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A Summer’s Day Ride in Bonner Springs Kansas

It is moments like this, along with the sound of our pipes and beautiful scenery that propel us to chase the front wheel on every opportunity!

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Paradigm Lost: Motorcycle Corners Car | The Truth About Cars

[OK, someone in a review said that ‘everyone knows’ that cars take corners faster than motorcycles. Well, since I rode in the 70’s, I didn’t know it because stock car suspensions and tire sucked.  However, being determined I looked up the lap times at Nurbergring up until  motorcycle racing was stopped. NO STREET CAR BEAT THE BEST MOTORCYCLE TIME UNTIL BIKE RACING WAS DISCONTINUED.)

20,600 m (67,600 ft) 7:49 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06 Horst von Saurma 22 June 2007 Sport Auto[62]

7:46.36  Jaguar XJ220  John Nielsen  1992 Evo (07/2000) APPARENTLY DISPUTED.

From <>

20,832 m 7:49.71 Honda RC30 Helmut Dähne 23 May 1993 As motorcycle contests were discontinued after 1994, this remains the fastest officially timed motorcycle lap ever on the 20,832 m variant (159.7 km/h). Done in a single lap time trial run during Zuverlässigkeitsfahrt series on road legal VFR750R RC30 and Metzeler ME Z1 tires.


From <>

kinda looks to me as if — even giving street cars 6 more years, the Motocycle blew them away. }

When the Fastbike crew did some tire testing at Continental’s “Contidrome” test track, along came a car magazine with an Audi TT RS plus. They wanted: a race. They got: slaughtered. Is the old truth about cornering speeds changing?

 I have done a lot of motorbike magazine work over the years. Every so often, someone dusts off a very old idea: “What is faster, car or motorbike?” This is a boring question, because even since Newton, the answer always was: The motorbike has a better power-to-weight ratio, so it will out-accelerate the car on the straights. The car will gain in the corners through higher speeds and it can brake later, because the limiting factor in braking a sports bike is geometry: Your maximum deceleration happens with the back wheel barely touching the ground. After that, you lose braking power because you are flipping over. The same is true for acceleration btw (you flip over in the other direction), but since nearly all cars are fat and slow compared to a sports bike, this limit doesn’t matter much. So the outcomes of these tests depended solely on the track. Sometimes, the track favors the bike, sometimes it likes the car. Motorcyclists who know their physics like to infuriate other sports bike riders by passing them in the bends with a Civic when they have to use it for their shopping. And car guys hate it when they have to slow down on the Nordschleife in a twisty bit for a bike which then shoots ahead on the straight just to block the next corner by seeming to park there. Such was the accepted truth. Until a few months ago.


In April, we were all working on various articles for “Fastbike”, the magazine that covers our favorite pastime, going fast on motorcycles. I was interviewing the next generation of racing drivers (and their proud parents) in Spain (Cartagena). Ralf (owner of Fastbike) and Dirk (our tame racing driver) were at the Contidrome testing sports tires for the Ducati 1199 Panigale. They weren’t alone there: A Bugatti Veyron was doing its laps and the major German car magazine “Auto Bild” was driving around in an Audi TT RS plus. They had just received word that Audi had bought Ducati, which motivated them to dust off the very old idea: “What is faster, the RS plus or the Panigale?” It should have been close. Conti’s handling course is not super grippy and consists almost entirely of bends, so it favors the car, but the Ducati is so far ahead of the nose-heavy Audi in terms of track potential that she would make up for a lot of winding roads.

Then, a strange thing happened. The car couldn’t shake the bike in the corners. On some camera angles, it even looked as if the bike was going faster while the Audi shuffled wide. The only time the Audi could make good a few meters was under braking, and these few meters were immediately lost at the exit of the corner. Long story short: The Audi got slaughtered. It lost ten seconds a lap on a track where it should have won. The disheveled car journo in the video tells the same sad story: In the corners, the bike was as fast as, or faster than the Audi. I have never seen something like that.

