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Welcome to a New Friend: Blinginit | Design Your Own T-Shirt in Hot Fix Crystals with


Design Your Own T-Shirt in Hot Fix Crystals with

Blinginit- Custom T Shirt Design using Hot Fix Crystals and More!

We are an American manufacturer of Bling Clothing and Iron on Crystal Transfers and more!  We have all our designers in house and we purchased all our own machinery….No hand setting here.  We sell wholesale and retail.  Get your Custom Tees here!   If you need something in particular just email me your image with exact dimensions (L x H).  We will convert your image into rhinestones.  Show off your Rhinestone Clothes today….simply email me at and we will get the ball rolling.


Every now and again I just sit back and realize I have been dealt a unbelievable life.  I have a great family and kids.  I often give thanks to such an amazing and wonderful day.  There was no rain but the views are spectacular.   Among rainbows I often see deer feeding on the road to BLINGIN IT.   Such a great day.

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Welcome to a New Friend: craftylittlecoco


Welcome to Crafty Little Coco, a lifestyle blog that shares daily up-cycled crafts, gluten-free recipes, natural hair and tropical wellness tutorials! I’m Coco Kapfer the proud creator of this crafty mess of a blog. Here at Crafty little Coco we believe that a

crafty life is a happy life



Hows your Thanksgiving treating you? I hope you are filled with gratitude while enjoying delicious foods surrounded by loved ones. I wanted to take a quick moment to share a fun activity that sprouted out of a little Thanksgiving problem.


Digging into this salad. Cranberry dressing up on the blog! It's so tasty!!!!Made some flavored water. It's oh so tasty!This DIY candle decor completely brightened up my day. The process is as beautiful as the finished product. Check it out on the blog!!!

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Welcome to a New Friend Emilies’ Diys

Welcome to a New Friend: Emilies DIY’S

Emilies diys's Blog

1st you get 1 glass then get some paint it pink then put it in the glass. let it dry in the sun then get it back get a towel and wipe in side the glass wear you put the paint on and then your take glue and decorate it then wipe down the glue  that drips then let it dry then all done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Welcome to a New Friend | A Schneltz and Living Breathing D.I.Y


Do you love to D.I.Y? Man I sure do. Almost everything in our tiny home is D.I.Y. We don’t have a fancy house or amazing cars, but we have what we need. We are a D.I.Y family. I strive to teach my children that the best things in life are free, and that you may never have everything you want, but you will ALWAYS have everything you need. We don’t shop expensive anything and we live on a low budget. If something breaks we fix it ourselves, if we want new paint on the walls, we do it ourselves. We don’t buy decorations, we make them. We’re addicted to Pinterest, HGTV, DIY Network, and Dollar Tree, and you know what, We’re HAPPY! So I wanted to share that happiness with everyone. In this unpredictable economy, you should be making every dollar count and saving where you can. We’ve learned the best way to do that is by LIVING, BREATHING, DIY!!!!!!!

Living Breathing D.I.Y.

D.I.Y Therapy

I finally did it. I have been working up the courage to start a blog for sometime now because I am so passionate about the way we live as a D.I.Y family. We call it D.I.Y therapy. I’ve always been the crafty type and I love making things, but when a sudden change in health caused me to have to quit my job and we had to begin living solely on my husbands income, we had to make some financial changes. We never were an “expensive” family to begin with, but we had to become even more cheap than before. I’ve always taught my kids that its not what you want but what you already have and that you won’t always get what you want but you will always have what you need. So when things started needing repairs around the house, clothes got small tears, favorite toys were broken, and a change in decor was desired, well, we did it ourselves instead of buying new or hiring someone to fix it.

I explained all that to help you understand why we have D.I.Y therapy. Things can get really stressful as a stay at home mom, as many of you stay at home moms might know. But they become extra stressful when the kids are sick or in my case, my middle son has an Autism Spectrum Disorder, which I’ll get into in a later post. We use crafting, making(as my two year old calls it), and decorating as therapy to relax or sometimes to help my son cope with his emotions when they are on overdrive and he needs an outlet more soothing. We get our ideas for what we will do for our ” D.I.Y. of the Day” from magazines, Pinterest, Facebook, and other amazing websites we can find online. The range of ideas is endless when the internet is at your fingertips. I suggest everyone with the crafty spirit like mine get into the D.I.Y therapy. Its the best form of relaxation I’ve found and the whole family gets in on it. So not only is it relaxing, its a great way to spend time together as a family.

