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Vintage BMW Motorcycle Rally Poster | eBay

Vintage BMW Motorcycle Rally Poster | eBay.


One And The Same | Catching up with Poetry on a Roll

One and the Same

\”Free verse\” poetry from the soul

I shout.
You scream
things get worse.
I don’t listen.
You don’t listen.
things could be better
I get mad.
You’re foaming at the mouth.
We are both showing off
in each other’s faces.
no one wants to back down.
Bright lights on,
our true colors on high beam.
We are one and the same
in our actions and reactions.

Copyright © 2013 Kimalee Jones

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Feel Free to NOT FOLLOW ME | Kudos to HarsH ReaLiTy

HarsH ReaLiTy

My goal with this blog is to offend everyone in the world at least once with my words… so no one has a reason to have a heightened sense of themselves. We are all ignorant, we are all found wanting, we are all bad people sometimes.

Feel Free to NOT FOLLOW ME

I rarely use foul or vulgar language without reason. That being said, don’t come here and tell me to change my words. Read something else or stop following me. I could care less, especially if your intent is to “mom” someone on THEIR BLOG! I won’t censor myself for any of you. Just don’t come back.


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Aural History |Catching up with Poesy plus Polemics

Aural History

"South Street Seaport" Photo by Frank Romeo From

“South Street Seaport”
Photo by Frank Romeo

iron-rimmed wheels

    drawn by iron-shod hooves

gave a clattering cadence

    reverbing dull bells

ringing atonal peals

    along ill-masoned lanes

of Belgian block cobbles

    and dredged



bilge-pitted from urine

    of a hundred stout lads

crude ballast unshipped

for a nickel a ton

from heart-of-oak vessels

    of mercantile Brits

singing Cockney crew lingo

    with cargo commands

over heaps dropped in nets

    upon creaking tarred wharves

Schermerhorn Dutch

    gave out guttural barks

to the breaking breeze humming

    through neatly reefed yards

slung up high-crossed on masts

    overtowering docks

where a nautical polyglot

    spilled its cacophony

up and down gangplanks East

    Indiamen hove in place

with great bangs and hard crashes

    that echoed across the wide

swift running current dividing



Brooklynfrom my forty-floored glass

    looking down on the seaport

when sail-masted schooners

    or frigates would moor

all the sounds of the centuries

    rose up to reach me

transporting me back to

    that wild newborn world

of rapscallion romance

    and mean edged adventure

where men grunted glory

    for merely surviving

another new day

    all the time feeling wistful

that I had been born

    too long after my time

(Note to readers: the glass tower in the photo was the location of my office)

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Troubled Teen: Author Charles James Explains All… | Novel Ideas

Troubled Teen: Author Charles James Explains All…

Charles James weaves a story that will leave you shocked to the core with “The Tarnished Shooter.” The story begins in 1971. Frank Henry Barker is a troubled young man left in emotional turmoil after years of his father’s abuse. He joins the Marines after getting into more trouble than he can handle—just to escape a probation officer desperate to send him to a reformatory.

This harrowing true-to-life story will have you reeling with the punches as we follow Frank as he battles the demons that haunt him. His anger and rage only compound the problems he has with relationships and society. This book will reveal the thoughts and actions of a person who has been brought up with violence and trained to solve disputes with his fists.

The Tarnished Shooter” is a compelling five star story of adversity, adventure and the consequences of choices one makes and is based on actual events. This is a story you won’t forget for a long, long time…


Q) What do you think the main purpose of “The Tarnished Shooter” is?

A) The purpose of the book is to tell a story about how a choice, any choice, can change a life in an instant. Too many people take choices for granted. I know I did. I had more choices than I realized, and many times I thought there were limited choices. Today I know different. Schools don’t teach about social values in a way young people can understand. There is so much pressure out there to fit in and go along with the crowd. If one follows the wrong crowd or the wrong person, bad choices are sure to come down the pike.

Q) What advice would you give to a teenager going through the same problems you went through?

