Hi world, my name is Lea van der Tak. I’m a student at Drexel University working towards a BS in Animation & Visual Effects. I’ve got a million goals and a crazy creative drive and I thought maybe keeping an official chronicle of my life leading up to my career would be a good place to start.

Right now my most prized project is the pilot script that I’m writing for a TV series I’m developing. I’m taking a class in the upcoming term in which I’ll actually have to write a pilot and series bible so I’m working on fully developing the characters, plot, scene ideas, and backstory to be sure I’m well prepared.

In my spare time I also work for Thread Society ( which is a wonderful online clothing company that does a lot of charity work. Recently, we collaborated with Whatever ( and went to NYC to hand out clothing to the homeless. On the mission, we met a man from the Czech Republic who’d ended up homeless because he was robbed on the train so we got him clothed, fed, a hotel room, a hair cut, and a shave. Then we asked what he really wanted and he said he just wanted to go home to Prague, so we bought him a ticket to go home and off he went. Read the story here or watch it below.