D.I.Y Back to School Challenge-Day 1

During the summer every year, starting 2 weeks after the last day of school, we begin summer home schooling. Some have told me that its not fair for the kids, but news flash those who hate, kids lose a lot of the information they learned the previous year over the summer. That is why we home-school during the summer, to keep the kids prepared for the next grade level and having them where they should be. With that being said, you can’t have good summer homeschooling without a good study nook. Not only does it work great for summer schooling, but it carries into the next school year as a homework corner.

I did a lot of research on the perfect homework corners and I couldn’t decide on a favorite. So below I linked the top 10 Homework Stations on my Pinterest. Learning is so important, and it should be taken seriously. Parents are obligated to enforce good study habits to ensure that their child succeeds in school. I’m very strict when it comes to their education. Homework is done right after they get home from school and I always have drink and a snack waiting for them at their tables ( I have two boys in school at the moment). I sit between them and encourage and guide them through it all.

Here is my Homework Nook!



Here are links to some great homework nooks I found on Pinterest!

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Tips for Beginning Barrel Racing

Hey. It’s something everyone should know.

Crafted in Carhartt

Carhartt Women and horses

Carhartt Women and horses

Carhartt Women and horses

Carhartt Women and horses

Carhartt Women and horses
Carhartt Women and horses

Carhartt Women and horses

Carhartt Women and horses

Carhartt Women and horses

barrel racing tips from Carhartt

Meet Brittany Baton, an extraordinarily talented barrel racer from East Texas. She’s the southern girl next door with a close knit family and a drive to compete in the arena. When you’ve been riding since the ripe old age of two, you get to be pretty comfortable in the saddle. Watching Brittany run barrels you can see how natural and at home she feels there. Her advice to beginning barrel racers is to “always have an open ear for anyone that knows more than you do. Listen to their advice and try to use it because you can never learn too much.”

check out Brittany’s riding gear here: Carhartt Weathered Wildwood Jacket, Hamilton Flannel Shirt, Calumet Long-Sleeve V-Neck, & Carhartt Slim-Fit Jeans

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Chic Bijoux Amethyst colour: Catching up with Si Si Clasic

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Șic și clasic - "Chic & Classic" luxury fine arts, entirely handcrafted, original design

When you have a simple and elegant outfit  and you want to be a little bit chic this necklace design is the best option for something more artistic. Don`t boring when you have the opportunity to impress others, and art can do this very well.

This is a very chic design, in “Chic and classic” style, made it out of hundreds of seed beads of 1,7mm , 2 natural shells, an unique glass cabochon, amethyst and green aventurine fringe.

Entire  worked with czech seed beads, Preciosa Ornela

Price at request.
I ship in each country if this is possible

Bijuterii şic, nuanţe ametist

Când ai o ţinută simplă şi elegantă dar doreşti să fii un pic mai şic acest colier este cea mai bună opţiune pentru ceva mai artistic. Nu plictisi cand ai oportunitatea de a-i impresiona pe alţii iar accesoriile artistice o pot face foarte bine.

Acesta este un…

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Afternoon Coffee Break: Welcome to a new friend: Mya Marie

Welcome to Afternoon Lattes. Here you’ll find a whimsical space where i’ll share snippets of my daily life. Grab your favorite magazine and take an afternoon coffee break
-Mya Marie

About Me:

Hi There! My name is Mya Marie. I am 18 years old and currently studying graphic design at a local university. I have a passion for anything in the arts, whether it be baking, design, photography, drawing you name it! I find ways to draw inspiration out of every portion of my life and incorporate it into my work.

For months I sat on my computer browsing through hundreds of amazing lifestyle blogs and then finally decided I should start my own. This is my own. Afternoon Lattes is a blog where I will share my recipes, photos, and designs with you (but mostly recipes…because i love sweets hehe).

I really want to get to know each and every one of you that ever visits my blog, having someone just look at something iv done is an amazing feeling to me ^.^

DIY Floral Centerpieces

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 6.14.51 PM

When it comes to  parties, sometimes its  hard to think of a centerpiece that isnt going to poke a hole in your bank account. My motto, is simple and to the point. Here is a super easy centerpiece that wont cost you
more than $3.