A) Today is a different world from when I was a teen, but life principles are the same. Troubled teens are so vulnerable because they don’t have the life experiences to reflect back, thus allowing them to make a better choice. My advice for any teen would be to figure out what to do, or what to be and follow that path as long as it is a good path. Teens have to realize that they have a tough road ahead and to prepare for it. Actually program yourself with the idea that things are going to be tough. You will get your heart broken. Someone will let you down, and people are going to walk in and out of your life, and some are going to die. But no matter what happens, the world is not going to stop. You are here so make the best of it, and decide today that you are going to make the best of it no matter what.

Q) Do you feel it is your responsibility to help people going through the same problems you experienced?

A) No, I don’t feel it is my responsibility, but I would like to offer some hard-learned advice. Sometimes people going through problems just need an ear willing to listen. And they want to be heard without judgement and without preaching. I never felt I had anyone to hash things out with on a peer level or on an equal level with an adult. Because parents or guardians feel the need to be in control, they seem to always butt in without listening to the whole story.

Q) How did you turn your life around? What really caused you to do that?

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Wordless Wednesday: November 27, 2013

Bastet and Sekhmet's Library

Here’s another Wordless Wednesday for you!

girl in fountainYou all have a happy Thanksgiving…greetings from Italy!  Ciao!

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YEAH, THAT’S HOW i feel most of the time

Poesy plus Polemics




old men fear speed
the onrush of terminus



(originally posted November 2013)

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“Standing Strong For Others Is An Obligation,” Says Author Tom Ufert | Novel Ideas

“Standing Strong for Others is an Obligation,” says Author Tom Ufert

Despite the bloodshed and social havoc that arose from the French Revolution ending in 1789, a distinct social contract developed that forever altered mankind’s perception of our obligatory responsibility for the less fortunate among us. The phrase Noblesse Obligeloosely translated as “the obligation of the nobility,” came to commonly refer as the social obligation of those with wealth, position, influence, titles or higher education to share their good fortune among those in society with far fewer blessings. This was a direct repudiation of the long held societal belief that noble positions were divine grants from God Himself that set certain individuals on untouchable pedestals of superiority over their fellow man. Since that time, there has been a constant social debate between the “haves” & the “have nots” regarding justice, equality, and economic equilibrium. Throughout the three and half centuries since the end of the French Revolution, humanity has incessantly struggled with competing dogmas such as capitalism versus egalitarianism, democracy versus socialism, and deism versus humanism. In the end, the human species continues to search for a solution to our ever growing competition between limited resources and an expanding population.

Fortunately for me, my “adopted” family and Jesuit educators instilled a life-long belief in the “Golden Rule” — “do unto others as you would have done to you.” Though I was never fortunate to obtain wealth, position, influence or a title, my life has been undeniably blessed by an excellent education. Furthermore, as my first book Adversity Builds Character so aptly demonstrates, I would not be where I am today were it not for the gracious generosity of others. This is undeniably true as well in my new found career as an aspiring author. Therefore, it would be sinful and completely demeaning to me as a human being if I did not “share the wealth!”

To quote one of my political ideologues, We might come closer to balancing the Budget if all of us lived closer to the Commandments and the Golden Rule.” –Ronald Reagan With this noble philosophy in mind, I have spent my life raising money for charitable causes in a determined, if not altogether frustrating, quest to make the world a better place. Since the age of nine when I first started volunteering for the Shreveport Summer Music Festival, through the next three decades raising money for worthy political and social causes, until today, I have been a vigorous proponent of trying to utilize my talents for the betterment of all mankind. My writing career is no exception.

