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Welcome to a new friend: Photographer Veeraj Nair

Photography course


Photography course

Learn fundamentals of Photography from Veeraj Nair

Venue: Vision Studio, Dombivili (E). Mumbai

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Jubin Nautiyal’s music video shoot

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Abhishek weds Shefali

Ayyapa pooja @Nehru maidan -Dombivli


Dharma Seeds. You cannot have happiness by causing unhappiness to others! | Welcome to a new friend: Renaissance Vlad

Renaissance Vlad

Walking in beauty, love&kindness, wisdom, compassion… to accomplish again my Dharma in this life. World needs our compassion and wisdom!

I am good at making things happen, PR, and i love to make the right connection between like-minded people:)

Just feel free to contact me, I am always happy to connect and meet new people.

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Wishing you all the best for continued health and awakening!
With love,
Renaissance Vlad


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Wisdom from hearing!

Wisdom from hearing!

(foto: Teachings about Karma, in Bucharest (Romania), with Venerable Jampa Lungtog)

Suffering is really quite unnecessary in our lives. We can all attain long lasting happiness.

To develop such an understanding we need protection and guidance and a way to get out from our limiting beliefs. What is Dharma? Dharma is protection for the mind and all begins and it starts with hearing the teachings from a qualified spiritual quide. By advancing from hearing to reflection and practice, one gradually deepens its wisdom about it.

And remember, everything happens for a reason:)


It’s hard to always show compassion — even to the people we love, but Robert Thurman asks that we develop compassion for our enemies. He prescribes a seven-step meditation exercise to extend compassion beyond our inner circle.

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Giving up Ego!

I decided to give up my ego, i find it rather difficult to keep it, there is no parking space left in my mind. Since i was a child, everybody told me it was supposed to help me get happiness and other nice things in life, but it didn’t do any of these things, in this crazy search it only created more. I give it for free and I will try to find another way to be happy  Is anyone around here who wants a new brand ego? Hope not  Is anyone around here who wants to give up also his ego?

— feeling blessed.


Movies, Movies, Movies, Airwolf and more Movies with Alex Cord | Novel Ideas

Movies, Movies, Movies, Airwolf and more Movies with Alex Cord

Alex Cord grenade 4

Alex Cord is a name that has been around the movie industry for some time. From “Synanon” to “Airwolf.” This is a special interview and one that I think the majority of you will find refreshing. Alex is an author– an excellent author who has just finished a screenplay for his book “A Feather in the Rain.” He is also a man who loves learning about social media and has been growing a huge following on Facebook lately.

For Alex it’s a thrill to meet with fans on a daily basis. It’s almost like a large family on his page and I think many are surprised at how interested he is in the every day happenings of his fans.

Q) Great to meet you, Alex. Let me start by asking when you first decided that acting was for you?

A) Good morning, Nick. Being an actor never entered my mind until I was in college studying English literature and discovered that all the pretty girls were in the dramatic arts department. I began to take some of their classes. Voice and diction, history of the theatre, Shakespeare. I was challenged by the Bard and became a serious student because of a great teacher. I had to get up and read aloud to the class. I was extremely shy, fearful, and reluctant at first, but encouraged by Professor Fanny Bradshaw’s praise and genuine belief in my ability, I slowly became more confident and soon found that I could enjoy performing. That wonderful silver-haired lady changed my life. I soon became passionately interested in the artistry of the printed word and the power of it well spoken. A girl friend aspiring actress was going to be in a university production on stage and suggested that I audition for a part. I did and was cast as an old farmer. I did enjoy that applause at the end.

Q) During those early days, you obviously discovered the power of the Bard… How did you get from student of the Bard to professional actor, working at the Stratford, Connecticut Shakespearian Festival?

A) The American Shakespeare Festival at Stratford, Connecticut was holding auditions for their second season. No less than Katherine Hepburn and Robert Ryan appeared in the first season. Again, my girlfriend auditioned and was accepted in a student program with great teachers and parts in the plays. She suggested I try out for the same. With the help of Fanny Bradshaw, I did, and was accepted. A glorious summer followed with parts in Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. At the end of the summer, I had been asked to join a group of hugely talented actors to perform for the winter in repertory at a prestigious theatre in St. Louis, MO.

Q) And then, you took a leap of faith and ended up working in London– how did that happen?

That led to off-broadway theatre and eventually to a starring role in a play on the London stage in England. A dream had come true. Blessed with astounding reviews at the time of the Annual London Critics Awards, I was nominated for the Best Actor Award along with Christopher Plummer in Becket and Albert Finney in Luther. Mr. Plummer won.

Q) You were of course, part of a cutting edge period of Television acting. How did it feel to be working with such actors as George C. Scott? In fact, let me add to that– was George C. Scott considered a great actor, even in his early years?

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the knocks |Welcome to a new friend chester maynes

chester maynes

Poetry and Poems

via the knocks | chester maynes.

the knocks

i see those
puppy-lovers of the

i see the when of
circumstance in
a calendar year round

that’s true to
the lips of fact

that’s true to
the rain and

that’s true when
the mind is
a disorientation
to the world

that’s true when
all things are
quiet but
we hear
the knocks

perchance, possibly

if only close to you
but i try to be closer
to the one closest to you
then to get at you

and you have
the better half
and i can’t be
your significant other

floating on a
space where i
sweetly laid my
thoughts of you

secretly and
willingly drowning
myself and wishing
that i am the other half


and Love traffics

as kisses blow
on this cheek

we photograph
ourselves behind
the blue facade
of internet shops
and dressed the
streets with China
lanterns and make
the pedestrian
complain about
the voyage not
permitted by
our misbehavior

we’re not
these very rude
while all the
look at us
with disgust

it’s not our
fault but
we can’t stop
this show
as you and I
know that
we attract

and love traffics


Cliff Roberts! Reformed Politician… Literary Powerhouse! | Novel Ideas

Cliff Roberts! Reformed Politician… Literary Powerhouse!

Cliff Roberts is a guy who has done a lot in his life. Interviewers normally ask him about his political career, his many jobs, seek small business advice or ask him what he had for lunch. I normally delve into the life of writers I work with… sure, that’s the territory. This interview will touch upon his career, but let’s get to the MEAT. What does Cliff write and why does he write it? He has written several books. “Reprisal” was his first mega hit and we’ve seen several since then. We will cover many of them in this interview and you will enjoy the writing side of Cliff Roberts!


