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Start Gaining Momentum — Welcome to a new friend – Ludvig Sunstrom

Step up!

This blog is about:

Striving for excellence through means of healthy living, philosophy and by learning through first-hand experience.

A recurring theme of the blog is to become smarter, stronger, healthier as well as improving one’s understanding and intelligence. Basically becoming better and improving in all areas of life by focusing on doing positive things every day because it adds up cumulatively in the long-term.  Another recurring theme is deciphering what success is and the mindsets of people who are successful in different areas of life. Consistently exercising willpower, focus, and building work ethic are big topics too.

About me:

I’m young guy who’s interested in self-development, personal excellence and living a spectacular life. Through this blog I convey different mindsets and paradigms that I find interesting and helpful in order to make personal progress. I believe there are universal principles and laws that govern success in all areas of life and I am intrigued by these.

In a lot of posts I have excerpts from material, mostly books, that I found inspiring or cool.

It is my hope and intention that this blog helps inspire and shorten the learning curve for readers with interests similar to mine.

Here are a few creeds that I try to model my life after:

  • Experiment with things for a set amount of time before quitting and analyze the results afterwards.
  • Challenge yourself and expand your comfort zone continually.
  • Trust in the process and enjoy the journey you’ve chosen to undertake.
  • Be your own guru, think for yourself instead of regurgitating other people’s opinions and thoughts. Learn through first-hand experiences and by trial and error, not by reading or listening to what other people tell you.
  • Pit conflicting paradigms against each other and go through cognitive dissonance until you find a synthesis.

I write on average at least one post per week.

Hey, I am Ludvig!

My blog, StartGainingMomentum is where I share insights, rants, and interesting information related to personal development and stepping up.

Power returns to the person when rewards are no longer relegated to outside forces.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

via My List of Interesting Movies « StartGainingMomentum.

Make a Lasting Decision

lasting decisions

Positive feedback loop of the PFC:

(Note that this positive feedback loop is accurate for almost anything related to reference experiences and creating an upward spiral, but in this case the PFC is the dominant object.)

To make a lasting decision is an excellent everyday tool for activating the PFC and holding your focus on something for a sustained amount of time.

It starts with the decision to do something no matter what. It does not much matter what it is that you choose as long as you stick to it. The important thing is to make it very clear to your brain that this is a serious commitment.

This thing is going to be accomplished come hell or high water – there is no plan B or quitting. Once you have made the decision you are past the point of no return and must do everything within your power to make it happen.

Some Examples

You might decide to finish reading a book before allowing yourself to go to bed, writing a set amount of words for your paper before allowing yourself to quit, or abstaining from food for an entire day.

Let’s say you make the lasting decision of abstaining from food for a day. It’s going to be easy for the first part of the day and you will have no trouble remaining focused on following through on the decision. Then during the second part you will face massive negative feedback from your body and mind telling you to quit and give into its urges. The (hormonal) urges feel so real that you begin to doubt your abilities to make it through.

Logically you know that if you choose to eat something it is going to hurt your integrity and you will suffer in the long-term. This is the decisive moment in which your mettle is tested. Will you be overcome by your urges for instant gratification and perhaps fall into unconscious autopilot, or will you persevere through it and build integrity?

Such is the daily process of personal development.

The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me [compared to normal people] is I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill.

I will not be out-worked, period. You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me, you might be all of those things you got it on me in nine categories. But if we get on the treadmill together, there’s two things: You’re getting off first, or I’m going to die. It’s really that simple, right?
You’re not going to out-work me. It’s such a simple, basic concept. The guy who is willing to hustle the most is going to be the guy that just gets that loose ball. The majority of people who aren’t getting the places they want or aren’t achieving the things that they want in this business aren’t working hard enough.

It is strictly based on hustle. It’s strictly based on being out-worked; it’s strictly based on missing crucial opportunities. I say all the time if you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready.



IF Part 3 – My Take on Caffeine, Bulletproof Coffee, and Longer Periods of Fasting


In the previous parts 1 & 2 I covered the most popularly used types of IFing, and described the various benefits of doing so. This post is about my own brief commentary on IF and personal input on the subject.

My Routine

My personal IF routine that isn’t officially made famous as far as I know of – is as follows:

– Very much like the Leangains approach in terms of getting more calories from carbs on days of workouts, and more calories from healthy fats on rest days. I consume on average 2g of protein per kilo of bodyweight, as mentioned here. (This amount can vary from person to person, different people have different genetic potential for successful assimilation of protein. Largely dependent on overall gut-related health. If you get gassy or bloated from your protein powder or from eating too much protein in general chances are you’re getting too much)

– Daily feeding gap of 8 hours and fasting period for 16 hours, with the exception of a 2-day fast (usually 48h) from sunday dinner to tuesday dinner, finished by a workout and massive meal. I always consume the majority of my calories post-workout.

– During this 2 day fast I usually consume L-glutamin, and sometimes coconut oil. Not because I can’t manage otherwise, but because they are good for promoting gut health, something I’ve had issues with due to candida. Intense exercise following a 48 hour fast is not something most “gurus” promote, but I have found that this 2 day fast is vastly superior to the normal IF that I did for roughly a year prior to coming up with my own method.

– My morning routine usually consists of L-glutamin, and perhaps coconut oil, followed by coffee or tea as I read/work/go to the gym.

