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Aline Weber by Nat Prakobsantisuk for Vogue Thailand February 2014

I love these kids.

Model Aline Weber;

Photographed by Nat Prakobsantisuk;

Stylist Jirat Subpisankul;

Fashion Editor Jongkol Tangpradit;

Makeup Apichart Norasethaporn;

Hair Somporn Tirin.

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Pre-Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, Canadian Version!

OK, Canadians are strange but everyone gets weird around the Olympics

Bite Size Canada

To my faithful readers, I’m sorry that I haven’t published this earlier. I’m still not back 100 %, but since the Games start in 7 days, I thought I’d better get my behind moving on this one.

So first, let’s start with a list of some of the most Canadian medals won at a single Olympic Games by Canadians:

Gaetan Boucher, in Speed skating, at the 1984 Winter Games, won 2 Gold and 1 Bronze (3).
Alex Baumann, in Swimming, at the 1984 Summer Games, won 2 Gold (2).
Myriam Bédard, in Biathlon, at the 1994 Winter Games, won 2 Gold (2).
Donovan Bailey, in Athletics, at the 1996 Summer Games, won 2 Gold (2).
Marc Gagnon, in Short-track Speed skating, at the 2002 Winter Games, won 2 Gold, and 1 Bronze (3).
Charles Hamelin, in Short-track Speed skating, at the 2010 Winter Games…

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The Daily Retro: Antique Advertising

Chin Reducer? Bruce Campbell could use that.

The Müscleheaded Blog


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What if Voldemort Won: Geeks are Sexy Technology News

Voldermort Propaganda Posters + Harry Potter Wanted Posters

[Terry: To be honest, I think Hermione looks incredibly sexy in her mug shot. But I’m crazy about her anyway.]


A series of Harry Potter-themed posters from Tumblr user Pragmatique envisioning a world where Voldemort would have won during the series’ final fight.




More at What if Voldemort Won: Voldermort Propaganda Posters + Harry Potter Wanted Posters [Pics] | Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

Goodreads | Carrie Vaughn’s Blog – cyberpunk movies – January 22, 2014 08:11

cyberpunk movies

I picked yesterday to get my working life set up on a brand new computer, which may not have been the smartest thing to do after recovering from a trip, but it was definitely necessary.  It’s kind of like the dentist trip, better to get it over with and it’s usually not as bad as you expect.  In fact, I had the thing mostly up and running and was getting some work done within about 2 hours — this included transferring over my Word files and photos and music and whatnot.  Excellent!  I hit a couple of glitches that will take some time to smooth out, but I can work.  I actually look forward to playing around with the new system and seeing what bells and whistles I can use.

So, I have a lot of commentary I could spout off about cyberpunk tropes in general, which ones have made it into the movies, and the ways in which cyberpunk has evolved — and in some ways, died out.  In grad school I took an upper-level seminar on the topic of. . .come to think of it, I’m not even sure what the topic ultimately was, I think the professor may have just been mining us for her own paper topics.  But we read Snow Crash. This was the second seminar in which I had read Snow Crash, because the novel has passed over the barrier and become “okay” for academia.  As the only SF geek in the department, I got to then go up to the professors teaching it and ask if they’d read Neuromancer.  In one case, yes, “Because Frederic Jameson made it okay to read science fiction,” to which I thought, “What the actual holy hell are you talking about?”  The other said, “No, because I’ve heard it’s very problematic in its treatment of women.”  And I said, “Well, yeah, probably, but if you haven’t read it you’re missing a big chunk of Snow Crash.  Seriously.”  (Like Snow Crash is all that better in its treatment of women than Neuromancer, sheesh…)

There’s a reason I didn’t go on for a PhD.

Anyway, I’ll never forget this seminar because in the middle of the discussion of Snow Crash, one of the other students, clearly baffled, said, “The story here is really kind of conservative.  I thought cyberpunk was supposed to be all radical and subversive, but I don’t see that at all.”  To which I, the only person in the room who had any experience with cyberpunk beyond Snow Crash, said, “Um no — this entire sub-genre exists to make nerdy computer guys feel better about themselves.”