Q) Hi, Cliff, I am going to jump right in and ask if you are still looking for a major publishing contract?

A) Well, I’ve been self-published since 2013. I hired a PR instead of a publisher. My first book was “Reprisal: The Eagle Rises.” I was offered a publishing contract, but the more I look at contracts, the more I’m thinking it’s not worth the hassle and the cut in pay per book. I sold several thousand copies of “Reprisal” over the first month of its release. Why do I need a publisher?

Q) How long did you spend trying to land a major contract? You started writing after school, correct? I will also throw in another sub-question to spice things up: Do you believe self-publishing is the way forward for writers? Are the big publishing houses on the wane?

A) After high school, while in college, I tried a few dozen times to be published the traditional way with no success, so I put writing on the back burner to get on with life– a job and family. As far as self-publishing, I believe it is the wave of the future. Too many publishers believe they are doing you a favor by agreeing to publish your work. It’s your work that makes them money; they should be thanking the writer for letting them publish it. By self-publishing, you avoid other people trying to change your dream. They correct grammar or structure, but they can also get into the story and sometimes want to see you write something other than what they claimed they liked in the first place. I think self-publishing is going to be the only way to publish sooner than later.

Q) Let me pose this question to you: If self-publishing had been around when you left high school, would you have gone that route?

A) Like most would-be writers, I probably would have thought I had to have a publisher. But I probably would have found my way to self-publishing soon enough. I’m pretty independent.

Much more at Cliff Roberts! Reformed Politician… Literary Powerhouse! | Novel Ideas.

“I was just getting seasick from seeing too much” |Welcome to a new friend: Bipolar Barbie-Q

Bipolar Barbie-Q

“I was just getting seasick from seeing too much”

Wish List in Links

Check back now and again to see what exciting things I add!


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For a moment there I thought I was going to be able to enjoy the silence, then the Mexican church that rents out rooms in the hotel every Sunday got REALLY LOUD again. As an anthropology minor I totally appreciate and find interesting how they worship, blowing horns to the angels and all, but as a peon stuck in a walk in closet of an office I can barely hear customers on the phone even with the door closed.

Ethiopian coffee is delicious. And strong, maybe that’s what I like about it. As I sip the medium McDonalds coffee David brought me I long for what I had last night (in it’s cute little pot and small cups). We had gone to a small Ethiopian restaurant and ordered a platter of various vegetarian side dishes along with a mixture of meats (beef, lamb and chicken) which were sautéed with peppers and onions. At first I was in a bad mood. I didn’t want Ethiopian for dinner, I have to be in the mood for certain cuisines, but it was a nice experience and I felt healthy leaving.

I really appreciate all the comments on my blog posts lately. It makes me feel like a real person in this community. Thanks guys!

I did get into my lab class, so next semester, which is going to be my last (God willing) is going to be intense. Work is super busy today. I’m starting to lose it a little bit. All my thoughts are getting fragmented more and more as I get orders pouring in.

I had a flare of jealousy over some chick on facebook today, and I swear bipolar jealousy is ten times worse than the normal kind! Managing my emotions has been a lot easier with adjusted medication but I still need to use mindfulness. Besides, I’m 26, grow up loser, everything’s fine.

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La La Rapariga | Welcome to a new friend: Laurean Figueiredo (on her way to an empire)

La La Rapariga

A funny girl with a bubby personality and a love for all creative things.

A Sample of my short-story manuscrypt!

“It has been a week and the phone does not seem to ring. Another boring day dreaming and longing for an opportunity… She sat there, in front of her computer screen, checking her inbox every 5 minutes with the hope someone would reply to any of her applications.

Her work at the Hotel was no longer satisfying, and the thought of having to go back there, made her stomach turn and her mood gloomy.

The weather in London is always mood lifting’, she thought.

Being a full-time student, little or nothing helped, in her job search. She sat there wondering in an almost pretentious way, that she had the skills, personality and last but not least, she had knowledge and experience. She would never apply for a job, she knew for a fact, she would not be able to be at her best and perform like a pro.

Since she moved to England, she had applied for more than 200+ jobs. Nevertheless, she was determined to make a name for herself.

Unfortunately for her, University was still 1 year from being over and that Paper… She only needs a Diploma. A paper that seems to carry all the evidence of what she already knows.

What a waste of my time’, she whispered while lifting her cup of Tea.

She had by now developed a taste for a milky tea, something unthinkable to her before.

‘Why in the hell would you mix the two of them?’ Never made sense to her and she could not be bother to even try to understand its origins. She enjoyed it now and that was all that matter.

It has been another day at home, in bed, wearing pyjamas and drinking the same tea, made in the same weird milky way, in the same mug she decided as the ‘Lucky one’.

See, that matter here is that she was not your average type of girl.

While most of the young females between 19-25, think about hair, nails, drinking Costa coffees and partying down in Piccadilly with the fresh meat, she would sit and plan her future: Buying her first house, marrying, being a mother and running not only, a great home but a great business. How good that sounded to her only she knew.

‘My Curriculum can’t be that bad! I refuse to believe that know is calling me!’, she walked frenetically back and forward in the room. Than a pause, than a rush, silence, fury and body movement flux.

The room seem to shrink and her heart beat was increasing by the second. She now looked for comfort in her own arms and self-hugging never seemed so appropriate.

It made her feel warm and safe, but lonely and dark.

Her body was now lying there, in the same bed she spent a fair amount of hours procrastinating about the tomorrow. It’s all so tiring, all seems uncertain, all in a blur, like the closing of eyes.

Tomorrow is yet to come. “

Please guys leave feedback :)

Lots of Love Laurean

via La La Rapariga | A funny girl with a bubby personality and a love for all creative things..

La La’s Mid-Week Inspiration: We sat together and together became forever

Hi y’all!

We are almost there! The weekend never seemed so close :)

In case you guys noticed my Post titles, they are bits and pieces of the book I’m writing :)

Anyways, Enjoy your Eye delicatessens for Today!

Lots of Love Laurean X


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Welcome to a new friend: egbuline wisdom


i am a Nigerian student of University College of Entrepreneurship, Accra, Ghana. i am a poet and an HIV/AIDS awareness activist. i am the founder, Wisdom Initiative For Aids Awareness-WIFAA.