On Leangains & Caffeine

I agree with most things Martin Berkhan says, but not with  his positive recommendation of consuming or overconsumption of caffeine as it breaks down magnesium which helps you relax. Caffeine also stimulates the pituitary gland and increases cortisol, and lowers melatonin that you need for sleep and relaxation.  Long-term consumption MAY lead to overstimulating your adrenal glands.


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It’s a Number One World: Randy Massey vs Cliff Roberts | Novel Ideas

Roberts needs no introduction. His novel “Reprisal: The Eagle Rises” has been one of the fastest selling books of the year. In one week, he went from just another author to one of the bestselling authors of the year.

2013 will be known as the year of Cliff Roberts…

Randy Massey is another author who knows all about good fortune. His book “Summoner” has been at the top of the Goodreads lists for a long, long time. He puts his enduring popularity down to God, and I think he may just be right!

Nick: Afternoon, guys!

Randy: Good afternoon, Nick; and nice to meet you, Cliff!

Cliff: Good afternoon, Randy! I’ve seen you posting on Facebook, but it’s nice to finally meet, well, sort of meet.

Nick: Okay, Cliff. Let me ask you something. What, in your opinion, makes a bestseller?

Cliff: Nick, you need two things, I think. Number one, you have to write about a subject that people are interested in, and I mean lots of people. Secondly, you have to make sure the story draws a reaction from the reader. Ideally, it will cause the reader to experience a full range of emotions.

Nick: It’s all in the emotions the reader experiences?

Cliff: Exactly.

Nick: Randy, how do you feel a bestseller is born?

Randy: My thoughts are that it must come from the heart, no matter what genre you write in. Speaking from the heart and with the passion for your topic filling the pages will in turn draw the readers into the story. For them to spread the word about your work they must feel as if they lived it, breathed it, even died in it.

Nick: Interesting. Cliff, when you first sit down to write, what’s going on in your mind?

Cliff: Let me just state that I really like Randy’s answer. He struck a hole-in-one. As to what I do with my own writing, I don’t do outlines or anything close it. I start with an idea, and I write down the general idea at the top of the page and then just start right in with the prologue. I tried starting with what I thought would be a pivotal point, but I found I write better if I write chronologically. I tend to let the story lead me where it wants to go.

Nick: Where do your ideas come from, Randy?

For more click here It’s a Number One World: Randy Massey vs Cliff Roberts | Novel Ideas.

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Welcome to a new friend: Isabel Burt

Novels of fantasy and flight

Let’s escape together!

Isabel Burt is a children’s author currently writing novels of the fantasy genre. Having begun to write at the age of six, she took a forty year break to be sure of the publishing climate. As it is currently in turmoil; with children’s fantasy being the most difficult area to enter, she decided it was an excellent time to return to her first passion.

To use my blog – FOR MY READERS – posts are meant for my readers (!)

As I write for older children and young adults – that is to whom I speak.

But of course parents might find them first – so please feel free to read and share with your parents!

To fly into the world of words; a world of limitless imagination and excitement…

Let’s escape together!

About | Novels of fantasy and flight.


Species Of The Old World

The characters that you will soon begin to meet belong to one of eleven different ‘species’ of the Old World, represented by these symbols.


Felicity Penfold, a girl of 14, finds herself mysteriously deposited into an alternative world. In the misty opening scene she links up with Reuben, an ‘Orion’ embarking upon a quest in which it seems Felicity is prophetically implicated.

This ‘Old World’ is in a state of impending crisis. Its entire ethos was one of balance; this has been irrevocably altered by the illegal birth of a new species, called ‘Toxics’. Each plant or beast has an ‘enharmonic’ which is its counter-species balance. The Toxics had none. Their exclusion over the years has led to them becoming bitter and by the time of Felicity’s arrival, very dangerous. Their leader, Arrass, seeks the destruction of the traditions of the Old World which he feels has betrayed them. His final destination: the Sacred Caves.

These caves contain the roots of all knowledge, and they are guarded by the ‘Taureau’.

The story follows Reuben and Felicity as they are joined by other key troupe members who seek to save their precious world by joining Reuben’s quest to protect the Roots, and shift the Old Ways to include the Toxics; thereby restoring its balance.

The salvation of the Old World and ultimately of the Toxics becomes a race between the gathering of the quest troupe and the gathering of the Toxics.

For my readers – MEET THE ORION

Hello again!

Last time you visited, it was to find out a little more of the Old World. As I write these posts ‘For my readers’, I imagine I am talking to you, someone who loves reading and escaping into the world of your book. I hope you will enjoy visiting this Old World, when Toxics is finally available.

I am sorry you cannot read it straight away – I wish you could – but I am having to learn about the world in my laptop, just like Felicity has to learn all about the strange world she finds herself in.

So…back to the people and creatures who live in the Old World – well I talked a bit about The West, homelands to the Orion, and the Fragrants. Reuben is an Orion. He leads the Quest to save his world. If you go to your local wildlife park, you might spot ring-tailed lemursThe Orion have tails very similar to them. Otherwise you wouldn’t know the difference between an Orion and a human, really. Except when they have to move fast. Or escape. Then they can use all their hidden talents! When I was creating them, I wrote, ‘mostly human but with slightly deeper skin colours, and slightly more hairy. Mesmerising eyes – intense like a cat’s. A very attractive species. The special light of the Old World seems to light up their downy skins to rich hues. The essential difference is their extra jointed legs like a cat, hence their great physical skill for climbing and leaping etc. oh, and one tiny thing…massive black and white stripy tails like Lenny the ring-tailed lemur [that is a teddy we own]. Like a monkey they can hang from it and use it as a third hand.’

