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Spontaneous Creativity

I am going to utilize this ‘About’ page to list some of the random people and things I love, admire, and am inspired by!

1. Turtles

2. Tim Duncan

3. Bjork

4. The band “Imagine Dragons”

5. My family

6. My friends

7. Olympic Fencer Tim Morehouse

8. The San Antonio Spurs

9. Manu Ginóbili

10. Slinging like with slings and stones

11. The Big Bang Theory

12. King of the Nerds

13. Pokemon

14. World of Warcraft

15. The Olympic art and sport of Fencing

16. Epee Fencing

17. Saber Fencing

18. Foil Fencing

19. Wheelchair Fencing

20. Hiking

21. Jogging

22. Running

23. Writing

24. Creative Writing

25. Poetry

26. Haiku

27. Senryu

28. Free Verse Poetry

29. Epic Poetry

30. The History Channel

31. History

32. Mythology

33. Norse Mythology

34. Greek/Roman Mythology

35. Egyptian Mythology

36. African Mythology

37. Chinese Mythology

38. Korean/Japanese/Vietnamese Mythologies

39. Arthurian and other forms of English Mythology

40. Irish, German, and other forms of Celtic Mythology

41. All other forms of Mythology

42. Religions

43. Catholicism

44. Protestantism

45. Baptist Christianity

46. Other forms of Christianity

47. Daoism 48. Taoism

49. Buddhism

50. Animism

51. All other forms of religion

52. Olympic Fencer Zhong Man

53. Tony Parker

54. My hometown of San Antonio


56. Musician Junior Brown

57. Nerds/Geeks

58. Fencers

59. Poets and other Creative Writers

60. People who turned their lives around

61. Tolkien / LOTR and his other writings

62. Star Wars and Star Trek

63. Elder Scrolls – especially Morrowind

64. Animal Crossing

65. Avatar the Last Airbender – Korra

@ Ang 66. Halo

67. Star Craft

68. War Craft

69. Diablo

70. Paradise Lost

71. Dante’s Inferno

72. The Silmarillion

73. Inception

74. The Matrix

75. Terminator

76. Arnold Schwarzenegger who happens to be a very highly ranked fencer

77. Spades, Hearts, other card games

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Celebration of Spontaneous Creativity and/or INSANITY

Thank you Michelle Chang, my companion in INSANITY and Spontaneous Creativity for this EPIC stream of consciousness poem / piece of poetic prose –

Gestaltdtion –

Today is {RECALIBRATION}. I’ve had enough – no more reds, no more whites. The yellow is everywhere; why won’t it stop? Too much, too much, I don’t want the brown or the black . Only blue. Only blue is good, her blue orbs twinkling when blue pours over me. A yellow shines over again. NO I DON’T WANT THE YELLOW. {RECALIBRATION} now activated.

Grey comes back, and now… it’s all I see. No more blue? No more red or white or brown. Was it worth it? I lost my blue, my only joy, but I can feel it running through me. Blue is me. Blue is good. I am good. They tell me no, no, no, stay, stay, stay. I hear these words words words “restrain”, “emergency”, “escape”, and I turn in spirals until I fall back on the white – white? {RECALIBRATION} scheduled for two.

You must be careful, for their lights shine endlessly. They are always looking and writing and searching and if you are bad you are {RECALIBRATED}. No, it does not hurt but {RECALIBRATION} is bad. You are – you are – {RECALIBRATION} is good. The whites are good, they help us, they feed us. When you hear and see red, fall. Red is the worst. Red means… escape. No escaping {RECALIBRATION}, no leaving allowed. You must receive your {RECALIBRATION}, it means salvation. Why would you ever desire to be free? Freedom is nonexistent. There is only –

All thoughts of blue has dissipated. The yellow is good. Good good good good good. No, no it’s not. THEY did this. It’s THEIR fault. No no no, good. They help us, they know what we need. Hands everywhere, feet everywhere, I know everything now. The green lies underneath and the screaming filling the air is not only my cries of joy – {RECALIBRATION}.

