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Welcome to a new friend: lionaroundwriting

I’m a pale man, nearing 29 and from Scotland, where everyone owns a castle and pisses whisky. Some of the preceding sentence may contain factual errors.

I’ve been writing and reading for a long old time. I’m now trying to get into the published material side of things. I’m building up a bank of short story material and finding my legs in the long story side of things..In the not too distant future I want to have finished a novel and had material on print where people other than my girlfriend can read it.

Hold on..I need shortbread..that’s where was I?

Like all good writers I have written a vast amount of stuff and like children’s school meals large portions of it remain unfinished.

I write about all sorts, largely drawing my inspiration from real life events, comedy, philosophy, psychology, futuristic musings and the dark recess of my mind. I say recess, because it’s the only recess, it’s got to hold everything.

Enjoy the blog once it’s up and running with material and please feel free to link me and share your work.

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Dark Matter

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Writing


Dark Matter

What’s beyond those stars?
Is there someone like me droppin’ bars?
Wonderin’ that same somethin’, deep beyond Mars?
What’s the chances? Would their intelligence be as strong as ours?
Maybe they exist but messages take eons to pass
By the time Everest is grains of dirt
They catch the A-team interspersed with adverts
Products of our endangered earth
Or perhaps existence lurks and they’ve yet to search
Their form is at the beginnin
Simple organisms who’s form is hidden
Who can guess the storms they’ve ridden?

Maybe the weather system has 7 suns that are always risen
And a blue moon occurs, often as earth sends people to prison
Are the inhabitants cohesive or is there division?
Do they see every single colour of a prism?
Have x-ray vision, or even have eyes?
Is there good and evil amongst the people where they reside?
Did stars’ radiation mutate them into horrors to despise?

Am I before the times?
Parallel universes? In light years do I wipe away tears,
When my bodies are in hearses seein my own demise?
Gravity is reversed and rain rises from the skies
Oceans are so strong they move the moon, it not the tides
Or, blackholes swallowed them whole? A vacuum satan
Maybe UFO’s rose unopposed blastin’ other civilisations, into simile raisins
They visited here, killed the roar of dinosaurs then abandoned nation
Or made pyramids, founded villages livin’ on secretly as Masons
We’re all aliens and this is just one of many stations
Religion was invented to stop the population questioning creations
But fossils made it possible to see the ancients
The last of a dying breed, dodo of the galaxy

Maybe it’s all a sick joke and freedoms a fallacy
That’s why some make millions and sniff coke; it’s virtual reality
While some children stitch clothes in a sweatshop to question morality
I’m nothin’ but a Sim in a moment of clarity
A magnets turned off and we fall from grace in zero gravity
Gallant space cadets played like cassettes in a tape deck
Drifting forever as small as atoms in spaces cavity
We’re morons, they have more on in terms of brain capacity

Part of a giant celestial body?
Just a skin cell tattooed from a universal inkwell, could we understand this?
The suns the heart, I’m simply a part of larger planets
Russian doll syndrome, in grown, so minuscule as good as vanished
Or a billion billionth to one jackpot on cosmic bandits
Gods spare change hittin paydirt and he made earth
Now you’re reading these words from a pen I brandished
Millions of years of evolution direct to your bandwidth

Reducing thinking to whys, what on earths and how can this…?
Deceptive opticals? Killing cats with curiosity trying to imagine how this is possible
The probabilities are astronomical
Maybe life resided widely and each one of us is an oracle
Nothing is rhetorical, we answer questions within lessons
With every passing second we intensify focus
We’re osmosis in a cosmos
Don’t know if, that’s a stab in the dark or a prognosis
Homo sapien, would a planet of the apes be the closest, to hearin from apes like men??
But whatever we discover in humans endeavour I hope we never taste the end
I sit back and marvel at every single particle and wonder how long the race will spend
Waging war on each other, but until then..

Living, breathing, never leaving, maybe I’m just a human being
Sight seeing
Interacting in Darwin’s living museum.


Welcome to a new friend | frugal feeding


FrugalFrugal feeding is a concept formed out of a desire to eat through less of my money. Since leaving university (successfully) my designs on frugality have been allowed to come to fruition and the original concept has been replaced by a vision that would have everyone eating cheaply and ethically.