Of course, TTs are more hairdresser’s cars than they are sports cars; they’re a bit rubbish at cornering because of their crap weight distribution, but they aren’t THAT rubbish. And despite the fact that Mr. Car Journo might have taken some crappy lines and Dirk is a (rather excellent) racing driver, everyone expected the car to at least corner faster than the bike.

Let’s take Audi’s (and Auto Bild’s) cornering qualities out of the equation: The Veyron was doing high speed test runs on the same track for tire testing, a professional test driver at the wheel. Ralf took the Bugatti’s time: still slower than the Duc.

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Taste treat Curious About Gunung Padang, Cianjur | Catching up with

About motorcycles, traffic, music, internet,

People can not be called intelligent if it can not write“, that’s one phrase I remember from my father, a writer. The world has changed, no longer have to write in magazines, newspapers, or books. Now I try to write on some blogs that I manage, as my media to continue to learn to write, and little sharing of knowledge and experience, and at the same time continue the family tradition.

The main topic of this blog is about the two-wheeled automobile, but it is not binding. Sometimes I also write about things related to traffic, photography, internet, music, and others. Please be advised, this is a personal blog.

For colleagues who want to contribute on this blog, it could be an article or a photo, streetshot, spyshot, etc. please send an email to info [at]

Also follow this blog updates via Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you for visiting. . .

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Taste treat Curious About Gunung Padang, Cianjur

situs megalith gunung padang - cianjur

Indomoto had long wanted to see the site of the megaliths near Mount Padang, which supposedly is a man-made pyramid. According to recent news, the site is thought to have come from 11 thousand years BC. This means the site is older than the pyramids of Egypt were there.

Now begins the curiosity, so when a friend through BBM group invited to Mount Padang, spontaneous Indomoto stating come dong“.

Journey to Gunung Padang

The journey begins from Cariu approximately 10 am . In Cianjur , stopped at a mosque near the bus terminal , to perform Friday prayers and snacks plus ngebakso fruit cobbler . The journey continues through Highway Cianjur – Sukabumi . Reached the village there Kondang point signpost showing the direction towards Mount Padang , we then turn to the left .

Unfortunately the condition of the track is less friendly . Many holes in the road surface . Sometimes have off-road because the pavement is up peeling .

Passing this point should be extra careful , because a lot of ” U ” turn along the road uphill . At some point there was an avalanche of former land scattered on the road , making the road became very slippery , especially in the rainy season as it is today .

Finally , the distance is only 20 miles had to be taken more than an hour , and quite tiring .

Megalith site

Entrance to Gunung Padang Megalith site is apparently very, very cheap, at only Rp . 2.000 , – per person . Indomoto genuine surprise with the price of the ticket . A nearby resident advised us to take a guide . In addition to an explanation of the site , also to prevent things that are not desirable . There is no tariff for guides , seikhlasnya alone .

tiket masuk situs megalith gunung padang - cianjur

To reach the location of the site, we had to climb through the ladder. The guide (I forgot to ask her name) gave two options, going through a steep incline (180 meters) or a slight uphill (300 meters). We were with a confident choosing steep inclines.

Later we were sorry with our choice. He he. . . what is not, it turns out tanjakannya steeper than we had anticipated. Completely drained of energy. We had to stop several times to take a breath. Fortunately the guide patiently waiting for us.

situs megalith gunung padang - cianjur

Up above, not just the sick calves and thighs, the head was dizzy. Indomoto finally forced to lie on the grass used to restore depleted energy.

But the struggle is really worth what we get here. The scenery is beautiful, the site of Mount Padang is surrounded by 5 mountain. Wherever we mengengok, we will see sebuh mountains in the distance. Natural cool air. . . Eeehhh. . . might be more accurately described very cold. He he. .

On this site there are thousands of stone in the form of blocks, most with pentagonal cross section. About this section pentagon, according to the guide us, nothing to do with the 5 mountains that surround the site of Mount Padang. Many stones are irregularly scattered, but some are very regular.

situs megalith gunung padang - cianjur

In some blocks , the stones produce a high-pitched voice when beaten , possibly due to the very high iron content . Voice rocks produce different tones , so the possibility is also used as an instrument in the days past .