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Wedding fever- 300 word story

First of all i want to thank for giving me an opportunity to wrap my words around this picture prompt. So the picture prompt below was provided for anyone to weave a 300 word story from, and here goes mine…


Yesterday was my bachelor party, I had all my friends there; Kelvin, Jake, Jeffrey, Chuks, Henry and the pessimist sadistic George. The party was lively and bustling, my guys had come with their many fling girlfriends, dancing, rocking and real lap-dancing.

George, just as always, kept asking how prepared I was for the marriage, citing instances of men who had fled on their wedding day or called their supposed wives on phone on the eve of the bachelor party, cancelling the wedding because they had cold feet and felt rather unsure about the marriage decision. This really got to me, I have always been fearful about the decision I have taken to marry  Kate, she’s a good woman, but whether or not that was enough is what keeps me scared.

So today is the wedding day, Kelvin, as my best man made sure I was well dressed up and ready for the event. Just as I was about to step into the car, I felt a stomach upset rising, must have been out of nervousness. I rushed to the convenience, followed by Kelvin and the other men. After that, I wasn’t still relaxed so I narrated my situation to the guys and Kelvin suggested they lay hands on me so that we can pray and hand over everything to God. By then, we were about 2hours behind schedule; people were already calling to know where I was.

“I’ve been so worried darling” that was Kate, immediately we arrived at the church, looking weak and with a face that showed she had cried. I hugged her warmly.

“We were scared something had gone wrong, so the bridesmaids surrounded me and we held hands in prayers”. “I love you baby” I said to her as I kissed her forehead, feeling sure.

Do you think you can weave a 300 word story off this picture prompt? if yes, please do, and please post a link of your story here, so that i can read what you made of the picture prompt.

The Nigerian case

Waking up this morning, burdened by thoughts of Nigeria, that place we call home, made an abattoir of hopes and structural humanity. That place we call home, the greedy man’s haven, the wicked man’s meat. I tried to look into Nigeria’s future as I looked through my window, far into oblivion. I realized that the place we call home has turned to the valley in which our dreams perish in the pool of corruption, unemployment, abject poverty, and incessant University strike actions, turning Universities into a factory that produces sub-standard graduates. In one of the universities, it was reported that a graduate once came to collect her certificate, she was required to write “Original copy collected by me” to confirm that she was really the recipient of the certificate, but to the utter amazement of everybody present, she didn’t know how to write “original copy collected by me”-a University graduate.

Nigeria is a country in the West of the African continent, with a population of about 174million which places it at the 7th position in the most populous countries of the world. Having 36 states, and over 500 ethnic groups which include; nupe, igbo, hausa, igala, ijaw, oron,itsekiri, youruba etc. Nigeria is one of the most multi-cultured countries in the world. Religion in Nigeria is divided among the Christians mostly in the south and the Muslims mostly in the north, and a few traditional worshipers.

My position in this article is that of a Nigerian igbo youth, with enough knowledge about Nigeria to inform my decisions when issues of Nigeria arise.

Nigeria, a former colony of the Great Britain, gained independence in 1960. It was christened Nigeria by Flora Shaw who was the fiancé of the then British colonial administrator-Sir Baron Lugard. The Nigerian independence was a fruit of the struggles of some intellectuals in the then colony which included; Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe, Herbert Macaulay, Anthony Enahoro, Joseph Tarka, Murtala Mohammed, Alvan Ikoku, and Aminu Kano. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe was the first president of Nigeria.

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To this new soul


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(to Deborah)

i beheld your fragile figure,

in your fine suiting cot,

kicking and boxing gestures

you made. lending friendship

to a world unbeknownst.

your eyes full of inquisition,

and yet admiration,

at huge wobbling figures.

this tickles your fancy(i think),

lovely tiny smile,

very endearing. more beautiful

than fresh roses.


i held you in my arms,

feeling both luck and pride,

as you gazed still into my face,

deciphering my nature(i think),

new child of an old world,

rekindling joy,

and wiping tears,

bringing momentary peace,

                                 to a world in chaos.

my prayers go with you young soul,

in the voice of my soul,

and the yearn of my ink,

the world is yours,

to live and make right,

for soon, i shall look upon you,

and thank the celestial beings

that i witnessed your coming.


Beyonce Freefall Jumps Off Building In New Zealand!

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Beyonce Freefall Jumps Off Building In New Zealand! PLUS New Blue Ivy Photos

Beyonce embraced her inner daredevil this week by doing a freefall jump off a tower in New Zealand!

The singer is currently on the Australasia leg of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour and while in NZ she signed up to do the adrenaline pumping Auckland Sky Tower jump.

Beyonce posed for a snap in her jumpsuit and harness at the top of the observation ledge before making the brave 192-metre leap off the country’s 328 metre structure. Scary stuff!

See more:!-plus-new-blue-ivy-photos


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Liza Serpova by Asa Tallgard for Elle Russia November 2013


Elle Russia November 2013 issue :

Photographer : Åsa Tällgård


Model : Liza Serpova

Fashion Director : Daria Anichkina

Fashion Assistant : Asya Varetsa

Make-Up : Natalia Vlasova

Hair Stylist : Katarina Kochik

Manicurist : Bela Tsokieva ]

Photo Assistant : Bjorn Weidinger, Pelle Lannefors & Magnus Bergqvist

Production  Anna Bogacheva Bliznyuk



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Chic Bijoux Amethyst colour: Catching up with Si Si Clasic

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Șic și clasic - "Chic & Classic" luxury fine arts, entirely handcrafted, original design

When you have a simple and elegant outfit  and you want to be a little bit chic this necklace design is the best option for something more artistic. Don`t boring when you have the opportunity to impress others, and art can do this very well.

This is a very chic design, in “Chic and classic” style, made it out of hundreds of seed beads of 1,7mm , 2 natural shells, an unique glass cabochon, amethyst and green aventurine fringe.

Entire  worked with czech seed beads, Preciosa Ornela

Price at request.
I ship in each country if this is possible

Bijuterii şic, nuanţe ametist

Când ai o ţinută simplă şi elegantă dar doreşti să fii un pic mai şic acest colier este cea mai bună opţiune pentru ceva mai artistic. Nu plictisi cand ai oportunitatea de a-i impresiona pe alţii iar accesoriile artistice o pot face foarte bine.

Acesta este un…

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Catching up with Muscleheaded: Vintage Hollywood Trick or Treat:vc

Vintage Hollywood Trick or Treat: Nancy Grey


Nancy Grey was an aspiring actress and model in the 1930′s.