The Rest is at  Goodreads | Carrie Vaughn’s Blog – cyberpunk movies – January 22, 2014 08:11.

22 Questions and 22 Answers from Author Marie Jem | Novel Ideas

22 Questions and 22 Answers from Author Marie Jem

marie jem

22 questions with one of the most exciting authors of today. Marie Jem has burst onto the scene with her first book “Pursuit For Lucidity.” Marie is a writer you will be hearing a lot from in the future. For those of you who have read “Pursuit,” I need explain no more. For those who haven’t, you need to read this one. Just believe me–you need this!

1. If you could work with any author who would it be?

A)  Danielle Steel.  I love the way Danielle writes and describes surroundings and makes you feel what her characters are feeling.

2. Who is your favourite author, and is your writing style similar to theirs?  

A) The late V.C. Andrews is my favourite author.  If my writing style were similar to hers, I would be one AMAZING writer.  I love the way she draws you into her characters’ minds and emotions.

3. What’s your favorite part of a book?  

A) My favourite part of a book is that moment when you are not expecting to discover a secret and all of a sudden it’s in your face and you cannot believe it.

4. When naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning?  

A) I just imagine what I think the character should look like and pick a name that I think fits their appearance in my imagination.

5. How have your personal experiences affected your writing?

A) Personal experiences such as jobs, school, and everyday living over the years have given me many creative ideas.  I believe the people I have encountered throughout my life makes it easy for me to create all the different personalities of my characters.

6. What genre of books do you personally like to read? Do you limit yourself to only the genre that you write yourself?

A)  I do not limit myself to a certain genre.  I have interest in many different genres.  Although I write romance, I very much enjoy a good suspenseful thriller, which is something I’m currently reading.

7. Were you always good at writing?

More at  22 Questions and 22 Answers from Author Marie Jem | Novel Ideas.

New Painting…

ann johnson-murphree

I am getting to old to push so much into my days!  However, along with writing, I have been working on a new painting for my living room.  Completed and hung this morning.  Seems, that I am out of words and my last painting for awhile; thought I would share it with all of you.


24×36 Acrylic – Flowers on Burgundy background

Image0 (1)

Finished, Sofa Painting with Swag Above Painting

A glimmer of sun shines through casting shadows, one would believe it a nice day until they step outside; when this was taken the “temperature” 12 below zero!  Time to rest recoup and begin another project.  Stay warm everyone as most of us are in the deep freeze!

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#1 Surviving your first 24 hours in Zombieworld

The Zombie Blog

The first day in zombie land might be the hardest to survive. This is because you are unprepared, you will never know when it will hit you. You will lose friends, family and many more. In this post you will learn different approaches on how to survive this first horrific day.

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50 Shades of me Welcome to a new friend: Darkyblue



I started this blog because I have been writing poems since I was about ten years old. I have never shown them to anyone as I was ashamed of who I was because of how others treated me and made me feel. They were sort of a diary really of how I was feeling at that time in my life.

I’ve suffered depression since childhood and although there is a lot of darkness in my life, there is also a beautiful light in the form of friends to which I owe my life to and love dearly.

I’m sharing my writing because, at 46, I think it’s time for me to take the next step to my recovery and allow people to see the “real” me.

I read them often to remind myself of how far I have come since that frightened little child and smile to myself because I never thought that I could come this far.

If I can make someone smile or feel better about themselves then my day would not have been wasted.

Be kind to others as you never know the burdens they carry.

