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The Great Kansas Tea Party Disaster | Rolling Stone

Governor Sam Brownback speaks to a crowd of supporters in Overland Park, Kansas on Tuesday Aug. 5th, 2014.

Extremist Republicans turned their government into a lab experiment of tax cuts and privatization.

And now they may be losing control of one of the reddest states in the nation

By Mark Binelli | October 23, 2014

he Republican party headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, shares space in a strip mall with Best Friends Pet Clinic, a cowboy-boot repair shop and a Chinese restaurant called the Magic Wok. Inside, on a recent Wednesday afternoon, a modest gathering of party faithful mill about, I’M A BROWNBACKER stickers affixed to their blouses and lapels.

It’s a terrible slogan. Four years ago, when Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback first took office, you might’ve wondered if these people, on some subliminal level, actually wanted to be humiliated by a filthy-minded liberal activist looking to add a new “santorum” to Urban Dictionary. As a senator and a failed presidential candidate, Brownback was already one of the nation’s most prominent social conservatives, “God’s Senator,” in the words of a 2006 Rolling Stone profile. But Brownback turned out to be even more radical when it came to economic policy. In 2012, he enacted the largest package of tax cuts in Kansas history, essentially transforming his state into a lab experiment for extreme free-market ideology. The results (disastrous) have reduced the governor to making appearances at grim strip malls like this one in a desperate attempt to salvage his re-election bid.

via The Great Kansas Tea Party Disaster | Rolling Stone.


Are Writers Born or Made? Jack Kerouac on the Crucial Difference Between Talent and Genius | Brain Pickings

Are Writers Born or Made? Jack Kerouac on the Crucial Difference Between Talent and Genius


“Genius gives birth, talent delivers.”

 “All of us, we’re links in a chain,” Pete Seeger observed in pondering the nature of creative work. Mark Twain put it much less mildly in his lively letter of solidarity to Helen Keller: “Substantially all ideas are second-hand, consciously and unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources, and daily used by the garnerer with a pride and satisfaction born of the superstition that he originated them.” Indeed, there is compelling evidence that we as a culture are allergic to originality.

But count on Jack Kerouac to offer a provocative counterpoint in a 1962 essay for Writer’s Digest titled “Are Writers Made or Born?,” later included in The Portable Jack Kerouac (public library) — the same treasure trove of stories, poems, letters, and essays on Buddhism that gave us Kerouac on kindness, the self illusion and the “Golden Eternity.”

Are Writers Born or Made? Jack Kerouac on the Crucial Difference Between Talent and Genius | Brain Pickings.

John Constantine: Examining the DC Comics’ character’s history and uncertain future.

Constantine’s real-life origin is as arbitrary and silly as the character is constant and dour. The major players in his creation give slightly different accounts of the specifics, but everyone agrees on one thing: He was supposed to be like Sting for some damn reason.

Courtesy of NBCUniversal Media/IMDB.

via John Constantine: Examining the DC Comics’ character’s history and uncertain future..

The Chris Brake Show: Welcome to a New Friend

via Cast of Characters | Chris Brake Show Podcast.

Cast of Characters

John Rapp wanted to start a talk radio podcast with Chris Brake. Chris said “Okay.” There is rarely a plan for the show. Just a bunch of people trying not to embarrass themselves. And sometimes the format unexpectedly changes from episode to episode. What you hear is what you get.

Chris Brake

Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake ShowChris Brake is the host of The Chris Brake Show.

John Rapp

Indiana Talk Show Host of the Chris Brake Show in Indianapolis. Heard on Indiana Talks and Indy in-tune and The 405 Media Group.John Rapp is the host and producer of The Chris Brake Show. John schedules guests and contributes content for the show

Dale J. Gordon

Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake Show. Dale J. Gordon from Trenton NJ and Nashville TN.Dale is a Nashville recording artist who often calls into the show to tell Chris and John what happened in his day.

Rich Barker

Rich Barker of Punk Rock Night at The Melody Inn in Indianapolis joins the Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake Show Podcast.Rich is a frequent guest on The Chris Brake Show discussing the local music scene in Indianapolis. He is the co-founder of Gay Black Republican and is the current host of Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis. (Which in case you forgot, every Saturday night is Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis!)

