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rhonwynalyna |Welcome to a New Friend

Quietude’s Junction

Bio: I’m an introvert in an extroverted world. I find beauty in things that few ever see because they don’t pause long enough to see it. I teach for a living, but art of all kinds consumes me. I thrive when I create. I delve into all different types of art whether it is writing, food, drawing, jewelry, or any of a myriad of things. Cooking is a passion of mine. I love just about all types and styles. Right now I’m fascinated with Middle Eastern and Asian. So, you may see recipes inspired by those areas. Another major passion of mine is costuming combined with bead work and embroidery. I plan and create costumes as well as jewelry. Currently, I’ve been working on the jewelry aspect since I love beads. The curious thing is that while I thoroughly enjoy creating jewelry, I rarely wear any other than a ring or a bracelet. Writing has been my outlet, my joy, my pain, and my therapy since I was in elementary school. I remember in third grade asking if I could write poetry instead of the stories that my teacher continuously asked us to write. I was lucky. She always agreed as long as I completed the assignments. Journals, poetry, and short stories abounded from then on through college. My first publication was in high school with a poem that I was told was excellent while too jaded for the high school audience. The committee asked me to reconsider it, that it did not suit who I was. My question back was, “Why color the truth?”

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New Year, New Students, Fresh Start


Each school year I create a “mega” bulletin board that guides the theme for the year. I’ve done paper rainforests, waterfalls, and jungles. Sometimes I choose a science topic that the kids will be studying. The 2013-2014 school year found me doing Space Exploration. I’m guessing that I was quite the strange one at my latest school because people would drop by just to see how far along I was with that bulletin board. Once I finished it, I had a couple of teachers asking if I did murals for side money. I don’t. I make my murals just for the kids. If I did it for money, it would cease to be fun.

At the end of last year, when I was taking down my bulletin board, I was approached by a few colleagues who asked me what I planned on doing with my star burst bulletin board as I was rolling it up and putting it into the trash. They were dismayed that I had spent a few days painting it only to throw it away at the end of the year. I think one of them actually took it out of the trash and carted it away later, but I can’t prove that one. I only know that it developed legs of its own before the custodians came around to pick up the mounds of end of the year trash.

Of course, the follow-up question was, “Well if you’re throwing that one away, what do you plan on doing next year?”

Not giving it much thought, I said, “I think I’ll do something like ‘Starry Night’”. I know better than to answer questions off the cuff like that. It always sets me up for something later on!

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Welcome to a new friend| hauté boheme

hauté boheme

/дезинтеграция разума/

doctrine of literary habitats


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‘The Hopeteller’

Very Frazzetta. (and that’s a high compliment)

Legends of Windemere

Yahoo Image Search Yahoo Image Search

Just a quick update as to the novella project entitled: ‘THE HOPETELLER’.  This is a combination of post-apocalyptic journal and fairy tale.  Well, I just finished it and now it’s up to editing and cover art.  Both should be done by the end of the month, so I’m hoping for a June 1st debut.  This isn’t going to be a promotional thing like my novels, but I’ll try to put together a cover reveal if I can.  I will probably post it for opinions to see what needs to be fixed up.  Anyway, here is the blurb that I wrote up for it:

Humanity has been driven into the wilderness by the ‘Invaders’. They have been forced to live as colonies in the wilderness where survival is a daily struggle. Hope becomes harder and harder to hold onto as the years pass.

Then one day, a young…

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photo by Joe |Welcome to a new friend: Joe La Bianca

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joe's art

Love by Joe

Verse 9: Paul prayed that the love of the Philippians would abound. But how does love exceed above the measure it is at present? How do we get love in abundance? How does love always grow in us, more and more, and to greater degree after greater degree?

First of all, this verse shows that the way we love doesn’t save us. For if we are growing in love, then God accepted us in the past, when we were less loving. God accepts us in the present even though in the future we will be more loving. If the way we love saves us, then God has a varying salvation that is not fixed and sure. It is far easier to believe that our love is the result of our saving faith and that we grow at our own speed. In this verse, our love is directly connected with our minds. What we believe will cause our love to grow. Just look at the words that Paul wrote. “I pray your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment.”

See? Love grows in knowledge and judgment. When we have the precise and correct knowledge about Jesus through the simple gospel, the automatic result of such knowledge will cause our love to grow. Our love grows more and more through knowledge. It’s only through the simple gospel of divine knowledge that our love grows. The gospel didn’t come from us, and neither did our ever-growing love. We just believe and God does the rest. And never judge someone for having less love than you think he ought. You do not know at what stage of growth he is. God knows and will cause him to stand if he believes the cross.