Small Watering Can (these can be purchased at your local dollar store for the best deal)
Carnations (10 carnations per watering pot)
Floral Foam (can also be purchased at your local dollar store, comes in packs of 10)
For this centerpiece, the party theme was red and white so I sticked with the colors. I began by taking a small red watering can and inserting a small piece (5inx3in) of floral foam
second, I trimmed the carnations down so they were all around the same size and fit in the watering pot comfortably. I then added 10 flowers into the pot.
Last, I tied a quick bow around the handle of the pot and voila! a simple quick and inexpensive centerpiece!
(photo credit and idea to AfternoonLattes)

Iced Coffee To Go

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.57.11 PM
By prepping a container of chilled coffee over the weekend, youll have iced coffee to go for the whole week, saving you both time (and money) every dreaded weekday.
Yield: 5 servings ( one for each day of the week)

Ingredients: Ice, Milk, Chilled Brewed Coffee, Sweetener of choice


Began by grabbing a large pitcher and filling it with 5 cups of ice
Pour 6 cups of brewed coffee into the pitcher
add 3 cups of milk to the pitcher
sweeten as desired
In less than 10 minutes youll have a pitcher of iced coffee ready for you when you need it most. Happy October

*photo credit and recipe to their rightful owners**

DIY: cacti and succulents stacked planters | catching up with craftedincarhartt

DIY: cacti and succulents stacked planters

Gardening in Carhartt, Crafted in Carhartt

DIY: cacti and succulents stacked planters

Gardening in Carhartt, Crafted in Carhartt

Gardening in Carhartt, Crafted in Carhartt

Gardening in Carhartt, Crafted in Carhartt


via DIY: cacti and succulents stacked planters | craftedincarhartt.

[Terry: I am not going to look, but what do you imagine “pigface” to be?]

Welcome to a new friend: WinchesterCrafts

Unique Hand Mades

Costume for Doll

Costume for Doll

via WinchesterCrafts | Unique Hand Mades.

Hand Painted Eggs (For Nest Project)

Hand Painted Eggs (For Nest Project)

Ruth’s Nest (#2 Nest Project)

Ruth's Nest (#2 Nest Project)

Ruth’s Nest. Paperclips, pencil shavings, large black beads and shreds of text and tape measure.

[Terry:  The eggs remind me of a story. My daughter was about 5 and she announced that she was going to perform an experiment to see if the Easter Bunny was real. She would dye 11 eggs and leave one white. Then the Easter Bunny-if real– would color the egg. Well, with a brand-new packet of swirl-sparkle egg color, the Easter Bunny pulled this off for two years. On the last year, the EB had been working late and ended up in a CVS at 2am. The special egg was done in fingernail polish and looked like something from the Sludge Bunny.   But we managed two years and that’s not bad.]

Bringing woodworking and pyrography into one shop | Welcome to a new friend: Pickslays Woodworking


Treble and Bass Cleff – on Maple Wooden Guitar Pick

Treble and Bass Cleff - on Maple Wooden Guitar Pick

Custom Order:
Treble and Bass Cleff – on Maple Wooden Guitar Pick

New low price for ONE CUSTOM ENGRAVED Wooden Guitar Pick – (Choose Wood Type and Design) only $7.50 per custom pick.

Check it out at Pickslay’s Woodworking on

via Bringing woodworking and pyrography into one shop | Pickslays Woodworking.

Custom Engaving: Detailed Design and/Text – Small Cutting Board – Maple

Custom Engaving: Detailed Design and/Text - Small Cutting Board - Maple

Custom Engaving: Detailed Design and/Text – Small Cutting Board – Maple now available at Pickslay’s Woodworking on

Set of 2 Small Wooden Bowls – Applewood

Set of 2 Small Wooden Bowls - Applewood

Set of 2 Small Wooden Bowls – Applewood now available at Pickslay’s Woodworking on


Handmade America | Catching up with craftedincarhartt

Handmade America


Lost Garage Chicago

Much Much more at  Handmade America | craftedincarhartt.

Nicole from Pewabic Pottery | craftedincarhartt

Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites

Pewabic and Carhartt

Nicole from Pewabic Pottery

Pewabic and Carhartt

Nicole from Pewabic Pottery

Pewabic and Carhartt

Pewabic and Carhartt Continue reading →

International Yarn Bombing Day: Twisted stitchers unite | Expect the Unexpected

Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites

International Yarn Bombing Day: Twisted stitchers unite

Yarn Bombing enthusiasts leave their tags in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Yarn Bombing enthusiasts left their tags in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

International Yarn Bombing Day is here, and a large number of sew and sews in Ridgefield, Connecticut have stepped up to the plate spreading the love, and the wool, throughout their town.