Sisner Lauren

Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake Show Podcast with Sisner Lauren.Lauren is Chris Brake’s sister. She sometimes appears on the show when Chris is in a pinch or he is interviewing someone she finds sexy, like Josh Robert Thompson (Geoff Peterson).

Crabby Christine & Dr. Robert

Indiana Talk Radio AM FM Internet Podcast The Chris Brake ShowCrabby Christine is a special co-host of The Chris Brake Show. She is the wife of Dr. Robert and appears as often as her schedule allows. Dr. Robert is a childhood friend of Chris and John’s and sometimes calls in to shine light on past topics and tell his stories.

David Allee

Indianapolis Podcast David Allee on The Chris Brake Show Talk Radio Internet Radio AM FM PodcastDavid Allee is the creator of the blog Church of the Ass-Bleeding Morons. He often appears on the show discussing the creatures he meets in Indianapolis. David also has an adult-oriented web comic entitled Space Farmer as well as numerous books.

Dr. Pong Fong

Dr. PongFong e joins the Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake Show Podcast.Pong Fong is a computer programmer and avant-garde musical artist who reluctantly appears on The Chris Brake Show when John calls him up to get his unbiased opinion on events.

Smirky Sarah

Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake Show Podcast on Indiana Talks and Indy In-Tune 405 Media, Sexy Sarah.Sexy Sarah AKA Silver-Tongued Sarah AKA Smirky Sarah AKA Sassy Sarah AKA Sickly Sarah was the original co-host of The Chris Brake Show. She is well-loved for her consistently opposing views with Chris Brake during the show. Sarah left the show after a systematic series of “no-call no-shows.” Chris discussed this on episode #15. Listeners are awaiting her return.

  Zach Attach

Zach Attach Cox from The Movie Buzzed Podcast. Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake Show.Zach Cox is the host of the Movie Buzz(ed) podcast and is also a frequent special co-host of The Chris Brake Show.


Producer Bryan AKA The Over-chewed Food Dude from Chris Brake Show Indiana Indianapolis Talk Radio Podcast“Producer Bryan” AKA The Over-Chewed Food Dude. In the early days of The Chris Brake Show, Chris and John assigned Bryan the title of “producer.” This was done to help get a fire going under Bryan’s bum. However, this fire never got started so his producer title was stripped from him on-air during episode #33 and he was nominated as the “official food critic of The Chris Brake Show.” One day, Bryan will start a blog reviewing various eateries.

 Jessica Irvin

Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake Show Jessica Irvin appears this episodeJessica was the first guest on the pilot episode of The Chris Brake Show. She taught Chris and John to be more honest and relentless with the guests. Her first appearance is what led to the tradition of starting each show with an apology.

Maya Maloff

Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake Show Podcast loves Maya Maloff.Maya Maloff was the first official fan of The Chris Brake Show. She used to regularly call the show’s call-in line during off-hours and leave voicemails giving Chris and John updates on her life. After numerous voicemails, it was realized that she was calling from a psychiatric ward. Unfortunately, she only got onto the show once. Every episode ends with her voice.

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Welcome to a New Friend: Mindy Ogg

via Hello and Welcome to My New Blog | Mindy Ogg.


Mindy Ogg is a writer, a daydreamer, a creator of worlds… She is a breast cancer survivor and a mental health advocate and consumer. Interests include new age and classical music, butterflies, nature, sci-fi, technology to include Apple products, and humor. To her, butterflies signify hope. And she’ll be the first to tell you laughter is the best medicine!

Hello and Welcome to My New Blog

Welcome! The choices I gave myself for a blog were Tumblr and WordPress. So here I am. It’s nothing fancy but it fits me well. It doesn’t need to be too elegant at this time since I will only be writing a few times a week, if that often. My blog can be found at Simple! I’ve fallen in love with Twitter, and find I need a place to expand on my thoughts and share with others that take up more than 120 characters.

