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China Miéville’s Blog – Trailer – ‘The Crawl’ – July 02, 2014 04:17

[Terry: OK, it is a fact that I wouldn’t watch a zombie movie if it was the only show on all 2000 channels but this script MIGHT change my mind.]


0:00 – 0:04


Blackness. Slow, laboured breathing extends into a death rattle.


V/O, female: ‘We lost the world.’



0:05 – 0:09


Series of fixed-camera shots of cities destroyed and deserted. The images intersperse with close-ups of wounds and dead flesh.


V/O: ‘To the dead.’



0:10 – 0:13


An overgrown yard crowded with shambling, rotting corpses.


At the farthest corner of the lot, something hidden in the undergrowth snatches a zombie out of sight.


China Miéville’s Blog – Trailer – ‘The Crawl’ – July 02, 2014 04:17.


Welcome to a new friend: Mark Aldrich The Gad About Town

The Gad About Town

[Terry: I’m not sure how I’ve missed this site for so long. Mark must write at light speed to cover all these topics. And to cover them so well.]


Bitcoin(s) and Monty Python


The ‘Aldrich Reaction’

Do you have a star or an asteroid named for you? Me neither.

Nor have I discovered anything new on Continue reading

 100 Years with The Tramp

One hundred years ago this month, Charlie Chaplin developed his most important creation, the Tramp. He started with the costume, and with it came the character, or the beginnings of one. On January 10, 1914, the Tramp, wearing what soon would be his globally recognized outfit of baggy pants, too-small derby hat, bendy cane, and little mustache, made his public debut in front of a crowd at a youth car derby in Venice, California. A film of his antics, “Kid Auto Races in Venice” was released a couple weeks later, in February.

The Tramp came to Chaplin fully formed, it appears. Not only is the costume complete in the movie but his full array of gestures—the twirl of the cane, the dismissive tip of the hat, the flat-footed walk, a kick of the leg to turn his body entirely around—is seen. (There is one prop and one gesture that are unfamiliar to viewers of today, though, and they did not stay with the character: he is seen smoking cigarettes throughout the short.)

“Kid Auto Races in Venice” is merely a series of unrelated scenes of the Tramp interfering with a film “crew” recording the day’s “Junior Vanderbilt Cup” races, an actual event taking place that day; in reality, the crew were actors and the real crew was unseen, giving us a very early example of a film within a film, a fictional documentation of a real event. The Tramp keeps sneaking into the camera frame, as if he wants to be in the movie, any movie, but before he can do more than mouth a “Hi” into the lens or primp himself up, he is pushed to the ground, pulled away, chased off.

(Here is all six minutes and nine seconds of “Kid Auto Races at Venice”):

via 100 Years with The Tramp | The Gad About Town.

‘A Conversation with Cary Grant’

Cary Grant was born 110 years ago today.

Starting in the mid-1980s, Grant toured in a one-man question-and-answer show, “A Conversation with Cary Grant,” in which he spent ninety minutes or so answering questions from audience members. Several other movie stars and celebrities have since taken on similar productions in which they and their fans bask in an accepted and reflected adoration—Gregory Peck, for one—but Grant was the first. The show was an extended, and deserved, curtain call from beginning to end.

One cool feature to Grant’s tour was that it visited theaters in which he had performed during his vaudeville years in the 1920s. Thus it was that in April 1985 I found myself sitting in the balcony of the small (1500 seat) Ulster Performing Arts Center (UPAC) in Kingston, NY, a stage on which he had performed. I was 16 and a movie nerd and Cary Grant was my idol.

Some of the evening is cemented in my memory. Judith Crist, the film reviewer for TV Guide, came on stage to introduce an introduction, the moment in 1970 in which Grant was awarded an honorary Oscar by Frank Sinatra. The movie screen dropped and we watched Sinatra introduce a well-edited reel of Grant’s “greatest” film moments that the Academy had compiled: five minutes of his seemingly endless supply of double-takes and reactions and several minutes of him being slapped by various leading ladies—a bit of good-natured ribbing by the Academy.

At the end of the clip, as Sinatra introduced, “Mr. Cary Grant,” the lights came on in our theater, and walking out stride by stride with his own oversize image on the screen was Mr. Cary Grant himself. It was a great stage moment. The greatest movie star of all time was magically walking off a screen and into our theater and our evening.

The stage was bare except for a stool, and he leaned against it, said hello and asked that the lights be brought up in the house so he could see us. “I’m here to answer some questions, but if you don’t have any we can dance and that would be fine.” From that moment on there was nothing he could do or say that we were not going to find delightful.


For More Click HERE

3 Days Left For BLACK LULLABY! |Catching Up with Joshua Hoffine Horror Blog:

Chew the #film into little pieces See how the film #tastes–Welcome to a new friend: chewyreviews

Chewy Reviews~ Movie reviews by humans, not critics

Chewy Reviews


How to make a Chewy Review:

Put the film in your mouth

Chew the film into little pieces

See how the film tastes

Identify the texture of the film in your mouth

Then, either swallow the film or spit it out

You get the idea…

Have a quick reviewf? Send one over!

via The Conjuring | Chewy Reviews.

The Conjuring

 Rating: 4.2/5 Stars


Mastery! Nothing in this entire movie qualifies for an R rating, except the overwhelming feeling of fear that I felt watching The Conjuring. This movie is simply scary. James Wan has accomplished his goal of creating a shockingly scary movie without the blood and guts of Saw. Well done to you James Wan, and your cast in Vera Farmiga & Patrick Wilson. If you consider your

self a person who is scare invincible, give this one a try. I will be scaring my grandchildren with this one.