Since the publishing of Adversity Builds Character two years ago, I have been completely transparent that every book copy sold would contribute in some way to one or more charities. My book signings and online sales have raised monies for the American Red Cross to help victims of super storm Sandy, 501(c)3 AIDS outreach charities such as the UCLSE/ICFWA/ICAO/AOC & The Philadelphia Center, and now through my two month fundraising effort, The Stand Strong For Others Campaign, I am donating 25% of all my book sales tothe world’s largest international charity for children.” These funds will go directly to assist disabled children. Though my campaign goal is modest, a mere $500 or approximately 400-500 book copies, it is deeply troublesome that this effort has received hardly any public media attention or for that matter resulted in any significant number of sales. My books are said to be “inspirational” and “uplifting” to those who have read and reviewed them. Yet despite campaign efforts championing this charity fund drive as a meaningful way to simultaneously obtain a worthwhile literary work and contribute directly towards improving the lives of crippled children, no one seems to take heed.

At this point in time, due to the organization’s licensing criteria, I am unable to use their name or logo in my promotional efforts. It was instructed to me by their USA Fund coordinator to say funds raised would go to “the world’s largest international charity for children.” After due diligent research I can assure all consumers that this charitable organization is held to the highest American and international standards for charitable donations and is in fact accountable to numerous United Nations conventions for assistance to children. I have been assured that the monies raised from the campaign’s book sales will be targeted specifically to assist physically challenged children. I am encouraged by the recent partnership of fellow author Lester W. Van Huss’ commitment to donate 10% of his book sales during the campaign period towards Stand Strong For Others’ fundraising endeavors. It is just such generosity that I had hoped the campaign’s efforts would generate. So far the event on Facebook has attracted 66 attendees out of 2200 invitations and continues to grow daily (go to this link to join and see regular updates.)

After decades of fundraising experience, I am well aware of realistic expectations regarding public support for charitable causes. Each and every dollar raised is a contribution that was non-existent before and deeply appreciated. I have carefully calculated a realistic goal for the campaign and specifically timed the fundraising drive to coincide with the holiday season for maximum appeal to the public’s generosity. Yet this is my frustration: when one considers the purchase of an “inspirational” book that demonstrates success in overcoming adversity for merely $2-$3 and knowing that it will directly benefit a crippled child, how can consumers possibly not be moved? The purchase price is the equivalent of buying a gallon of milk, and in return the consumer provides food, healthcare, shelter, education, and necessary medical equipment while holding in their hand a book that may very well change their own life! TALK ABOUT BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

Novel Reads, the e-magazine produced by Novel Ideas, reached over 5,000 readers last month. My request is very simple. If every person who reads this article will take the time to either purchase a book in the campaign or spread the word by sharing the link and campaign banner below, even better yet, DO BOTH, the result will be monumental! Five minutes of your time and two measly dollars out of your pocket will as the CNN slogan declares…IMPACT YOUR WORLD! Your time and money won’t be wasted on helping yet another author with his career. Rather, both will be wisely spent making the world a better place.

–Tom Ufert

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methadone | distill life Catching up with an old friend

distill life

whiskey fueled musings of a rambler.


I’ve lost my lust.
There is no drive
to move strangers
into friends
into lovers.
I’m more than happy
to sit at home,
drinking still,
ignoring the rituals
men use
to allow themselves to think
they’re fooling women
Into touching dicks,
that given time and opportunity
they’d probably touch anyway.
You don’t need a sales pitch
To feed the hungry.
We’re all a starving bunch,
Willing to take a fuck over love,
Junkies all, praying
the methadone sate heroin’s cravings,
Telling ourselves
the next time is last.
The telephone rings,
I hear her voice,
my cock stiffens,
and this poem is over.

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Diversity in leadership…and in coffee |Welcome to a new friend: kalie gladwin

Leading Clean

Aiming to lead with natural ingredients, no hidden additives and ethically sourced actions. Fueled by coffee.

About Leading Clean

I believe people matter, everyone leads someone, and all roads lead to coffee.

We’re leading self or others. Leading in an office, a construction site, a playground, a school, a home, a sports field, a university, a pub, a place of worship, a café.

Think of this as a café. All are welcome. It’s a place to discuss and debate, to share knowledge and build connections.

