, KY) – Class of 1996.  Master of Arts in Theological Studies.

Ministry History:

I was an Assemblies of God Minister from 1999 till 2007 (2 years licenced, five years ordained).  I pastored two churches Church of the Rock (Greenville, Michigan) and World Harvest Assembly of God (Perry, Michigan)  Before pastoring I was an Associate Pastor of Christian Education at Harvest Assembly of God (Reed City, Michigan).


Christian Conservative Libertarian

The real problem with the old testament history in regards to harlotry is that it is not mentioned that much but it is generally assumed at certain times when dealing with temple prostitution in regards to fertility cults and pagan worship.  The real issue is that the Biblical history does not deal at all with the ‘working girl’ who is engaged in prostitution simply to make money.  It would be assumed that adultery rules would kick in but it is interesting that the fornication issue which would lead to a woman becoming the wife of someone who has sex with her is not always applied.

Further complicating this issue is simply the fact that virginity in women is mention valued and expected but literally nothing is said about virginity in men.  One girl bemoans her virginity in Judges which complicates the issue of whether virginity is valued but only if a woman is about to be married, but if marriage is no longer possible for other reasons virginity seems to be a burden rather than a blessing.

The issue is that there a sense of girls watching their virginity closely but men not so much.  There really seems to be in the law and the history of the Old Testament no moral standard for fidelity for men.  The opposite is true for women who are valued far more if they are virgins on their wedding day than not.  If not the consequences in this culture could be quite severe for women, but for guys – ‘hey, you didn’t get caught’ is all that seems to be implied.

There really is no advice on how to handle this subject until we get to the wisdom of Solomon.

Next: The Strange Woman and Solomon

You know the greatest first obstacle in talking about naked meditation is not the naked part – it is the meditation part.  You wouldn’t believe the number of Christians that believe that meditation is still a purely an eastern religious practice.  Meditation is actually one of those things that seems to span all religious movements regardless of what is believed.  All meditation practice basically centers on one idea — you must quiet and empty your mind, heart and spirit and just be.  Meditation is about focus of the person to set everything aside and dwell on…well that greatly depends on the religious belief at that point.  Most practitioners of Christian meditation would say that the purpose is to empty the mind in order to fill it either by revelation from God either by listening to what He might have to say or by meditation on a Bible verse or passage to better understand its spiritual meaning.  Some believe that meditation can be used to see visions from God and help understand dreams.

In my opinion there are two basic types of meditation – formal and informal.



“Order! Order!” the proctor did shout, but once chaos entered the room, the world’s faith was in doubt. Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger

Book III Free Will debuts July 22


An idea hard to fathom, all the world of one faith. But with wars and rumors of wars consuming every nation, it was a chance they had to take. But whatever their belief, and however they acknowledged the truth, mankind has free will to choose its path, then live forever, where the road doth lead them.

Kendall F. Person’s The Religious Right Book III Free Will

debuts July 22nd @ 5:00p.m. PDT
Only @

Book I Belief

Kendall F. Person’s The Religious Right Book I Belief

{‘His eye is on the sparrow’ performed by the late Whitney Houston}

christianscienceOn March 28, 1984, Seth Ian Glaser, of Culver City, California, died at the tender age of 17 months at the hands of his parents and before their God. The day before he died, both of Seth’s parents, members of the Christian Science Church, noted he seemed ill and very tired. Rather than seek qualified medical care, they sought treatment through an absent church practitioner, instructing them to pray, that God would remove the sickness from their child. While there were signs that baby Seth would recover, he soon relapsed with fever, coughing, rapid breathing and his little heart began to race. Holding firm onto their beliefs, that God would cure there son, neither thought too seriously about taking their baby to the hospital.

childThe following morning, baby Seth turned blue and begin vomitting up every ounce of food in his tiny, unwell stomach. Deciding to take action, they made an appointment to see a church healer, but en-route things went from bad to worse. Baby Seth began convulsing, which lasted a mind-numbing :90 seconds. His arms and legs became rigid, and to even the most optimistic, it had to be clear that their son was dying.