Let’s meet the Fragrants next time…

‘The block of g…

‘The block of granite which is an obstacle in the pathway of the weak, becomes a stepping stone in the pathway of the strong’
Thomas Carlyle

For all who write…

A Preview: Chapter One of The Last American Wizard

Check it Out!

My new separate Book Blog!

via A Preview: Chapter One of The Last American Wizard.

New and (hopefully) Improved Book Cover

new cov4

#Artist, #Poet, #Fiction #Writer — Welcome to a new friend: ann johnson-murphree


Artist, Poet, Fiction Writer

The desire to be a writer begins at about five years of age. I grew up in northern
Alabama, my father was a sharecropper who farmed and my mother worked in the local cotton mill. My caretakers were my Native American great-grandmother and an African-American woman I only knew as Aunt Francis, both great storytellers. Instead of playing like most children, I sat at the feet of these elderly strong-minded individuals listening to the stories of their lives. Summers’, I would be taken to my fathers’ sister, in Birmingham; it was she who introduced me to a library, and to her circle of friends that included local writers, artist and politicians. She encouraged my imagination with the gift of my first journal, which I filled with stories. Nonetheless, with adulthood I became a closet writer with my desires to create remaining clandestine until only the past few years when I begin to pursue writing short stories and poetry.

Maya Angelou

My greatest influence in creating a short story or a poem is the determination to validate and keep alive those many people who gave me their stories for safekeeping and the promise too, “always remember”. Many writers and poets have influenced my growth toward trying to become a writer through their lives, and their work. Faulkner, Capote,

English: Passport photograph of American poet ...

Fitzgerald and Harper Lee. Later in life, I discovered the warm and comic Grace Paley; I will forever treasure an autographed copy of “Grace Paley – The Collected Stories”; the vivid poetry of William Carlos Williams; the strong poetry of Phyllis McGinley,

and the world’s most exciting women, Maya Angelou.

At this stage Phyllis McGinleyof my life I try to live one day at a time, enjoy my family and my dog Mason. I look forward each day to another adventure into writing my poetry and prose.

Check out my e-books at

Have a creative day,
ann Johnson-murphree

About | annjohnsonmurphreeauthor.


mind clutter

Imprisoned deep within the soul are

emotions created where both fear and

truths are stored; it is there that we find

ourselves caged behind invisible doors.

Filtering through the layers of one’s mind

daily is the only way; it may stop the

possibility of getting lost in the fog of our


Clear the mind and soul of clutter, congestion

and conflict; free it from these windowless

rooms, keeping such thoughts will create an

existence into which you would surely be


Knowing self-value is the first step for the soul

to hear freedoms call; living in the “now” is the

only way to tear down internal prison walls.



My E-Books…

To all of “My Community”, thank you for your support of the blog and in the purchase of my eBooks at  I hope you will continue to visit below are direct links to each book.  AJM


Echoing Images from the Soul


Honeysuckle Memories

Beyond the Voices

Beyond the Voices

journey into art

My Journey into Art

Thank you again for your support

Ann Johnson-Murphree

A Song of #Lansing – Welcome to a new friend: luvlansing

luv lansing

a local’s perspective

Lansing is full of interesting people, art, activities, restaurants, and so much more.  To some it might look like a plain small town; but there are treasures all around if you’re looking.  This blog is just a gathering of things that inspire and motivate me, and make me proud to live in Lansing.

If you are from the Lansing area and know of any events or activities coming up, or just want to share your favorite hotspots, restaurants or bars, drop me a line to let me know!  You can reach me on

Twitter:     @napaea

via Common Ground | luv lansing.

This page is dedicated to the music scene.  I will add and update as time allows, sharing links that can help you get tickets or info on who will be where in the Lansing area, and beyond.  A great start for this is Eventful, if you haven’t tried it out.


The Avenue (previously the Gone Wired Cafe) ~ Schedule of events

The Loft Lansing

The Loft ~ Schedule of events

Mac’s Bar ~ Schedule of events

Uli’s Haus of Rock ~ Schedule of events

Another beautiful day in Lansing!  What will you be doing?

Well, if you haven’t decided yet, be-bop down to the Capital for the Classic Car Show.  Sunny skies, rockin’ tunes, shiny beauties in all their glory.  It’s a great way to spend the day, enjoy the weather and get a slice of Downtown Lansing!  For more info go to the REOlds museum site by clicking HERE

Taste of Japan — Welcome to a new friend : Mari Nameshida

Japanese cooking class tokyo

Author of this blog – Mari Nameshida

・Japanese cooking instructor
・Chinese herbal medicine Advisor
・Chinese herbal medicine dishes Instructor
・Registered Nurse
・Public Health Nurse
・Food lover

If you are interested in our Japanese cooking class in Tokyo, please visit this link:

Link to Japanese cooking lesson tokyo in Japan

I learned about the basics of Japanese cooking from my mom at a young age and also went to cooking/baking school. I really love cooking and I have just kept cooking for a long time. I also love traveling and I noticed that there were few chances to immerse yourself in the local culture and taste. I thought it would be very nice if there was a place that travelers could go to the local people’s homes and learn how to cook local cuisine and as a result learn more about the local people. That is why I started my cooking classes.