On a personal level, I am a budding writer and hope to soon break into the field of journalism. If you’d like to send any work my way or have ideas for collaboration  visit my contact page – I’m an amiable kinda guy and revel in unsolicited contact.

My interests include drinking inordinate amounts of coffee (or tea), reading, music (particularly classical) and having a jolly good time with my smashing girlfriend, Katherine (who often lends a hand in frugal food preparation).

On a more serious note, please don’t use my photos without asking, as 99% of them are taken by my good self – stealing them would be a little rude.

Samphire and New Potato Salad

When I was growing up the word ‘potato’ came across as a call to action; fry, chip or mash – we must do something! New potatoes aren’t, and never will be, in vogue with five year olds, but as we get older, a little wiser and a great deal fatter, their brilliance reveals itself. When boiled until just the right moment the new potato, whatever the variety chosen, possesses a pleasantly substantial texture and subtle, somewhat nutty flavour that lends itself perfectly and inimitably to the creation of “salads”.

Of the varieties I have consumed, the Jersey Royal is by far my favourite new potato. With the same Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) as champagne or Cornish pasties, the Jersey Royal is grown only on Jersey, a British territory off the north cost of France. They have been cultivated on the island for over 130 years using seaweed (Vraic) harvested from the beaches of Jersey as a natural fertiliser. Happily, peak Jersey Royal season – May – will soon be upon us, so you can expect one or two more new potato treats in the coming weeks.

Truly fantastic produce is always best served alongside ingredients that share some of its characteristics or origins. New potatoes and samphire may not, on the surface, seem like they are cut from the same cloth, but when you consider the Jersey Royal you can see that they both in some way benefit from the sea. Marsh samphire, or glasswort, is a wonderful, salty ingredient which grows in many places, primarily along the coasts of Europe. If you live in a coastal location you’re likely not too far from a bush or two of samphire, which makes it easily forageable (and therefore frugal). In truth, the characteristics of samphire may be rather different from those of new potatoes, but they marry together very well indeed, with the former adding a touch of salty freshness to the earthiness of the latter.

Potato and Samphire Salad

It’s likely that many of you will struggle to get your gastronomic digits on Jersey Royals. Of course, this doesn’t really matter as any new potato will work well. Simply choose your favourite and away you go – it’s difficult to go wrong with this wonderful potato salad. There is, of course, no mayonnaise in sight.

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Welcome to a new friend | Barb Taub

Barb Taub

Barb Taub

I’m writing. Don’t interrupt unless there’s smoke or blood. Or lots of water.

Writer, UK-dwelling Yankee expat, AussieDog wrangler, and refugee from the Dark Side (HR). For more about me, see:

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Null City Novel

Welcome a new friend: Stevie Brown

I graduated from college back in 2009 in which i was studying web design and development, and during that time, i discovered the wonders of Photoshop and what it could really do.

I shied away from the web side of things as the industry was going so fast that i didn’t know what i wanted to do with my qualification, but i had my skills with some Adobe products to fall back on, so i started doing some amateur graphic design.

So from 2009 until present, i’ve been doing graphic designs for products such as t-shirts, mousemats etc but also had the opportunity to create some CD cover designs for bands, logos for web administrators and anything else really that anyone requested.

I do alot of amateur photography also which started in 2010 when i received a Finepix A170 for my birthday. I was so obsessed with it that i had to take photos of anything and everything, and that’s when i realised that photography was something i really loved doing and it became more than a hobby, to me at least. The following year, i was given a Finepix S2950, which was more advanced than my “point and shoot” A170 and this really threw me off as i didn’t know how to control it….i was really downhearted at this stage as examples of works i’ve seen on Redbubble were so outstanding that i really wanted to try and mimic the greatness of what these people were able to achieve.

It wasn’t until recently that i decided to get my act together and learn, and i mean really learn, on how to use my new camera. So far i’ve been following tutorials on how to use DSLR’s (even though mine is a bridge camera but principles are the same) which has opened my eyes and made me realise what i was doing wrong. That, and combined with learning more about Photoshop, i’ve got to the stage where i am today where i’m ready to share with my work with the world, which i do already on Redbubble and Zazzle, but wanting to print and sell off my own stuff which i feel is worthy, but not excellent yet.