Django Unchained

Rating: 4.75/5 Stars


Jamie Foxx executes. Quentin Tarantino shines through every scene, making this film nearly perfect. A standard performance from Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio. The story is edgy, racy, and satisfying. Just like Foxx’s character, this film goes head first into an all or nothing setting. An R rating is low-balling it, but anyone who is of age needs to see Django at least once.

Only God Forgives

Rating: 4.2/5 Stars


As we all know, Gosling can say more with one facial expression than many of us can with a microphone. He’s good. He makes this very slow and dark story epic. It is almost more realistic to see him get his ass beat, at least once. For me, this movie is not a must see but it is a movie I could watch more than once. I would most likely walk away with a different perspective after each viewing.

#Trance #Review | Catching up with EnginEffect

Trance Review

Featured Image

Cover of "Slumdog Millionaire [Blu-ray]"

Cover of Slumdog Millionaire [Blu-ray]

Finally Danny Boyle abandoned both life miracle stories (Slumdog Millionaire, good but not worthy of an Oscar) and static pictures to describe feelings (127 Hours, I don’t think there was a movie more boring then this) to return to the action, and describing events showing events.More or less, Trance is just like this, a movie told by the events as Simon (James McAvoy) lives them.Cover of "Inception"

Shutter Island (film)

Shutter Island (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This movie enters in that genre of f*ucked up stories such as Inception and Shutter Island, where we are supposed to feel confused (thanks to the not linear narration) as the protagonist in that moment. This time, differently from Inception (where everything bu the ending was clear) and Shutter Island (the solution was absolutly clear since the trailer), you really feel dizzy and confused, so much that 20 minutes left to the ending you think ?I didn’t understand anything’.

Boyle directs in a very clean way, what’s happening on the screen it’s really clear. All the work to make you feel ‘stupid’ is made by the great editing, which allows to have the fuzzy narration. trance2

By the way, in the end the story is credible and very well realized. Also the movie result fast paced and the atmosphere is different depending by Simon’s feelings: we have frightening moments, tension moment, funny moment and sometimes really horror moments. All this remarks once again the incredible versatility of Danny Boyle.

The acting makes a lot: James McAvoy is perfect, as well as Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel.

If you didn’t saw it, watch it. It’s really a candidate for best 2013 movie.

SCORE: 8.5/10

via Trance Review | EnginEffect | News, Previews, Reviews, Trailers and many more!.

Welcome to a new friend: Benji Taylor

Benji Taylor Wins

“Mythical musings on music and pop culture…”

Benji Taylor is a relentless traveller and music aficionado whose writings encompass film, music, art, & literature.

His mythical musings on music and pop culture are the eventuality of an anomaly inherent in the programming of the matrix which, despite his sincerest efforts, he has been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision.

ParisianSkiesAs a master of words and magic, he contributes to several sites across the web.

You can follow him on Twitter: @BenjiTaylorWins

via About | Benji Taylor Wins.

Soft Metals – synth revivalists

22/07/2013 06:15:12

Glass basks in the amorous glow of EDM connoisseurs Soft Metals… 

Photo credit: Suzy Poling

In 2011, LA based electronic duo Soft Metals’ sound emerged from the hubbub of a plethora of bands riding the coat-tails of the retro-tinged synth revival, with their debut LP vastly outshining the work of their bland and vapid peers. Their debut proved one thing  that stimulating and meaningful synth-based music was more difficult to craft than many of their contemporaries realised.

Sophomore effort Lenses, released via Captured Tracks on 29th July, sees the duo refining the dense and textured soundscapes that populated their self-titled LP, and opting for sparser arrangements, and an aesthetic revolving around building tension and release. The result is an accomplished dance sound that crackles with intelligence and imagination, backlit by a marriage of vintage synths and 80s style drum beats.

As a collection of songs it’s heavily indebted to the dance floor, and to the night. Many tracks boast a feeling of audible sexual tension, no doubt owing to the fact that Ian Hicks and Patricia Hall – the miss and mister behind the duo – have been romantically involved since the band’s inception.

Ultimately Lenses reflects itself as the light of a bigger, brighter and braver Soft Metals. It’s a superb record that – since it boasts just the right mix of house-flavoured dynamics and reverential 80s sounds  should see the duo finally recline in the acclaim that their sound warrants this summer.

Photo credit: Suzy Poling

Lenses showcases a dancier sound than your self-titled debut. Who were your key influences on this record?




My article on Amsterdam and Canal House for Glass Magazine…

Canals“The key jewel in Amsterdam’s cultural crown, though, is the Rijksmuseum which, reopening after ten years of wide-ranging renovations, triumphantly re-positions itself as an artistic citadel of dreams..”






What Does The Ending Of The Prestige Really Mean?

the prestige

Published originally at WhatCulture

“Now you’re looking for the secret. But you won’t find it because of course, you’re not really looking. You don’t really want to work it out. You want to be fooled…” – Cutter

Of late it’s sometimes easy to forget that Christopher Nolan, the genius behind the Dark Knight trilogy adrift amidst a sea of awards and accolades as a result of his labours with the franchise depicting his vision of the caped crusader, previously made a quartet of insidiously intelligent films:  Memento, Insomnia, The Prestige, and Inception. All of these films are amazing in their own way and worthy of separate analysis, showcasing Nolan’s developing directorial talent throughout the first decade of the new millennium. Today I’d like to discuss The Prestige, Nolan’s dark and bleak visually spectacular mind-twister of a movie, and my own personal favourite from this quartet of films, which was adapted from British writer Christopher Priest’s 1995 prize winning epistolary novel of the same name. Over the past few years I’ve discussed my interpretation of the events of the movie and its key overarching themes with so many people that I decided it was time to put my thoughts into an article.