In addition, I have decided to start writing about Japanese food,  ingredients and recipes here–this blog.

I know that there’re many blogs about Japanese food or recipes everywhere but I also want to introduce and inherit our beautiful cultures through our dishes that nowadays most young people don’t care nor cherish so much here. I always believe that Japanese dishes have variable meanings more than just delicious food.

Here’s another reason, I love eating and traveling. And I noticed that there were few chances to immerse yourself in the local culture and taste when you go to foreign countries. Sometimes, when I learned the food I ate had some meanings, like cultural backgrounds or local people’s habitants, I was so excited and can understand that country more deeply always. I thought it would be very nice if there was a place that non-Japanese people could learn how to cook local cuisine and as a result learn more about the local people. That is why I started my blog.

I hope you will enjoy my recipes and know our cultures a little bit more through local dishes or life.

via Introduction | Taste of Japan – Japanese cooking class tokyo.

Rei-shabu (cold pork salad) recipe

It’s getting so hot and humid from July in Tokyo, Japan.

I love cooking a lot but I don’t want to cook with heat sometimes because of this humidity- I guess you know what I mean if you’ve been to here!

Today I share one of my favorite dish, it’s really good  especially for summer :)

We have Shabu-shabu (pork hot pot) a lot in winter, but this one is Rei-Shabu- it means cold Shabu-Shabu, it’s not hot pot, more like cold salad.

Cooking time is very short, about 10 minutes, and It’s really delicious light dish even when you don’t have appetite in summer, or for your appetizer.


-Rei-shabu salad

(Cold Shabu-Shabu with sesame sauce)

Ingredients (2 servings)

200g of thinly sliced pork (If you can get Shabu-Shabu pork, it’s preferred)

1 cucumber

4 leaves of lettuce

Or you can use any kinds of vegetable you like for the salad! J



Tsukiji Bon Marche – My Favorite Restaurant in Tsukiji, Tokyo

Today I want to introduce one of my favorite restaurant in Tsukiji (fish market) area.

Tsukiji fish market is the biggest fish market in the world and many tourists come here to see many kinds of seafood or enjoying Sushi- There’re a bunch of Sushi restaurants.

Sushi is very nice there since they use fresh ingredients of course, but I recommend you to have Italian-Japanese fusion restaurant in front of the market sometimes because you can get good Sushi everywhere in Japan :) !

Restaurant’s name is Bon Marche (ボンマルシェ) and they serve mainly Italian food like pasta, but use a lot of seafood including Sashimi pieces.



I and my husband went there for Lunch on the other day, and we ordered Lunch A (regular pasta) and B set (fresh pasta) .

They served us assorted appetizer, pasta, dessert, and tea/coffee/green tea.

It cost 1700-1800JPY per person. (about 10 EURO) There’re other menus as well, so you can order the other menu if you want to have Tuna steak or some more main dishes plus basic Lunch course!

Really really nice focaccia with black salt

CLICK HERE FOR REST OF REVIEW20130727-162746.jpg


I need a lover that will lay in bed with me | Catching up with Gatsby’s Abandoned Children

There’s nothing like / writing your heart to explode / at 3 am / under the stars / along the Merrimack river / bubbling with breathes / of imaginary harpies / with Mohawks and dyed hair / leather jackets and guitars / singing about how one day / they’ll fuck shit up / be free, love the world / sing on land / sing with poets.


Love Poem 6

I need a lover

that will lay in bed with me

after a life well lead

and feel my body going cold.

via Love Poem 6 | Gatsby’s Abandoned Children.

It will seem a trifle primitive at first, watching your beloved onions morph into blackened rubble,”| Catching up with Patrons of the Pit

Hey Sweetheart We Get Rewrites
Out of the Coals: Fire Roasted Onion Relish

fter putting a match to the charcoal chimney, half-full and ignited via the political section, I settled into my BBQ chair for aafterfocus_1354050574485 little smoke watching. We here at the pit, we like charcoal chimneys for lighting our coals. There is something very right, and therapeutic, you might say, about crushing up a few poignantly chosen pages of the daily news , or possibly even junk mail that you so despise, and with glee in your eyes, shoving it up the bottom end of your old chimney starter. And then oh what glory it is, beneath beautiful skies and casting sunbeams, to set it cordially aflame. An act of small rebellion. Symbolic in smoke. And a giddy signal to yourself, and your neighbors too perhaps, that another outdoor cook is underway. That we are brethren of the coals, and that we are doing precisely that which is well with our souls.

I shifted my weight slightly in the chair, sipping a lovely pit beverage, as I watched the smoke curl. A pleasantry I’ve long become accustomed to in the pit. Sunbeams dappling through the Cottonwood leaves. The smell of tomato plants in the pit garden. But the tweety birds were all but missing tonight, not sure why. Perhaps there was a tweety bird festival down town or something, and they all went to that. Marching the sidewalks there for bird rights or something. I don’t know. Anyways, on my right sat two, portly, yellow onions, and one, bulbous, red, bell pepper. I had me an idea tonight. Inspired from Seems we have been reduced to hot dogs around here lately, and not that I don’t fancy a good hot dog from time to time, but it’s just that I thought I could raise the bar a little for my lowly tube steaks, with a matter of home-made onion relish. It was a plausible assumption. As usual, even if it didn’t work, it was an excuse to be outside, and more over, to play with fire. That’s all I was probably after anyway, in my heart of hearts. So grab yourself a suitable beverage then, and settle in, and let me tell you about how to make fire roasted onion relish on the grill. It’s pretty easy, really. If not dubiously fun!