I first wrote about Yarn Bombing, also known as Knitting Graffiti, back in April when a few tiny knitted swatches were found on tree branches in a nature preserve in Weston, Conn. Well, Ridgefield, the land of twisted stitchers, has taken fabric tagging to a new level.

A big shout out to Nancy O’Connell, owner of nancy o, a yarn shop and gift store in Ridgefield. Nancy drew attention to yarn handiwork in January when she got behind a project to make green and white scarves for families in Newtown following the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy. Now she’s one of the behind-the-scenes instigators for International Yarn Bombing Day, encouraging the colorful fabric tags that are marking the sidewalks of Ridgefield and the suburban landscape.

Kudos to all the Yarn Bombers out there who have added a touch brightness to the world.

via International Yarn Bombing Day: Twisted stitchers unite | Expect the Unexpected.

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Welcome to a new friend: Mayuri Ramkolowan |


This blog is about all the silly on goings in my life as business owner of handprinted homewear company mesawstudio and all the nonsensical things i manage to fit in between m.e.s.a.w. and being a new wife and the mom of the cutest pups in the world.

I hope to give insight into how and why I do what I do for mesaw and allow you to have a new appreciation for that which is hand and home made! Because well, what’s better than owning something that has more love than machine?

This blog is going to be my diary of my weekly love for art, colour, mesaw, my husband, family, friends and my dogs! Hopefully you all will become quite acquainted with them soon.

Thank you for joining in on my quest in creating art, building a business, family and a home filled with colour!

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Day 4 – Bullet your day

  • Showered – no time for gym this morning.
  • Yummy eggs on toast with Yash at home.
  • Dropped Yash off at the Gautrain.English: Map showing the Gautrain route overla...
  • Check ink levels for printing today – yay no mixing colours today..
    (not my most favourite task of the day)
  • Chat to Laura and Nishtha (this happens daily, if not, I cry myself to sleep).
  • Got invited to a pizza dinner at my cousin Sushma’s place – both our husbands are studying so just a quick one. Awesome! No cooking today! Fantastic.
  • Fed Dogs
  • Waste a bit of time on facebook, twitter and wordpress.
  • Put Tacky on printing table
  • Filled big tub with nice warm water for washing screens. (My hands deserve it)
  • Print!
  • Messed up a print
  • Tried to fix print.. Fail
  • Cleaned screens.
  • Shout at screens and failed print for ruining my happy Friday
  • Replied to emails.
  • Complained to Yash about my Failed day of printing – he talked me into continuing.. so I did, – he’s great isn’t he! Too bad! He’s mine! Boo hoo for you.
  • Print, print print print
  • Light Lunch, Sjoe.
  • Print print.. shout at print!
  • Gym! Yay?? – Gym was awesome! Really starting to enjoy this new schedule.
  • Shower.
  • Dry hair – in my case this takes longer than cooking lunch sometimes.
  • Go for dinner – awesome catch up time and great spending time with the kids.
  • Sew my challenge for today.Sewing tools
  • Figure out what this is that I have sewn.
  • Photograph shoe travel pouch.
  • Pour glass of wine
  • Finish Blog post heehee
  • Chill out!!

Travel shoe pouch.

Okay so I hope that wasn’t too much detail! For my sewing challenge today I was not keen on sewing something that I could actually sell because I am still trying to get used to the high speed on this new machine. So instead I just took an off-cut and played with it and this is what I created. Its a bit random but since I am going on holiday next month I think its great!

It could also be used as cute pouch for a gift… It really is quite random.

Have a great weekend everyone! My bed awaits me. Going to enjoy a lie in tomorrow and no gym haha!

Night Night …zzz

Welcome to a new friend: craftedincarhartt

In today’s media, it’s hard to find the right women to look up to.

But look no further, here are the girls we should celebrate.

Girls who are doing, carving, painting, sawing, welding, planning, and building.

They’re not only making something, they’re making something of themselves.

Follow me on my hunt for the hardest working women around.

via ABOUT | craftedincarhartt.

Rosie Carhartt

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Voodoo Doughnuts and Carhartt

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Harga Timbangan

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