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Welcome a new friend: Homemade With Mess


It hit me during endless work training courses; you know the ones, you go round the room and all have to say something interesting about yourself, or give away your crazy hobbies; well these made me realise that I actually have very little interesting to say (how depressing!). I have numerous loves; my friends, my family, my food (and wine) and my memories, but doesn’t everybody??

So I have decided to make these things that I love into a hobby, to make them interesting for others, and to give me something more to talk meaningful about on my next training day!

And that is my story of how I became a blogger, short and simple, just like me!

Curried Parsnip and Coconut soup

Well my weekend is just coming to an end, and I think every weekend should be three days long. Although I have to say this one has been mental, but […]

az 030 (2)

Mediterranean Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew

In the UK it doesn’t even feel like we have reached Spring yet, and we are absolutely nowhere near Summer. Sadly we have yet to experience any char-grilled burgers from the barbecue […]

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Chilli and Garlic King Prawns

April 23, 2013 12 Comments

It’s very rare that I just cook meat and fish without mixing it with other elements to make a substantial dish. Far too often my head and the cost of […]

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Thai Chicken Laksa

I think my worst habit with cooking is that I often get a little carried away and the dish ends up taking forever to cook (I think really it’s because […]

ay 008

Strawberry Custard Tarts

What a lovely weekend! It’s crazy because Sam and I rarely get to spend a weekend together in Bristol without plans to be hospitable, and this weekend, although we were […]

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Deconstructed Cottage Pie

I really love traditional British food, and cottage pie is one of the great classics. Although I don’t like to mess with tradition, sometimes is nice to try and re-create […]

clothes 024

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Welcome to a new friend: Valeriu | valeriu dg barbu blog

Valeriu DG Barbu, poet, writer, playwright Romanian origin, settled in Rome, Italy about he… can speak others, not himself … / poeta, scrittore, drammaturgo Rumeno di origine, si stabilì a Roma, Italia su di lui … possono parlare gli altri, non se stesso …!

Literary Blog created by Ms. MARIANA FULGER, while it was impossible to send own the posts

Public express a thank alive.

The blog contains a part of my literary workshop.

are posted and articles an extraordinary man, Valeriu Cuşner, who has closely followed my writing.

Gratitude to my books editor, Mr. Constantin Lămureanu by “Anxiety Metaphysical Publishing House” Constantza, that published my six volumes.

Gratitude to all those who was with me in various ways.

unto you all good reading, lasting joy and be healthy …
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Translate from: Malay

Hallo AllI created this page based on the recommendations I received from a friend about the importance of the page about me. sorry klu unattractive and a bit disheveled ya: D

So here we GO >

Real Name: Tri Kuntarto

Call: from birth until 6th grade called Dimas (cool yeah: D), junior called Java (helllleehh: ((), called SMA Lebbe, not Lebbe who like ngawinin but he said because when I try to lengthen your hair, even curly like embe / sheep (sob dahhh). lecture called KunKun (passable was no footage of the original name)

TTL: May 14th annually I forgot wkwkwk

Status: Single & Married (depending on who is asked): D: D

opo meneh, naun deui, what else ya ..?

Hobby: Writing can pass speech, writing, poetry, song, video, sms, status, and the like (some say masterpiece, but more of a say cheesy anyway) is not what was important work. But if asked I enjoy doing the most is when can share anything with others, feel different aja: P.

Up here first maybe ya already represent the about me page, Klu there who are interested in for future updates I add another time: P

Next want to attach some saia mahakaryapicisan results of the official owner of this blog: D: D, slightly narcissistic anyway but mudah2an could inspire the readers.


Welcome a new friend: Renard Moreau

Honestly speaking, I was somewhat hesitant in creating an About section of myself since I am private by nature. I also thought that I would have been doing myself an injustice by writing about myself, because I am constantly reinventing myself.

For your information, I am a very loving, happy and curious person.