20130716_194339_edit0The first order of business of course, is to get your coals going. A half-chimney ought to do, political section optional. Let them come to full maturity, or in other words, get good and grayed-over before you dump them in the pit. Spread them out evenly, and place your two yellow onions directly on the coals. You don’t even need the grate for this endeavor. It will seem a trifle primitive at first, watching your beloved onions morph into blackened rubble, but I guess that’s the point. After ten minutes or so, go head and flip the onions over, and lay your bell pepper on the coals too. Round about now, expect your bride to walk by and inquire what in the heck you’re doing to your vegetables. Keep your pit master cool tho, and simply motion her off with your tongs. I’m sure Picasso or Rembrandt  never wanted to show their triumphs in progress either.  People just won’t get it.

At any rate, keep rotating the pepper a few degrees every minute or so, until it’s blistered and black all the way around. That’s right, totally ruin the thing! And keep a watchful eye on your onions, which tarry precariously on this bed of coals here. Look at the ends of the onions, where the petals all conspire. What you want to see is little eruptions of onion juice, bubbling out and so forth. That means your onion has cooked properly deep within, and should wager of pleasing value to your culinary end game. Pluck them hence from the fiery bosom from which they lay, and unto a better destiny according to your palate. The bell pepper shouldn’t be far behind. Onions and bell peppers just go together, as you know. A binding duo to stand the test of time. Like raisins and bran. Or chocolate and peanut butter. Or concrete and rebar. Anyways.

20130716_200124_edit0 Continue reading →

“Please tell me that there has been some awful mistake.” | Catching up with sophiebowns

Planchette- Part 144


“Is Ava okay? Mum what’s happened, what’s wrong? Hanna? Mrs Bali? Oh God it’s Ava isn’t it?” Oscar swung his legs over the end of the bed.

Mrs Bali inhaled. “Oscar, Ava endured excessive bleeding after birth, before and during the operation, something that we call a Postpartum haemorrhage. There’s no easy way to say this I’m sorry to have to tell you that”….

“Oh Oscar I’m so sorry.” Janet gasped.

Oscar fell forwards off the end of the bed, his fall lessened by Janet who caught him, gently lowering his limp body floor.

“Jesus! He’s fainted!” Hanna swiftly checked Oscar’s pulse

“Shall I inform the Bereavement services?” Mrs Bali inquired, placing a pillow under his head.

Hanna shook her head. “No, I’ll let Oscar make that decision for himself.” They raised Oscar’s legs, placing them on a chair. Janet pulled the blanket off the bed, covering him once more.

“He’s so cold, just like Ava was before. Christ! This will be the end of him, he’s been through enough hell for one year, part of it is my fault. Poor Clara, she wont even remember Ava.”

Hanna shook her head. “Oscar will come to. I’ll do his blood pressure; we’ll need to keep a close eye on that. It’s very low.”

Janet shook him gently. “Oscar.”

Oscar stirred, retching violently. Hanna rapidly placed a cardboard bowl under his mouth as he vomited mostly saliva from his empty stomach. His eye lids fluttered and a tear trickled down his cheek. Janet wiped his mouth, handing the bowl to Hanna and holding a white plastic cup of iced water to his lips.

“Here, try and drink this.”

“Please tell me that there has been some awful mistake. Ava gave in, she said it was her time and that she wanted to die, but it wasn’t.  She was so, so young. I should be dead not her, she was healthy and so full of life.” Oscar wept.

“Oscar, no! You’re a wonderful person and mean the world to Clara!”

“Oh yes, I’m so great that I made Ava’s life a misery?”

“No, Ava carved out her own existence  She needed more help than she ever let on. I know that some of it was out of her hands, but she didn’t treat you well!

I know.” Oscar sniffed.

“Ava’s Aunt is on her way to the hospital as we speak.”

“What was her reaction?” Janet handed him some tissues.

For More Click Here Planchette- Part 144 | sophiebowns.

‘Hunted’ soon be available in the US… | Emlyn Rees

Hunted’ soon be available in the US…

Cover reveal: here’s how the first Danny Shanklin novel, ‘Hunted’, will be appearing in the US in October with HarperCollins’ hot new crime fiction imprint, Witness:

Feel like getting your order in early? Click right HERE.

via ‘Hunted’ soon be available in the US… | Emlyn Rees.

[Terry:  Oh, did I forget to mention that Emlyn is my editor at Exhibit A?  How careless of me.]

It’s been WAY too long since we Caught up withTheReporterandTheGirlMINUSTheSuperman!