The ingenuity of the movie arises from Nolan’s handling of the non-linear exposition of the film which, at its core, revolves around two talented magicians in the early 1900s who become engaged in a lifelong game of progressively daring one-upmanship. The movie’s narrator- Michael Caine’s Harry Cutter- is an ingénieur; he conceives then concocts the mechanisms which facilitate the magicians’ dazzling of their audiences. Cutter explains to the viewer the three key elements of any magic trick… every trick, he tells us, has three crucial stages:

The Pledge – the preliminary object or action;

The Turn– the action or the deed that misdirects and distracts the audience from the true purpose of the trick;

The Prestige- the final reveal which leaves them spellbound.

If you’re reading this article then you probably know the story which, in a nutshell to refresh you, charts via a series of flash-backs and flash-forwards the events surrounding the sentencing of Christian Bale’s Alfred Borden for the murder of Hugh Jackman’s Robert Angier. The murder seemingly occurred as the culmination of a series of escalating trade-offs between the two magicians which had their origins in the death of Angier’s wife Julia who, in tragic symmetry to the death of Angier, drowned performing a water cell act.

Next we will discuss the ending, and then seek to understand how it is representative of the key themes embodied within the movie’s narrative…

Move to ‘Page 2′ to continue…

A Son of Ice & Fire: Who Are Jon Snow’s Parents?

Published originally at WhatCulture

SPOILER WARNING: Whilst the majority of this article relates to theory, speculation and deduction, it contains a few potential spoilers relating to the events of all five currently available “A Song of Ice and Fire” books, and to Season One & Season Two of the “Game of Thrones” TV Series. Where possible, I have omitted any spoiler-esque information unless I consider it essential to the article’s subject matter.


Who is Jon Snow? Our initial introduction to the 14-year old Jon Snow is in the first chapter of A Game of Thrones as he accompanies the man that we the readers are led to believe is his father, Lord Eddard (Ned) Stark, to execute a deserter of the Night’s Watch. As the apparent bastard child of the Lord of Winterfelll, Jon might well have lived a better life than 90% of the population of Westeros, but he has been made to feel something of an outsider by Ned’s wife Cateyln Stark, since his presence has proved to be a constant reminder of Ned’s supposed infidelity.

The alienation that Jon feels arising from his bastard-born status ultimately compels him to leave his half-siblings in Winterfell and join his Uncle Benjen on The Wall as a man of the Night’s Watch. Before he leaves, Ned makes a promise to Jon that, due to the interference of the Lannisters, he is ultimately unable to keep: “The next time we see each other we’ll talk about your mother, I promise…”

What I’d like to discuss in this article are the hints to Jon Snow’s true parentage that are presented within the books (and to a lesser extent the TV series). I believe that it’s quite clear from the raft of clues that the text provides us with that Jon Snow is not in fact Ned’s son – he is actually

Click HERE to find out what Jon actually is…

Some live, some die in the way of the samurai. | DGAF (Checking in with Old Friends)

Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites

Some live, some die in the way of the samurai.

By rnwdgaf July 14, 2013

samurai champloo by far is the dopest anime i’ve ever seen, Like for real

if you’ve never seen samurai champloo you should just get out your laptop, ipad, imax theatre or whatever you have and watch it.

The style that the animation is done in is really cool, the music that is played in the show goes so well with like fighting scenes AND just the story in general of trying to find the sunflower samurai was awesome. I know I could go on forever about this great samurai anime but check these out.
via Some live, some die in the way of the samurai. | DGAF.
If your a fan of cool samurai animes like I am then check out samurai champloo. I mean if not just do it for mugen being a badass every second of his life.

Pacific Rim: Quick Brain Dump « terribleminds: chuck wendig

Pacific Rim Locandina

Pacific Rim: Quick Brain Dump

I just saw Pacific Rim.

I will now commence neural bridge with you.We have drift.warning: mild spoilers detected•

This is the most fun I’ve had at the movies in a long, long time.•

It made me want to go play with toys. Big smash-em-up anime robots and giant monsters.•

The movie understands what it wants to be and never deviates from that. That said, it never precisely surpasses it, either. We are left with a model robots versus monsters film, though perhaps not exactly a transcendent one, either.•

This is not a big dumb action movie. It’s smarter and savvier than you think. Also: no gaping plotholes! It didn’t feel rushed or half-baked unlike nearly all Hollywood tentpole releases these days. Del Toro knows his stuff here.

The Rest at via Pacific Rim: Quick Brain Dump « terribleminds: chuck wendig.

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Catching up with Old Friends: Movies, Silently

Pardon my depravity… Animated GIF


Marion Davies wasn’t the only funny lady in Show People. Polly Moran, a Sennett veteran, plays her stuck-up and nutty maid. The terrible comedian person is, of course, the lovesick Billy Haines, who has arrived to stop Marion’s wedding.

On a side note, best wedding dress ever.

via Pardon my depravity… Animated GIF | Movies, Silently.

Welcome to a new friend: Justinator of Kokstars–AllStars: Stance-off | KOKSTARS

AllStars: Stance-off

The AllStars crew have put on another gathering of like-minded car aficionados. This time the key was “Stance”.

Not political, it’s about how your car sits. Does it sit like it’s got a stilt up it’s keister or does it sit like it’s taking a dump on the pavement? If you said “hell yeah” to the second option then you belong in the stanced crowd and you should have brought your car down like these people.