Upon arrival and attention by the healer, it was found necessary to contact a church practitioner who had supposedly, successfully resurrected the dead. Sometime between the performances of church personnel and the time the mortuary was called, baby Seth’s mother had stopped believing.

Kendall F. Person’s The Religious Right


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Book II Truth

What if the world had only one Religion.

Kendall F. Person’s The Religious Right Book II Truth

“I’ve become so numb, all I want is to become more like me and be less like you.” – Numb, Linkin Park

heavensgateIn April 1997, in an exclusive gated community in the suburbs of San Diego, California, 38 bodies were found dead in various stages of decomposition. All of the bodies represented members of Heaven’s Gate, a religious doomsday cult, combining New Age Faith, Christian doctrine and science fiction. They believed that planet Earth was about to be recycled and the only way to survive, was to escape.

But in order to achieve ‘The Next Level’ members had to release all human-like characteristics, including family, friends, individuality, jobs, money, possessions and even sexuality, explaining why many of the men found dead, had voluntarily been castrated. Their leader, Marshall Applewhite, prepared his congregants for departure, by convincing them, that a spaceship from comet Hale-Bopp would arrive shortly to board their souls, but only after they were dead.

applewoodSo with a fatal mix of cyanide and arsenic, blended with pineapple for taste and vodka for courage, members, accepting the mad teachings of Marshall Applewhite as truth, drank of their salvation cocktail, placed plastic bags over their heads, to assure death by asphyxiation, lied down peacefully upon their beds, and awaited entry into Heaven’s gate

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Other books by Kendall F. Person
An Angry World
Capturing Spring

Welcome to a new friend: Jeffrey Hardin –| Jericho777’s Blog

Jericho777’s Blog

Fighting for the Day, Dying for the Morrow!

Jericho777 is a site open to all ideas and truths, facts and opinions as best they can be given, as factually as they can be posted. I don’t pretend to have smooth edges nor do I pretend to want them. Our Republic are in dire straits, Americans are wary and fearful of the Obama administration, the Republican Elitist Rinos and Mavericks and with cause, not for just ourselves, but for our loved ones, our fellow Americans and I will be what ever I must to win this fight against an oppressive government regardless of the party standing against me and my fellow Patriots, for the Republic that I love and adore, in my father YHVH’s name.
We are sickened by our Governments actions against us these past 5 years, both by the Democrats and Republicans, the Independents and Libertarians all who continue to empower themselves whilst stripping the American people of their very identity and truths and more importantly our freedoms. I am an American, a proud Southerner, a Christian, a Conservative and a Constitutionalists and are not perfect as any of them, but I make no excuses for myself, nor will I of others, I don’t have all the answers and I will not pretend to, but then again, it is why I wanted to start this website…
This site welcomes everyone, regardless of your personal beliefs, faiths, ethnicity or of your personal opinions and I will not block you from respectfully speaking your mind, whether you get mad or are glad, hate or love me, you will still be welcomed here.
As a fact, I will not tolerate Muslims or anyone for that matter who comes here with the intent to lie and to spread deceit and do not demand my respect for your cult when it is hostile to the religious faiths of mine and others, I will not give it to you, nor will I allow you to pour honey over what is bitter beneath it and call it sweet and not warn others of your doing so, I do not tolerate ignorance…
Enjoy yourselves, challenge me, my mind and especially my heart, I am always willing to learn new truths or correct unproven ones…

Please also welcome Brother JK Joseph Keeney as Jericho777′s new administrator….
He has a great deal of knowledge to share and is an absolutely all around great guy. He has guided me to so many new forums and I am so wonderfully blessed that he is a part of my life…Thank You Joseph

via From the World Health Organization: The latest Murder Statistics for the world: Murders per 100,000 citizens. | Jericho777’s Blog.

From the World Health Organization:

         The latest Murder Statistics for the world:

              Murders per 100,000 citizens

Honduras 91.6

El Salvador 69.2

Cote d’lvoire 56.9

Martinique 4.2


              The United States 4.2


When I first posted this article I had made 8 corrections and added links to back up what I had found to be in error with this list and had to redo this blog on more than 3 occasions because it kept dropping the links and pictures that I was posting in support of and to correct the errors that were found  within this list..

