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Hello, and welcome to my blog.

I’m a final-year physics student with plans to go on into further education. I have three main hobbies: video gaming, music and writing. Over the last few years the final one has rapidly grown to eclipse the other two, and I would absolutely love to be able to continue writing when away from whichever day job I end up going into. A couple of months ago, I finished planning a novel. This will be the fifth novel I’ve attempted and I honestly believe that this one has the potential to be good; the problem is that I don’t think I yet have the skill to do it justice. And that is where this blog comes in.Parasite Eve (video game)

Although I will post variety of different things on this blog, its primary purpose is to display the various stories I write during my quest to become better at writing. In making and maintaining this blog, I hope to make myself a more capable writer before starting any attempts at writing my novel. My tentative start-date for the novel is July the 1st; that means I’ve got plenty of writing to do in the meantime if I’m to be ready. Obviously, I will be incredibly grateful to anyone who provides me with feedback on any of the work I produce.

As to why I’ve called myself “The Parasite Guy”…well, read a few lines of any of my Farhome House stuff and you should get an idea pretty quickly. Several of the characters and concepts in this setting have been salvaged from the first novel I ever wrote and so it will always be a bit special to me, whatever its deficiencies may be.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post ‘em below or email me at

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So yeah, I’ve been a bit naughty today.  Between university work and some seriously epic bouts of procrastination, I just haven’t left myself with enough time to put a proper post together this evening.

So, here is a really awesome piece of videogame music that I came across this morning.  Enjoy!

Farhome House – News unwanted

Aaaand…here is the next installment of my Farhome House serial, a mere 8 days late.  I’ve been having some ideas as to where to take this story recently; I guess time will tell which, if any, I end up using.

Also, this post is the first one besides the original that I feel to be a decent starting point.  Yay!

Anyway, enjoy.

Ben edged open the door to his and Katherine’s room, not wanting to disturb her if she was asleep.  He saw that the light was still on, then hurried inside.

Kat was cross-legged on the double bed, her long black hair hanging limply around her, her laptop open on the bed in front of her.  She stared at the screen intently, its light reflecting off of her green eyes.  She had the volume on low, but Ben could clearly hear a voice.  It only took him a few seconds to recognise it.

‘Corporate news?’ he said.  ‘Really?’

‘Like there’s anything else,’ Katheirne said.  ‘Come.  Listen.’  She was frowning.

Ben shut she door behind him and then climbed up onto bed.  He kneeled on the soft fabric and peered at the broadcast over her shoulder.  He was unsurprised to be met with the face of Jane Cartwright, the mascot of Solpirium News in all but name.  With her serene blue eyes, bright white teeth and wrinkle-free face, she really was the perfect mouthpiece.  She was currently behind her desk, hands clasped in front of her and eyes set imploringly towards the camera.  Her short blonde hair seemed to shimmer as she spoke.

‘The boy is now recovering in hospital and police are still searching for his family,’ Cartwright said.  Anyone with information on their whereabouts should call…’

Ben saw the headline: VEIRAN INFESTATION IN UNITY CITY.  His heart sank.

‘Here?’ he said.  ‘Shit.’

Jane Cartwright continued:  ‘Remember, if you suspect an infestation then it is vital that you inform the police immediately.  And always, always remember the five signs…’

Ben shook his head: the media only ever focussed on the negatives, never the positives.  He only half-listened as Cartwright rattled off the usual list of symptoms.  It was hardly exhaustive but was short and quick, easy to remember.   Ben could think of at least a dozen other signs that were far less ambiguous: being a veiran host himself had given him ample chance to learn such things.

Katherine closed the laptop’s lid.  There was nothing more to be seen.

‘What happened?’ Ben said.

‘A hedonist, I think’ Katherine said.  ‘It got caught after its host was hit by a car.  That kid turned out to be nearly comatose; he couldn’t even consent to removal.  They must have had him for years.’

Ben swore again.  ‘And his family?’

‘Gone; they must have been infested too’

They both sat in silence for a time.  The fallout from this would be immense, and both of them knew it. Eventually, Katherine spoke out:

‘There’ll be checkpoints out in force,’ Katherine said. ‘I’m worried about Damien and Tervek.’  She looked behind her.  ‘And you two, for that matter.’

For less than a second, Ben felt his body relax.  In that blissful instant, his worries evaporated, replaced by a smothering sense of calm.  And then, just as quickly, he was back in the real world.

‘Genvor…’ he said.

He quickly crossed his right index finger over his thumb, a signal for which the meaning had long been established: do it.  The comfort and security of his veiran’s presence returned and, this time, it didn’t leave.  He fought this induced calmness just enough to retain a bearing on his surroundings, a skill which had been honed through long practice.  It always helped to be aware of what was going on.

‘Damien will not reject his parasite,’ Genvor said.   ‘Not after today.’
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