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Union Island, Grenadines: Catching up with Toemail


Let’s Geog :Welcome to a new friend: thomas hoather

Geography is always on the move, so let’s catch up with it!


Hello fellow geoggers! If you love geography or would like to know more about this amazing subject then you have come to the right place. ‘Let’s Geog’ was first uploaded in July 2013 and for me is the best example of killing two birds with one stone. When thinking originally about creating a blog my first intentions were to do with education, as I am hoping to expand my subject knowledge before commencing a Geography degree at University, however I then also realised that I love to write, especially creatively (one of my small plays was performed in the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester this year) and I thought that if I created a blog then I can channel my creativity with my love for geography, so ‘Let’s Geog’ was born.

More about me – My name is Thomas Hoather and I am currently 17 years old but will turn 18 in May next year, 19 the May after that and you get the picture.  I grew up in Winsford in Cheshire and I go to Knutsford Academy sixth form. I studied five AS levels and I’m awaiting the results, nails bitten to the quick. I chose Geography, History Conflict, Maths Applied, Psychology and English Language. I decided that I wanted to take Geography on to degree level for, well, many reasons. One is that I have enjoyed geography lessons since about the age of 11 where I was first properly introduced to it in year 7 (or 6th grade for those American geoggers out there), there are great geography teachers at my school, both current teachers are BA human geographers. I just found the whole subject interesting, especially the idea that humans affect the earth and the earth affects humans. The best example of this is with natural hazards such as avalanches. Avalanches can be caused by human activity (e.g. hiking) but this then impacts the humans on the mountain pass by either killing them or making them homeless (there are many more primary and secondary impacts with natural hazards, but these are the main two) I will explore more in my ongoing posts.

Another reason is that the world is always changing therefore so is geography. Tectonic plates, urbanisation, migration even soil erosion is changing everyday due to many internal and external factors and thus the subject has to change to suit this process. Geographers can now use computer software and mapping that they just didn’t have 15 years ago and that makes me wonder, what will geography hold for us in the next 15 years? Therefore I guess that you could say that I like geography because it’s always evolving, like us.

Thanks for taking your time to read this page and I hope that you stay to enjoy the weekly posts that I will be uploading. Right then, have a nice day and keep on geogging.


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The Burning of Oz

October 20, 2013 By


Hello fellow geoggers! The world is always changing, sometimes for the better, and unfortunately, sometimes for the worst. This can be through earthquakes, landslides and flooding, but one problem that changes a landscape that I just don’t know that much about is Bush Fires. The reason why I’m bringing this topic up is because currently in Australia ‘a state of emergency has been declared in New South Wales as Australian firefighters try to contain the area’s worst bushfires in more than a decade’. I found this on the Sky News website, and you can find the whole article here. So far they report that ‘a total of 208 homes have been destroyed, another 122 have been damaged, and there has been at least one death’, but how do bush fires start? And why isn’t it a problem here in the UK? Well these were the types of questions that came to mind when I read the article, therefore I decided to go and find out some more information about Bush Fires

Firstly it’s important to take into account Australia’s climate. Australia as a country is hot, dry and prone to drought, thus creating the perfect climate for wildfires to not only start, but to spread uncontrollably as well. However this is only the bones of the Bush Fire body, there are plenty of other factors to complete it. More specifically to Australia, there are what is known as ‘the five seasons’ which reflects the continent’s different weather patterns and how it affects different areas of Australia at different times of the year. For most of southern Australia, the danger period is summer and autumn, however for the area that is being affected in the Sky News article (New South Wales), the peak risk usually occurs in spring and early summer, therefore it isn’t surprising that there are bush fires happening now in New South Wales. Looking at factors more specifically, it is documented that Bush fires tend to occur when light and heavy fuel loads in Eucalyptus forests have dried out, usually following periods of low rainfall. And due to the type of season that New South Wales are currently in, this could well be a factor to the current Bush fire problem.

What the frack?

September 24, 2013 By


Hello fellow geoggers! Recently there has been a big debate stirring around about the use of fracking here in the UK, and I wanted to find out more. In basic terms fracking is where you force liquid into rocks in the earth to force it to crack open and release oil and/or shale gas, and with the talk of riches for Lancashire under the ground I thought that I would ‘dig deeper’.

Just to let you geoggers know, almost everything that I talk about in this post has it’s source linked with it, so you can find out more if you find it necessary.

The UK has significant shale gas resources. The North of England is estimated to have 1,300 trillion cubic feet of gas in one place.
Britain would be making a big mistake if it ruled out fracking for natural gas on environmental grounds, David Cameron has said, adding that the UK could be “missing out big time” on cheaper energy bills and new jobs because of worries about the impact on the countryside.
Liz Stanton, a Preston resident and Greenpeace supporter, told the Guardian that she was protesting because fracking was not going to bring Lancashire any benefits. “It’s going to bring heavy industrial aggravation, water pollution, and it’s not going to bring the jobs like we’ve been promised.” (you can find out more here)
Campaigners have warned that the drilling could pollute drinking water and scar the landscape. Gas companies in the US have had to compensate residents where fracking practices have damaged the environment. (More on that here)
David Cameron said: “I think we would be making a big mistake as a nation if we did not think hard about how to encourage fracking and cheaper prices right here in the UK.
“If you look at what’s happening in America with the advent of shale gas and fracking, their energy costs in business and their gas prices are half the level of ours.
“Nothing is going to happen in this country unless its environmentally safe. There is no question of having earthquakes and fire coming out of taps and all the rest of it. There will be very clear environmental procedures and certificates you will have to get before you can frack.”
Companies are preparing to start fracking at several sites in Britain, despite a growing protest movement. The technique involves pumping liquids underground at high pressure to split rock and extract gas or oil.
A ban on fracking was lifted by the government last year, after it decided tremors caused by drilling near Blackpool did not mean the technique posed a significant risk of earthquakes.
Pumping water underground at geothermal power plants can lead to dangerous earthquakes even in regions not prone to tremors, according to scientists. They say that quake risk should be factored into decisions about where to site geothermal plants and other drilling rigs where water is pumped underground – for example in shale gas fracking.
Prof Emily Brodsky, who led a study of earthquakes at a geothermal power plant in California, said: “For scientists to make themselves useful in this field we need to be able to tell operators how many gallons of water they can pump into the ground in a particular location and how many earthquakes that will produce.”


