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Grow up proper

Hello dearly beloved,

My name is Daniel and this is my blog.

As the name might suggest this blog is dedicated to properly growing up, but worry not, this is not a blog for children (the subjects are very much mature). The reason why I dedicate this blog to growing up is that, after 21 years of life and 3 years of personal development it has become my understanding that many people get big, but they don’t grow. In our society children are raised by bigger children and become big babies themselves.

I remember, when I was a child, looking at the adults around me and being unable to find a single person who has accomplished anything they considered to be meaningful in their lives. It occurred to me that their biggest feat was having children (and before that marriage). Young people made it a purpose of their lives to find a spouse and once they found him or her they got married.

And then they no longer had a purpose so they made a child and lived their lives for the sake of that child’s well-being. These decisions were not theirs. The motivation for these decisions was simply that this is the path everybody else takes. I couldn’t help but notice how unhappy they were, how much they longed for their wasted past.

I realized at a rather young age that if each and every parent sacrificed their dreams and ambitions for the sake of their children then no child of man would ever achieve his dreams. It had occurred to me that, if I followed my parents’ example, I would be throwing myself in the misery of regret and condemning my own children to a similar path.

In my quest to change my life situation I realized that such a feat may only be achieved by changing oneself. You cannot flip a switch and change your life, but you can change yourself and your life will change accordingly.

In order to change myself I first had to understand myself. So I started analyzing how I thought, how I felt, how I spoke, how I walked, how I dressed, how I reacted to others, how I lived my days.

The more I understood myself the more I realized I needed to change and to this day I am still on the path of growth. I have made it my purpose in life to continuously grow and develop until the day I die.

It is my belief that anything you could possibly desire out of life you can obtain if you dedicate yourself to growing up little by little, day by day.

It is obvious that one can become a millionaire if he dedicates the 40+ years of his adult life towards building wealth!

It is obvious to me that one can become a champion at anything if he dedicates enough time and energy to said endeavor!

It is blatantly obvious that in the 40+ years of our adult lives we can achieve any feat that any man has ever achieved before (for the simple reason that another man has achieved that same feat in the 40+ years of his adult life and we, ourselves are men)!

We are only limited by our imagination and our willingness to grow.

This blog is designed to help you understand the inner workings of your mind to help you begin your journey.

If you you wish to contact me you can do so by commenting on one of the posts or by emailing me at

I shall be posting an article on the Wednesday of every week from this moment on. The main topic shall be personal development, though I may veer off course.

This is an experimental blog; some of the content might be modified or erased over time if I see proper reason.

The real blog will take shape once I have created sufficient material to do so.

I wish you good luck on your journey, may fortune be on your side. Just remember that good luck and fortune are always on the side of those who grow through life.

And those who don’t are crushed by fear.

via Grow up proper | A raw view on life.

What do you know?

14 year olds know everything. Don’t believe me? Ask them a question, any question. They will give you the right answer. You might think its wrong, but don’t try to argue with them. They know its right. They know everything (or so they think).

This is true for teenagers who just hit puberty, but what about the rest of us?  How much do we know?

As we grow up the world makes us realize just how little knowledge we have, just how limited our understanding is. We do our best to learn as much as possible, but we can never know it all. We don’t have enough time and that’s a problem.

It’s a problem because we can never learn everything we want to know in just one lifetime. Life is a videogame too big to fully explore, too long to reach the top level.

In our struggle to understand the rules of this game we inevitably make mistakes. In order to conserve time and energy we place instant judgment on people, on places, on everything. This judgment often turns out wrong.

If an animal needs more than a split second to distinguish between friend and foe, between danger and safety, it will not live long.

Similarly we have this habit of making instant decisions, a habit which is often not in our best interest. We all think, on some level, that we can tell a person’s personality just by looking at them. We have a tendency to believe that our first answer is always the right one. We are often superficial in our assessments and this leads to errors, huge errors.

If we would take a minute to analyze our info from time to time this would not be a problem; but, most of us just take it as it is, no questions asked.

There are 2 ways through which we get our info.

Much More Click Here

How to avoid procrastination

The reason why this article is titled how to avoid procrastination and not how to escape it is because escaping (for short periods of time) is easy and it happens all the time. We all feel inspired to break out of our routines from time to time. And if we can maintain a state were we consciously take action again and again we’ll never have to worry about procrastination. But how do we avoid falling back into the rubbl

First of all what is procrastination?

Procrastination is the act of replacing high priority actions and tasks with low priority ones. It is the act of watching television when your exams are 3 days away. It is the act of sitting on your computer instead of going out and socializing.

In order to avoid procrastination we must first understand how it works. Why do we procrastinate?

The number 1 reason for procrastination is letting yourself work on autopilot. Being on autopilot is based on feelings. Let your feelings make your decisions for you and what you’ll have is your daily routine.

Let’s say (to oversimplify things) that your daily routine is: wake up, eat, take a dump, go back to sleep. Let’s say that you kept to this routine for the past 10 year. You have mastered this routine, you are the master of wake up, eat, take a dump, go back to sleep. It does not require any forethought; it’s on complete autopilot which makes it energy efficient. This routine has kept you alive for the past 10 years. So your body rationalizes that if you keep this routine up you will keep on living. That’s what your body and most of your mind wants: for you to live as long as possible and spread your DNA. So unless a chick walks into your life it will not give you any incentive to break the habit loop. Just keep on living and wait for your chance to spread (basic survival).



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