Please feel free to comment on anything I have written. I’d love to know your thoughts

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I can see through ya

Pour me another drink, cos I tell ya
I’m gonna run away and not run to ya
Had enough of this crap I don’t want it
I realise I don’t need you one bit

Never again will I be your fool
So tell me now whatcha gonna do
How could you ever have been so cruel
You just flaunted all the rules

I haven’t always been this way
I can remember when I was ok
You watched as the darkness came
And took the best of me away

So pour me another drink, cos I tell ya
I’m gonna run away and not run to ya
Had enough of this crap I don’t want it
I realise I don’t need you one bit

Sometimes I question “am I dead”
Fighting doubts within my head
Trust me I’ve been in worse places
I don’t need you and your two faces

So step aside and let me through
Cos honey, I am leaving you
Because at last I can see the light
And I can see through all your lies

An so pour me another drink, cos I tell ya
I’m gonna run away and not run to ya
Had enough of this crap I don’t want it
I realise I don’t need you one bit

Under the bed

Don’t worry sweetheart
My nanny would say
When she tucked me in
At the end of each day

There are no monsters
To harm you in the night
Cos the monsters that hurt you
They walk in plain sight

They could be those we live with
That you’d think were no threat
Or the lovers we hope for
That we haven’t met yet

So just close your eyes
And dream some sweet dreams
While you’re safe in your bed
Where the monsters ain’t real

Witch-hunting Gatsby’s Children | Gatsby’s Abandoned Children

[Terry: I like this kid. He’s mouthy.]

Witch-hunting Gatsby’s Children


traveling poet picture

Witch-hunting Gatsby’s Children is my upcoming chapbook from UndergroundBooks.  This is a sequel to Gatsby’s Abandoned Children.

Now, why am I writing this blog post?  Because I’m broke, and can’t afford advertising of course!

So I’m offering a free advance copy of Witch-hunting Gatsby’s Children to everyone who re-blogs this post, and comments a link to their re-blog at the book’s page.  Either that, or shares it via social media, which still requires commenting a link below.

You can preview the collection below, just to see if it’s worth it.

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Once upon a Time in Chile |Catching up with K-law Guru

Once upon a Time in Chile

By Kang Ju-won 강주원, January 27, 2014


From 1982 to 1986, I lived in Santiago, Chile. I attended a school called Trewhela’s English School (now it’s called just Trewhela’s School). I was the only Asian kid in my class. There were only a handful of Asian kids in the school. We were taught (mainly) in Spanish, but learned a little English too.

I remember some older students used to make fun of me by stretching their eyes and calling me “Chinese.” My classmates were all nice to me. Some mornings, they would come out in advance and tell to take a circuitous route because some older kids were waiting for me. Although I was never beaten or anything, the scene where Daniel tries to run away from the bullies in The Karate Kid strangely reminds of my predicament back then. I think I’ve since developed a soft spot for “outsiders.”

We would do some interesting things back then. On time, three girls would be sitting in front of the class, and each boy had to go out and give a flower to a girl of his liking. To this day, I have no idea why we were doing such things. Anyway, all the boys were giving their flowers to one specific girl. I wanted to give mine another, but I could not. No one else had given her one, and I would be singled out as the only boy who had given her a flower. I regret having cared too much what others might think of me.

Another memorable incident was my last day in school. A very close friend of mine could not stop crying. I did not cry at all. Inside, I was really sad, but I could not imagine being perceived as that vulnerable in public. Other kids would ask me “Are you sad?” and I answered “Yes I am…” I regret having cared too much what others might think of me.

As a child, Spanish was the first language I ever learned. My parents tell me I would walk up to strangers and ask them about their day. Just before returning to Korea, my mother sat me down to teach me hangul. I still vividly remember writing “ㄱ,ㄴ,ㄷ” for the first time. I thought they looked really weird. I would get to learn English much later in Manila. I’m grateful because I can blog in English now. Right now, I cannot speak Spanish. I hope I can re-learn it some day.

I joined Facebook in 2012 (although I don’t use it). I remember being asked: “Where did you grow up?” I could not answer that question. I had to think hard. It was like how Mr. Spock was not able to answer “How do you feel?” in that Star Trek movie. Haha.

Thank for reading!

via [STORY] Once upon a Time in Chile | K-law Guru.

Catching up with Defusing Chaos | Because chaos doesn’t sort itself out.

Haiku – bald man

I’m going bald now

I refuse to wear a hat

I have earn’t my age



Haiku – happy heart



My weak human heart


When love creates happiness



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Life | Catching up with old friend: helen midgley



We live through times that change,

And fight through cause and blame,

Through battles no one speaks of,

And we lose more than we gain.