How to expand your sales territory without cold calling. | Welcome to a new friend: ian


Helping sales people balance their home and work lives


Hi team.

If you weren’t able to cold call prospects,how would you expand your sales territory?I hope that this is never the case,but what would you do?Listed below are some ideas and tips that will help.

1,Look at the world in terms of  abundance.Look for the advantages in every situation.See how big and plentiful your opportunities are.In short you need to set your inner game to the right setting.

2,Contact all your existing clients.Do a review of their supply needs.What products are you not supplying them that they could purchase from you?Do an audit with the purchasing manager or owner.You will be surprised at the growth that is available.

3,Ask for referrals from your clients.If you are doing a good job you should be getting them anyway.But if you haven’t been asking for them,then do so.

4,Every company has a list of lapsed clients.This is a potential gold mine if you handle it the right way.Ask your accounts dept for a list of lapsed clients for the last 24 months.They may have left for any number of reasons,but you should have all the contact information,and sales history within easy reach.

5,Apply the above steps to your everyday sales  process anyway.Don’t wait for the potential situation to arise,but rather be proactive.

Well team I hope that helps.

Now go and enjoy your life.

via How to expand your sales territory without cold calling. | saleslifecoachingwithian.

Live a life of passion.

Live a life of passion.

Welcome back team.
You have to enjoy what you do,and be passionate about it.
As I found out this week,life can be short.There is absolutely no point in doing a job,or living a life that is unfulfilling and lacks passion.
Find out what you are good at,study,and make yourself your own private project.
At home,enjoy those closest to you.Make them feel special and appreciated.What we send out we receive back in kind.
At the end of your life,be able to say I’m glad I did,rather than I wish I had.
Now go and enjoy your life.


[Terry:  ALMOST makes me want to do sales BUT NOT ENOUGH!]

Author Tom Ufert On The Cutting Edge | Novel Ideas

Author Tom Ufert on the Cutting Edge

Interviewsby nickwale

Sometimes you need to interview an author with something special. As a guy who cut his teeth on interviews, I am always looking for a new way to get a certain somebody to spill their beans. This is Tom Ufert as you have never seen him before. Naked? Almost. Tom was wearing clothes when he sat for this interview– but he really placed himself on show. So… what are we waiting for? Let’s see how Tom Ufert handles cutting edge. Tom at Desk

Q) What makes “Adversity Builds Character” such a special read?

Adversity Builds Character is a special read for its bold, frank, and honest self-reflection of the numerous adversities I’ve faced.  Yet, in the end, I overcame them through the support of a core group of caring individuals and an unshakable faith in God.  That combination gave me a hopeful/positive attitude to NEVER SURRENDER because I saw first-hand from my mom’s struggles how despair whittles away at one’s core self-confidence.  ABC  tells that story, and its sequel, Crossroads To Character, expected to be released in 2014, brings my tale full circle and how it can truly inspire others to lift themselves up.

Q) What makes you the perfect inspirational writer?

After twenty-one years of coping with not just one life altering disability but three that all hit me in the same year, combined with alcohol/drug/sex addictions that I mistakenly used as crutches to deal with my adversities, my impression is that I just may have some inspirational hope to convey.   Any one of these challenges is enough to rattle your mind, much less rock your psychological foundations.  Coping with each, overcoming them all, and maintaining a strong positive mental attitude is no less than miraculous.  Therefore, just maybe, others might garner a glimmer of hope and an enriched perspective to handle their own adversities.

Q) What is inspirational to you?

There are many things that I find inspirational, each one specific to particular moments or experiences in time.  Music, art, quotations, true life stories, etc…have all inspired me at different times.  Therefore, with today’s technological multi-media world, I find using audio/visual/graphic combinations the most potent means of sharing my inspiration to others.   On a personal note, my mom and godmother/grandmother were both the direct inspiration for my writing.  Public figures like Churchill, Ghandi, Golda Meir, Anwar Sadat, Dr. King, Nelson Mandela, former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer all have been political inspirations, and recently, 16-year-old Malala Yousafzai’s voice gives me hope.

Q) A drop of rain falls from the sky—what do you think?

First off, it is one of God’s cleansing tears.   Secondly, it is a further example of life’s miracles on this planet when one considers literally the millions of planetary bodies throughout the universe where water cannot possibly exist.  Yet again, how awesome and miraculous it is to have a SINGLE drop of rain fall through the myriad atmospheric obstacles and bless my day by being detected by me, and me alone.  It’s one of those daily miracles that we are so often too damn busy to notice that reinforces my faith in something greater than myself…coincidences like that can’t be cosmic chances, but maybe are God’s subtle way of touching our lives for the better.

Q) How does a cloudy day make you feel?

Granted, there are times when cloudy days make me feel “blah” and even contribute to an encroaching air of depression.  However, following literally weeks of smouldering heat and dry humid air here in Texas, they are welcomed old friends bearing blessings of comfort and soothing cures for the wretched torments of my body and soul.

Q) What does a bar of chocolate taste like to you?

Most times it tastes like a piece of gut wrenching freeze dried coffee which I cannot stand.  However, white chocolate resurrects cherished childhood memories of joyous Christmas holidays and fond remembrances of my now deceased beloved godmother/grandmother’s homemade Divinity candies.

(“The next part of this is word evaluation- I will say a word and you will say the first thing that comes to mind.” Tom readied himself and nodded- we began.)

Deer – hunter

Jazz – New Orleans

Pig – the book Animal Farm

Memory – the song from Cats

Pat Benatar – the song I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL

Frank – my deceased “adopted” grandfather Frank Bolte and the wonderful times we spent in Perry Square, Erie, Pennsylvania when he played bass trombone for the Stilkowski Concert Band.

John Kerry – dedicated outspoken public servant since his famous speech as a returning Vietnam vet, failed presidential campaign, U.S.Senator, and Secretary of State.

Dreams  – visions of how we wished the world , our lives and people around us would be.

Love – a trembling heart, raspy breath, and churning stomach that all occur when you are in the presence or a cherished memory of someone who changed your life forever.

( “Now we are going to just do a few follow up questions,” I say with a smile. Tom just smiles and readies himself for the next phrase of our interrogation.)

Q) What makes a man happy?

Success, security, stability, family, and tranquility.