Click the images for Hi-Res


Toyota Aristo, VIP style, I don’t see much of this in Sydney. Makes sense because this dude had Victoria plates.


Not alone, that’s for sure, much more hotness here


Something so right about E30 Bimmers, this one was very clean, love the wheels, must take around an hour to wash those… each.


On another BMW – I am a fan of the marque, please enjoy this wallpaper


Chunky looking 350z. Work Meisters are my personal favourite


Nismo wheels on this very sorted looking S15, you know they’re serious when they carry spares… for punctures of course.


Tasty fitment


The Zen Garage stand and rides of the Capozzi kind.


This S15 had something to say…


…Worked much?
S15: I just met you and this is crazy but here’s my number so call me maybe.


Panorama of the “B side”. If your car doesn’t officially qualify for “super stance” then you parked here as hard as you could. Having said that some cars here were pretty awesome.


86 sitting nicely, good fitment.

DSC_4990_Fotor_20130519Tons more at    AllStars: Stance-off | KOKSTARS.

Movie Time and Girl Crush: Kristen Bell


First up we’ve got another featurette for Pacific Rim that explains the need for two people in the “Jaegers” the two pilots are connected by “Drift” where they share every memorie good or bad.

And also there is a Jaeger designer HERE

And this is mine

Kokstars 1-2

Steph: Justin has covered most of the upcoming films that I am excited about so I will attempt to write about some different ones that look interesting.

Stuck In Love

Cover of

Ever since Veronica Mars, I have had a huge girl crush on Kristen Bell

and I am super excited about the Veronica Mars movie. In the meantime, however, Stuck In Love is due to be released early June. The story is about a successful author (Greg Kinnear) who is obsessed with his ex-wife (Jennifer Connelly) and continues to spy on her despite ‘having fun’ with his neighbour Tricia (Kristen Bell). It’s a story about love and life explored through the relationships between him, his 2 children and his ex-wife with the colourful addition of Tricia who tries to help him back into the dating world. Watch the trailer here

Much Ado About Nothing

Joss Whedon at the premiere of Serenity

Buffy The Vampire Slayer cast at the wrap part...

I studied way too much Shakespeare in school to really enjoy it anymore, but this seems interesting. This version by Joss Whedon was shot at his house in 12 days and uses the original text unlike many adaptations. The story is a comedy that follows the stories of 2 pairs of lovers that both have different views on love. There’s a little something here for everybody. It is also set for a June 2013 release and you can

watch a trailer here.

[Terry:  On Bonanza, Pop Cartwright always said, “The Family That Prays Together, Stays Together. Who can come up with the second line of “The Family That Blogs Together…  

Because I can’t think of anything but stuff relating to Frogs and that really doesn’t work. Bog? Eggnog?

By the way, being a Veronica Mars fan isn’t something to be ashamed of…I actually invested/donated on Kickstarter for the Veronica Mars MOVIE (Muppets go Yayyy!) ]

Welcome to a new friend: About Movies Silently | Movies, Silently

About Movies Silently

Movies, Silently: Celebrate Silent Film

via About Movies Silently | Movies, Silently.

That’s one way to propose… Animated GIF

That’s one way to propose… Animated GIF

After adventures that include being shanghaied, sailing around China and defeating a pirate king, William Boyd is ready to pop the question to Leatrice Joy in Eve’s Leaves. I mean, how can any girl possibly top her? She single-handedly saved him from a torture chamber! (And she’s not bad-looking either!) One problem, though: Neither father … Continue reading »

Help Wanted: You choose my reviews!

Help Wanted: You choose my reviews!

As you recall, my theme month for June was chosen by my readers in a poll. Now I am going one step further. I am going to have an entire month in which a review nothing but reader requests! Here’s how it works: Request a silent movie that you would like me to review. I … Continue reading »

Lost Film Files #16: Far From the Madding Crowd (1915)

Lost Film Files #16: Far From the Madding Crowd (1915)

Far From the Madding Crowd (1915) Status: Missing and presumed lost If ever there was a tale to showcase leading men, this is it. Thomas Hardy’s 1874 novel features three juicy parts for the boys: The flashy playboy, the mature stalker and the solid (and stolid!) suitor-in-waiting. There is also a doozy of a leading … Continue reading

Silent Movie Bookshelf: The Films of D.W. Griffith


Sometimes when I review a movie, I want to add a little something more. There are three ways (so far) that I might enhance a review.

Silents vs Talkies: Many silent films have been remade as sound films. Many other talkies have striking similarities to silent films. These similarities may be in script, tone or setting. I will compare the silent film and the talkie challenger and let you know which one I liked better. Please note that just because a silent has been remade as a talkie, this does not mean I will add this feature. Some talkie remakes have been too bad for me to finish. Other times, there were several remakes to choose from and I only selected one to write about.

Double Feature: Some movies improve when paired. In this feature, I try to match up a silent movie with another film that I think will enhance it. Usually I choose foreign films for this task. The goal is to get the brain cells a-workin’ in finding parallels that span time and geography.

Feminine Empowerment: While I believe that it is unfair to judge older films by modern standards, there are times when silent movies have a great, empowering message for women. I like to highlight these films with this special feature.