Like eating clean, leading clean is about finding ways to nourish and build health in how we lead, whatever our situation. It’s about learning together. It’s about adding value to the communities in which we live.

I’ve been playing with leading and following for 15 years; sometimes I’m pretty good at it. Sometimes I’m not. Either way I always learn useful things.

Except how to tell jokes well. I’ve never learnt how to do that.

Feel free to drop in anytime.

Cheers, Kalie

Good coffee and leading well matter to me.

I made two short blacks this morning. My husband forgot to drink his.

I’m a committed Coffee-the-experience person. When I’m drinking coffee, that’s my whole world. I don’t work and drink coffee. I don’t watch TV and drink coffee. I sit. I drink. I may converse and engage with people while experiencing my coffee, but I don’t do anything else. Forgetting to drink coffee is not an option.

I digress, and this was going to be a short post.

SO…he forgot to drink his coffee. I muttered under my breath at the injustice of another person not appreciating Coffee-the-experience and he said, ‘Keep it; I’ll make an iced coffee later.’

An Iced Coffee? With my Perfect Short Black? An Iced Coffee?

Once I stopped gaping at the absurdity of his idea and stepped off my caffeine soap box, I remembered that coffee-the-experience is different for everyone. Coffee – like leadership – is impacted by the quality of the ingredients, but how it is developed and how it is experienced varies.

I love that about leadership. I can learn to accept that about coffee.

In time.



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Dancing Through Life

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Poetry On A Roll

I feel out-of-place.
No matter where I go,
the feeling is always the same.
I’d rather crawl up in my cave
and sleep for the entire winter
than to mix-and-mingle.
I’m just not built for it.

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Photo of the Week: Benoit Leray

Sykose Extreme Sports News

Photo of the Week: Benoit Leray
© Clément Le Gall

By Greg Poissonnier

Benoit Leray by Clément Le Gall.

This antenna is located in an enormous telecommunications centre which is doomed to disappear. At about 30 metres above the ground, you’d best manage your speed as falling from there wouldn’t be forgiving. Benoit Leray enjoys the view and this unusual session to stick a backside flip for his mates.

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Happy in Brussels – A Day Trip to the Belgian Capital.

KleesButterfly - A TravelBlog

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend one day in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. In my mind, there was always this idea of Brussels as the little sister of Paris, and I was wondering if it’s worth visiting.

And judging by its appearance, Brussels actually IS Paris’ little sister. And this makes sense: In the middle of the 19th century, then King Leopold II along with Mayor Jules Anspach decided to tackle an ambitious endeavor: the urban restructuring of Brussels. At the time, Belgium hadn’t been an independent country for long and a new urban planning was supposed to turn the city into a prestigious capital.

Anspach had been a great admirer of Baron Haussmann, the man who carried out the massive modernization program of Paris between 1853 and 1870. Paris as we know it today is mostly due to him: star-shaped spaces, wide straight boulevards connecting the most…

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Terry Irving’s Autobiography (Parts 1 & 2)

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On the Road (Time Cut: 1969 to 2013)

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helen midgley

Kiss me again,

Like you did the first time,

I yearn for the passion,

Its memory sublime,

To feel like I’m drowning,

In a sea of desire,

To struggle for air,

To be scorched by the fire,


Touch me again,

Like you did the first time,

The heady excitement,

Of a passion filled climb,

The tease of your hand,

As it brushes my skin,

To tremble in ecstasy,

To burn from within.


Love me again,

Like you did the first time,

Brand me forever,

Your partner in crime,

To feast on your essence,

And drink from your power,

To soar in your presence,

And evolve a wild flower.

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American Science, Political Science… Author Tim Northway | Novel Ideas

American Science, Political Science… Author Tim Northway

Tim Northway- defintion:

A creature who writes for the enjoyment of others. A man with a talent for literature with a social edge. A being that has immense intellect and little time for Jonahs. A seller of ideas through the worn pages of books bearing his name.

Class dismissed…

Meet Tim Northway!