And the heart grows….Stronger



Defined as a sensation by many
Instilled as expectations long ago
Internal? Otherwise fatherly/motherly
Arriving on a whim when the right person appears
Expecting a feeling to erase all our unspoken fears
Emotionally, physically, magically, spontaneously degenerates
As easy as you fell in
Spontaneously, magically fall out
Hocus pocus when the pixie dust is gone
there appears all the wrongs
Slight of hand slight of heart
Tremendous hopes and expectations
Consequence of your heart’s misconception
Is that the love you have for me?
Shallow as your eyes can see?
My love deeper and lasting
Your goodness appreciating
My love is a choice (first)
Dealing for better or worst
Focus rooted in the good in you
Investing in you part of me giving
In the emotional times when we are low
Indecision to stay or go
In at its lowest always grow
Looking for the good in you
Loving you as God intended
This is not a magical feeling
Or whimsical affection
It did not just happen
Created over time without ballooning expectation
How can I so easily say…still
Because my love is not a feeling nor a magic sensation
It is loves true definition
Of you to me


So these are honest words written by a man who is also learning about love’s true meaning. I was talking with the poet about the changes he experienced after the dissolution of his marriage. He doesn’t hate his ex, he wishes the best for her; forgives her and is living in a new chapter. And the reason he is able to turn the page, is because he is experiencing love’s true meaning.

Because when you have love, you can’t hate the people who wronged you. Even those who betrayed your deepest trust. I know this is true, because the opposite of love is not hate. It’s indifference. It’s when you can truly forgive that person, you can move on.

Though the circumstances are different, I wonder why I seem to have trouble with that last step of forgiving and moving on? Everyday, things are getting better and I try to stay positive and appreciate things more; little things no longer seem little -like someone smiling or saying “Good morning” to you. But I can’t help waving from blame to disappointment or anger over the way Jon exploited me.

And other times he doesn’t cross my mind, or I don’t feel anything when I think of him. I don’t want to date again despite everyone else telling me to…and even trying to hook me up (that’s a post for next week); but it’s hard forgiving someone who callously uses others for his own benefit.

But all in good time. Moving on is different for everyone, and the steps aren’t laid out like a map.

One year ago this month, I experienced something that I never felt. I was in love: meaning that for first time I gave love and saw someone in his purest form and I still loved him. And it takes courage and inner strength to give that to someone. Especially someone who may not deserve it.

Now I’m not with that person, not because I stopped loving him; but because I realize that he did not feel the same way or is unwilling to give back. Thus he would hurt me more if I stayed. My love has changed over the course of time, and it may not go away.

Maybe for men it’s different. And I would like to hear more from male readers. Even though the poet and I talked on legnth about this topic, I know men are wired differently and may not experience the same love in every relationship and moving on is different from them.

In fact, he remarked, “A man wants to marry a woman who loves him more than he loves her.”

Me: “What?!”

“Because a guy is anticipating messing up.” And as women, if we love…we’re loyal enough to overlook it or forgive.

What is your true definition of love?

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“Crying heart doesn’t let the night disturb and rolls into itself to cry some more”| Catching up with Talking Experience

Love – The Ultimate Emotion


Tear drops touch the cheeks and tremble down towards the earth,

Crying heart doesn’t let the night disturb and rolls into itself to cry some more.

Eyes are numb with the overwhelming emotions and are afraid to express,

When the night is beautiful with the shining moon there in the sky.

There is this silence that says everything without saying a word,

While the wind takes those tears and spread over the sand near the water.

Heart dwells with some more emotions feeling them to the core,

When mind looses track of time and travels to the past.

Feeling of love takes over and a smile dances on the lips,

Not long does it take for sadness to take over again.

It was love and love only that made her laugh, smile and yet sad again in life,

It was love that made her cry, shout and yet calm and peaceful again.

via Love – The Ultimate Emotion | Talking Experience.

“thanking the heavens that she was granted another morning.”| Catching up with Flux and Flow

Café Writing: False Realities

Posted on July 29, 2013 by jasminekeclipse


Tightly knit quilts woven together with yarn and ribbon, christened with bows and lace, draped over wooden banisters, sunshine bleeds under the doorway. Morning light kisses her cheeks and her tiny mouth forms into a blissful grin, happy to see another day. With the slightest sound, her mother graces the room with her presence and scoops her angel up in her arms, embracing her heartbeat and thanking the heavens that she was granted another morning. Love and laughter only last for so long in this home pained by timid smiles.

Men, women and children fill the home during the early hours of the morning in fear that their angel wouldn’t awaken, and when she was carried into the kitchen by her mother tears fell to the floor and gasps broke the silence, bringing light into the home once more.


In the fall, Jackie runs for the school’s track team and volunteers with the local theater. Her soft skin and black hair have grown with her nearly 18-year-old eyes, her eyes which have seen more pain than the normal human being. Shortly after her birth, her mother disappeared and her father took their family to England where they would spend the rest of her adolescent years until returning home. Jackie’s dark eyes held love and wisdom and thoughts that she chose to share with a select group of people. Blessings and remarks. Traveling to hell and back on numerous occasions, her heart had been torn and mended, friendships made and broken, hair dyed and shoes scuffed, her mind jumbled.

Drastic peace and plastic burdens.

In the summer we lost touch, we hadn’t lost our friendship, though.  She had just left everyone and everything, she left herself. Her eyes had closed infinitely, her heart of gold refused to pump blood through those angelic veins. The angel who had brought so much happiness and love into the lives of many had left the earth, ascending, falling in reverse, crashing. Failures do not welcome themselves into the realm of success. Angels belong in heaven. I suppose that is why she had left us.

