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Warren Shufelt and the Lizard People

A hidden labyrinth, containing the riches and history of a lost civilization, dating back 5000 years — could this treasure really be buried under the city of Los Angeles ?


Los Angeles has always been a strange place.

It’s not just the whole Hollywood scene that makes it that way, either.

If you believe the story of G. Warren Shufelt, it’s much, much weirder than anyone of us would believe.

In 1933, G. Warren Shufelt was just a run of the mill Los Angeles mining engineer searching the area for gold or oil with which to make his fortunes.

For this purpose, he had developed a ‘radio x-ray’ device, that could penetrate the ground and locate minerals and subterranean features.

He claimed that it worked using a principle of ‘emanations and gravitational factors’ upon matter which influenced the pendulum — he claimed to be able to trace someone by a single hair strand using it.

The gizmo was described in the Los Angeles Times this way:

” Shufelt’s radio device consists chiefly of a cylindrical glass case inside which a plummet attached to a copper wire held by the engineer sways continually, pointing, he asserts, toward minerals or tunnels below the surface of the ground, and then revolves when over the mineral or swings in prolongation of the tunnel when above the excavation. “

Now, to you, perhaps that thing sounds less like a radio xray device, and more like a dowsing device — well, boy, do you have a suspicious mind.

Because despite the lack of anything in the device even remotely like radio, or x-rays, Shufelt insisted that the magic box could, indeed, find all sorts of neat stuff, if he could just use it to scan the city….

The city fathers decided to let him have at it.

So he did…. he charted almost the entire downtown area using his device.

After several months work, he announced the amazing results of his survey:

He said he had found underground labyrinths spread out all over the city ( I should say — ‘under the city’ ) and GOLD — a whole mess of it.

“My radio x-ray pictures of tunnels and rooms, which are subsurface voids, and of gold pictures with perfect corners, sides and ends, are scientific proof of their existence,” Shufelt said.

Wow.. that really musta been advanced technology.

Who’s expect a weight attached to a copper string to be able to do all that?

All he needed to do was go get it.

There was, of course, a small problem.

Actually, two small problems.

One problem was that — very inconsiderately– somebody had built a rather large city right on top of Shufelt’s treasure.


It seems that the areas of real interest, as far as gold was concerned anyway, ran from Mount Washington to the LA Public Library, from Hill Street east to Spring Street , from Sunset to Broadway, and from Santa Monica, all the way to Pasadena.

There was a lotta things in the way, like buildings, cars, people and stuff.

Shufelt figured a way around that, though.

He would drill a shaft down into the ground over one of the gold stashes, and once he hit pay dirt, he’d show the city council he was right, and they’d be more than happy to move the city and share in the loot.

Problem one solved.

Problem two was a bit more….. well…, complicated .

You see, problem two was that the gold didn’t belong to him.

Those underground tunnels that he located with his radio x-ray gizmo weren’t built by the city , and the city didn’t know anything about any large deposits of refined gold, either.

Obviously they were put there — by who– I mean, …. whom ?

Nope, not whom , neither.

What .

You see, while Shufelt had been surveying the city, he met a guy who said he was a Hopi Indian, and called himself Little Chief Greenleaf.

And the Little Chief told Shufelt how the underground rooms, tunnels, and gold got there.

It seems that about 5000 years ago, there was this race of “Lizard People” living in LA at the time…

They had used a special chemical technology that would bore the tunnels without the necessity of digging, and had laid their underground city out in the shape of a lizard.

There had been 1000 Lizard People families altogther, and they had taken shelter in the caverns during a “great catastrophe” – described by Greenleaf as a huge tongue of fire, emanating “out of the Southwest, which threatened to destroy all life in it’s path“.

They had stashed their personal belongings in the underground labyrinths, and recorded all their history and technology onto large golden plates– 4 feet long by 14 inches wide.

The problem for Shufelt, of course, was that they were supposed to come back for it one day, and they’d be very disappointed if somebody made off with their goodies in the meantime.

Still, Little Chief reckoned, there wouldn’t be any harm just looking at the stuff, ya know….

4So, Shufelt and Chief Greenleaf obtained a vacant lot at 518 North Hill Street- directly above one of the larger caches, and applied for a permit to dig.

In exchange for 50% of everything recovered there, the city gave them permission to sink a shaft 50 feet deep.

And dig they did.

They got to fifty feet pretty quickly, but found nothing.

They went back to the city and got a permit for a deeper hole, and dug some more.

They got to 250 feet, and water started pouring into the hole.

They had reached the water table… and still no sign of the lizard king and his treasure.

At least that we, or the city of Los Angeles, is aware of , anyway.

In March, 1934, the dig was suddenly discontinued, the site abandoned, and the hole filled in.

No more was heard of the fabulous lost city, the gold, the Lizard People, or Shufelt.

Asked about it in 1947, the head of the LA Chamber of Commerce replied:

It is quite possible, of course, that the supposed labyrinth really exists. But in view of the fact that the overlaying area is the immediate Civic Center area where an important building program is to be carried out, including federal, state, and city building, there is little probability of any further excavations.

From time to time, interest in the tunnels –

… yes, there are tunnels under LA, called the “Banning Tunnels” after a mansion that sat near there in the 1880′s –

and the whole “Lizard People” myth is revived, but nothing of value as been so far found.

Several writers have suggested that the Shufelt story is the basis of the more recent malarkey of a reptilean conspiracy secretly running the government….

If so, then at least one person- author David Icke– has profited from Little Chief Green Leaf’s Lizard People legend.

But then, as my Irish Uncle Tommy used to say:

Spin a good yarn, and they’ll follow you home every time “.

And he knew a good bit about the blarney, himself.


Cheers !!!

via Warren Shufelt and the Lizard People | muscleheaded.


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