Q) What are the  ”real” concepts behind “Total Amnesia,” Tim?

A) A good old fashion alien attack on Earth told from my viewpoint, play by play, until every human on Earth has collapsed in paralysis—with the exception of me.  I was singled out for a purpose.

I am rescued from the attack by the lovely Professor Espree whom I have had a crush on all semester.  It turns out she is—of all things—a free spirit (meaning not confined to a body) and the creator of the universe! Even crazier, she wants me to help her free everyone in the universe.

So I find myself as the boyfriend and advisor to the creator of the universe.

How cool is that?

She insists she is NO different than me.  I ask how that could possibly be true if she we’re able to create a whole universe!

She tells me we all have that ability.  The problem is our artificial disabilities installed by an artificial mind that surrounds us and absorbs any free, liberating thought.

My response is:  “Huh?”

Then she proceeds to take me on a tour of the universe to show me exactly what that means.

Talk about mind blowing!

Q) How do you feel about the way people have reacted to “Total Amnesia?”

I think they don’t quite know what it is, but as it continues to gain recognition it is becoming a new voice in Science Fiction.

Q) What do you want people to take away from this book?

You are infinitely capable.  Any thought you have to the contrary is a result of a past disability, purposely installed in your mind in order to keep you under control—a past shrouded in Total Amnesia.

Q) How do you feel it will be taken by the wider public?

I think it is ground-breaking.  There is the initial “huh?” Then gradually it is understood, taken in and enjoyed.  Because Total Amnesia is written from a personal viewpoint as someone who doesn’t “get” science fiction, it can be better understood by the broader public.

Q) How do you discover a concept?


mORE via American Science, Political Science… Author Tim Northway | Novel Ideas.

beginning to end

sweetheart rewrite COMBINE

distill life

She stood on the rail,

walking high o’er the river,

laughing, and drunker than I.

Though I plead she come down,

she kept walking around,

laughing, although she might die.

I reached out my hand,

and she pushed it away,

and asked I not touch her again;

She threw down the bottle,

and then flew away,

An angel,

beginning to end.

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My life as an average teen.|Welcome to a new friend: Jane Doe

Jane Doe


Bio: One thing you need to know about me is; Just because I may say stupid stuff, doesn’t mean I’m oblivious to your shit.

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Boys, Boys, and More Boys.

There comes a time in every teens life when they discover the magical world of boys, or girls if you flow that way. But anyway for me it’s boys. So far it sucks. Well to be perfectly honest, I have had a “serious” boyfriend before. As serious as middle school relationships go, I should say. I was the one to brake it off, but also the one to be the most heart broken. If he even was heart broken. (I hope he was.) I had a very good reason to “rip the bandage off” too. The base of a healthy relationship is trust right? Well, he didn’t trust me hanging out with other guys. And to make things worst, my best friend at the time was a guy. That worked out well. Not. I decided to go with the girl code: “Sisters before misters” or brother before….lovers?? Anyway, after that I couldn’t hang out with all my guy friends because my ex was friends with them. And I guess that’s how I started to become friends with people my own gender. Smooth move that was. So now here I am with a crush, or three… Oh my, I’m in for a wild ride ahead. The best part is, all of them are oblivious to my existence. I shouldn’t say that. Zach knows exactly who I am and not for a good reason either. My “friends” like to scream my name in front of him whenever he’s around. I feel bad for him, it must be really embarrassing. As cheesy as this sounds, all he does is smirk at me now. What’s that supposed to mean? “I know you like me and I think it’s funny.” “I’m satisfied you like me because it makes me feel important.” or my favorite, “Why do you even like me, I’m so out of your league?” What do you think he’s thinking when he puts that smirk on his face?