We smile through silent pain,

And cry through doors that close,

We see through tinted lenses,

And age through wood and grain.


We laugh through words not spoken,

And read through lines not said,

We walk through paths unchartered,

And run through doors not chosen.


We love through ones we trusted,

And fail through faults not known,

We learn from chances squandered,

And we pray our struggles counted.

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LET’S SPEAK ARABIC | Welcome to a new friend K E Abdol

LET\’S SPEAK ARABICYALA NIHKEE AARABEE -World\’s Favorite Spoken Arabic Blog

K.E Abdol


I’m an AFL teacher (Arabic as a foreign language), have been teaching communicative Arabic for different levels of Spoken Arabic in Dubai. My main interests are online teaching & learning and enhancing creativity in the classroom!!

I have a great website with followers from 54 countries.

via LET’S SPEAK ARABIC | YALA NIHKEE AARABEE -World’s Favorite Spoken Arabic Blog.

Keef Momkin asaAdak !

Means :

How can I help you !!

Is’Aa kam Baddak TirooH alHa’flah?

What time do you want to go to the party ?

A : IsaA kam badak ti’rooH alHaflah ? What time do want to go to the party ?

B : baddee arooH Haflat Eid meelad Haifa isAa sitah almassa .

I want to go to Haifa’s birthday party at 6.00 o’clock in the evening !

A : shoo jibtt maAk hadiyah ellah? What gift have you brought her ?

B : wardd Ahmarr . Red flowers

A : bass ward Ahmarr . Only red flowers .

B : aiwah , heyya bi’taA’riff inaha wardtee wa ana baHiba’ha awee ….

Yeah , she knows she’s my flower and I love her so much !!

A very honest blog| welcome to a new friend: poemsoftheinnerspark

Books For Sale

I have created this page to create an audience for my poetry book. You are welcome check it out on

I hope to do more work,  but we will see how this goes.

I will write until I die!

via About | poemsoftheinnerspark.

Poems of the Inner Spark

This is my one published work. If it is a success I will create more. I wish to do this until I die.

You can see my book at


Poems of the Inner Spark

I’m sure there’s something wrong here | Welcome to a new friend: kottapallyragavi

But there’s something poetic about the entire editorial content of Kottapallyragavi as seen below.

healthy food

to maintain and lead happy life

About | kottapallyragavi.

More Memorable lines than any scene in film – IFC

10 Classic Movie Lines That Were Completely Unscripted 1. Casablanca“Here’s lookin’ at you, kid” was improvised by Humphrey Bogart on the set and it became one of the most famous lines in movie history.

via 10 Classic Movie Lines That Were Completely Unscripted – IFC.

Not to mentions midgets loading the 1/2 size airplane

A Rising Writing Star: An Interview With M.L. Newman | Novel Ideas

Interviews by nickwale

M.L Newman is one of the rising stars of the book world. Her first book “Glimmer of Hope” was well-received, and fans are anticipating her second release. What really makes a writer run? I wanted to pose questions during this interview that would really allow us to look inside the mind of a writer who really knows her craft. Hold onto your seats… This is a goodie!

glimmer of hope


Good morning, M.L. I want to start this interview by asking you one question. Why is writing important to you?

I enjoy writing because I get to share my stories with others. It’s important to me because my stories, while fiction, can bring hope, love and joy to others. So many stories I’ve read have touched me and brightened my day. I’d love to do that for my readers.

I was thinking earlier that many of your readers will be wishing they could write like you. How many times have you read a book and wished you’d written it?

I haven’t actually read a book that I wished I’d written, but I’ve read books that I wished I lived in.

As a writer, I guess you get to create any world you want to live in– that must be a pretty amazing feeling. How many story ideas have you got at the minute?

I have plotted out about 40+ storylines, and I’m hoping that at least 39 of them are published. There are many different storylines and series that I have planned where the final decision on book numbers is more about where the story goes than how many I can publish.