So far, I have gotten my feet wet in hospitality, writing, DJ work and I have contributed my vocal talents in the area of voice-over work for radio commercials (Now, what am I to do if I become a television actor in the future? Would it mean that I would have to edit my About page? Okay, I am just joking about the actor part. I was making an indirect point and that point is: I am still involved in personal growth; I am still expanding; I intend to be all that I can be).

My hobbies are reading, writing, engaging in photography, going on long walks and listening to music.

About My Blog

When I came up with the idea of Renard Moreau Presents, I wanted it to be the kind of blog where people from all walks of life visited and enjoyed themselves.

This blog is filled with entertainment, knowledge and wisdom pertaining to spirituality, philosophy, social commentary, music, health and various other thought-provoking subjects.

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Welcome to a new friend: the CITIZENS of FASHION

Being a CITIZEN OF FASHION is all about freedom….freedom of being nobody but yourself, in a society which is doing its best to make you everybody else… freedom of expressing who you are … Whether you prefer punk or a classic look,fashion accommodates the chameleon in all of us.

The CoF(citizens of fashion) it’s a way of celebrating the diversity and variety of the world in which we live. Fashion is about change which is necessary to keep life interesting. It’s also a mirror of sorts on society. It’s a way of measuring a mood that can be useful in many aspects, culturally, socially even psychologically. At the same time, fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously or you lose the fun of it.

Let’s start to have fun!


Elena,a citizen of fashion

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 Alexandre Reza

Welcome to an Old and Dear Friend: Christy Birmingham

Christy Birmingham

BC, Canada

Christy is a freelance writer who sends out Kapows of social media, business and technology. She owns Poetic Parfait, an online community for poetry, music and inspiration.

[Christy is amazingly reticent about herself so, here’s a recent poem.}

The Dave Matthews Band released the song “Crash into Me” in 1997. It was a success for the group with a Grammy Awards nomination in 1998 for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals.

As I listened to “Crash into Me” today, I began to type a poem. Below are the poem I wrote and the music video.

This is christyb, hoping you pay the music, read the lines, and SAVOUR THE DAY.

Safe as a Harmony

When the beat takes you away,

You feel like you can walk for miles without

A toe to the ground, not even one time.

You imagine yourself back in rooms of love

And want to slow down the seconds

Into pieces you keep in your pocket,

Safe as a harmony, to

Emerge for rainy days.

Memories crash into my world

When I hear the beat sway, and

I wonder where your heart beats today.

Do you hear the same song?

25 Humpalicious Steps for Writing Your First Sex Scene, By Delilah S. Dawson (Author Of Wicked As She Wants) « terribleminds: chuck wendig

1st edition cover (Simon & Schuster)

1st edition cover (Simon & Schuster) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know about you but I almost went crazy writing my first sex scene and it was all of two pages and made up of smoke and mirrors. However, my wife approved and so it went in.  I’m hoping that a one-off will allow me to allude to future sex without getting graphic.

if you can’t get away with that—here are some hints:

I never set out to be a romance writer. When I was asked to turn a black-out scene into steamy hot sex, at first I panicked. Then I followed these 25 easy steps and panicked some more. And then I got a three-book deal for a paranormal romance series with Simon & Schuster, despite being a somewhat prudish Southern girl who’s been married to her college sweetheart since 2002 and has never actually seen a pair of assless chaps. And you can, too! Here’s how.

1. First of all, get drunk.

via 25 Humpalicious Steps for Writing Your First Sex Scene, By Delilah S. Dawson (Author Of Wicked As She Wants) « terribleminds: chuck wendig.

As you can see, Ms. Dawson seems to have no problems with sex. It’s on Amazon.

Welcome to a new friend: 23thorns

I have never been particularly good at this sort of thing- there is nothing worse for me than sitting in a room full of strangers and hearing the guy standing up at the front say “when it comes to your turn, please stand up, tell us your name, and tell us a little about yourself” so I will try to keep this brief. Here we go:

I was a bookseller, at a time when the whole industry was changing.

I am married to someone smarter and better looking than me. She’s also in the book trade.

I have two children, an 8 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. I think they are better looking than me. They think they are smarter.

I was trying to write a book, and using this blog to keep myself going. Instead, I discovered that blogging was much more fun than writing a book, so now I’m a blogger.