My Metamorphosis

Today I realized two things. One, I really want to punch John in the face. And two, I’m changing as a person. Now the question is; Am I changing for the better or worst? Let’s lay down the facts. In seventh grade I was this cute, prissy, squealer, bubbly girl who would just listen to your problems. In the beginning of eight grade I was the same as seventh grade me, but as the days went on I morphed into this stranger I didn’t even know. Well, I guess I did know her a little bit but now she’s coming out. And frankly, I don’t want her to be revealed. The real me… it’s a tuff topic. I have this side of me that hates everything and everyone around me. It’s truly horrible. I’m just this snappy bitch that’ll really tug at your heart strings, and not in that teary emotional way but in a twisted rip your heart out way. I’ve spent all my life trying to push “me” down but I guess now I’m just getting tired. How did I go from this bubbly loving girl to this cruel wicked bitch?

[Terry: as the father of two teenagers–now thankfully no longer teens–I can guarantee that this is a true voice. At least she’s AWARE that she’s gone from ” this bubbly loving girl to this cruel wicked bitch.” My only advice to parents  is to avoid killing her if atl possible and wait until she’s about thirty to speak to her again.

Maybe 40]

In love with Paris. Travel-addicted. Female. |Wecome to a new friend: KleesButterfly

Klees Butterfly

A Slow Travel Blog

by David Herbert Lawrence

Butterfly, the wind blows sea-ward,
strong beyond the garden-wall!
Butterfly, why do you settle on my
shoe, and sip the dirt on my shoe,
Lifting your veined wings, lifting them?
big white butterfly!Paul Klee, Without Title, about 1892. Water-color and pencil.

Already it is October, and the wind
blows strong to the sea
from the hills where snow must have
fallen, the wind is polished with
Here in the garden, with red
geraniums, it is warm, it is warm
but the wind blows strong to sea-ward,
white butterfly, content on my shoe!

Will you go, will you go from my warm
Will you climb on your big soft wings,
as up an invisible rainbow, an arch
till the wind slides you sheer from the
and in a strange level fluttering you go
out to sea-ward, white speck!

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The Artists’ Colony (Künstlerkolonie) Mathildenhöhe is considered the most beautiful Art Nouveau/Jugendstil complex in Germany.  It provided impulses toward reform in the areas of architecture, landscape art, interior design, and arts and crafts.

darmstadt 231This gentleman is Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig von Hessen (1868-1937). Without the educated and art-appreciative Grand Duke, Mathildenhöhe would not have existed in its current form. Ernst Ludwig had close connections to England, and so he had contact with the arts and crafts movement there, which opposed architectural historicism and low-quality goods. From this evolved a return to the qualities of craftsmanship.
In 1898, Ernst Ludwig called seven artists (among them Peter Behrens, Joseph Maria Olbrich and Albin Müller) to Darmstadt. Those artists created the so-called Artists’ Colony between 1899 and 1914.

Author Mike Trahan Explains The Gift | Novel Ideas

 “The Gift” comes from a poem I wrote about my first flight and my first solo later on. The poem is also entitled “The Gift” and it states that I consider my love of flying as a gift from God, because it gave me a direction for my life. The book title came from this stanza:

Until that moment my life was aimless,

With no real goals in sight

The Lord gave me a gift that day

His Gift was the love of flight.

I have been told that my story is multi-faceted and that there are several lessons to be learned from it. I was not aware of that as I wrote it. I just wrote about the things I was involved in, starting at a very young age. For example: By the time I was fifteen I was driving my father’s tractors, driving a car, flying an airplane, playing high school football and baseball, dating girls, serving as an Altar Boy, and trying to keep up in school.

I believe this story could teach this generation that their possibilities are limitless, if they are willing to sacrifice to achieve things. It takes a lot of self-discipline to be able to successfully juggle as many things as I did, and self-discipline is one thing that is woefully lacking in today’s generation. Determination, drive, discipline, tenacity, resilience (the ability to bounce back after disappointments) are all essential elements of being successful.

The only “reward” we got from failure back in my youth was this – it gave us a chance to try again from a new direction. It also gave us a chance to overcome that failure and that built up our confidence each time we did it.