Silent Movie Bookshelf: The Films of D.W. Griffith

This book really should have been titled The Feature Films of D.W. Griffith since all of his shorter work is covered in a single chapter. No matter. Written by Edward Wagenknecht and Anthony Slide, it covers all of Griffith’s movies, from Judith of Bethulia to The Struggle. D.W. Griffith remains a polarizing figure in the … Continue reading »

Silent Star Mini Biography: Mary Pickford
Biography / Classic Movies / Entertainment / Movies

Silent Star Mini Biography: Mary Pickford

Mary Pickford (1892-1979) Country of birth: Canada Birth name: Gladys Marie Smith The basics: Mary Pickford became an actress at the age of seven when her mother’s lodger gave her a part in his play. Pickford managed to steal the show even in a bit part. She joined the Biograph film company in 1909. Pickford … Continue reading »

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Silent Movie Time Capsule: Movie Cliches from 1922

Silent Movie Time Capsule: Movie Cliches from 1922

As a fan of Ebert’s Bigger Little Movie Glossary, I was thrilled to come across this 1922 article from Photoplay detailing the top silent film cliches of the time. Some of them are still true, while others seem odd and obscure (I am going to keep a sharp lookout for that index finger ring from … Continue reading »


I love blogathons! Here are some of the events I have participated in.

Upcoming Blogathons:

dynamic duos blogagthon

Welcome to a new friend: Juju Films

General information

OUR PRODUCTS: Multimedia (Photograhy, Music, Film Documentary). Sight, Sound & Motion.

OUR VISION: Juju Films vision is a result of our passion in film, music, quality delivery and meeting the needs to provide an outlet for uniquely talented artists. As a global recording and multimedia venture we offer a broad array of local and international artists, as well as an impressive catalog of documentaries, short films, and rare footage. In all areas of our services our audience receive an additional benefit of gaining insight into socioeconomic and cultural awareness in Africa and its Diaspora.

WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE: Eclectic collection of artists, innovation in foreign films, documentation, music videos, and music recordings.

About | Juju Films.

Aliko Dangote at Clara Oshiomole’s Funeral in Edo State Nigeria

Via Flickr:
Aliko Dangote @ First Lady of Edo State, Clara Oshiomole’s funeral.

(Adams Oshiomole, President Goodluck Jonathan, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, Bola Tinubu)

Asala & Ogede – Lagos Island Nigeria

Via Flickr:
In the heart of downtown Lagos Nigeria, Asala & Ogede


Fear is an effective tool used by religions

Iheaka Enugu, Nigeria Female Bicycle Rider

Via Flickr:
Female bicycle rider in the village of Iheaka, Enugu State Nigeria

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Welcome to a new friend: Marc | Love Your Movies


This is a blog I have created in an effort to let out all my opinions and feelings regarding films,acting and all that it encompasses. I guess in a way I always wanted to be a movie reviewer or at the very least some sort of entertainment journalist. I am 31 years old and don’t exactly live in the center of the entertainment world in Buffalo, NY. I hope you enjoy my takes and view points and I encourage you to leave comments and suggestions as much as you want.

I would love to add your blog to my blogroll if you are willing to do the same, assuming we find each others sites agreeable.

Anyone interested in guest blogging or with suggestions can reach me at




This is the second in a series of reviews where we look at the major films of Mike Binder. This was Binder’s directing debut and was his second major screenplay to be made into a film.

posterWhen someone is making their debut as a director it only makes sense that they have a sense of familiarity to the film. Mike Binder’s second written film and first directed was just that. Titled Crossing The Bridge, it is the story of friends at a crossroads in their lives in the early 1970’s in Detroit Michigan. The 3 friends, Mort, Tim and Danny are trying to figure out how the rest of their lives will play out. Mort is the central character who has aspirations of going to college and being a screenwriter. During this adverse period in their lives the three are presented with an opportunity to make some quick, serious money by an acquaintance, played by a young unknown David Schwimmer of Friends fame. He offers them nine thousand dollars to go to Toronto and bring back some marijuana. After much debate and a series of different events take place they all three agree. When they arrive and discover that it’s heroin not marijuana they are forced to make a decision that will affect the outcome of their lives.

Mixed with the perfect combination of drama and comedy that has been Mike Binder’s trade mark since the first film he wrote. With a cast of unknown actors other than possibly Jeffery Tambor, who was not the pop culture phenomenon that he is now. A young Stephen Baldwin portrays Danny, the somewhat leader of the three while Josh Charles is Mort whom the story really focuses on with Jason Gedrick rounding out the group as Tim. Narrated by Binder which is very fitting because the story is based on events that actually happened to him and his friends around that age. Mort also shows how he wants to be a writer much like Binder who wanted to do so since the age of eleven.

Great performances and well told story that flows with perfect timing, Crossing The Bridge shows Binder’s hometown of Detroit and makes it as muchphoto of a character as any actor in the film.

The title refers to the Ambassador Bridge which connects Detroit USA with Canada, not unlike the Peace Bridge in Buffalo,NY. These are towns that parallel each other in this area and can easily be mistaken for each other visually.

Mixed with a side love story that is not the average that you would expect it is a necessary one to contribute to the flow of the story.

It was made as an independent movie many, many years before independent films were considered cool and got the exposure that they get now. This film was made for it’s compelling story and for the love of telling it. Thankfully executives at Disney would recognize something special in Mike Binder’s story and that would lead to the launch of a career of great story telling that the film industry is better off for having had them told.




This blog was started out of a passion for movies and letting my thoughts out about every type of movie I see whether it’s love, disdain or indifference. Passion and love continue to drive the content as it continues to grow to a place I never imagined would happen. At the time I write and address all the loyal and first time readers of Love Your Movies, we stand at over 2,400 subscribers which is around 2,400 more than I ever thought there would be. Any popularity and success this blog has seen is due strictly to all the readers we have and have ever had. Therefore I write to say THANK YOU!!