It was never my intentions to mislead anyone with misinformation on Jericho777  and especially with the World Health Organization list that I provided here on this blog and I make great efforts to ensure that every thing I blog is as accurately proven and backed by factual documents as would be expected of me…

I was not aware that the links supporting this post had failed me until a friend posted here and notified me via email and corrected it as soon as it was made known to me, but during the weeks and days in between those fixes and returning failures, this blog was shared and reblogged by many of you.

Never did I intentionally post faulty information to mislead anyone and this blog was knowingly filled with many errors and misleading captions and I cannot say enough of how sorry I am for not ensuring that this post was maintained and kept honest, that the corrections and supporting document and links that were put in place remained so, so that no one was misled, and I failed to do just that and it is indeed my responsibility that I make sure reasonable steps are taken so that there are no erroneous blogs leaving jericho777, especially blogs that I cannot back up with facts…

I should have immediately notified and warned my visitors and thought I had it under control, when I in fact, I did not and many more reblogs made it from here with this erroneous information… I’ve caused many of you to share a faulty list without the corrections that I had put in place and I feel absolutely horrible about it…

For starters: Almost everyone of these Republics, Country’s and Nations listed here allow gun ownership, it is true however that some do not, and many of them are restricted to shotguns only.
There are also a very expensive and grueling undertaking that many citizens of these country’s must take who wish to purchase and acquire a gun and  license and many just cannot afford them and have elected to not to go through this endurring  process and is why there are so few gun registrations amongst those Country’s listed above and are also a sign that only the wealthier of these citizens can afford them…

The Gun Buying Process in Panama for example – First you go to the gun store and prove to them you are eligible to buy a firearm by way of Residency.

Next you select a gun and pay for it. Then the gun store will have you go to the bathroom and pee in a cup which is a medical sample cup.

Then you will be given a form to take to a government health office for a finger prick blood test – DNA sample. Plan on a wait to get your blood sample.

Next the gun store sends the paperwork through the police system. It goes to three departments and can take 6-10 weeks to clear. When it is complete you get the gun.

More than one gun can be bought at the same time. You also get a gun permit which is a folded piece of green cardboard paper which a photo on it.

You can enter up to 10 guns on the permit. Panama does not limit amount of guns so if you earn more than 10 guns an additional listing page will be provided for the permit. The police will take ballistic sample of a fired round.

><> There are many more examples just like this that I had originally posted with this list on January the 12th of this year to ensure accuracy and I failed to maintain that list.

Again, I am dearly sorry for any inconveniences and embarrassment I have caused any of you, as I am sure I have…
May YHVH bless and keep you well, and keep me on a more secure path in the future!

Thank You Most Sincerely
For Your Understanding
Jeffrey R. Hardin

Community-Building and Self-Reliance: Our 2013 Homesteaders of the Year…


Deer Isle Hotel Community-Building and Self-Reliance: Our 2013 Homesteaders of the YearThe 2013 Mother Earth News Homesteaders of the Year believe in learning by doing, and open their homes and farms to teach modern homesteading skills and promote community-building.Meet these
Old Tool Box Old Tools: Sacred Family HeirloomsWorking with our grandparents’ old tools connects us to our ancestors, to work and to tradition.A hammer with a history.

Guinea Fowl A Guide to Raising Guinea FowlRaising guinea fowl can be a challenge, but this poultry species can also be a big help around the homestead.Guineas love to eat ticks, grasshoppers and other pests.

Welcome to a new friend| godssceneryandpromises




Love God

Love Family

Love Ministry

Love Life

Serve with Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control

Come on in…get to know us!!

My son makes “Mothering” easy and lots of fun!

This is my precious little girl!!

Drama Team ministry is my passion from God!


And here’s our 4 foot California King Snake!!