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New Frontiers With Bestseller Frank Fiore | Novel Ideas

New Frontiers With Bestseller Frank Fiore

Looking back through history, there have been key phrases that have long outlived the men who said them. They have helped us win battles and have formed thoughts that have influenced countless lives. Horace Greeley said, “Go West, Young Man.” There was also “Remember The Alamo” and “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.”
History, especially the history of the United States, is all about New Frontiers, and Frank Fiore is a writer who pushes to find the boundaries and extend them. First, there was the Frank Fiore who wrote non-fiction bestsellers. Then there was the Frank Fiore who wrote fiction for fun. Now, we face the Frank Fiore who is writing the bestsellers. The first one was “Chronicles of Jeremy Nash.” Now, he has a new one. It’s called “Oracle” and it broke into the bestseller list just a few days after release.

Let’s go talk to Frank….

Q) Why writing? What is it about writing that gets you excited?

A) I’m the kind of person the loves to talk about my ideas and beliefs. Writing is another way of telling my story. Not in a biographical sense but telling others what I feel – educating them, too – in a way that uniquely entertains.  If I could get a reader to say “Good story. Well written” I’ve done my job. I don’t want to win a Pulitzer in literature. I just want to know that people enjoy my story telling and will follow me into my next flight of the imaginary.

Q) You are a well-renowned non-fiction writer. Why fiction now?

A) I’ve always wanted to write fiction. My first foray into fiction was as a freshman in high school where I wrote the first few chapters of a novel. About a dozen years later, I wrote a complete Sci-Fi novel one summer on a typewriter while housesitting. The story was influenced by one of the Golden Age of Science Fiction writers. Heinlein I believe. It wasn’t very good, but I did complete it.

Q) What, in your opinion, is the key ingredient to a great story?

via New Frontiers With Bestseller Frank Fiore | Novel Ideas.

Quote of the Day – Anthony #Weiner on what he’ll tell his son about the #sexting #scandal

Deus Ex Malcontent:

First of all, the kid’s going to grow up in Gracie Mansion. So I’m going to say, ‘Kid, don’t complain.'”– 

via Deus Ex Malcontent: Quote of the Day.


[Terry: I really hate to say this but this guy might be the perfect candidate for Mayor of New York. After all, shamelessness is a large part of the job.]

Five things you should know when designing with type

The Next Web

Typography in Ten Minutes


Lower case ‘a’ from Adobe Caslon Pro, superpos...

English: Three different fonts that aren't nor...

Serving as the intro to Butterick’s Practical Typography, an impressive guide created by type designer Matthew Butterick, Typography In Ten Minutes is a simple list of rules to follow to use type in a meaningful way. In Butterick’s own words: “If you learn and follow these five typography rules, you will be a bet­ter ty­pog­ra­ph­er than 95% of pro­fes­sion­al writ­ers and 70% of pro­fes­sion­al de­sign­ers.”


Butterick acknowledges this is a bold claim, but, meaningless stats aside, this introductory list covers essentials in an incredibly concise way. This includes: body textpoint sizeline spacing, and font choice. In other words, it’s well worth a look:

➤ Typography In Ten Minutes

Typography Friday

via Typography in ten minutes: Five things you should know when designing with type – The Next Web.

the sound of rushed heartbeats. Lost in each other’s eyes.| Poetry on a Roll

Layers Of Love


The blistering burn
that aches and aches.

Craving slight touches.
Whispering sweet words in ears.
Random kisses.
Hugs in abundance.
Regular phone calls.
Spontaneous texts.
Honest conversations.
Sweet sensations on and off the court.
Short hand-written notes
or long love letters.

Sincere appreciation.
Acceptance without question.
Showing understanding.
Giving simple gifts.
The spectacular sound of laughter.
Holding tingling hands,
fingers entwined.
Cuddling in bed.
Just the sound of rushed heartbeats.
Lost in each other’s eyes.

Copyright © 2013 Kimalee Jones

via Layers Of Love | Poetry on a Roll.

“I guard the darkness” = Catching up with A slice of my life in one piece of the web

Haiku – Gotham Nights

Posted on July 27, 2013 by atothewr

I guard the darkness

While the city sleeps below

Safely in slumber


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Help me with #new #novel #cover and win a #free #kindle Copy. Statue of Liberty

Cover Two

Neil Gaiman videogame has echoes of Ghost Master | Ars Technica


A videogame based on a gothic tale by Neil Gaiman is scheduled for released in autumn 2013.

Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wayward Manor is based on an original story by Gaiman set in a 20s Victorian gothic pastoral estate and involving a disgruntled ghost whose attempts to enjoy the afterlife are repeatedly scuppered by mortals. As such, he must find inventive ways to scare them off.

The game cast includes a selection of recognizable tropes—snooty butler, hyperactive twins, retired elderly adventurer, buxom maid—which make up the family that has moved in and disturbed the ghost.

It’s a concept which has a lot in common with a far older PC strategy title, Ghost Master, where the players spend most of their time coming up with ways to terrify mortals into fleeing from a team of ghosts and other paranormal creatures.

The announcement of the game is accompanied by a limited-time store—basically an internet pop-up shop—so the game can be preordered. There’s also a set of Kickstarter-esque tiers with rewards ranging from a simple copy of the game at $10 to one including dinner with Neil at $10,000.

A videogame based on a gothic tale by Neil Gaiman is scheduled for released in autumn 2013.

Wayward Manor is based on an original story by Gaiman set in a 20s Victorian gothic pastoral estate and involving a disgruntled ghost whose attempts to enjoy the afterlife are repeatedly scuppered by mortals. As such, he must find inventive ways to scare them off.