Hmm . . . coke taste there can be no natural phenomenon or geological processes that can produce highly irregular sites like this . Indomoto believe this site is hand made . Let only those members who have to prove it scientifically .

We searched this site as Pictures. . . to update the status of the course. LOL .

Approximately five o’clock hour , we descended from the site of Mount Field . In our parking lot a short break while enjoying boiled noodles , which feels more pleasure in this kind of air conditioner .

Six and a half hours , we started way back towards Cianjur . Unexpectedly , travel stressful enough . Street is very dark , no lights illuminated at all . And the fog was beginning to go down , so the asphalt surface barely visible because of thick fog prevented .

Indomoto should terkaget – bemused when to pass the corners of the felt sharper than when last departure day .

Lesson that I took while traveling home from this site is : do not come home too eve of this site.



TVS Apache Modification

From the Facebook group TMC ( TVS Motor Community ) National , a member who identified himself as an Apache showcased Sibolang mount . This unique motor using trellis like motorcycle brands neighbor .

Teralisnya glance pretty neat installation . Deliberately removed the air scoop that can be fitted perfectly trellises , as well as that teralisnya look more prominent .

In addition to trellises , bro Sibolang Apache has also been applied monoshock . According to the owner , monoshock using parts ori have Vixion , sitting on the swing arm ori have Byson .

Not only that , the front also did not go unnoticed . Shock using ori Byson . Clearly more robust than the default Apache shock . Headlamp and handlebar steering again using part Byson .

To be more ferocious again , exhaust ori Apache should be retired . Mosok not a scary motorcycle sound ? Bro Sibolang rely on muffler F4 . Not only the sound , of course , certainly also boost performance .

How fibrosis , not cool ? Oh yeah . . . Sibolang suggestion for ya bro . Horse love the name ” Apason ” aja . Wk wk wk . . .

What’s Son ?


Beauty Jonggol Line – waterfall Cipamingkis| Catching up with an old friend:

Keindahan Jalur Jonggol – Curug Cipamingkis |

This time Indomoto will show some photo shots along Jonggol Cipamingkis waterfall, to fulfill the promise of some time ago.


Jembatan Cimene

This time Indomoto will show some photo shots along Jonggol Cipamingkis waterfall, to fulfill the promise of some time ago.

As I mentioned, this path to save the beauty that is still very natural. Green rice fields on both sides of the road, with a background of several layers of mountains in the distance. In some sections the path we also met with the crystal clear river. It’s hard to find unrivaled in Jakarta. Lha iya lah. . . same compared mosok Jakarta is full of smoke and concrete jungle.

And the most interesting for Indomoto is. . . bridge. Along these lines, we will meet some bridges with classic designs. Stone wall with a pattern of dots in black and white reminiscent of a Dalmatian.

One of the bridges is suitable for photo-photo is Cimene bridge. See the photo above. Believe me, the original is much better than in the photo. Understandably dijepret use pocket camera, and not a professional artisan jepretnya. He he. . .

Oh yes, through this pathway we can also bablas to Cipanas. Alternatives that do not quite make love stuck in Cisarua.

The minor adventures of a motorcycle courier – Page 23 – ADVrider

English: Motorcycle courier, London 2007. (Tak...

English: Motorcycle courier, London 2007. (Taken with Nokia 6230i by Battersea Bridge). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Urgent – Human Tissue’ was emblazoned in red across the top of a padded vinyl case‘.

How long will it take to get there?’ asked the receptionist at the Colindale Blood Bank.

‘Er… Children’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street? About 20-25 minutes?’ I replied, quickly juggling what might be possible and what she wanted to hear.

Oh,’ she said with a frown. ‘Well, please be as quick as you can.’

Crikey, this was urgent. I’d never picked up blood before.

Was some poor child actually haemorrhaging in an operating theatre 9 miles away with their life in the balance?

As I kicked the Bonnie over I wondered – should I? – dare I? Is it allowed?

I decided tonight, yes it would be.