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About Kate Burton | Welcome to a new friend; Kathryn L. Burton

Book Art

Children’s Verse Essays Notebook Pages Paintings Political Poetry Recovery/Treatment Sonnets

Poet & Artist


About Kate Burton


Burton lives in the South End of Boston with her family. She received her MFA in poetry from Emerson College. She’s been published in The Endicott Review, and the Port Planet—she has also self-published Hinterland, a Chapbook, and Words and Pictures with Gordon Przybyla. Caveat: some of these poems are a work of fiction…names and places and events may have been altered.

Please consider donating by going to the donate page on this blog. Your support is appreciated.


Fiction, Poetry AS. In English the term fiction is apposite to the novel and the short story, but not necessarily to poetry. Readers assume that novelists draw loosely on facts and freely on the imagination to create characters, stories, and objects; but they know that poems can—but do not have to be—fictional. The fictional status of a work of literature depends not on linguistics or formal considerations but on cultural conventions such as the suspension of disbelief or the willingness to entertain possibilities and impossibilities. In a work of fiction, the audience is willing to approach what it is being told in a spirit of make-believe and to allow that the pronouncements of a narrator or a lyrical voice may not correspond to the beliefs of an author. Moreover, the relation between a writer and his or her audience is a social one based on the understanding that imagination does not have to adhere to facts. The social, almost contractual nature of this relationship is underscored by the sense of betrayal some feel when a work they thought was autobiographical or historical turns out the grounded on the kind of fabrication that would have been readily accepted in a work of Fiction. ….(Princeton Encyclopedia)

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Book Art


redblock 1






anofloveThe Anatomy of Love (Book of Sonnets)


Two love poemsTwo Love Poems (Book of Poems)


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The abusers by using Feminist Theory

This is an essay of my opinion of women in the arts. Like knowing art is beauty, thus able to weed through destructive forces of an art, like say the current barbaric focus with women’s “erotic poetry.”  Which is bullshit. Surely any focus on the lower senses restricted to a gender, women’s poetry specifically, is not only an insult to women, but a failure to progress the art of poetry, in that I would hope any feminist school within the scope of poetry would strive for maturing the female poet, especially in the history of the collective with spirituality, beauty and art, which women have fought the long battle for name, title, intellect, property and rights. For example, Sappho to Rossetti, to Woolf and to Dickinson, to Sexton. To me it seems contemporary criticism focuses on women’s obsessive self and destructive forces and those of the sexual, rather than her art. Perhaps first was the attack on the women’s ability to write, as with social class, than intellect, then emotional weaknesses, so to manipulate insults and funding for education, but in general serious attacks are usually made on the artist personality, whether woman or man, but especially the woman.

I think if I were to build a school of criticism, say men, which looked to dissect the imagery or symbolism of sexual images, I’d look in Longfellow, or Donne’s poetry in the pursuit of his sexual images, like the penis, or the genitals. However, anything like it would consider myself in a bout with serious folly. Imagine, a literary group hoping to draw the curtain, like on women’s art, on men’s pursuit of the penis as the source of his art, like women to the vagina? Ha!

In all seriousness to degrade an art by theories on sexuality is to relieve the artist of any faults, like that of self-destruction, in that criticism and theories are deconstructing the beauty,

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!n-Focus: Ibi Ibrahim and The Aphrodite of Islamism |Welcome to a new friend: Narmeen Naser – Artist

[Terry: This girl’s art is spectacular!]

Beautiful Art, Artist, and article. Being a girl raised in the Middle East with conservative parents and society yet growing up in a world where one needs to push boundaries to get ahead, we girls are living in a conflicted world. Being a feminist pushes enough buttons in this world for girls growing up in conservative settings, trying to express ones sexuality is a far far cry. Props to Ibi for having the courage!

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I am sure anyone born and raised here in the UAE will hold a special place in their heart for this visionary leader.

Don’t Call Me Baby

Don't Fall Me Baby

Acrylic and Mixed Media

Ray Ferrer – Emotion on Canvas | OFFICIAL Site of Artist Ray Ferrer

[Terry:  I’ve got a piece from the Ferrers and it occupies a place of honor on my office wall. I wholeheartedly recommend them.]

Something for today…..

This is a huge discount for today…   If you wanted something now is the time.

Since I am snowed in I figured I would have a “I’m Snowed In” discount for you all!

Today only 75% off of the following pieces…  Just use code SNOWED75 at checkout..

Click the one you like…   remember use code SNOWED75 at checkout to get the 75% off.