Q) What makes a woman happy?

Enduring love, laughter, tears, home, subtle touches, smiles, mementos.

Q) What is character? Those singular qualities that are regularly practiced when no one else is around to notice, but pervade your everyday life in words, acts and deeds.

Q) What makes you Tom Ufert?

A singular notion, that though I am but a small cosmic speck in the grandeur of creation, my life makes a difference, and without me the lives of others would be less colourful and God’s majestic tapestry would be incomplete.  I have a part to play in humanity’s drama, and it is my choice to make it a Greek Tragedy or a historical Academy Award winning lifetime achievement to be pleasurably watched for generations to come.

Q) How does it feel to be alive?

Speaking as a person who has been directly affected by death and the victim a self-inflicted near death experience, I can honestly say, “Life on earth is hell to live through, but it certainly is worth the trip when pondering the alternatives.  I am not proud of everything I’ve ever done, that’s for sure.   But everything that has happened has to me has made me the man I am today and of that I am uniquely proud.”  IT’S GREAT TO BE ALIVE AND I HOPE AND PRAY MY LIFE HAS MADE A DIFFERENCE.


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Writer Unboxed » Three Top-Secret Secrets to Designing Your Own Book Cover

Three Top-Secret Secrets to Designing Your Own Book Cover

Hacks for Hacks








WU Admin note: Enjoy a little humor this Saturday morning.

Whoever said “Don’t judge of book by its cover” probably had a lousy cover designed by some art-school reject he’d never met. How could anyone else know enough about your book to make a cover that does your book justice. You don’t need to shell out big bucks to a graphic designer. I’m’a serve up some hot tips that those fat-cat graphic designers DON’T want you to know about.

Tools of the Trade

If you’re on a budget and don’t know anybody who can pirate you a copy of Photoshop, Microsoft Paint is a perfectly fine program for illustration. Otherwise they wouldn’t install it on every computer.

They say a bad carpenter always blames his tools. The solution to this is to buy tools so good, you can’t screw things up. Instead of having to shell out $700 bucks for a version of Photoshop or Illustrator that will be obsolete in a year-and-a-half, you can now get Adobe’s powerful suite of graphics programs for a mere $50 every month, for the rest of your life (which is totally worth it, since you’ll probably write four, maybe even five books before you die, right?). If you’re on a budget and don’t know anybody who can pirate you a copy of Photoshop, Microsoft Paint is a perfectly fine program for illustration. Otherwise they wouldn’t install it on every computer.

You’ll need some serious processing power to keep up with the advancing graphics technology. Whatever size monitor you have, you’ll need at least one size bigger. Or get a bunch of them, like this guy. This is a good excuse to buy that fancy Alienware laptop you’ve had your eye on. Those things could probably handle a shuttle launch–not to mention some sweet games. You might want a nice headset, and possibly a joystick, too. Wait, what were we talking about?

Effects are In Effect

Now that you’ve got some software, put that high-end computer of yours to work by adding some photo effects. Lens flares are always a good decision, even when your protagonist is indoors. Don’t forget the posterize button, which won’t make your cover look like a poster, but does…well, I don’t really know what you call it, but you should probably do it anyway.

Taking Stock

Can’t draw? Who needs God-given talent and years of practice when you have a whole internet’s worth of random photos at your disposal? Stock photography and clip art are the Dragon Punch and Hurricane Kick in every aspiring designer’s repertoire of moves. You can find stock photos that will evoke pretty much any dramatic situation in your book–and may spark some ideas for how to make your book even better.

Don’t shy away from clip art, either. Sure, everyone’s seen it a thousand times before, but audiences respond to what’s familiar. Remember getting misty-eyed during Don Draper’s nostalgia-laden Kodak Carousel pitch on Mad Men? You can get basically the same effect by using that stick-figure question-mark guy from those unending PowerPoint presentations at work. Clip art has “art” in the title, and they wouldn’t be allowed to call it that if it wasn’t gallery-quality, wine-and-cheese-type stuff.

Show Your Stuff

Did my advice lead you to create the Great American Novel Cover? Of course it did! Show off your creation in the comments section so the entire internet can judge your book by its cover.

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maldives holiday | Welcome to a new friend Island Voyage Maldives Pvt. Ltd.

English: Coat of Arms of the Maldives

English: Coat of Arms of the Maldives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Share’ if you like to invite your friend or partner to hold your hand to walk on this white sandy beach of Maldives.

Visit here for more information and pictures of Maldives – The Sunny Side of Life

White sandy beach of Maldives islands

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Traits of a good student | Welcome to a new Friend: noah zukowski

A day in the Life

A Professional Cynic.

Me and british accents

Most of you don’t know me at all, but every now and then I’ll fall into a British accent.

Odd, considering that I’ve never lived outside of my home in Portsmouth Virginia.

But, allow me to fill you in on why I speak with a fake accent every now and then:

When I was growing up, my mom always read harry potter to me. My mom, always wanting to keep me absorbed, would read all of the books in the accent of the characters, also folding the accent into the character.

I enjoyed the accents so much that I requested that all books be read to me in the harry potter voices.

Eventually, after countless documentaries and BBC movies, I began to associate ALL narrations with a British accent. Every book I read? British. Every book I write? British.

So, if all I think about are books that I read or books that I write, then all of my thoughts are in the voice of a narrator. A British narrator.

And a person tends to speak how they think.

On top of it, the more Dr. Who I watch and Beatles that I listen to, the more British influence I gain as my thoughts are taken over by the UK!

Traits of a good student

             The years spent in school are vital for any person’s life. It accounts for over one sixth of the average American’s lifespan, and is a vital source of the socialization process. Primarily, school’s main purpose is to educate a person to make them better functioning responsible and productive members of society. Although there are many different traits that are necessary to being a good student, the following three are possibly the most vital of them all.

            In order for a student to even begin the learning process, a student must be interested in learning. If they choose to reject new knowledge, or simply refuse to listen to instruction, then they will just not learn. The good student will arrive at school, wide eyed and attent, ready for the day of learning that is sure to come. Not all students will be interested in a particular subject all the time, but, for the most part, the best students are interested in learning new things for the sake of simply learning new things. If they learn just because they enjoy learning, then every day in school can be a pleasurable one, even becoming the favorite part of the day. A student that enjoys learning is also likely to pursue knowledge outside of the classroom, often doing independent study of whatever it is that interests them, often folding in the new knowledge with whatever they learned in class, allowing for more unique ideas to flow forth.