Some of us had a blast this last Friday night! People were frantically replying, tweeting, retweeting, favoriting, reading blogs, eating cake, the ladies fighting over men… Sue, aka @homenotalone even went to ask her husband for permission! Quite fascinating actually! It was grand! All in jest of course. (wink)

I hope to meet more wonderful people on Twitter. @FantasmaDivine broke the 1K follow record in just a week! And here I thought I was doing well with 310 followers in 4 weeks. (Mindy says, as she glares over at @FantasmaDivine) I’m still defining myself I guess. I like having a smaller following for now.

Oh and there is Odell aka @DellDracula who likes to suck the life out of Dell computers. Actually I find that Dell sucks the life out of me. I’m about to buy a MacBook Pro. But don’t you know? The new MacBook Pro with Retina display doesn’t have a Kensington lock slot on these theft magnets! Oh well. Should I still get one? What was Apple thinking?

What can be expected from my blog in the future, you ask? Perhaps I’ll expand on some creative ideas (top secret) that hopefully will lead to a book of fantasy fiction, full of imagination and intrigue. Interested in the supernatural or the paranormal? Stay tuned. While other posts will have to do with breast cancer as I am a cancer survivor, and also mental health as I am a mental health advocate and consumer.

But I hope to make things interesting here on WordPress. Perhaps I’ll echo back a little of what I’m learning from Jackson aka @Jackson_D_Chase about Twitter and writing. He’s over there on the other side of the fence. No ladies! Not that fence! Do not fret. He’s over at Tumblr. Jackson is the guy all the ladies were fighting over the other night. So Jackson, I hope you are recovering okay. Did you eat all that cake all by yourself?

With much love, fun, and hugs, everybody.


My Story with Breast Cancer

It’s that time of year again. Young or old, be sure to do routine self-exams of your breasts, make that annual appointment with your doctor, and get your routine mammograms. I was one of the lucky ones who’s breast cancer was bc-awareness-monthcaught early via a mammogram. A routine screening mammogram found something which required a followup diagnostic mammogram. Thereafter I had a double stereotactic biopsy on my right breast.

I had to wait 10 days from the day of the biopsies for the test results. On July 21, 2010 at 10:20 AM, I received the call from my doctor telling me I have been diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC). In less than 2 weeks, I had blood work, a mammogram on my healthy breast, an MRI on both, a CT Scan, a bone scan, a lymph node survey, and a PET scan. I needed a PET scan because my surgeon said there were lesions on my bones. Yikes! Thankfully, the PET scan showed no evidence of cancer. Breast cancer can be deadly when it spreads to your bones, brain, lungs, or liver.

Bilateral Mastectomy

On August 30, 2010, I had a bilateral mastectomy to remove both breasts and two lymph nodes. As it turned out, no lymph nodes were involved. If there had been involvement, it would have been easier for the cancer to spread to more distant sites in the body via the lymphatic system. My staging was determined to be Stage I. So I was one of the lucky ones.


Welcome to a New Friend: Penelope Dreamweaver

via Penelope Dreamweaver | Finding Inspiration.

Azure Mountain Adventure-1st climb, June 15 034

Let it go…

Pick yourself up off the ground.
Stop asking yourself “why?”
Open the curtains and let the light shine in.
Let go of the things that hold you down,
without their weight, you may fly higher than you think.
Let go of the chains that keep you isolated in your prison of despair.
Without them, the world is yours to explore.
Let go of the puzzles that are people, who breed confusion in your heart. Without their chaos, you may find peace.
Let go of the fantasy that is perfection and embrace every one of your lovely flaws.
Let go of the need to control things, you may miss out on life’s great surprises.
Let it all go, sometimes it hurts more to hold on.


Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I’ve known sadness but have also known true happiness.

I’ve climbed mountains but have also fallen from grace.

I’ve traveled and seen many wonderful places but I’ve also stood still and spent time with my inner demons.

I’ve walked alone but I’ve also held the hand of truly wonderful people.

I’ve known confusion but I’ve also found clarity in the place where confusion grows.

I’ve given life but have also been close to death.

I’ve held onto hope even through my darkest hours, when the odds were against me.

I’ve let go of the past and have embraced the future.