If there’s anything I’ve left out, feel free to ask. I will try not to be too evasive in my responses.

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(Editor’s note: 23thorns has made it a fetish to hide his real name so I’m unable to post a link to his books online. I mean, I’ve been to South Africa twice and got arrested once and I still use my real name!)

Welcome to a new friend: Break Room Stories

Break Room Stories (BRS) bringing you waiter stories and more since 2012. More specifically our site is a waiter blog intended to give anyone in the food service industry the opportunity to share the most ridiculous story you have. Funny, gross, horrible, embarrassing it’s all fair game. We post stories about everything from the most intense waiter rants and bartender pet peeves to a 29little staff on staff action and host nightmares. The more unique, hilarious, shocking, or ridiculous the better.

BRS was founded by a notorious group of individuals who have worked or currently work in the food service industry. We all come from various walks of life but the one thing we have in common (besides putting up with the bullshit of being in the service industry) was the tendency to get a little chatty in the Break Room of our respective establishments. If it happened to one of us we all heard about it. It was after years of abuse and story after story that we decided to get the rest of the serving community together to see what trouble other servers were getting themselves into.

So what happens when you combine the general public, their food, and give them the opportunity to exploit the people who serve them? You get the restaurant service industry. We mean you waitresses, waiters or servers, bartenders, bar backs, hosts, bussers, cooks, managers or anyone else that puts up with so much grief for that paycheck.

We reserve the right to post portions of your story without duplicating the entire thing. It’s not because the entire thing isn’t funny, but the funniest stories are those we can all relate to.

Our goal was and is to create a site that was revealing in nature while concealing the identity of everyone involved. This is why we will only post your first name to accompany your Break Room Story. We don’t want anyone to get fired because they are venting on our site.

We don’t want stories that are offensive to the point of being viciously personal, racist, exceedingly profane, violent or excessively graphic in nature. It’s a very hard thing to judge, but we’ll do our best.

But that’s not all! We also bring you a variety of media that you can check up on to make your shift (or entire life) better. Random picture galleries, random videos, funny videos and other little nuggets to help you smile : )

For more, check out our Terms of Service for full details of our legal policy. In short, please recognize that BRS, our advertisers and anyone who promotes with us is doing so purely for entertainment purposes. In other words, we’re not your parents, your employer, or your probation officer.

Welcome to Break Room Stories, enjoy!

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Welcome to a new friend: writingsofamrs

seem to have this ability to express myself through writing and I rather enjoy it. I learned from a very young age that if I were to write about how I was feeling or thinking it would be well received, often more so than any attempts at verbalizing the same thoughts.

I want to write. Not only about the things that come easily and naturally for me but I want to expand and broaden my areas of confidence when it comes to writing. I have never given it time or attention. I’m not sure how or about what or why but I feel pulled, drawn (that the universe is calling if you will), that it’s time to begin the journey. It is my hope and dream that I get fulfillment from this mecca of mine.

I want to learn and grow as a writer. I want to learn and grow as a listener. I want to learn to engage the reader, stir the reader and most of all connect with the reader.

I would rather save the details of the ‘about’ to my writing. Let it unravel, to let you experience and get to know me through revelations in my writing. I want our relationship to be unique. Have your idea of who I am and what I am about blossom from with in you.

All that being said to help you know about me, I am first generation born Canadian (family from England) I am in my 30′s, married, with children. I care about community, volunteerism, education, knowledge and enlightenment.

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Welcome to a new friend: Jeremiah Walton

Hi guys, I’m Jeremiah Walton.

I was born Febuary 12, 1995. I have two chapbooks available, To Your Health: Humanity’s Diagnosis and LSD Giggles.

I manage a small publishing press called Nostrovia! Poetry. It was founded in 2011, my Junior year of high school, and has been my focus ever since. I prefer publishing and promoting other’s poetry and writing versus my own, and Nostrovia! Poetry is how I go about doing so.

I currently live in New Hampshire, where I lurk around Slam Free or Die, and run around with poetry.

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Welcome to a new friend: L.A. Powell

I write a lot of senseless scrawlings sometimes, so I guess that makes me a writer? Right? Guys…. Hello?