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We hope you have enjoyed the content as much as we have enjoyed creating and sharing it with you. We look forward to all the new content and enjoy fueling our and your love for movies. With much appreciation we again say THANK YOU! And here’s to the next 16 and many more months!



Reign Over Me New York Movie PremiereThere is truth in saying that some great things can’t be put in any category. This rule could also be true for film makers. Some of the best musicians and most respected musicians write AND play their music. Similar to this in the film world would be the writer/director. Those are the ones that really garner a lot of respect amongst their peers and the actors they work with. That’s not to say that those who strictly write or strictly direct are not masters at their craft.

One of the best and well respected writer/directors in Hollywood is Mike Binder. Binder is from Detroit, Michigan where he grew up and his movies many times have a tie to. Binder got his start in show business as a stand-up comedian, but his first love was always writing and that is what would get him his start. His first feature that he wrote would be 1990’s Coupe de Ville starring Daniel Stern, Alan Arkin and a young Patrick Dempsey. His next film was called Crossing The Bridge which was his directoral debut. He would experience more and more success as time went on working with a plethora of A-list stars. Recently I had a chance to speak with Mr. Binder about his career and what is on the horizon for him.

You seemed to get your start in Hollywood as a writer, is that what you always wanted to do?

“I started as a stand-up comic but I always loved people like Woody Allen and Albert Brooks who made their own movies and I said, “That’s the coupe-de-ville_lworld I’m gonna follow.” If you ask anyone I see myself as a writer first.”

Your films tend to mix a perfect blend of humor and drama to the point where they don’t fall in any one genre. Is that by design?

“It’s just the way I see everything. I don’t think anything is cut and dry. I hate to see a drama with no humor and I hate to see a comedy that doesn’t feel real. My favorite movie this year was Silver Linings Playbook because I loved the blend that it had.”


For the rest of the interview-


David Schwimmer at the premiere of Run, Fat Bo...

David Schwimmer at the premiere of Run, Fat Boy, Run, at the Walter Reade Theater in New York City. This was during the post-screening Q & A. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Welcome to a new friend: Luca Ripamonti | EnginEffect |

 EnginEffect is a site about cinema. Its purpose is to inform readers about the latest industry news, also giving advice on what to go see at the movies through the reviews / video-reviews. Also, in the future, as the site is still in beta, we will also have video-sections with a regular basis schedule, if possible. The project, however, would be much more: in fact the aim is a platform for information in various fields (music, video games, TV, sports, etc.).

via About | EnginEffect | News, Previews, Reviews, Trailers and many more!.

This is an extract from a German docuseries called Too Young To Die, which episode was probably dedicated to Heath Ledger. In this clip, we see Ledger’s father showing Heath’s diary about Joker’s plan: he was collecting all the things could inspire him for the role, and personal notes; most of the material was collected before … Continue reading »

After Machete, movie based on a fake trailer made for Planet Terror, Robert Rodriguez returns to tell the story of the kick-ass old mexican played by Danny Trejo. This time, with Trejo, there will be Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez (who both return from the previous chapter), Sofia Vergara, Mel Gibson, Vanessa Hudgens, Amber Heard, Alexa Vega, … Continue reading »

Okok, I didn’t have so much to write about right now, so I came up with this idea to write about my guilty pleasure. For those who don’t know what a guilty pleasure is, it’s something horrible or stupid or whatever that you really shouldn’t like, but somehow you do it the same. Here’s mine: … Continue reading »

Honestly, who was thinking that this was gonna be just a stupid and ignorant action flick? A lot of people, and probably me too. But, somehow, I was hoping this product to be fully action packed, cause it’s Timur Bekmambetov directing, fast paced and incredibly funny. My expectations never been satisfied so much. Produced by … Continue reading »

I just realised that, with the upcoming release in theatres of Catching Fire this November, there isn’t any sort of review of one of last year’s most anticipated movies: The Hunger Games. So, I have to write about this interesting and mediatic product. First of all: I’ve never read the novel, and I don’t think … Continue reading »

In the last years, since 2000 when Bryan Singer’s X-Men hit the theatres, the majors produced a lot of comic book adaptations. There are very much, but the most interesting ones, or, better, the ones that intrigue us the most, are the ones based on not mainstream characters: just think about Scott Pilgrim, Blade (which … Continue reading »

I’ve seen this movie yesterday night on my iPad. I know, it’s not the way a movie should be watched, but I couldn’t fall asleep (too much thinking, stress, and any other sh*t could pass through your head ). I’ve always interested in this film, as long as stars Bradley Cooper (which I think is … Continue reading »

As you know if you read the page “About”, EnginEffect isn’t just a site, but also a indipentent movie production. Obviously, we’re not talking about full lenght future, at this time we’re programming to shoot some short films. Here you can find a list of titles produced, in production or pre production.


Title: Falling Down
Genre: Thriller, Drama
Year: 2012
Lenguage: Italian
Length: TBA, the script is composed by 10 page
Cast: TBA
Producers: Luca Ripamonti, Giovanni Mirabella
Writer: Luca Ripamonti
Director: Luca Ripamonti
Release Date: 2012
Plot: A cop and his ex-partner have the last face off to decide what to do with the killer that ruined their lives. They will have to choose between vengeance and justice. But justice, in this world, maybe can’t be the answer…

Falling Down is Luca Ripamonti’s first project as a writer and director. The goal of the film will be the comprehension of certain actions in a certain situation, but without justifying them. Clearly, the main topic will be the difference between justice and revenge. The director, during the writing, has been influenced from some movies like Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, F. Gary Grey’s Law Abiding Citizen and Kenneth Branagh’s Sleuth. The movie is set to be shooted in the second half of October, with a release date before the end of the year. The short will be filmed in Italian, but the first release will be with English subtitles.
Falling Down will be available at our YouTube Channel and in download in here at our site.