I’ve shed tears of sorrow but today my eyes fill with tears of joy.

I”ve searched for love and finally found it, within myself.

This is the first day of the rest of my life.

Welcome to a New Friend: Meredith The Expat

About Meredithexpat

Greetings and salutations!

Yes, Meredith is my name, and expat is my present status! I moved to Europe ten years ago, and I love it, but it has been a crazy, and intense roller-coaster ride. I am currently located in Dublin, but my holidays are spent in Germany and my summer months in Greece. You can’t get crazier than that! Well, I guess you could, but it’s enough action for me!

These are my own random thoughts on being an American ex-pat and a travel junkie, who’s got a passion for cooking, writing, and watching old black and whites!

I hope you enjoy, and feel free to write, email, or write to me on Twitter (#meredithexpat)!



North Sea Shrimp Salad

2014-09-02 12.45.04 (1)

There are many different types of shrimp and some of the smallest are Grey Shrimp (Crangon

crangon), which are no bigger than the size of a fingernail! They are usually found cooked, but if

not, one can steam them for 2 minutes, and then they are ready to eat, or can be used in a light,

summertime dish!


350g North Sea shrimp (otherwise, 300g small shrimp)

4 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

1⁄2 carrot, grated

1⁄2 oregano, dried

1⁄2 teaspoon, onion powder

1⁄2 teaspoon paprika powder

1⁄2 clove minced or crushed garlic

250-300g mâche ( or a dark leafy green salad)

2 tablespoons red wine vinegar

1⁄2 lemon zest

Salt and pepper to taste

Fry the shrimp in a pan with 1 tablespoon olive oil until brown. Combine garlic, onion and paprika

powder with the shrimp, for one minute and remove from heat. In a separate bowl, mix lemon zest,

oregano, red wine vinegar, and the remaining olive oil, for a dressing for the salad. Wash the (or

green salad), and place into bowl, add grated carrot. Pour the dressing over the salad and add either

mix the shrimp together, or place separately on a plate.


Our Lives are Hell – Esquire

But who really cares about the sad plight of members of Congress? “I had $42 million dropped into my 2012 race by outside groups—$42 million—a record that will likely be exceeded this year in North Carolina, now that the Supreme Court has become almost an arm of corporate America. I’m not whining about this,” says Sherrod Brown, Democratic senator from Ohio, “because nobody cares about the problems of people in our position. No whining on the yacht!”Except, of course, that their dilemma is our disaster.

via Our Lives are Hell – Esquire.

Who Says that Writing is an Injury-Free Sport?

2014-10-09 13.54.15

Top View as I moved in on the razor-wielding furniture.

OK, I admit that I write barefoot but should I suffer for this?

After smashing several wimpy office chairs into dust under my Jumbo-size frame (twice last week, I ended up flat on my back while on Skype. I was told it was pretty funny to watch but my wife took the chair out the second time and refused to give it back. )

So I went online and order a Heavyweight Office chair from a major retail Office Supply  chain–let’s call them “Paper Clips.” After disposing of the broken chairs, I constructed this metal monster and, despite it’s total lack of padding, felt secure that it wouldn’t self-destruct.

2014-10-09 13.54.07

Active bleeding on the right ankle. This is what left red smudges throughout the house. Note hospital-perfect bandaging. I used to be a Boy Scout. Although I was thrown out for failing a square knot.

Little did I know that deep within this beast lurked a hunger for blood–specifically MINE.

At some point this morning, I realized that there were bloody footprints all over the house. OK, I admit that I’m working on a new private eye novel but these were REAL. A thorough investigation revealed that the steel pipes that are used by “Paper Clips” to hold up my hefty frame have razor-sharp edges and were gouging holes in my ankles. More irritating was the fact that I got slashed another two times while bending over to take a look.

2014-10-09 13.53.44

Dried Blood on Left Ankle.

Finally, a liberal application of gauze (to me) and adhesive tape (to the chair edges) appears to have lessened the bloodshed in my office. I really would prefer to keep the blood to the pages of the novel–if nothing else, it’s easier to clean up.