            Tenacity is also important for a good student. Learning can be very difficult, and if a student doesn’t show gumption, then they will be hopelessly lost in school most of the time. Hard work and tenacity will also help them to get through even the most difficult of assignments. A student that exhibits this and nothing else will at the very least be able to get through every assignment that they are given, regardless of how much they actually know. With enough will power and hard work, a good student can get anywhere they need to.

            The third trait a student should have is a respectful and upbeat attitude. They should act positively and respectfully not only to their teachers, but also to other students and staff members. To show a good attitude in school not only makes things more pleasant for the student, but it makes things substantially easier on everyone around them. To take everything in school in stride, nothing to worry about, a student will seemingly breeze through challenge they face, with their teachers enjoying just the fact that this member of the student body is in their class smiling and ready to listen to instruction.

            If a student exhibits all three of these traits, it can almost always be assured that they will complete all levels of school that they are put into, but will also be successful elsewhere in life. A good student isn’t just that; a good student is a well-rounded individual in most aspects of his or her life, ready to tackle any challenge they face. This facetious individual will go far in their social life, educational life, and eventually their careers as well. School teaches us much more than reading writing and arithmetic; school prepares us for the real world in more ways than one could assume. And if one wants to enjoy the successes that come from higher levels of education, it is imperative for them to exhibit these key traits for success.

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Equal Ouportunity

I had been talking to this girl in my english class for a week. i started to like her and whatever cuz she was really nice and really cute. but today, she really said something that made me mad.

“I won’t date non christians.”

This shit.

On the list of things that will make me mad, that’s gotta be at the top of the list. why? because there’s plenty of reasons not to like me already. don’t make reasons that make no sense.
The part that makes me mad about that is that as an atheist i don’t care what religion you are. people should judge others based on what they do and why they do things. not on who they beleive or don’t beleive in. I can date christians no problem, as long as they don’t force me to convert or anything. honestly, i’m probably better at being  ”christian” than most christians are. Diffrence is that i choose to do right because it’s good. not because it’s punished if i choose not to. I do whatever i please, without fear of retribution or consequences. so, i may not be the most tactful person on earth, but at the same time im still actively a good person.
Call it chaotic good. like han solo in ep IV.
So, it goes like this: it’s her loss. Im far from perfect, but honestly im still better than most. But in the end, i have about 300 more hours here. 300 more hours of dealing with this mess. and 300 more hours untill i can finally get out of here and on to people that hopefully aren’t so small minded.



I’m here to expose true talent| Welcome to a new friend: realtalented

Hello all my name is Cleveland

Im a Chicago native. This is my first time on a blog as well as sharing my work. My work speaks for itself, its a collection of life instances and life experiences, the transition from boy to man. I hope you all get a chance to follow real talent and please give honest feedback….if there’s any questions please don’t hesitate to ask email:

[Terry:  Well, as opposed to most people who say they’re talented–realtalented is.]

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Un Apologetic

Un Apologetic

I’m unapologetic for the things I was born with
for the bad luck and trouble that persist
truthfully it made me better may I insist
had to change my life, this writing is a helpful assist
vague resemblance of a writer exists
it’s powerful how i can control words with just a flick of my wrist
I’m unapologetic for this book’s cover
they never told u it’s not good to judge others?
tired of nay sayers, haters, and blood suckers
u don’t appeal to me, you’re not real to me because it’s your life that suffers
my life is a clutter
but I’m finally straightening things up, where’s my swiffer duster
I’m unapologetic for my addiction to beautiful faces
and it’s true I love all races
because honestly I look for the angel that traces
I consume their auras just to get wasted
but nervous to approach them like they were sacred
with so many heavenly creatures I’m faded
I’m unapologetic for being elevated
how 420 is so regularly celebrated
ok maybe that’s a little exaggerated
I might be considered a pothead but I’m well educated
those euphoric buds really have me infatuated
got tired of people trying to school me, so I graduated
the person I’ve become is poetic
a little pathetic but u have to respect it
I am who I am, I’m unapologetic

John and Silent Rob

This is a video we did a few months back. It’s an introduction to our live, random, improv show where we pick a topic and ask random people. This 100% unscripted and unrehearsed show will soon be on youtube filling your day with laughter and knowledge so stay tuned. Can u guess which one is Silent Rob?….Shout out to Mr. John Hill and the Wildbeats Team


I’m in outer space feeling like I’m out of space about to space out my pace to this race is untraceable I’m a real and honest dude there’s an endangered few my ish isn’t kosher but shouldn’t matter unless you’re a jew I’m immaculate in your view that triangle face will rack up your crew for that eight ball as soon as I give the cue talent stuck to me like glue u can try to body this but my bite resembles a hippopotamus when I get hungry them dots connect four in your chest and I’m not going to be sorry because u should have gotten a clue I apologize for my tourette’s I’m just warning u I do it all I’m versatile not that social though so when people see me they say we never heard of u that’s cool what happened to them good old days I wish I had my childhood back I like my life was reversible the lyrical ammunition I hold can leave u topless like a convertible so maybe with more views I can someday become your idol and if not then I’m going to call u a pawn because if u come at me wrong you’re clearly suicidal see this is very vital for those with a one track mind like a unicycle I’m cold like AK I spit glaciers like the rifle I’m sometime spiteful my company is delightful its nothing I can’t write to

For J.R. | Poesy plus Polemics

Livingston NJ Police Officer Badge

Livingston NJ
Police Officer Badge

(My first attempt at the tanka form)

my son wears the badge

lives the honor of service

no less than the day

he raced off to ground zero

or sailed into Desert Storm

via For J.R. | Poesy plus Polemics.

[Terry:  I’ll bet 10 bucks that no one in the Livingston NJ Police Department has EVER had a tanka written about them before. They may have lifted a coupla tankas…]

The Thunderball Cafe

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Ron Scubadiver's Wild Life

8 Photos in This Gallery

The Thunderball Cafe is now closed.  It took its name from a James Bond movie and was located on Staniel Cay in the Exuma chain of the Bahamas.  That day I also visited a beach with a large population of lizzards.