I feel the opportunities are still out there, but they are just harder to find. They do not fall in your lap as maybe they once did. To encounter that opportunity you have to be out there looking for it, and then you have to be proactive and put yourself in a position to take advantage of any opportunity that you encounter.

Much More at Author Mike Trahan Explains The Gift | Novel Ideas.

900 seagulls at a time | Welcome to a new friend: Alexandra Bodman

Fevered Crenellations

Short stories, memoirs, and thoughts to get me thinking about eventually writing a book.

Alexandra Bodman

I studied illustration and Art & Design for a few years in Chicago and have been taking the past year off to reevaluate my priorities. This fall, I plan on going back to school. I have been writing prose and poetry since I can remember, and it’s influence has been becoming more and more important in my life recently.

via 900 seagulls at a time | Fevered Crenellations.

900 seagulls at a time

On a misty morning before the sun is up or any overcast day there waits several miles from shore a haunting dark gray. Lurching like the jilted overflow of a retracting mug in a young waitress’s lovely thin-fingered hand it extends from above and it devours slowly and steadily. Beneath the waves are restless and white caps shatter into 900 seagulls at a time, producing them faster than they can fly off. Many suffer, feathers tarred, honeypot flies pushed under viscous waves. White bodies flailing become adhered, hearts beating louder than their silent submergence. Chaos of singular droplets on curling iron seas,  the lurching gray is ever moving closer much like the hours pass through days. The grayness is all pervading yet still several miles from shore, growing heavy and stagnant within and without.

via 900 seagulls at a time | Fevered Crenellations.

I will occasionally become a burrito

Sometimes late at night I lay in bed

restless haphazard blankets

switching my feet and head

sideways across the bed

legs up the wall

refuse to look at glowing screens

or anything that has numbers or hands on it

Stress does not invade my insomnia anymore

I take time to think about things like

rusty rail road tracks that continue a bit off the edge of a cliff

birthing something out of my head

and the way sounds touch me

I will occasionally become a burrito

light a candle and feel the liquidness of flame on my tongue

position a book within the lackluster, tempermental emission

the book has been 1984

I know this character will die

he hasn’t for the 5 months I’ve spent with him

The average house wife | Welcome to a new friend: JDSelmser

In love with the idea of being in love

JD Selmser is the dreamer who traveled 8000 miles by plane then 500 miles by train just for a kiss and the possibility of love only for it to not be the one. (Hard to believe when I finally found her she was only 300 miles away). He is the guy who searches for magical sunsets, waterfalls and believes in true love, soul mates and kisses that take your breath away, with the support of his true soul mate. Eventually, inevitably, he ended up writing about romance and those things that go bump in the night. JD also loves animals and can be seen walking with his little dog Spazz, building model ships and searching for a new place in the world to discover.



Sarah decided that she did not want to work outside the house, but wanted to do freelance writing from home so that she could spent more time at home with the mini me. Now I am pretty open and supportive to this idea. I have always thought that a woman’s place in the home and relationship is exactly where she feels the most fulfilled no matter where it is. Sarah truly had the choice to just stay home or work full or part time. When I see how happy she is and how happy Wyatt is I know that she made the right choice.

Sarah has this idea that I am supporting her, but this is one of the few points that we do not see eye to eye. For me I see it as she is doing what’s best for our lives and our family. Who makes the money or how much less we make a month is not nearly as important as the fact that we have a happy family. Our kids do not see arguing or fighting, but they see two happy parents in love. Wyatt is an extremely bright and happy baby. Even though we had an absolutely amazing baby sitter, but she was not mom to our little bundle of joy. I can go to work and not worry about the little one. He is chatting as most babies are and I know that Sarah talks to him, she encourages him and as a mother is supposed to she adores him.  That is absolutely priceless.

The other day I was watching Dr Phil and there was a couple who made a similar choice. Honestly I was ashamed to be the gender as the guy. He seemed to look at the most important job a parent can do as more of sacrifice then an honor. When a man looks at the loss of income as a sacrifice rather than well-being of his family he has to re-evaluate his priorities. Sacrifice to me means sacrifice which is a cost that comes with regret. The well-being of my wife is family no matter what the requirement is not sacrifice that comes with regrets, but an honor.