2014-10-09 13.54.22-2

Temporary repair of blood thirsty chair leg (out of five of the little monsters!)

Funny, all those tough detective heroes never talk about having to get the blood out of the wood grain or soaking a dishcloth in cold water to get the stains out.

Welcome to a new friend: Darian Smith … Down Under Author

I’m a writer and reader of fiction and live in Auckland, New Zealand.

While I have dabbled in non-fiction from time to time, my true love is crafting exciting stories that interest and move me.  And hopefully have a similar impact on readers!

I mainly write fantasy and contemporary fiction and have had some short works published.  I’m working on having a novel published too.

I was recently re-elected to the committee of SpecFicNZ, an organistion for writers of speculative fiction here in New Zealand.  I am now the Treasurer, also known as the Unnamed Dragon.

In my day job, I’m a Fieldworker for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and provide education, information, advocacy and support for people living with neuromuscular conditions.

I live with my beautiful partner, who is also a writer, and a somewhat neurotic siamese cat.  The cat doesn’t write.


For Much More Click Here

Phantom Feather Press is soon to release “The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales”.  This anthology features stories from renowned writers Joy Cowley, David Hill, and Dave Freer.  It also features my story, “Albert and the Christmas Fairy”.

Coming Soon!

My short story, “Recession” is one of those in the

anthology for charity project, “Baby Teeth: Bite-sized Tales of Terror”.

You can get a copy from Amazon or Paper Road Press

“Baby Teeth” is the winner of  the 2014 Sir Julius Vogel Award for best collected work.

Check out a prize-winning example of my writing at

“Wearing the Star Cloak” won the Wily Writers competition and

was nominated for the 2013 SJV Awards.

Or get a copy of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine issue 49 to read my

SJV Award nominated story, “The Interview”.

ASIM #49 Print

Gee, they closed Exhibit A and Strange Chemistry in order to clean up Angry Robot for Sale. (Who would have predicted that?)


Angry Robot News

By ·

On Thursday, 25 September 2014, American entrepreneur Etan Ilfeld bought Angry Robot Books, as well as Watkins Publishing (mind, body and spirit books), Nourish (wellbeing cookbooks),  from administration. In addition to saving the jobs of all the employees, Ilfeld is intent on combining these imprints to form a diverse media company, Watkins Media Limited, which includes magazine publishing, a flagship retail store and mobile apps.

As a die-hard sci-fi fan, Ilfeld is “thrilled about purchasing Angry Robot”, delight which Marc Gascoigne, Angry Robot MD, shares:

Marc: “I’m absolutely delighted to be able to share this great news. There were several companies in the running to buy Angry Robot, but we’re so pleased that our new owner is someone who shares our vision for the imprint, and modern, innovate science fiction publishing. After the brief hiatus while we change hands, we look forward to Angry Robot resuming publication from March of next year, bring you new books from many familiar names and of course some amazing new talent too.”

This purchase reunites Watkins Books and Watkins Publishing after they were split two decades ago. Ilfeld bought Watkins Books from administration in 2010, and has followed suit by acquiring Watkins Publishing last week. Both the Watkins bookshop and publishing imprint were founded by John Watkins in 1893, and as award-winning publishers of award-winning books, Angry Robot Books looks forward to this next chapter in our own rich history.

For more information, contact Caroline Lambe, Angry Robot Books’ Publicity Manager:

(This is what I wrote back in May) A Bit of Light in the BS Storm over Exhibit A and Strange Chemistry.

No, I’m not an economist, a lawyer, or a banker. However, before I took on the role of a poor hack pounding out novels, I was an executive at two new media startups and worked at a number of large corporations and I’ve gained a fair amount of experience in corporate gamesmanship and…well, finding myself out of work and wondering why.