Whatever, I’m a twenty something college kid. I’m into coffee, girls and witty banter but I think I might die if I was dealing with all three at the same time.

I like learning a lot, school a little, and everything else in my life I guess is somewhere in between.

I love culture and one of my nasty habits is it’s deconstruction.

I study philosophy, sociology and psychology at a little University in the southeast United States, so yeah, you could say I’m a triple threat. To what, I don’t really know, bad logic maybe? Math students? Oh yeah to cultural critique, probably.

Writing keeps me sane, thought experiments keep me sober; the world’s a pretty big place and sometimes absurd things happen. I don’t take life too seriously.

I wrote a few short stories. You can read them for free here, leave a review and I’ll love you forever.

But anyways, I probably like you,

Even though we haven’t met yet.

Tell Me about yourself,

Hate mail, Fan mail, Tell me I have a secret admirer, or anything else let me have it!

If you want me to get back to you, make sure you include your Email address or something, or not.

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Welcome to a new friend: Cristian Mihai

Cristian Mihai (born 25 December 1990) grew up in Constanta, Romania. And he’s still growing up, or at least trying to. Sometimes he writes. Sometimes he gets lucky and writes something good. He can’t, however, draw a straight line. No matter how much he tries. Not even with a ruler. And, please, don’t ever ask him to sing.

via About « Cristian Mihai.

Cristian Mihai’s “The Writer”


Imagineer-ing | “I’ll do it tomorrow…”

I was chatting with a fellow author, by email. It turned out that we had both been prompted to get on with writing – now! We had both had a brush with death that was too close for comfort. That sounds enormously dramatic. Believe me – it is! I have no desire to repeat the experience, that’s for sure. But it got me wondering about how many other authors had suffered similar experiences. It would make an interesting study.

via The Blog! | Imagineer-ing | an adventure in reading, writing & publishing.


Clatter & Clank | Fiction by B R Sanders

I didn’t do any writing or writing-related stuff this weekend. Not a bit. Not one iota.

I had plans – finish a short story, format a manuscript to send to a gracious and patient beta reader, do some worldbuilding, maybe query some agents. But nothing happened. I had an anxiety flareup, my kid caught a cold. Life happened.

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John R. Neill – Royal Illustrator of Oz

Princess Ozma

Princess Ozma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Roberta was my grandmother and Marie was Aunt Reezie.

His two nieces, Marie (5) and Roberta (3) are used as the models for the illustrations of Ozma and Dorothy in this Oz book that is the second in the series of 14 that Baum is to write. Neill illustrates all the Oz books that Baum writes, continues with all the Ruth Plumly Thompson Oz books, and then writes and illustrates three of his own in the 1940’s.

Sets up his studio at “Devil’s Half Acre,” a reconstructed colonial house in Lumberville, PA. He works alone here illustrating most of the early Oz books. Neill also has a studio at 1020 Chestnut St. in Philadelphia.

via John R. Neill – Royal Illustrator of Oz.

Terry Irving : John Keltonic Reviews Courier


In a word, that’s pretty much how I felt reading Terry Irving’s new book “Courier”. More on that in a minute. First, in the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that although I have never met Terry Irving, I have worked with him on different projects, and received a free copy of his book to review.

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John McPhee: On First Drafts and the Search for the Perfect Word : The New Yorker

The New Yorker

The New Yorker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From The Master.  The best description of and cure for Writer’s Block. It sounds so perfect, I almost wish I had it. (20 years of writing on deadline prevented me from ever getting it).

Block. It puts some writers down for months. It puts some writers down for life. A not always brief or minor form of it mutes all writers from the outset of every day. “Dear Joel . . .” This is just a random sample from letters written to former students in response to their howling cries as they suffer the masochistic self-inflicted paralysis of a writer’s normal routine. “Dear Joel . . .” This Joel will win huge awards and write countless books and a nationally syndicated column, but at the time of this letter he has just been finding out that to cross the electric fence from the actual world to the writing world requires at least as much invention as the writing itself. “Dear Joel: You are writing, say, about a grizzly bear. No words are forthcoming. For six, seven, ten hours no words have been forthcoming. You are blocked, frustrated, in despair. You are nowhere, and that’s where you’ve been getting. What do you do? You write, ‘Dear Mother.’ And then you tell your mother about the block, the frustration, the ineptitude, the despair. You insist that you are not cut out to do this kind of work. You whine. You whimper. You outline your problem, and you mention that the bear has a fifty-five-inch waist and a neck more than thirty inches around but could run nose-to-nose with Secretariat. You say the bear prefers to lie down and rest. The bear rests fourteen hours a day. And you go on like that as long as you can. And then you go back and delete the ‘Dear Mother’ and all the whimpering and whining, and just keep the bear.”