Ferrer - Driven Woman    Play  Philly    Jazzed    Youth

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The Daily Retro: Antique Advertising

Chin Reducer? Bruce Campbell could use that.

The Müscleheaded Blog


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New Painting…

ann johnson-murphree

I am getting to old to push so much into my days!  However, along with writing, I have been working on a new painting for my living room.  Completed and hung this morning.  Seems, that I am out of words and my last painting for awhile; thought I would share it with all of you.


24×36 Acrylic – Flowers on Burgundy background

Image0 (1)

Finished, Sofa Painting with Swag Above Painting

A glimmer of sun shines through casting shadows, one would believe it a nice day until they step outside; when this was taken the “temperature” 12 below zero!  Time to rest recoup and begin another project.  Stay warm everyone as most of us are in the deep freeze!

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Pals in Kinnaur, Himachal India


Juju Films


Suya in Gwarinpa Market

Abuja Federal Capital Territory Nigeria


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32 Fingers Carol — a #mustwatch video

One of the best videos of the season. Watch it!


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Pool inside Elbe River

Tearing up your drawings | Catching up with Alec Nevala-Lee

Alec Nevala-Lee

Thoughts on art, culture, and the writing life.

Tearing up your drawings

Drawing by Henri Matisse

Before he did all those lovely line drawings, Matisse would make really detailed charcoal drawings and tear them up. He wouldn’t leave them about; he thought of them as working drawings. I understand what he was doing: discovering what’s there. And then when you come to use line, if you know what you’re looking at, it’s much easier to make the line meaningful, to find a linear solution to what you want to depict.

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a life of living amongst her native California backdrop of towering redwoods and evocative Pacific shoreline:Welcome to a new friend: bribruceproductions

bri bruce productions


writing, editing, photography & graphic design

Bri Bruce holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in post-modern literature and creative writing from the University of California at Santa Cruz, along with post-graduate work with UC Berkeley’s professional editing program. Currently a writer, photographer, and both a freelance and professional editor and graphic designer, her work has appeared in over 15 anthologies, magazines, and literary publications, including Celebrate!, The Sun Magazine, Tattoo Highway, Ampersand, Red Fez Entertainment, The Cossack, The Avocet Review, Atom Magazine, Northwind Magazine, The Soundings Review, The Wayfarer Journal, and Third Wednesday. Her work reflects a life of living amongst her native California backdrop of towering redwoods and evocative Pacific shoreline. She was nominated for the Ina Coolbrith Memorial Poetry Prize in 2009 as a student of Santa Cruz’s first poet laureate, Gary Young. Bruce lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

I provide copywriting/editing, photography, and custom eBook cover design services. Contact me for more information.

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My photography has appeared in The Sun Magazine (Issue 455), Atom Magazine (Winter 2012), and Ampersand Magazine.

See my Instagram profile for more. ( @bribruce)

For Hire – inquiries should be sent to

All images available for purchase upon request.

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baja shacks   farmhouses at dusk   meadow   pink flamingo   perfect morning   border crossing   mavericks '13   wave   white duck  pears   turquoise door

Image: ‘Stables’ Published in Ampersand Magazine

'Stables' Published in Ampersand Magazine

5 dried moss textures in bw

Are you hotheaded? Fight the Funk!

Wordless Wednesday: November 27, 2013

Bastet and Sekhmet's Library

Here’s another Wordless Wednesday for you!

girl in fountainYou all have a happy Thanksgiving…greetings from Italy!  Ciao!

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Dancing Through Life


Welcome to a new friend: Frank Liefooghe | Creation Assistance

Frank Liefooghe Bio.

Photo by Pascal Sagaert

Photo by  Patricia Creyns.

Mister Frank Liefooghe is a world-renowned artist, who by all rights should receive national treasure status in his home country of Belgium. He has taken his art all over the globe and this several times over. He’s on speaking terms with a lot of former and present heads of state and his list of important contacts is endless. He is amongst others a member of the Club of Rome. His art events are gigantic in proportions and most often he will endeavour to promote world peace.

Here are some examples out of the list of his numerous achievements:

  • In 1970, in association with the Municipal Museum of Amsterdam, he painted balloons of 80 meters height, called “Landscape of the Future” on the Isle of TI, which he juxtaposed to the natural scenery.
  • In 1978 in Jerusalem Frank designed a blue egg, 5 meters high that burst open by the sun and showed the star of David and the Arab Moon entwined symbolically.
  • In 1987 Frank Liefooghe went to the Cape Verde Islands, where he drew a peace dove of 400 x 200 meters. And 600 small trees were planted within the contours of the drawing.
  • In 1993 the artist went to the west coast of Sri Lanka. He painted 50 sails of fishing catamarans in the village of Negombo to help the local population in their struggle for survival, giving them a floating exhibition.
  • From 1997 Frank Liefooghe travels all around the world with his project “A Square of Equality”. It’s a nonverbal message on social; ethnic and religious equality. The art installation consists of pyramids painted in black and white by people all over the world.