The time was 7.22pm and the Highway Code rule book was being temporarily suspended…

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The world’s largest production bike

Adil's Blog

While there is no end to what you can do with a custom made engine, the Triumph Rocket III was built as the largest production bike at around 2300cc with a 141hp on a two wheel monster. However the folks at Carpenter Racing thought that this wasn’t enough so they made some engine modifications to add another 100hp bringing the total to 241hp. I saw the bike at this year’s International Motorcycle Show and have fallen in love with it. And after watching this  video from Triumph I’ve become a bigger fan of Triumph as well.


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Lorenzo Juara MotoGP Catalunya |

Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites

Catalunya MotoGP Champion Lorenzo

16 Juni 2013 oleh Yoshi

Jorge Lorenzo - MotoGP Catalunya

Start, Lorenzo immediately took over the leading position from Pedrosa. Behind Pedrosa, followed Marquez, Crtuchlow, and Rossi. Within a few laps, the group immediately made ​​a 2.5 second gap to the lead group behind Bradl.20 laps to go, Crutchlow and Hayden jatuh.2 laps later Pesek also fell. Laverty and Iannone following fall. Kok Ducati riders fall all ya, what’s with Ducati?14 laps to go, Lorenzo still leads followed by Pedrosa and Marquez. Each distance of no more than 0.7 seconds. Rossi was a little way behind them.In the final laps, Pedrosa and Marquez battle is exciting. The position was not changed until the finish. Lorenzo champion!

via Lorenzo Juara MotoGP Catalunya |

[Terry: You know, Yoshi could have been talking about frying hamburgers and I wouldn’t have cared. That photograph just sends thrills down my spine. I WANNA RACE!]

Courier Stories : ADVRider

the Background:The minor adventures of a motorcycle courier

Encouraging Entropy
JoeyBones's Avatar

Joined: Aug 2008

Location: Charlotte, NC
Oddometer: 1,045

From 1980 to 1982 I worked as a motorcycle courier in downtown Washington, DC.

I was nineteen, twenty, twenty one years old, immortal, and quite the wild hooligan on my Suzuki SP400, a dual-purpose thumper that would carry my then 150-pound self absolutely anywhere (more on that later – the “anywhere”, not the weight I’ve gained in the years since these stories took place).

This was in the days before e-mail. Before faxes. Before cell phones and before the internet (yes I know some of these things EXISTED but they were VERY scarce or in their infancy).

I thought some of you might get a kick out of hearing what it was like to zoom around town, oblivious to and pretty much immune to things like traffic laws, security concerns, personal hygiene and common sense. Sadly, no pictures exist, so this will have to be a RR sans photos.

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan waving from the...

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan waving from the limousine during the Inaugural Parade in Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day, 1981. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have some general observations, and a few specific stories that may be of some interest. I’ll save the best for last, where I was a witness to, and in a very VERY small way a part of, our nations history.

First off, we were BUSY! Press releases were delivered to the various newspaper offices by courier. Lawyers sent documents for signature by courier. Letters that couldn’t wait for what we now call Snail Mail were sent by courier. Video tape, legal briefs, court filings, pictures, House and Senate resolutions, architectural drawings, airline tickets – you name it, we delivered it. I might make 35 or 40 drops in a day. Many more if there was a big press release that went to every single occupant of the National Press Building.

I’ve been to most of the Embassies, the White House, the CIA, the FBI, the Watergate and was such a regular at the Capital building that most of the guards recognized me (as well as some of the other couriers) and would let me park on the sidewalk right next to the private entrance reserved for members of Congress. And then let me use that entrance.

Speaking of sidewalks….that’s where we parked.


No exceptions.

Things are different now but back then, we were motorcycle Gods. The cops would sometimes scold us, but the corps of maybe 40 or 50 motorcycle couriers (working for three different companies) who constituted the “regulars” had essentially a free pass.

Parking on the sidewalk. Splitting lanes. Forty-five in a twenty-five zone. Wheelies at green lights. U-turns wherever the hell we felt like it.

A popular type of courier motorbike in London,...

The cops knew us and just looked the other way. I even drove the wrong way on a one-way street for an entire block once as a shortcut and nobody said anything.

Maybe it was because I was coasting downhill.

On the sidewalk.