I read a particularly dumb article in The Bookseller this morning…OK, it wasn’t really dumb, just shortsighted. It laid out yesterday’s closing of Angry Robot’s Exhibit A and Strange Chemistry imprints quite nicely. What was missing was the entire story of what’s happening to Osprey, the parent corporation back in the US. That story, also well covered in The Bookseller, relates how Osprey’s CEO took a walk over to Penguin/Random House and caused the Osprey Group to go into a panic. Well, they didn’t quite CALL it a panic but the general wetting of trousers can easily be deduced from this statement:

Robin Black, chairman of the Osprey Group, told The Bookseller that he did not wish to make a public comment “about a private company.” However, he said: “We are undergoing a strategic review internally following Rebecca leaving, and included in that is the potential sale of any part of the business”.

A translation of this could be, “We have no idea how to run a book company and the only competent person has just left so we’re putting the place up for a fire sale.”

Now, I’ve been through this mangle a couple of times. Once, I asked the VP of the division of the small tech company where I was Director of Content Production why we had a security guard on 24 hour duty when the FBI’s Carnivore internet monitoring system was being developed downstairs–arguably making this the most secure building in 3 states. His response was that if we had, as the company alleged, a $3 Billion operation going, we would have extra security. Of course, we didn’t have a $3 Billion anything. We had a good idea, some very smart software, and a lot of servers filled with smoke and mirrors. The point was that the parent company was up for sale and our existence added $3 Billion of imaginary weight to the sale price.

The other side of that coin was that the second that the merger went through and the price was set, our division was nothing but wasted money and the corporation shut us down. It had nothing to do with how well we performed or the future value of a streaming media system–it was pure short-term economic thinking. Sort of the way they used to put sawdust in the transmissions of Model A’s that were sold to the Okies heading to California. It worked until the buyer got off the lot and then failed.

The other case was, in my opinion, more of a stock scam and so this will be very vague. A big company that had been a leader in innovation was taken over by a very small group of lawyers. To cover the fact that they were closing down massive R&D labs and tossing thousands of great engineers out of work, they put together a few quirky little dotcoms. The dotcoms either failed on their own or were forced out in about a year and the stock slid below a dime per share. Then the proud owners began to enforce the patents that had been built up over the past 40 years. Last time I looked, the stock was over $40 a share.

The lesson I learned in both cases was that if you hear of a purchase or sale of a parent company, be prepared to hear about how terribly the various divisions have been performing and why they simply must be cut. “Sorry about that, old chap, but you just aren’t that good.”

Well, that’s what I see happening with Osprey. Most of the company are publishers of dull, respectable books about Boer War uniforms or birds or something and then they have this outrageous Angry Robot group that’s sitting over in England hiring new and innovative writers, encouraging editors to search out and contract the best work they can find and generally not fitting into the corporate mold.

Well, if you know virtually nothing about the publishing business (and who does, these days?) you think Osprey would be a much easier sale if we whacked off these madmen (and women) at Angry Robot. Then the buyer, who also has no idea what would make a good book, can sleep easier knowing that, if not a good decision, at least it was a defensible one.

Take one more step on. How do you make Angry Robot easier to sell off?

Yes, you cut off the really strange parts where the writers are new and the profits might not be apparent on the spreadsheets yet. This despite the fact that you were giving the editors pep talks and telling them to sign up every author they could find only 2 months ago.  Now Angry Robot is all neat and tidy and can be sold and the victorious Lords of Capital can take their well-earned money and head for the Hamptons.

OK, all this is terribly uninteresting and written by someone with a long record of failure and absolutely NO idea of what goes on in the corridors of power at Osprey (probably foyers of power, actually), but what does it have to do with anything?

The point is that the closure of these two imprints is far more likely to be driven completely by the desire to sell the parent company than for any failure at the imprints. The editors and authors at Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A could have been putting out Ann of Green Gables and In Cold Blood and it wouldn’t have made a bit of difference. (OK, Green Gables might not have fit into the YA dystopian audience but I was reaching for an example.)

OK, my novel Courier might suck and deserve to be slush-piled. I’ll take that hit (although I don’t really buy it) but the excellent new and veteran writers I’ve met by email at Exhibit A and especially Emlyn Rees and Bryon Quertermous–the editors who put a great, animated, inventive, fascinating list of books out should not accept the blame for “not carving their market niche.”

As they said in The Godfather every time they were about to whack someone for purely personal reasons, “It’s not personal. It’s just business.”

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