The game cast includes a selection of recognizable tropes—snooty butler, hyperactive twins, retired elderly adventurer, buxom maid—which make up the family that has moved in and disturbed the ghost.

It’s a concept which has a lot in common with a far older PC strategy title, Ghost Master, where the players spend most of their time coming up with ways to terrify mortals into fleeing from a team of ghosts and other paranormal creatures.

The announcement of the game is accompanied by a limited-time store—basically an internet pop-up shop—so the game can be preordered. There’s also a set of Kickstarter-esque tiers with rewards ranging from a simple copy of the game at $10 to one including dinner with Neil at $10,000.

Collaborating with Gaiman on the project is videogame studio The Odd Gentlemen, whose work on the silent movie-style title The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom bodes well for the Gaiman work.

Wayward Manor is scheduled for release in December 2013.

Collaborating with Gaiman on the project is videogame studio The Odd Gentlemen, whose work on the silent movie-style title The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom bodes well for the Gaiman work.

Wayward Manor is scheduled for release in December 2013.

via Neil Gaiman videogame has echoes of Ghost Master | Ars Technica.

The Truth About Vietnam | Novel Ideas

Covert The Not Known is the story of men at war; it is about the things men do in war and the things war does to them. Restless, filled with dreams of adventure, seeking more of life than a suburban existence, Jerry Nedwick set out to prove himself as countless generations have done: by going to war. His war lay in the jungles of Vietnam.

I want to present this interview to you. It is an interview that will tell you more about the man who wrote “Covert.” This is an interview with Jerry’s lovely widow, Connie.

After you read the interview, go and read the book “Covert The Not Known.” It will really tell you what happened in Vietnam. Between Connie’s answers you will find the words of Jerry…

Q) Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Connie. Let me start by asking you this—how did you meet Jerry?

A) Hi, Nick. A mutual friend introduced Jerry and I at a party, and we were together from that point on. It was love at first sight, we married six weeks later, and that marriage lasted for forty-two years when he passed.

I made this writing in defiance of a Secret Clearance as a Covert Recon Marine after maintaining that pledge for over 40 years. I do so to inform the public of the realities we face to combat the Evil that knows no rules or no deeds too grotesque.

Q) So, how did you feel when you found out Jerry was writing a book?

A) I was very surprised that Jerry was writing a book. He hardly ever read books, so I could not wait to read what he was going to write. The only things I ever saw him read were gun magazines, health books and the entire set of the encyclopaedia. He had started writing another book after “Covert” but only completed a few pages before he passed away. What a story teller to have never read novels himself.

After several years and much deliberation about my participation in the Vietnam War, I decided to write down my experiences and memories that happened over 43 years ago. The events, places and names are as accurate as 43 years of lapsed time allows. What you read is based on a great deal offact, but it is upon the reader to determine fact from fiction.

Much More via The Truth About Vietnam | Novel Ideas.

Despondent and chicken-hearted | Catching up with stillness of heart

Kate Stone’s Civil War: Despondent and chicken-hearted

July 26, 2013


From 2012 to 2015, Stillness of Heart will share interesting excerpts from the extraordinary diary of Kate Stone, who chronicled her Louisiana family’s turbulent experiences throughout the Civil War era.

Learn more about Stone’s amazing life in 1861, 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865 and beyond. Click on each year to read more about her experiences. You can read the entire journal online here.

(Photo edited by Bob Rowen)

Stone is wary of “chicken-hearted” rumors of a defeat at Vicksburg. She also receives her first “Texas beau.”

July 26, 1863

Lamar County, Texas

I had my first call from a Texas beau yesterday evening.

A smooth-faced, rosy-cheeked, young dandy, dressed in the height of Paris fashion and dotingly proud of his jet-black imperial. Several of the elite of Blue’s Prairie have called on us. I wonder, shall we look as old-fashioned as they after a year or two of prairie life? Even Blue’s Prairie is looking lovely now. It is covered with a flower, looking like feathery, white plumes laced and tangled together with a yellow love vine and purple maypop vines.

There are some most disquieting rumors believed by the despondent and chicken-hearted, but we do not give them credence. It is said both Vicksburg and Port Hudson have been taken, with a number of prisoners. We have heard it affirmed and contradicted half a dozen times. We will wait to see Gen. Johnston’s official report of such disaster before believing it.

Unionism is rampant about here. There was a company of Jayhawkers for the Federal side raised in this county. Half of the militia have been drafted for six months, and oh, the moaning and bewailing of the feminine population. But I cannot be sorry for the militia. My sympathies are all with the soldiers in the field.

via Kate Stone’s Civil War: Despondent and chicken-hearted | stillness of heart.

Sky View Wedding |Catching up with You By My Side

You By My Side~ -Eat, Love and Travel –

Prince Hotel Shin Yokohama: Sky View Wedding | You By My Side.

Prince Hotel in Shin Yokohama is one of the top ten places on my list of places to have a wedding. I just received the newest brochure of this place and… I still feel this place is top ten because it has this clean and simple look. You may have remember that M and I are both looking for  a place with white chapel… white and clean look.  This church is not surrounded by sea but as you can see from the title of this post, you can see sky from this chapel and reception area located at the top part of hotel.  I am not completely sure where it is located exactly but from the pictures, this place could be our potential place for wedding. But before we decide on where to have wedding, our parents have to have dinner to talk about our future.  Wish us luck~!

via Prince Hotel Shin Yokohama: Sky View Wedding | You By My Side.

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