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Winter Cometh to Chicago, Travel Company Beginith | GO FOR IT!!!! Generation Passport



Centro– Cartagena, Colombia, October 2013

So, I’m back home from Colombia.  I have a post or two I’ll do on my ten-day visit to Colombia.  Right now though, I am focused on starting my travel company.  This is not going to be easy, as I discovered last night.  But I have faith in myself, my ideas and the international community I have built here.

I was bummed out about coming back home to Chicago. The winter chill is definitely in the air now and it is getting cold.  I am reminded, after seeing my homeless friend last night eating from a branch of a tree, that I have a home.

I tried selling my travel trips last night just briefly.  I got shot down by a few people, when I asked them if they wanted to go to Colombia.  I have never received such passionate “No ways” from people.  One guy even said that was a weird question–asking him if he wanted to go to Colombia.  I explained I was trying to start a travel company, even then he said it was a weird question.  The girl next to him, (who I had already met five times previously) pretended she didn’t know me and her answer was a passionate “No.”  The stuffy Anglo-Victorian vibe is apparently alive and well in this historically WASP town.

I find it pretty ironic that all of these people live within the shadow of one of the biggest international airports in the world, and have such a weird time understanding that the world is a lot larger than a suburb with wealth and homeless people in the woods.  Not that they are wealthy, but the fact that travel is such a taboo here to anywhere other than little mini-Americas, is a little strange.

I met a few people who liked the idea and had enough resources and such to go, but they have children, obligations and not enough time.  I can understand this rationale.  One guy suggested I try marketing to families.  I’d argue that families could come with, as long as they could pull their weight.  as in, the kids could pull their own bags.  Maybe not the best marketing strategy.

On Monday, I have the day off of work and I’m going to try to promote my company at the train station.  I’m bound to think that when some people feel the winter chill, and I’m offering a reasonable escape to Colombia this winter, my idea will catch on.  Besides the cocaine taboo of Colombia, there is still the “Aren’t they going to kidnap and kill you there?” fear.  Why?  Because I bring tourism and money into their economies from wealthier countries?


Those Colombians made me Arroz con Camarones y Juego fresco..  Tienes miedo?

I had another person tell me that some American tourist had their head bashed-in in Turkey, as if all Muslims stand in the middle of the street and chant incoherent rants at Americans all day (like that Argo movie I saw on the plane back from Colombia).  Maybe someone did have their head bashed-in in Turkey, but I know for a fact, that a little child got shot in the head a few blocks away from my over-priced Chicago apartment when I lived in the city a few years back.  Bad things happen everywhere, but you shouldn’t run from fears that don’t exist.


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$100 Dollar Bill !! | Christian Spook

A 1922 hundred-dollar Gold Certificate

A 1922 hundred-dollar Gold Certificate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

$100 Dollar Bill !!

[terry: Yup and if you fold a $1 bill the right way, George Washington turns into a MUSHROOM.)


A video blogger claims that there are hidden messages in the new $100 dollar bill which warn of future nuclear devastation in the United States.

Back in 2002, it emerged that when a $20 dollar bill was folded in a certain way it revealed images that resembled the 9/11 attacks, a story that caused quite a stir at the time since the notes were issued three years beforehand in 1998.

Are the hidden images in the new $100 bill a chilling prophecy of future events, or just another example of how people are obsessed with doomsday fantasies that require a huge leap in imagination and logic to believe?…

A video blogger claims that there are hidden messages in the new $100 dollar bill which warn of future nuclear devastation in the United States.

Back in 2002, it emerged that when a $20 dollar bill was folded in a certain way it revealed images that resembled the 9/11 attacks, a story that caused quite a stir at the time since the notes were issued three years beforehand in 1998.

Are the hidden images in the new $100 bill a chilling prophecy of future events, or just another example of how people are obsessed with doomsday fantasies that require a huge leap in imagination and logic to believe?…

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The stormy sea |Catching up with johncoyote

The stormy sea

The Pacific

The Stormy Sea

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


When dreams die. We have no reason or purpose. Need to keep hope and love alive.


The stormy sea

The beauty of the Monterey bay.
Leave us feeling peaceful and thankful.

The Poets read at the Pacific Grove coffee shop tonight.
The 20 or so people enjoy hearing the words of the Poet’s
willing to share their words.

Six Poets old and young after the reading share some wine
and beer on the cliffs of Pacific Groves.

The cliffs are amazing.
Can see for miles the powerful Pacific ocean.
In the daytime.
Whales swim by in the distance.

I’m 34 years old.
I feel like a century in age.
Young girl sit at my feet.
She read poetry of suicide and cutting.
I read my poetry of my brothers.
killed by their own hands.

She is holding my hand.
Tells me life has become a useless journey.
25 years old.
Condemn to sadness and destitute by bad decisions.

I try to dilute her pain and affliction with stories
of possibilities and a new day.

We walk the beach of Monterey.
We watch the waves dance upon the shore.
The melody of the breezes whisper secrets of
Lovers who walk before us.

Only the ocean and the moon know the secret of
passion and sadness hidden safely.

I watch her run into the cold ocean water.
Her red silk dress and bare feet.
Her long brown hair flowing in the wind.
So beautiful.

She ask me.
Her blue eyes searching my eyes.
Would you stay with me? Then smiles.
I wrote a poem for you.

Open the door to my heart.
Night has fallen.
Let’s ascend slowly.
Dance with me under the
Monterey moon.

Let’s remove the barricade
of disappointment.
Even if we are just
a mirage.
Please entice my heart to
come alive.

I tell her.
I blunder and betrays many in the emotion of love.
You are exquisite and so beautiful.
Your kiss would be a elixir to open my heart.

She smile and pull me up.
She bring her warm body against me.
We dance the waltz of dreams and hope.
The music of the waves are our orchestral.
The wind whisper a sweet love song.

She begin with gentle and sweet kiss.
Her body tremble with fear as her wall of
fear begin to fall apart.
Longer and sweeter kisses lead us to opening
new dreams.

The light of morning.
Two strangers. Now friends.
Open new doors to emotion and love.

Her eyes are bright and hopeful.
She ask me is it too late to know love?
To swim in the real passion and desire?

I smile and bring her close.
I tell her.
We must rise from the ash and asphalt.

I have tasted your sweet lips.
Now neither night or sleep will keep me
from trying to bring joy and laughter into your life.

She smile and told me “My sweet and sad Poet.

I want your dreams to  flourish to hope

and great possibility.”

I whisper.
Love take time and kindness.

1 August 2009

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