Moving has been considered overrated. Real food has been made obsolete. All I know are cold, tight straps, over my hands and over my feet. Maybe I deserve all of this… maybe I’m headed towards the final destination. Maybe… or maybe not: tomorrow, another {RECALIBRATION}. Blurred and slurred, my words crawl out like slugs and they meek naw sneez tu dee utters. Why with all the stares and glares? I’m normal, I’m a horse and an elephant and a giraffe like everyone. No more meat or chicken feet? How rude, I like those, I want my feet back GIVE THEM BACK. What have they done to my sun? Yellow was never good, orange is worse, yet I miss the warmth of my sun that shines so lovingly over my shins and knees and toes. Aren’t they lovely? They called me an artist, a painter, a writer, a singer. I never was a lawyer, a doctor, an optometrist, a judge. DON’T JUDGE ME. They all do, I can see it in their narrow eyes and grinning mouths, slobbering saliva over my dreams like some rabid squirrel with a dirty acorn. It’s not time for my {RECALIBRATION}, why are they coming here? I don’t like it, I have to sleep, I’m tired, no more prickies and fluids and scratchy fussies. BLACK.

Beetles all over the walls! Black-eyed, white-backed, blacked-headed beetles I love them! I can hear their songs and they sing only to me, only for me. There’s only one thing wrong: they call me Jude, but that’s not my name. It’s all right, I’ll forgive them, they can’t possibly know my name and Jude isn’t so bad anyway. I wish they wouldn’t speak so much about the past – Yesterday is gone, I don’t want to know about it. The beetles calm me, though, even if they obscure the walls and I can’t see beyond their bodies – it’s ok, it’s ok, see beyond the ceiling instead.

NOBODY LIKED MAGIC RUB. It’s disgusting, it’s stupid and I don’t want – {RECALIBRATION}. They had to,
they had to, why won’t they accept me? All I ever wanted was to see them smiling, well all I ever wanted was to make me fine. They know that I love them, so why can’t they see that all I ever wanted was to be me? Me, me, me, me, not THEM. They’re just another brick in the wall. There aren’t worms in my brain, they said so! They said so, they must be right, they are CHAMPIONS. No time for losers, they’re the CHAMPIONS. Kid? Child? THAT KID IS NOT MY SON. I have suns, no sons or girlies or dogs. Is this just madness taking control? BYE BYE.

Glowing in the dark, the stars call to me in shadowed whispers that illuminate the moon. Satiated now, the moon is, it has already consumed all the pies and holes. Tic-tac-toe I win the hopscotch butterfinger candy. I see you snickering at me, I see Gollum skittering around waiting for his ride to Mars. The Milky Way would swallow his soul, swallow him whole, swallow his air-headed tiny little big brain. Da wabbit twix me erry day. Eminem would break that birdie’s neck for Haillie. Those bullies always burst the nerds during recess. Just waiting for my pay day, want my hundred grand so I can get out of my {RECALIBRATION}. The three musketeers all died from those hot tamales, I SAW THEM.

In the end, everyone flies to the nest of crows and bothers the chickadees. In the end, only withering frowns and long-forgotten hymns remain. In the end,{RECALIBRATION} means swaying through the ocean in a rubber tire of mercury solvent. In the end, vodka is Canadian and bacon is Russian with English breakfast and American breakfast too. In the very very end, we could swing without dying when we pass through the rainbow of cubes.


How many? THIRTEEN? Only three clovers and a leaf? Pots are to be filled with water and not with that brown black yellow gold red amber stuff. Stifling tank tops with fluttering curtains and prettied up powdery puff hair? That is OBSOLETE. They deserve {RECALIBRATION}, not me! I see them prancing through the river, chests puffed up with hubris and wires and padded cotton wads. Two tails belong on foxes and then it’s nine, not the heads or sides or backs. Oh, that flirty warbler, shut your ugly beak and tell your mama to teach you to dig up worms – that’s all you deserve. Snarky hisses from embezzling serpents – no gain or gold, go to the laundry whelp!

Should there exist an ethereal wonderland, or only this single chocolate? A heart of spades or a club of diamonds? A final flourish of silver, and the world perishes… yes, in blue. Farewell {RECALIBRATION}.




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