Nowadays Mr. Liefooghe is concerned with the environmental challenges facing us in this, the twenty-first century. For this reason he has conceptualized the project “Creation Assistance”, which shall comprise works of 50 artists and 120 concrete and innovative solutions for the actual environmental challenges and shall travel to no less than 9 countries worldwide.

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Ocean Warming Faster Now Than in 10,000 Years.


Pacific Ocean waters warmed 15 times faster in the last six decades than they did over the last ten millennia.

Photograph by Mattias Klum, National Geographic

Photograph by Mattias Klum, National Geographic

The ocean depths may store more heat from global warming than suspected, suggests a 10,000-year record of past ocean temperatures measured in Indonesian seafloor cores.

At the same time, since 1950 Pacific Ocean waters have been warming at a rate 15 times faster than the rest of the seafloor, as reported in the journal Science.

“Under normal, natural conditions the oceans are a buffer for temperature changes in the atmosphere,” says study lead author Yair Rosenthal of Rutgers University in New Jersey. “But right now, we are completely out of equilibrium.” (See “What is Global Warming?“)

Because the ocean depths are thought to absorb about 90 percent of the excess heat seen from global warming, increased attention has turned to their heat-absorbing capabilities in recent years.

 Much of the roughly seven inches (18 centimeters) of average sea-level rise seen globally in the last century stems from “thermal expansion” of the oceans as they absorb heat. (See video: “A Way Forward: Facing Climate Change.”)

The effect is expected to add almost two feet (61 centimeters) of sea-level rise, on average, to coasts worldwide in this century, leaving aside the effects of melting glaciers.


Citește dacă… l’art d’aimer | welcome to a new friend artdaimer

l’art d’aimer

To love is an art. As the arts of war. Just more subtle.

Read if … If you have a relationship. If you want to start a relationship. If you have just finished a relationship. If you like someone. If someone likes you. If you feel that you are appreciated (a) as you would like. Read this blog. If you find yourself in any of the situations above, the recommended blog of someone who might need.

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Rule. 4 – Be your own PR

One of the most important things in life and hence in human relationships (of any kind) is how you see yourself. Others not how to perceive than as you see yourself. You represent to yourself PR spokeswoman, agent and also produced.Image The other “buy” what you “sell”. And according to the presentation, others will “buy” or not. So if you are constantly talking about how fat, stupid, unhappy, unable you, others will inevitably associated with these attributes.

Rationale: The hard truth is: nobody likes a person who complains (unless to the extent that makes them feel better about your own life by comparison, but this is not the case). Nobody wants to hear about your childhood traumas, complexes and about your unhappiness. These are things to share with family, more than a friend or two. In any case when you just met a man, or when you’re dealing with new people. The most attractive people are those mysterious, charismatic and seem to be doing well inexplicable! Their hair always shines, are always dressed right, laugh all the time, always have money and are very lucky. You know how you can become one of those people?

January. Stop your whining for mercy. Crying for mercy can be extremely satisfying, especially for women. Get attention, let us talk about us Insense and we think that others will be kind to us if you are going through. Well, if people want mercy then you will run a second time, continue to say since the first meeting, “right? I really look good? I have huge nose like a cucumber? “. Granted, the imagination of the viewer, a vegetable appears on your complexion. Stop whining that you do not know a man right you are fat, short, too thin or too shy. What do you expect to happen? Come to save you life Prince Charming of Cinderella? Not going to happen.

February. Have a role model! – What is this? Do you turn to Shakira, but looking around, you take something you love from people you know. Do you like the way someone dresses / talk / socialize? Take notes. And at the end of the day think about what kind of person I want to be? More specifically, I want to be perceived by others? Now ansambleaza all these features in a sketch and tends to it. Show them love yourself and others that you respect yourself and others will do the same. No, it is pretense, pretending not somebody else, but simply highlight certain features that you will approach your goals. You become a more enjoyable as you get closer to your goal with more confidence and as a result, more attractive.

Three. Give Yourself Some Time. These indications are not going to turn overnight. It is a journey that lasts a lifetime. You’ll always find something to be improved, a person will always appear more “glamorous” and role models in your life. Keep yourself inspired by others that will provide microuniversuri belief that it can. Someone coming from a background like yours did. Why do not you be?