via John McPhee: On First Drafts and the Search for the Perfect Word : The New Yorker.

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Writer Unboxed » What Novelists Should Know About Short Fiction

The best short stories of Mark Twain

The best short stories of Mark Twain (Photo credit: Xesc)

When I first started writing seriously, all I wanted was to publish a novel.

I thought my intentions were honourable—that I wasn’t just another wannabe with dreams of making it big—but there was always that little part of me that still wasn’t ready to put in my dues.

I wanted it all, and I wanted it right away.

1. Reading short fiction can make you a more knowledgeable writer.

2. Writing short fiction can make you a more accomplished writer.

3. Publishing short fiction can make you a more marketable writer.

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Nick Wale Asks Tommy Clark: Are You Ready For The Big Time? | Novel Ideas

Thomas Andrew Clark is a young writer who achieves very easily. He wanted to write a book and so he sat down. The ideas flowed, and suddenly he found himself the owner of a very commercial manuscript, written with his writing partner. Rogue’s Phoenix Chronicles Book 1: Thieves and Kings became a book and the book became a strong seller… He just followed that road and now he finds himself sitting at a pinnacle looking at the trail he has already trod. What’s next? I don’t know! Let’s ask him!

via Nick Wale Asks Tommy Clark: Are You Ready For The Big Time? | Novel Ideas.

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Just Some Old Men: Summit Meeting With Mike Trahan and MW | Novel Ideas

This interview was a labour (or ‘labor’ for American readers) of love. I always wanted to get these two veterans in a double interview. An interview that would allow me to put their respective Q and A sessions under the microscope. What makes a good interview? Well, questions! Before we get into it, let me tell you about the two writers I am interviewing.

Mike Trahan is quite possibly the epitome of Texas. He is a bold go-getter, and I loved his book. “The Gift” has been selling quickly and you really should pick it up if you haven’t already. Mike is a Vietnam vet who writes it exactly as it was. He left the farm he grew up on over in Texas and managed to become an ace pilot.

Mike Walsh and I have been friends for a long time now. His books have included Key of Wands, Eddie’s Method, Just Some Old Man and many others. His latest book has just been released to rave reviews and now he is doing the interview rounds. Mike served in Korea during the late 60s and early 70s. Like Mike Trahan, he was in a far away land, doing far away things and trying to stay alive.

Now, the premise of this interview was to talk about the way a biography is written. I wanted to find out the nitty, gritty details of how these two exciting writers put together their work.

Excited yet? You should be! This is a pretty good interview…. Even if I say so myself!

Over to you guys!

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Bee Ridgway: The Devil Made Me Do It: Writing and Researching a Time Travel Novel

So, life was creeping on in its steady pace from day to day. I was about to turn 40, and I was in a pretty terrible mood. For no real reason: things were fine. I’m an English professor at Bryn Mawr College, I live in Philadelphia, it’s a good life. Philly’s great, I love my students, I like thinking deep thoughts about 19th century literature for pay. But my birthday was looming and my mood just got worse and worse…

One morning I woke up and instead of heading down the rickety old stairs in my little Philly row house to make a cup of coffee, I headed up the rickety old stairs to my study. I sat down at the computer and opened a new Word document. I stared at the screen for a second, and then I started typing.

I wrote for fourteen hours straight. The next morning I made the coffee, but carried it upstairs with me and it grew cold while I typed. There were four weeks of summer break, and even though I had a ton of other responsibilities I shoved them aside and I wrote all day every day, like a person possessed.

I was writing a time travel novel.

via Bee Ridgway: The Devil Made Me Do It: Writing and Researching a Time Travel Novel.

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