My parent’s life was a lot simpler in a way because they knew that the needs of the family are more important than the extras. I cannot speak for the rest of you, but for too long I bought way too many extras. Not at the expense of the family’s needs, but definitely not things that I needed. I think as a culture we need to always remember that needs and wants are not the same. We need food, shelter and love, but a new cell phone, a faster laptop or 500 cable channels are wants not needs.

I want to end this with one final thought. The common house wife is the one that makes care of the house, guides their children and deserves all the acknowledgement and praise for the outstanding work they do. You can never judge accomplishments, importance or pride based on dollar and cents because money does not last forever ,but family will because your actions today will help guide who the generations after are and can be.

Also we have four kids so if I was at home I think some days there would be at least three kids duct taped to a wall.



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My NaNoWriMo Entry part 2


After a few requests to post more I decided to post a few more chapters of my book “Little White Lies”

Chapter Two – A mystery of sorts

            I waited around and once visiting hours were over, I left. There were a lot more questions in my mind now, than when I arrived. First question I had amongst the long list was, who Stacey was and did I give her this book? Why had I written that letter? More secrets from the past, that’s all my life really was. I followed the motions pretending to be the man I used to be, but there were always more and more little secrets. As I left the building I must have been deep in thought as I never heard the clapping of high heels on the pavement behind me until she was just a few steps away. As I turned and looked there was Maria standing there mouth half open like she had something to say, but couldn’t put the words together.

From my jacket pocket I grabbed a cigarette and fought the wind to light it. As soon as the smoke hit the air, she curled her nose and just stared at me. I took the hint and tossed it aside. I know it’s a filthy habit and I have been trying to quit for years, but it’s one of my many weaknesses. She had this apologetic look in her eyes and muttered, “Mr. Skuce you did not have to stop smoking on my account.”


Seven ways to Blogpimp Your Site | Catching up with old friends: Aewl’s Abode

Next Sunday the 24th is the one year anniversary of Aewl’s Abode. In honor of that, this week, I’ll repost some of my favorite posts from the first few months of the blog. This one is from Dec 7th, 2012.

Blogging 101What exactly is Blogpimping? Simple, it’s a way of publicizing your blog in a supercharged manner. I recently wrote about getting 25k hits in less than six months on a previous blog. By following these steps, you too can reach that number. Sure WordPress and Blogger have tips to drive more traffic your way, but these tips go beyond that. To get to that number you need to average only 167 hits a day on your blog. But by the time 6 months are up, you should be getting 300 or more hits a day. Keep in mind your main goal….. eyeballs on your site.

Before you start, read “10 Ways to Have a Bad Blog” and make sure you aren’t doing any of those. Blogpimping does take time, but if you are serious about getting eyeballs on your site because you know you have great content and great things to say, then commit to taking the time to do the following:

1. Commit to posting 3-5 times a day – That’s everyday, weekends included. Hopefully they will all be good quality posts. If you are going to get eyeballs on your site, you need to let the readers know that you post regularly. They will more than likely return. Return visits are what keeps your hit count up. No more than one to two filler posts in any one day. What are filler posts? Simple posts that take no more than 5 minutes to put up like this one.

2. Go after the big dogs – In your sphere of the blogosphere, there are probably a few bloggers that get a lot of traffic. Find out their email address and when you have a great posts which should be at least once a day, email them and give them a link to your post. Just one link from a big-time blogger will shoot your hit count way up. Your goal is to get eyeballs on your site, so don’t be discouraged if they don’t respond to your email. IF you write a really great article and get linked by someone like Instapundit, I’ve heard upwards of 10,000 hits just by one link. Same goes for getting Freshly Pressed but not as many hits.

Lots More at Seven ways to Blogpimp Your Site | Aewl’s Abode.

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