From my heart to yours…

Lessons to live the Christian life victoriously…

Living and loving close to the heart of Jesus…

via Visiting Naples? Go See “Stage 2 Improv!!” Hilarious!! | godssceneryandpromises.

Where Are You???


I’m at your feet, Lord!

There is nowhere else for me!

My King!

All I need is at Your feet!

My soul sings!

Here at Your feet I lay my life down!

Kneel before His feet!

Pour out your love for the Master!

Pour praise on Him like oil!

You weren’t there the night Jesus found me!

You did not feel what I felt…

When He wrapped His love all around me!

I was a prisoner to the sins that had me bound…

Until the day when Jesus came to me!

And healed my soul with the wonder of His touch!

So now I’m giving back to Him all the praise He’s worthy of!

I’ve been forgiven…

And that’s why I love Him so much!

You don’t know the cost of my praise!

You don’t know the cost of the oil in my alabaster box!!

At The Feet Of Jesus

Sermon by Rodney Burton

Luke 10:38-42

 ”As Jesus and His disciples were on their way,

 He came to a village where a woman named Martha

 opened her home to Him.

 She had a sister called Mary,

 who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what He said.

 But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made.

 She came to him and asked,


 don’t You care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself?

 Tell her to help me!’ 

 Martha, Martha,’

 the Lord answered,

 ‘you are worried and upset about many things, 

 but few things are needed—

 or indeed only one. 

 Mary has chosen what is better,

and it will not be taken away from her.’”


“This is where worship occurs.
Every time in the Word
we encounter Mary of Bethany (the sister of Lazarus),
we find her at the feet of Jesus.
The heart of worship is to find ourselves at the feet of Jesus in submission.
How often do we find ourselves there?
Do we really possess a strong desire for God and His presence?
Do we go through life largely consumed with secular pursuits and worldly entertainment,
while the things of God have little place in our lives?

1. At His Feet to Listen to His Words.

a. While Martha was busy,

Mary was at the feet of Jesus listening to Him.

b. She was open to what He had to say.

c. She was hungry to know Him and hear from Him.

d. Jesus declared that Mary had chosen the good part.

e. Sometimes we get so caught up like Martha

in trying to do the work and service of Christianity

that we forfeit what is really important.

f. We can get so busy in the doing that we forget the being.

g. The most important thing a Christian will ever do is

worship Jesus,

and the best place to do that is at His feet.

2. At His Feet to Bless and Anoint Him.

a. John 12:3  Then Mary took about a pint of pure nard,

an expensive perfume;

she poured it on Jesus’ feet

and wiped His feet with her hair.

And the house was filled with the fragrance

of the perfume.”

Mary anoints the feet of Jesus and wipes them with her hair.

b. So often people are looking to receive an anointing or blessing from God

rather than looking for opportunities to anoint and bless Him.

c. The highest degree or form of devotion is to give to someone

without the motivation of getting anything in return.

d. Mary’s act was motivated purely by love.

e. A note in the Full Life Study Bible declares,

(Mary’s) faith in and devotion to the Lord

is the highest example of what God desires in believers.

3. At His Feet When He Didn’t Do Things The Way She Wanted or Expected.

a. John 11:32 “When Mary reached the place where Jesus was and saw Him,

she fell at His feet and said,

‘Lord, if You had been here,

my brother would not have died.’”

Lazarus was in a tomb.

Surely Jesus could have prevented that.

b. Even though Jesus had not acted in the way Mary had desired,

she still laid at His feet in devotion, submission and worship.

c. The true character of a person’s heart will be revealed

when God acts differently from their desires or expectations.

d. Whenever God is doing things that are beneficial or going your way,

it is real easy to worship Him

and be at His feet.

e. True worship that is genuine and from the heart

comes regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves.”

Fall at His Feet!



The best thing about living in Florida is getting to see God’s breath-taking sunsets all the time!

Whether I’m at the beach, on the golf course, at the park, driving across the bridge, or simply taking a walk…

People stop what they’re doing just to gaze at God’s magnificent artwork in the sky!