April. Love yourself. Sometimes you like to castigate front of others only in the hope that they argue (oh and-sour when it does happen!). Well, if you continue to underestimate you, you will not be able to love. It says: Love the other one as yourself. Well, how can you love another person you do not even appreciate you? In relation to another person (and especially with one more powerful), you become needy, jealous and frustrated. Questions like: “Why is more successful than me? Maybe he found a beautiful woman? He looked at it because I do not draw him? “Will take place in your mind, and the effects will be felt in the relationship. You will perceive as a “desperate” in perpetual need of attention. Stop it! Rate yourself more, work more than you, be proud of you! You’ve come this far! You have exceeded the weight! Who does not appreciate you, you deserve it!

May. Do not you get self-esteem from the view of others. It is very important as a source of self-esteem to be one as stable. Thus, there will always be influenced by the whims of others, or the time of life. Self-esteem must come from a good source, safe, that you can control. Do not get exposed to the views of “the world” and do not expect your partner to validate constant. If you frequently put questions like “so-and I have not exaggerated”, “I think I lost it”, “do you love me?” Answer others will have a very big influence on you. Do not give them so much power! Ask yourself, based on your own principles, if you like, or beyond. If you are not, find out how you could do this two to meet. Your values ​​with the reality of life. Whether you come down standards or that work hard to achieve them, you must do something! Not to ask another person and so on until you get the desired response. This habit makes you too vulnerable and your relationship with yourself first and then others will suffer.


(This would all be easier if I could read any of these languages!)

The Full Stop « Catching up with old friend A Shade Of Pen

The Full Stop

Oct3 by ashadeofpen

Sometimes, I get tired of running.. it is these tired moments when you “just can’t do anything else” that you slow down, stop and spot some of the most beautiful moments… I have stopped…….

When will you stop running..?

broken reflection

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Welcome to a new friend: Aquileana| La Audacia de Aquiles

The Audacity of Achilles

Visible World is Just a Pretext



(Aquileana looks fascinating and insanely prolific–I blame myself for the inability to read Spanish

Which reminds me, why the hell did they teach us French and German in High School? The only time I’ve used French was to negotiate checkpoints in Beirut–and there it was a gamble since a lot of the checkpoints would shoot if you DID speak French.  C’est la vie. )

Buenaventura aquileana!. Welcome to this virtual space whose purpose is to make more bearable mediate our finitude … Let it be.

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♣ Haruki Murakami: “Kafka en la Orilla”: Reseña Sinóptica:



Kafka Tamura leaves home the day turns fifteen. I take it the bad relations with his father-a famous sculptor convinced his son repeated the fateful but Oedipus and the vacuum produced by the absence of his mother will head south of the country, where you will find refuge in a peculiar library and meet the mysterious lady Saeki. His footsteps are crossed with another character, Satoru Nakata, upon whom tragedy has struck: a child, during the Second World War. On a school trip in the woods, he and his companions fell into a coma, but only came out with sequels Nakata, lost in a kind of self-forgetfulness, difficulty in expressing and communicating … except cats. At sixty years old, poor and lonely, leave Tokyo after an obscure incident and begins a journey that will take you to the library of Takamatsu. All the plot of the novel is of brazen, its structure was simply rigorous.



Caos: Lady Gaga: “Born This Way” / “Pushing Boundaries”.-

Caos: Lady Gaga: “Born This Way” / “Pushing Boundaries”:

Lady Gaga: “Born This Way… I´m a Superstar”.-


Lady Gaga is one of the music icons electro / pop now … I recently discovered Stefani Germanotta, more precisely on the occasion of the Monster Ball Tour At Madison Square Garden televised on HBO Plus.


Lady Gaga: “The Monster Ball Tour”. Trailer (HBO):


I was particularly caught by three songs from the show, namely: “So Happy I Could Die” (the opening of the concert), “Alejandro” (a classic ultrapegadizo mail and Lady Gaga) and the final version of “Born This Way”.


♠Lady Gaga: “Alejandro”:


I think from the first a little more personal approach broke with previous prejudices. I thought before Lady Gaga was a blonde blunt, plastic doll androgynous appearance sometimes quirky other, hollowly produced by a retinue of stylists and makeup artists, following directives of a Gangsta Manager …



Backpack Bradie

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Harga Timbangan

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Just a regular thirty-something-year-old trying to capture the essence of life in writing. Join me as I journey through the ups, the downs and the adventures in between.

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A man who will break rules and play dirty, only bound by his own code of survival.