Stay tuned……



These Guys Are The BEST Motorcycle Forum EVER! Adventure Rider Motorcycle Forum


 Rockin Rollin


Adventure Rider Motorcycle Forum.

Erzberg, the Iron Mountain. A series race in the Extreme-Enduro rounds. Top billed riders, sweat, blood, and extreme riding no doubt. A famous event here in Europe, and one that demands respect for any rider attempting the main Hare Scramble event. It really is extreme, with some sections progress is measured in feet per minute. The course is designed to try to have only 1 winner/completer. This year only about 10 finished out of 500.

And the redbull enduro for those incredibly nuts..


If you are in the San Francisco area or have a video or story to tell, contact me to be added to my latest video project.Thank you Joey for the inspiration that has been festering in my head for the last 4 years
due to this thread.

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‘banjo’s blogtastically stooopid day trippin’ picture thread

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Welcome to a new friend: Yoshi |

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 Colour Options And Specifications Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200ns

English: The Pulsar 180 UG-III

The issue that will be a distinctive green color 200ns Pulsar Kawasaki Ninja was not proven. Because, at the time of launching yesterday, apparently PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) just launched the Pulsar 200ns in three colors namely Red (Passion Red), Black (Ebony), and Yellow (Pearl Shining Yellow).

Yusuke Shimada, Assistant General Manager, Marketing Division stated that the Pulsar 200ns KMI Green color that does not exist and is not marketed by the company. In fact, he guessed it was only a green P200NS digital engineering.

While Sucipto, PT KMI Marketing Department Supervisor, says, Actually, baseball is no particular reason, we just use the color yellow. Indeed, we typically green, but this time we used yellow . However, Sucipto not explain the specific reason why there is no green color.

Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS - Warna Merah (Passion Red)

Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS – Warna Merah (Passion Red)

Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS - Warna Kuning (Pearl Shining Yellow)

Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS – Warna Kuning (Pearl Shining Yellow)

Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS - Warna Hitam (Ebony)

Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS – Warna Hitam (Ebony)

via New Vixion Hadir Dengan 4 Warna Pilihan |

International Ride To Work Day 2013

English: Pulsar 220 Indonesian Version

English: Pulsar 220 Indonesian Version (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For us, the people of Indonesia, ride to work might not be something special. We do it every day, because public transport is not reliable. But out there, there was a ride to work day event, which takes place once a year. And it turns out, this event has been going on since 1992. LHA why, I just know 🙂Ride to work day set every third Monday in June. This year falls on the exact date of June 17, 2013.One of the initiators of the site ride to work day to explain the purpose of this event is to promote the benefits of driving the motorcycle, and demonstrate to other vehicle users just how easy and comfortable the bike.Conditions of poor public transport, traffic congestion, and the high price of fuel becomes a nightmare for those who have to travel every day to work. With a motorcycle you can save travel time, save on fuel costs, can be parked easily, and can enjoy a pleasant journey.Hmmm, well yes How bener Masbro, want to follow the ride to work on June 17, later?

valentino rossi crash at motogp mugello


N°97 QMMF RACING TEAM (QAT) SPEED UP RAFID TOPAN SUCIPTO (IDN) (Photo credit: Laurent Cartalade)

Desire to watch the exciting action of Valentino Rossi in MotoGP Mugello should be buried first, the article doi fell after a collision with Alvaro Bautista. Collision occurred on the third corner, when a new race on the first lap.

Rossi looks stood tottering after crashing sand. Both Rossi and Bautista could not continue the race.

Race is still ongoing as of this writing. Lorenzo still leads followed by Pedrosa and Marquez.

It’s called “eye wash” Masbro, because my intention to come to Otobursa Tumplek Blek is indeed a looksee. It is nice to visit the event which followed 212 stalls and 185 market these components and accessories. Here we can feast their eyes with a look of new motorcycles, classic motorcycles, and motor modifications nan cool that so far only can we see on the internet. Not only the motor of course, in-class four-wheel too.

Range of automotive spare parts and accessories, both new and used can be found here. Motorcycle spare parts and even classic cars are hard to come by even here.

 more at

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