I can never get enough of it…

Here’s a sampling…

It’s awe-inspiring…

Be Blessed…








day three – dalai lama in sydney | bodhisattvaintraining

day three –

dalai lama in sydney

it’s over



so tired…


via day three – dalai lama in sydney | bodhisattvaintraining.

Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites


Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites



The devil has a commitment,
To smash Gods compliment,
By evil and confusion,
Destruction,he will vent,
You leave him at your peril,
He tries to woo you back,
But if you are too stubborn,
He goes on full attack.

Every time you take a step,
He tries to pull you down,
By preying on your weaknesses,
He really goes to town,
By telling you you’re useless,
You’re never going to win,
God doesn’t really want you,
You’re too weighed down by sin.

Of course it’s lies,you have the edge,
You also have the power,
Remember that you are forgiven,
There is no need to cower,
So in the light of Jesus,
Go send him back to hell,
Cling on tight to your true friend,
And all will turn out well.


Welcome to a new friend: fromthewhitemeadow


meditation, contemplation, prayer

The white meadow

Meditations …from the white meadow

“Out beyond ideas of right and wrong,

there is a field. I will meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,

the world is too full to talk about

language, ideas, even the phrase each other

doesn’t make any sense.”


via About | fromthewhitemeadow.

The inner light…

by fromthewhitemeadow

All love for others is on account of he who is within. God as the inner light is the great magnet, he is constantly drawing us closer to himself and all of us are struggling to reach him. The work of our inner lives is to approach the great magnet. All life is intended to make us go to him ultimately, in the conscious awareness of what is written, that “ye are gods and all of ye sons of the most high.”



Surrender is the highest form of renunciation.

In surrender all is given up in a stroke – the seed of possession (the ego) is lost in surrender to God – thus the bud of the ‘evil’ is cut off at its source, pulled up at the root; but the willingness to do this must be equal to that of one drowning deep under the ocean, kept down and struggling desperately to the surface for air, for life. Half-hearted willingness, a mind weighed down by preconceptions, haste, stubborn worldliness and old fixed ideas have no place in the great spiritual endeavor. Surrender is the height of renunciation and the highest form of devotion. There is no greater love.

“Put off the old man who is full of division and deceit; be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and put on the new spiritual man born of spirit.”

Surrender is the ‘death’ of the ego and the awakening to the Self, the Soul, the ‘I am’. If one dies thus, one is born again simultaneously in the same place with the big I. One who is reborn thusly begins the freedom from doubts and worry. This surrender however, can only happen when it is done with full awareness as to what surrender means. In order to attain to this awareness one must first of all acknowledge that selfishness and self-centeredness is the root of the problem, hand ones will and life over to the care and direction of God and then engage in a process of looking in at oneself; admitting the defects that one finds, handing these over to God to remove and then redressing the imbalance caused by any harm one has done in the past; asking always for guidance and direction to carry this out according to His will. This of course must be undertaken with the greatest care and in the spirit of total humility, for when the humble man is humiliated he will not lose his peace of mind, for his peace of mind is centered on God. One must also be ever aware of the fact that when you hand our will and life over to God, your life is no longer your business; it is God’s business, to do with as he pleases. (Of course whatever God does at any time is always beneficent.)

Trust God – in surrender one accepts the will of God and does not grieve those things which may not seem to please. Often those things which one thought they wanted turn out not to be what they actually wanted all along. It is to be noted that suffering often brings one to faith in God. Leave everything to God. He bears the burden of the world. To carry the burden yourself is like insisting on carry a load for which a car was provided all along.

more at About | fromthewhitemeadow.

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The RunningFather Blog

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Transpersonal Spirituality as expressed in: Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, Science, Mysticism, Metaphysics, Education, Consciousness, the Spiritual disciplines, the arts, and LIFE!

RFB editor Jim Aldrich, Joshua Tree CA 2013

RFB editor Jim Aldrich, Joshua Tree CA 2013 | This site is dedicated, affectionately and with the deepest gratitude, to Dr. Cláudio Naranjo, whom I have never met but whose writings gave me life, and set me on course toward a life of love.