So, let me ask you this: What really makes a good story?

Personally, I believe what makes a good story are the decisions that are made within the story.  Anyone can fall in love or fight it, but the difficult choices that have to be made bring me closer to the characters. If I find a connection with a character, I’ve been sucked in.

How many times do you rewrite a sentence to get it just right?

I don’t usually rewrite my sentences. Sometimes I tweak them to make sure it makes sense, but usually the first time it sticks. I spend the majority of the time on detailing than rewriting.

Here’s a curveball for you… Is there anything you wouldn’t like to write about?

When I write a story, it’s because it has been called from my soul. I don’t have a choice but to write what comes out of me. I don’t specifically have anything against writing other stories; they just have to wait their turn.

How many times did you considered becoming a writer before you became a writer?

via A Rising Writing Star: An Interview With M.L. Newman | Novel Ideas.

Painting The Shades Of Our Life

A Shade Of Pen

I get a lot of writing projects, but mostly they are drab boring techie stuffs that I write on. but do not really connect. Once in a blue moon, I get something to write, which I connect with. Today, I am going to reminisce about one such topic that is close to me. I’ve NEVER been in LOVE. NEVER. Sure, I know what love is.


Because I’ve seen the “eyes” of my father when he kissed on my cheeks.

Because I’ve seen the “eyes” of my sister when she watches siblings playing together

Because I’ve seen the “eyes” of my mum when she speaks of the best times..

Because I’ve seen the “eyes” of the ones who’ve lost what felt was the world to them!

YES, I know what love is because to know love, you just want to feel the emotion. I simply close my eyes, whisper my…

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“Irrésistibles” by Mario Sorrenti – Vogue Paris February 2014 Issue

Models: Amanda Murphy, Andreea Diaconu , Vanessa Axente, Tanya Katysheva and Sam Rollinson;

Photographed by Mario Sorrenti;

Stylist Jane How;

Hair Recine;

Makeup Aaron De Mey;

Manicure Sheril Bailey.

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‘Know Me,’ Nomi

The Gad About Town

Klaus Nomi was born 70 years ago today. A performer whose career may have reached its peak as a back-up singer/dancer/weird presence for one single show behind David Bowie, Nomi managed to stand out in a time and place that made a virtual fetish of uniqueness: New Wave-era New York City.

Many actors and performers attempt to find their voice or vision in a performance that resides in the very process of erasing the self, even the idea of a self. Some comedians who build a stage persona in this territory will even flirt with the idea of not being “in” on their own joke; they have brilliant moments but tend to have brief careers. Singers and pop stars find it easier to latch onto a persona for an album or concert tour or two, then drop that for an entirely new one a few years later.

Nomi might have…

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Epictetus says

OK, I thought I had to put something up from muscleheaded that wasn’t cheesecake.

The Battle

Life Through A Lens


Haiku by C.p Singleton

Reaching for the sky!
The mighty autumn clouds call.
I’m coming for you!

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Fossils 2

Poesy plus Polemics


asleep in the mud
dying in between living
with onslaught of time

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Five Easy Spanish Tapas Recipes

Amsterdam and Beyond

Last Valentine’s Day B gave me a homemade coupon booklet. It contained numerous vouchers – one for a weekend off of cleaning the house, another for a free meal at our favorite greasy Chinese food spot, and so on. This sounds cute and romantic, which to some extent it was, but B got all creative and added his own terms and conditions to each card. I won’t go into the raunchy details, but let’s just say it’s been a year and I’ve only cashed in on one of the coupons.

However, this past weekend I noticed that the vouchers had an expiration date (. . . only B), so in two week’s time, they would be null and void. So despite B’s somewhat disagreeable terms and conditions, I decided to cash in on one more voucher before they expired. And the most delicious looking voucher of the bunch was ‘La…

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Backpack Bradie

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Adventures of an author's wife

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Customized bling shirts and rhinestone heat transfers

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The Digital Inkwell

If poetry be the food for love, pen on.

Harga Timbangan

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Beautiful Life with Cancer

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