Welcome to a new friend: andrean20–Filmtube!

Welcome to Filmtube!.

Welcome to a new friend: James Curnow | Curnblog

Filmic discourse of various kinds. No generic boundaries. Just interested in intelligent conversation on good (and bad) cinema.

“Cinema is truth at 24 frames per second.”


“Cinema is lies at 24 frames per second.”


via About | Curnblog.

Shorts reviews: ‘Bridges’, ‘Afterglow’ and ‘Step 9′

I get a lot of requests to review short films and in the past I’ve rarely been able to get to many of them. However, having spent the last five months as a short film selection panellist for the Melbourne International Film Festival (I finished up a couple of weeks ago), I feel a renewed sense of obligation towards the artists working in this space. So I’m going to start showcasing some of the shorts sent to me here on CurnBlog. If you’d like me to take a look at a short film, let me know by posting a comment on the Curnblog Facebook page.


Elizabeth (Joslyn Jensen), a babysitter who spends much of her time caring for an infant boy, finds herself trapped in the child’s family apartment by an unwanted visitor. Elizabeth manages to leave the apartment and wanders the streets to kill time. Alone with the child, Elizabeth reflects on their connection.

Christopher Bell does a wonderful job of directing this short film with a simple air of contemplation that allows the viewer necessary time and space to ask the questions that reside between the lines. Without a single moment of unnecessary exposition, Bell shows us the powerful bond between the woman and child; the lonely isolation that seems to come with her duty of care; and the way in which this loneliness only further serves to fuel her emotional investment in the young boy.


For those who are interested in film’s more experimental modalities, check out Alex Bowlin’s Afterglow. A beautiful fusion of abstract and every day imagery combines with a stirring score and ponderous narration to form a quite mesmerising experience. An ocular massage that will conclude with you feeling far more at peace than when you began.

 More at

Leaving Home: Ten films about migration

The immigrantI was recently asked to put together a post on films that deal with the experience of migration by a friend who is about to take the big plunge. Of course, this is a huge topic. People migrate for all sorts of reasons, and so the experience is hardly a unified one. The act of leaving behind what one knows for an entirely new frontier can be an act of hope that brings about fresh beginnings, a means of escaping from tyranny or oppression, or of course there is the ultimate final migration and whatever that might entail (depending on what you believe).

So without further ado, here are ten films that encapsulate some of the many incarnations that the migration experience can take.

1. The Immigrant (1917)

Where better to start than with Charlie Chaplin’s classic short on the difficult and yet hopeful experience of migrating to the United States? Chaplin is at his finest when he achieves a perfect balance of social commentary and comedic ingenuity and this film is certainly a demonstration of that. From the boat ride over, to the struggle to maintain dignity in a foreign (and not always welcoming) land, Chaplin’s film is a great window into the rewards and complexities of starting again without a cent to your name.

2. The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972)

Not so much a story of migration as that of a pilgrimage, this is the irreverent tale of an Aussie bloke (Barry Crocker) who finds himself unwillingly going on a trip to England with his aunt Edna (Barry Humphries). The film is loaded with a savage critique of both Australian and English culture at the time, and people offended by the coarser side of humour should probably give it a miss. The closest American equivalent would probably be South Park.

(And yes, Aunt Edna’s character carries on beyond the McKenzie films and eventually becomes Dame Edna.)

Welcome to a new friend: Michael Red Crow Mulholland

There is an easygoing confidence about Michael Mulholland with no trace of the swagger, one would expect from a recording artist who has made an impression in both the Music and Film & Television Industry, who has achieved notoriety and performed at innumerable standing-room-only shows. So how did Michael Mulholland make music and translate them to an unwavering audience? The answer is in his Songs & Scores. Quite simply and honestly, Michael defies categorization. He imaginatively reshapes and colors music and poetic landscapes…an uncharted terrain. Diverting as it may seem, Michael does not write music pre-conceptually, it just comes out. He says, “I spent my whole life catching songs thrown out to me, creating as a child…even though art was always in my environment, I never did it because I was a musician, I did it because it is in my heart.” Michael’s songs & scores are significant for their content and composition. Michael’s songs reflect the plain-spoken wisdom of his upbringing. They are an intimate journey of the pains and joys of life as seen through the eyes of a person who has abundantly experienced them both. More than any other single factor… it is the square dealing of the unadorned truth and time-worn tradition that draws listeners to the music of Michael Mulholland. There are voices that leave lasting impressions upon the listening ear, and Michael’s is one of them! After all, Michael Mulholland is, as he is quick to point out, just a guy who sings.