EDIT: May 6 2013:

OK guy’s this blog is full of wonderful materials on all things transpersonal, but it has taken a swing toward poetry and the arts for a moment. Updates to the resource library will be sparse. Check out the poetry and art. Easy links to them can be found in the right hand column. ;)


“And when he was yet a great way off, his Father saw him, and ran.”

The Running Father Blog

The RunningFather blog is a forum and archives on the “transpersonality” of spirituality as it is reflected in religion, philosophy, psychology, science, mysticism, metaphysics, education and the study of consciousness, as well as spiritual disciplines and practices and the science and psychology behind them.

The Running Father Blog

In the questing spirit of the aging Dr. Claudio Naranjo, I hope to generate fresh discussion for the thinking man on issues of practical spirituality, with my ultimate hope being a forum that will strengthen and illuminate our understanding of ourselves and others, and set us on course to a life guided by the “Law of God written on our hearts”, which is our common Spiritual Ground.

The Running Father Blog

“The Running Father” is another title given to the parable of the Prodigal Son.

Sincerely, Jim Aldrich,  The RunningFather Blog

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Happy Quote Sunday | Speak Happiness

Happy Quote Sunday

Posted on May 12, 2013 by speakhappiness

At the end of this week — the first week Happiness as a Second Language has been on sale, I was searching for the most appropriate quote I could find, and this one really fits:

Perceive and rejoice that life is abundant, that beauty and

goodness are amply available . . . that your happiness is

in your hands. – Paul Hodges

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Welcome to a new friend: Sanoj Jose– My Day Out With An Angel


My Day Out With An Angel

Where The Angels Meet To Post Messages

Angel in Andalusia

Angel in Andalusia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sanoj Jose, Author, Poet, Blogger, freelance writer and a business manager working in Dubai was always fascinated in exploring the true essence of Spirituality. It is this interest and the thought provoked by the Divine Angels in his dream which led to the writing of this book.

Figure of a chanting Angel

This book is an outcome of the thought provoked by the Angels in my dream and Angel Gesuina guided me in writing this book from beginning till end. This book is a conversation between Angel Gesuina who is the Angel of Creativity and me in which the Angel explains how we could walk in the light and the means to achieve that goal. Most of the time I was just a listener as the thoughts and messages that came in was from a higher source of wisdom which I was not aware of. This book helps you in understanding the myths about spirituality and the ways that you should take in leading a spiritual life, understand your divine life purpose in this world and finally fulfill the Divine purpose of oneness with the Divine power which is the source from which we all came into this world. This book will help you in understanding the ways to attain the ultimate love, peace, harmony, joy and abundance in all areas of your life.

Buy “My Day Out With An Angel” .My Day Out With An Angel

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Finally Let It Go

My mind was in bondage, like the pigeon caged,

I knew it’s wrong and, Not too late,

Her silence gave the chance to, think at depth,

The mind went far, where silence stayed.

Now it’s clear like, the crystal pure,

I let it go, I know to her delight,

She was near but, no courage though,

I tried to provide her, the strength required,

All in vain as, her fear was deep,

I vowed to my heart and, my soul very dear,

Never to hurt again, as strength she lost,

I let it go and, let her go,

Forever and ever and, I’m blissful now.

Weeping angel

Weeping angel (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Of course I read the bible, I’m an atheist. | Hagiographic

Of course I read the bible, I’m an atheist.

Dammit, south carolina

One of the things most interesting things about casting a critical eye on America’s favorite religion is the number of people who get offended by my not so subtle humor. The theist’s love to crawl out of the woods and send me hate mail ( if you’re interested in adding your stupid comments, or here if you want to be anonymous), mostly they just cry and say “why are you being so mean, if people want to believe then you should let them.”

And… That’s simply not true, because when people like me shut up things like this happen:


But what really irks me isn’t the passive, well reasoned responses I (rarely) receive from theists, it’s the more often, very hostile, kneejerk reaction to assume that the only reason I don’t believe the bible is because I haven’t read it thoroughly. Case in point:

via Of course I read the bible, I’m an atheist. | Hagiographic.


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