Music by Michael Red Crow Mulholland


Making records since he was twelve, touring since sixteen, Michael found himself on the forefront of his career, Los Angeles, California. He has since recorded and performed with such friends as Medicine Wheel (Marc Ferrari), Jeff Watson (Night Ranger), Atomic Tommy McClenden (UFO), Eric Turner & Jerry Dixon (Warrant), SteelHeart, producer Pat Regan (Deep Purple, Kiss, Doro Pesch), Jan Buckingham with sound recordings: Pam Tillis, Whitney Houston, Melissa Manchester, Englebert Humperdink, George Jones, Lee Greenwood, Gary Morris & Crystal Gale, Rebe Jackson, Air Supply etc., Skip Edwards: Keyboards for Dwight Yoakam, and Marty Rifkin, a well respected multi-instrumentalist and producer, who has acclaimed award status for “Best Pedal Steel Player.” Playing pedal steel, guitar, dobro and numerous other instruments, Marty has recorded with such notable artists as Bruce Springsteen (The Ghost of Tom Joad & Bruce Springsteen Tracks), Jewel (Spirit), Tom Petty (Wildflowers), Dwight Yoakam (A Long Way Home & Come On Christmas), Chris Perez (Resurrection), Smokey Robinson and many others. During the summer of 1999, Michael was nominated for several categories in Nashville’s Online Country & Tracker Magazine Country Music Artist Award Show. A fan voter based award show proving Michael to be one of a kind…Michael, someone who calls his fans friends, set a whole new set of standards showing just how many votes one can receive. A silent voice speaks, “I cannot believe how many votes this guy got!” Michael may just go ahead and run for President! Nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year, Male Rising Star, Album of the Year, & Artist Web Site of the Year, it was truly an honor for Michael to bring home the highest award offered, “Male Vocalist of the Year 1999″, along with “Country Artist Web Site of the Year 1999!” Michael has also performed, written and co-written many songs for Film & Television. “Under Siege II” staring Steven Segal, song “Blue Over You,” recorded by Medicine Wheel, writers: Michael Mulholland, Marc Ferrari & Danny Gill, “Life With Mikey” starring Michael J. Fox, song “Flying Blind,” writers: Michael Mulholland, Marc Ferrari & Tommy Thayer, “Man of the House” staring Chevy Chase & Jonathon Taylor Thomas, song “In Confusion,” writers: Michael Mulholland, Marc Ferrari & Danny Gill, “Vegas Vacation” staring Chevy Chase, song “In Confusion,” writers: Michael Mulholland, Marc Ferrari & Danny Gill, “Guiding Light,” song/video “Walking into Walls,” performed by Medicine Wheel, writers: Michael Mulholland, Marc Ferrari & Danny Gill, just to name a few.

via About | Michael Red Crow Mulholland.

Singer ~ Songwriter ~ Film Composer ~ Photographer


Photo of the Day…

Pot of Chicken?

Chicken in a Pot Photos (2)

Singer ~ Songwriter ~ Film Composer ~ Photographer

Flowers for the Day…

Todays Photos 135 Todays Photos 138

Michael Red Crow Mulholland Photography ~ Copyright 2013 ~ Sector 7 Studio Productions

Selma Blair…HellBoy!

I also ran into Selma as well today in Studio City.  She was with her son, cute little guy, she’s quite camera shy, but very kind as well as Jon Cryer…here are a few photos of Selma Blair with her son.

Selma Blair Photos (13) Selma Blair Photos (17) Selma Blair Photos (18) Selma Blair Photos (20) Selma Blair Photos (23)

Music by Michael Red Crow Mulholland

Welcome to a new friend: Michele D’Acosta


Michele D’Acosta is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. Her aim is to produce documentary films as a catalyst for positive social change. Michele is a past winner of the Columbine Award; an annual award given to a filmmaker whose work promotes peace and non-violent conflict resolution.

Michele studied Russian, German and International Relations for her first degree, and did her post-graduate work at UCLA in the screenwriting program. She received her professional training in documentary directing, producing and broadcast journalism at the BBC Film & Television School in London.

Her past clients include the BBC, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Channel 4, Prosieben, the UK Film Council, EMI and HBO.

The most recent film Michele produced ‘MOONBUG’ tells the story of the Apollo astronauts who photographed and walked on the moon. The film won the Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the 2011 International Houston Film Festival.

Contact Michele at

via About | Michele D’Acosta.

When I was growing up my mother would say to me: “Child of mine you have your head in the clouds.”

When I grew older I discovered that folks who write poetry are in the minority.

Flamenco for Fragrance91h

I’m half afraid to write poetry
for you who never read it much

and I’m left laboring
with the secrets and the silence

In plain language.

Adrienne Rich

Welcome to a new friend: Shimky — Wonderful Cinema |

Our Goals

We at Wonderful Cinema enjoy all categories of films and tend to see several each week. On this site we will share with you the best films we have seen recently and in the past.

We group our reviews into the following categories:

  • Recent Releases
    Films released within the last couple of years
  • Past Releases
    Films from 2010 or earlier
  • Foreign Language
    Films whose dialogue is in a language other than English
  • Cult & Classics
    Cult status films and older classics

Our reviews will be short and contain no spoilers. We want to provide a trusted source where our followers can find recommendations for excellent films without bumping into key plot elements along the way. So you will have to bestow us with a little bit of your trust on initial visits.

If you find you share our tastes, then we would love you to provide us with some recommendations too. Please comment one of our reviews or drop us a line using our feedback menu option.

Thank you for visiting! We really hope you like the site.


Wonderful Cinema | Short reviews on high quality films. No spoilers..

Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989)

1989 Sex Lies and Videotape Movie Film Cinema Poster ArtSteven Soderbergh’s breakthrough cinematic debut is a series of cleverly-written sequences involving interactions between some or all of four very distinct characters. Sex, Lies, and Videotape is a study of how people think they know themselves and how their perspectives can be radically altered through the insights of others.

The cast play their roles to perfection. James Spader shines brightest. His performance earnt him the Best Actor Award at Cannes.

Sex, Lies, and Videotape is an independently-made film whose unprecedented success was instrumental in beginning the 1990s independent film boom. The film cost $1.2m to produce and grossed over $36m at international box offices.


You can find more information on this U.S. movie on Wikipedia and IMDb.

As always, we recommend you don’t ruin any surprises by reading spoilers or watching trailers. The following trailer contains important spoilers. It also makes the film look dated, which it is not.

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